Cheryl Ladd vs. Jaclyn Smith by tansel

Cheryl and Jaclyn had long been rivals on 'Charlie's Angels' in part because Jaclyn had always been jealous of the popularity the blonde angels received, not only from the fans but the show's producer as well. Jaclyn had beaten Farrah Fawcett in a "loser leaves the show" catfight in front Aaron Spelling and the whole cast in 1977. Understandably, therefore, Jaclyn was beyond pissed when Farrah's successor, Cheryl Ladd, after a few years was even more popular than Farrah.

Jaclyn had always had problems with costars; she'd also run off the original Angel Kate Jackson as well as her replacement, Shelley Hack in similar fights. After putting up with Cheryl for as long as she could, Jaclyn challenged her to a catfight with the same 'loser leaves' condition as her fights with Farrah, Kate and Shelley. Cheryl had been present for those fights but nevertheless wasn't afraid of the beautiful brunette.

The fight took place at the Spelling mansion in the winter of 1981. The big boss himself refereed and he was very pleased to see the two beautiful women parade in front of him. He had invited his best friends - Hollywood producers all - and their beautiful wives and/or mistresses.

Spelling's daughter Tori, still a young teenager, was there to watch, just as she had been for the first fight, and to take notes she would use in her own fights later in her career. Indeed, it was at these fights at 'daddy's' that Tori said she developed her love of catfighting that, later in life, saw her become one of the strongest and meanest catfighters of her era.

Cheryl and Jaclyn each wore ultra short mini-skirts, belly-free tops and beautiful shiny pantyhose (Jaclyn tan, Cheryl black) and with their lovely feet in sexy high heels. There were no preliminaries; they just jumped at each other at a certain moment, when they felt that they couldn't hold back any longer.

They immediately reached for the other's long hair and a tug of war began. Both were screaming from the pain in their scalps, and at first it seemed that Cheryl could take more pain. She managed to pull Jaclyn closer and closer to her side of the room until the brunette let go of the blonde tresses and fell on the floor while her hair was still being ripped out by her blonde rival. When she looked up, Jaclyn saw a pair of nylon-covered, well toned legs that just didn't seem to end. Peeping involuntarily under Cheryl's skirt, she saw that the blonde was not wearing any underwear.

Despite having her hair ripped out by blonde Cheryl, dark-haired Jaclyn could feel her nipples stiffen and a mild warmth growing between her legs. But her state of arousal was brutally interrupted by a hard knee to her pretty face that sent her flying onto her back. Cheryl let go of the brunette's hair and started kicking the body lying on the floor. The tip of her pointed high heel buried itself in Jaclyn's body many times, many making harsh contact with Jaclyn's tender tit-flesh.

With every kick Cheryl could hear a high-pierced scream coming from Jaclyn, much to her delight. The fight was almost won. Now she would just have to make that bitch submit, and she would be the undisputed top angel. But Cheryl underestimated Jaclyn's endurance. It was when she tried to launch another kick but felt her ankle caught and held between Jaclyn's hands that she remembered she wasn't fighting just any woman, but the woman who had totally humiliated Farrah Fawcett, one of the top catfighters of her time.

Jaclyn twisted Cheryl's ankle around and pulled off her shoe. She twisted the ankle some more until Cheryl couldn't stand any longer and was forced to drop to one knee. Jaclyn quickly got up and sat behind Cheryl, wrapping her gorgeous pantyhose-clad legs around Cheryl's slender waist. Locking her ankles, Jaclyn started applying pressure to the struggling body trapped in her powerful thighs.

Cheryl didn't know what to do. She had suddenly lost her advantage and was caught between a strong pair of legs squeezing the air out of her lungs. She tried to pry apart Jaclyn's legs, but they were too strong. Then she felt two hands grab her tits from behind and she realized she was really in trouble. She grabbed Jaclyn's wrists, but it was hopeless!. The brunette was squeezing and pinching her nipples so hard - with such determination - there was no way Cheryl could stop her. With all the pain in her waist and her tits, there was just one thing Cheryl could do…..she let out a terrific scream of pain and then started crying and begging Jaclyn to stop the punishment!

