CWC: Ali Larter vs. Laura Prepon by Oberon and bbb4

Friday afternoon, toward the end of summer....

A bright red Ferrari pulled up in front of an affluent Hollywood mansion, with Pink Floyd's "You Better Run" blaring through an opened window. Slowing to a halt, the car lingered until the motor shut off. A few seconds later, the door on the driver's side opened and a tall blonde bombshell stepped out. This woman by all accounts looked like a bona fide knockout, her long hair hanging lazily over the tight black T-shirt hugging her torso like a second skin. She walked around the classy, expensive-looking Ferrari, extending one arm and activating the car alarm with the remote attached to her key ring. Placing the keys in a pocket of her skin-tight blue jeans, she threw her head back proudly as she headed for the front gate, the heels of her black western boots clicking audibly against the pavement and then against the narrow sidewalk. Boldly approaching the gate, the blonde rang the security buzzer and waited patiently until the security guard recognized her, apparently aware of why she was here. Opening the gate for her as the mansion's owner instructed him, he acknowledged her with a polite nod, likewise remembering his employer's orders not to disturb her when she arrives. She passed briskly through the gate and walked into the opening of a driveway that led to her opponent's house.

"Prepon must've worked hard to afford this kind of house," she thought to herself. "Either that, or her daddy must have helped foot the bill a tad."

Ali noticed there was no car to pick her up and drive her up the long walkway to the house, so she had to hike it up there. It is hot out, but the tall redwood trees situated on either side blocked the sunlight from shining through completely, so it was a little cooler under the trees. There was something about the effect of the sun being half-obscured by the branches and leaves that was almost hypnotically surreal, bathing Ali in the half-light as she continued walking up the driveway. As she saw the long walk ahead of her as a chance to prepare herself physically and mentally for her coming match, setting her face in an appropriately hard expression and began the trek, flexing her thigh muscles with each step she takes up the driveway. Feeling her legs solidify and relax as she makes her way to the house that looms tall ahead of her, the sexy blonde welcomed the sensation, as if it was a last-minute workout before she got the opportunity to wrap her legs around Laura's neck and choke the hell out of her. She smiled to herself at the mental picture; and while she readied herself inwardly for her upcoming contest, the blonde sexpot found herself anticipating what was to happen when she and Laura meet.

They had been rivals while attending the same New Jersey high school, Ali remembered. Nothing out of the ordinary had come out of it, however; just the occasional dirty look when they passed one another in the hallways and the equally occasional catty remark both women cast at one another in the presence of their respective friends during lunch hour or after classes. After graduating high school in different years they had both gone their separate ways, Ali to Los Angeles and Laura to New York City. Before then there had never been a memorable incident between them, and as they went on with their lives they'd all but forgotten about each other. But, as fate would have it, both women ended up pursuing the same career in acting, and their paths were soon to cross again.

Actually it was at a party in Hollywood that they ran into each other, quite be accident, and then the memories of their old rivalry had come back to the forefront. Their eyes boring into one another's, they started a conversation replete with double entendres and veiled challenges; upon learning then that they were both members of the same female celebrity wrestling league, their conversation turned toward actually pitting themselves against each other in a physical contest. Finally it was Ali who came out and said she and Laura should fight it out, preferably somewhere away from the CWC arena and the fans, somewhere more intimate where it would be just between the two of them. Ali was far from disappointed when Laura agreed, and together they arranged to meet in Laura's backyard.

Emerging from the driveway surrounded by the trees on either side, she approached a circular driveway with the front of the house looming a fair distance beyond it. Walking around the long curve of the driveway, Ali made her way toward the front door and rang the doorbell. The bells resounded loudly inside the house; she could even her them clearly enough on the other side of the double doors. As she waited for her call to be answered from inside, Ali turned briefly to take in her surroundings, viewing the long tree-lined driveway from the other side and then the vast grassy knoll alongside it. The hot sun was now completely shining down on her, warming her skin through her tight-fitting clothes; absently she felt a thin droplet of sweat running down the side of her forehead from the midday heat. If the hussy sees me now, Ali thought, still preparing herself mentally for the fight, she's gonna think I'm scared to do this. With one hand Ali wiped the sweat from her brow at the same instant the door was opened. Turning back to face whoever was answering, her expression hardening further, Ali expected to be greeted by her soon-to-be opponent; instead, she was greeted by one of the servants. Formally welcomed inside, Ali was instructed to walk through the mansion and into the vast backyard outside.

When asked if she will allow him to escort her outside, Ali shook him off curtly, not wanting him to distract her attention from the impending fight. Assuring him not so politely that she could take care of herself, she turned her back to the servant, setting off on her own. The blonde sexpot made her way throughout the house, making a beeline for the rear entrance. Although she didn't allow this to reveal itself on the surface, Ali found herself secretly admiring the austere manner in which everything was arranged, but again, her soon-to-be opponent as much would be the LAST person she would have told. The paint job on the walls, the furniture, the kitchen and the occasional paintings strategically situated throughout the mansion were all impressive to her as she passed everything by, still appearing as if she'd seen nothing out of the ordinary, remembering in spite of everything to concentrate her energy on the match to happen when she and Laura introduce themselves to each other. The way she figured it, any outward sign of being impressed might have been taken as a sign of weakness from her former rival that she might have taken advantage of, and pressed on to eventually beat her. And I didn't come here to lose, Ali resolved as, finally, she came to the rear entrance of the mansion.

Passing through the back door, Ali walked out into the backyard, now taking in these surroundings as she heads for a huge patch of grass with the swimming pool situated a few yards away. Walking a short distance on the lawn, she smiled wryly as she pulls her T-shirt above her head and from her body, tossing it aside onto a nearby lawn chair before she kicks off her boots and bends down to peel off her tight jeans. Now clad in nothing but a black string bikini, Ali stood tall on the lawn and waited for Laura to make her entrance, looking sexy as hell as she waits there, feeling the sun heating her half-naked body. Her bare midriff and thighs reflected the sun's glow as its cast its blazingly hot light upon her, giving an impression that was a glaring contrast to when as she first made her way up the driveway.

Some more time passed, and still there was no sign of the woman; it was almost as if she was lurking unseen somewhere in the house, or perhaps somewhere outside of it, deliberately taking her time to make her presence known, carefully testing the blonde's patience to see how she would react to being forced to wait for a potentially long period of time. Though she was annoyed at having to wait, Ali got a sense that this was a psychological tactic on Laura's part, so she continued to wait patiently as she inwardly anticipated the time Laura finally was to reveal her presence, all the while vowing to put more of a hurting on her during their fight for playing games. Ali's thoughts were interrupted as, finally, she sensed movement from the corner of her eye.

Her face remaining hard, Ali turned to see who it was, spotting Laura heading straight for her across the lawn. Openly flaunting the fact that she was almost nude for the sake of the psychological effect of the movement, Ali waited for Laura to close the distance between them to about four or five feet, then strode confidently toward her, reducing the distance to about one or two. "Thank you for inviting me here, Laura," she intoned softly, as if ultimately unaffected by her psychological tactics. "You have a very nice house..." she continued, taking another step to close the distance between them just a little more. Her voice dropping even lower, Ali added, "but I have to tell you I have been looking forward to our meeting, and I guarantee you you're gonna have your ass handed to you before we're finished."

With a slight smile, Laura subconsciously ran her hand down the back of her leg, feeling the damp, smooth skin and firm muscle in her perfectly sculpted rear end. "I don't think that my butt is in any danger today."

Laura's eyes traveled up and down the lithe blonde's body taking in each and every curve, lingering on the blonde's hips and strong legs. The muscles seemed to ripple a bit as Ali kept her balance on the soft grass. Bringing herself back to reality, Laura tugged at her open shirt, barely concealing her naked bosom below.

In a backhanded snarl, she emphasized her ample chest as she smiled like a snake charmer, "You haven't changed at all..."

Brushing back the shirt so that Ali is sure to catch a glimpse of the bare treasures below, she continued, "Nope... not a bit."

