Ali Landry vs. Jenny O’Dell (Sauna Battle) by simguy

Jenny O'Dell's face: shiny nose and cheeks, sweat clamping her hair in tight damp curls to her skull. Eyes're closed, lips parted, brow frowning - out of context, you might think she has a fever, she's hallucinating. But that isn't it. She's got bigger problems than the flu right now.

Ease on back from Jenny's face, check the damp brown curls of Ali's thick locks, her head just below the blonde's chin. The way Jenny's jerking and groaning, you just know Ali's getting up to no good downstairs.

Jenny's belly: curved but taut, cut by a neon pink waistband, the flesh tanned and tacky to the touch. Ali's right fist digs into paunch just east of the navel, winning a breathy grunt from Jenny. Jenny's hands pull lightly at the hair behind either of Ali's ears, not effecting Landry in the least. Ali palms Jenny's golden hips, pressing her lower back flat to the tiled wall: girls're in a fighting sauna, maybe one of those chic Japanese joints in L.A. So Ali's pounding Jenny's body up against the wall of a sauna. That's good work if you can get it.
* * * *

"Yeah! Get 'er Mariska!" Dina Meyer had yelled from the apron, clapping her hands, resting one foot on the bottom rope.

Hargitay had just rocked Jenny O'Dell that intercepting clothesline, dropped the blonde to her back. Jenny looked splendid - all tanned, wearing her photo-shoot cute silver velvet bandeau and boy cut trunks, blonde hair all long and soft. As she lay on the canvas, that hair formed a damp little cloud under her head, pouring back from her hairline, revealing the cramped agony of her face. Jenny lay there, knees up, head lolling back and forth, momentarily dazed and disappointed at the reversal.

Hargitay knelt on her haunches beside Jenny's right shoulder, taking a moment to appreciate O'Dell's hurt: she'd been getting that clothesline on Jen all night long. The older woman looked solid, fit in an electric blue bandeau bikini. She was breathing hard, face flushed, but she'd brought the pace down to where she could fight all night if she had to. She stood - slowly, heavily, pushing up off her right knee - mopped her brow with her forearm and adjusted the line of her trunks about her buttocks. The ropes were close, just to Mariska's left - she leaned into them, casually rebounding and smoothly flowing into a guillotine drop across Jenny's throbbing chest. Fresh cries of weary protest - Jenny's legs came up off the canvas then flopped back down. Hargitay had been hitting blondie hard all night - one beefy maneuver after another. Jenny was finally wearing down from the punches, the stalking beatdowns along the apron, the leg drops, the knee lifts, the body slams, the elbow-drops.

Mariska bounced out of the leg drop, rolled to one knee and took a moment, grinning over at Dina who clapped loudly above her head. Hurtin' Jenny hugged at her chest, head lolling, still on her back. Mariska pulled at her nose, then suddenly swooped down, pinning O'Dell with muscular belly on face - Hargitay's cheek moist against Jenn's tummy as she tried to hook the blonde's arms behind the elbows. Two count and a kick - Jenny rolling to her left side, right arm straight up in the air. Good enough for Hargitay - she pulled Jenny to her feet by her hair - O'Dell's eyelashes fluttery, lips parted in swoon - and walked her over to waiting Dina. Making the tag, Mariska took Jenny by her left wrist and pulled the arm out to the side, showing Dina Jenny's helpless ribs. Meyer's face glowed with malice as she kissed her knuckles, and drove home a cheap, shattering blast into O'Dell's flank, dropping blonde to one knee. Jen drew her elbow in to her weeping side, panting for breath. Meyer reached a hand into the damp tangle of Jenny's hair, and made a fist.
* * * *
Jenny's so pretty when she's hurt. Damp hair gathered over her right shoulder, spilling down her right breast - she's listing to starboard, eyebrows high, eyes closed, mouth open as she leans forward, butt against the sauna wall. Ali's just standing upright, appreciating her handiwork, breathing in that muggy sauna air. Jenny's in her pink bikini, Ali in pale blue.

