Brandy Ledford vs Simmone Mackinnon by SimGuy 22-May-00

Setting: On set at the Baywatch command center - dorms in the back, front reception etc. For those unfamiliar, these are the two natural rivals on the Baywatch Hawaii show - Simmone is the red head Aussie chick, Brandy plays a buxom blonde strength and conditioning coach.

Motivation: Simmone had been the big dog - Hasselfoff brings in Ledford to beef up the blonde factor - tensions result that have to be resolved. Fight is apartment style, Stacey Kamano follows the battle to count pins.

Attire: Simmone in red push up and panties, Leford in purple push up and panties, Kamano in black push up, tiger print boy cut shorts.

Picture 1: Mackinnon takes the lead ramming Ledford head first through the doorway to her room. Girls are side by side, Simmone looking furious, teeth bared, hands in Ledford's hair as Brandy stumbles groggily, left arm lazy around Simmone's waist.

Picture 2: Simmone has thrown Brandy onto the bed and is captured midleap, red curls wild about her face, knees drawn up to plunge down onto her stricken opponent. Ledford looks panicked, lying on her back, left knee drawn up, hands up in futile attempt to ward off Simmone's kamikaze attack.

Picture 3: Mack still in charge. Shot is her standing, right profile shows her fury, left hand behind Brandy's neck, right out to the side ready to pitch the blonde across the room into the closet. Ledford taking a beating, looks hurt, bracing herself to be thrown.

Picture 4: Brandy on her knees, back to the closet, throwing a hard right hand low blow WWF style. Shot is Brandy's cheek on Simmone's hip, left hand on Simmone's thigh with the right curling between the red head's legs, fist clenched tight against Mackinnon's high buttocks. Simmone standing, head thrown back in a tortured wail as she soaks up the punishment.

Picture 5: Side by side, seated on the edge of the bed. Brandy on the right, smiles as she digs a right hand knife edge chop into Simmone's firm tummy. Simmone in frank pain, mouth open, eyes clenched tight as her body cringes with the blow.

Pictures 6,7,8: Standing brawling, various angles of Ledford pounding away with right hands against Simmone's head. Brandy punches Mackinnon into the reception area - shots generally show Mack reeling back, face agonized as Ledford drills her in the forehead or temple, connecting with knuckles or the side of her fist to keep the red head groggy. General impression is Brandy slugging, then stalking as Mack stumbles around the room.

Pictures 9,10: Kicking shots - Ledford continuing to brawl, Mackinnon getting ragdolled. Brandy kicks with gusto - right leg bent at the knee, arms above her head, smiling wickedly as Mackinnon arches back, hands in the air, stepping forward to apparently walk into the kicking blows to her torso.

Picture 11: Ledford in complete control, just breaking her girl down now. She has Simmone bent over a desk - Mackinnon's head sleepily turned towards the camera as Brandy works behind her. Ledford workmanlike, holds Simmone down with a left at her hip, right hand cocked to punch against the red head's kidney area. Brandy working with a little smile that says "I've got her!" as she stares intently at the victim's lower back.

Picture 12: Simmone all but out, sitting with her back to cupboards, legs V stretched in front her - Ledford on her knees in between Simmone's legs, pumping short lefts and rights into the redhead's taut midsection and plump breasts. Mack taking woozily, Ledford just bouncing her fists off the red head's body, hair obscuring her eyes, but she's got a business like expression as she works.

Picture 13: Ledford leaning against Simmone who seems limp - unresponsive, mouth pouting open, eyes closed. Brandy crushes the seated red head back against the cupboards with a forearm and shoulder against Simmone's upperchest and cheek, left hand stretching Mackinnon's right arm out for a pin against the cupboards. Kamano slaps out a count against the cold tiled floor in the background.

Picture 14: Brandy with that cocky smile, hands in the air, standing and facing the camera - Simone slumped over to her side, still seated against the cupboards, beaten on the floor in the background. Kamano on her haunches, looks over with concern at the sleeping redhead. Winner: Brandy Ledford.

Postfight analysis: Ledford surprised Mackinnon with roughouse tactics, never letting the redhead use her strong dancer's legs, and keeping the pressure on once the low blow had turned things around. A stunned and battered Simmone hadn't expected to lose, much less get handled so easily - a sobering experience made more so by Brandy's insufferable attitude on set in the days to follow.