Turning her back on the shorter blonde, Laura issued a subtle command, "Follow me, honey. I think we're going to need a little privacy for today's... lesson." She looked back over her shoulder, making sure the blonde was coming along and led her way past the pool a few feet to a sloped area on the other side of the huge body of water. The brutally hot sun shone down the larger square of grass. There were several lounges lying about, one of which had a discarded bikini top, a towel and a few scripts lying strewn about it.

Gathering the scripts in the towel, she put them aside. "Just a little work I was taking care of before I get down to today'" Placing the towel with paperwork inside on a nearby table, Laura turned back to Ali, "Nice to see you finally found some work, even if you had go all the way to LA to find the right casting couch." She looked up prepared for Ali to strike after the catty remark, but Ali only smiled confidently.

Taking the bikini top, she began to put it around her waist, but stopped. She looked at Ali's smaller assets and said, "I don't think I'll need this," and tossed the top aside, "...and you don't really have much to protect, so why don't we start topless?" Ali only smiles again, shaking her slightly from side to side.

"I know those.. things..." she said, waving dismissively at Laura's display of flesh, "...won you your acting career, but they aren't going to help you here," Ali answers. She tensed, expecting Laura to spring on her after the snide remark, but the red head just shakes her head, and tosses the stuff aside.

Laura stood to her full height. Ali's eyes again drank in the redhead's curves, as she licked her lips in anticipation. The long red hair led down to the wide set blue eyes and pouty lips. A wide set of shoulders supported an ...ample.. bosom, barely hidden by a tan half shirt, the buttons hanging wide open to reveal the much more than a hint of what lay below. The smooth white belly, leading to the off white, bikini style hot shorts. Good gawd.... those legs. Thick at the hips, and tapering quickly, they seem a mile long compared to Ali's legs... but long legs only win beauty contests and this wasn't going to be a beauty contest.

Watching the blonde look her over, Laura straightened herself again, filling her lungs with a deep breath, lording her physical advantages over the blonde, " came all this way to see me. Guests always go first at my house, even if they are jealous little pipsqueaks. Bring it on, bitch."

Ali had been eyeing the redhead up and down, her eyes narrowed in concentration. The verbal taunting between the two was approaching a stalemate as neither woman was willing to allow the other to see their words had cut through the other's outward veneers and stricken home. Each provocative statement seemed to come up against the skin they mutually decided to bare for their fight, bounce off and hover in the air between them. The result was a growing sense of palpable tension between them as Ali and Laura continued their pre-match game, a feeling that served to add to the bad blood born of their years of shared rivalry. Standing straight and drawing in her breath, Laura had given Ali a generous view of her assets, and the statuesque blonde was considering which area she could attack first when her thoughts were interrupted as Laura had spoken up again.

Choosing to continue the game for just a couple of instants longer, Ali mockingly mimicked the movements of her shortly to be opponent, her chest swelling as she looked her opponent in the eyes. "I'm not jealous, darling," she begins carefully, "I was just thinking you may have wanted to keep those melons of yours covered with that bikini top, because they could turn out to be more convenient targets than you expected." Turning to the side, she kept her eyes locked on Laura's as she started slowly circling the redheaded vixen, apparently having taken in enough of Laura's front view and decided she wanted a complete look at every part of who she was going to be putting her body up against. Her eyes gliding along the back of Laura's thighs and up to her derriere, she reached up to the front of her own bikini top with one hand, fiddling with the material covering her own breasts.

Laura didn't trust Ali enough that she wouldn't try to attack her from behind, so when the blonde was directly in back of her she quickly spun around to see what Ali was doing. The first sight she took in was of Ali peeling the cups of the bikini from her chest to reveal the hardening nipples underneath, seemingly grown at the sight of Laura's half-naked body, or possibly just the prospect that their bare flesh was going to be experiencing a great deal of close contact in the next few minutes. Removing the bikini top just enough to reveal that much of herself, while keeping the straps tied to her shoulders, Ali broke out in another smile as her eyes returned to the ample chest of her rival. "You'll notice that you HAVE, er, MORE of a target than I do, which would mean that having a bigger chest is not always an advantage." As she finished speaking, Ali lifted her arms away from her body, so that her hands were at level with her hips, just enough so the redhead would get the intended message.

Apparently, Laura did, because she stepped forward, stretching her own arms outward so that she would be able to apply her own bearhug to Ali's slender frame. Laura seemed anxious to begin their fight, but Ali moved more slowly, as she wanted to savor the beginning moments of their physical contest. They came together, their naked bellies gliding up against each other in a soft stroking motion as their arms encircled the waists of their respective adversaries. Their limbs ended up entwined together as the bearhugs closed behind their backs; Ali's right arm was pressed underneath Laura's left and vice versa. Their eyes locking together again, all the taunting gone from them, blonde and redhead drew in long huffs of breath and proceeded to tighten their arms around one another's midriffs.

The inertia of the double compressions pulled their bodies closer together, their stomachs brushing together harder, then grinding, then pressing together tightly as the muscles in their arms bulged in increasing levels of tension, straining in their exertions to squeeze the breath from the other. The mutual rivals gasped audibly from the sensation of oxygen being pushed from their lungs, but neither allowed this to show too much to the other; blonde's lips and redhead's teeth clenched tightly shut to prevent the sound from escaping too loud, their eyes still boring into the other's and showing no hint of the feelings of animosity between them. Ali and Laura's faces hardened as their arms squeezed tighter as time went on, both blonde and redhead beginning to feel frustrated by the other's refusal to allow their discomfort to show on their faces, and both wanting to be the first to force a sign from the other.

Their thighs began to brush together as the double bearhug persisted, their arms constricting more tightly, their bare skin forced harder together as more air was forced from them. The sun high above them proved to add to their physical strain, as the summer heat warmed their flesh to uncomfortable degrees, the heat collected in their bodies compounded upon by the energy they were now pouring into their mutual deathgrips. Still, neither woman was willing to concede the first cry of pain to the other even though louder moans were issuing forth between their lips and teeth. Their faces now within kissing distance, their locked gaze intensified as they poured as much viciousness as they were channeling through their arms. In a matter of seconds they were fighting to hold back the cries as the dual hold grew to almost unbearable levels.

Laura imagined she felt something then; instinctively she turned her gaze downward... and noticed Ali's hardened nipples pressing their way into her own breasts. Ali likewise noticed Laura's downward gaze, and as she fought to suppress yet another cry she pushed her smaller chest into Laura's, feeling the yielding flesh giving way to her aureole as she strained to put more energy into her embrace. Looking up again, Laura glared daggers into Ali's eyes, wanting to re-establish the wordless stalemate between them, but it was too late. Ali had already decided to take advantage of Laura's one single moment of weakness. Her nipples pressed harder into Laura's breasts as the bearhug grew progressively tighter, forcing Laura to grit her teeth until they ground together, desperate to stifle the screech that was building in her throat, until, finally, it was wrenched out of her quite against her will by the fierce compressions her body was receiving.

Her face breaking out into an open-mouthed smile and low, sardonic laugh at the sound of that, Ali planted her feet firmly into the grass underneath her and lifted Laura off her footing even as the redhead's legs continued their reflexive brushing against the blonde's thighs. The effort had actually wrenched a cry of pain from Ali's lungs as if had taken much energy from her to lift Laura's squirming body off the ground, but she kept the bearhug locked around her. Laura was in enough pain from this position that she threw her head back and gritted her teeth again to prevent ANOTHER cry from escaping her, and Ali loved the feeling of supremacy, but leaning backward would prove detrimental to her advantage, as Laura's arms were still wrapped around HER waist, and Laura's chest was now pressed firmly into her own chest.

Quick little bitch, Laura thought to herself. First dropping her top... Laura never thought she'd see the little-titted ninny do that! And then the power bear hug... Those skinny little arms, but god she could squeeze. The smaller blonde had surprised the red head twice, playing to what Laura had assumed were Ali's weaknesses. Never again.

