Avril Lavigne vs. Britney Spears by RedRottingBeast

Avril made no secret of her hatred for Britney Spears and all the teen pop stars around the globe, telling one tabloid reporter, "Britney's dressing like a 'ho' and telling us she's a virgin. It's not clicking you know?"

Britney, now almost 22, would hardly take notice of the ramblings of a barely 18 year old Canadian from... where? Britney couldn't recall. Sure, Britney thought as she sat on the bed in her hotel room before going out for a morning of shopping, Avril was jealous of her fame - and probably of her looks too! Not to mention, Britney was from a much warmer and pleasant region of the continent. Too bad for the little poser.

Nonetheless, as Britney walked the streets, the "little poser" was also out and around, dressed in her usual punk attire. Fate (and our author) caused them to meet halfway; the blonde American girl (while not tall herself, still towering almost a full head above the younger teen.). Not that Britney would notice her.

Britney hardly realized she was passing someone more famous than average until Avril muttered, "Look who's there! The dumbest girl ever! Britney 'Fake' Spears in person!"

Not recognizing her voice, Britney turned to face the teen, disturbed by the impolite comment, "And who do you think you are to say that to me...? Oh, it's you," Britney said as she recognized Avril.

"Yes, it's *me*! Surprised to see someone better than you walking the street?"

"Look Avril, I don't know what your problem is. Just, leave me alone, OK? I'm shopping and I don't have the time, or the desire, to talk to a little hassle like you".

"Little hassle? Ha! You old skank! You'd best mind your mouth! I may only be 18 but my videos already rank well above yours in all the charts! And you know what? When I walk the street at least I don't dress like a street walker!"

"You should mind your own clothes. You think wearing that pitiful low-cost stuff makes you look more punkish? Know what? I recognize a poser when I see one. Now get lost, I'm tired of talking to a poser."

"Poser you say? Maybe you're just jealous, Britney 'Skank' Spears...!"

Avril was evidently more pissed than Britney, who was just trying to cut it short, "Listen, you Canadian wannabe; you better get lost before I make a phone call and have your little self locked up for harassing a celebrity. Now, take your stupid punk face outta my sight."

Avril really didn't like that comment, "You're gonna regret your tone, skank!"

Britney just turned her back on Avril and walked away but Avril had something in mind. It wasn't hard to find out where Britney was staying - everybody knew! She had a better chance of getting in than your standard Britney fan, though, thanks to her own fame. The angry teen reached the hotel and asked the girl at the reception desk for Britney's room number. Recognizing the young singer, the star-struck receptionist thought she was there on business (which she was, sorta!) and gave Avril a key. She put on her most innocent smile to thank the girl and asked her not to let Britney know she was there.

"It's a sorta surprise," she said. In recognition of Britney's fame I'm organizing a special welcome party for her."

As dumb as the story was, the naïve receptionist was silly enough to swallow it whole. When she reached Britney's room, Avril unlocked the door, then took the key back to the receptionist. She returned to the room, opened the door and entered. She locked the door from the inside, then she waited; making harsh comments about the clothes she saw scattered on the bed. A fan was spinning on the ceiling, but Avril was more interested in finding a place to hide so she could catch Britney by surprise. Her best solution was a small closet where Britney kept some of her clothes. She was sure the blonde would open the door to hang the clothes she bought downtown... then, Avril would jump out and kick her skanky ass. The teen grinned with pleasure as she backed into the closet and closed the door.

Britney had forgotten all about Avril as she spent two hours in the shops buying tank tops and miniskirts in bright colors; signing autographs and having fun. When she got tired, she headed back to the hotel, took her key from the sweet girl behind the desk and went up to her room. She unlocked the door, entered and locked it behind her. She put her bags on the bed and took a tank top out. Smiling with satisfaction at her purchase, she went to the bedroom where, still hidden and ready for action, Avril waited for her. Britney opened the closet door...

...and as soon as Avril saw the light come on, she sprang out, hitting the door with her shoulder which in turn slammed into Britney. Totally caught by surprise, Britney fell back, landing flat on her back. Before the pop princess realized what was going on, Avril was sitting on her bare belly with a mischievous smile on her lips.

