CATFIGHT CLASSIC: Mitzi's Last Stand (or The Case of the Has-Been Bombshell?) by TNT
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"Oh, quit your blubberin' - its been three weeks already. We can't even see the bruises anymore," the busty blonde told her downhearted friend, trying to cheer her up.

"Just shut your trap and poor me another Scotch," Mitzi Gaynor snapped as she looked at her empty glass; her eyes flitting self-consciously tp her reflection in the mirror across the room. The beautiful blonde still had IT; well, her looks anyway. She'd been moping around; wallowing in self-pity since her humiliating, career-busting battle with the gorgeous, and ten years younger, Ann Margret. The result had been a stunning, and major, loss for Mitzi. All Hollywood had heard by now but worst of all for Mitzi who'd prided herself on her long, strong, sexy legs that men, and more than a few women, had lusted after. The legs in which she was so proud had failed her at the crucial moment. How she wanted to wrap them around that young beautiful redheads waist; to squeeze her, to crush her; then to strip her naked. Her heart rocketed from defeated sadness to burning, raging catfight lust as her mind raced towards the scenario of dishing out delicious defeat to that uppity redhead. And she could; she knew she could; Ann was performing, shaking her gorgeous body in front of hundreds, just across the street on the famous Las Vegas "Strip."

CRASH. "Whoops...sorry!!"

"Watch what you're doin' clumsy," Mitzi shouted angrily as she jumped out of her chair to wipe the icy liquid from her blouse.

"Can't you even pour booze without messin' it up?" Mitzi snarled at Angie Dickinson whose face blazed angrily. Angie bit her tongue; she realized her friend wasn't in her right mind yet.

"You need to get away; along way away from here," a soft gentle voice said, instantly soothing both Angie's and Mitzi's nerves. It was Dawn Wells with her friend Tina Louise. They'd heard of Mitzi's humiliation and decided to drop in and try and encourage her. At least that was Dawn's motive; her beautiful red-haired costar, Tina had a far different agenda. As Dawn walked over to Mitzi and handed her a small towel, Tina's mind raced.

"Uhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh," the beautiful redhead groaned as the small towel crushed beautiful sensuous lips. "Die girl die," Tina snarled as she suffocated the squirming beauty with the towel with one hand as she pushed her other hand down inside her victims blouse to dig with long, strong, fingers into the firm beautiful breast she'd captured.

"Tina? Tina, whatever are you daydreaming about?"

Tina brushed her long red hair from her eyes and smiled as she turned to greet the rapidly approaching Raquel Welch.

"Don't pay me any mind, Tina, I'm here not to gawk, but to teach Mitzi a few things; you need to do more than pull hair, claw faces, and rip dresses to shreds, if you really wanna teach Ann a few manners," the beautiful actress said as she sidled up to Mitzi, grabbed the half-spilled bottle of scotch, poured the now alert Mitzi another drink and took a big gulp of the smooth happy juice. Raquel's beautiful eyes glistened as the resulting warmth filled her throat.

"Ready to learn a few things blondie?" Raquel continued as she watched Mitzi's eyes brighten. Quick as a striking rattler, Raquel lunged at Angie, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her backwards down onto the table. The blonde screamed as she went down. Like an attacking savage jungle cat Raquel pounced and landed on Angie's waist.

"First lesson, never let your guard down; you blondes never seem to be very alert; that can lead to trouble; this kind of trouble."

"Erggggh...Uhhhhhhh...Arggggggh...let me GO!" Angie groaned and moaned as Raquel grabbed her arms and jerked them down to her sides, raised up and pinned them under her knees. The tall busty blonde was now helpless, completely laid out on the table in front of Mitzi and the others. Her large full breasts bulged out of her low-cut dress; her long muscular "killer" legs kicked desperately as the bottom of her short dress slid slowly up her waist. Raquel smiled, reached up and cupped Angie's breasts, squeezed the firm mounds hard digging her sharp nails through the dress and sheer bra cups. Angie wailed as she squirmed.

"Well, you know what to do once you have the broad in this predicament, right?" Raquel chirped.

"Now don't take this personal, Angie honey; I'm just here to help teach Mitzi a few new tricks!" Raquel laughed, giving Angie's breasts a last hard squeeze. Instantly she was off Angie, standing with a smile at Mitzi's side.

"Er...uhhhhh, why you crafty nasty bitch, I'm gonna kill yo...Arggggh!" Angie's angry assault was stopped instantly as her head snapped back painfully by the handful of her hair Tina had grabbed. The previously silent and uninvolved beauty joined the fun by grabbing the back of Angie's dress. Fortunately the dress was made well and it didn't rip, but rather stopped the angry blonde in her tracks.

"Settle down, Angie. Save your anger; use it. That's what the good fighters do!" the confident sexy voice ordered. Angie snarled, but she calmed down and the confident voice spoke again. "I think Mitzi needs to take a trip, maybe a nice long trip; to see new beautiful places and new faces; to sharpen her skills and pull hair; use those long, sharp nails. Don't ya agree Mitzi, hon?"

Mitzi looked up into the beautiful eyes and face looking at her; her face brightened into a smile, "Why yes, that does sound good umm Claudia isn't it? Claudia Cardinale?"

"I'm here to cheer for you Mitzi; You've always been one of my favorite dancers," Claudia said, reaching out to run the back of her hand lightly over Mitzi's blushing cheek. "You're still number one in my book," Claudia said as Mitzi took the Italian beauties hand in hers, raised it to her lips and kissed it. Claudia blushed and Mitzi, as well as several others noticed the blushing beauties' nipples stiffen instantly. Mitzi smiled, feeling better by the second.

"A tour of Europe WOULD indeed be quite nice," Mitzi whispered as she gazed hungrily into Claudia's beautiful eyes. "I hear there are beautiful people over there, wonderful sights and hot night life," the beautiful blonde dancer continued; her face and entire body growing flushed, then feeling warmth all over. "But FIRST, I need to settle a score with that smartass haughty redhead across the street. Ladies, who's with me?" Mitzi shouted as she leaped to her feet, threw back another scotch and headed for the door.

"WE ARE," the beautiful women shouted as one, following Mitzi like a catfighting Pied Piper out the door and across the street toward Ann Margret's' self-styled, 'Palace of Pleasure.'

Across the street, there was action and excitement galore. Ann had just finished her exotic, erotic, performance to another packed house. Her friends were celebrating Ann's recent victory over the once-popular and near-famous Mitzi as well as the success of Ann's fantastic new show and her rapidly growing legion of fans.

"Here dear, have another drink," Joan Collins cackled as she poured Ann another glass of bubbly, leaned over and gave the redhead a playful peck on her ruddy cheek.

"Why Joan, I had no idea you were that kind of girl," Brigette Bardot said with a giggle and a roll of her eyes that revealed she knew a LOT more about Joan than she let on in public!.

"Don't tease me that way," Joan purred as she turned to Brigette. "I'd love nothing better tonight than to pull blonde hair!"

