Lucy Lawless-Karen McDougal-Gena Lee Nolin-Jessica Simpson (+Jessica Alba-Halle Berry) by Tank
Karen was excited over her new role! She would be a star in a new film that would feature her as a heroine of a futuristic action-adventure. The full length movie takes place in the year 2091.The world is ruled by a huge conglomerate of corporations that are constantly feuding with each other for greater power and control. Public disputes are settled by a representative of each corporation engaging in hand to hand combat with the victor winning the dispute for their corporation. The fighting is held inside a small circular arena and ends when one combatant submits to the other after a painful submission hold has been applied. Though punching and kicking are allowed, it is wrestling skills which usually determine the victor.

The fighting has recently become the most popular sport in the United States with football falling to a distant second. The reason? The fighters who enter the circle clad in their bare essentials are NOT MEN; they are some of the sexiest women in the world!

Karen understood what to expect as she pulled her silver Porsche into the driveway of the producer's mansion. She felt she was perfect for the starring role and knew what it demanded. She was desperately in search of a high profile role that would finally propel her to the top of Hollywood's most famous actresses. So what that she would have to physically fight for the role! She was in her prime and as fit as she ever was. It was only fair that the winner of a four women single elimination wrestling tournament would gain the part of the ultimate heroine in the film. Not knowing who the other three women were who also applied for the part, the buff brunette parked her car and walked toward the doorway of the huge mansion in her red blouse and miniskirt.

A few minutes later, Gena Lee Nolin pulled her red Ferrari into the driveway behind Karen's Porsche. The blond beauty was also desperately seeking a role that would lift her back into the spotlight. From the time her Sheena TV series had been canceled, Gena had continued to work out to keep her shapely body in top form just in case such a role as this would present itself. She also knew that securing the role would entail her wrestling her Hollywood rivals into submission, but she was determined, confident, and still in her physical prime. Whoever her opponents would be, Gena was willing to fight as furiously as possible to obtain victory and gain her the much sought after role!

Wearing a black blouse and miniskirt, she brushed back her long blond hair and stretched her long silky legs before getting out of her car. She then began to strut gracefully toward the doorway of the producer's mansion. Gena was led inside the mansion and into a living room where she spotted Karen sitting with Jessica Simpson and ‘Xena’ star, Lucy Lawless. They were listening intently to the producer.

As the tall blond took her seat, Lucy arose from her sofa and took a seat next to Gena. "Looks like you're all mine, kitten!" she informed the blond as she leaned against Gena.

"Yes!" interrupted the producer. "It’ll be Lucy vs. Gena in the first match and Karen vs. Jessica will be the second. The two winners will meet tomorrow night at 10:00 to decide who gets the starring role. Any questions?" There were none. The four women had agreed to the terms and looked forward to their matches. "Remember, the matches must be won by submission only. The only exception is a sleeper hold which is allowed as well."

As Lucy and Gena were led into the combat room, a tiny carpeted spare room vacated of all furniture, the sound of two screaming women could be heard from another room nearby.

"Wait here, I'll be right back!" the producer told them as he rushed to the action.

Halle Berry vs. Jessica Alba

Halle Berry, who had a role in the film as the notorious wife of a corporate head and Jessica Alba, playing a wealthy heiress, had a hold of each other's hair as the producer rushed in! For some reason they had engaged in an argument over how a particular scene ought to go and their biting words led to a violent brawl! The two hellcats began tearing at each other's clothes and before long both women were topless as Halle stripped down to a black thong and Jessica to white panties.

"You REALLY ought to listen to ME!" shouted Halle as punched Jessica square in the face!

"Who the hell do you think you are?" answered Jessica as she returned fire.

Halle moved in and grabbed Jessica in a bearhug as the Latina beauty punched wildly. Pressing her large bare breasts into Jessica's, the dark beauty lifted her foe off her toes. Pulling the struggling brunette into her, Halle stepped back to regain her balance before launching a savage straight kick to her belly.

"Ooohhhhh!" Jessica crumpled to the carpet. The producer rushed in after the slender, busty black beauty dove on her hurting prey and pummeled her with a barrage of lefts and rights. He had his hands full before he finally pulled her off.

