Christmas Catfight: Cathy Larmouth & Roberta Vasquez by kit

Roberta walked into the boardroom where the law firm's Christmas tree was located. She placed her 'gag' gift to Sam and her 'special' gift to Mike under the tree, where later that day all the lawyers and employees would gather to exchange gifts and snack on goodies. Just out of curiosity, she rumbled thru some of the other packages to see if anyone else had left Mike a present. Everyone was supposed to leave a 'gag' gift that had been assigned to them, plus any other gifts that they might want to leave. Roberta knew that Tony had drawn Mike as the person to get his 'gag' gift, but she was more interested to see if Mike had any other 'special' gifts left for him. Just as she suspected she found a gift from Cathy addressed to Mike.

"That bitch!" she fumed as she handled the small package and tried to figure out what it might be. It might be a tie or a scarf.

Taking the gift with her, Roberta headed down the hall to Cathy's desk. Cathy could hardly believe her eyes as she saw Roberta approaching with her package in hand. Stunned and slack-jawed, Cathy stood up as Roberta marched right past her with a glare that could cut thru steel. As Roberta passed, Cathy wheeled out from behind her desk and marched double-time behind the brazine Hispanic.

Entering the women's restroom, Roberta tossed the gift on the sink counter and turned about to face the angry brunette that would be coming thru the door. With legs spread, Roberta cocked both hands on her hips and drew a deep breath, expanding every bit of her massive chest.

Cathy bolted thru the door. "Just what the fuck do you think you're doin'?"

"He's not gettin' that gift, bitch," spat Roberta, ready for the ensuing catfight.

"Bullshit," said Cathy, not breaking stride as she and Roberta instantly and without hesitation filled their hands up to their forearms with the other's thick, rich hair.

With their hands high and deep in the back of each other's hair, the two women gritted their teeth and swore as they yanked back hard and braced their legs for the seige. Calling each other a few choice names, the chestnut-haired brunette and raven-haired Hispanic wrenched each other's head around and around as they rotated 180 degrees.

"He's mine, you fuckin' cunt," swore Cathy, pulling hair and getting pulled.

"Like hell, slut," Roberta cussed as both tried to steady themselves on the hard tile floor.

Cathy jerked Roberta's face to her own, saying, "I was with him four nighs last week."

Roberta yanked back, staring into Cathy's eyes with her. ''Big deal. He was with me Monday night."

"You bitch," hissed Cathy as she and Roberta began to lose their balance in their 4'' heels.

"Slut," snapped Roberta as their legs went out from underneath them and they fell to the floor on their knees.

Cathy had been working as a secretary at the firm for three years prior to Roberta joining the secretarial pool six months ago. Right away Cathy was jealous and envious of her younger co-worker, because until then, she had been the best looking of the field.

At 5-8 and 127 pounds, Cathy was a statuesque brunette with a hard, firm body measuring 38-26-37. More than once she'd laid down and spread her legs in hopes of stealing one of the lawyers from his wife, or catching one of the single guys, and Mike was single. Now at 27, Cathy felt her time was running out and she was growing anxious to be taken care of.

Roberta was a young (21-years), well-built Hispanic with the body of an amazon. Her strong, but sexy body measured a whopping 40-25-36 and was supported by a 5-8, 125 pound frame. Finishing up her last year of college, Roberta was planning on going to law school in the fall. Marriage, at this time, was the last thing she wanted, but she was falling in love with Mike and the idea of them working together in their own firm someday.

Mike joined the firm shortly before Thanksgiving. At 31, he was tall, blond and handsome, and the girls just loved his thick, meaty 9" cock. He slept with Cathy after his first day on the job, but the next day when he met Roberta, he slept with her. For a couple of weeks he fucked them both off and on before finally settling on Roberta. Both girls were great in bed and eager to please, but for some reason he just liked Roberta better. Maybe it was because of her superior chest, or that her black, fuzzy pussy was just tighter and wetter. But for whatever reason, he was fucking Roberta 2-1 over Cathy.

Last week Roberta had to take some time off to attend her grandmother's funeral. Naturally Cathy captured his attention and got in four nights of straight fucking before Roberta returned on Monday and resumed her place in his arms.

Even though Cathy and Roberta had never liked each other, it took Mike to heat up their hatred and bring out their nails. Both had been aware of the situation after the first couple of weeks, but both had also been confident that her sex could win the day. Now, however, they weren't so sure. Perhaps now it was time to take matters into their own hands and settle it with a catfight.

