Lucy Lawless vs. Gena Lee Nolin-Jungle Catfight © by John J. All rights reserved.

At the time, Gena didn't think much of her offhand comment to a reporter when asked about a possible fight between Sheena and Xena. She remembered she'd said she'd just turn into a lion and tear Xena to shreds. She hadn't thought to make it off the record, but she hadn't thought it would be publicized across the entire world on the Internet either. When the call came from Lucy, Gena wasn't surprised, but she didn't think it was a big deal either.

Gena picked up the insistently ringing phone and said, "Hello?"

"So, you'll tear me to shreds, huh slut?" Lucy hissed venomously.

Gena tried to stay calm as she said, "Look, I was just...."

But Lucy interrupted and snapped, "I don't give a shit WHY you said it. You DID say it, right you bitch?"

Gena grew angrier and fired back, "Yeah. I did. So what?"

Lucy shot, "How about we meet at the 'Sheena' studio set in two hours and I'll beat your anorexic ass into the ground and wring an apology out of that pencil neck?"

Gena seethed, "I can take your fat ass any time, bitch. And even better, I'll prove what I said. You may be bigger and tougher, possibly even stronger, but I'm smarter, faster and stronger. More importantly, I've beaten the shit out of bigger, tougher chicks than you before!"

Lucy fumed as she fired back, "Oh yeah? Then I guess we'll just see who wins, won't we?"

"Fine," Gena said as she slammed down the phone. "Two hours it is, bitch!"

She drove to the studio and went to the back lot which was dressed as a jungle. She about an hour after her talk with Lucy and paced for over an hour as she waited impatiently for Lucy to show. Just as Gena had made up her mind to go home and do something worthwhile, figuring Lucy had chickened out, the squealing of tires announced that a car had pulled up in the studio lot, Lucy's car!

Even before the car stopped rolling, Lucy sprang out and, after adjusted her little red crop top and hiking up her matching shorts, red high heels started to click on the concrete as she strode purposefully toward the door. She turned the knob and, finding it open, stepped inside to find Gena with her hands crossed under her heaving bosom, tapping her foot impatiently. The brunette looked her blonde rival up and down and saw that Gena was dressed in similar attire to hers, but in royal blue.

Gena snarled, "You're late....bitch!"

Lucy returned, "Screw you....slut!"

Gena looked Lucy up and down slowly, then hissed, "I'm So glad you decided to show up for this ass kicking. I thought you stood me up."

Lucy glared back a moment, then chuckled, "Miss this? Me? No way! I'm looking forward to it. I'm just surprised YOU’RE here. I figured you’d run and hide like a scared little bunny rabbit."

Gena laughed, "Scared? Me? Of you? Oh, puh-lease!"

"Talk is getting us nowhere,” Lucy sneered. “Are we just going to stand and argue or settle this…woman to woman?"

Though her voice didn't show it, the big brunette was a bit rattled Gena was standing up to her face to face. Indeed, Gena didn't seem the least bit intimated! At 5'9" Gena wasn’t much shorter than six footer Lucy, but Lucy was much bigger and bulkier than the curvy blonde. Gena locked the outside door, then led Lucy to the back of the set to a rear section that was set up as a tropical jungle. Gena had already checked everything out and she was sure they were the only two people in the studio.

"This should be plenty private for our discussion," assured Gena.

Lucy looked around and nodded, "This’s fine!"

Gena smiled as she said, "No one else is around, even security can’t get in here."

Lucy gave a wicked smile as she said, "Let's get it on, then!"

Gena walked across the artificial grass and turned to face Lucy, raising her fists as she snickered, "Any time you want, whore!"

Lucy’s face flushed at Gena's taunt and she angrily charged the smirking blonde. As Lucy rushed her, Gena sidestepped gracefully and stuck her foot between Lucy's legs, bringing the big brunette down hard on her chest and belly. Gena moved in and grabbed Lucy's legs, working them over into a painful double-toed leglock. The blonde pressed down hard, putting her whole body weight into the hold as she bent Lucy’s legs back until she compressed her calves against the back of her thighs.

As Gena worked the leglock, Lucy reached an arm back and managed to grab a fistful of blonde hair. With a hard yank, she pulled Gena off to the side. As Gena tumbled and rolled off the brunette, she tried to pull away, but Lucy had her hair and Gena didn't roll far. Using her hair, Lucy ‘helped’ Gena to her feet with a vicious yank and clamped her other hand like a vice onto the blonde's throat and began to squeeze. Gena gasped as she pulled at Lucy's fingers and wrist trying to get the brunette's hand away so she could catch her breath.

