Karen McDougal vs. Ali Larter by Doom

Back in 1996 A relative newcomer, a teacher teaching lessons and doing spot work, Karen McDougal came to quickly dominate the local scene with only two set backs to date, including besting some ĎA listí actress including s bitchslap of one Britney Spears in a bar club brawl. While plummeted through her streak, Karen demolished a long list of women actresses of ĎA-, B-, and C-listí plus Playmates and special edition models - except for one. She beat Penthouse Pets, FHM Top Tenners, etc., all fell at the feet of Karen. It was too easy and it was becoming difficult for her to find opponents as the Hollywood crowd declined to face Karen's sexy savagery and fitness background. PMOY McDougal with The majesty of her fury is legend.

That was then - but this is eleven years later, 2007 and Karen lost a big time fight earlier this year to Hiromi Oshima. But her losing streak continued, to celebs and Playmates alike, all hearing Karenís surrender in the end. To her last few foes, Karen fell in five to fifteen minutes - just ask Catherine Bell! The sight of Catís legs crushing Karenís waist as Bell taunted her still has people talking.

And the humiliation Karen suffered at the mitts of Danielle Fishel with Karen Tapping out was a great source of embarrassment but it was nothing compared to her HUMILIATION by Scarlett Johansson!

What the petite blond recently did to Karen was unforgivable; winning a long drawn-out battle as the beating Karen took from room to room for more torture was just too much. Of all people and times in her life, Karen began doubting herself for the first time. She had to re-prove herself in the wake of a Hollywood hotshots or flash in the pan and the so called ĎHeroí Ali Larter would be just the blond to do it to!

From the Playmate world, admirers and colleagues sent Karenís advice and best wishes. Some tried to talk her out of the match, arguing that wrestling Ali Larter would be equivalent to suicide. Karen ignored them; retreated into herself to dredge up the greatness she knew lay buried. There was a maniacal intensity in her prepartion and Karen's spies kept her well informed of Larterís training.

Karen was smart enough to know that Ali was a desperate woman - the most dangerous of all opponents. There is no method to her wild moves, nothing to counter. It was the blond's ability to outthink and outmaneuver an opponent that truly made her feared throughout the sportÖthat and her cruelty! But Karen wasn't worried.

The night of the match, Ali got to the penthouse bedroom, threw off her clothes and donned her black bikini. Then she did a series of exercises; her motions relaxed and wiry. This was no mad woman, not now. This was a magnificent athlete, every fiber of her being tingling with energy.

Karen knew nothing of her athletic blond counterpart, as she donned her white bikini. Every movement was cautious, slow, and calm. The brunette actually joked with friends, reminiscing of other nights and other knock-down drag-out fights. There was no fear in KMacís attude for the upcoming battle.

"Ali Larter used to be good," Karen told people. ďBut after Tina slapped the shit out of her not long ago, I know all I need to know about Ms. Larter. I'm better than she ever was! Iíve beaten nearly everyone whoís beaten her. She's done for! I'm going to beat her so bad, it'll be the last time Larter is even thought of in Hollywood. You can bet on it."

And. Many people did. Over $1.8 million would change hands on this fight - not to mention several TV roles!

The moment of truth arrived. Ali trembled as she entered the room, but her eyes devoured her opponent; licking every curve consuming every inch of her in a terrifying gaze. Ali was more than concentrating...she was obsessed.

The signal was given and in that instant, Ali stopped shaking as, with a remarkable bound, she leaped on Karen. McDougal locked her arms around the astonishing beauty, biceps bulging. Aliís mouth gaped open, blond head whipping back as they fell to the floor.

Ali, twisting just enough so that Karen took the brunt of the impact, moved with undeniable genius into position; there was no mad recklessness now. Aliís hands and feet moved with symphonic grace and Karen felt the searing pain of twisted limbs, scratched flesh of mauling fury and tearing of cloth in the most tenderest of pink taco places.

Ali was out to wreck Karen and she was doing a good job! The curvy brunette had to use every ounce of her strength and intelligence to survive this assault - and still Karen barely made it! In the maelstrom of action, Karen barely managed to escape the blondís trap and retreat to the far side of the room - hoping for a moment to collect her thoughts.

Ali gave her only an instant, but she didn't need more. With lightning reflexes, Ali whipped her foot into the brunette's lower belly. As Karen quickly doubled over, Ali brought her fists down hard across Karenís back, driving the brunette to her knees; her body aching from the assault as she looked up at her assultress. Somehow, Karen found the strength to grab Ali's legs and flip her over backward. The blond beauty crashed to the carpet, momentarily stunned from the backend impact of her head and spine. Karen rolled away to collect herself.

The most breathtaking moment in the event was next as the two magnificent Amazons stood facing each other, tall and proud, sweat streaking their voluptuous frames. Then they stalked forward; lionesses contesting supremacy. Those electric moments when they neared each other right up until their exquisite bodies met in a crash of flesh were the most awesome ever witnessed!

As their bodies SMACKed together in a collision of hatred, the warriors tore at each other with abandon. Every muscle was hard with fury as they grabbed, pounded and slashed; each using all her womanly knowledge to find and torment the others most vulnerable place. Their grunts and moans were the only sounds in the room!

As Ali palmed and squeezed Karen sumptuous, well-endowed set, Karen groaning, managed a free arm that snapped around Aliís throat tight. Karen then punched and choked as she rode Ali to the plush floor. The carpet seem to equalize things a bit as each long-haired beauty struggled for advantage in the tornado of action and brutality.