"Time to pay for what you said, skank," Avril grinned as Britney stared up at her, eyes wide, still unsure what was going on.

With undisguised glee, Avril slapped Britney which aside from causing pain to the beautiful singers face, woke her up and made her realize what was happening. In a swift move, Britney grabbed Avril's wrists to stop her from slapping her again.

"What the hell are you doing here? You crazy or what?" Britney screamed. "Get off my stomach *NOW*"

Stunned that her wrists were so solidly held in Britney's hands, Avril struggled to free herself to no avail. Britney's grip was much stronger than she expected.

"Lemme go bitch!!" Avril screamed.

Britney knew better than to let go, so Avril started to bounce up and down on her firm belly. Britney's abs were strong enough to stand the weight of the diminutive teen but it sure wasn't the way she preferred to exercise.

"Stop it I SAID!" Britney grunted between Avril's bouncing.

Her voice would've sounded menacing if she were more considerate but Avril continued to bounce her butt on Britney's stomach trying to free her wrists. Britney's grasp was so tight, Avril's hands turned red, making a strange contrast to her black-painted nails.

"Enough!" Britney grunted again and thrust her hips up, pulling Avril's wrists forward and making her lose her balance. The move was effective and the teenager rolled off Britney's stomach. But in the process, her wrists were released.

"You had your fun Avril, now it'd be better for you if you got lost - or you are facing real trouble!"

The teen-ager rose from the floor, looking straight up into Britney's face with her flashing blue eyes.

"Stupid, stupid skank! I hate you, you hear me? I wanna smash your stupid face against the wall and make you kiss my feet!!"

Britney was unmoved by the young girls threats and muttered, "What's your problem Avril? GET LOST!!"

The American picked up the phone to call the security, but she committed a serious mistake turning her back on Avril. The teenager literally jumped on the phone receiver, snatching it from Britney's hand and, with a rapid twist of her arm, pulled the cord round Britney's neck. At that point, all she had to do was to jerk back as hard as she could - and she did! The muscles in Britney's neck tensed as Avril choked her with her own phone cord. The teen was putting strong effort in her choke, her arms visibly shaking from tension in her attempt to cut off Britney's air.

The pop star's knees trembled, then she slowly began dropping to her knees in front of Avril, her hands trying to pull the cord away from her throat. Britney's long nails scratched her own tender flesh but there was no way to ease the pain. Her face contorted with the effort to breath, unable to resist much longer. Avril stood with one knee in Britney's back, her hands pulling back on the phone cord; entranced by the sight of Britney on her knees choking right before her lusting eyes.

"Choke, you skank! CHOKE I SAY!!" Avril shouted, her eyes flaming with pure evil rage.

Britney's face turned red, her tongue began to slip out of her swollen lips, drooling saliva; her wide eyes were starting to turn red too. She had to do something, quickly, before the maniacal teen killed her! In total desperation, Britney reached for the lamp next to the phone. It wasn't heavy but it would have to do for the moment. Not thinking twice, Britney slammed it with all the strength back over her head, smashing it against the side of Avril's head. The blow snapped the teen's head to the side and she lost her hold on the phone's receiver.

Holding her hurt head, Avril stepped back dazed as Britney dropped the lamp on the floor, its aluminum frame bent by the shock. At last able to breath, Britney coughed and coughed, holding and massaging her neck which was striped with a scary red mark. The blond pop star was still unable to speak, her breathing was heavy and rapid as she struggled to regain control.

Meanwhile, the enraged Canadian teen was shaking her head, holding a hand to her head. It took her a few moments to recover from the dazed state the blow had left her in, but when her mind was clear again Avril screamed and ran to Britney, who was leaning back against the side of the bed. Britney saw Avril charge at her in time to react and she rolled to the side. Avril stumbled and fell headlong on the bed, her nubile body draped over and crushing beneath her the bags Britney had just brought in.

"Hey! Stay offa my new clothes you stupid freak!" Britney screamed as she grabbed a handful of Avril's long hair.