"Tsk-tsk ladies, and remember we ARE all ladies, shall we? We're here to celebrate Ann's success; pulling hair, slapping, that catfighting fun should be left to Ann and that has-been blonde bitch, Mitzi," Sophia Loren said as she wiggled over and stood behind Brigette.

"Awhhhugggh!" Brigette gasped in surprise as the dark-haired Italian sexpot grabbed a handful of her silky hair, jerked her out of her chair and applied a painful half nelson. The French beauty screamed as another woman's hand quickly slipped inside the front of her tight low-cut dress, captured a full firm breast and squeezed.

"Damn you bitch, Sophia! OUCH! Let go of moi breast," Brigette snapped as Sophia pulled her backward and off balance.

"Alright, I will, just spicing things up a bit," the Italian beauty snickered as she released her lovely captive.

"I wish I could get a little of that kind of spice," Joan Collins rasped. "Why should Ann have all the fun?"

"Look ladies! It seems we all may get to have a bit of spicy fun. Look who's coming," Ann said as she looked up to see the lovely Barbara Eden walk in, speak to the two bouncers, smile, adjust her tight, low-cut blouse to give them a good long look at her twin assets, then she marched past them toward the group of women.

"Oh Ann" Barbara bubbled. "I just dropped by to say, how wonderful you are and how much I enjoyed your fabulous, wonderful show!" She was bubbling alright, and it was obvious the buxom young blonde had been celebrating quite a bit already as she gushed raspy praises of Ann who, naturally, seemed to soak it all up as her due. Ann smiled politely, nodding in agreement with each flowery praise heaped on her as she watched her friends slowly circling, closing in the gorgeous, unwelcome, busty blonde. Ann had never liked Barbara and most of the other women felt the same; especially Joan Collins. Joan stepped beside Barbara and waited silently for a signal from her gorgeous red-haired hostess who seemed to be growing increasingly annoyed with the tipsy blondes' empty flattery. "And congratulations on pounding that snob...that beautiful blonde bombshell bitch....what's 'er name? Glitzy? Fritzy? No Mitzi! That's it! Was it fun to pull her hair? Wish I'd been there, I'd have...AIEEEEEEE!"

"Aw, just shut up you two-bit mealy-mouthed blonde hussy," Ann snapped as she slapped Barbara's cherubic cheek. "Get her girls," the redhead shouted as she stepped back and invited her girlfriends to have at poor, over-matched Barbara.

"Nooooooo..." Barbara screamed as Joan grabbed her hair, jerked her off balance and turned her toward the approaching Sophia. RIPPPPP! Sophia grabbed the front of Barbara's blouse and tore it open, scattering buttons everywhere! Joan grabbed one bra strap and Sophia the other. Both yanked and the straps snapped like spaghetti. Barbara screamed again as the two brunettes peeled her bra back from her beautiful breasts, laughing and bickering over who'd get to finish ripping the bra off. Joan seemed to be winning the debate as she pulled at the undergarment tenaciously.

"Hey, two brunettes against one blonde isn't fair, legal or polite," Brigette laughed, giving Sophia a playful shove. Sophia wasn't amused but she grudgingly permitted Brigette to join her as she moved slightly to one side. "Besides, a blonde should do the honors," Brigette snipped as she fired a punch to Barbara's right breast, then grabbed the other breast in a painful breast claw. Barbara screamed and writhed as Brigette squeezed the large, firm, orb viciously, then tweaked and pulled the erect pink nipple. "Let go of her Joan,' Brigette commanded. "And let go of her bra too!"

"But I...YEOWcccch!" Joan's protest was rudely cut off by Ann grabbing her by the hair, making Joan think her scalp was on fire.

"Listen, Joan honey," Ann corrected. "We're a team and this is team work, got it?"

Joan growled a reluctant acknowledgment of Ann's preeminence but her mood quickly brightened as she watched Brigette rip Barbara's bra off and WHACK whiplashed her bouncing breasts with her own bra, then threw it in her face. "Ouch." SLAP! "Uhhhhh." SLAP! "Nooooo...stop...please." SLAP!! SLAP!! "Uhhhhhh! OW! My boobs...ouchhh!" "Yieeeee!" Sophia, Brigette and Ann attacked Barbara, slapping her around; sending her staggering and reeling into chairs, over tables and even bumping into the lovely attackers themselves. They took turns pulling blonde hair, squeezing, pinching and twisting her free-bouncing breasts and abusing her erect nipples while Joan watched with delight, cheering the three women on. "Get her; pull her hair; slap her; scratch her eyes out; grab her boobs; pinch 'em, slap 'em." The overpowering catfight lust built up in each of the beauties, bit by bit, slap by slap, punch by punch, pinch by pinch until it spilled over into an all-out melee.

"Look out Joan!" Ann warned as Sophia smacked Barbara so hard it sent her flying back into Joan.

"Eeeeek! Barbie; honey!" Joan rasped, her voice filled with delight as she wrapped Barbara's own bra around her neck and jerked her head and shoulders backward, forcing her large beautiful breasts to thrust up and out toward Sophia and Brigette who darted in and grabbed her arms. The three women held Barbara as Ann slowly walked up, reached out and hefted Barbara's heavy breasts in her hand hands like ripe cantaloupes.

"Strip her!" Joan cackled, her voice quivering with unbridled lust.

"Nooooo...please...don't," Barbara pleaded but Ann just smiled, dropped her breasts, grabbed her skirt by the hem and RIPPPPP! Ann laughed as Barbara's skirt slipped over her hips and slid down her legs, pooling at her ankles.

"Uhhhhh! Arggggh!" Barbara grunted with an animal groan, her beautiful eyes widened and rolled back, grimacing in pain as Ann applied a most professional and most erotically painful, crotch claw.

"Dear, dear Barbara," Ann taunted. "The fun's just beginning!"

"I think NOT bitch! In fact, your fun has just come to an END!" a new, angry, voice thundered from the doorway. Ann froze, a shiver running down in her spine. Sophia, Brigette and Joan looked around wide-eyed as Mitzi came running across the room loosing a loud warcry, . "EIYAHHHHHHH!!"

"Oh crap, not that blonde bitch again!" Ann said. "Looks like she never learns! And she brought her loser friends so we can all play! Guess it's time to kick tail again. C'mon girls!" Ann stepped forward to greet the angrily approaching bevy of beauties.

"We're with ya Ann, but first things first," Joan said as she grabbed a handful of Barbara's hair and bent her back. Seeing time was of the essence, Sophia drove her fist into the busty blondes stomach just as Brigette delivered a flurry of stinging slaps to their lovely captives firm, beautifully bouncing breasts. Then Joan wrapped an arm around Barbara's neck, putting her in a choke hold and bending her back for Sophia who gave her a painful crotch claw before she smashed her knee into Barbara's pubic mound.

"She's all yours girls," Sophia shouted as she spun around and charged toward the angry and fast-approaching Raquel Welch who raised her fists and snarled, "Outta my way bitch, I want Ann!"

"Like hell, slut," Sophia shot back as she swung at her lovely opponent.