"Shouldn't have done it Jenny," Ali says, her voice dampened by the humidity, her left hand cupping O'Dell's chin. She leans her body into Jenny and stacks her upright, reaching in with the left hand to pull Jenny's left elbow across her body, exposing the left side. "Only you would have thought you could get through Mariska and Dina and be in good enough shape to take me on." Ali shoves her right fist flat, short to golden brown gut - Jenny groans, moist and throaty. Ali's still got Jenny's left elbow pulled to the side, helping her to turn Jenny sideways against the wall. Landry's put her weight on O'Dell, trapping her, exposing that left side. Ali can work at her leisure, drifting right hands to Jenny's body, left hip, and back. Poor O'Dell can only suffer and sweat, up against that wall.

The only sounds for the next few moments: the dull spank of fist on meat; the breathy moans and gasps of Jenny; the squeegee noise of Jen's body against wet tile as Ali shifts weight, keeping O'Dell pinned for more.
* * * *
"It's the only way," Jenny had told her fighting agent Janice Pennington. The ancient playmate shook her head sadly - she knew the score.

"It's a set up," Janice said without emphasis. Just saying what Jenny already knew.

"What choice do I have?"

"You could leave this Ali thing alone. There'll be a better time."

"I'm tired of waiting. Look on the bright side: handicap pro, against Dina AND Mariska? Colour center in BLONDE! magazine plus the DVD? It's good pub Jan - you know it."

"It's reckless and stupid, that's what it is."

"Make the deal Jan. And make sure Ali's the pot of gold at the end."
* * * *
Outside the ring: Jenny and Dina.

Dina in evergreen bikini, halter-style top, ring connection between freckled breasts.

Meyer looked dishelved, rattled - Jenny'd somehow shaken off Mariska's good work and taken it to Meyer all around the ring. They'd taken turns stalking each other along the ropes, punching each other stupid to the kidney, smashing forearms across upperbacks, stacking each other up and hoisting thick knees to straining breadbaskets. Hargitay was growing impatient - stomping her foot, running a hand through her hair, berating her partner.

"Step it up Dina, C'MON!" Jenny was shopworn, on her last legs but Mariska wanted pins, not more brawling from Dina.

Meyer looped a right: Jenny blocked it with a raised left, countered a clouting right to chin. Dina whirled, jugs swinging - she staggered away holding her jaw: Jenny walked her down from behind, exhausted snarl on bitchy lips. Jenny reached to the top of Dina's head, pulled her around, gave her another muscular right hand chop to the chin, dropping the redhead hard, her back making a flat splatting noise on the hard black mat. Jenny reached down, pulled Dina up by her ponytail, held her close in the crook of the left arm and busted a short right between the eyes: Meyer reeled away, thighs and backside quivering with hurt.

Jenny walked her down. At the apron, Jen muscled Dina, reached under Meyer's arms and cinched the redhead up, then, with the high hug snug, blonde reamed redhead's lower back into the ring apron. Meyer sobbed, arched backwards over the edge. Earlier in the match, Mariska had treated Jenny to the same punishment: turnabout was fair play. Hargitay shrieked at Meyer, "GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS DINA! FINISH HER!"

Meyer could only moan, clutch at her back. Jenny reached in, hugged up, gave Dina another one. Meyer slid to one knee, ashen-faced, left hand at her tortured kidneys. O'Dell took hold of her ponytail, easing Dina up, then taking hold of trunks as well to roll redhead deadweight back into the ring. Meyer grimaced, coming to a stop on her back, whimpering softly while Jenny took a moment to walk some of her own punishment off.

Hargitay screamed, "GET OFF YOUR BACK YOU LAZY COW!"

And Dina didn't like it one bit.

Jenny slumps to her knees, panting, left side bruised and glossy, on fire from Landry's hot punching. Ali preens, brushing curly brown locks from her eyes, adjusting her suit bottoms, taking a moment to appreciate Jenny.

"You think you're so smart, don't you Jenn?" Ali says, hands on hips. "Well, you don't look so smart to me now. I'm gonna start hugging and smothering you now, you know? You've seen me - you know how that goes. Once I start, I don't stop till I get what I want, and thing is," her laugh was a dry, brittle thing in the sultry air, "I never know what that is until I see it. So I'm gonna give you one chance, Jenny. You give it up to me right now, and I'll let you walk out of here. Just quit, give me your submission and you don't need to suffer. Because I promise you: if you make me continue, I won't give you another chance to quit. We'll stop when I say we'll stop, you understand that?"