The brunette just laughed at Gena’s struggles as she hoisted the blonde into the air, holding her in a one-hand choke hold. Lucy held Gena in that position for a few seconds, just to make the point that she had the strength to do it while Gena continued her unsuccessful struggling. With the blonde firmly in her grasp, Lucy tore away Gena's tiny blue crop top and, then in a quick move, put the blonde flat on her back with a nasty chokeslam! Gena groaned as she hit the hard ground, her bare boobs bouncing and jiggling as her body slacked the ground and she gave an audible moan.

Lucy smirked as she looked down at the blonde at her feet, her chest heaving, and told her, "If you give up now, little blondie, I may show mercy and not beat all the crap out of you."

Gena gasped as she sucked in air, ", bitch!"

Lucy laughed, "Oh, silly girl. You had your only chance. Stupid blonde!"

She stepped back to create some room to gather speed, then charged toward Gena. As Lucy rushed in, Gena pivoted her legs toward her and Lucy gasped with a shocked expression on her face as she saw what was going to happen. Gena kicked out with both high heels just as the brunette came into range. Lucy cringed as one heel slammed into her gut and the other struck square in her thinly clad pussy. Lucy screeched in pain as she dropped like a ton of bricks, clutching her throbbing crotch while Gena pulled herself up to her feet and moved to Lucy, took hold of Lucy's legs and spread them wide.

Gena snarled, "I fuckin' HATE being called a STUPID...(stomp) BLONDE...(stomp) YOU...(stomp) DAMN...(stomp) WHORE…(stomp)!"

As she spoke, Gena emphasized her words with hard stomps of her heels into Lucy's already aching cunt. With Lucy's body racked with pain from the vicious pussy stomping she'd gotten, Gena had no trouble easily maneuvering around behind Lucy to set herself for her next move. Giving a tug on Lucy's long, dark, hair Gena pulled the brunette’s head into a figure-4 headscissors. Gena showed the tremendous strength in her luscious thighs as she tightened them around Lucy's neck. With her calf clamped down on Lucy's Adam’s apple, Gena squeezed her thighs, tightening her muscles as her calf dug into the brunette's neck, choking her!

Lucy tried to muscle out of Gena's headscissors hold. She bridged and tried to lift her body up as she swung her legs from side-top-side, straining to free herself from Gena's powerful legs. Her lack of oxygen, however, quickly began to take a toll and her struggle weakened. Lucy's deep panting grew more rapid and her flushed face darkened in color as she tried to get some air but Gena had no intention of allowing that to happen. Gena kept the pressure on and used her arms for extra leverage as she squeezed as hard as she could until Lucy gasped in pain; feeling her head was about to explode from the pressure.

Keeping the scissors hold secure, Gena reached down and with a quick swipe, ripped Lucy's crop top off, retaliating for her earlier attack. The blonde let the flimsy top flutter to the ground as she sank her nails into Lucy's heaving boobs. The blonde raked her nails over Lucy’s luscious cleavage, leaving a trail of bloody furrows in her soft, pale flesh. Gena continued the tit attack, plucking at Lucy's erect nipples, twisting and tugging them viciously while Lucy yelped in pain whenever Gena squeezed her tender nipples.

Lucy gritted her teeth against the pain and mustered her strength, trying to unhook the blonde's legs and free herself. After expending lots of energy, she managed to wedge Gena's legs apart with her elbow and escaped from her powerful scissors. Lucy rolled over and scrambled away on her hands and knees gulping down precious fresh air while Gena rolled the other way and got to her feet, shaking her legs to work out the cramping caused by the amazing pressure she’d brought to bare.

Gena went quickly back on the attack as she grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled Lucy to her feet. As she got her feet under her, Lucy drilled a hard punch to Gena's midriff and the blonde gasped as Lucy's fist drove deep into her belly and she doubled over as air rushed from her lungs. The brunette yanked her fist back gave Gena's shoulders a hard shove, straightening the blonde up just as she spun and backfisted Gena across the mouth. Her head whipped to the side as the fist landed solidly, then staggered backward struggling to remain on her feet!

Lucy chased after her hurting adversary and quickly caught the blonde as she wrapped her powerful arms around Gena's midriff. With a sadistic smirk, Lucy squeezed as she lifted Gena’s feet off the ground in a bearhug, making Gena grunt and groan with each squeeze. Gena's mind raced as she thought of how to get free for being trapped in the bearhug was playing into Lucy's fight tactics, not hers! As Lucy squeezed again, Gena snapped her head forward and butted Lucy in the face. Lucy screamed as Gena's forehead busted her nose open. Once more, Gena slammed her head into Lucy's face, bringing a steady flow of blood from her nose and causing the bearhug to weaken. When Gena felt the hold weakening, she pried Lucy's arms apart and pulled squirmed free.