Every movement had purpose - to maim and cripple! Name calling began as Ali and Karen tore away at the others flesh, hair, bikini - it didnít matter. First, Karen digging into Ali; next it was Karen getting the worst of it; then Karen back on top, tearing away at Aliís tender parts; pulling her underwear up and to the side to maximize the damage.

Again, it was Ali having her way with the brunette, overwhelming Karen trying to make her give in; then back to Karen surprisingly slapping the taste out of the blond. Now itís Ali aroused fidgeting, slashing, ripping back and strapping her athletic, trim legs wrapped around Karenís curves; crushing harsh reminders for both battlers!

Exquisite torture: traditional dress of whatís left didnít hide but accentuated the blond powerful curves, while lithe legs played a contralto: low commanding and supple against the ribs cage, brunette obeyed sobbingly every request to the accomplished yet astonished wealthy circle, the blond was a natural leader.

Rough up: Karenís vivaciousness managed to gain her the dominate top position holding Ali down on her back, but Aliís legs were made to order for this and she rained in Karen, securing her curvaceous body in a scissors and slowed the brunette attack considerably as well as controlled Karenís disrespect for her.

But also knew how to properly discipline Ali, tormenting the compact pertness protruding from her bikini bra top by turning her breasts into finely tuned up points of pain. Karen, fighting tears, managed to dial down the blondeís leg grip. When it got too hot in the brunetteís kitchen as Karenís mounted grimace groans underlined Aliís sardonic squeals of release.

The sensuous fury of Aliís actions and the horrifying concert of Karenís activities in itself was magnificence to behold as both Ali and Karen tweaked each other for seconds that seemed like hours. One could easily see they enjoyed hurting one another; crippling, humiliation and hurt were intentional on both sides as maneuvers became grinding, stilted and harsh torturing. There was, now, a certain ugliness to the match; a cold hatred driving every tactic.

In one brutal brunette moment, Karen - having enough of being trapped by Aliís exquisite double torture - dug her nails into Aliís inner thighs and ripped at Aliís stems so violently spectators let out a unison ďooohĒ. Karen's fingers dug deep into the flesh of Ali's sleek, quivering thighs, spreading her athletic limbs wide to expose Aliís most sacred of region for Karen to drive a knee into Aliís crotch as Karen began what she called her, ďexquisite torture.Ē

Karen showed no mercy as her knee sank deeper into Aliís inner thighs grinding away raw, then twisting her former blond tormentorís legs as Ali withered. Karen bent Aliís lithesome body, making the blond a perfect pliable lever bent over the fulcrum of the brunetteís knee; pulling down on hair as the Ali tried escape - but forced to let Karen have her way!

Karen grabbed Aliís throat, her fingers digging into supple muscles as the blond lay stretched out being helplessly ravaged over the brunetteís fulcrum knee, groans and moans flow from Ali but no give yet so Karen, switched up yet again. Settling herself on the small of Aliís back, Karen clasped her hand under the blondeís chin as the savage brunette pushed Ali closer to her submission point. Ali taking it very hard as Karen, straddled her back, working over Aliís ribs and neck; all getting Karenís expert guillotine torture from the brunetteís well-toned legs.

With tears starting to flow Ali may have submitted quietly a dozen times to Karenís cruel intentions she was begging to be finished off, but Karen wouldnít hear of it! The brazen brunette beauty wanted to make one more power play to cap off a desperate attempt to win big with Ali despite her near exhaustion.

Bruised, agonized and hurting, Karen grabbed Ali's long blond hair and threw her victim across the room. Ali reeled helplessly, crashing into a wall and flopping to her knees to the carpet like a rag doll. The brunette saw an opportunity to shut down the blond completely and Karen prepares for putting Aliís lights out, for the evening with a flying leap high in the air coming down on Ali.

But Ali, in last second desperation, threw a staggered punch, catching Karen fully extended and exposed with momentum. Karen fell into her foe and landed with a sicken THUD as Karenís head hit the back of the rug. Ali, sucking it up and pouring it on, pumped jumbled combinations of punches down on the brunette as, holding and clawing Karen ever swelling features, belly and face, she assaulted her. Then Ali began searching under Karenís top for a satisfying squeeze of breasts.

Ali was taking Karen to the woodshed until Karen stopped strugglilng and could no longer move. Karen had been taken to the woodshed by a very spent Ali. The match was over and so was Ali as she rolled off her subjugated victim. With Karen firmly beaten and clasped, Ali sank into the carpet, too winded to claim and humiliate her brunette prize and could only manage a fistful of brown hair before she fell exhausted to lay next to Karenís motionless body.

At that moment, there was no real winner or loser by definition, just a conclusion. Both had met their match and were glorious in battle. Any outcome was incidental.

Karenís agent and publicist were heartbroken as plenty rode on a clear outcome, Karen was fighting for a bigger part of Hollywood and sheíd just missed it. On the flip side, Aliís people knew how desperately their girl needed a victory. An hour or so later, when the weary women of the underground scene were able to talk, they put their minds at ease.

"This was a great match," Karen realized. ďOne of my best ever, I had to get nasty with her. Ali will be on my mind FOREVER and next time WILL be different"

From Aliís standpoint, "I was great. I won't be trying to just catch on. I'm ready to reclaim my place! And Iíll do it by climbing over McDougalís Carcass."

Aliís representatives agreed that her star was on the rise like never before and Ali knew sheíd face Karen again someday and when she did, Ali knew sheíd have to bring her ĎA gameí if she expected to tear into Karen for good. But for now, Ali had a another rematch with Tina Fey on her mind already booked. She wouldnít let Fey get away a second time!