"Yieeee...arggggh! more...stop! Let go...HELP! Somebody help me!" Barbara screamed as Brigette and Joan dragged her backward; Brigette mauling her breasts while Joan held her in a choke hold as she tugged at her already tattered pantyhose.

"Aw hell, time for one last punch, Barbie girl," Ann said as she cocked her fist and drove a punch to Barbara's jaw, knocking the blonde out cold! Ann spun around and had barely gone ten feet when Mitzi leaped through the air and tackled her, sending both women sprawling on the hardwood floor.



"You blonde slut!"

"You scarlet-haired wretch!"

"I'll kill you!"

"Not if I kill you first, you two-bit tramp!"

"Like hell! I'm gonna strip you naked; wanna be alive or dead when you're naked?"

The two furiously angry, gorgeous Vegas dancers rolled around pulling hair, scratching, clawing, punching, rasping fiery threats as they vented pent-up feelings of rivalry, admiration and searing catfight lust. As furiously as they fought, theirs was not the only fight - in fact, theirs was just the beginning of the merry melee!

"Gosh is this broad heavy, hurry up an'help me haul her to the back," Joan snapped at Brigette who was grabbing a cold pitcher of beer from the bar. "What the hell are you doing, Brigette honey?" she asked impatiently. WHOOSH! Brigette dumped the cold golden liquid over the the unconscious blonde. Amazingly, Barbara moaned and her thick nipples stiffened, but she didn't regain consciousness.

"Sorry, I always wanted to do that," Brigette chirped as she reached down, grabbed Barbara's legs and with an grunt, helped Joan carry the lovely hunk of female flesh to the back room.

"There! Hopefully blondie will stay outta the way. Now, lets go have some fun," Joan grunted as she dropped Barbara. "It looks like Angie's headed my way and I you ought to give Claudia a good 'talkin' to' cause I've heard France and Italy have had their differences, right mon petite Brigette?" The words had barely passed Joan's lips when Brigette barreled past her, screaming threats at Claudia, nearly colliding with Angie Dickinson who was flying toward Joan snarling threats of annihilation, talons bared.

"AIEEEE!" Angie screamed as her heels hit the wet floor and her lovely legs shot out from under her! She hit hard on her shapely derriere, right in the puddle of ice cold beer.

"So nice of you to drop in," Joan hissed as she raised her stockinged foot and slammed her heel down hard into the shrieking blondes groin. In a flash the raven-haired beauty reached down, grabbed a handful of Angie's golden hair, raised her head and powered her fist into her face, knocking Angie flat on her back. WHUMP. SLAP. "Uhhhhhh!" SLAP. "UHHHHH!"

Snarling, Joan Collins pounced on Angie's' stomach, straddled her and started slapping; backhand, forehand as the busty blonde bombshell groaned and yelped with each blistering blow. "My what have we here? Aren't we built! How nice, how big, how firm," Joan cackled as she latched onto Angie's large firm breasts and squeezed the firm orbs through her thin blouse and sheer bra.

RIPPPPPP! "Noooooo!" Angie screamed as Joan pulled open her blouse, grabbed the thin shoulder straps of her bra and yanked hard. Two beautiful breasts bounced free and Joan's fingers bid a rude and painful 'Hello' to a pair of thick, erect, light brown nipples, making Angie squirm in embarrassed pain. In frantic desperation, the busty blonde tore and ripped at Joan's pantyhose encased thighs as she swiped at the brunettes attacking hands and twisting, pinching fingers.

"Yeiiah....Arggggh!" Brigette's angry cry melded with Claudia's savage yell as the two European beauties collided. Both groaned and growled as they grabbed the others hair, maneuvered, grappled and tried to trip each other. Their tight low-cut cleavage revealing outfits made each envious and jealous of the others' mouthwatering figure.

"I'm gonna kill you," they simultaneously warned as they raised their hands and locked fingers in a test of strength. Beautiful fiery eyes drilled into each other as they hissed and snarled like jungle cats until Brigette slowly began to weaken and the Italian strongwoman slowly bent her backward and then forced her to her knees.

"Give in, or I'll break you in two, you blonde bitch," Claudia rasped. Her plan had been to take the lovely French bombshell down, then strip her naked and take her own sweet time enjoying the two beautiful breasts that seemed ready to pop out of her top. Brigette's large areola had already began to see daylight as they struggled and Claudia licked her lips when the blonde groaned as she struggled to resist her power. A few more seconds and she'd either have her beautiful rival submitting or blushing with the humiliation of having her breasts bared for all to see.

"Lets go; get 'em, Tina; help me pound Ann," Dawn Wells shouted as she hurried into action.

Dawn and Tina had been stopped by the bouncers but after a brief heated discussion and a bit of flirting from the tall slender redhead, they'd gotten past as the bouncers decided that allowing the gals to settle their differences in an all out catfight was well worth the risk of getting fired. Tina watched Dawn ball her fists as she moved toward Mitzi and Ann who were rolling around, stripping each other and threatening even worse!

WHUMP! "Huh? What're you doing?" "Leggo Tina, wh...OUCH!"

Dawn's innocent mind raced, her perkiness turning to terror as her friend Tina suddenly turned on her, grabbed her from behind by the hair, spun her around and peppered her face, ribs and stomach with lightning fast punches. Dawn screamed as her blouse ripped apart and strong fingers grabbed her bra and closed around her lovely throat.

"Sorry, Dawn honey," Tina snarled. "But I've always been for Ann. After all, us redheads stick together. I came over to Mitzi's to check things out. I'm a spy, stupid!" Tina grinned as she saw Dawn's surprised face slowly turn to disbelief, then anger. "I guess, I should say sorry for this too, sweetie pie," Tina said as she slammed her fist into Dawn's nose, then raised her knee up hard and smashed Dawn's groin. "Maybe you and I can discuss this difference of opinion in the future, maybe here in Vegas, in Hollywood, or maybe a deserted island somewhere," the tall redhead snarled as she ripped off Dawn's bra and fired punches down onto the brunettes beautiful bare breasts before she bid her goodnight with a glorious uppercut.

But in the seconds before Tina's goodnight punch, the frantic Dawn had grabbed the front of Tina's gown and ripped it just enough to partly expose one beautiful breast. As Tina's KO punch took effect, Dawn clung briefly before she dropped to the floor in a gorgeous hunk of female flesh. Dawn and Tina would remember the fight for years, especially the redheads last prophetic comment about meeting on a deserted island. ("Oh, Gilligan!)

Tina watched Dawn slide to the floor, then looked up just in time to see Sophia drive her fist deep into Raquel's stomach. The gorgeous Italian grabbed two handfuls of luxurious auburn hair and slammed Raquel's face down on a table. As Raquel's body lay sprawled facedown on the table, Sophia grabbed the back of her dress and rip it wide open. Raquel screamed as Sophia slammed her right fist into her kidneys while her left hand skillfully unsnapped her bra.

"Get up you beautiful tigress," Sophia snarled as she jerked Raquel's pretty head up and fired a punch to her face cutting her lip. Raquel swung back hard as Sophia turned her head aside - a split second two slow! Raquel's fist just grazed her cheekbone but another punch connected and this time Sophia gasped as her ribs exploded in pain.

