Legend of Zeta Chapter 3: Pt. 1 - Stacy Keibler v Cat Bell by legman

For the sexy masked crime fighter Zeta, rest was a rare commodity. Since the voluptuous brunette first donned her body-flattering black leotard, corset and tights, she’d been called upon to vanquish a seemingly never-ending string of criminals. Yet as the dawn rose on the home she shared with husband Antonio Banderas-Jones, Zeta was beginning what would be a long rest. Asleep in the personnna of Antonio’s demure and devoted wife, Catherine “Zeta” Jones, the town of Roseland’s champion of truth and justice was mending after the brutal fight with evil Sharon Stone and her henchwoman, Uma.

Zeta had defeated both, ending Sharon’s life by turning the villain’s own knife against her, then tossing Uma in jail for many years to come. Yet Zeta hadn’t emerged unscathed from the titanic struggle. In fact, for the first time in one of her many battles against criminals, Zeta had actually been badly injured; suffering a broken sternum from Stone’s powerfully kicking long, strong legs. For a month, maybe two, she would have no choice but to rest, avoiding any physical effort that could aggravate her injuries. And so while the lovely Catherine Jones was seen on a daily basis around town, her alter ego, Zeta - much to the townspeople’s dismay - was nowhere to be seen.

Of course, as so often happens, no sooner had Sharon and Uma been removed from the scene than another villainess arrived to fill the power vacuum created by the dastardly duo’s disappearance. Only this time, Zeta was strangely absent when a menacing cloud cast its dark shadow over the town, intent on defeating Zeta and sucking all of the riches out of the thriving town. The new threat came in the form of yet another tall, leggy blonde. Her name was Stacy Keibler and in a short period of time she’d become one of the most dangerous and diabolical women the West had ever known!

Stacy was unusually tall for a woman of her era, nearly 6 feet in her stocking feet. She’d sharp, radiant facial features, long blonde hair and dark, piercing eyes and her lithe body was incredibly fit and toned. But for some her most amazing feature was her long, slender legs which never seemed to end. And Stacy wasn’t shy about showing off her legs either! On a daily basis she wore skimpy outfits with bright, shiny tights and high heels designed to draw attention to her fabulous limbs.

Stacy’s reign of terror began several years earlier when she was an unknown dance hall girl in the town of Dodge, working in a wild saloon owned by Wild Bill Bell and his wife, Cat. One of the main attractions of their saloon was wrestling matches that pitted Cat against any female challenger who dared step in the ring with her. Catherine “Cat” Bell was tall, busty, a shapely brunette who was also a skilled wrestler. She claimed to have a perfect record in the ring and had been rewarded by her husband Bill with a solid gold garter - now was prominently displayed in the saloon whenever Cat wasn’t wearing it on her shapely legs as she paraded around Dodge.

Stacy’s thirst for fame and riches led her to train with an incredible fervor until she thought she was an even greater wrestler than Cat. Then Stacy, using her powerful legs and expert skills, punished Cat Bell as she defeated the owner’s wife one night to claim her golden garter. Then Stacy turned on her seductive charm and in a matter of days she’d convinced Bill to leave Cat and marry her.

The wedding was the biggest social event of the year in Dodge and Stacy was dressed to thrill in a low-cut, clingy white halter top mini-dress with lace trim and showed off miles of long leg encased in bright white tights. Her stiletto heels made her look like a giantess as she walked down the aisle wearing Cat’s golden garter about her left thigh.

All was proceeding smoothly that day until the minister asked if anyone objected when a shout of, “I do!” rang out.

Everyone, including the bride and groom, turned and gasped when they saw Cat standing there. Only Cat wasn’t dressed like the others guests in the old church. Cat was dressed like a messenger boy, though the west had never quite seen one like this before. She was decked out all in red, with a circular red, bellboy cap atop her short black hair. Her body was tilted to show her curvy figure as she held her left hand behind her head with her right on her hip. The skin-tight two-piece outfit consisted of a short-sleeved top with a keyhole opening baring the top and sides of her large, rounded bosom…the bare skin of her flat, firm stomach giving way to short red briefs above red thigh-high stockings. Gold high heels completed her outfit.

“I got a message for you, Billy Boy,” Cat continued. “Your red-hot wife is back in town and better than ever; so it’s time to ditch that blonde bimbo because I’m taking back my man - and my golden garter!”

There was no sign of distress on Stacy’s radiant face as she turned to Bill, handed him her bridal bouquet and purred, “Could you hold these? This shouldn’t take long.” She gave Bill a peck on the cheek, turned and looked down the aisle at Cat, a scowl twisting her lovely face. “Who do you think you are, interrupting my wedding,” she sneered as she quickly walked toward the brunette bombshell standing in the aisle.

“I’m the woman who’s going to teach you a lesson about trying to steal my man, bitch!” Cat said as she put her hands down and also began to strut toward her rival. “I’ve been training since you got lucky in our first match and if you go up against me again, you’re going to wind up the bridesmaid.”

“Sorry, slut; this wedding’s by invitation only, and I don’t recall seeing ‘Mrs. Old Fat Hag’ on the guest list. So if you don’t mind, let me show you the door,” Stacy said as she closed the distance between the two furious females.