"I told you to listen to me, Miss Know It All!" Halle screamed while being restrained. A few minutes later, while things were finally settling down, Jessica tip-toed past Halle and the producer who were sitting on a sofa while the producer calmed Halle down.

"I can't work with that bully!" Jessica wept as she pointed at Halle. "I QUIT!" Then she ran out the door fearful the tough ebony beauty would attack her again!

Lucy Lawless vs. Gena Lee Nolin

Lucy and Gena were now ready for combat. The big brunette looked intimidating in her black and silver bikini while Gena stripped into a more revealing white bikini with gold trim. The signal was given and both women came out fighting! Lucy was quickly on Gena and as they struggled the big brunette twisted the blonde’s arm behind her back, then tripped her to the carpet. Lucy jumped on top of her lovely opponent as Gena struggled to power her off of her.

"Everyone knows Xena is too much woman for Sheena!" smiled the tough brunette as she pressed her bigger body into the blonde’s.

Lucy grabbed Gena's long blond hair and began to strike her head backward onto the carpet. It looked like an easy win for big Lucy. Then something surprising happened-at least surprising to those who do not know Gena Lee. The blond beauty wrapped her arms around the back of the brunette's neck and freed her legs from under Lucy's. As the powerful brunette continued to pull back on Gena's hair to strike her head to the carpet once more, the athletic blond pointed her knee into Lucy's womanhood as Gena arched her back upward.

In one motion, Gena dug her knee with all her might into Lucy's panties as she turned the brunette onto her side, her arms twisting Lucy's neck. Gena grunted as her knee dug into Lucy's womanhood, the blond now powering herself on top of the brunette. Lucy's eyes rolled and her mouth opened as Gena bucked up and down on Lucy, her knee doing all the damage. Tears welled up in Lucy's eyes as Gena ripped off her own bra, thrust her butt upwards and thudded her large, full, bare breasts on top of Lucy's face. Feeling her larger prey weakening drastically, the sensuous blond strained her arms and biceps around the brunette's neck, forcing Lucy's face into her breasts. The big brunette, unable to breathe began to quiver beneath her lovely blond tormentor as she continued to struggle in vain. Finally, Lucy could struggle no more and she passed out unconscious in Gena's arms!

As the blond beauty rose to her feet, she stared at her larger prey for a moment before grinning broadly, "Looks like Sheena was too much woman for Xena!"

Smiling at the producer, she began to strut alongside him into the living room where Karen and Jessica were waiting to do battle next. Both women were taken aback by Gena's victory since they’d both expected Lucy to come away victorious.

"I'll be here tomorrow at ten!" the conquering blond winked to the producer, knowing she had Karen and Jessica's full attention. "I expect it to be as much fun as tonight!" Then she made her way to the door and proudly left the mansion; pointedly showing she didn’t have a care in the world about which woman she’d be facing.

Jessica Simpson vs. Karen McDougal

Karen and Jessica were led into a similar vacated room since the producer did not wish to disturb Lucy Lawless who was still sleeping soundly after her encounter with Gena Lee. Karen stripped into a pink bra and thong; Simpson wore teal.

"I hope you don't underestimate me, honey. I'm a lot tougher than you think!" tiny Jessica warned.

"Yes. You already told me what an animal you are in the living room!" Karen retorted. "I thought you’d never shut up!"

The signal was given and the two ladies came out fighting. The two beauties locked hands in a test of strength. Karen overpowered Jessica and forced her to her knees. But the blond knew what she was doing. Falling to her butt, Jessica launched her legs out and wrapped them around the brunette beauty’s right leg. Twisting her hips, she dropped Karen back onto her butt. Jessica got up and dove on top of Karen, then began to choke her.

But the blonde’s moment was short-lived as Karen grabbed Jessica's wrists, arched her back and eventually powered the lovely but deadly blond off of her. They got to their feet and it was Jessica who was the aggressor and she grabbed Karen's long dark hair and yanked her head back. Jessica tried to maneuver herself behind Karen but the fit brunette, displaying her strength and agility, grabbed Jessica's hair and put her in a headlock, putting Jessica at a serious disadvantage.