"Gosh you CAN fight," Tina exclaimed as she slammed her fist into Raquel's tender kidneys.

Raquel's face went white as she toppled forward into Sophia's arms. She caught her, grabbed the front of her dress and tore it down to her waist. Tina grabbed the dazed, groaning beauty by the hair and jerked Raquel to her feet as Sophia pulled her bra off.

"Nice breasts," Sophia cooed as she cupped Raquel's firm breasts. "Hold her for me Tina," she ordered the tall redhead.

Tina put her dazed, lovely topless captive in a painful full nelson, arching the lovely Raquel back for Sophia who tore her dress to shreds in an instant. RIPPPP...RIPPPP! Sophia tossed the tattered remnants of Raquel's dress aside and licked her lips as she studied the curvaceous figure in front of her.

"UMPPPPH! What the hell?" an angry voice screamed as a lovely warrior suddenly couldn't see with Raquel's dress covering her face. "Argggggh...YIEEEEE!" Claudia's angry, frustrated groan as the Raquel's' flying dress fluttered down over her head and face blinding her, quickly turned into frantic, pain-filled screams as Brigette seized the moment, released her finger hold and fired two punches into the temporarily disoriented Claudia. The first flattened the Italian beauties' left breast, the next went deep in her belly!

"What's the matter Claudia, can't see?" Brigette laughed.

She put her rival in a headlock, the painful hold securing the dress over Claudia's face as she bent Claudia over and pulled her around until she was dizzy. Brigette relished the muffled screams and yells until...BONK! She slammed Claudia's head into a table, jerked the dress off her head, grabbed a handful of soft brown hair and yanked Claudia erect. As the Italian beauty swayed unsteadily, the French sexkitten drilled an uppercut to Claudia's pretty, up-tilted chin that snapped her head back. RIIIPPPPPPP! As Claudia reeled, Brigette grabbed the lace bodice of the low-cut dress and tore down hard. Claudia's overstuffed black sheer lace bra lunged into full view a second before it too was pulled away!

"Arggggh. Uhhhhh! Aieeeee...." Brigette's fists blasted away; each flattening a beautiful firm breast. Then her fists became claws as the lovely French feline sank her talons into the Italian beauty's twin treasures. Claudia shrieked in agony, then groaned as Brigette forced her back against a wall, then brought her knee up into her unprotected groin...once, twice, three times in rapid succession!

"Viva la France!" Brigette hissed in the dazed Italian's ear as she released her and Claudia slid down the wall to collapse in a heap at her feet. A final devastating punch to the jaw sent Claudia toppling sideways on the floor...out cold.

"Yieowwwwch!" A loud yell startled Brigette who jumped to her feet, turned around and beheld wild, exciting action that gave her an instant of concern. She couldn't believe it, but both of her friends were in trouble and all because of one, half-naked beauty. Tina's loud yell was her acknowledgment that her right breast was throbbing in pain and her foot was in agony all due to Raquel Welch! The topless beauty had fired her elbow back, then stomped her heel down on the redheads foot in a desperate, and highly effective, move to gain freedom. Next, Sophia screamed as Raquel grabbed her wrists and dug her nails in. Twisting hard; the powerful and painful move wrenched the raven-haired Italian's arms sending pain shooting up from fingertips up to shoulders. Sophia was forced to release Raquel's twin treasures as her lovely face twisted in a pained grimace. Raquel snapped a kick to Sophia's shin and lunged forward to deliver a headbutt. Dazed, her vision blurred, Sophia's brain went numb as she staggered back, her legs rubbery.

"Party time, Red," Raquel snarled as she spun around, grabbed a handful of Tina's beautiful red hair, jerked her head down and pulled her forward as she brought a knee up hard and fast. THUNK! The unmistakable sound of knee on forehead. Raquel raised her doubled fists over her head and smashed them down on Tina's upper back. The redhead groaned loudly, her knees buckling but then she screamed as Raquel jerked her head back up and drove a punch to her nose bloodying it. Raquel grabbed the front of Tina's dress and jerked it down to a loud scream as the redhead's beautiful milk-white breasts spilled free, their pink nipples instantly erect.

WHAP. WHAP! WHAP!! "Aieeeeeee...Aieeeeeee...Aieeeeeee!" Tina screamed with each stinging slap to her bare breasts, backpedaling frantically with her hands waving ineffectually in front of her until she stumbled and dropped to the floor on her butt. A swift kick to her ribs, followed by another to her beautiful upturned derriere when she desperately tried to crawl away on her hands and knees brought peals of laughter from tigress Raquel.

"You'd better crawl away, honey," Raquel warned as she clapped her hands to show her satisfaction in rousting a lovely rival.

Raquel was still grinning and snickering as she turned around and then CRAAAACK!! "Ughhhhhhhh!" Raquel's jaw burst into pain, her ears echoing the loud crack of the powerful punch from one angry Sophia Loren who grabbed a handful of her groaning rivals hair, jerked her forward and smashed her forearm into Raquel's beautiful breasts.

"Take that bitc...Unggggh!" Sophia's confident angry sneer ended in a painful gasp as the desperate and hurting Raquel once more resorted to her legs, firing a kick up hard that found Sophia's pubic mound. Both women crumpled to their knees in a world of hurt; gasping for air and trying hard to ignore their pain, yet each burning with the desire to renew her attack. In this case, Raquel's desire won out as she lunged at Sophia and RIPPPPPPPP!

Raquel grabbed the dark-haired Italian beauties' dress and ripped the front down to her waist. Sophia's over-filled plunge-front bra saw daylight. Sophia angrily swung hard but Raquel easily blocked the wild blow and answered back, her fist connecting with the point of Sophia's jutting jaw and rocking her head back. Fortunately for Sophia, Raquel was tiring from the long battle and as they traded angry slaps and punches while they got to their feet, the bigger Italian began to gain the upper hand.

"Get her!" "Pound her!" "Let her have it!" Excited cheers from the angry and recovering Tina and Brigette spurred Sophia on as her friends voices gave her renewed strength. Tina and Brigette enjoyed the two combatants beauty every bit as much as they enjoyed the excitement of the close fight. Raquel was soon reduced to only tattered, shredded pantyhose while Sophia's cleavage displaying bra was close to spilling forth its treasure. The rest of what remained of Sophia's clothing was in tatters and one or two more tugs would find it on the floor next to Raquel's. Both women's' once luxurious hair was mess as were their formerly flawless faces.

"Yeaiahhhh!" Sophia's savage angry yell had barely escaped her full sensuous lips as she lunged towards Raquel when "Umpppfhh!" Her surprised grunt was followed by a loud RIPPPPPP and a barely audible snap then a loud scream as Raquel once again shot her leg out, tripped Sophia and as she fell, reached down and skillfully unsnapped her bra, ripping it off and pulling it up around her lovely rivals swanlike neck as she jerked her back to her feet.

