Cheryl Ladd vs. Charlene Tilton by (unknown)

Viacom was hosting a TVLand reunion for the cast from the soap "Dallas." Cheryl Ladd of Charlie's Angel's fame was hosting the special and she was is in her dressing room wearing only bra and panties as she applied the finishing touches to her make-up when the door flew open.

"Hi Sugar!"

Cheryl almost jumped out of her seat as she spun around and saw Charlene Tilton. "Jesus you startled me!"

Charlene just took a seat in the overstuffed chair against the wall and crossed her legs. The hem of her skirt rode up and exposed her strong looking thighs. "Can't you see I'm getting ready Charlene? What do you want?"

The petite blonde smiled, "I just wanted to see you alone before the show. I have a few questions."

Cheryl turned make to the mirror and finished applying her lipstick as she answered, "Well I guess I can answer one or two. Go ahead!"

Charlene sat back in the chair and swung her right leg to the rhythmic beat, across her left leg.

"I was wondering what was your favorite episode?"

Cheryl looked in the mirror, her forehead creased in thought, "To be honest, probably the one where I was in the red and white bikini on a yacht. I was trying to catch an embezzler."

Charlene scrunched her nose, "Really? I'd never have guessed you'd like that one." She slowly stood up and walked towards Cheryl who remained seated at her dressing table.

"I liked the one where you were in that spa. Remember that sugar?"

Cheryl had a quizzical look on her face. "We did a few of those as I recall. Which one?"

Charlene was standing directly behind her, her hands slowly caressing Cheryl's lustrous hair. "The one where you got tossed around like a rag doll by a fat ass matron!" she said as she closed her fingers and grabbed a handful of Cheryl's hair which she used to yank her up out of her seat. "You were pathetic then and you're probably even worse now!"

Cheryl reached up and grabbed Charlene's wrist, then as she bent over she flipped with blonde over her shoulder onto the dressing table where she landed with a loud THUD!

"You little munchkin!" Cheryl snarled as she slammed a hard right to Charlene's mountainous chest.

"OOOMPH!" the petite blonde curled up on the table gasping.

Cheryl pushed the chair away and stood up, asking, "How's that again, cunt?"

Charlene rolled off the edge of the table and leaned against it, her 39D's straining against her dress, Cheryl felt her own 35B's firming up from the excitement of combat.

Charlene slowly shook he head and smirked, then she lunged and slammed into the blonde hostess. Cheryl had braced herself but the force of the powerful little blonde knocked her back toward the chair Charlene had been sitting in earlier.

"I used to beat the shit out of Victoria on the set!"

Charlene slapped Cheryl across the face and blonde hair flew in the air and around Cheryl's head. Cheryl grunted then slammed her knee up between Charlene's legs. Charlene stiffened; her eyes open wide in shock.

"I beat Kate ALL the time, you silly slut!"

Charlene groaned as Cheryl slammed an uppercut under her chin. Charlene's head throbbed; her teeth were rattled as she fell to the floor. Cheryl dove on her and started tearing at her dress pulling it down the front exposing the blonde's hard tits. They started to roll on the floor knocking into tables and chairs as they fought and scratched to gain an edge. Cheryl grabbed Charlene's globes and started to pull and twist them.

"ARRRGH!" Charlene screamed then grabbed Cheryl's tits as they rolled on to their sides.

Charlene started to slam her knee into Cheryl's crotch. Cheryl grunted then pulled her head down and started to bite the top of Charlene's tits. Charlene punched Cheryl in the head and they both rolled to opposite sides of the room. Cheryl was panting and sweat rolled between her tits. Charlene rose to her knees and pulled the tattered dress off her sweaty body. Cheryl noticed Charlene had a slight paunch around her middle. "Getting a little soft their bitch!" Charlene narrowed her eyes. "Shut up slut!" Cheryl pulled her tummy in and showed her firm midsection. "You are not even a challenge little one!" Cheryl sneered as she rose to her feet. Charlene pushed up and dove at her. Cheryl stepped to the side and then planted her left foot into Charlene's butt and sent her flying into the wall.

THUDDD! Charlene hit the wall chest first, her massive mammaries only slightly cushioning the impact. Cheryl stood back with her hands on her hips watching to see if the smaller woman wanted more. Charlene slumped against the wall, moaning softly, but then slowly turned to face Cheryl. Raising her fist while her head was still spinning, Charlene waded toward Cheryl who grinned as she too raised her fists. Charlene through a right but Cheryl blocked it and fired her own right over it straight into the blonde's mouth. Charlene's head snapped back, blood trickled from her lip. Cheryl pushed Charlene's right arm down and slammed a left hard into the side of her chest. Charlene's oversized tits slammed together, she staggered to the side but Cheryl then drove her right up into her ribcage.

"GUGGGH!" Charlene felt nauseous, her breathing labored.

Cheryl shoved her back against the table, then slammed a right-left to her soft midsection. Charlene moaned as her knees buckled.

"I was also the boxing champ on the lot...whore!" she snarled as Charlene bent over, her body was ravaged by punches. The smacks echoed of the walls; red splotches covered her pale skin as Cheryl pounded away on her. A left hook spun Charlene around on her heels, sending her tumbling off the side of the table and crashing to the floor where she lay as Cheryl stepped up and stood over her, hands on hips and a smirking grin on her lips as she purred, "Any more questions…bitch?"