Avril screamed as Britney painfully pulled her head backward, forcing her body to arch. With a final pull, Britney literally threw Avril's smaller body off the bed, sending the teen-ager sprawling on the floor. Ignoring Avril, Britney checked her bags instead and frowned as she saw her brand new clothing now needed a good ironing.

"You damn asshole! You poser slut!! Enough is enough!" Britney growled as she turned her enraged face towards Avril, who was already to charge again.

It was now well evident that Avril was too small to have much chance against Britney's body. The American might have been a wimp once, but now her muscles were firm and hard and with all her dancing, she moved swiftly and surely. Unluckily for Avril, she totally missed this rush and, before she realized what was happening, Britney's fist was crushing her abs with tremendous force.


Avril doubled over in pain, her hands shooting to protect her now aching belly. Britney jerked her upright by her long hair and then, viciously, fired her knee straight up into Avril's already hurting belly. Unable to double over further due to Britney's hair hold, Avril coughed in pain.

"I am tired of you, you stupid poser!" Britney said as she lifted Avril's slim body by the hair with very little effort.

Avril's hands groped to her tormentor's arm, trying to free her hair but Britney's grip was very tight. Avril's head was pulled up till Britney could look at her straight in the eyes.

"What did you want to do to my face, stupid poser? Let's see if I remember..." she moved back to the wall holding Avril up by the hair and then, without much effort, slammed Avril's face against the hard surface.


Avril hit the wall and the shock dazed her completely but Britney had no intention of stopping and she slammed the youngster's head on the wall again, a bit stronger this time.


Avril hit the wall face first and her hands reached for her nose. Britney pulled her hands off to check out the situation for herself.

"Little poser hurt her little cute nose?"

"Fuck you!" was the only answer Britney received so she sent Avril's bitchy face back into the concrete.


"Awwww...." groaned Avril as her nose started bleeding.

Avril realized she'd better do something fast or the next blow could knock her out cold. She couldn't free her hair but she thought of another solution. She reached out and buried her black nails in Britney's soft, luscious breasts!

"Aaaarghhhh!" screamed Britney as the cruel Canadian squeezed and raked her breasts mercilessly.

The blonde immediately let go of Avril's hair and turned her attention to prying those hands away from her tender tits. The tank top she was wearing wasn't nearly thick enough to protect her precious puppies from Avril's long, sharp nails and Britney's eyes quickly welled with tears as the brutal brunette subjected the pampered blonde to intense pain.

"Ha-ha-ha! Skanky Spears is crying," Avril chanted. "Your fake boobies are bein' destroyed aren't they? What'll you shake on stage now?"

Avril was enjoying the sight of Britney squirming in pain...but not for long! Britney had been plenty of fights by now and knew how to deal with hassles such as this. She opted for the extreme measures. With a very quick blow, aided by the fact she wore a very short miniskirt that didn't hinder her, Britney drove her right knee straight up between Avril's wide-spread legs. Her hard kneecap hit Avril in the most sensitive part of her feminine anatomy and the effect hit her like thunder!

Her eyes opened wide and her mouth formed a small 'o' although no sound came out. Her young womanhood had never been hit so hard in her life and she certainly didn't like the feeling. The little teen doubled over, both hands dropping down to clutch herself between her legs as her knees buckled and she dropped to the floor so shocked by the pain she couldn't even cry out in agony. Poor Avril raised her head just enough that she could see Britney evilly smiling down at her on her knees in front of her.

Avril's tender womanhood throbbed like never before - a sight very pleasing to Britney who enjoyed the sight for a second before she raised her foot and spun around, driving a spin kick to Avril's temple. The teen's head snapped to the side and she crumpled against the wall, her face smacking into it as she slumped down to the floor, totally dazed and unable to react. It was time for Britney's revenge!

Avril was wearing shorts so her legs were bare and just the sight of her smooth, lithe limbs was enough for Britney to despise them, even compared to her own perfectly shaped thighs. Britney kicked Avril's slack legs apart, then stomped the inside of her thighs and knees until she was sure Avril wouldn't be standing up anytime soon. While Britney stomped away at her legs, the dazed Canadian cutie reacted only with groans, moans and muscular spasms the left her long hair disheveled and covering her flushed face.