Karen tightened her grip around the blonde’s head, her well muscled arms and hard biceps straining. Both women were barefoot and so Jessica began to frantically stomp on Karen's toes. This only encouraged the battling brunette to leap forward, pulling the blond down on the carpet with her. Karen retained her headlock as Jessica pulled her hair, struggling desperately to break the brunette beauty’s iron grip. Then Karen suddenly released Jessica and pinned her right arm behind her back as she positioned her buff body behind the feisty blond. Jessica reached back and tried to grab at Karen's breasts and succeeded in ripping off the brunette's pink bra and even tried to scratch Karen's face with her free left hand.

"Enough is enough, you little squirt!" Karen shouted angrily.

Releasing her half nelson, the fit brunette wrapped her arms around Jessica from behind in a powerful reverse bearhug and lifted her off her feet. The blond beauty gasped and wheezed as Karen pulled Jessica's body into her and increased the pressure; her sinewy forearms flexing just under Jessica's bra and rippling into her heavy breasts. Spittle began to dribble from Jessica’s mouth and soon she stopped struggling and passed out unconscious in Karen's arms!

The victorious brunette released her lovely victim and Jessica's upper body fell backward onto the carpet where she lay oblivious to the world around her. Karen rose and smiled at the producer before stalking sensuously out of the room. The next evening she’d face Gena for all the marbles!
At 10:00 PM the next evening, Karen, the 5'8" tall, lovely, well-muscled brunette, is sitting next to Gena, the 5'9" tall, athletic and beautiful blond as they size each other up for their match.

"NO MORE SLEEPER HOLDS!" the producer informed them. "I want SUBMISSIONS ONLY! I want one of you to prove BEYOND ANY DOUBT who the REAL woman is! Got it?"

The two beauties nod enthusiastically and then are led to their arena, a small carpeted workout room. There, they begin to strip down and change into their bikinis for combat. Both are confident; both are in desperate need of a crushing victory!

Karen stretched in her corner wearing an army fatigue bra and thong. Gena loosened up in her own corner sporting an equally revealing pink silk bra and thong. Both appeared well prepared for combat.

"I suppose you think you intimidate me in your little military outfit!" Gena chuckled at Karen. "Well, I’m quite DEADLY in pink!" she warned as she moved close to the brunette to resume her stretching.

"I'm going to enjoy forcing your butt to submit to me!" Karen fired back.

Before Gena could answer, the producer stepped into the center of the place of battle; a small, carpeted room vacated of furniture and reiterated the rules. "This is a wrestling match. There will be NO punching, kicking, scratching or biting. You can strike with your breasts and butts ONLY! Hair pulling is allowed. The match will end after one of you submits to the other. The winner will get the lead in my film. Questions?"

Gena spoke up, "What if I make the army girl in her little fatigues cry and scream for her mommy? Will I get a bonus?"

"Don't even THINK about it, blondie!" Karen shot back. "By the way, suppose I make this skinny blond princess BEG me to let her go. Wouldn't I deserve a bonus?"

The sultry blond defiantly placed her hands on her hips and asked, "Suppose I FORCE that army whore to promise to be my slave girl? I'd deserve a bonus for THAT, right?"

Not allowing the producer a chance to respond, Karen snarled, "What if I make blondie wet her little pink thong? Then you’d toss me a bonus wouldn’t ya?"

"OH, YEAH? You're the only thing that will be 'tossed' around tonight, honey!" Gena responded heatedly.

"LADIES, SHUT UP!" screamed the producer. "Winning the role is reward enough! But I will pay a $100,000 bonus if the submission hold is a leg scissors between the breasts and thighs. Happy?"

"GREAT!" exclaimed Karen, flexing her steely thighs and grinning at Gena.

"That's fine with ME!" responded the blond as she returned Karen’s grin. "Will you also pay for a sweaty breast smother?"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" the producer screamed impatiently. "When I give the signal, come out and WRESTLE!"

