Brigitte Nielson vs. Cyndi Lauper by Matrix Imp 29-Aug-99

The crowd went wild as Brigitte Nielson slipped out of her robe. She wore only the skimpiest black thong bikini that covered little of her magnificent frame. The tall beauty appeared supremely confident, and for good reason. Brigitte had an impressive record in the Extreme Celebrity Catfight Federation. She had used her size to dominate many an opponent. And the six foot plus amazon certainly had a size advantage for this match, standing near a full foot taller than her opponent.

Across the ring from Brigitte, a blue-haired Cyndi Lauper was slipping out of her own robe. She wore a more modest one-piece suit the same powder blue color as her hair. Her physique was not as impressive as Brigitte's, but Cyndi kept herself in great shape, looking far younger than her forty-six years, and still drew her own share of appreciative hoots and wolf whistles from the crowd. What Cyndi lacked, however, was the same air of confidence as Brigitte. This was her first appearance in the ECCF and was understandably nervous. She was also a bit afraid of having to face an opponent so much larger than herself for her first match.

The bell rang and the two women moved to the center of the ring. Unsure how to tackle her Amazonian opponent, Cyndi began to circle Brigitte warily. She made a few half-hearted lunges at Brigitte, but quickly drew back. Brigitte merely stood, arrogant grin on her face, and waited for Cyndi to finally commit herself to an attack. The crowd started to grow restless and boo the slow start to the match; they wanted action. Goaded by their jeers, Cyndi finally charged.

The move was too predictable. Brigitte easily sidestepped the charge and buried her knee deep into Cyndi's stomach. Cyndi folded over, hands clutching her aching belly. Brigitte straightened her back up with a powerful uppercut to the chin. She followed up with a spinning kick that slammed hard into Cyndi's chest. She staggered backwards into the ring ropes and was then slingshoted back towards the center of the ring. Brigitte was there waiting for her. She easily scooped up the tiny singer and then delivered a devastating powerslam, driving Cyndi hard into the mat. She was stunned by the maneuver and rendered helpless and at Brigitte's mercy. Brigitte smiled wickedly, helpless and at her mercy was just how she liked her opponents.

Brigitte sat down heavily on Cyndi's stomach and used her legs to pin the singer's arms at her side. Then she reached down and grabbed the front of Cyndi's blue suit with both ands and pulled. The material ripped easily, exposing Cyndi's small breasts; much to the delight of the crowd. Brigitte began to pull and stretch Cyndi's nipples, bringing pained and angry protests from the singer. Brigitte laughed.

"You call these little things tits," she sneered.

She released Cyndi's nipples and reached up to free her own impressive 40DDs from her bikini top. She played to the crowd by twirling the top above her head before flinging it out into the audience to be fought over by the fans.

"Now these are a real woman's tits," Brigitte boasted. "Here, have a closer look."

Brigitte grabbed Cyndi by the head and forced her face into the ample cleavage, cutting off the singer's air. Cyndi tried to pull away from the breast smother but Brigitte held her in place with an iron grip. Desperate to escape, Cyndi did the only thing possible when you have a face full of tit flesh.

With a yelp of both surprise and pain, Brigitte leapt off of Cyndi. She clutched at her now searing breast. Her hand came away bloody. Brigitte's face twisted into an ugly mask of rage.

"You fucking little bitch!" she screamed. "You bit my tit!"

Enraged, Brigitte launched a furious assault on Cyndi just as the singer was staggering back to her feet. to her credit, Cyndi did an admirable job of avoiding and blocking all of Brigitte's blows at first, but was forced to constantly give ground.

Eventually, however, she just ran out of room and was trapped in a ring corner. No longer able to dodge, some of Brigitte's blows began to connect. Brigitte kept up an unrelenting assault and gradually just broke down Cyndi's defenses until she was landing punches, elbows, knees, and kicks at will. She hammered Cyndi until Brigitte was the only thing holding the singer up. At last Brigitte stepped back and a battered Cyndi fell forward and lay face-down an unmoving on the mat.

Though her rage had cooled somewhat, Brigitte still desired further revenge over having her breast bitten. She grabbed Cyndi by her blue hair and pulled the singer up to her knees.

Brigitte twisted Cyndi's head cruelly back and hissed into her face, "This will teach you never to bite my tits."

Brigitte drove her knee into Cyndi's left breast, crushing it flat against her ribs and forcing a groan from the singer. Brigitte then gave the right breast the same treatment. She kept driving knee after knee into Cyndi's chest, sadistically enjoying the singer's every cry of pain, until her breast were an utterly destroyed mass of bruised and swelling tissue. Finally satisfied with her handiwork, Brigitte let Cyndi fall. The singer lay sobbing on her back, clutching her battered boobs.

Brigitte decided it was time to finish Cyndi off. She preferred to win by submission; to make her opponents admit that she was the better woman. Brigitte grabbed Cyndi by the right ankle and pulled her leg up over her head to its fullest extension. Using her weight yo hold the leg down, Brigitte then began to hammer punch after punch along the entire length of the stretched limb, causing crippling spasms and cramps throughout the muscles. When she felt she had softened up the limb enough, Brigitte dragged Cyndi to the center of the ring and then twisted her sexy legs into a figure four leglock. Cyndi's scream of agony filled the arena as Brigitte locked in the hold. Cyndi's fists pounded on the mat as she fought the pain and her sweat slick body thrashed about as she tried vainly to break the hold. But there was no escape. Brigitte had her.

"Submit," Brigitte urged. "You're finished."

But Cyndi refused to give up and shook her head no. So Brigitte powered the hold, very nearly snapping Cyndi's leg and ripping terrible shrieks from her throat. Brigitte continued to urge the singer to submit, but Cyndi stubbornly refused to surrender. After holding her in the leglock for several minutes, Brigitte realized that Cyndi was to proud to submit and would never give up no matter how much pain was inflicted on her. Brigitte finally released the hold and Cyndi rolled about on the mat holding her injured leg.

Brigitte stood back and took a few moments to think about how best to finish Cyndi off. She decided that if she could not win by submission then she would go for the KO instead.

Cyndi was trying to get back to her feet by this time but with her right leg rendered near useless was having great difficulty. Brigitte came up behind Cyndi and wrapped her arms around the singer.

"Here, let me help you up,: says Brigitte, then lifted Cyndi completely off the mat in a reverse bearhug.

And then she began to squeeze.

"C...C...Can't...B...Br...Breathe," Cyndi managed to gasp.

"That's the idea, you stupid little bitch," Brigitte whispered in Cyndi's ear. "Should have given up when you had the chance."

Cyndi grabbed Brigitte's arms and attempted to force them apart but after the beating she had taken in the match she was far too weak to have any hope of accomplishing the task. Brigitte merely squeezed even harder, forcing the last of the air from Cyndi's body in an agonized groan. Cyndi's mouth gaped open as she tried to take in a much needed breath but Brigitte's arms were like ever tightening bands of steel around her chest, preventing her lungs from expanding. Gradually Cyndi's struggles became weaker and weaker until she was hanging limp in Brigitte's arms. Brigitte paraded all around the ring, showing off her helpless victim to the audience until Cyndi finally fainted from lack of oxygen.

Brigitte dropped Cyndi to the mat where she lay spread-eagled and unconscious. As a final humiliation, Brigitte stripped off the remains of Cyndi's suit, leaving her totally naked and exposed to the roaring crowd. Then Brigitte placed her foot on the vanquished singer's chest and flexed her muscles in a victory pose and accepted the cheers of the crowd.