“Let ME show YOU how lucky you were the first time we met,” Cat said. “Your skinny legs don’t deserve that garter. Mine do – as I’ll now show you.” Once Stacy was in range of her long legs, Cat unleashed a quick kick toward the blonde’s veil. “Yeee aaah,” Cat screamed as she put her martial arts training to work. Stacy, though, was also highly skilled in the oriental style of fighting and effortlessly leaned her head back to avoid the blow. “Feast on some nylon, courtesy of the sexiest legs in town,” Cat said as she took another step forward, then turned to fire a round-house kick at Stacy with her lovely legs. But as the red blur that was Cat’s powerful leg swung toward her, the woman in white simply ducked under it.

“Excuse me, but were those pathetic kicks supposed to hurt me?” Stacy said as she stood up and glared into Cat’s eyes.

Only inches apart, Cat attempted to knee Stacy in the ribs - only to have Stacy raise up her leg to block it! Then Stacy retaliated with a knee of her own, but Cat was ready and she blocked it in a similar fashion. Cat then tried hard left and right thrusts to hurt the blonde, but Stacy used her forearms to block the potent punches.

“Damn you,” a frustrated Cat said.

“Watch your mouth, tramp!” Stacy said as she responded with a hard right that swooped in over Cat’s arm and connected with the brunette’s jaw with so much force that it knocked the cap off Cat’s head and sent it sailing on top of the head of the minister standing at the front of the church. “We’re in the House of the Lord.”

As Cat shook her head a few times in hopes of regaining her senses quickly, Bill intently watched the two women battling over him. The guests in the pews flanking the two beauties fell into two diverse categories. The women looked on in shock as the two hellcats tore into each other, while the men were mesmerized at the unexpected sight of such a sexy catfight between two gorgeous women whose bodies were so deliciously on display for all to see.

Knocked backward a few steps by Stacy’s blow, Cat snarled and shouted, “Here’s a special delivery!” She launched a pair of snap kicks at her blonde foe.

“Such weak legs,” Stacy said as she sighed and then and swiveled her head to avoid the blows. “Then again, what should I expect from a woman in thigh highs. Only whores wear them to try to arouse a spark in the men. Real fighting women, like me, wear spectacular, unrippable tights so men can fully enjoy the sight of women like me destroying cows like you.”

“We’ll see whose stockings get ripped!” Cat snarled.

“Oh, we certainly will and I know exactly whose it’ll be…” Stacy said. “…YOURS!” She shot her leg out and drilled her heel into Cat’s leg, eliciting a loud scream of pain and opening a long gash in Cat’s red thigh-highs. “What did I tell you, loser,” Stacy laughed as she pointed at a gaping hole in Cat’s stocking. “Cheap stockings on a cheap whore!”

Stung both by Stacy’s kick and her taunts, Cat twisted around and tried another side kick, but again missed her elusive target. Stacy then rose up and powered an uppercut into Cat’s unclothed belly that bent the brunette in half and hurt so much her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Cat couldn’t believe the power in Stacy’s fists. Stacy was the taller of the two, but Cat’s more ample and curvy body certainly wasn’t helping in this clash with the seething bride. She was still reeling from the blonde’s punch when Stacy hit her in the jaw with a snap kick that knocked her to the floor. THUD! Cat landed hard but, ignored her pain, she immediately sprang back to her feet, thirsting for revenge.

“I’ll kill you!” Cat screamed as she charged forward and let fly a rapid series of kicks.

“I’m so glad you said that,” Stacy said, gracefully dancing away from Cat’s flashing feet.

Disbelief was evident on Cat’s face. She couldn’t understand how the swirling Stacy, unlike any other woman she’d ever faced in combat, had managed to avoid so many of her blows. The beautiful bride then delivered a kick to the dismayed Cat’s ribs that produced a loud CRACK!

Cat moaned, “oow . . . oow. . .” as she bent over holding her side. A hard karate chop to the neck dropped Cat face-first on the floor. She sat and rubbed her throbbing, broken ribs until she suddenly let out a blood-curdling howl when lightening bolts of pain ripped through her calves. Intent on proving the superiority of her legs to everyone – especially Bill – Stacy jumped on Cat’s legs, landing pointy high heels first! Now, where once had been bright, shiny nylon, there was great expanses of exposed skin broken by rivulets of blood streaming from the many cuts on Cat’s battered legs.

“I wouldn’t worry about wearing that garter,” Stacy said as she grabbed the grimacing Cat with both hands by the hair and picked her up off the ground. “It’s staying on MY leg.”

Once Cat was back on her unsteady legs, Stacy grabbed her and ripped her top in half. Cat’s jaw dropped as her massive tits sagged on her chest without the support of her top. The shock on Cat’s face quickly turned to a cringe of pain when Stacy began pounding her heavy-hanging tits with a barrage of fists, then switched to grabbing and squeezing.

“This reminds me of milking a cow,” Stacy giggled as she repeatedly stretched and squeezed Cat’s sagging breasts which were jiggling and shivering on her chest as she wobbled, unable to halt Stacy’s sack attack. Tears started to flow on Cat’s cheeks as Stacy pumped two more hard punches to her shattered ribs. Firm though Cat’s mid-section had been when the fight began, her abs were no match for Stacy’s heavy fists and the brunette’s face contorted in an ugly grimace as jolt after jolt of unbearable pain shot through her battered body.