Karen McDougal vs. Gena Lee Nolin

The signal was given and the two beauties stalked toward each other cautiously. Then they locked hands and thrust their chests up, each seeking to overpower the other. Karen gained the advantage. Twisting Gena's arms together she backed up the blond and Gena's knees soon began to buckle. Quickly ripping her hands free, Gena leaped at Karen and executed a headlock. The athletic blond flexed her right bicep into Karen's head and began increasing the pressure. But the buff brunette swept her left leg under Gena's right leg and both women fell to the carpet. Gena, who fell a bit harder, tried to roll away from Karen.

But the agile brunette fitness queen latched onto the back of her thong with her hands and prevented her from escaping. Pulling and stretching the blonde’s pink silk bottom toward her, Karen gave out an ear piercing Amazon war cry as she released Gena's thong and pounced on her back. The battling blonde’s stretched bottom was not covering all it was supposed to as Gena reached back and yanked Karen's hair. But the brunette was in the driver's seat and took advantage by placing her hard biceps under Gena's arms and pushing her face into the carpet.

Gena struggles in vain to power the aggressive brunette off of her. Karen, looking for a submission, raises her lower body off of the blond. With Gena's shapely body forced onto her belly beneath her, Karen is preparing to wrap her legs around Gena's. Suddenly, the blond beauty thrusts her half naked butt upward and strikes Karen in her womanhood.

"OWWWWWW!" Karen squeals as Gena bucks into her like a wild bronco! Using her butt masterfully as one well formed battering ram, the lovely blond, gaining space, snaps her buns into Karen's belly and knocks her backward. She is then able to wiggle away from the fit brunette's clutches.

Both women are now sweaty and breathing deeply as they face each other on their knees. Gena moves in and slackly maneuvers herself behind Karen. As both beauties struggle, the blond is able to pin the brunette's right arm behind her back in a half nelson. Karen reaches behind with her left arm and headlocks Gena as the blond applies greater pressure on her right arm. The battle for supremacy is heated and furious!

Gena uses her left arm to help pry herself loose from Karen's headlock. Before the brunette can react, the determined blond, retaining her armlock, wraps her left arm around Karen's breasts and falls backward. Pulling the brunette onto her lap, Gena quickly clamps her shapely thighs around Karen's thighs and begins to squeeze.

"Your butt is MINE now!" the blond sneers. Gena grunts as she applies pressure. Karen flexes her tawny thighs and prevents the blond from squeezing her legs together tightly. The brunette finally rips her right arm free as Gena continues to strain and grunt. The battling blond is intent on forcing a leg scissors submission and earning the scissors bonus! Karen yanks Gena's left arm from around her breasts and twists her upper body toward Gena's. The blond continues to exhaust her energy on her leg scissors. Despite Gena's grunting and straining of her athletic thighs, she is still unable to squeeze Karen's strong thighs together as she had envisioned. Karen, now facing Gena, wraps her arms around her in a bearhug and grunts as she flexes her thigh muscles and breaks free of the blonde’s leg scissors.

Pushing her breasts into Gena’s, Karen forces her backward onto the carpet. Her knee digging into Gena's thigh, Karen twists on top of her. Karen's breasts are now pushing into Gena's while her legs are pressing down on the legs of the blond.

"You had your chance, kitten!" Karen chides as the lovely blond, feeling overpowered by the sexy brunette, struggles desperately to power Karen off of her. Gena is feeling the weaker of the two. But as Karen swipes to control her arms, the blond, still full of fight, grabs Karen's breasts like two melons and begins to squeeze. "OWWWWWW!" the brunette squeals. By the time Karen is able to rip Gena's hands off her breasts, the slick blond is not only able to roll the brunette off of her, but she tears off Karen's bra in the process!

Gena rolls a few feet from Karen and gets to her knees. The brunette struggles to her knees as well and takes a moment to breath deeply and rub her hurting breasts. Gena quickly stands up, steps forward, and dives on top of Karen, bowling her over onto her back. Now Gena's breasts are pressing into Karen's and her legs on top of Karen's legs. Karen wraps her arms around Gena and tries to twist the blond hellcat off of her. She manages to twist Gena to her side and ends up on top. But the blond is able to twist and roll on top of Karen again. The twisting and rolling continues with both ladies bearhugging, their large, full breasts pressing into each other. Hairpulling to gain precious leverage is also employed by both combatants.

