Know Your Place: Ali Landry vs. Jenny McCarthy by SamDog

Ali Landry loved the roar of the crowd. Walking down the aisle to the ring, she was engulfed in the cheers of her fans. The feeling was exhilarating, almost intoxicating to the brunette as she climbed into the ring. Wearing nothing but a peach string bikini, Ali posed for the audience, showing off an amazing physique. Smiling as she looked out over the arena, the sultry brunette's mind drifted to thoughts of her opponent. Not only was Ali eager to fight Jenny, she was eager to beat her, another thrilling feeling that she enjoyed.

Almost as if on cue, the crowd erupted on the other side of the arena. Standing in her corner, Ali watched Jenny McCarthy walk toward the ring. Climbing through the ropes, the blonde was magnificent in a white string bikini; her form enchanting die-hard fans and new converts alike. Ali watched Jenny from the corner, smoldering as the former Playmate posed and showed off her body to the crowd.

Glancing and spotting the brunette glaring at her, Jenny turned to her and taunted, "Like what you see?" Cupping her breasts and shaking them, the blonde continued, "I can give you a better look when I've beaten you."

Furious as she approached Jenny in the center of the ring, Ali replied, "I'm not impressed by that body, your fighting ability or the plastic balloons you call breasts!" Raising her arms, she swayed seductively as she ran her hand down her own body and purred, "See this, bitch? It's all one hundred percent natural!"

Enraged, Jenny shouted, "You're gonna regret pissing me off, slut! I'll make you kiss my tits before the night's over!"

Enjoying getting Jenny riled up, Ali taunted, "You shouldn't have worn white tonight, bitch. That bikini's gonna be covered in your own blood before I'm done!"

At the bell, they started to slowly circle each other, then they lunged together grabbing the other's hair. The screams of the two lovely ladies could be heard all across the arena as they staggered around the ring struggling for dominance. Suddenly, Jenny groaned as Ali let go with one hand and slammed a fist into her belly. Unprepared for the Ali's strength, Jenny let go of her hair and replied with her own punches, rocking the brunette's head back with a pair of jabs.

Ali shrugged off the blows and threw a left and a right to the blonde's face. Stunned as her head was snapped back and forth, Jenny was helpless as an uppercut to her chin knocked her back into the ropes where she hung with her arms hooked over the top rope.

Ali smiled as she stepped up to the dazed blonde and slapped her twice across the face. Jenny could hardly believe what was happening to her as the brunette's blows stung on her cheeks. A veteran of numerous fights, Jenny was being totally manhandled right from the opening bell. Suddenly, Jenny screamed in pain as the brunette grabbed her breasts through her top, and began squeezing and pulling. Ali's claws made short work of Jenny's top shredding it and allowing her full breasts to spill out into her eager, waiting hands. Jenny groaned in agony as her breasts were mauled mercilessly.

"I'm gonna enjoy deflating the pathetic excuse for tits you got," Ali taunted as she pinched Jenny's nipples with her fingers.

Gasping in pain, Jenny opened her mouth to reply but then snapped it shut as Ali wrenched her tits back and forth and anguished moans filling the air instead of a witty response. Struggling to fight back, Jenny was barely able to push down Ali's bikini top to expose her breasts. Jenny's efforts were ended abruptly when Ali's knee smashed into her belly - twice - dropping her to her knees moaning in pain.

Ali was all smiles as she watched Jenny struggle trying to recover. Stepping back, Ali pranced around the ring, showing off her body to the crowd. She grinned as the audience showered her in cheers. Many boos were also audible, but they didn't really bother Ali since she was convinced the majority of the audience knew who the better woman was. It was only a matter of time before Jenny's die-hard supporters saw the light as well. She readjusted her top and returned her attention to the blonde, charging forward and kicking Jenny in the chest.

Groaning, Jenny was knocked back onto her back, helpless as the brunette straddled her prostrate body. Struggling to recover, Jenny gasped as her head was rocked to the side by a stinging slap followed by another that knocked her head back the other way. Smiling as she rained slaps down on the blonde's face, Ali suddenly screamed as Jenny's hands reached up and buried themselves in her hair.