“Please, Stacy, no . . .,” the hurt and woozy Cat gasped when she looked up and saw Stacy winding up to deliver a vicious right to the jaw.

Unable to even raise her hands in defense, Cat’s head twisted violently as blood and saliva sprayed from her mouth. She was lifted off her feet before hurtling through the air, coming crashing down sprawled across an empty pew. Upon the impact of Stacy’s fist, a tooth shot out of Cat’s mouth and - amazingly - landed on the pillow held by a ring bearer. Once viewed as one of the west’s most fearsome female fighters, super sexy Cat had been no match for Stacy. Now, as she lay limp, her arms and legs akimbo on the pew, moaning in pain and barely conscious; it was clear Cat was finished. But Stacy wasn’t! She dragged Cat up and, standing behind her, wrapped her hands around the defenseless brunette’s neck.

“As ugly as that outfit is, you couldn’t even get the color right!” Stacy whispered into her beaten foe’s ear. “You should have worn black, because as much as you thought you were going to a wedding, you wound up at . . .” A hard jerk of Stacy’s two hands in opposite directions and a loud, grisly SNAP told the story of what happened next. “A funeral!” Stacy added after snapping Cat’s neck. She pushed the lifeless woman’s body forward, folding her over the back of the pew, leaving Cat’s face in the seat and her ass in the air with her limp legs dangling in aisle between the pews. Putting her hands on Cat’s hips as she gazed down at her late rival, Stacy chuckled as she began to rip the red stockings from Cat’s legs.

“I see you didn’t bring a wedding present, so I’ll just take these!” Stacy said as she stuffed the dead woman’s stockings into the bodice of her wedding gown. The victorious blonde then turned away, showing few visible signs she’d been a wild catfight, then triumphantly swaggered back up the aisle to rejoin her husband-to-be who stood in stunned disbelief after witnessing what he had seen. “Oh, thanks, sweetie,” Stacy said as she took her bouquet from Bill’s trembling hand. “Minister,” Stacy continued with a flowery smile that belied the gory battle that had just taken place. “Shall we continue?”

“Err, if anyone has any objections let him speak now. . .” Stacy turned her head around and glared menacingly at the crowd of people behind her. Only silence greeted the minister’s words. She turned back with a contented smirk on her cruel face. “I now declare you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The sheriff attempted to stop the couple’s honeymoon, charging Stacy with murder for the death of poor Cat, but the charges were dropped when the sheriff, who couldn’t take his eyes off Stacy’s long legs, heard several witnesses confirm Stacy’s account that Cat had threatened to kill her.

“I was just defending myself from that wretched woman,” Stacy said, dabbing tears and battering eyes at the smitten sheriff. So, cleared of all charges, Stacy and Bill departed for San Francisco to honeymoon and consummate the marriage.
Legend of Zeta: Chapter 3 Part 2: Stacy Keibler vs. Charlize Theron by legman

A month later, Stacy returned to Dodge alone! She told everyone Bill had been shot to death in their hotel room by - according to Stacy’s account - a gang of thieves. Not surprisingly were never caught while Stacy returned to Dodge as Bill’s widow to claim his fortune and his property! The bar became Stacy’s and she quickly became one of the most powerful figures in town. She turned the bar into the wildest bar in the territory, hiring two beautiful dancers she’d brought back with her from San Francisco as her henchwomen; Tia Carerre and Lisa Rinna.

Some of the biggest poker games in the state were held at Stacy’s Saloon and quite often Stacy herself would rake in all the chips after using her beauty to distract the other players or simply cheating them - with the help of Lisa and Tia. The wrestling matches that Bill and Cat made famous continued under Stacy’s ownership with the blonde goddess reigning supreme in the squared circle. No one could beat Stacy who added the ripped hosiery of other vanquished females alongside Cat’s stockings on the saloon walls as trophies - and warning - to others who might get in her way. Still, women came from miles around to challenge - and lose to - Stacy. Often, after winning a man’s life savings or the deed to his home, Stacy would offer the loser a chance to recoup his money - if his wife or girlfriend could beat her in the ring. No one ever came close to beating Stacy and the blonde raked in piles of cash; even charging hot-blooded catfight fans outrageous sums for the privilege of witnessing the bouts from ringside seats.

Stacy became the richest and most powerful person in the territory but that wasn’t enough for the ambitious blond. She read that Roseland had become a prosperous financial center of the state since Zeta had restored order so, drunk on her own power, Stacy decided to broaden her horizons. She packed her bags, turned the Dodge City franchise over to her number one girl and with Tia and Lisa got on the stage to Roseland, moving her operation to the bustling town.

Unaware that Zeta was recovering from the injuries sustained in her battle with Stone, Stacy went to work trying to draw Zeta into a battle in which she and her henchwomen could finish off the crime fighter - then suck every dollar from the good citizens of the town. Stacy’s Roseland saloon offered gambling and catfighting just as her Dodge location and it wasn’t long before a collection of ripped tights were adorning the walls in Roseland as well.