While Lucy preoccupied herself with her copiously bleeding nose, Gena gulped in a mouthful of air and, then nimbly scampered behind Lucy so quickly the brunette didn't even notice she was no longer in front of her. Gena jumped on Lucy's back, surprising the big brunette as she clamped her forearm around Lucy's neck and locked it in place with her other arm for leverage. Gena used the lifeguard training she got on "Baywatch" in how to immobilize a struggling swimmer and subdued Lucy.

Lucy desperately squirmed, wriggled and bucked in Gena's grasp, but the blonde had her and it wasn’t long before Lucy dropped to her knees, light-headed from the lack of oxygen with Gena still on her back. Gena moved her arms to secure a full nelson but as she shifted position, Lucy suddenly bucked hard and Gena yelped as she was tossed from her perch atop Lucy’s back. Gena instinctively rolled away as she tumbled and it was good she did, for Lucy got up and stomped at Gena's pussy! The blonde rolled out of the way just seconds before Lucy's high heel buried itself in the ground!

Gena saw Lucy's stomp out of the corner of her eye and realized how narrow her escape had been. As Lucy pulled her heel out of the sod, the blonde stopped rolling and twisted her hips, pivoting on her luscious butt. Lucy was knocked off her feet and dropped right on her ass when Gena swept her legs out from under her.

The blonde got to her feet and quickly grabbed Lucy's leg, spun and twisted Lucy's leg around her leg. With a wicked smile, the blonde pressed down on Lucy's trapped leg as she applied a painful step-over toehold. Lucy groaned in pain and beat the ground with her fists as Gena poured on the pressure, working over her leg as Lucy tried to remain focused despite her pain. Lucy took careful aim and with a quick motion, she raised her free foot and kicked! Her heel struck Gena’s shoulder and knocked her back. Gena yelped in pain when the kick connected and she stumbled, her arms wind-milling as backpedaled trying to keep her balance.

Lucy pulled herself to her feet to go after the blonde but when she tried to run after Gena, her leg wouldn't comply. The throbbing pain in her leg held her to a walking pace and by the time she reached Gena, the blonde was ready. As Lucy came within range and swung her fist at the blonde's head, Gena easily ducked the heavy punch and answered by kicking Lucy's injured leg. Lucy yelped when Gena's heel smacked solidly into the side of her knee and she hopped backward on one foot, frantically trying to stay upright and on her feet.

Gena saw and opening and she rushed in while Lucy teetered off balance. She ran full speed with her arm extended. Her strong arm connected with the big brunette's neck and Lucy’s legs flew into the air, her body parallel to the ground; then she dropped flat on her back!

Lucy lay gasping and gagging, then slowly rolled onto her side, out of breath and in a lot of pain. Gena continued to attack, putting a hard elbow smash onto Lucy's heaving bare breasts.

The cruel blonde went for a second elbow smash, aiming lower, and Lucy screamed in pain as Gena’s elbow smashed solidly between her legs. The big brunette sat up, grabbed her crotch, then fell back and rolled around on her back hold her aching pussy. Gena stayed on top of her, stomping Lucy's cunt as the brunette tried to use her legs to keep the blonde away while she got a chance to regroup. One of Gena’s stomps missed and hit Lucy's thigh, but the second found its mark, bringing a loud howl of pain from Lucy.

Again, Gena grabbed a fistful of black hair and used it to force Lucy to her feet. Keeping a solid hold of her hair, Gena powered her knee up fast and then smiled meanly as Lucy's head snapped back and she toppled over on her back, with her nose bleeding even worse than before as what had slowed to a trickle of blood now increased to a steady flow once again; streaming across the brunette's face.

Gena shook the clump of dark hair from her fingers and moved in fast. She jumped and came down with a perfectly aimed leg drop; her heavy thigh smashing down on Lucy's throat. The big brunette's legs convulsed upward and fell hard after the leg drop hit. Lucy gasped and gurgled as she struggled to breathe. Gena scrambled to her feet and stomped Lucy's gut to drive even more air out of her.

But this time when Gena's foot came down, Lucy had rolled away and Gena's heel hit nothing but open ground. With a quick move, Lucy kicked back hard with both legs in a mule kick. Gena groaned and staggered backward as both of Lucy's high heels connected solidly with her midriff. She sucked in air as she fought to keep her feet under her. While Gena stabilized herself, Lucy pulled herself up to her feet.