Karen yanks off Gena's bra during the wild and sensual skirmish which ends temporarily with Karen flipping Gena off of her. Both beauties rise to their knees about five feet from each other. Breathing deeply, sweating profusely, topless and weary; yet still very determined, they face each other and move forward on their knees to engage in battle once again.

Granting themselves a brief period to gain back their strength, they attack each other with full fury. Gena captures Karen in a headlock while the brunette wraps her arms around the blonde’s waist. Both strain their biceps but is Gena who appears to have the upper hand. The former Baywatch beauty forces Karen's head down within a few inches of the carpet as the fit brunette strains her forearms and biceps tightly around Gena's belly. The blond is wincing from the pressure as she continues to strain and flex her right bicep around Karen's head. The determined brunette slides her arms down Gena's hips and begins to apply pressure around the blonde’s womanhood which is partly exposed from her loosely hanging pink thong being stretched by Karen earlier in the match.

"OWWWWW!" Gena yelped.

Karen quickly lifted the blond off her knees and pulled Gena onto her lap. Releasing her grip, Karen quickly grabbed Gena's arms. Pinning the blonde’s left arm behind her back, the lovely brunette with a new burst of energy, pried Gena's arm loose from what was left of her headlock and twisted it behind her back as well. Karen now had Gena on her lap in a full nelson as the blond struggled and groaned.

Gena knew what was coming next. The thought of the brunette fitness beauty wrapping her muscular thighs around her was more than she could bear! She began to buck backward into Karen as she spread her legs wide to prevent the brunette from capturing them in the dreaded leg scissors. Gena instinctively began to kick down on Karen, forgetting that kicking was not allowed. She strained her arms but could not rip them free from her rival's full nelson. Gena raised her near naked butt off Karen's lap to strike down into her crotch with full impact; a maneuver successful earlier in the contest. But as she raised her butt Karen, as if awaiting the right moment, immediately lifted her legs and clamped them around Gena's upper thighs.

The blond beauty groaned and squirmed as Karen slowly lowered Gena back onto her lap. Both women flexed their thighs. Karen looked relaxed, her large breasts, sweat glistened and undulating as her hard nipples pushed into Gena's back. The lovely blond was grunting, squirming, and groaning as she strained her thighs to the max. But Gena's efforts were to no avail. She was unable to budge the brunette beauty's thighs from around her. Breathing deeply, Karen began to flex her tawny, sensuous, muscular thighs around Gena's sleek, shapely, silky thighs like an amazon boa constrictor around a young doe. Gena's mouth opened and tears raced down her cheeks.

"Give up, Gena?” Karen asked as if she was in no hurry for her captured prey to submit to her. Gena groaned and squirmed but said nothing.

Karen tightened her full nelson and rippled her thigh muscles even tighter; flexing her powerful thighs barely an inch below the blonde’s exposed womanhood.

The valiant blond had no choice. "I...GIVE..!"

"YOU WHAT?” Karen asked sternly, her army fatigue thong pressing into what was left of Gena's skimpy pink bottom.

"PLEASE, KAREN....I..GIVE UP!LET ME GO!” the blond beauty sobbed.


"I'M SORRY I SAID THAT!” Gena whimpered.

"DIDN'T YOU ALSO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT MAKING ME YOUR SLAVE GIRL, GENA HONEY?” Karen was looking into the blonde’s blue eyes with a smile on her face.


Karen was satisfied and released her conquered prey. Gena burst out crying, her head falling back onto Karen's bare breasts. The victorious brunette slowly rose to her feet and looked down upon her vanquished victim. Gena, her large bare breasts sweat glistened, was quivering and bawling loudly as she lay on the carpet.

"I give her credit," Karen told the producer. "She was a tough opponent!"

"Congratulations, Karen!" the producer answered. You can report for work next week. Now get some rest. I'll make sure Gena is alright."

Karen left the mansion sore but very proud. Though she ended up dominating the sexy blond, she felt it may be a long time before she would fight a tougher woman than Gena!