One woman, after a one-sided beating in the ring trying to recover the lost family’s life savings and farm he’d lost in a rigged card game, gave Stacy the opening she craved when - as she was crawling out of the saloon beaten and sobbing - whimpered, “Zeta won’t allow you to keep doing this to us. Zeta will defeat you!”

Stacy laughed when she heard Zeta’s name mentioned. “Zeta? I’ve been here for weeks and she’s been too scared to show her fat butt in my saloon. Now here’s what I’m going to do, fellows. Next Wednesday, I challenge Zeta to meet me in the ring. I’ll put my golden garter on the line against her. Go ahead, spread the word. Tell Zeta to be here…unless she’s chicken.”

When Zeta heard the brazen challenge, her blood boiled. Still not fully healed, she nonetheless told Antonio she was going to accept Stacy’s brazen challenge.

“No,” Antonio firmly told her. “I will not allow it. You are not ready. She is a dangerous woman and you should not take her on until you are once again at your best. You must let her wait. In a few more weeks you will be ready to remove that blight from our town and put that garter around your leg.”

Zeta couldn’t argue. She knew it wouldn’t take much to re-aggravate her bruised chest and in a few weeks she would indeed be fine. So, as difficult as it was, Catherine Jones kept her Zeta outfit in the closet for a few more weeks. When that Wednesday night arrived and Zeta didn’t appear, Stacy entered the ring and had Tia and Lisa raise her hand in victory.

“Boys, there’s a new sheriff in this town and her name’s Stacy Keibler. Now that I’ve scared that sissy girl Zeta out of town, drinks are on me tonight!” Stacy said.

As the boisterous crowd howled in approval, Stacy then took a pair of yellow tights and hung them on the wall under a sign that simply read, “Zeta.”

“I know you guys are used to seeing Zeta in black, but when she heard I was ready to fight her, she, and her tights turned yellow,” Stacy laughed before treating the crowd to an erotic show starring herself, Lisa and Tia.

As the weeks passed, Stacy’s criminal grip on the town tightened while Zeta began to work out in preparation for her return to work as Champion of Justice. She was nearly ready to return when fate gave her added incentive. The Jones’ neighbors were a couple, Charlie and Charlize Theron. Charlie was much older, a hard drinking banker who’d foreclosed on the large farm and turned it into his ‘castle.’ But he showed little affection for his wife and was often being abusive, especially after drinking. Charlize was much younger and a tall, lovely flower.

Charlize and Catherine became close after Catherine saw what a caring person Charlize was and they’d taken to sharing one another’s bed when Charlie was busy at the bank and Antonio was away on business. It was a satisfactory arrangement for both women, each got the sexual release they desired without the complication of a tawdry “extramarital affair.” Each of them considered it a satisfactory solution to their temporary “problem” although Catherine found Charlize needed her more often than she needed the younger blonde. Still, Catherine did whatever she could for her young neighbor and both women found they were able to fulfill a void in the other’s life; Catherine being a consummate and considerate lover and Charlize offering Catherine a shoulder to lean on during her difficult convalescence from her injuries.

But Charlize was blindly loyal to her husband despite his many faults; she never complained when he beat her or made her to work long hours herding cattle, harvesting or milking the cows. The only thing that DID hurt Charlize was the way Charlie lusted after other women. Charlize was one of the most beautiful women in the area, a statuesque blonde with a gorgeous face and long, shapely legs. Every man in the territory wanted to share her bed - and more than a few of the women! Only Charlie seemed oblivious to Charlize’s charms, never showing her the attention she deserved. Indeed, he insulted her, bemoaning how he hadn’t married someone like Stacy or that masked mystery woman, Zeta!

His infatuation with Stacy led Charlie into a poker game with the blonde saloon owner that he had no chance of winning. He was cleaned out of everything by Stacy and her fellow dancers, but then he jumped at the chance to have Charlize face Stacy in the hope she would outwrestle her and recoup all of “his” money. Charlize had grown strong from long hours in the saddle and working in the field and he thought she had a chance to emerge victorious. But he didn’t exactly inspire her when he told her about what happened at Stacy’s saloon.

“Stacy won all our money in a card game,” he told his shocked wife. “You’ll have to beat her in a wrestling match to get it back. Now if this was a beauty contest, you wouldn’t stand no chance, but hopefully in wrestling you can get lucky. Now hurry up, go get ready - and don’t wear nothing that’ll embarrass me. Remember, I’m the town banker and you’re going into the ring with the sexiest woman for miles around.”

Charlize, the dutiful wife, prepared for the battle and, mad as she was about her husband losing their savings, she saw it as more than a battle to regain their riches. If she beat Stacy - and looked sexier in the process - she thought, it may revive the passion in her husband’s cold, calculating banker’s heart. Charlize immediately went to her closet and took out a special outfit she’d been saving for just the right moment at their ‘2 Valley Days Dr.’ home. It was a white, sleeveless lycra leotard with a small turtleneck and a round cut-out on the chest to showcase her small, but spectacularly firm breasts. She put on dazzling white tights and white high heeled ankle boots and finally pulled her long hair up so her strong shoulders were no longer covered by the yellow locks. She looked as heavenly as an angel when she strutted downstairs to show her outfit to her husband, fantasizing about him seeing her and postponing their trip to town in favor of an hour or two in the bedroom.