Gena moved in and shot her high-heeled foot upward as Lucy was still rising to reset herself and Gena's heel slammed into her jaw! Gena followed her reeling opponent and shot another kick at her head but this time, Lucy was ready and as Gena kicked, she grabbed her ankle and twisted violently. Gena yelped as she spun off her feet and slammed face-first to the ground with Lucy still holding her leg.

Lucy dropped on the blonde's back with a breath-taking big splash, then Gena moaned as Lucy yanked her up by the hair. Lucy repeated her earlier tactic, grabbing Gena in a bearhug. Gena groaned and after a short time found she was unable to catch her breath. Lucy had the hold on solidly. Gena tried to repeat her previous escape and head-butt her, but this time Lucy was holding the blonde slightly differently and her head was in a spot where Gena couldn't easily hit her with a head butt.

Gena panicked as she searched for other ways to get free. Then she suddenly slammed her knee upward into Lucy's open crotch. Lucy's eyes shot wide open as she screamed in pain. Gena had once again attacked her already bruised and tender cunt. Lucy immediately released her bearhug and stumbled back holding her pussy, her eyes filling with tears and her lips quivering.

The blonde paused to suck down some air, then moved into position to attack. She gave herself room for a running start, then charged at Lucy and jumped, shooting out both legs to give Lucy a huge drop-kick to her already aching boobs. Lucy went sprawling on her ass as the drop-kick connected solidly. Gena swung around behind the dazed brunette and caught her in a sleeper Lucy kicked her legs, swiveled her hips and groped back over her shoulders with both hands as she struggled mightily to pull free. But Gena had the hold locked on and it didn't take more than a minute before Lucy’s struggles stopped as she was knocked out by the sleeper hold.

Gena snickered as she let Lucy fall on her back, stood up and posed over her knocked out rival’s still body. Panting, the blonde walked slowly over to the set office. She filled a coffeepot with water, brought it back and slowly drizzled it over Lucy’s face until she came to coughing and sputtering. But as soon as Lucy tried to move, Gena gave her another elbow drop to her throbbing pussy. Lucy screamed in pain and almost passed out as her cunt was battered yet again. Then Gena swung the empty coffeepot back and whacked Lucy in the head. Lucy's eyes glazed over and she flopped back, all but out.

Gena giggled as she crawled between the brunette's legs, put her hands on the insides of Lucy’s muscular thighs and slowly wedged her long legs as far apart as she could. She smiled cruelly as she slowly rubbed her hand up and down on Lucy’s black and blue pussy, then slowly closed her fingers and dug in with a crotch claw. Lucy’s body jerked and she gave a sob when Gena dug her fingers in deep and hard, working the claw hold with all the technique she’d learned from Shannen Doherty.

Gena hissed, "Give up, bitch!"

Lucy, her hands over her face, just sobbed, "Noooooo… way!"

Gena forced her fingers a little deeper and repeated her demand, "I know this hurts horribly. I'm not asking again, slut! Give up, NOW!"

Lucy arched her back, her fists clenched, but she gasped through teeth clenched against her pain, "Fuck….. you….. bitch!"

Gena continued to pour on the pressure, not asking for surrender again. For her part, Lucy stubbornly refused to give and Gena was growing frustrated by the inability of the pussy claw to get a submission as easily as it had from the likes of Charlize Theron and Catherine Bell. Finally, her hand throbbing, Gena released the claw and flipped the near unconscious brunette over onto her belly. There, she slipped on a full nelson as Lucy tried weakly to pull free before Gena locked the hold in; but she couldn't and Gena got the hold on tight.

Gena kept the full nelson locked on as she straddled Lucy’s back, sliding forward to add pressure to Lucy's neck. As Gena let more and more of her weight bare down on the brunette's neck, Lucy sobbed aloud. Gena slid a little higher and Lucy yelped again. Finally, after several long minutes, Lucy again passed out from the pain. Still, Lucy never gave Gena the surrender the blonde wanted. Gena was pleased with the double knock out though, she’d definitely proved herself the better fighter against another bigger, tougher woman.

Gena put on the change of clothes she’d brought with her as she watched Lucy, who was just starting to stir when Gena finished.

"Any time you wanna try for a rematch, just give me a call Luce, honey," Gena laughed as she strutted away with a little extra wiggle in her ass and an extra spring in the step of her high heels.

Lucy heard Gena's car screech off as she sat up, her head buried in her hands as she sobbed at the humiliation of losing to a smaller, lighter girl! Her mind raced with thoughts of demanding a rematch with the blonde, but her common sense told her to just let it go. After a lot of deliberation, Lucy decided to not mess with Gena again, at least as long as she kept her mouth shut about their fight!