Shrieking as her dark locks were yanked back and forth, Ali balled her fists and snapped a punch to Jenny's face. Dazed by the punch, the blonde was helpless as Ali's knuckles crashed into her face again. Jenny's grip on Ali's hair loosened as she pummeled her until her hands slowly slipped down, falling to the canvas as blood trickled from her nose. Grinning from ear to ear, the brunette rose to her feet, enjoying the sight of her handiwork. Retrieving the remnants of Jenny's top, Ali bent over, grabbed the blonde's hair and pulled her head up.

"I always keep my promises, bitch," Ali taunted, rubbing the top in Jenny's face and her bloody nose.

Straightening, Ali brandished the blood-soaked top over her head to the crowd, displaying it like a trophy as she sauntered across the ring. The brunette was having a pretty easy time humiliating the blonde, just as she'd anticipated. However, she was far from satisfied. Straddling the blonde again, Ali cupped Jenny's bare breasts in her hands, gently stroking them with her fingers.

Then leaning over, she put her lips to Jenny's ear and whispered, "You're a washed-up, two-bit whore. I'm gonna enjoy squeezing your plastic boobs back down to their original size!"

The blonde opened her mouth to reply, but the words came out as screams instead when Ali sank her fingers harshly into her breasts.

"You're so pathetic, you bitch," Ali crowed, laughing as Jenny screamed in agony, "I can beat you without even trying!"

Beating her feet on the mat and bucking her hips as the brunette pulled up on her breasts, Jenny desperately reached up and pulled down Ali's top, then dug her fingers in and squeezed the soft, tender flesh. The southern brunette's head fell back as she screamed aloud, getting a painful dose of her own medicine.

Determined not to lose her dominant position, Ali grabbed Jenny's nipples, pinching and twisting as the blonde moaned in pain. But Jenny wasn't going to take the nipple torture lying down and as Ali's full tits filled her hands, Jenny yanked down hard, twisting back and forth until, screaming in pain, Ali was forced to lean over closer to Jenny to alleviate the strain.

Jenny allowed herself a faint smile as she hissed up at Ali, "How do YOU like it, bitch? Huh? Howzat feel, eh?"

The blonde emphasized the words by squeezing Ali's boobs in her hands until the brunette's soft flesh oozed between her spread fingers. Ali blinked back tears as she frantically raked her nails over Jenny's tits, making the blonde arch her back in pain as she screamed.

In the end, Ali's efforts were to no avail for it was clear which lovely lady had the initiative. Cupping Ali's tits, Jenny returned the scratching and smiled as Ali's shrieks of pain echoed in the silent hall. She grabbed Ali's tits and began twisting left and right until she pulled the sobbing, screaming Ali off to the side and onto the mat.

They rolled away from each other, each struggling to recover before the other. Crawling to the ropes, Ali grabbed them and pulled herself to her feet, rubbing her throbbing tits with one hand. She watched as Jenny rose on the opposite side, cupping her aching breasts and massaging the brutalized orbs.

Glaring back at Ali, Jenny shouted, "You fucking cunt. I'm going to make you pay for that!"

Before Ali could muster a reply, Jenny charged across the ring, brought her leg up and rammed a foot into the brunette's belly. Moaning in pain, Ali stumbled forward and clinched with the blonde, wrapping her arms around Jenny as she struggled to stay upright. Hanging on, Ali threw a couple of punches to Jenny's belly.

Suddenly, Ali screamed as the blonde raked her nails down her back from her shoulders to her waist. Arching her back in agony, Ali left herself wide open as Jenny cocked her a back and drove it straight into her jaw, sending her head back and knocking her spread-eagled on her back on the canvas!

Moaning as she lay on her back, Ali rolled over and pushed herself up on all fours, struggling to recover as she tried to figure out what just hit her.

Ali heard Jenny shout, "Stay down where you belong, bitch!"

The brunette's momentary confusion was dispelled a second later when the blonde's foot crashed into her belly, dropping her back down flat on her stomach. Struggling to catch her breath, Ali slowly struggled to her hands and knees again and tried to crawl to the nearest corner. For her trouble, she received another kick from the blonde that collapsed her again flat on her belly. Finally, Ali managed to reach the bottom and middle ropes and with agonizing slowness, hauled herself to her knees. Just as her head came up, she screamed in pain as the blonde's hands grabbed her by the hair and yanked.