Instead, he barely looked at her as he said, “C’mon, hurry up. Get your coat on and let’s go. You better not lose or I’ll kick your worthless butt.”

When the Theron’s arrived at the saloon, Lisa and Tia ordered Charlize to get in the ring to wait while Stacy made her grand entrance from the upstairs office. The men howled when Charlize entered the ring, took off her coat and showed everyone her amazingly tight, curvy body. Hearing gasps from the men in the saloon and seeing the furor Charlize was causing, Tia and Lisa upped the price of ringside seats until only the town’s richest men could afford to stay inside to watch. They knew this was going to be a very white-hot ticket for catfight fans, the rest of whom were forced to watch from outside, through the dingy windows or peeking under the swinging doors.

When Charlize heard the lusty cheers of the men, she felt a strange tingling sensation. Maybe her husband was a lost cause, but there were other men who seemed to appreciate her lithe body! Initially apprehensive, Charlize grew more confident with each second as she soaked in the attention of the crowd, loving every second of it. Her body was filling with more and more energy as this collection of strangers was getting turned-on by her robust sex appeal. She heard men talking about wanting to go home with the wondrous woman in white they called, “Charlize the Angel.” She began playing to the crowd, lifting her leg up and putting her heel on the top rope to show her flexibility and to display her slender limbs; then flexing her muscles to show she was no dainty flower but a real, tough Western woman! Charlize felt like a new, invigorated woman; on top of the world - until she heard the steady click-click-click of high heels on the stairs.

The crowd roared and when Charlize looked up, she saw what had the men in a frenzy. Heading toward the ring was the champ, Stacy, who was dressed in an incredibly sexy gold two-piece outfit. Thankfully for Stacy, it was summer in the West, because her clothing offered no protection from the elements. The front of her upper torso was covered by two gold sashes that crossed her chest and wrapped around her neck. Stacy’s toned, tanned arms, shoulders and flat stomach were all visible in a breath-taking display of feminine form. The sashes rose up from the back of a glittering gold wrap that barely covered her pelvis to give an unobstructed view of her long, luscious legs.

Starting at her hips, the wrap was longer in the back, stretching into a short, ruffled gold skirt with dark blue trim. She had sparkling gold tights and spiked high heels that made a distinct (click) with each stride. On her left thigh was the famed sparkling golden garter that would go to the winner of the match. As she stepped onto the ring apron, Stacy slid one heavenly leg between the ropes, then slowly bent and swiveled her body into the ring - giving ringside fans a long, tantalizing look at her firm butt and the back of her spectacular thighs. She slowly pulled the garter down her leg, driving dozens of the men crazy, then carefully handed it to Lisa, telling her to hold if for her until after the match. Standing in the ring, Stacy made eye contact with Charlize and saw she wore a confident look; one the saloon owner found disconcerting.

“Why is this woman looking so sure of herself? She can’t really believe she can win, can she?” Stacy thought as the two women slowly walked toward the center of ring.

In Charlize’s mind, there was no doubt. She was feeling so good about herself and had now doubt she was absolutely, positively, going to beat the skinner Stacy. “If I can lasso a steer, I can whip this long-legged turkey,” she thought.

“OK, bitch,” Stacy said as the two stood face-to-face. “I’ve got some serious plans for tonight and you’re not part of them - although my girls here might enjoy giving you a roll in the hay. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and just head on back to your cows where you belong because, if you don’t, I’m gonna have to break you in half.”

Normally Stacy was like spider and never let helpless prey out of her web but for once she wasn’t sure about her adversary. Maybe Charlize would be formidable foe, so why not try to scare her off and save herself the trouble.

“I appreciate the offer, hussy,” Charlize said, “but. . .” she completed her answer with a brutal hard right to Stacy’s jaw that sent the bad girl staggering back across the ring. She sat back in the far ropes and grabbed to the top one to keep from falling on her ass. As Stacy stared wide-eyed, a loud roar went up as Charlize, standing in the middle of the ring, motioning with her crooked finger for Stacy to rejoin her. “Was that answer enough?” she taunted.

Upon seeing the unexpected opening salvo, a string of men scrambled out of the saloon and sought out friends who would enjoy a rare event, a competitive catfight involving Stacy. Even Charlie’s eyes grew in amazement over the feistiness shown by his wife.

“This one’s going to be a REAL fight,” one of the men in the crowd said to a friend just before Tia shut him up, belting him in the mouth and knocking him backward off his chair.

Up in the ring, Stacy leaned over the top rope and rubbed her jaw, her face showing more and more anger with each passing second. She stood, clinched her teeth and let out a loud war cry before she charged at Charlize her arms outstretched. She lunged, but the agile blonde in white ducked and the miffed Stacy had to begin circling, trying to formulate a new plan of attack for this surprisingly formidable foe.

But while Stacy pondered her options, Charlize seized the initiative, charging at Stacy, but then sliding to the canvas and wrapping her legs around Stacy’s ankle and knocking down the evil blonde. Charlize reached back, grabbed one of Stacy’s ankles and pulled her leg forward; then grabbed the other leg and doubled Stacy’s discomfort. Stacy screamed and beat her fists on the canvas until Charlize released the hold after a minute of torture. Charlize pulled Stacy up by the hair and flung her into the ropes. When she rebounded off them back toward Charlize, the banker’s wife drove toward and smashed Stacy with a savage clothesline that knocked the dancer to the canvas flat on her back! The crowd was going wild at the prospect of a totally unexpected upset of the saloon champion!