But Jaclyn wasn't finished punishing her blonde victim. She released the scissors, rolled Cheryl onto her back and took off both their miniskirts. Then, smiling, Jaclyn spread Cheryl's lovely legs and got between them. With her right knee on Cheryl's pubic bone, she swung her rock-hard knee back and slammed it right in the blonde's unprotected pussy.

"Aaaaaiiiiieeeee, stop, don't hit me anymore, you are destroying my pussy, stop,…..please," Tori heard Cheryl sob.

But the brunette beauty had no intention of kneeing her again. Instead she started slapping Cheryl's nylon-covered pussy.

"Why aren't you wearing panties, you whore? Did you think you could beat me and sit on my face, or what?" Jaclyn shouted. "Now see what's gonna happen," Jaclyn hissed. "First, I'm gonna make you kiss my ass in front of everybody, then you're getting the fuck off of my show!"

Jaclyn got up, walked around to Cheryl's head and squatted down over the beautiful tearstained face of her helpless blonde costar. Cheryl saw Jaclyn's gorgeous pantyhose-covered ass approaching her face and she gasped. Although Jaclyn was wearing a G-string panty, the thong had disappeared between her beautiful ass-cheeks and didn't do anything to protect Cheryl's nose and mouth from being wedged in the brunette's crack.

"No," Cheryl thought to herself. "I won't let her do this! Not to ME!"

"Kiss my ass!" Jaclyn ordered the blonde.

The satisfaction and pleasure she felt when as Cheryl's soft lips touching her butt suddenly turned to a feeling of pain and rage as Cheryl bit hard into the brunette's left ass-cheek.

"Oooouuuch!" Jaclyn screamed as she leapt up rubbing her ass.

Looking at her butt in a mirror she saw Cheryl's teeth-marks on her nylon-covered beautiful ass. She couldn't believe it.

"You really shouldn't have done that, you stupid blonde bitch!" Jaclyn said.

The tone of her voice made everybody in the room worry for Cheryl's health. Cheryl didn't have enough strength left to get up or even attack. She was still laying flat on her back with her legs spread when Jaclyn kicked her in the cunt with all her might. The force of the kick lifted the helpless blondes hips off the floor and the shrieking sound escaping her mouth make everyone cringe with sympathy for the young blonde beauty. Several more kicks to her destroyed pussy left Cheryl sprawled on the floor whimpering, unable to move, her chest heaving after using up all her oxygen by screaming in pain.

"So you like ass, huh? Well, let's see how yours tastes," Jaclyn whispered in Cheryl's ear.

Jaclyn kicked her helpless victim onto her stomach and stared at her smooth, round, delicate ass, covered only by her black pantyhose that made it appear even sexier - if that were possible. Jaclyn felt her nipples harden and her pussy juices start to flow, the familiar signals she always felt at this point in a fight. She knelt, leaned over and bit down hard on the blonde's ass, sinking her teeth deep into the soft flesh.

Cheryl's head and shoulders jerked upward, mouth open. But no sound came from her lips when she tried to scream. Jaclyn didn't let go for at least three minutes during which time Cheryl's feet beat up and down on the floor and a high-pitched wail finally issued from her lips.

When Jaclyn finally spit out Cheryl's butt cheek, everybody could see that the pantyhose were shredded where she had bitten. "You're branded now for the rest of your life," Jaclyn sneered. "Your ass belongs to me, you're MY property. Any dentist in Hollywood will be able to identify my teeth marks on your ass, you sorry blonde slut!" Jaclyn shouted.

Jaclyn brutally kicked her helpless victim over onto her back again and then squatted one more time on the humiliated blonde's face.

"Kiss it!" she ordered.

This time Cheryl didn't even think of disobeying. She just puckered up her soft, pouting lips and pressed them gently to Jaclyn's pantyhose covered ass, kissing and caressing it many times. When Jaclyn had had enough, she stood up and called in the photographers. She posed for them with her foot on the humiliated beaten blonde's ass while she 'flexed' her muscles.

Cheryl filmed the last two episodes the season, although in both Jaclyn took over as the sexy Angel. It came as no surprise when Spelling announced Cheryl's departure, but the numerous fights on the set involving Jaclyn Smith forced the network to cancel the series after that year. Undoubtedly, the women of 'Charlie's Angels' will be remembered in TV history as the most catfightingest bunch of actresses ever - except for the daytime soaps of course!