"You poor thing," Jenny taunted. "Here, let me give you a hand!" as she sadistically jerked Ali to her feet.

Releasing her brown locks, Jenny wrapped an arm around Ali's neck while her other hand went to Ali's free swinging breasts and began clawing, squeezing and twisting the soft flesh. Howling, Ali frantically clutched at Jenny's wrists trying to pry them away from her tits and free herself from the torture trap she was caught in.

"You're a feisty one," Jenny chuckled. "But don't worry, I'll still kick your weak ass!"

Ali heaved a deep sigh of relief when the blonde's talons released her breasts but the respite was short-lived as Jenny almost immediately began punching her in the back, hammering her kidneys with both of the blonde's fists. Groaning at each shot, Ali's legs buckled and she dropped back to her knees gasping for breath.

The brunette's eyes went wide as she felt Jenny's fingers untying her bikini bottom. Having followed Ali down to her knees maintain her hold on her neck, Jenny quickly stripped the southern sensation of the lower half of her costume, then dug her sharp nails into Ali's pussy. Ali screamed in agony as the blonde tore into her womanhood, clawing her inside and smiling as she ravaged the brunette's cunt!

Jenny taunted, "Still think you're hot shit, bitch? You sure don't look that way to me!"

Ali's eyes glazed over as the blonde's fingers found her clit and began pinching, pulling and twisting the sensitive fleshy nub. Tears began rolling down her cheeks as Ali sobbed out loud while Jenny destroyed her most sensitive and private parts. Ali had to heave a sigh of relief when Jenny finally released her and let her drop face first to the canvas. Ali's head was ringing, and her entire body ached.

Then she heard cheers, hoots and hollers erupting in the arena. Focusing her eyes as she looked up, Ali saw Jenny, strutting around the ring with her bikini bottom; waving it in the air, showing it off just as Ali had brandished Jenny's top. Ali couldn't believe what was going on. Minutes before the crowd had been cheering for her; now, they were fully behind this blonde bimbo. Determination welled inside Ali as she started to push herself up. She wasn't going to allow Jenny to humiliate her any longer.

Seeing the brunette pushing herself up to her knees, Jenny quickly returned her attention back to Ali.

Glaring hatefully at the blonde as she rose, Ali screamed, "You stupid whore! I'll kill you!"

"Not likely," Jenny laughed. "You were dead meat the second you stepped in the ring with me!"

Screaming in rage, Ali charged and buried her hands in Jenny's hair. The blonde shrieked as Ali yanked and pulled, having to step into Ali's body to ease the pain as big brunette pulled her across the ring. Jenny, however, wasn't in any mood to comply and she drove three hard punches into the brunette's belly. Groaning, Ali let go of Jenny's hair to grab her belly, leaving her exposed and defenseless as Jenny's powerful uppercut cracked the point of her chin and sent her reeling into the ropes.

Stunned, Ali couldn't prevent Jenny's blows from raining down on her and her head was snapped back and forth. The Louisiana native lashed out with her fists, one punch luckily hitting Jenny's tits. Gasping as her breasts flattened under Ali's fist, Jenny's punching abated briefly as the blonde squealed in pain. Exuberant, Ali twisted Jenny's tits back and forth as the blonde screamed out loud, grabbing her wrists to end the pain.

Ali's joy was brief, however, as the smile was wiped from her face when Jenny brought her knee up and drove it into the brunette's pussy. Ali's eyes went vacant and her legs turned to jelly as she fell forward clutching at Jenny to keep her feet but her chin dropped right into a powerful uppercut by the blonde that set Ali spinning around as she corkscrewed to the mat.

Ali groaned as she lay face down on the canvas, knocked senseless by the heavy-handed punch. Before she could recover, Jenny sat down astride her back and clasped her fingers underneath Ali's chin. Then Jenny hauled back, pulling Ali's head up and back accompanied by loud screams from the brunette as Jenny applied pressure to the camel clutch.

"How's that feel, bitch?" Jenny taunted.

As Ali's body shuddered in the painful hold, Jenny bounced up and down on the small of her back. After a minute or two, Jenny released the hold and repositioned her arms, putting the bigger woman into a sleeper hold.

"How 'bout this slut? Any better?" Jenny asked smiling as Ali's legs kicked and her hips writhed and squirmed under her.