“Let’s see if I can win the old-fashioned way,” Charlize said as she dove onto Stacy’s chest.

“One!” Charlize said, intending to notch 1-2-3 pinfall. But before she could count again, Stacy pushed up off the mat, knocking Charlize off her. The more experienced Stacy was on her feet faster than the cowgirl and she grabbed Charlize by the hair, using it to clamp her in a tight side headlock. As Charlize struggled to pull free of Stacy’s powerful grip, the card cheat slammed hard rights into the trapped woman’s ribs, each one greeted with a muffled grunt or moan from the sturdy blonde. With Charlize huffing and puffing, Stacy fell backward, suplexing Charlize up and over.

Her back exploded in pain as her full weight smashed onto the canvas. “OOOwww,” Charlize groaned as she slowly pushed her body off the canvas and rested on one elbow rubbing her aching back.

As Stacy approached, Charlize tried to scramble away but the tall blonde caught her by the hair and dragged her forward on her hands and knees - right into a knee to her chest! Charlize was flipped backward and crashed to the canvas flat on her back again. With her back hurting more than ever, Charlize had no time to recover before Stacy once more hair-hauled her back to her feet. She then lost several handfuls of hair out; ripped out when Stacy used her long golden locks to snap mare her several times. Each time her solid butt slammed down on the thinly padded canvas, Charlize’s small, firm boobs jiggled in their snug leotard sheath.

After bouncing Charlize on her butt three or four times, Stacy flipped her one last time, only this time she released her hair, letting Charlize bounce several times before she rolled over and came to rest against the ropes where she lay moaning in pain and clutching her aching back while the haughty saloon owner strutted the ring, stopping at each side to pose, showing off her long sexy legs and flashing her electric smile. At ringside, Tia and Lisa looked toward each other and smiled, knowing their boss was on the road to the victory. Shakily, Charlize pulled herself up the ropes, her disheveled golden hair hiding her red face. She soon wished she hadn’t gotten up because just as she straightened up, eyes squinting in pain, her hands clutching her back, Stacy took two quick strides forward and drilled Charlize with a killer drop kick! Both of Stacy’s heels slammed into the wife’s perky little tits, pancaking them and sending her careening back into the ropes. She bounced off the springy ropes, her body out of control, then went sprawling, bouncing tits first on the hard ring.

“You’re not beating THESE legs, toots!” Stacy boasted as she stepped over Charlize and again strutted around the ring, basking in the cheers of her numerous fans while Charlize lay rubbing her breasts and groaning about the dull aching pain on both sides of her body. By now, the confident smile had left Charlize’s face and she felt like Stacy’s high heels had gone clear through her chest and drilled out her back! It was like she’d been kicked by a mule and just breathing was painful!

Adding to her dismay, while Charlize rubbed her breasts, she realized Stacy’s heels had opened a large hole in the front of her leotard, exposing more of her tits than she felt comfortable with. Angered at what had happened, Charlize forced herself into action. The now overconfident Stacy stopped preening, turned and slowly walked toward her. Still on the mat, Charlize grabbed Stacy’s left leg and lifted it in the air. Stacy hopped on her right foot a couple of times before she toppled over and when Stacy’s back hit the mat, Charlize retained her grip on Stacy’s leg and stepped over it to apply a painful step-over leg hold a move she used to trap calves for branding. (Oh how she wished she had a branding iron at that moment!)

“Now let’s see how strong those legs are,” Charlize said as she twisted Stacy’s leg as hard as possible.

The crowd - amazed at how this townswoman was handling a fierce and experienced fighter - began to chant her name. Looking up and then gazing around the room, Charlize was energized by the cheers and buzz from the crowd. She even thought she saw a slight grin on Charlie’s face. Believing she was exciting her husband, Charlize poured even more power in her debilitating hold. Trapped on her back, Stacy grimaced and clinched her teeth against the pain as her fists beat the canvas in frustration. After a while, Charlize released Stacy’s leg but then kicked the back of her leg drawing a yelp of pain.

“Hope you don’t mind if I put some runs in your tights,” Charlize chuckled as she drew back her foot again.

Charlize was certain she was overpowering the saloon dancer, but when she looked down and saw Stacy’s tights were as shiny and unblemished as they were at the start of the fight, her jaw dropped. Seeing Charlize was distracted, Stacy quickly shot out her free leg; her golden tights moving with blinding speed as the dancer’s powerful kick struck Charlize square in her jaw. Once more, the blonde wife was sent sailing into the ropes where her body draped limp over the middle rope. While Charlize shook her head trying to clear the cobwebs, Stacy scrambled to her feet and shook her leg to regain feeling in it.

“You’ll pay for daring to try to ruin my tights,” Stacy shouted as she darted toward her stunned adversary.