"Mmmmfff...awwwwk," Laura broke the pained silence, returning to reality again as Ali squeezed her, lifting Laura's 5 foot 10 inch frame a few centimeters off the grass before lowering her again. Throwing her head back, Laura strove not to scream out, biting her lower lip instead. Shocked by Ali's upper body strength, Laura tried to counter, squeezing Ali back, but the blonde only smiled, keeping the pressure up.

"MMMMmmbbbbbahhhh!!!!" Laura squawked again, closing her eyes in pain, as Ali drove her spear tip nipples into the soft underside of Laura's liquid assets. Laura's generous bosom was so much of a target to the blonde's driving teats. Getting the lower position in the mutual bearhug had been the key, giving the blonde a better shot at Laura's ribs, not to mention her...

"Aoooooohhhh..." Laura suddenly grunted

Encouraged by the grunt forced from her lungs, and wanting to hear more, Ali tightened the bearhug around Laura's waist.

"Tits," Laura grunted again, finishing her earlier thought.

"What's a matter sweetheart... those big old milkbags huuuurt a little?" asked Ali as she again maneuvered her stiff teats into Laura, impaling the soft white flesh of Laura's massive rack.

Her mind already beginning to fog from the lack of oxygen and the miserable bearhug, Laura tried to counter the blonde's unexpected strength and powerful breast attack, not to mention the warm feel of her thighs and belly rubbing against her. Laura squeezed once more, and earned nothing more than a grunt followed closely by a giggle.

"That all you got, red?" asked Ali. Laura's head drooped forward as darkness began to settle. Laura began to falter in Ali's arms, slowly turning ragdoll limp even as Ali squeezed her again, driving her weapons deep into Laura's targets. Laura's arms slipped from their grip around Ali's back as her strength bled away under the blazing sun and Ali's constant pressure. Laura began to slip down in Ali's grip; the sweat between the two scorching starlets made it almost impossible for Ali to keep her grip.

Biting her own lip in absolute desperation, Laura squelched another scream as the seemingly indefatigable blonde laid into her again... but then an idea began to form. Opening her eyes to look into Ali's face only centimeters away, she leaned forward and bit Ali's lip instead. Ali's arms sprang open, releasing the red head from her prison as Laura bit down on her lip. It was not the gentle lover's bite; Laura gnawed away at the lower lip before Ali was able to push her away. Ali staggered away, turning her back on Laura as she stumbled a few feet and dropped to her knees. Ali spat, expecting to see blood mixed into her saliva, but only her drool cascaded onto the green grass. Laura dropped where she stood, landing on all fours, gratefully sucking in wheezing breaths. An aching fire was still smoldering in her ribs with each and every breath she drew. The gentle breeze felt like an arctic gale as the heat and sweat generated by the two hellcats was carried away. Full of spite, Ali turned, ready to deal destruction on the cheating bitch that bit her, but was surprised to find Laura was already rushing toward her. The two young women crashed together with reckless abandon, but Laura's superior size, momentum and weight made Ali into a tackling dummy. Taking Ali down onto the slippery greenery, Laura made sure she landed on top of the blonde, crushing her into the less than soft ground with all her might.

"Ooooooooooofffff!" Ali lay motionless under the redhead, coughing and groaning, regaining her senses after being speared. Laura too was basically still, gathering herself from the near death experience in the blonde's vicious bear hug. After a few seconds, though, Ali grunted and pushed Laura off of her, trying to roll to her side, away from the red head, but Laura had different ideas. As Ali rolled to one side, she looked down at the grass and saw a pale python snaking under her arms and around her ribs. Looking up, a twin python laid itself over her ribs. And then came the squeeze. From behind, Laura clenched her soft thighs into steel bands around Ali's upper ribs in a crushing body scissors.

"Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhnnnn..." Ali squealed with each pulse of power in Laura's thick legs. Ali quickly ran her nails up Laura's calves. As the scarlet streaks reached her knees, Laura turned loose another squeezing session, and Ali's hands fall to her sides, useless.

Reaching under Ali's arms, Laura moved to her favorite method of punishment. Grabbing the proud teats that had, only moments before, been boring into her soft breasts, Laura brought the blonde back to life with a old fashioned, catfighters nipple mauling. Twisting the hard areola, Laura really began to work Ali's prizes, screwing and unscrewing the hard ovals, but the dirty nipple twisting nearly backfired on Laura. Kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs, Ali's thrashing nearly caused Laura to lose control. Shocked by the beast she has released, the redhead released her opponent's small breasts, leaning back to crush her thighs together around the blonde's ribs. The scissors didn't quiet the ballistic blonde for a second as she flailed and scratched at Laura's legs. Laura was forced to resort to a more underhanded way of regaining control.

Her thighs now screaming in anoxic pain, Laura relaxed for a second, letting Ali wilt between her flaming thighs. Reaching down between her legs, she grabbed the back of Ali's briefs and hauled upward.

"Wedgie time, Ali!" Laura yelled, but it was unnecessary for her to announce it that loudly.

Ali was well aware of the new pressure on her privates, and reached down to try and halt the advance of her briefs between her thighs. Seeing Ali's bare buns exposed, Laura only pulled harder, hearing louder and louder screams of torment.

Releasing the bikini with snap of the waistband, Laura leaned forward and whispered in Ali's ear, "Had enough?"

As if offering her response, Ali snapped her head back in agony as again she clenched her jaws shut to prevent the scream from escaping her again. The back of her head slammed into her tormentor's nose, dazing Laura enough so that the tight leglock cinched around the blonde's waist loosened some, the opened space between the redhead's thighs to allow Laura's hands to grip Ali's bikini bottom allowing more space so that the trapped woman began to squirm and twist her body to the side in an effort to escape Laura's clutches.

When she regained her necessary senses and noticed that the blonde was in the process of fighting to escape, Laura released the material hugging Ali's hips and womanhood, shifting her legs around the caught midriff and stretching those limbs outward, the inertia of the movement forcing her thighs together. Ali was at an awkward angle when Laura's thighs began their compressions again, the inner muscles underneath the smooth flesh hardening and bulging as Laura's limbs stretched outward and flexed, a natural reaction to their stretching. Her legs compressed against Ali's waist just outside the edge of her ribcage where Laura's right thigh was pushing into her skin.

Ali threw her head back again at the pain it caused her, but this time Laura seized hold of a handful of her blonde tresses, pulling her head back farther as her butt slid on the cool grass and she pulled herself to a sitting position where she could sit directly behind her foe and use her tight scissors to her best advantage. Keeping her hold on Ali's hair, Laura pulled the blonde into a sitting position in front of her, then released her hair and leaned back on her hands as the wind blew strands into her face, briefly hindering her vision. But this hardly mattered as the crushing legs locked tight around Ali's midsection stretched out a second time, thigh muscles bulging as they constricted around her waist. She could feel Ali's body tensing and thrumming between legs that sought to crush her like ravenous anacondas, and imagined she was stubbornly holding out on verbalizing her pain.

Smiling a little at this, she pulsed her leg muscles while leaning over to snap a demand directly into Ali's ear, "Cry out, bitch."

At the demand, Ali immediately shook her head back and forth just enough to let Laura know she refused to give her the satisfaction, her hair swinging back and forth with her movements. With an expression crossing her face that seemed to reveal she had somewhat expected such a reaction from Ali, Laura leaned back farther on her hands and her legs stretched as far outward as they could, her thigh muscles working overtime to squeeze each and every breath from the blonde's lungs. A short huff of air was pushed from Ali as her hands slapped against Laura's outer thighs, fingers curling inward as if she was readying herself to start scratching at her flesh again. Laura stretched her legs yet again, this time with a little more enthusiasm as she seemed determined to force that cry of pain from behind Ali's lips.