Still swearing, they pulled each other sideways by the hair until they toppled over on their shoulders and lay completely on the floor. Quickly their legs snaked up as Roberta's black nylons rubbed with Cathy's sheer nylons. The girls made two complete rolls towards the door and then three complete rolls back the other way, their massive breasts rumbling and rolling under their bras.

"You fuckin' slut," grumbled Roberta, on top now as she and Cathy still had dual fists of hair and pulling.

"Uuummmph," Cathy groaned, her 38s oozing out under the weight of Roberta's 40s.

Cathy tried to get her legs around Roberta's hips as the Hispanic tried to tie up her legs with Cathy's. Neither one succeed because Roberta's tight, red dress and Cathy's snug, Christmas-green skirt constricted their movements.

"Oooowww!" winced Roberta loudly as the heel of Cathy's red shoe dragged down the back of her calf, leaving a long runner in her black hose.

Cathy bucked and pulled on Roberta's hair. Roberta jerked on Cathy's hair while she rolled off, and they scrambled to their knees.

"You bitch," swore Roberta, landing a nasty slap to the left side of Cathy's face.

POP! Cathy's flesh burned.

POP! Roberta's right cheek tasted the sting of an open palm.

POP! Cathy's cheek was blistered again, knocking her to all-fours. Roberta hair-hauled Cathy upright only to get her face slapped again. POP! Her head turned as she fell on her ass, pulling Cathy's white blouse open to the waist in the process.

Cathy scooted back out of harms way as two buttons on her blouse rolled under a toilet stall. Both girls sat on their butts a few feet apart, rubbing their cheeks and staring holes into each other with watery eyes. Having fought for less than a minute, both girls had gotten a taste of each other and craved for more.

"He's mine, you fuckin' slut," snapped Cathy, combing her fingers thru her ruffled locks.

"Like hell, bitch," barked Roberta, "and you better not give him that present or I'll whip your fuckin' ass then and there."

"Oh he's gettin' that present and then I'm gettin' him," replied Cathy as they started to get up.

"What you're gonna be gettin' is a big piece of me, bitch," said Roberta.

"Then let's settle it, bitch," suggested Cathy, motioning Roberta to come on.

Cocking her hands on her hips, Roberta said, "Oh I want you bad, bitch...really, really bad..."

"And you're gonna get it bad," interrupted Cathy.

"...but, shut up!'' snapped Roberta.

"Fuck you!" said Cathy, hands now on hips.

"Now's not the time, you idiot whore," said Roberta, taking a step forward. Cathy shook back her hair and held her ground as the busty Hispanic took another step. "You and me. After the party. Third floor. Restroom," snarled Roberta, nose-to-nose and chest-to-chest with Cathy.

"No way, bitch. My apartment. I don't want this broken up while I'm beatin' your ass," said Cathy, touching the tip of her nose and nipples with Roberta's nose and nipples.

"Fine. Just as long as it gets settled," said Roberta, rolling noses and nipples with Cathy.

"And the winner gets Mike!" said Cathy.

"And the loser quits her job," added Roberta.

"Fine!" snapped Cathy, pushing her tits into Roberta's.

"Fine!" Roberta fired, shoving her 40s right back at Cathy's 38s. The two girls then shoved each other very hard in the shoulders, almost losing their balance as they called each other a 'bitch'. Now that the catfight had been sealed, Cathy and Roberta busied themselves in the mirror as they tried to look somewhat presentable before going out.

"You fuckin' bitch," gripped Cathy. "Look what you did to my blouse. This was $120, and you gonna pay with your hide."

"Fuck you. You're a fuckin' idiot to pay that for that rag," spat Roberta. "Besides, you tore my $50 nylons, and you're gonna be the one paying with her hide."

The girls continued to squabble as they threatened to beat the shit out of each other while trading every name in the book.

"I can't wait to get my hooks into you, you fuckin' Spic!" said Cathy, ready to leave.

"Bitch, you're gonna be soooo sorry you ever messed with me and fucked Mike. I'm gonna beat you to a bloody pulp," promised Roberta as they left the bathroom together.

"Fuck you!" they whispered, parting ways.

It was Wednesday, the last real business day of the year. The party was set to start at 1 p.m., and people could leave any time after that. For the last week of the year, the firm would have only a skeleton staff on hand, but Cathy and Roberta weren't a part of that. A whole week off with Mike was a much better alternative, and they both intended on being the one with him.

For the girls the morning seemed to drag, but when Cathy emailed Roberta with directions to her apartment things livened up as she added some degrading remarks about her ethnicity. Roberta responded with trailer-trash remarks and promises to make Cathy eat her words. They then passed the time insulting each other with more emails and even a catty chat over the phone.