WHACK! "Uhhhhh!" WHACK! "Uhhhhhh..." Raquel's angry stinging slaps landed on a gorgeous face and then two beautiful full, perfectly rounded firm breasts where whipped from side to side. Sophia's erotic screams and moans were music to Raquel's ears and, battered and tired as she was, she seemed to be gaining her second wind as Sophia backpedaled screaming and moaning.

WHUMPPPP! "Arggggggggh! Uhhhhhhhhhh!" The erotic sound of four beautiful breasts slamming together was followed by a painful groan from one surprised and embarrassed, Italian beauty as she came face to face and breast to breast with her angry fiery catfighting counterpart. While Sophia groaned in agony, Raquel's groans were more erotic and full of confidence as she locked her hands together in the small of Sophia's back and hugged her close, lifting the taller Italian up on her toes. Just before their erotic impact, Raquel's skillful, hungry, anger fingers had relieved Sophia of the last remnants of her dress, leaving her moaning in only panties, garters and stockings as her strength slowly began to ebb as Raquel tightened her grip slowly, deliberately, surely. Raquel's breasts pushed into Sophia's, her rock-hard nipples seeming to drill into Sophia's, forcing them back, inverting them into the Italian lovelies' large, firm orbs.

"Please...please let me go," Sophia gasped between ragged inhales of air; but Raquel just sneered as her biceps, shoulder and back muscles contracted further, dishing out crushing pain to the desperate Italian.

"Ohhhhhhh..." Raquel's surprised groan brought a ray of hope to Sophia's heart. Summoning all her remaining strength and energy, Sophia snaked a leg behind Raquel's and pushed! Raquel lost her balance and tumbled backward. Sophia, finding freedom at last, put her hands on her knees and sucked in precious air.

"AIEEEEEE! Grrrrrrwahhh..." Raquel's butt hit the floor and she rolled back on her back, her feet in the air as two angry beauties; one blonde, one redhead; sprang to the attack. "OW my head! Stop pulling my hair," Raquel protested as Brigette and Tina each grabbed a handful of hair and one arm as they yanked her to her feet. "Uhhhhh..." Raquel grunted as Brigette drove her fist deep into her stomach.

"Not zo tough now, are ya," the French sexpot snarled as she drew back and punched each of Raquel's bouncing breasts. "Ummm, nice and firm," Brigette cackled as she cupped a bruised breast in each and then squeezed hard; pinching the hard erect nipples between her fingers.

"Yeah that's it," Tina rasped. "Squeeze 'em good and hard, twist 'em off!" Tina watched entranced as her French girlfriend worked their captives' pride-and-joys over with Gallic enthusiasm.

"Mind if I join in?" Sophia’s words struck unease and dread in Raquel's psyche as she looked up into the face of her angry, vengeful, former foe. Raquel growled and every muscle of her luscious body sprang into action! Brigette yelped as her arms were knocked aside, allowing a hard elbow to free itself to smash into Tina's breastbone. But Raquel's desperate break for freedom was squelched when Sophia fired a kick up into Raquel's stomach. As she doubled over gasping, hard fist slammed down on her back and her scalp burst into flames. "Your times up, Welch," Sophia snarled as she grabbed the lovely tigress.

"NOOOOO!" SLAP! "Uhhhhhhhh..." WHAACK! "Pleaseeee..." RIPPPPP! "Uhhhhhh...Umpppppfh!"

"Get her!" "Pull her hair!" "Slap the bitch!." "Squeeze 'em!" "Hold her!"

Raquel screamed, moaned, groaned as her Brigette, Tina, and Sophia went to work on the body of the gorgeous, topless, catfight legend. Raquel was a legend, but she was also outnumbered three to one, too much for even a legend to overcome! They pulled hair, slapped cheeks, squeezed her beautiful breasts and pinched and pulled her erect nipples as they shoved her back and forth between them, spun her around as they shredded her pantyhose and then spanked and squeezed her beautiful asscheeks until they glowed!

"STOP! This isn't fair," Raquel protested in vain. "Leggo you cowards!" All of Raquel's desperate, frantic pleas, demands and threats fell on deaf ears as the three beauties had their fun at her expense.

"Hold her girls; I want something more," Tina snipped and Sophia and Brigette slowly brought the squirming Raquel under control and held her in an uncharasteric quiet stillness while the tall redhead reached up, grabbed her head and forced it backward. Then Tina bent over and gave her lovely captive a hard, passionate kiss, plunging her tongue deep into Raquel's mouth. Brigette and Sophia stood motionless, frozen as they soaked in the sheer sensuality of the dominant action. Then Brigette and Sophia each cupped Raquel's breasts and teased her nipples while Tina repeated her kiss.

CLUNK! "Aieeeeee..." Tina groaned as the side of her head exploded in pain, then numbness and her scalp turned to fire.

"You're getting too friendly, bitch!" Claudia snarled as she slammed a heavy tray on the side of Tina's head, then grabbed a handful of hair and brutally pulled her off Raquel. Tina spun around to fight back, but was met with a punch to the face and a knee to her crotch. Tina's mouth opened wide, but the scream, the moan or the grunt, whatever it was, seemed to stick in her throat as her mind struggled to register the multiple waves of pain shooting through her lovely body. Her knees buckled but Claudia grabbed her by the neck and clamped a hand over her mouth as she bent her back, forcing her lovely white breasts to jut skyward.

"Got any last words, you red-haired hussy? Whoa, guess you're speechless," Claudia snarled as she looked oat Raquel who seemed to be going down fast under a joint barrage from Sophia and Brigette.

"Gosh, she's sooooo quiet for a hellcat," Sophia snickered as she watched Raquel struggle and heard her grunts and protests muffled by Brigette's hand clamped firmly over her mouth.

Having been awed in the erotic spell cast by Tina's unexpected and highly erotic kissing Raquel, the two were slow to react when Claudia attacked Tina from behind. Raquel tried again to escape but Sophia had quickly and brutally thwarted it, then the two women renewed their doubleteaming humiliation of Raquel with a vengeance. Brigette pummeled her with hard, well-aimed fists while Sophia mauled Raquel's already aching tender breasts and had even added a little 'below the belt' nastiness for good measure. The two women gradually beat Raquel down with a series of punches, knees to the groin and a particularly nasty crotch claw!

"Lets bid this broad g'dnight," Sophia snarled as she cocked her fist. WHAM! Her punch slammed into Raquel's chin and her fiery eyes glazed over as Brigette tightened her clamp over Raquel's mouth, stiffling her groan and preventing her from sucking in any badly needed air. As if that weren't enough, Sophia pinched Raquel's nostrils shut as she watched her eyelids flutter, her tensed muscles relax and her body go limp. Sophia and Brigette carefully arranged the unconscious body of their beautiful naked victim on the floor, looked at each other and smiled.

"Argggggh. Uhhhhhhh!" They both looked up just in time to see Tina and hear her last groan as, smiling and sneering cockily, Claudia dropped her to the floor and planted a foot on Tina's beautiful breasts, muttering, "Stupid redhead."