As the crushing scissors persisted, the exertion that Laura was channeling through it eventually began to take its toll on her as much as it was her trapped adversary. This was because Laura really wanted Ali to let her know how much she was suffering between the redhead's strong thighs, and anything from the tiniest squeak to the loudest how would have been music to her ears. But Ali wasn't making a sound, much to Laura's chagrin, and the redhead used all the power in her legs toward the end of hearing her opponent give voice to her pain. Ali still refused, and soon both women were steadfastly clamping their lips shut to keep any sounds whatsoever from escaping. The dueling hellcats held out for as long as they could until their faces turned red from the physical strain of choking back the sounds of discomfort, until finally they could hold back no more, and almost in unison they let loose with long gusts of breath being expelled from their lungs.

Ali punctuated hers with a winded, "Ooooohhhhhhh!" as she felt the crushing limbs of the redhead stiffen and reflexively crush her soft waist as their bodies released the physical strain. As this happened Laura discovered that her legs were starting to tremble from the great strain that resulted from maintaining the scissors lock. On the heels of their mutual release of oxygen came a series of primal groans from both women, counter pointed by verbal expressions of their burning dislike for each other.

"Uuuuuunggggghhhhh... bitch... uhhhhhh!... let... go of me..."

"Uuuuuunnnnnnhhhhhh... no way.... Squeeze you down... uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh... skank..."

"Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh... fucking... unnngggggggg... bitch... !"

As Ali spat back her defiance on her foe, she twisted her hands into claws and raked them against the smooth thighs of Laura. In the split second before this, Laura's legs trembled with increasing violence as they strained to squeeze hell out of Ali; at the feel of those fingernails tearing into her thighs she let loose with a loud scream of her own as the powerful limbs that had been torturing her adversary sprang reflexively apart, only to tighten again as Laura was still determined as ever make her foe cry out in agony, now as revenge for the scream that Ali had just now forced from her. Now she wanted Ali to scream louder than she herself had.

Meanwhile, Ali's nails were leaving fresh red scratches in her skin as they mounted another counterassault, digging into her flesh over and over again. But the scissors continued, inexorably squeezing her midriff into a more and more compact space. In a few more moments she imagined her waist would be split in two if Laura continued squeezing her body with those relentless legs, so she decided to return the favor for the breast mauling Laura had administered to her, reaching behind her to seek out the sensitive space between Laura's crushing thighs. Upon finding it, she dug her nails in as far as they would go. The resulting scream from Laura was even more piercing than the last one had been, despite that she wanted the next scream to come from Ali, and this time the scissors sprang open and didn't close around Ali's waist instantly afterward. Upon learning she had been freed, Ali opted to get some payback for the torturous hold she was subjected to at the squeezing legs of her adversary.

Lifting up and arching her back upward, Ali slammed her ass directly into the inflamed womanhood of her opponent, reveling in the guttural grunts that she forced from Laura as she repeated the movement, over and over and over again, enough times until she was satisfied that she had caused enough hurt to her rival. Then, when she was sure there could be no retaliation from the redhead at the moment, she collapsed into Laura's prone body as Laura gasped and sucked in breath, her backside slamming into her again, causing one more grunt from the woman lying on the ground underneath her. Foe what seemed like hours Ali lay there on top of Laura, as if the two were lovers who had just completed a session of lovemaking while in an odd position to do so.

Then, tiredly, Ali flipped her body over and slid upward along Laura's chest, until her breasts were about at level with the red-haired vixen's face. Glaring into Laura's eyes, Ali snaked her arms around her opponent's neck, trapping her in a half nelson that buried her face in between the perky breasts of the blonde hellcat. Arms tightened and constricted around the throat of the redhead as the blonde's red-streaked breasts smothered her nose and mouth, cutting off her breathing. Panic struck Laura at the thought of being smothered into unconsciousness by the blonde; in a desperate move she slammed her legs around the waist of her hated rival. But her legs had not completely worked out the strain of trying to squeeze her earlier, and this time the scissors lacked the strength to force a cry of pain from Ali. But she kept the leglock around Ali's waist just the same, hoping it would prove enough of a distraction.

The panic was immediate as her first breath was cutoff. Drawing in a deep breath, Laura instead got a mouthful of warm, wet, salty flesh. Her lungs, as if refusing to believe the first attempt, try to bring in a fresh breath again, only to be stifled again by the feathery softness of Ali's tits in her face. Laura nearly gags as the supple prison of sweaty flesh closes in on her. Trying to push the blonde away, Laura wraps her thigh around the hellcat, but the slippery little blonde is too far up and Laura's still quivering thighs only down on Ali's hips and legs, not the stomach or chest she had been hoping for. Still in borderline panic, Laura pushed her hands against Ali's ribs, trying to gain separation as she began to suffocate. She earned a small measure of success, placing her hands against Ali's belly, and pushing with all of her might. Laura let out a slight groan as Ali's stiff nipple slid across her cheek, but her mumbling cry was stifled by the soft flesh over her mouth and nose.


Taking about half a breath between Ali's pert hood ornaments made a noise just like a pig at the feed trough before Ali adjusted her attack, and lowered herself to cover Laura again with her smooth flesh.

"Oooohhh haaha..." Ali giggled. "That tickled! Do it again..."

She shifted herself again counteracting an attempted escape by the buxom redhead suffering under her. Ali's normally bright face darkened as she maneuvers again, looking down at the top of Laura's red mane.

"Then again, maybe you should just choke, bitch!" Feeling the dying suction of Laura's mouth against the softness of her bosom, she repeated herself to the audience of chirping birds, "Choke on them, bitch!"

Truly desperate now, as the clouds of asphyxiation begin to gather on the horizon, Laura knew time was running out on her. Reaching one hand around Ali's lower back and one hand around to the lower belly, she grabbed Ali's briefs from both sides and pulled upward. Pulled for all she was worth. Her shoulders ached as her oxygen deprived muscles spent their last reserves, but...

"Ooooooooohhhhhh!" Ali hissed as her privates were assaulted.

Laura rolled a bit to one side and Laura was able to glance upward at the burning sun and fill her lungs with sweet air before Ali rolled back on top of her. Laura, her face only centimeters from Ali's lungs, clearly heard the pained moan as she reached down to adjust her briefs. Keeping the pressure on from behind, Laura reached down with her right hand. Her fingers slid down the sweaty expanse of flesh below Ali's belly button, the hard muscles of Ali's belly flexing in pain until she found her fingers buried in Ali's damp pelt. Grabbing as many of the short curly hairs as she can, she pulled up and then ripped to the side, taking a patch of pubes with her. Finally, daylight streamed into Laura's face and she was able to fill her lungs with air. While Ali rolled helpless on her side, Laura simply lay motionless on her back, her huge chest heaving in air. After a few breaths, she too rolled to her side, hacking and spitting bile, trying to rid her mouth of the terrible taste of Ali's titties. Holding up her hand, she gained a measure of revenge in her own mind, sprinkling collection of blonde pubes across the grass.

"Huh.... I guess you are a natural blonde," Laura added sarcastically, her voice full of acid.

This bitch is just full of surprises, Laura thought to herself. She would have never guessed Ali would try to titty smother with her... modest... rack. Time for little blondie to taste some real titties. Grabbing the still fetal Ali by the hair, she dragged her face down across the grass, grinding her mug into the wet grass. Ali screamed out as her face was lacerated by the rough ground and the wide green blades of grass. Ali instinctively rolled onto her back to protect her face, which is just what Laura wanted. Straddling the blonde, she positioned Ali body under hers. Carefully grapevining Ali's legs with her own powerful thighs, she pulled Ali's arms from her face. A chill passed up Laura's spine as, scooting forward a bit, she felt her groin rub subtly against Ali's slick belly.

"Time for you to see some real titty, you worthless where." Laura spat as she gently lowered her assets onto Ali's face. Taking two handfuls of sweaty blonde hair, Laura hindered Ali's struggles as she dropped her dew soaked breasts into Ali's face, enveloping it in the canyon of her cleavage.

"Fuck you... Get off....mmmmmfff...mmmmmm," screamed the blonde as Laura's lily-white flesh blotted out the sun, cutting her off from the world. A slight smile cracked Laura's face as she felt the familiar desperate suction against her soft flesh and Ali fought with desperation to draw a last breath before she was asphyxiated.