Jenny sits back on her haunches, tilting her head back against the wall. She's shabby, no doubt about it. Her hair hangs in stringy tangles off her head. Beaded sweat dapples her throat and her mouth works noiselessly as her eyelashes flutter. Ali leans forward to hear Jenny's verbal surrender...and Jenny slaps her clean across the mouth!
* * * * *
BLONDE! mag cameramen cast questioning glances at one another, shrugged, kept filming.

Jenny did deep knee bends in her corner, stretching herself out, trying to coax life back into battered limbs. Hargitay had worked her with armbars early in the match, pounding away on Jenny's shoulder with hammerblows. Dina had corner-propped her right leg in the ropes and savaged the quad. Both veterans had swapped in and out while maintaining a bearhug around Jenny's ribs, patiently wrapping and re-wrapping her: O'Dell had lost track of the clock in the fog of that agony. But now, Hargitay and Meyer were getting into it. Just as Jenny had planned.

"I'm beating the crap out of her!" Mariska shouted hot in Dina's face, thrusting a finger in Jenny's general direction while maintaining glaring eye contact with Meyer. "I soften her up, and you let her off the hook - what the hell, Dina?"

"She didn't look too soft when I got to her," Dina blazed back. "You're laying up!"

"I'M laying up? You're laying DOWN." Mariska punched her finger into Dina's chest. "You get in there, you get on her, and you scrub her up, or..."

Dina hit Mariska a hard right hand on the chin, dropping Hargitay to one knee in their corner. This was savage stuff. Both veterans were notorious hard women, and they spared each other nothing. They fought it out in their corner, taking turns reversing positions and working each other over. They say that nobody hates more than a former tag team partner: Dina and Mariska quickly proved the axiom sound.

Mariska lolled semi consciously on the turnbuckles, arms outstretched along the top rope: Dina measured Hargitay's ribs with the left hand smudged flat beneath Mariska's left breast, then drove home the right fist, pounding the blow off bone and falling into 'Riska as Hargitay groaned. Meyer's face was unspeakably satisfied as she leaned against her foe - like she'd just had a taste of the best chocolate in the world.

Hargitay mounted the corner ropes with Dina pinned beneath her, steadying the redhead with the left and raining unforgiving rights onto Dina's hairline. Hargitay's face was a portrait of hardhearted concentration - no mercy in those dark eyes.

Mariska drooped chest first in the corner, dazed, her left leg propped in the middle rope: Dina pounded away to the back like she was swinging pails of water in both hands. Glorious, ruinous punching from Meyer - she worked up a sweat beating the taut flesh of Mariska's backside and kidney meat.

Meyer groaned, seemingly out on her feet as Mariska helped herself to shoulderblocks, reaming Meyer's midsection again and again and again. Hargitay took her time, did it right. Got all up in there with everything she had. Lifted Dina's chin with a helpful hand to set the table proper.

Meyer was busying herself with horseman's chops against Hargitay's chest, slap after resounding slap rocking Mariska back, when a high, sharp whistle rent the air. It was Jenny, getting Dina's attention from across the ring. O'Dell made a 'move aside' motion with her hand, and Meyer, nodding, understood.

Jenny scuffed the soles of her feet against the canvas like a bull - more for the cameras than for any practical purpose - then hopped into a run, barrelling into Mariska like a gymnast heading to a vault. Blonde ploughed into helpless brunette chest with shoulder and body just a-pancaking in: Hargitay's breath left her body in an agonized wail. Meyer's tired face broke into an appreciative grin - she moved in to prop Mariska as O'Dell rebounded away, preventing Hargitay from collapsing onto her face.

"You go!" Jenny said, brushing hair off her face and moving to Hargitay's right side to stabilize her in the corner.

Mariska's head lolled back, baring her throat; her trembling lips mouthed, "No..." but nobody heard.

Grinning O'Dell put her back and buttocks into Mariska, leaning back onto her while Dina started her charge - at the last minute, Jenny peeled off to the side to allow Meyer to come careening in. Again, Hargitay sobbed as slamming impact took its beefy toll: again she was prevented from collapse as the girls moved to collect her.

