Cheryl Ladd vs. Jaclyn Smith: A Walk in the Park by "Boslee"

Jaclyn Smith had always been attracted to Cheryl Ladd from the very first time she met her on the set of Charlie's Angels. She'd often stare at the sexy little blonde during shoots when she wore skimpy little outfits and imagined herself cuddled up next to her. Then on one particular night, Jaclyn screwed up the courage to invite Cheryl to her place for an intimate, private dinner, just the two of them. Jaclyn's plan was to try Cheryl out and see how she reacted. After all, there weren't many woman who couldn't be tempted by Jaclyn's undeniable beauty, something she'd quickly discovered during her career as a model when she pretty much had her pick of the best looking women in the business.

Jaclyn was excited at the thought of being alone with Cheryl and she really went to town on her appearance, hoping she could seduce the sexy blonde using both her stunning looks, her trim body and her inventive mind. Jaclyn looked like a knockout in a long red dress, slashed to the waist exposing long, slim legs in sexy tan pantyhose. Her long dark hair was immaculate and her face, as ever, was stunningly beautiful.

The doorbell rang and Jaclyn ran down the stairs full of excitement and hope that Cheryl might feel the same way she did about exploring the universe of myriad sensual experiences. When Jaclyn opened the door, she gasped for Cheryl looked as sexy as ever in an expensive white silk blouse and skin-tight white satin trousers that hugged her shapely legs like a second skin .

After catching her breath, Jaclyn showed Cheryl inside, following close behind and licking her lips at the sight of Cheryl's sexy tight buns wiggling beneath the tight fabric of her slacks. Jaclyn poured them each a glass of wine which they took into the sitting room where they chatted while the dinner finished cooking.

Cheryl wasn't wearing a bra and Jaclyn was finding it hard not to stare at the blondes hard nipples which were almost poking holes in the thin blouse. Cheryl found herself becoming a little uneasy as she noticed the way Jaclyn kept staring at her bosom and how she deliberately sat so the full length of her beautiful legs were continually on display as her dress kept slipping off her thighs whenever Jaclyn would cross or uncross her legs which she seemed to do every few seconds.

But despite the distractions, dinner went well with both woman enjoying the meal. Afterward, they went into the lounge were the wine flowed freely and they engaged in the usual girl talk and gossip about the other women on the show. It wasn't long before Cheryl was starting to get quite drunk, just as Jaclyn had planned. Cheryl looked so cute and sexy, Jaclyn couldn't resist any longer. She slid over beside Cheryl on the couch and gazed deep into her eyes as she took her hand.

"You're so pretty Cheryl," she sighed. Then caressing Cheryl's blond hair she added, "and you have such lovely hair."

"Yesssss," Cheryl gushed, embarrassed but excited by such praise from the beautiful brunette. "But who's regarded as one of the worlds most beautiful women my dear Jaclyn? You! You're so damn perfect," smiled Cheryl.

"Thanks," Jaclyn smiled. Cheryl was making this even easier than she expected. She went on, "I think you're very sexy too, Cheryl. In fact, I've been admiring you from the very first day you joined the show replacing Farrah," smiled Jaclyn.

"Oooooooh, is that so"" giggled Cheryl, taking another sip of wine as she blushed.

"What's so funny about me finding you attractive? Don't you find me attractive?" asked Jaclyn.

"Oh yes, you're a very beautiful woman, Jaclyn," Cheryl answered quickly. "If I were a guy I'd love to have you, (Hiccup!) you know, that way. (Hic)"

Cheryl giggled, the wine was began to take effect and she felt flushed. The next thing Cheryl knew, Jaclyn gently pulled her to her and planted her beautiful luscious lips on Cheryl's and began kissing her. Cheryl was taken aback at first, but then she felt an amazing sensation shoot through her body as Jaclyn kissed her. Initially, Cheryl responded to the kiss and the two stunners embraced, sharing the most passionate kiss but then Cheryl came to her senses and she pushed the brunette away.

"Stop that! Stop. Take your filthy hands off me," she raged. "What the hell do you take me for?"

Cheryl scrambled to her feet and Jaclyn stood up with her.

"But...but Cheryl," Jaclyn gasped. "What's wrong? I thought you said you felt the same way. Please, sit down. Let's discuss this. You can stay the night," smiled Jaclyn .