Fortunately for Mike, he had been out of town all morning taking depositions, but returned back in time for the party at 1 PM. Roberta and Cathy both hung around him like a cheap suit, neither willing to give the other a second alone with him.

"I got you a gift," said Cathy, shoving her package in his hand.

"So did I," said Roberta, taking Cathy's package out of his hand and replacing it with her own.

Cathy fumed and wanted to slap Roberta then and there as the raven-haired beauty gave her a wink.

"Awesome!" exclaimed Mike after opening up Roberta's little gift. "This is great!"

"Do you like it?" asked Roberta, smiling ear to ear.

"Of course I do. Two court-side tickets to the Lakers," he said, hugging her right in front of Cathy.

"I thought we could go," said Roberta, knowing that Cathy's shitty gift (whatever it might be) wouldn't hold up against hers.

"Sure, but how'd you ever score such great seats?"

"Somebody probably scored with her," said Cathy, boiling with rage and envy as her tie wouldn't stand a chance against Lakers tickets.

Roberta chose to let the comment slide. It was better to keep Mike's attention on her than to shift his attention to Cathy. "I've got my ways," she smiled. "I can't wait to go. We're gonna have a blast!"

Cathy had had all she could stand. All she wanted to do now was get Roberta out of here and into her apartment so she could beat the shit out of her.

"Gee, thanks, Cathy," Mike said, opening the box with the $60 tie. "It looks great."

"Your welcome. I just hope you like it," she said in a voice beaten down by this gift exchange.

"Just don't wear it on our date to the game," said Roberta, pouring salt in the wound.

This was the first time that the three of them had been around each other at once. Mike never spoke to them alone about his relationship with the other, but he knew that Cathy and Roberta were well aware of what was going on and that they were sharing his bed. He favored Roberta overall for the 'short run', but if he was ready to settle down, then Cathy would be the woman for the 'long haul'. He was confused, but as long as he could sleep with them both, then why bother and chose. Letting nature take it's course would probably be best in this case. Still, he was uncomfortable having them both drooling over him at the same time.

"Will you ladies excuse me for a few minutes?" he asked. "I've still got just a couple of phone calls to make."

"Sure," they nodded.

As soon as he turned to leave, Cathy faced off with Roberta. "Let's go, bitch!"

"That went well, don't ya think," smirked Roberta.

"Eat shit."

In a taunting voice, Roberta said, "I knew he'd like my gift better."

"Bitch, I've had enough of you. Either we go now or I'll whip your ass right here," fumed Cathy, nose-to-nose with Roberta.

"Go ahead, bitch. I'll be there in a minute."

"Oh, no. We leave together. I'm not goin' to leave and let you lock lips with Mike," said Cathy, seeing right thru Roberta.

Roberta's eyebrows furrowed. "Fine. But you're in for the beatin' of your life."

"Just shut the fuck up and let's catfight," snarled Cathy.

On the drive over to Cathy's apartment, both girls tried to picture the fight to come. Having gotten a feel earlier in the day, both girls knew that this fight would be rough and probably get nasty in a hurry. For Cathy this would be her seventh fight and tenth for Roberta, and neither had ever lost; however, Cathy hadn't been in a fight in nearly four years, and Roberta had only been in one the last two years. Most of her fights had been in junior high.

Getting out of their cars together, Roberta followed Cathy into her apartment. Roberta laid her purse on the t.v. while Cathy locked the door and tossed her purse onto a chair. Both girls then stepped out of their shoes and kicked them to the side. Hands on hips, Roberta and Cathy gave each other a long, hard look from head-to-toe as they very slowly circled.

"From the moment I saw you, I've hated your guts," said Cathy, finally, removing her red blazer and tossing it on another chair.

"I can easily say the same about you," nodded Roberta, reaching behind her neck and beginning to unzip the back of her red dress.

"You're gonna pay for this blouse, bitch!" said Cathy, unbuttoning her ruined garment.

"No I'm not, bitch," said Roberta, pulling the straps of her dress past her broad shoulders.

Cathy tossed her blouse on the chair and started to unzip her skirt. "Yeah, bitch, you are."

Roberta pulled her dress down to her hips. "You aren't tough enough to make me, bitch."

"We'll see," said Cathy, sliding her skirt down her legs.

"Yeah, we will, won't we," answered Roberta, shaking her dress down her legs.

Kicking the articles to the side, Cathy was left in a white lace bra with matching panties and garter belt and sheer nylons. Roberta simply had on a black satin bra and black panties. She had removed her ruined black nylons right after they left the bathroom that morning. Roberta cocked her hands on her hips and drew a deep breath. Her massive 40" breasts expanding to their fullest. "Impressed?"