The brunette rapidly began to succumb to the sleeper, but just before she passed out, Jenny released the hold and slapped her cheek, shouting, "Stay awake, cunt! Don't you dare pass out on me yet!"

Scooting back on the back of Ali's thighs, Jenny grabbed Ali's wrists and pulled her arms back, putting her in the third of the classic trilogy of pain holds. Ali howled in pain as Jenny tightened up on her surfboard hold.

Rising to her feet, Jenny dragged Ali to the ropes by the wrists and dropped her chest and upper torso against the bottom rope. Poor Ali was too dazed from the pain and suffering to foresee the torture the blonde had in mind for her, but she was quickly enlightened when Jenny stomped her foot down on her back and began pushing down. Groaning, then howling, Ali felt Jenny bend over, grab the bottom rope and pull it up, grinding it into her already sore tits. Ali's screams fell on deaf ears as her tits were crushed, her tears flowing freely down her cheeks as Jenny grinned, supremely confident that she'd won as soon as she saw Ali's first teardrop rolling down her face.

Kneeling behind Ali, Jenny put her in a full nelson as she laid her cheek on Ali's shoulder and whispered, "We'll see who's got better tits after I crush yours!"

Ali's eyes widened in terror and her voice quickly followed, screaming in pure agony when Jenny began to scrub her breasts back and forth on the harsh rope. Ali's breasts were being devastated by the rough rope and her screams soon faded into mindless sobs as, cowed into submission by the intense agony and compounded by the lack of any relief or reprieve in sight, she finally summoned enough coherence to weakly plead, "Please Jenny.....please stop! You beat me! No more, please!"

Ali was both surprised and relieved when Jenny let her go of her and got up off her back. However, her relief suddenly ended when the blonde grabbed her by the ankles and slowly dragged her out to the center of the ring where she kicked her over onto her back. Ali lay gingerly cradling her red, raw tits as she tried in vain to ease the pain. Her eyes grew wide when she saw a malicious grin on Jenny's face as she spread her legs.

Ali opened her mouth to plead for mercy, but the words didn't escape her lips fast enough. Jenny dropped down, slamming a knee into her pussy and making Ali's body convulse in agonizing pain. Ali cried while Jenny laughed cruelly as she kept grinding her knee down on her battered pussy.

Broken physically and mentally, Ali pleaded with quivering lips, "No more... Please... I give up..."

Jenny let Ali's legs drop to the floor, then she straddled her waist. Opening her eyes, Ali watched in horror as Jenny leaned forward and slowly mashed her own tits down on top of Ali's black and blue pair.

Beaming at the look of defeat in Ali's eyes, Jenny prompted, "So, who's got the better boobs, bitch?"

Ali continued to sob until Jenny sat up, grabbed both of her tits and started to squeeze hard..

Immediately, Ali found her voice and started screaming, "Yours! Yours are better! Ohhhhh, please leggo..."

But Jenny gleefully continued to taunt her rival, "Who is the ugly, saggy, two-bit whore? Answer me!"

Totally defeated, Ali replied, "I am. I'm an ugly, saggy, two-bit whore. Please, more..."

She broke down as she gasped out the last few words, then started bawling uncontrollably. Ali had no will to resist as Jenny moved forward and bent over, covering her face with her firm breasts. The world grew hazy as Jenny began grinding her tits on Ali's features until her eyelids drooped as everything went dark. Suddenly, Ali felt a sharp pain in her chest and her eyes snapped open. She moaned as Jenny pinched and twisted her hard nipples, snapping her from her slumber.

Jenny backhanded her across her face and screamed, "Wake up, bitch!"

Groggy, Ali groaned as Jenny got to her feet, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up beside her.

"Time to get up, bitch," Jenny taunted. "You and me are goin' to go on a little stroll!"

Jenny triumphantly put one arm around Ali's waist and held her against her hip as she paraded her slowly around the ring. Stumbling on shaky legs, the brunette again broke down crying as Jenny waved gaily to the crowd, showing Ali off like a trophy. Humiliated, Ali closed her eyes tight as she prayed her humiliation would end soon; her pride broken as she was reduced from a shining star to a cheap prize for her victorious conqueror. Silently, Ali swore that someday she'd make Jenny pay and pay dearly for this humiliation!