EPILOGUE: (extra added surprise match)

In the six weeks since her encounter with Gena, Karen had proved gracious in victory, sending Gena a card wishing her well. The two beauties even made arrangements to work out at a private Hollywood gym open only to celebrities. One evening as they took turns on the bench press, they were getting glaring daggers from Demi Moore and Paris Hilton who were waiting for them to finish.

Paris, who had been drinking earlier, staggered over and complained to Gena, “Demi’s getting pissed off at how long you're taking. She’d appreciate it if you left. You're delaying our workout!”

"Who made HER Queen of the Gym?" Gena grumbled as Karen spotted her in putting down the weights.

"I'll tell her you said that, but she's NOT gonna like it!” Paris snapped as she strolled back to where Demi was sitting.

Gena was wearing a silver top and shorts while Karen sported the same in blue. They watched Paris in her white evening gown of all things whispering in Demi's ear. The buff "Striptease" star was dressed in a scarlet top and tight gym shorts.

"Looks like trouble!” Karen told Gena as Demi began to strut back toward the duo at the bench press station.

"You think who the hell you are!” Demi lit into Gena. "I've been waiting to use this machine for a half hour and you can't seem to get your ass off it!"

"We haven't been using it that long!” Karen interrupted.

"Wait, Karen! This is my fight!” Gena responded. The tall blond stood up and stared at Demi as Paris made her way behind her brunette companion sipping a cocktail.

"There’s a little steam room where we can have some privacy," Demi told Gena as she pointed her finger in the direction. Meet me there in five minutes."

"And don't be late, blondie!” added Paris as if forgetting she was blond as well while slurping her drink through a straw.

"I'll be there!” answered Gena. Demi wiggled her butt at Gena and walked away with Paris giggling behind her.

"Gena, would you rather I fight her?” Karen offered.

"I told you…this is MY fight, Karen,” Gena answered somewhat testily, glaring at her ‘friend.’ “You keep out of it!”

When Gena walked into the steam room, Demi was waiting for her and attacked immediately. She bowled into Genar and knocked her to the floor. Demi jumped on top of Gena and Paris rushed in to stomp Gena while Demi held her down. Fortunately for Gena, Karen was nearby and she rushed over to help. Paris turned to confront Karen while Demi and Gena struggled on the floor.

As Paris drew back to hit her, Karen grabbed her arm and pulled her into a bearhug. There was a bench in the corner of the room and Karen carried the struggling Paris in the bearhug over to it. Sitting down on the bench, Karen dropped the blond kicking and flailing blond bimbo onto her lap and began to spank her tight little ass.


"Stop it! You're hurting me!" Paris screamed.

"Now now, Paris; you know two against one isn’t fair!” Karen answered as she held the tall blond in place on her lap and continued to spank her.


Meanwhile, Gena had flipped Demi off of her and got to her feet. They engaged in a slugfest with both women landing powerful blows. Gena, about five inches taller than Demi, began to take control after she landed several jabs to the brunette's face. Tired of beating up Gena's fists with her face, the tough brunette tried to get inside her defense.

Lowering her head, Demi charged Gena and drove her back into a corner. The athletic brunette then head-butted the tall blond in the belly doubling her over. Demi stepped back, lowered her head and charged. But this time the blond beauty, stood up and snapped her knee out, catching the aggressive brunette flush on the jaw! Demi crumpled unconscious at Gena’s feet!

Karen, holding the wailing Paris over her knee, watched Gena’s battle intently. When Demi hit the floor and lay still, she shouted, "Good work, Gena!"

Karen pushed Paris off her lap onto the floor, stepped over her and went to embrace her victorious blond friend.

"I'm in the mood for a drink Karen," Gena said, breathing heavily as she put her arm around Karen’s waist. "She’s a tough woman!"

"I'll buy the first round!" Karen offered.

The two athletic beauties, both sweating profusely, strutted out of the steam room. By the time Paris awakened Demi, they had the entire gym to themselves to use as they wished and Demi - who would always get aroused by a good fight - had Paris right where she wanted her...alone!