Yes, Cathy was impressed! She always knew Roberta was well-endowed, but she had no idea HOW MUCH! She always figured Roberta stuffed her bra. "They won't be so impressive after I'm done with them, bitch."

"Yeah, right," teased Roberta. "Now you know why Mike prefers my tits over your flat chest."

Cathy was hardly flat! "You talk a good game," said Cathy, fuming.

"Then I guess I better show you," said Roberta, taking a step.

"You're gonna have too," Cathy said. Then with a lunge. "Bitch!"

"Slut!" lunged Roberta.

Running their hands inside each other's hair, Roberta and Cathy let out another battle cry as they started pulling. Toe-to-toe they jerked each other back and forth, swearing and screaming as their breasts butted repeatedly, almost jumping out of their bras to tangle with each other.

"You bitch!" shouted Roberta, slapping Cathy across the cheek.

"Ooouuch! Whore!" Cathy yelled, slapping Roberta's cheek.

Roberta slapped Cathy again and Cathy slapped her back! Grabbing more hair, Roberta and Cathy slung each other over and then toppled to the carpet in a heap. Unlike earlier that day, they were now free of clothing covering their legs, and their strong, long legs instantly laced up from hip to ankle as they rolled back and forth in one spot pulling hair and screaming.

Cathy-Roberta. Cathy-Roberta. Cathy-Roberta. Cathy-Roberta. Their legs fought and fought to get around the other's waist and squeeze as their tits now met fully and battled thru their bras. Roberta rolled on top and was able to straddle Cathy. Yanking down Cathy's white bra, Roberta buried her slut-red nails into the firm, milky flesh.

"Ooooooww...fuuuuuck!" cried Cathy, jerking down Roberta's black bra and twisting her brick red nails back and forth.

"Sssshhhhit!" howled Roberta, throwing her head back as she was bucked to the side.

"Fuckin' bitch,'' said Cathy, taking her turn on top and straddled.

The two girls grabbed nipples and pulled. Both cried out as they twisted, pinched and pulled. Cathy rolled Roberta's brownish nipples between her thumbs and index fingers while Roberta stretched and twisted on Cathy's pink buds.

"Ssshhhit! Ge'...ooooff!" wailed Roberta, bucking her snatch against Cathy's wiggling ass.

"Ooooowww! Leeee' gggoooo!" Cathy cried, still rolling Roberta's nips.

Raising both legs up, Roberta got them around Cathy's shoulders and pulled her backwards. As the two females turned, Roberta was able to slide her legs around Cathy's lower belly and squeeze.

"Uuuunnnggg! Oh gawd," grunted Cathy, her guts crushed. Taking Cathy by the top of the hair with her left hand, Roberta used her right hand to grab Cathy's left tit. She squeezed, digging her nails into the soft, underside of the globe. "Uuuuuunnnnnggg! Mmmy TIT!!" cried Cathy, desperately trying to break open Roberta's powerful legs while also trying to free her pounding left tit.

Roberta scratched her nails thru the tit, collecting flesh and leaving a wake of red lines as she then used that hand to apply a painful belly claw. Cathy let out a curdling scream as Roberta's middle fingernail stabbed into her belly button and riddled her guts with excruciating pain. Slashing her fingernails over Roberta thigh, Cathy bucked and lunged out from between them. Now separated, the girls took a moment or two to collect their breathes and access their damage. Each girl went ahead and removed her bra while trying to rub back the feeling in their tits and areolas.

"Had enough, bitch?" asked Roberta as they sat a few feet apart looking at each other.

"No. Have you, bitch?"

"Then get up, bitch and let's finish it," said Roberta, rising.

Cathy rose up with her, and together they doubled up their fists and began circling.

"I'm gonna knock you out, bitch," promised Roberta.

"Just try it, slut!" Cathy snarled.

Circling, the two girls stuck out a few harmless jabs as they seemed comfortable bobbing and weaving around. Trying to measure Cathy with a left jab, Roberta stepped in and threw a sharp right hook. Cathy, ducking, fired off a fist that slammed hard into Roberta's abs.

"Ooommpphh!" grunted the foxy Hispanic, doubling over and moving back.

Cathy jumped towards her and missed badly with a wild left uppercut. Roberta made her pay with a fist that smashed out her left tittie. Cathy groaned and stepped back clutching her busted boob. Drawing up their fists, Cathy and Roberta circled once and then stepped forward swinging. Both girls threw rights, and both connected. Cathy took her lick across the jawbone while Roberta's left tit was sent flopping up and down on her chest. Enraged, the girls reached out and took each other by the hair again.