"Take a knee, D," Jenny said, gesturing with her head.

Meyer stepped away, dropping to one knee, holding her hands out to either side.

"HUP!" Dina chirped, all smiles.

Jenny reached between Mariska's legs and scooped the heavy brunette up, blonde staggering with the effort, but managing to hold Hargitay parallel to the ground. Taking two steps, Jenny moved forward and dropped Hargitay's limp frame across Dina's outstretched thigh - Meyer reaching to collect Mariska as brunette gurgled in shock. Jenny tossed her hair, took a knee: it was Dina's turn. Meyer worked to scoop up the weight of Hargitay, got her up, walked her to Jenny and dropped the lower back across Jenn's shiny, hard thigh. Mariska started to go out, mouth open, eyelashes fluttering closed. O'Dell had laid up, taken a beating from Hargitay all along, while fighting hard against Dina in hopes of creating tension between the two hotheads, and it had worked. Now it was payback, and Mariska was passed back and forth; back and forth; as Jenny and Dina brutally rocked Hargitay fast asleep.

The sauna has terraced seating along the north wall: that's where Ali seeks to put Jenny out. O'Dell's seated, trying desperately to fight her way out of Ali's hot embraces, suffering as Landry attacks the waist and ribs, goes to the face with her bulging, swollen rack. It's Jenny grimacing, pushing at Ali's biceps or stomach as Landry attempts to straddle or oppress her. It's Jenny trying to crawl away as Ali reaches in from behind and hugs up her waist. It's what Ali does best - the creeping doom - the Louisiana python bit. But O'Dell's not giving.

Time and again, Jenny fights free, pushing her way clear of Ali's breasts, squirming out of Ali's clutches to find another patch of bench and setting up to resist Landry's sultry onslaught. They struggle on the terraces, they struggle on the floor - Ali always on top, backside and thighs jiggling as she tries to close the show - Jenny defiant, turning away one advance after another.

And then...a mistake!

Somehow, in the tangle, Ali sits down in between Jenny's legs on the floor - O'Dell's back to the benches. Landry's right arm is trapped against Jenny's body and O'Dell immediately hugs up around Landry's breasts and ribcage, pulling her in sideways to the blonde's chest. Ali's face contorts, her free left hand pulls at Jenny's brawny brown shoulder. With her legs draped over Jenny's right thigh, sitting in Jenny's lap, Ali's helpless and O'Dell takes advantage. Jenny works hard, her right hand clutching at her left wrist to crush Ali's frame: hot blonde breath coming in sharp grunts and pants with the effort of the squeeze. Landry sighs and whimpers, wriggling without effect. She started this war of attrition, she proclaimed unconditional surrender - now she's reaping the rewards of those hardhearted decisions.
* * * * *
Dina struggled to turn herself around, get herself facing Jenny. O'Dell sat upon the ring apron, her legs wrapped tightly around Dina's ribcage and slowly crushing the fight out of her. She'd been working Meyer over with lazy punching and forearms, applying sleeperchokes and cobra-clutches and neck-claws, all in the attempt to break Meyer's will. In the background, sleeping on her side, the ruined Mariska Hargitay lay in a battered heap.

Meyer completed her tortured turn, but didn't improve her station. Jenny's legs still held firm and she could still rain down right hands while holding Meyer's head in the crook of the left arm. Dina pressed her cheek against Jen's chest, trying to push at Jenny's arms, but the blonde was too strong now, her position too superior. Dina's efforts grew groggier, more sluggish as Jen took her time, worked her over lavishly and slow. When Meyer went limp, Jenny released her, and the redhead pooled to the ground: knees, shoulder, then back.

From there, it was a simple job for Jenny to drop down, pull Dina to her feet by her hair and trunks, toss her into the ring and pin her. Meyer's lips pursed in woozy protest, her eyes closed - she offered no resistance as Jenny hooked her leg and pressed her down for three. She didn't have to, and Lord knows she was exhausted enough not to, but Jenny pushed up off Dina's flattened body and stumbled over to slumbering Mariska. Kneeling, Jen pushed into Hargitay, rolling the deadweight onto its back. Jenny hooked a leg and wrung a 3 count from the defenceless frame beneath her, sitting back on her haunches and breathing hard.