When Britney stopped torturing her legs and lifted Avril up by the hair, she noted with pleasure that the teen's legs dangled limp and useless. She was certain they wouldn't be any use to Avril for quite a while. The American slammed the teen back first against the wall, holding her up and keeping her in position by a handful of her hair. With her other hand, Britney pulled and tugged as hard as she could at Avril's T-shirt until she ripped it off. Then with several harsh yanks, she unfastened her shorts. Britney let go of Avril's hair and as she toppled over on her back, Britney skinned the shorts down her legs and whipped them off over her feet as her legs flew into the air. Avril landed flat on her back with her red-rimmed eyes filling with tears. Her firm young body, covered now only by a sheer black bra and panties lay exposed and vulnerable to Britney.

"You look almost freakin' normal without those shit clothes you wear, you know that you stupid poser?" Britney shouted at her.

With a distorted grunt of hatred, Avril managed to gasp, "Screw you, skank!"

Britney waited a second then smiled, "Fine Avril 'Shit-ass' Lavigne. There once was a stupid Russian tennis bimbo - much tougher than you - who got punished by me so hard she'll probably never forget it. I see you deserve the same!"

She dragged Avril across the room and pulled her into the bathroom. She placed her head at the doorway, then as she'd done to Anna Kournikova before, she slammed the door shut on Avril's windpipe. Avril's head was out of sight as Britney put her foot on the wall and pulled on the doorknob but the spasming of her body and the gurgling sounds she made proved scary enough to satisfy the blonde. Britney opened the door and Avril's limp body collapsed on the bathroom floor, her mouth drooling saliva out the side - out cold. Britney slapped her battered face until Avril regained consciousness and the teen broke down in tears from the pain and humiliation she'd already suffered.

"Listen careful you stupid poser slut," Britney hissed. "I'll stop beating the shit out of you if you submit to me right now."

Avril moaned. She wanted to resist but she couldn't take more, "OK, you win Brit... please stop beating me I can't take more!"

"Oh, now I like your tone, bitch. Open your dumb ears and listen up. You'll do as I say and I won't destroy that underdeveloped body of yours. OK?"

"Whatever you want Britney, just, stop beating on me. Please..." sobbed Avril as Britney beamed.

"OK, you just lay here while I go call a doctor. From now on, you BELONG to me, you’re MINE you understand that? I'll tell you what to wear - or not wear, what to sing and what to do. You do it exactly as I tell you or that cute little ass of yours will get a serious kicking! You think today was bad? You cross me and today will seem like a stroll in the park sweetie!"

Avril was now crying profusely but she still coughed out a "Yes Britney. I'll do whatever you say!"

"Good," Britney grinned. "I'll get your new clothes soon and give you a call. Then you'll do as I tell you. For now, get your sorry ass out of here. Go home and rest up, I want you in good shape when I call you to have fun with you."
Britney waited more than a month to be sure that Avril was back in shape before she called the Canadian teen, "Slutty Lavigne? Is it you?"

"It's me, Britney, whadda you want?"

"Listen carefully. Get your stupid ass to this address. Take your guitar and don't wear anything but the clothes I sent. If you don't follow my orders precisely, you're gonna so regret it!"

Avril arrived and found not only Britney waiting for her, but six of her girlfriends as well; Christina Aguilera, Willa Ford, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Mandy Moore and Beyoncé Knowles.

They were all excited because Britney had promised something remarkable. They kept wondering and speculating about what was going to happen until the door opened to reveal Avril. Formerly a punk girl, she was now dressed in a pink tank top and white mini skirt. Small shiny plastic disks were interwoven into the tank top that formed the words, "I (heart) BRITNEY SPEARS." She was carrying her electric guitar. All the girls were mystified by the sight.

Christina pointed to Avril and asked, "Britney, are you telling me *that’s* that stupid poser Avril?"