She drilled Charlize with a punch to the belly to double her over, then scooped up the breathless blonde and body slammed her with a power bomb that added more pain to Charlize’s tortured back. Charlize’s face twisted with pain and Stacy gave her no chance to recover. She reached down, pulled her up and whipped her backward into the corner where Charlize’s back slammed into the unpadded turnbuckle. Her head whipped backward, her neck almost snapping. As Charlize slumped in the corner, her arms draped loosely over the top ropes, her knees bent, Stacy came bounding over and lifted a long, lithe leg, pushing her foot into Charlize’s throat. Stacy held the top ropes on either side of Charlize, pulling on them to increase the choking pressure. After a couple of seconds Charlize’s face was turning blue and she was gagging, feverishly trying to get a breath. Stacy just laughed, knowing she was wearing her opponent down.

“I’d ask you to quit, but I don’t think you’re in much of a mood to talk,” Stacy said. Now, with Stacy’s gorgeous, golden gams on display, the crowd’s support swung back to Stacy and they began cheering her on. Looking around the saloon as her raised leg continued to sap the vitality out of Charlize, Stacy basked in the loud response from the crowd and when she looked to her right, she saw the wide smile on Charlie’s face. “Look at your husband,” Stacy said, taking a hand off the top rope, grabbing Charlize’s hair and forcing her head around, making her look toward Charlie. She saw her husband and wished she’dn’t. She couldn’t believe he was practically stone-faced when she was winning, but now that Stacy was trying to kill her, he was grinning from ear to ear. “He’s like a toddler in the candy store,” Stacy continued. “You’d think he’s never seen a sexy pair of legs before. Then again, being married to you, he probably hasn’t.”

As Stacy again took hold of the top rope and pushed her foot harder into Charlize’s throat, the gagging housewife did the only thing she could think of to escape. As Stacy’s pressure lifted Charlize’s feet off the canvas, she blindly lashed out, bicycle kicking with both feet up between Stacy’s planted leg and her raised leg. Stacy let out a loud, squeal of pain and Charlize felt the foot planted on her windpipe slip away.

As Stacy staggered backward cupping her pubic mound with both hands, Charlize slithered down the corner and dropped to the canvas on her ass, bouncing once before slumping back with her head between the second and third ropes. She opened her mouth and tried to suck in air, but her windpipe was still too sore to get much air in. Slowly, Charlize was able to get some oxygen back in her lungs and dragged herself up using the ropes.

Once she was upright, she looked up and saw Stacy coming toward her with her hands raised in front of her. She motioned for the crowd to applaud and everyone did, even despicable Charlie. Stacy walked up to Charlie and grabbed her by the hair with both hands, then she whirled her around and flung her into the ropes. As Charlize rebounded off them, her wildly disheveled hair covered her face, blinding her. She never saw Stacy rear back and then WHUMP, she slugged Charlize right in the pit of the stomach! As Charlize bent forward holding her belly, Stacy grabbed her head in both hands, held her and snapped her knee up, smashing the challenger’s nose! Charlize knees buckled and she stumbled backward in a crouch, her hands covering her face, blood streaming out between her fingers. The blow smashed and twisted Charlize’s nose - if not broken it!

“You’re gonna be in big trouble slut, if you got any blood on my tights,” Stacy shouted, not caring how badly hurt her opponent had been by her needless cruelty.

The groggy Charlize could make no reply; she was wobbling around, unable to see anything but stars and her entire world seemed to be spinning with her. Doing a cartwheel that exposed her barely covered crotch, Stacy pinwheeled into Charlize upside down, her butt crashing into Charlize’s belly as she clamped her long, strong legs around Charlize’s neck. Then Stacy used her weight to snap-mare the dazed blonde halfway across the ring! Charlize’s vision still hadn’t cleared as she lay sprawled on the canvas shaking her head, sending blood flying from her fractured nose.

Charlize blinked back tears as she felt a series of sharp, painful jolts to her legs. Forcing her eyes open, her vision slowly returned and she could see the vision that was Stacy towering above her; her knees pistoning up and down as she stomped on her legs. In seconds, Charlize’s white tights were shredded and - much like her leotard which was streaked with blood from her nose - her thighs were criss-crossed with blood from numerous cuts carved by Stacy’s sharp heels.

“How come you ain’t talking tough NOW…farm girl,” Stacy sneered.

Intent on punishing Charlize even more, Stacy wrapped her legs around Charlize’s neck and twisted herself so her body covered Charlize’s from the opposite direction. With her palms on the canvas elevating her torso, Stacy had the poor wife trapped in a reverse head scissors that threatened to crush Charlize’s windpipe while allowing the hopelessly trapped blonde a view of nothing more than Stacy’s shapely butt cheeks. A score of men, including Charlie, could no longer contain themselves as the sight of Stacy’s legs stretched out over Charlize gave them a delightful orgasm.

After humiliating Charlize for a while with the dehumanizing hold, Stacy opened her legs, stood up and began to laugh, “You actually thought a piece of garbage like YOU could beat someone as magnificent as ME? I guess the women of this town are either stupid like you, or cowardly like Zeta!”

She picked up Charlize and lifted her overhead like a barbell, parading around the ring holding the unresisting Charlize high in the air. When Stacy returned to the center of the ring after displaying her trophy, a sly look came over her face as she suddenly dropped Charlize just as Stacy dropped to one knee with the other extended in front of her. Charlize’s back smashed down across Stacy’s steadfast knee and the blonde let out a horrible scream of pain as the back-breaker nearly bent her back double. Sobbing and moaning, Charlize slowly rolled off Stacy’s knee and dropped to the canvas at her feet.

