Britney Spears vs. Cyndi Lauper by MatrixImp (17-Oct-99)

As she stood in her corner of the ring clad only in a hot pink bikini, Britney Spears appeared unusually eager for the match to begin. Britney's record in the Extreme Celebrity Catfight Federation was far from impressive. Most of Britney's opponents had easily beaten the teen and she was a special favorite victim of all the Spice Girls who had humiliated her on many occasions. But this time Britney was confident that this match would end very differently.

She was the one who had demanded this match with Cyndi Lauper. Desperately wanting to improve her record, Britney had chosen Cyndi as an opponent for three reasons. Cyndi's own debut in the ECCF had been disasterous for the tiny singer when Brigitte Nielson had all but destroyed her. Despite her lack of a great number of wins, Britney still had far more experience in the ring than the novice Lauper. And lastly, Britney was almost three decades younger than Cyndi. Britney was sure that the combination of experience and youth would win her this match.

Standing on her own side of the ring, Cyndi Lauper had chosen a patriotic theme for the match. She wore a bikini with an american flag design and had colored her hair red, white, and blue. Cyndi was also looking confident. This was mostly because Britney did not greatly outsize her the way Brigitte had done, but also because she was aware of Britney's poor record. In this more evenly matched contest, Cyndi felt that she had a real chance of pulling off a victory herself.

The bell rang and the two singers moved to the center of the ring and began to circle one another. As they did so, Britney noticed that Cyndi still had not fully recovered from her fight with Brigitte. In that match Brigitte had brutalized Cyndi's breasts. Britney could see that Cyndi's tits were still slightly swollen and discolored by bruises. She was willing to bet that those breasts were still mighty tender and decided on her strategy for the match.

Britney launched the first attack, targeting Cyndi's right breast with a punch. Her aim was true and the blow landed square on the nipple, crushing the tit flat. Britney's bet paid off as Cyndi groaned in pain and clutched her aching breast with both hands. This left her totally open for Britney's next attack as the teen drove a kick deep into the older singer's belly. The air rushed from Cyndi's body and she folded over.

Clasping her hands together, Britney smashed a double ax handle to Cyndi's back which knocked her face first to the mat. A thrill of exhileration rushed through Britney as she sood over her fallen opponent. This was going exactly as she had hoped. She was winning!

Britney waited for Cyndi to get up to her hands and knees before delivering a savage kick to her left breast. A shrill cry escaped Cyndi's lips as it felt like her tit had exploded. She rolled away and got quickly, if unsteadily, to herfeet in an effort to put some distance between Britney and herself. The teen, however, swiftly followed. She ripped off Cyndi's star spangled top and began to squeeze her now exposed breasts. Cyndi's face twisted into a mask of agony from the horrible pain. She retaliated by pulling off Britney's pink top and latching on to the teen's larger rack. It was now Britney's turn to grimace as her chest was mauled.

For several minutes the two singers stood and engaged in a tit torture contest, each trying to out-squeeze, out-crush, and out-twist the other. Soon, however, it became obvious that Britney was getting the best of the contest. Cyndi released her hold on Britney's breasts and grabbed the teen's wrists in an effort to pull her hands away. The effort was futile as Britney held on with a death grip. Enjoying her unaccostomed dominance, Britney viciously twisted and crushed Cyndi's breasts all the harder.

"I'm going to rip these withered old tits right off of your chest," Britney taunted.

But if Britney thought Cyndi totally finshed, she was sadly mistaken. Cyndi threw an elbow that caught Britney in the side of the head. Stars dancing before her eyes, Britney was forced to release her hold and stagger away. She needed to spend several moments to shake away the cobwebs. As her head cleared, Britney felt a new surge of confidence when she saw that Cyndi had been in far too much distress over her injured tits to take advantage of the teen's momentary vulnerability. She was sure that Cyndi was now at her mercy. She was certain that she had this match won.

Making targets of Cyndi's abused breasts, Britney took a running start and launched herself into a flying dropkick. Her aim was perfect, the kick slamming into Cyndi's chest. Cyndi was knocked flat on her back. Paralyzed by the intense pain, Cyndi lay motionless as Britney went to the turnbuckle and climbed up to the top rope. Leaping high into the air, Britney delivered a devastating leg drop across Cyndi's chest.

Britney could have probably pinned Cyndi right then, but the teen was enjoying her unusual dominant position far too much to let it end so soon. She decided to torture the older singer a little bit more. Britney began to stomp on Cyndi's chest, alternating breats with each blow. Cyndi was in absolute agony, her body spasming every time Britney's heel crushed one of her breasts flat against her ribs. Cyndi knew she wouldn't be able to endure much more of this punishment and needed to do something quickly. When next Britney raised her leg for a stomp, Cyndi grabbed her other foot and pulled it out from under the teen, toppling her.

Britney recovered quickly, however, and grabbed a handfull of Cyndi's multi-colored hair and pulled her up to her knees.

"That little move didn't help you any," Britney gloated. "I'm going to rip those tits off yet."

Britney prepared to drive her knee into Cyndi's chest.

Desperate, Cyndi threw a wild punch which, fortunately for her, landed directly between Britney's legs. The teen stood frozen, color drained from her face, eyes wide, and mouth open in a soundless scream.

Cyndi wanted nothing more than to break away and take some much needed time to recover. Her every move, the slightest jiggle of her breasts, sent needles of red hot agony stabbing through her chest. But she knew that the low blow wouldn't slow Britney down for very long. Instead, she fought through the pain, wrapped her arms around Britney, and lifted the teen clear off the mat. She then delivered a reverse atomic drop, bringing Britney's crotch down hard on her knee.

Britney sttod motionless, bent over and clutching her wounded womanhood. Cyndi put her into a reverse headlock and then delivered a DDT. Britney's skull was driven into the mat and the teen was once again seeing stars.

Cyndi flipped the stunned teen over onto her back, pulled off the hot pink bikini bottoms, and then kicked Britney's legs open so that she was spread wide and terribly vulnerable. Now it was Cyndi turn to climb up onto the top turnbuckle and leap off. Britney began to come to her senses just in time to see Cyndi looming in the air above her.

But it was far too late for her to do anything about it. Too late for anything but feel the utter despair of knowing that her supposedly certain victory had irrovocably slipped away. Cyndi's knee connected with Britney's pussy in a brutal impact.

Britney screamed and writhed and rolled all over the mat while clutching her devastated crotch. Her breasts still throbbing terribly, Cyndi was finally able to take some time to recover. She just stood back and watched Britney suffer. Only when the sobbing teen settled into the feetal position did Cyndi move in for the kill.

Pulling Britney's hands away from her groin, Cyndi slapped on a crotch claw and began to squeeze. Screams were ripped from Britney's throat as Cyndi slowly increased the pressure. The pain was far too much for the teen to take.

"Please stop," Britney begged. "I submit! I submit!"

But Cyndi had been annoyed by Britney's 'withered old tits' insult and refused to accept the submission. She just continued to tighten her vise-like grip on the suffering teen's crotch. Eventually the pain she was enduring just overwhelmed Britney. One last great shudder passed through the teen's body and then she fainted. Only then did Cyndi release her hold.

Cyndi stood over the body of the fallen teen and raised her arms and claiming her first victory in the ECCF.