With a big mischievous smile, Britney turned to Avril, "You head Christina dumb teen. Answer her!"

Avril answered, lowering her eyes, "Yes, I’m the stupid poser Avril, Christina."

"This is fuckin' incredible!" muttered Alicia Keys as a scary smile curled her lips.

Britney announced, "Ms. Dumbass is here to let us have fun with her. She’ll do whatever we want... right, Avril?"

The teen was about to cry, but she kept control and answered, "That’s right Britney. I’ll please you all if you want."

Shakira asked her to come closer. She complied and the sight of the once-arrogant teen in pink and white like a Barbie doll was quite a victory for all the singers.

"I think you deserve this for all you did before, bitch!" Shakira said as she slapped Avril.

"Ouch... Why’d you do that? I am here only to plea..."

SLAP! - another slap across her face came from Beyoncé, who snarled, "Shut up bitch! This’s more deserved for someone like you!"

Reacting in anger, Avril uttered, " I AM NOT gonna take this from all these sluts, Britney! I’ve had enough already!"

She swung her guitar trying to knock Beyoncé out but her guitar was grabbed by Shakira who was standing behind Avril. She yanked the guitar out of her hands and the teen suddenly realized what she'd done. But it was too late to apologize...Britney was enraged. She reached for Avril's long hair, grasped it and turned her face painfully to look her in the eyes.

"You never learn stupid bitch! You asked for this!!"

She shoved Avril toward Shakira, telling her friend, "She's all yours, destroy her girls!"

"With great pleasure," grinned Shakira as she sent her high heel rocketing upward into Avril's belly. The teen doubled over, her exposed belly no longer protected by well-developed abs. Beyoncé grabbed her hair, pulled her forward and sent her flying to Mandy Moore. The blonde teen, barely older than Avril, caught the Canadian in her arms with a back-crushing bearhug as she lifted the teen’s feet off the floor. As Avril's back arched, Christina rushed in behind her and reached around to hug Mandy, crushing Avril between them.

"Harder! Harder!!" Alicia Keys urged.

Avril screamed and the two girls released her and let her lump body slide down and crumple on the floor where Willa Ford joined in and stomped Avril’s small left breast.

The teen screamed in pain and begged, "Please stop it stop it!! I give, don't beat me, not again!!"

Alicia Keys stepped closer, "Are you gonna do as we tell you now, bitch?"

"Yes! Yes, I’ll do what you want…just stop it!"

"Fine, but you deserve a punishment for what you tried to do!" said Alicia. She grinned, "Spread your legs and beg me to kick your stupid cunt, Avril Fuckin-poser Lavigne!"

Avril started crying, "No please, everything else but not that. Please!"

"What? Do you want to be destroyed?"

Avril sobbed, “No.”

"OK, so spread your small underdeveloped legs and do as you’re told, bitch!"

She had no chance and knew it so she slowly spread her young legs and, in a feeble voice asked, "Please, Alicia, kick my cunt!"

Alicia shrugged and smiled at Britney as she said, "As you wish, bitch!"

She stepped between Avril's open legs and fired a powerful kick straight down between them. She kicked so hard Avril's body was lifted two inches off the floor by her spasm of pain. With a tremendous scream, Avril's hand shot to her wounded womanhood, her eyes filling with tears. The pain was shocking and she was totally dazed, but not so much she couldn’t keep screaming and crying while the girls laughed and waited for her to stop crying. After a few minutes, Avril managed to stop sobbing and when Britney snapped her fingers and made a gesture, Avril struggled to stand up but kept her hands wedged tight between her quivering legs.

"Stop masturbating in front of us, bitch!" laughed Shakira. Avril moved her hands away from her womanhood and Shakira said "Why don't we all give her something to do?"

"Lemme start," gushed Willa Ford, clapping her hands excitedly. "This’s gonna be fun uh?” Then added, “For us bitch, not for you! I want to see if you’re a comfortable bitch. Down on all fours. FAST!"