"Oooowww! Slut!" yelped Cathy, her head violently jerked.

"Sssshhhit! Bitch!" Roberta howled, her head painfully turned. Dancing in a circle, Roberta tore out a wad from the side of Cathy's head, but Cathy tore out an even bigger chunk from the back of Roberta's head. "Yeeeeoooowwweee!!" screamed the Hispanic, losing a large wad of her jet-black hair.

"Fuckin' spic," cursed Cathy, running a set of fingernails down Roberta's right cheek which made her scream again in agony as red welts instantly formed.

Thump! Thud! "Oooommpphh! Aaaarrrfff!" grunted and groaned Cathy as first her right tit took an uppercut and then her belly soaked up a tight fist. But Cathy lunged right back into the fray as she grabbed both of Roberta's tits and squeezed. Roberta cried out, but sank her talons in Cathy's tits, as both girls stood on their toes squeezing and scratching. "Ooooouuuch! Leee' gggooo!" cried Cathy as Roberta's nails turned to her tits.

"Ssssshhhit! You...le'...go!" screamed Roberta as her tits took a savage clawing as did Cathy's as both girls answered each other with a terrible nipple twist.

"Fuuuuuck!" cried Cathy, her head falling on Roberta's shoulder.

Roberta screamed and lay her head on Cathy's shoulder as well while they returned to clawing with their nails. With their heads banging up against each other, Cathy and Roberta mauled away for a solid 30 seconds until Cathy fell back screaming and holding herself. Roberta, in equal pain, drooped over as well, clutching her pulsating tits as both girls looked at each other with teary eyes and flushed cheeks.

"You...fuckin'...bitch," Cathy said with tears rolling down her cheeks. "I fuckin' hate you!" she added, swiping out with her right hand and catching Roberta across the left cheek with her fingernails.

"Oh s-h-i-t!" bawled Roberta, her tears stinging the fresh tracks of her face even as she answered Cathy with a slap that sent her hair twirling around her face.

"Ouch! You bitch!" yelled Cathy, turning and sending a slap of her own that rang Roberta's ears. "How'd that feel, slut?"

Shaking her head, Roberta said, "You tell me, bitch."

SLAP! Cathy's head spun the other direction now as Roberta's palm prints could definitely be seen.

"You bitch," growled Roberta, taking a fist of Cathy's hair and yanking her back to face her.

POP! POW! Both girls simultaneously slapped the living shit out of each other as they took each other by the hair and started jerking again.

"Oooooowww! Le' gggoooo!" howled Cathy, her head tossed back and forth.

"Give him up, bitch!" Roberta ordered as her head was being pulled straight back.

"Never! Ooouuch! You...give...up," said Cathy, yanking Roberta over.

"Oooowww! Fuck you! Take this, bitch!" Roberta shouted, her right hand squeezing Cathy's left tit.

"Fuuuuuuck!" swore Cathy, jerking hard enough on Roberta's hair to free her tit but Roberta grabbed Cathy's forearm and sank her teeth in. Cathy screamed, dancing on her toes and pulling out a fist of Roberta's hair. Roberta cried out in pain, but ripped out a big wad of Cathy's hair from the back and gave her a knee in the pussy. "Uuuuggghhh!!" groaned Cathy, her eyes rolling over as she dropped to her knees clutching her busted womanhood. Roberta teetered on her heels for a moment, watching Cathy's body slowly fold over and lay face down on the carpet with her hands between her legs.

"You bitch. Now it's time to pay for ruining my nylons," said Roberta, picking Cathy up to her knees by the hair.

" more," groaned Cathy, still very groggy.

Roberta sent Cathy backwards with a knee to the tit. With Cathy flat on her back and spread eagle, Roberta picked up her legs at the ankles and punted her in the pussy. Cathy's body jolted violently as she gasped out a hoarse, moaning bellow. Straddling over the beaten brunette, Roberta pinned Cathy's arms under her legs as she sat down on her tits and put her hands on her face.

"Now to fix your looks," mumbled Roberta, sinking ten slut-red fingernails into the cheeks. Helpless, Cathy could do nothing but scream and beg while Roberta went about her business of scratching her up. With Cathy semi-conscious and her face bloodied to satisfaction, Roberta rose up and stomped her heel into her right tit. Cathy's limp body barely jumped as Roberta summoned up a wad of spit and spat it into Cathy's blank face. "Fuckin' gringo bitch!!"