"I don't believe this!" Cheryl gasped. "You stupid cow, do you really think I'd want YOU? I told you I love men and men only. Oh, just wait till I tell the producers about this. The press will have a field day! 'Worlds Most Beautiful Woman a dyke' what a great headline in the tabloids. I'm leaving," Cheryl hissed as she spun on her heel.

But as she turned around, Jaclyn grabbed her arm and almost pulled her over backward.

"Please....please Cheryl, can't we talk about this. If this gets out I'm finished," cried Jaclyn .

Cheryl slapped Jaclyn's hand away and turned toward her, her flushed face wearing an angry scowl.

"Take your filthy hands off me you dirty bitch!" Cheryl screamed as she reached back and gave Jaclyn a right hand slap to her pink left cheek. The slap sent the brunette reeling backward over a coffee table and sent her sprawling in the middle of the floor. Jaclyn was getting to her hands and knees as Cheryl walked over to her.

"Now, you keep away from me, do you hear?" Cheryl snarled, sending a well placed kick to the pit of Jaclyn's stomach.

The gasping brunette tumbled over holding her stomach as she cried out in pain. Cheryl looked down at Jaclyn who lay curled up in a ball and shook her head sadly.

"You make me sick," Cheryl said. "You ever try THAT again, Miss Oh So Perfect, and you'll really be sorry. Just look at how pathetic you are down there on your knees."

Cheryl laughed and knelt beside Jaclyn, then her hand flashed out and she gave Jaclyn's nipple a hard twist that made her moan. Satisfied, she stood up and walked toward the door. But just as Cheryl was reaching to open the door, Jaclyn barreled into her from behind, grabbing the back of her hair with both hands and driving her forehead against the door.

Stunned, Cheryl's legs wobbled and began to give way. Jaclyn flung the smaller woman across the room against the far wall. Jaclyn was a lot stronger than Cheryl and the force of her slim little body hitting the wall had her seeing stars. Jaclyn followed up, punching the blonde in the stomach as she leaned on the wall supporting herself with her hands.

Cheryl's body doubled over but Jaclyn grabbed her by the throat, straightened her up and slammed her against the wall.

"You little tease, I tried being nice to you, but I guess you can't appreciate someone being tender. We could've had a wonderful night together. How dare you reject me...ME, Jaclyn Smith!"

Jaclyn drove her knee into the blondes curved thigh, buckling her leg. Then again, she punched the blonde hard in the stomach which slammed her butt against the wall. Grabbing Cheryl's long blond hair in both hands, Jaclyn pulled her off the wall and flung her back across the room again. Cheryl hit the other wall full force, bounced off crashed to the floor on her belly.

Cheryl cried out with a pathetic whimper when Jaclyn slammed her foot down several times on her tight little bottom. When Jaclyn stopped, Cheryl rolled over and was trying to sit up when Jaclyn lashed out with her foot. It caught Cheryl smack on the jaw and snapped her head back. Jaclyn looked down licking her lips at the sexy blonde who lay sprawled flat on her back, moaning in her semi-consciousness.

The sight of Cheryl's fabulous figure spread out like a buffet sent a tingle down Jaclyn's spine. She bent down and slipped off Cheryl's shoes, then started to pull down her tight fitting trousers. Jaclyn worked Cheryl's trousers from side to side, pulling them down around her knees to expose her smooth, tan, thighs. Once she had gone that far, Jaclyn stood up, lifting Cheryl's legs and then, with one last tug, she whipped them completely off and Cheryl's limp legs dropped back to the floor.

Jaclyn started groaning as she gently fondled Cheryl's smooth silky thighs until the blonde started to regain consciousness and started to move around. As she awoke, Cheryl was horrified to realize she was being stripped and fondled by her hostess.

"Wha..what what the hell are you doing?" Cheryl gasped.

Cheryl started to struggle but Jaclyn slid up her body and straddled her hips, then bounced forward again to pin her arms down with her knees.

"Stop struggling," Jaclyn screamed. "Be still and let me show you how good I can be."

Jaclyn as she slapped the pretty blondes face from side to side, then twisted Cheryl's erect nipples and laughed while the trapped blonde squirmed and writhed in pain.

"Agh, aghhhhh! OK, OK! You win, Jaclyn. I admit I wanted you, but you have to let me up and be gentle," Cheryl whimpered.

"I knew you'd see things my way - eventually," Jaclyn chuckled. "I guess you just needed to play a bit first, to be 'convinced'. Hell, I had to play hard to get you," smiled Jaclyn.