"We done?" O'Dell asked the cameramen.

"Yeah, we're good," the primary said. "Nice work Jen."

O'Dell stood, stepped to the side, lifted her leg and dropped a thunderous L-sit across Hargitay's KO'd chest. Just for old time's sake, and no one the wiser.
* * * * *
Jenny's rolling Ali up.

Every inch of Jenny's long, tortuous retreat along the benches, O'Dell is getting back, attacking Landry's waist and ribs to keep the pressure on. Jenny stays behind Ali, constantly pulling brunette back between blonde legs as the girls sit on the bottom terrace, the better for Jenny to hug at Landry's tummy. Jenny works her hugs up-torso on Landry, squeezing in under Ali's triumphant breasts, feeling the sandbag weight of them on her forearms as she pumps and cinches. The wet heat of Jenny's belly and breasts against Ali's back compounds the sauna effect, makes it worse for both women, but it's a price O'Dell gladly pays if it adds to Ali's woes. Landry's head lolls back onto Jenny's shoulder and her cries begin to echo dully in the sauna. She pulls at Jenny's wrists and pounds at the thighs on either side of her. Ali is petulant, outraged, pleading, demanding, but always, in the end, suffering. Constantly pulling herself up out of Jenny's lap and struggling to get away is using Landry up - Jenny's winning the energy conservation battle, taking more out of Landry than she's putting in.

How many times has O'Dell been humiliated at Ali Landry's hands? Jenny recalls bitter swatches of memory as she works her tormentress over. Landry's luscious brown body surging to victory in that white bikini at the Playboy mansion: all Jenny remembers is waves of belly and breast writhing against her face until she went out. Those casino brawls - hard fights with punching, but ending in the doughy softness of Ali's breasts as Jenny gave it up, trapped and helpless. Long sweltering La Conquista battles - the fights that convinced Ali she couldn't lose to Jenny in a sauna. Being worn down by Ali's full nelsons, subjugated by her leg scissors. But with each defeat, O'Dell felt herself closing the gap, piercing the Landry mystique. She'd seen it in Ali's eyes during that bear-hugging bout in Hawaii last time out - respect and the recognition that Jenny wouldn't be bullied any longer. Ali had chosen to foul out with a knee to Jenny's groin rather than continue to contest that match. It has taken a bogus handicap match qualifier to get Ali into this sauna, and Jenny's determined to make the most of it. If she can beat Ali just once, humiliate her at her best, Landry will have to come back to the table for more. Ego and pride will demand it. Jenny reaches for Ali's hips and draws the blubbering brunette back down to a seat between the legs. Cinches up those glorious ribs. Rests her chin happily on Ali's shoulder, her face a stark contrast to the pain and degradation on Ali's. Hugs Landry so tight beneath her breasts that Jenny can grab both her own elbows in the lock up.
* * * *
Ali sits on the bottom terrace bench, hands limp at her sides, head drooping back, lolling forward. Jenny's standing, flicking her trunks back into line, taking a moment to drink in the sight.

Jenny moves in. It's hot, thirsty work - Ali's groggy, but fighting on instinct, lifting her hands to push at Jenny and hold her off. O'Dell rebuffed again and again, always working to get back on top. Finally she gets her knee on the bench, leans in with her chest and her hands on Landry's shoulders to muscle Ali back. Landry's starting to whimper, reaching up around Jenny's neck to tie her up. Jenn patiently struggles to disengage, but keeps her knee on the bench: she needs the position. Ali's arms break down and Jenny's able to get her other knee on the bench, straddling Landry, bulling her into the raised step of the other terrace.

Jenny's getting her reverse sleeper in, sliding the left arm around behind Ali's neck, gripping the right bicep with the left hand. Breasts sealing sauna-tight against Ali's beautiful face, submerging her for good. Jenny cinches, makes it tight, cups the top of Ali's damp skull with the right hand, resting her cheek there while rocking gently atop the brunette.

She hears it then: the clapping noise of Ali's cupped palm against the tiled step. Landry's tapping out. Jenny shifts her weight, turns her head to rest her other cheek on Ali's head. Landry panics, taps at Jenny's back, taps at her hip, stamps on the floor.

Jenny smiles. Whatever she's looking for, she hasn't found it yet.