Avril Lavigne vs. Mandy Moore by Thad

Avril burst on the music scene with a total anti-pop ethos. She immediately made several statements criticizing pop divas, most notably the queen of the genre, Britney Spears. Avril positioned herself as a tough skater chick; telling Rolling Stone she'd just gotten in three fights and implying that she'd clearly came out on top in each.

Shel was scheduled to perform at the 'Teen Choice Awards' on the heels of her hot album and also at the awards - but not offered the chance to perform - was pop singer Mandy Moore. Avril's team realized this was their chance to burnish Avril's image by calling Mandy some names so they set it up that she'd run into Mandy during dress rehearsals and give her a piece of her mind. Sure enough, Avril found Mandy in an isolated hallway after Mandy had run through her lines as a presenter. Avril was with her assistant manager and Mandy was alone.

Avril said, "Well if it ain't the whiny pop bitch Mandy 'No' Moore."

Mandy wheeled around in shocked and seeing Avril, said, "I have no time for this,” and proceeded to walk away.

Avril needed a confrontation and was so pissed she flew after Mandy and charged into her, knocking the taller girl to the ground. Mandy was stunned and turned and looked at Avril who stood over Mandy and taunted, "Little pop diva gonna cry?"

Mandy stood up glaring but said nothing as Avril continued taunting. Eventually, Avril gave up and walked away, throwing a final over the shoulder comment, "I knew she was a wimp. At least, Britney would've fought back."

Hearing that, Mandy kicked off the 3" heels she wore with her long black dress, and yelled at the departing Avril, "I'm gonna kick your ass."

Avril spun around stunned and muttered, "Wha?"

"I said, let's go Avril. I'm gonna beat your ass," Mandy repeated.

Avril hadn't expected this, but she took a quick step toward Mandy who assumed a fighting stance.

Avril was in jeans and a shirt and unsure what to do, but her manager said, "Go ahead, show her who’s boss, Av."

Avril ran at Mandy but suddenly Mandy lifted her foot and planted her size 10 right into Avril's chest, sending the skater chick windmilling backward. Avril quickly scampered to her feet and drew her arm back to punch at the approaching pop star but Mandy caught Avril's arm and easily twisted it behind her back. Mandy stood behind Avril and tripped her, trying to get her down. Avril stumbled but didn't go down, but Mandy maneuvered her into position to use a hip roll and flipped Avril to the floor with a thud.

Seeing his girl getting her ass kicked, Avril's manager took a step forward ready to intercede, but Mandy glared at him and said, "Get in my way and I go to the press right away."

The manager backed of and Mandy kneeled over Avril's chest, pinning her arms to the floor as Avril wailed and flailed her legs, "Leggo you pop bitch. I'm gonna whomp you.”

But Avril was helpless and as soon as she got an opening, Mandy managed to throw her long legs out and trap Avril in a crushing leg scissors. Avril's face turned red as Mandy applied the pressure from her powerful legs.

"Stop bitch!" yelled Avril.

"Say you give," demanded Mandy.

"Noooo! I am not giving in to a pop wench," moaned Avril.

But her struggles were futile. Eventually, Mandy grew bored with her scissors and resorted to a reverse school girl pin, sitting resoundingly down with her ass on Avril's face. Avril’s screams were muffled as she meekly cried, "I give. I give."

Mandy stood up slowly and brushed herself off as she peered down at Avril with a gloating look of satisfaction.

"Now," Mandy said. "Tell me who’s the better singer?"

Avril shook her head and with that show of resistance Mandy smiled and ordered, "Then smell my pretty feet."

She shoved her giant size 10 bare foot in Avril's nose and ordered Avril's manager, "Go get a camera!"

The manager hesitated but Mandy gave Avril a quick heel to the mid-section and her manager hurried away to get the camera before Avril was really injured. He returned to find Mandy flexing her muscles in a victory pose with her foot planted firmly on Avril's face wearing a wide smile. The photo was taken and Mandy gave Avril a final parting kick before she left.

"Now we’ll let the public know who really is tough! Give me that camera!" said Mandy as she ripped the camera out of the manager's hands, picked up her high heels and walked away slowly, leaving Avril on the ground soundly trounced by the better woman.