"Now who's choking?" Laura asked sarcastically as she felt the press of her opponent's flesh against hers.

Releasing one hand's grip on Ali's sweaty locks, Laura reached down and latched onto one of Ali's sore nipples. Twisting the stiff flesh again, she added, "You can't smother me with those little need a woman's chest." Having breast smothered several girls in her ascent to the top of acting, Laura knew exactly what to do as she concentrated on Ali's face, mercilessly striving to grind the blonde to a dark place called unconsciousness. Like rider on bareback bronco, Laura shifted her hips and tits, anticipating her opponent's every move... predicting every turn, every thrust of the hips, every twisting gyration of Ali's body as the oxygen was slowly being depleted from her lungs.

"That's right, bitch, struggle. You just go faster that way," Laura taunted Ali with a confident smile. "It won't be long now."

Ali continued her feverish squirming underneath Laura's smothering hold in spite of the enraged redhead's verbal taunts. Laura seemed to greatly enjoy the diminishing struggle of the blonde as her sweat-covered body moved and undulated to match anything her victim tried to slide out from under her. A throaty, sardonic laugh escaped from deep inside Laura's lungs as the writhing blonde trapped under her attempted another motion to free herself and was again thwarted by the confining hold cinched tight on her. The mutual exertions of both hellcats grew increasingly fervent as Ali seemed to grow desperate to regain her breathing and Laura fought to restrain her. Thighs slid against thighs, bare stomachs ground together almost provocatively and breasts repeatedly ballooned and engulfed Ali's mouth and nose.

Laura was paying extra attention to her opponent's nipples now, apparently confident she had her rival where she wanted her and there was little to no hope of escaping the devastating smother Ali was being subjected to. Laura grinned as she felt the cries of pain humming against her naked breasts as again and again she pinched and twisted at the nipples held between her probing fingers. Occasionally a sudden upward thrust of Ali's hips would happen in response to one nipple twisting, to which Laura would respond by grinding her half-naked body against her foe's, as if trying to grind her right through the grassy earth beneath them. Laura laughed again at the fruitless struggles on her adversary's part to struggle her way out of her clutches.

"Keep fighting bitch," Laura spat in contempt, her chin resting on top of Ali's head. "Just makes it more pleasurable for me..."

This last suddenly erupted into an ear-splitting scream as Laura lifted her head as far back as her neck would allow it to go. Her pretty face was twisted into an almost comical rictus of pure agony. Instantly her hands left Ali's sore tits and flew upward to the back of Ali's head, seizing hold of double handfuls of her blonde mane and gripping so tightly on her hair that her knuckles turned white in their strain. She seemed to struggle to stay on top of the trapped woman as Ali's fervent squirming resumed with renewed vigor, but the screams grew louder until they threatened to shatter her own eardrums. In a few seconds it looked like Laura was fighting to suppress an enraged bull as Ali began to violently thrash her hips back and forth, over and over again, to the left and to the right, gaining enough momentum that eventually she was able to roll onto her left side, with Laura falling over and falling on her right with a loud WHUMP!!!

Anyone witnessing this fight between these two rivals would now be able to see, from the view the fall to the side allowed, that Ali had sank her teeth deeply into Laura's left breast, chewing furiously on the engorged nipple as if her life depended upon it. Now that she was at least a little better off than just a few moments before, she wanted to press her advantage. And a little payback wouldn't be a bad idea at this point in time either. Ali's jaws clamped down tighter on the breast, and again Laura let loose with another ear-shattering howl of agony, which in turn sailed into a phrase repeated over and over again, the simple two-word directive becoming more drawn out each time she shrieked it:


Now Laura was the desperate one; in a last ditch effort she bunched up her tits and pressed them into Ali's face as hard as she could, but the blonde sensed freedom within her grasp and would not be denied now. Her teeth sank deeper still into the tortured nipple, biting and chewing harder and harder, until finally Laura repeated the same word without taking time to draw in breath.


In a move that was decidedly unplanned, Laura raked her fingernails hard across both Ali's eyes, hoping in the back of her pain-clouded mind that would cause the searing torment to finally cease. A moment later Laura was rolling across the grass, away from her blonde opponent, holding her left breast with one hand, feverishly rubbing the flesh where Ali had bitten her, tears of pain running down her cheeks. As for Ali, she was lying on her back in the soft grass, facing almost blankly up at the sun, sucking in long gusts of breath that had been denied her while caught in her adversary's relentless breast smother, seemingly oblivious to the redhead on the grass a fair distance away from her who was fighting back the tears as she massaged her wounded tit.

For what felt to both women like an eternity, they lay there on the grass, nursing themselves, both of them wanting to be the first to regain complete alertness, just in case the other would be upon her before she was able to fight back. After another couple of seeming eternity's had finally passed, they slowly crawled to their knees, finding their respective foes on the grass before them, staring daggers into one another's eyes as they stared each other down. After a time, they began to crawl toward each other, painstakingly closing the distance between them, each woman all too aware of the other's abilities now and not wanting to take any unnecessary risks. They continued glaring into each other's eyes when they came within striking distance.

"bitch..." Ali spat into Laura's face, her scowl deepening as she inched closer to the redhead.

"Cunt..." Laura spat back, narrowing here eyes as she reared up on her knees and reaching out with her hands, meaning to grab hold on Ali's breasts again.

This time, however, Laura received a hard punch aimed right at the nose for her efforts, as Ali thwarted her efforts to take her breasts into her hands again. Laura's head snapped back as she battled the sudden pain that exploded inside her head. Before Laura knew what was happening a pair of silky arms were wrapping themselves tightly around her midriff, connecting at the small of her back and squeezing down hard before she could move to defend herself. She locked eyes with Ali again, whose face was a mask or sheer hatred as she glared back at her caught opponent. As if to wordlessly reiterate her point, she squeezed her arms harder around Laura's waist, leaning her head forward to rest it on Laura's upper chest in order to get a better purchase.

Laura threw her head back again; as before she didn't want to give Ali the satisfaction of letting her know the bearhug was hurting her. But an unsatisfied Ali was determined to hear her scream, and she wrenched her arms tighter around the yielding flesh of her adversary. Ali maintained the bearhug while she and Laura remained on their knees, making retaliation on Laura's part almost impossible.

Laura held out for as long as she could, but in the end she had to let go with the cry, or else she feared she might hyper ventilate and pass out from lack of oxygen, allowing this blonde bitch the victory. In a violent rush of air she blurted it out as Ali squeezed harder still: "Uunnnnnnnngggggghhhhhh... aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhh!"

"Louder, you half-witted, redheaded skank," Ali demanded, still not satisfied with Laura's display and wanting more. "I really want to hear it from you. Cry out, bitch!" Again she pulsed her arms, punctuating her sentence.

"Screw... you, blondie," Laura spat again, and at another fierce squeeze of Ali's constricting arms, "Unnnnhhhhhh ... uuuunngggghhhh... AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH... slut... let... go..."

"No... chance, whore," Ali returned, punctuating the sentence by cinching the bearhug even tighter, as she was clearly enjoying her foe's predicament. "You're gonna suffer for your little 'tit stunt,' right now."

And so it went like this, again for what seemed forever, with Ali crushing her foe and Laura proudly holding back until the strain became close to unbearable. Ali would give voice to her demand that Laura cry out her pain by squeezing tighter and tighter, until the cry was forced from her. Then Ali would relax for a bit, and then start the pattern all over again. In a few minutes Laura was feeling not only woozy from the air deprivation but half-crazy from the stress of knowing the bear hugs would continue each time she uttered a cry, harder and tighter as well. It was beginning to feel very much like torture to her. Yet another cry escaped her lips as Ali crushed her midriff, arms pressing into her, chests grinding together. A few seconds of relaxation and the crushing began again.