Avril got on her hands and knees and Willa swung her leg over and straddled the small of her back. The Canadian teen's body could barely hold Willa’s weight and her back arched as it still hurt from Mandy and Christina's double bearhug. Willa bounced up and down on Avril's back a few times, bringing moans of pain from the teen.

"You aren’t very comfortable,” Willa told her. “Not enough meat on your bones. I’m done with you!"

Then Mandy Moore approached and told Avril, "You stupid bitch! Admit I’m the better singer!"

"Yes Mandy you’re much better,” said Avril hoping to avoid more punishment.

"Very well. Then, prove it by licking my boots. NOW!"

Avril bowed and started licking Mandy's boots. She didn't stop until Mandy got tired of it. Then, it was Beyoncé’s turn.

She forced Avril to her feet by the hair and told her, "See this microphone, bitch?" She waved a microphone in the face of the Canadian and said, "Open your mouth, stupid!" Avril realized what was going on, but Beyoncé was even harsher, "I want you to do it yourself. Take this microphone with your slutty hands and force it up into your mouth!"

Avril's eyes filled with tears of shame, but she obeyed and shoved the mike into her mouth until she gagged.

"Keep it there!" Beyoncé said cruelly.

Then to be sure she did, she pushed it a bit more into Avril's mouth. The Canadian teen could barely breath.

"She can't breath Beyoncé! Let's help her!" Shakira giggled.

The blonde Latina grabbed Avril's hair, pulled her face back with the microphone still hanging in her mouth, saliva dribbling from both sides. Then Shakira drove a tremendous knee lift to Avril's belly. The knee was so hard it actually blew the microphone from Avril's mouth.

"What soft abs you have, you poser bitch?" laughed Shakira as she put a hand on Avril's red, bare belly. "OK, on the floor now!"

Avril, still coughing, obeyed slowly. She lay on the floor on her back as Shakira sat on her ankles.

"Time to exercise that belly you little soft bitch. Start doing it!"

Ignoring the pain in her abs, Avril started working out, doing sit-ups until she was sweating heavily and unable to lift her body anymore.

"What the hell... Shakira! You’re leaving me with a sore sweaty bitch!" grumbled Alicia. "I don't want to touch that filthy body, bitch!" She took off one boot and planted her bare foot on Avril's face. "Open your filthy mouth cow!"

Avril obeyed, being her jaw one of the very few parts of her body she could still move without pain. Alicia forced her foot into Avril's mouth, moving it up and down as if screwing her with it. Avril could only choke and gasp for air as the Black teen's foot wiggled inside her mouth. After countless minutes of humiliation, Alicia took her foot out, wiped it using Avril's long hair and felt satisfied.

Britney lifted Avril's body by the hair and said, "Bad girl. You have been a bad, bad girl!"

She flipped up Avril's miniskirt, pulled the aching girl across her thighs and start spanking her. To avoid pain in her hand, Britney used that microphone that had been inside Avril's mouth. Avril's butt was totally black and blue when Britney finally stopped.

"Remember Avril,” Britney said, shaking her finger in Avril’s face. “You’re MINE for the rest of your pathetic life - or until I get tired of you. Next time, you WILL behave…won't you dear?"

Still crying, Avril nodded as she mumbled, "Ye…yes Britney! I’m yours. I’ll behave! I swear I will!"

"And what are you compared to us?" Britney prompted.

"I’m nothing. A poser shit…a worthless piece of crap! You’re all better than me. I don't even deserve to be licking your feet!"

"That's right! Tomorrow you go to the press and tell everybody what you think of us. Then come back to my place and lick the floor clean. Did you get that?"

"Yes Britney. Yes, whatever you want! Just don’t beat me any more." Britney lifted the vanquished teen's body with ease, held her a second then dumped her on the floor. "Very well. In fact, you can start now by licking my boots like you did for that slut Christina."

Avril's pink tongue flicked out onto Britney's red boots as she started licking.

The next day, Avril announced that she was a great fan of American teen pop stars and urged her fans to love Britney too. In the afternoon, she went to Britney's apartment and started licking her floor clean while Britney kicked her ass every now and then to hurry her up. Britney said she was very glad to have a new Canadian maid.