"Hey!" Brigette snapped. "I wanna finish OUR business, now Cardinale!" As she marched toward Claudia, the French sex kitten stared at the topless Italian's heaving chest. Brigette couldn't wait to get her claws in Claudia's full breasts or at least fire a couple of punches into those firm mounds. Sophia watched intently as the two beauties moved to within a couple feet. For once, Sophia paid no attention to the fact Claudia was her countrywoman; she was on the wrong side and that's all that mattered. Still, Sophia couldn't deny she'd love to pound both Claudia and Brigette into the floor, but loyalty...well, loyalty is important to actresses.

"You bitch, I'm gonna kill you," Brigette screamed as she charged. But at the last second, Claudia sidestepped, grabbed Brigette's hair and swung her around, bringing her charge to a painful screeching halt; then she rocketed her leg up, slamming her foot into Brigette's full, firm breasts! RIPPPPP! Claudia grabbed the low-cut neck of Brigette's dress and jerked it down to expose a full-to-overflowing lace bra.

"Umpffffh!" Brigette groaned, then she gasped again as Claudia punched her in the back of her head, driving her to her knees. As she shook her head, Claudia grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her up, cocked her fist and prepared to unloose a haymaker.

"Yeow....cccch!" Pain radiated out from Claudia's shoulder when Sophia grabbed her arm and dug her sharp nails deep into the firm but tender biceps.

"Not so fast honey," Sophia snarled as she wrenched Claudia's arm back, turning her to face her for the punch she fired at Claudia's chin. Claudia rocked back on her heels, fully exposed as Sophia delivered a blistering backhand bitchslap that sent her fellow Italian countrywomen reeling sideways into a table. She hit with her stomach and folded over it, her breasts flattening on the tabletop with her bottom sticking out. Grateful for the help, but still dazed and gasping for air, Brigette slowly stood up and smiled at Sophia..

"Thanks Sop...NOOoooooo..." RIPPPPPP! Brigette stared in shock, raising her hands too slow, her face a mask of disbelief as Sophia grabbed her bra between the cups and jerked it down around her waist. The fragile fabric gave up its twin treasures as it stretched, stretched some more then snapped.

Snickering, Sophia chirped, "Just wanted to put us all on equal ground," referring to the fact all three beauties were now topless.

"Now, quit whining, Bardot," Sophia grumbled. "Lets get her!"

Sophia charged Claudia who was just getting to her feet holding her stomach.

WHACK! "Uhhhhh!" SLAP! "Uhhhhhh…noooo..." WHAP! Sophia greeted Claudia with a punch, then a warming backhand. "Stop ... please," Claudia screamed as Brigette reintroduced herself with a series of sharp punches and slaps. Soon, Brigette and Sophia had bent Claudia backward over the table; Brigitte pulling her hair and mauling her breasts while Sophia raked her claws down her stomach and dug them into her crotch when Claudia foolishly tried to wrap her legs around Sophia's waist. Sophia began stripping Claudia just as Brigette finally bid the wailing Italian goodnight with a well placed shot to the jaw.

Punching opponents lights out was becoming Brigette's favorite way of saying "Goodbye!"

"HELP! Help me somebody, she's gonna kill me. Yeowwwww! Lemme outta heeeeeere."

A new series of frantic screams attracted Brigette and Sophia's attention and they turned to find a desperate, gorgeous and topless Angie Dickinson racing in their direction with a wild-eyed Joan Collins close behind, her arms reaching for Angie who was looking back over her shoulder as she ran..

"Whoa, where're you goin', blondie?" Sophia snarled as she reached out and grabbed a handful of the escaping Angie's hair as she flew past. Angie screamed, realizing too late she'd run out of escape route. SQUEEEAK! Angie's beer-soaked wet hair slowly slipped through Sophia's grasp but Angie only experienced a fleeting moment of freedom before Brigette greeted her with a hard fist to the jaw. Angie grunted, stopped in her tracks and staggered backward.

"Noooooo!" Angie whined when she felt two strong arms wrapping her up from behind. Joan Collins had caught her prey at last! Angie gasped as Joan tightened her grip, crushing the busty blonde low around her stomach. Fortunately for Angie, her hands were still free and she lashed out at Brigette and Sophia as they closed in, then wisely took a step back and waited for her to swing again. Angie did and each grabbed an arm, jerking them aside to open up her tight, toned body like swinging open the Gates of Heaven..

"STOP! Leggo a me, now!" Angie snarled, trying to sound confident but aware she was in big trouble with no way out.

"Now you're gonna get it, Angie dear, just like your blonde friend Mitzi, you're goin' down," Joan rasped in Angie's ear.

Angie groaned, repulsed by Joan's sickeningly sweet alcohol breath on her cheek as well as the fact that the brunette beauty's stiff nipples were boring into her back. She had the sickening feeling Joan had enjoyed their tussle in more ways than one.

"Yeah, squeeze 'em! Squeeze them hard," Joan told Brigette and Sophia in her rasping voice. "Give her nipples a good pinching! Yes, that's it! Give 'er another for me, Soph," Joan barked out her wishes as Sophia slowly cupping Angie's full breasts, squeezing the firm pleasure mounds, then slowly, painfully, pinching the thick brown nipples making the gorgeous blonde squirm and moan.

"Noooooo...don't..." Angie moaned when she felt Brigette unzipping her skirt before she slowly pulled it down and off despite her desperate struggle against her three captors.

"Ugggggh! Ophffffhh!" Brigette gasped when her neck was suddenly subjected to intense pressure. She'd gotten careless in her excitement at stripping Angie's skirt and pantyhose and in her haste she'd made two mistakes. First, thinking Angie was totally incapacitated and second, getting up-close and personal with their captive's gorgeously strong legs! Brigette groaned and her eyes widening as her head felt like it was going to explode from Angie's erotic scissors. Sophia and Joan just giggled as they realized what a predicament their co-conspirator was caught in..

"HELP! Help...please help me...make her stop..." Brigette's desperate voice trailed off; rapidly losing volume, as she struggled for breath. The more Brigette squirmed and twisted, the harder Angie's legs squeezed; her gorgeous thighs and calves bulging through the sheer pantyhose encasing them until Brigette's face began to turn pink, then red and finally an ugly purple.

"Better let go," Sophia warned, but Angie sneered, fighting to ignore the pain in her nipples from Sophia's angry, strong pinching and twisting. "One last warning bitch," Sophia said, giving Angie's nipples another squeeze. "Let her go, NOW!"

"AIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!" Angie's bloodcurdling scream was echoed by Brigette's gasping sigh as she dropped to her knees in freedom. As Brigette gasped, coughed and sucked precious air rubbing her neck and head, Angie's beautiful eyes filled with tears from her lower body melting in a fiery, painful numbness. Sophia merely sneered as she watched their captive squirming in agony, her right hand inside Angie's pantyhose, had found its target and delivered the agony that granted Brigette her release.