Ali's arms felt to Laura like steel cables squeezing the life from her body, and as she was still on her knees along with the blonde she couldn't find a suitable position which she could fight back from. As for Ali, she was more than happy to keep Laura there, wrenching cry after cry from her until she finally grew tired of the game, releasing the crushing hold and pushing Laura to the soft, forgiving grass underneath her. Now it was Laura's turn to gratefully draw in breath, which she did all too enthusiastically now that she was freed, but at the same time she had a feeling that Ali was not about to allow her much respite. And she was correct.

Grabbing hold of her right ankle and gripping it tight, Ali draped it over Laura's left leg under her knee, secured it there by snaking her own legs over and under Laura's ensnared limbs and saying, "Those legs won't be able to squeeze for a long time when I'm done with you... bitch..." as she leaned back on her hands and exerted pressure. The tight figure four leglock on Laura's limbs felt even worse than the bearhug, making her suck in breath. Through clenched teeth, Laura screamed out in explosive anguish. Sitting up, she reached out, trying to free her legs from Ali's leg breaking pressure. Squirming in vain, she could stand the pain no longer and began to rock back and forth, arching in unmitigated agony. The grass bit into her bare back as she squirmed desperately, trying to free herself.

"Come on bitch...give it up!" snarled the lithe blonde, watching the redhead thrash side to side in a hopeless attempts to squeeze her twisted leg from the shin snapping pressure of the figure four. Ali sat back, throwing her hips forward to increase the pressure on Laura's legs. Each thrust sent Laura into renewed screaming and crying as she flayed her arms from side to side, her sweaty breasts shake to and fro, her nipples dancing with each thrust of Ali's hips.

"I SAID give it up..." Ali demanded again, this time in a louder, harsher voice.

"Nuuuooooooo!" bawled the redhead, her eyes filling with tears as she teetered on the verge of submission.

"I'll break both those skinny legs!" threatened Ali, arching her hips forward to exert a little more pressure.

Thrashing about wildly, seeking any way out of the death lock, Laura's hand found the thick script she had been reviewing. Grabbing it, she hurled it overhand at Ali, striking the blonde in the face with the corner of the phone book sized wad of paper. With a dull thud, the missile struck Ali in the cheek and eye, knocking her senseless. She rolled back, limp and staggered by the unexpected blow. Laura immediately sat up and freed herself from Ali's deadly leg lock, rocking gently back and forth gripping her torn knee and leg. Still reeling from the submission hold, Laura watched as Ali faded in and out, holding the new black and blue knot forming on her face. Preparing a last desperate attempt to take the blonde out, Laura mustered her remaining strength and crawled over to the fallen blonde. Her knee and leg ached as dragged her injured limb across the grass to attack Ali. The blonde was laying on her back, holding her head, her dewy breasts rising and falling with each labored breath. Straddling Ali, Laura grabbed a handful of Ali's now sweaty, stringy hair and slammed her backward into the somewhat forgiving grass.

"It's over bitch... I'm the better woman," Laura spat as she simultaneously raised Ali face and lowered her breasts. Pressing Ali's face into her dangling assets, Laura smiled, using gravity and her own physical gifts to smother Ali. Wrapping and arm around the back of Ali's head, she cradled the blonde into the clammy canyon of flesh between her sweat soaked tits.

"MMMmmmmffff... Iaaaaa...mmmmffffff!" Ali's cries were muffled, but even if they had penetrated the wall of hot, sweaty tit flesh enclosing her face, no one was listening.

'It's all over," cooed the complacent red head, as she pulled Ali's face deeper into the suffocating cleavage formed by her firm breasts.

Ali's struggles grew weaker and weaker, and Laura began to think about diving into the cool waters of the nearby pool, washing away the sweat, dirt and grime that her sweaty young body has accumulated in ruining the smaller blonde.

"A cool swim and nice hot shower..." but as her thoughts turned to warm showers, she got a hot poker instead... right between the legs. Looking down at the top of Ali's head, Laura screams out in agony as her crotch explodes in pain. Releasing Ali's head from its fleshy prison, Laura's hand shot to her crotch, where she found Ali's hand buried up to the forearm in her hot shorts. Even as Ali's head dropped to the grass, thumping on the dirt like a ripe melon, Ali's mouth formed a crooked a grin. Laura heaved at Ali's wrist and groaned even louder. The harder she pulled, the higher the imaginary flames in her womanhood shot upward.

"Ooohhh...LLETTTT GOOOO..." Laura moaned loudly as her mound was plowed under by the blonde.

"Say please..." Ali cooed, digging deeper into the redhead's privates.

"Fuuu... OOOHHHHHhhhhhhh!" Laura whined. Even with her eyes shut tight, a single salty tear streamed from the corner of one of them, running down her check. Recovering from the smothering administered by Laura's assets, Ali sat up, completely in control of the bigger girl. As the pain becomes unbearable for Laura, her resolve to pull Ali's fingers from her privates grew, and she yanked upward on the offending arm. Realizing she couldn't keep her hand down the front of Laura's pants forever she quickly ripped her hand out of the shorts, leaving a few fluttering red pubes hanging in midair. Her once closed eyes now bulging in shock, Laura collapsed to the grass, gasping in utter agony. Rolling onto her back, she hardly noticed Ali's legs encircling her head. By the time she did it was too late, as Ali's calf crossed under the redhead's chin.

"Well now..." Ali intoned softly. "We've seen what happens when I put a figure four on your legs."

Cinching up her legs around Laura's head, Ali watched as Laura inwardly struggled not to panic. Ali's firm thighs closed in on her head, seemingly from all sides. Scratching uselessly at the tanned flesh, Laura already felt the blood pounding in her ears.

"Let's see what happens when I put a figure four around your neck," Ali grinned as she leaned back and squeezed her legs together around Laura's neck.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk!" Laura sputtered through trembling lips as she immediately felt the muscles in Ali's legs bulge and tighten around her throat.

The compressions choked off her breathing as the smooth thighs pressed remorselessly into her neck, the calf draped across her pushing its way into her windpipe. As a reflexive reaction she picked up from years of getting into catfights with her rivals, the buxom redhead writhed and thrashed madly to free herself from the blonde's clutches as she felt her lungs deprived of air, but to no avail. She was firmly, helplessly trapped between her opponent's strong legs. Worse for Laura, Ali was pissed about the unexpected offensive she had attempted with the film script earlier, and though she controlled her anger, she was obviously itching for payback. And now that she was once again in a position where she could get some for the bruise that had surfaced on her head, she intended to take full advantage of her opportunity.

Again the encircling legs around Laura's throat compressed tightly just as they'd been relaxed only a second or two ago, and Laura was preparing to draw in a desperate breath. It was as if Ali had been timing her reaction and gauging when she'd try to take a breath of air, and deliberately contracted the scissors to prevent this from happening. Laura fought back a startled gag as she felt those silky thighs pressing into her again, choking her even as she persisted in her feverish, mad struggles. She bucked and rolled, twisting her body from side to side, kicking her legs outward to gain the inertia necessary to extricate herself from the choking grip... nothing seemed to work, however. Ali was pissed, and was growing even more so by Laura's attempts to break out of the leglock. At one point she leaned her head forward, trying to bite at the encircling legs squeezing her windpipe, but the incensed Ali seized a handful of her crimson hair and yanked harshly.

"You're not getting off that easily, bitch," Ali snarled. "I'll keep you right here until I'VE decided you've had enough!"

"GEEEEEEE... AWWWWWFFFFFFF... MMMMMMMMMM..." Laura uttered an almost incomprehensible scream of rage and defiance at the tight scissors slowly choking her into unconsciousness.

"What was that?" Ali snapped, sarcasm growing around the edge of voice, now deciding to enjoy herself a little more. "Did you just say 'God, that feels good; may I have some more?' Well, I'm more than happy to oblige!" she said as her legs tightened around Laura's throat.

"GAAAAAAAAA AAAAAWWWWKKKKKK FUUUUUUUUUU..." the trapped redhead began again, her attempt to form words again cut off by another powerful compression of Ali's legs.