"Yes, yes, that's right," smiled Cheryl as she bobbed her head up and down eagerly.

Cheryl knew she couldn't match Jaclyn in a test of strength, she was a very good fighter, her skills honed in many fights with Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on "Charlie's Angels" after years of battling reluctant models. Cheryl realized if she wanted to defeat Jaclyn she had to catch her off guard. Her only chance was to play along and hope for an opportunity to overpower Jaclyn.

Jaclyn stood up, stepped back and let Cheryl get up. Cheryl leaned against the wall, trying to catch her breath and smiling coyly at Jaclyn.

"Why don't you slip your dress off Jaclyn, we'll both feel a bit more comfortable."

Jaclyn grinned as she slipped out of the dress to reveal her beautiful body.

"I knew you couldn't resist this," smiled Jaclyn as she sensuously ran her hands down her nylon covered thighs.

"Come here gorgeous," smiled Cheryl, opening her arms.

Jaclyn gasped and threw herself into Cheryl's arms. The two stunners locked lips in a passionate kiss while they slowly groped and fondled the others bottom and thighs. Cheryl fought the revulsion she felt as Jaclyn slobbered on her luscious lips, but she endured it for the sake of avoiding an even greater humiliation if she moved too soon and lost the element of surprise.

Suddenly, boiling with rage and disgust, Cheryl slammed her knee up with all her strength, pounding it into the moist crevice at the apex between Jaclyn's thighs. Jaclyn let out a strangled cry as she staggered back with her hands wedged between her tightly squeezed legs.

Cheryl was so full of anger and rage that she summoned up an incredible strength she hadn't realized she possessed as she laid into Jaclyn with her fists and knees until she drove the stunning brunette crashing to the floor. Now it was Cheryl's turn to dominate as she straddled Jaclyn's body. Cheryl reached down between her own legs and ripped away her panties. Grabbing Jaclyn's hair, Cheryl forced the struggling brunettes face into her blonde pussy.

"There you are you tramp," she snarled. "Is this is what you wanted? Well, be careful what you ask for!"

Cheryl held Jaclyn's face squeezed between her legs until Jaclyn's struggles faded and her body went limp. Then Cheryl got off her prey, tore Jaclyn's pantyhose off and used them to tie her wrists behind her back.

When Jaclyn started to come around, Cheryl laughed, "Well, you kinky tramp, how'd you feel about some sexual adventures involving a bit of bondage?"

"Please, please don't Cheryl. Look, you win, OK? Lets stop this nonsense," cried Jaclyn as she wiggled and pulled against her bonds.

"Oh no! No way! I'm going to make you pay for ruining my evening," Cheryl said.

Cheryl pulled Jaclyn up and pulled her over to a table. She laid Jaclyn on her belly on the table with her legs hanging down. Then Cheryl picked up one of her shoes and gave the brunette a good beating all across her finely toned butt cheeks. When Jaclyn's pale flesh was glowing bright red, Cheryl jerked Jaclyn's head up by the hair.

"Don't you dare ever try that stuff with me again, do you hear me?"

"OK, OK Cheryl. I'm real sorry. It won't happen again," Jaclyn gasped between sobs.

Cheryl got dressed and then went into Jaclyn's bedroom where she spent a few minutes searching for something.

"Mmmmmmm, let's see what we have. Yes, perfect; this and this will do just fine," she smiled as she picked through Jacklyn's belongings until she found what she wanted.

Cheryl returned to Jaclyn and placed a diamond choker around her neck, then tied a leather belt to it.

"Alright doggy, on your knees. We're going for a walk in the park."

"No, no!" pleaded Jaclyn. "Please, you can't do this to me. I beg you," sobbed Jaclyn.

"Shut up and do as you're told, bitch!" laughed Cheryl . "If you think this is bad, just imagine what will happen after I make a few phone calls to some of my fans who just happen to be reporters for those sleazy tabloids."

The story ends as you imagine, with beautiful Jaclyn Smith being led around the park on her hands and knees, feeling totally humiliated as people stood aside and stared in disbelief while others just burst out with peals of laughter at the sight of the most beautiful woman in the world being led around on a leash by her petite blond co-star - just the way Kate Jackson had taught her to when she warned her about Jaclyn's "kink" as they had lunch together Cheryl's first week on the set!