"What the hell are you doin’?" Joan asked incredulously, not sure if she wanted to know but too impressed by the results not to want to file the information away for possible future use herself. Joan could feel her lovely captives muscles tense into full tension as her body arched in agony and she could see the agonizing grimace on Angie's lovely face; her full lips quivering and she heard the bloodcurdling scream and the beads of perspiration popping on her brow as her strong legs buckled.

"Its a secret; an Italian secret," Sophia hissed as she quietly and confidently told Joan to release her whimpering captive.

"She's out for good," Sophia said with a smile as she looked down at the beautiful blonde sprawled spread-eagled on the floor between her legs.

"Now its time to really get down to business Collins," Sophia hissed. "How are you feelin' Brig...AIEEEEEEE!" Her inquiry about Brigette's condition was interrupted by another pain-filled cry.

Ann's lungs had delivered the shout despite - or perhaps because - her groin was throbbing in agony. Mitzi had put up a brilliant, but losing, battle until she'd landed a kick to Ann's groin right after one of her desperate, but lucky punchs had also found Ann's exposed left breast. Deciding, wisely, to run, not fight, when she put Ann down, Mitzi scrambled to her feet and took of running as fast as she was able under the circumstances. She and Ann had been going at it tooth and nail; pulling hair, scratching, clawing, punching, kicking, biting, cursing and pretty much relieving each other of almost all their beautiful clothes. Ann had quickly stripped Mitzi of her blouse and bra in the first moments of their struggle, then her skirt, leaving the dancer in a most sensuously brief, albeit it humiliating, outfit consisting of no more than her black panties, garters and sheer black stockings.

Mitzi too had been active; taking Ann's blouse and skirt and leaving the redhead with a torn bra, white panties and the sheerest stockings money could buy. Though laddered and holed, Ann's stockings still were more or less intact. In the end, Mitzi had torn one of Ann's bra's cups down and whacked its escaped treasure in the moment before her retreat. Stumbling headlong across the room, Mitzi looked back over her shoulder at Ann who was still sitting on the floor holding her pussy with both hands.

Unable to resist a final taunt, Mitzi crowed, "Hey Ann, betchya can't..."

THUD! CRASH! "AIEEEE!" Two beautiful blonde haired bodies crashed together, melting into one, then tumbled to the floor in a gorgeous heap of curvy, angry snarling feminine flesh. Brigette, dazed, dizzy and trying to get her bearings had staggered into the path of the oblivious, fleeing Mitzi and the ensuing bone-jarring, almost comical, collision sent them both sprawling..


"Get off of me."

"You clumsy broad, watch where you're going."



"That hurt you stupid cow!"

The two beauties moaned, groaned and fired angry accusations at each other as they collected their senses, rubbed their sore bodies and got slowly to their feet.

"Why you bitch, I oughta teach you a lesson!"

"Go ahead, lets see you try."

"OK, take this!" WHACK! SLAP!!

Accusations quickly became threats and threats turned to action. Brigette's frustration and anger fueled the first blow but the punch lacked power due to her fatigue and breathlessness and Mitzi easily blocked it, then drilled a punch of her own to the French beauties chin. Mitzi followed with more punches to Brigette's stomach and ribs, then targeted her beautiful breasts. She fired blow after blow into the beautiful firm mounds, sending her yelping rival staggering and reeling backward into Sophia, who caught her with her arms wrapped around Brigette's torso. She grabbed her breasts, squeezed them hard, then pinched the tender nipples viciously before she shoved her back into Mitzi.

"Back for more, huh hon," Mitzi sneered as she unleashed blistering slaps; forehand, backhand and forehand. Brigette reeled until her legs began to buckle, then Mitzi rushed in, grabbed her by the hair and slammed her back into the wall. Brigette grunted in pain, as Mitzi grabbed her by the breasts, sank her talons in deep and pulled her upright, then brought her knee up with crushed power into the French woman's pubic mound with a high kick any chorine would be proud of. "French girls!" Mitzi snorted. "They're so beautiful...and so easy." She released Brigette and drilled a perfect uppercut to her chin. Brigette's head whipped back THUD into the wall. Her eyes glazed, her eyelids fluttered and closed as she slowly slipped down to the floor where she lay unmoving.

"Ahhhhh!" Mitzi sighed with satisfaction as she looked down at her lovely unconscious foe. She definitely had her second wind now; she'd gone from tired, weary, hurting and embarrassed, through frustrated, angry, to kick butt confident, happy, and ready to kick some more pretty butt! She took a long lustful look at the beautiful topless French sexpot, wishing she had time for a feel, or at least a kiss, but the angry shouts of one feisty redhead who was "crusin' for a bruisin'" were already filling her ears.

"Mitzi! Come back and let's finish our little talk, NOW!" Ann screamed, now back on her feet and angrily approaching. She walked unevenly, almost limping. Mitzi smiled at the knowledge she'd nailed Ann's pussy really good. Her smile grew wider when she saw Ann's beautiful exposed breast jiggling erotically with each uneven step. The beautiful mound of flesh was covered with red claw marks where Mitzi had mauled her breasts through her bra as they tussled. Mitzi felt pretty sure now that she could beat the beautiful redhead and was eager to prove she was right!

"Ready to lose some teeth and those ugly underthings, Ann?" Mitzi shouted, hoping the volume hid her fear.

"I just wailed your butt good," Ann growled. "I've taken all your fans and now I'm gonna take you down and put you out to pasture once and for all, you old blonde broad," she rasped. "Vegas, Nevada, Hollywood....hell, the whole country isn't big enough for both of us Mitzi, dear," Ann concluded as she stared at the beautiful half-naked blonde a few feet in front of her. Mitzi was indeed beautiful, strong, talented and - although she hated to admit it - Ann secretly admired her talent and her beauty. She looked into Mitzi's beautiful eyes, then her beautiful face, full breasts and long, strong, sexy and perfectly proportioned legs. She couldn't wait to get her fingers in that luscious blonde hair once more, to maul those breasts again, to intertwine her own powerful legs with Mitzi's. She wondered how long Mitzi would last this time before she forced her to admit defeat.

"Yeagggggh!" Mitzi's savage yell startled Ann who gasped as Mitzi crashed into her like a locomotive. Ann's legs flew out from under her and her chest exploded. WHUMP! They hit the floor with Mitzi on top, her hard firm derriere' smacking into Ann's stomach. Air, precious, life-sustaining air, rushed from her lungs even as Mitzi's strong, angry fingers began to yank her hair.

"Gotcha bitch!" Mitzi snarled. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Hard slaps warmed Ann's cheeks as her vision dimmed, her eyes temporarily filling with quite involuntary tears. Mitzi's blows came hard and fast. "Uhhhhhh! Umpppppfh!"

With a might thrust Ann arched her hips, her strong legs pushing hard on the floor. "UNNNNHHH! AIIEEEEEE!" Mitzi screamed as she flew headfirst over Ann, then yelped when her head smacked a table leg. She rolled over holding her head and felt hands grab her hair. "OW! Wha' the...?" Mitzi screamed as Joan and Sophia took her by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

"HEY! Let go! No interference; this's between me an' her," Ann snapped, ordering her friends to let Mitzi go.