Now Ali had devised a new form of torture. Every time Laura tried to squirm free of the blonde's scissors, or tried to give voice to her defiance, Ali would tighten her legs around her throat. Laura was being slowly crushed into an agonizing submission; her neck hopelessly caught between Ali's devastating figure-four no matter what she tried. Still she fought desperately to squirm her way out of the hold, but Ali persisted in readjusting her ankle behind her other knee and grinding the scissors tighter against the hapless blonde's throat, choking her mercilessly. As the crushing pythons ground harder and tighter around Laura, her struggles grew progressively less fervent as her energy was fading fast. Finally she lay there without moving, appearing close to passing out.

Then, as if struck by a sudden thought, Ali unwound her legs from around Laura's throat, slithering away to allow the exhausted redhead to slump to the grass, breathless and almost beaten. Laura's ample chest started heaving erratically as her breath came in short, ragged gasps. Drenched in sweat, Laura lay on the grass, fighting both to regain her breathing and not to hyperventilate. As for Ali, she sat there watching her, her legs curled up underneath her backside, as if confident that her opponent was in no position to try anything at this point.After Ali watched her for a time, things started moving again. Laura was beginning to stir, her arms and legs moving very slowly along the cool blades of grass as she was finally beginning to come to. Leaning over so that she was on her hands and knees, Ali made her way straight for the downed redhead. Reaching Laura just as she was starting to sit, Ali reached out with one hand and pushed her back down to the grass, grabbing the redhead's arm as she did this and flipping her over on to her face. Hopping up and straddling her, Ali leaned down and whispered into her ear:

"I don't want you to drift off to sleep... well, at least not yet, anyway," she taunted Laura again as she snaked her arms underneath the redhead's armpits, pulling Laura to her feet where she stood on shaky legs as Ali clasped her hands tightly behind her neck, and began using the muscles in her arms to power down against Laura, trapping her in a tight full-nelson. "I want to keep you awake for as long as it takes to hear you give," the blonde continued as she kept Laura in a standing position in the firm hold, refusing to let her sink to her knees. Ali held her like this for a few brief moments as she looked around, then seeing what her eyes had been searching for, she turned the hapless Laura to the left and began to walk her forward.

"You said you wanted a cool swim after the fight was over?" Ali teased Laura as she walked her forward. "Well, I thought we both might enjoy one sooner...."

As if she got a mental impression of what Ali had in mind for her, Laura began to struggle against the full nelson Ali had her ensnared in, but Ali was persistent in reaching her intended destination, and held on to her tight grip under her rival's armpits. "Oh, not so fast, bitch," Ali continued taunting her as they headed toward Laura's swimming pool, Ali controlling all the motion as she pushed the writhing redhead onward. "Let's you and I go for that cool swim...."

By the time they'd reached the pool, Laura was struggling like a madwoman to free herself with all the energy she had left, but Ali just laughed at her and slipped a leg in front of the redhead's, tripping her facefirst into the pool and falling in right after her. The refreshingly cool water nonetheless was a new form of torture to Laura now as again she felt her breathing hindered by Ali's relentless assault. Still caught in the full nelson, she was held under the water for what seemed like an eternity, then she was roughly hauled up above the surface, with the hot summer sun beating down on her face. Ali was managing to keep her own head above the surface as she did this; for one brief instant she could sense Ali's smooth stomach pressing into her back, feel her thigh brushing against the back of her leg, then as suddenly as she was pulled out she was dunked again; Ali's fingers loosened slightly, then clasped the back of her neck again as the blonde held her under the water, for a bit longer this time.

When Laura was hauled above the surface, her mouth snapping open to suck in breath, the water from the swimming pool washed down her face and desperately heaving chest, just as it did Ali's slender body. But the blonde had not yet released the full nelson, and the redhead seemed to instinctively know that meant Laura was in for some more dunking,. Ali said something Laura couldn't make out, then dunked her under again. The chlorine-filled water entered Laura's mouth and nostrils, and she was held under there for even longer than last time. This torment was becoming almost unbearable for the redhead, and she imagined that if it was allowed to go on, she may well end up submitting to her rival. Then she was pulled up again, her drenched hair falling everywhere and half-obscuring her face. Chlorine water spewing from her mouth and from her nostrils, she uttered incomprehensible noises.

"Bwuhhhhhhhhhh! Wuhhhhhhhhh! Mm-uhhhhhhhhhhh!" she babbled, her mouth opening and closing like a fish as she fought to stay awake through the abuse Ali was subjecting her to.

Still enjoying the game, Ali leaned in again as her stomach lightly pressed against her back and her thigh brushed against her, whispering, "What was that? You're still baking in the hot sun? You'd like to cool off a bit more? Well," she went on. "I'm more happy to oblige!" then she dunked Laura again, this time holding the redhead under even longer than before. She was yanked from the water yet again; now she was very close to the point of surrender but still trying to ready herself for yet another dunking, when all of a sudden she felt Ali's arms slip out from underneath her armpits. Momentary surprise and bewilderment shortly became consternation, however, when she was spun around in the waist-deep water to come face to face with her sexy blonde adversary. A stinging slap was suddenly delivered to one side of Laura's face, the impact to her cheek worsened by the dampness of her skin.

The slap dazed her for long enough so that Ali was able to lean in and wrap her arms around her, encircling a bearhug around her waist. On Laura's part, shock gave way to the realization that she couldn't halt the arms from wrapping themselves around her all the way as Ali locked her wrists behind the small of Laura's back. Lifting Laura off her weakened footing, which was all the more hindered by the water interfering with her ability to stand, Ali squeezed down hard, throwing her head back in her exertions as Laura did the same in her agony, crying out almost piteously as more air was forced from her lungs. Laura found herself staring right into the face of Ali, who with slits for eyelids was staring her right in the eyes, and saying, "If you're ready to give now, or if you'd like to make a fight of it for just a bit longer, just let me know."

She tried to think of a way out of her predicament as Ali dug her clenched fists into her lower back, wrenching her hands from left to right slowly to increase the intensity of the bearhug. Feeling her resistance slipping away with each passing second, Laura's struggled like a madwoman to extricate herself from the painful submission maneuver, twisting her body from side to side in almost desperate efforts to relieve the pressure that Ali's arms were inflicting on her agonized midriff. Then there was the pressure the tight hold inflicted on Laura's battered chest as Ali's stiff, eraser tip nipples pressed into her significant chest with practiced ease, as if they sought to impale her breasts with each pulse of Ali's strong arms.

"What do you say?" grunts the blonde, as she grinds her forearms across Laura's kidneys. "Submit, or keep it going?"

Laura answers by jamming her thumb into Ali's ear, gouging the sensitive tissue as if making an unspoken demand that her opponent release the bearhug crushing the breath from her body. When the pressure doesn't relent, a second jab in the eye and another feverish twisting and grinding of her finger finally results in Ali releasing her redheaded opponent's waist and the pressure around her ribs vanishing. Laura's knees buckle after Ali releases her and floats back a step or two. Wincing in pain, she struggles to stay on her feet in the water as she takes her first full, unhindered breath of fresh air in ...a long time. A second and a third quickly follow before Ali approaches her again.

Grabbing a handful of wet, stringy red hair, Ali pulls Laura back to the shallow end of the swimming pool. Taking a seat on one of the dais type steps leading into the water, her thighs find a familiar place around Laura's upper stomach, just below her dripping wet, bare breasts. Grabbing Laura's wrist to keep her from wreaking any more havoc, Ali eases into a body scissors around her opponent, squeezing Laura's diaphragm mercilessly. Laura lets out a weak cough, as her struggles to free herself begin again with increased fervor, a bit of spittle drooling reflexively down her drenched breasts and onto her belly. Her shapely legs kick violently outward in her fight to break out of the tight scissors, but in response Ali squeezes tighter still, sensing victory within her reach.

"Ready to give, Laura?" Ali asks, her voice a little harder-edged than before.

Laura's only answer is a violent convulsive twist of her drenched body within the crushing scissors; as if in response to her struggles Ali squeezes the leglock around her tighter still.

"Say it, Laura! Say you give!" Ali demands of her

"Drop... DEAD, blondie!" Laura lets out painfully, refusing to give in to her rival, the only words she had enough air in her lungs to spit out at Ali.