Sophia and Joan reluctantly obeyed but Joan couldn't resist shoving Mitzi toward Ann Mitzi turned around and fired a punch into Joan's face, then kicked her in the shin. RIPPPPPPPP! "HEEEEY!" Joan screamed as Mitzi grabbed her blouse and tore it clean in two while, to Mitzi's surprise and delight, and Joan's horror, Sophia ripped the back of Joan's torn blouse down and off.

"Arggggghh!" Mitzi groaned as, from behind, Ann reached around and drove a punch deep into her stomach.

"You should pay attention," Ann snarled as she fired a punch up under Mitzi's left breast, then another flattened her right followed by a headbutt that brought instant pain and buckled the dizzy blonde beautie's knees. Ann caught her before she could fall and put her in a headlock, took three fast steps forward and rammed Mitzi's head into the mahogany bar. Then Ann propped Mitzi up with her head, shoulders and arms draped limp across the bar to hold her up while...SNAP! "Ouch!" SNAP! "OUCHHH!" Ann snapped Mitzi's garters painfully, leaving dark crimson welts on her muscular thighs. Ann grabbed Mitzi's hair, jerked her up on her feet and put her in another headlock, this time a reverse one that twisted Mitzi's head back and forced her breasts to arch upward.

"Ouch, my head, my neck, my back; ouch," Mitzi moaned, making Ann laugh as she squirmed, moaned and pleaded. Ann reached down and cupped Mitzi's beautiful left breast; giving it's base as hard squeeze that pushed the erect nipple upward, jutting toward the ceiling. Mitzi's eyes filled with tears and Ann's fiery eyes blazed as she looked at Joan and Sophia who watched the sexy, exciting action, drooling at the thought of 'interfering' when Ann pursed her lips in a silent invitation to her friends.

"No, don't....HELP somebody!" Mitzi moaned as Ann bent her back further and Joan and Sophia moved in.

Joan bent down and kissed Mitzi's erect, jutting nipple, then began to suckle the swollen captive nub. Sophia snapped Mitzi's garters painfully, then as she spread her legs trying to support herself while evading Sophia’s garter-snapping, Sophia reached under and clapped her hand over Mitzi’s crotch, squeezing hard and painfully, before reaching up to yank down her black panties exposing a thick, lush pelt of golden fur to the lustful gaze of the three dominant woman. .

Mitzi's unheeded pleas filled the room as Ann cackled, "Sorry Mitzi, but all your friends are out for the night!"

"NOOOOOOO!" THUD! Mitzi frantically shouted, all her muscles working as one in a frantic last-ditch attempt to break free. As she squirmed and struggled, Ann kicked her legs out from under her, dropping the blonde hard on her heart-shaped butt. Like an enraged blonde tigress, Mitzi kicked, clawed and threw wild punches in every direction, swinging blindly like a wild woman. Few blows found their targets and most missed by a wide margin, but even so, Mitzi made it to her feet and made a last, desperate break for freedom.

"Oh no you don't, honey," Ann's angry rasping vengeful voice struck terror into Mitzi's heart even before she felt the strong, lightning fast fingers grab her and pull her back. Ann swarmed over her, firing well=placed punches and slaps to her face, ribs, stomach and especially her tender breasts.

"Sorry, Mitzi, I'm the better woman," Ann bragged as she pulled her dazed rival to her. Mitzi screamed as she felt four hands join Ann’s, heard Joan and Sophia laughing as she heard her panties tearing, felt the sting of her garters being snapped repeatedly before they were torn off. Next, her stockings were shredded and gave way as she was pulled down to the floor where two long, strong, legs grapevined hers, spreading her legs like a picnic blanket on a grassy knoll; then demonstrated their dominance again as they wrapped like two pythons around hers, trapping them despite her futile attempts to resist.

"No, Ann, please,” Mitzi finally conceded. “OK, you win. I give up, you win," Mitzi gasped in desperation as Ann’s legs squeezed her waist. Her arms flailed frantically, her fingers snagging in Ann's Stockings and garters; her only two minuscule victories were the ripping runs and holes in the stockings and the yanking off Ann’s garters. Her weak and fatigued arms held up two garters in an empty gesture of victory before her trembling fingers lost their grip and dropped her trophies. "Please...(gasp) please...(gasp) ...I give up," Mitzi moaned.

Ann just laughed as she applied her exquisitely painful leg scissors even tighter, resting on one elbow as she looked down on her gasping, beaten rival and studied the flop and jiggle of Mitzi’s bare breasts with each labored heave of her chest as she gasped and struggled to fill her lungs with air. Ann licked her lips as she slipped a hand down, captured a nipple and pulled hard, stretching the rubbery flesh to a grotesque pyramid. Mitzi's painful protest was barely audible and her wildly kicking legs moved ever more slowly until, soon, Mitzi offered no resistance, no protests, no whimpers whatsoever; she just lay with her arms and legs flung out in a meek surrender as Ann toyed and fondled her body in a display of her total control and domination..

"Who's the best woman now?" Ann whispered.

"You…you are," Mitzi’s almost inaudible reply came from between her clenched and quivering lips.

"Good to hear your submission," Ann snickered, giving Mitzi a last good leg squeeze and final nipple pinch; hearing the sweet sound of Mitzi’s gasp before feeling her luscious body go limp, Ann released her captive and started to get up.

"Here, let us help you," Joan and Sophia chirped simultaneously, grabbing the redheads hands and dragging her to her feet.

"Why thank you, girls," Ann said, standing up, unaware that Joan had stepped up closer, smiling.

"You deserve a victory party," Joan said.

"I agree, we should definitely celebrate your victory," Sophia laughed. "You deserve a little extra something special, Ann honey."

"Special? Like what?" Ann laughed.

Joan and Sophia exchanged mischievous looks and smiles. Joan stepped away, then returned with a pitcher of beer. She tried hard to ignore the giggles and pleasurable moans and the sounds of clothes being quite willingly stripped off behind her as she doused Mitzi with the ice cold golden liquid.

"Uhhhhh, what, huh?" Mitzi moaned.

"Wake up blondie! Time for dessert sweetie."

“De…..dessert?” Mitzi mumbled, her blonde brain still befogged with semi-consciousness.

“Pie!” the three women said in unison.

"Nooooo...please....not .......nooooooo..." When Mitzi looked up it dawned on her the fate that awaited her.

"Why Mitzi, dear,” Ann laughed. “You ready for your going away present?"

Ann giggled as she stepped across Mitzi’s body straddling her shoulders, then slowly lowered herself on Mitzi's flushed face.

"Think she'll like this victory party?" Sophia asked with a leering grin as the scene unfolded; Ann rubbing herself back and forth on Mitzi’s face while Mitzi’s feet twisted and kicked in weak, futile protest as her fists slowly clenched and unclenched..

Joan thought a few moments, then grinned, "Of course! Every woman loves THIS celebration!" she laughed as she listened with closed eyes to Ann’s pleasurable moaning and groaning as she enjoyed her victory ‘lap’.