"I'm not letting go until you GIVE," Later demands again. "Give!"

"Fuck... you," Laura grunts, obviously in agony from the pressure of Ali's legs. But despite her agony, conceding Ali the victory was the last thing on her mind. "I... won't..."

Laura had been saving up her energy to mount one last offensive against her blonde foe. Fearing she might pass out from the lack of oxygen if she remained caught between Ali's squeezing legs for one second longer, she suddenly thrashed her body in one single convulsive shake. The movement helped her somehow manage to turn around completely and come face to face with her blonde tormentor, despite the crushing scissors lock still cinched on her midsection. Taking advantage of the momentary surprise to which Ali paid lip service by inhaling in shock, Laura surged forward, grabbing hold of double handfuls of Ali's blonde locks and leaning into her, trapping her face in between her violently heaving breasts.

Laura used the inertia to push Ali from her sitting position at the edge of the swimming pool, forcing the blonde down to her back as she wrapped her arms around her rival's head, trapping the woman's face between her generous bust. The move completed, she leaned into Ali even as the blonde tightened the scissors around her waist harder than ever, as if determined not to give up her advantage over Laura.

"So... you wanna... make it... a test... bitch?" Laura sputtered at the woman who could barely hear her words through her tightly clenched teeth, as the scissors squeezed more and more air out of her.

"See... who goes... to sleep... first?" she grunted, pushing herself farther into Ali's trapped face. "Let's... DO IT!!"

"Mmmmfffffffffffffff! Mmmmmmmmffffffffffffffffffffffffffff! "MMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFF!" Ali's muffled screams issued forth from between Laura's breasts as Laura maintained the breast smother.

"Uuuuunnnnnnnggggggggggggghhhhhhhh..." Laura echoed as Ali's squeezing legs remained wrapped around her as if adding a counterpoint to the sounds emanating from Ali's throat. "bitch..." she spat again, "Get ... your legs ... uh ... off me ..."

The combined noses being forced from the lungs of both hellcats were reaching a feverish crescendo as they persisted in maintaining their breath-robbing holds. Laura's face had turned a shade that almost matched the color of her hair, as Ali's face was almost completely obscured by the breast smother. But neither woman was willing to give in to the other just yet. Still fiercely determined to send her blonde opponent off to dream land first, she lifted up a bit and began to shake her tits back and forth like Rikishi giving an opponent a 'stink face' only in this case it was more of a 'sweat and chlorine face with boobs.'

"Shake 'em; you won't break 'em," Laura muttered, delirious and half-crazy from the lack of oxygen that Ali's crushing scissors had done to her as she continued her breast shaking, her movements growing more fervent.

Suddenly, an agonized howl ripped its way out of Laura's esophagus as she felt Ali's teeth sinking in her hardened nipple to the point of almost piercing the skin. She lifted up more, thus freeing Ali from the breast smother as another scream came pealing forth through her lips. Ali's teeth were firmly embedded in Laura's pained breast as she extended her legs in a convulsive pulse, tightening the scissors lock around Laura's waist to wrench a groan from her lungs. But in defiance of this new tactic, Laura took to sliding her hand down along Ali's bare skin, pushing her fingers between the squeezing legs around her and digging the digits into the blonde's sensitive womanhood, nails probing the tender folds of her vagina.

The ensuing scream that tore its way out from Ali's throat came close to matching the pitch and intensity of Laura's as she extracted her teeth from Laura's breast. The crescendo had been reached as the souls of both women seemed to be put into the fight between them. In spite of everything, Laura was relieved and grateful that Ali's teeth were no longer pushing their way into her breast; however, there were only a few moments of respite for the redhead before both Ali's hands were assaulting her breasts, one each for each of Laura's exhausted teats as Ali's nails plowed into the sensitive aureole.

They rolled around end over end on the wet grass, both women clearly unwilling to extract their fingers from their intended targets. Time and time again screams and cries erupted from each hellcat as long fingernails assaulted tender flesh. Their fight had now degenerated into a purely animalistic contest of wills and endurance to see which one of the ladies would be able to hold out for longer until one of them was inevitably forced into unconsciousness But this was very shortly to arrive at a stalemate as Ali's forehead inadvertently rammed into Laura's nose when the blonde had rolled atop the redhead. In an instant the impact made Laura see stars as her painful grip on Ali's crotch loosened enough to allow Ali, who had extracted her nails from Laura's breasts, to pull the hand free of her womanhood.

Rearing up on her knees to catch her breath, Ali leaned forward and massaged her aching crotch as the redhead lay on her back, doing the same with her tits. The hellcats remained in that position for what seemed like forever, until Ali was finally the first to get up, standing up on shaky legs as she fought to make her way towards Laura, who at this point was still kneeling on the grass, feverishly rubbing both her aching breasts. Leaning over, she seized a generous handful of the redhead's hair, pulling Laura steadily to her feet even as Laura made a half-heartedly defiant attempt to drive a knee into the blonde's gut. Ali just barely managed to sidestep the knee that would otherwise have slammed into her naked belly as she returned the favor for the attempt by delivering a stinging slap to Laura's cheek. Both women were by now almost completely exhausted but willing to continue the fight until there was a decisive winner.

Ali was first to take the initiative. "Let's you and me finish this right now, babe," Ali muttered so low that Laura would have had to strain to hear her words, as she twisted the redhead's body painfully to the side, snaking her left arm underneath Laura's right armpit and slipping her left leg over Laura's left thigh. Yet another cry was wrenched from Laura's lungs as Ali cinched the painful abdominal stretch on her, stretching her body and applying steady pressure on her ribcage. Ali's face was set in determination as she stretched Laura's body almost to the point of turning her torso completely around. It immediately became too much for Laura to bear, and in a loud voice she demanded Ali release her:


"Not until you SUBMIT," Ali shot back, her intonation as hard as steel, as she maintained the hold.

"I... WON'T!" Laura screamed defiantly. "GET... THE HELL... OFFA ME!"

The last degenerated into another long, drawn out scream as Ali worked her, keeping the abdominal stretch firmly cinched on her. Laura screamed again, desperately trying to find a way out of the painful hold... but to no avail. Still Laura voiced defiance at her tormentor: "WHEN I GET OUTTA THIS...!"

"That's IF you get out of it," Ali interrupted, sensing that Laura was closer to the end of her endurance than she was herself and confident that she was going to take this match. "Goodnight, Irene..."

And so Ali maintained the hold, feeling Laura's body weakening by the second despite the defiance in the redhead's voice as she went on fighting against being edged progressively closer to defeat. Laura writhed and struggled against the hold with desperate fervor, but Ali had her. Laura's breathing was coming in short, ragged gasps; her generous breasts were heaving erratically for lack of enough oxygen, but still she demanded Ali release her, determined not to fall to the painful hold. In time, however, her struggles grew less and less fervent as her body was beginning to yield to Ali's strenuous grip, though her will told her to keep fighting her body was losing its ability to carry out her commands.

Ali sensed that Laura was closer than ever to passing out, and once more she demanded, "Say it, Laura! Say you give!"

"FUCK YOU!" Laura shot back, defiant as ever even though her body was faltering. "I WON'T GIVE!"

Ali wrenched the abdominal stretch harder, eliciting another long groan from the trapped redhead. "GIVE," she demanded again.

And the last thing that came from Laura was one more statement of defiance: "Eat... SHIT... Ali."

Then Laura's body finally went limp in her grasp. Ali released the abdominal stretch, disentangling her limbs from those of the redhead's and allowing Laura to slump to the grass, almost naked and out cold. For a time Ali stared down at Laura's unconscious body, pissed off that she didn't get a submission but nonetheless satisfied that she was still the one standing and conscious.

Finally, Ali spoke to the prone, motionless form before her, "You're welcome to a rematch any time you want, bitch." Then, breathing a sigh of relief, Ali collected her clothes and left the backyard, leaving Laura passed out where she'd fallen.