Giggling and utterly pleased with herself, Stacy picked Charlize up, grunted as she lifted her head-high, then did it again! This time Charlize’s screams bounced off the walls, but no seemed to care. Tia and Lisa were hugging and laughing at ringside, congratulating themselves on their bosses now-certain victory. All the men were hooting and howling in approval at the sight of Stacy’s perfectly proportioned body in such an erotic display of feminine strength and dominance.

“Pluh…pluh…please…stop,” Charlie whimpered between painfully ragged gulps of air. “No….no more….I…give up.”

With a toss of her head, Stacy ignored her plea and, for the third time, lifted the limp and unresisting Charlize overhead. Only this time, she didn’t just drop her when she brought the blonde down onto her knee, she powered her down. And she didn’t let her roll off either. Instead, she held Charlize bent backward over her knee. Stacy, pressed down on Charlize’s breasts with one arm, her other hand cupped the banker’s wife’s pubic mound in cruel crotch claw. As Stacy tightened the claw, she pushed down on the suffering woman’s pelvis while she forced her upper body down on the other side of her knee.

Now, instead of receiving one mighty jolt of pain from being hammered into Stacy’s knee, Charlize was also being unmercifully tortured as Stacy bent her backward over her knee.

“Nooo . . nooo,” Charlize wailed out as she felt the muscles and bones in her back stretching to their limit.

Finally a loud CRACK signaled that Stacy had done what she’d promised at the very start of the fight. As Charlize sobbed uncontrollably from the massive pain, Stacy wore a look of disdain as she tossed Charlize off her knee, then leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I’m a woman of my word, girlie. I said I’d break you in two and I just broke your back. Ta-ta toots!”

Stacy rose and with a florescent smirk on her face, planted her foot on Charlize’s round ass and as she ground her high heel into the smooth flesh, she clasped her hands together over her head in the universal sign of victory. The fight was over but there was one more thing left to do. Stacy knelt straddling Charlize’s feet and, with a few swipes of her razor sharp nails, she claimed another pair of stockings for her trophy wall. She stood up, her long legs spread wide, straddling Charlize’s weeping body as the crowd gave a long cheer for the beautiful - and virtually unblemished - victor.

As she climbed out of the ring, Stacy grinned at Tia and Lisa, “You girls take sobbing beauty to the back room. You can each have half an hour with her before Doc Palmer takes her. I know you both have something special in mind for this one, right?”

Tia immediately grabbed Stacy’s wrist and claimed, “First!”

Rinna frowned, then shrugged, “Just be sure her tongue’s still in working condition. That last bitch you had was no use to anyone after you finished with her.”

Tia chuckled, grabbed Lisa’s chin and pulled her close, giving her a long, hot kiss. “Don’t be such a crybaby Lissy. How’d I know she’d bite her tongue off when she climaxed. Besides, THIS one hasn’t had any kids yet…and from what I’ve seen of her withered old banker husband, he hasn’t stretched her out much. I’m gonna strap on that dildo I got in San Francisco and give that blonde bitch a good hard ride before I give her to you.”

Lisa pulled away with a shiver. “Damn, that thing was HUGE! You best not split her wide open. And don’t mess up her face either! I’m gonna be sitting on it and I don’t want any more blood than necessary. From the looks of her, there’s gonna be plenty as it is.”

The two harlots dragged Charlize moaning out of the ring, draped her limp body between them and dragged the young wife into one of the back rooms Stacy’s Saloon maintained for “private parties.” Lisa returned and as a loud scream broke the silence, Stacy hurriedly gave a signal to the piano player to strike up a lively tune which would drown out Charlize’s cries.


That same evening, while the town physician was tending to Charlize’s broken, battered body, in the large secret basement of the Jones home Antonio was smiling broadly and moaning with delight. He too lay on the canvas of a wrestling ring with a pair of female legs wrapped tight around his neck. But these legs had neither the power, nor the intent, of those that had demolished poor Charlize. Antonio was stroking the legs, delighting in the smooth, silky feel of the black tights.

“Enjoying yourself?” said in a sultry, sexy voice.

“You bet I am,” Antonio said. “This is heavenly.”

In different circumstances it would have been hell for anyone trapped between those legs, but tonight was just play time as Antonio’s wife - better known as the masked crime fighter Zeta - was concluding a workout that would put her body through a final test to determine whether she could resume her war against crime. For the past hour, a heavily padded Antonio fenced and fought with his wife. Though larger and seemingly stronger, he lost every encounter. Like a score of criminals, he was no match for the unparalleled fighting skills of Zeta – although Zeta was careful not to hurt the man she loved so deeply. This was just a workout, one that went so well and proved so convincingly that Zeta was 100 percent healthy, that Catherine was treating her husband to a gift men would eagerly go to war to win.

In their final test, a wrestling match, Zeta had not only outmaneuvered and pinned Antonio several times, but she finished the match by twirling around him and clamping her legs in a figure-four around his head his neck. Zeta might have choked a criminal to death with that hold, but with Antonio, as soon as she applied it, she loosened her grip while keeping her legs in place around him so her husband could be rewarded by caressing the favorite body part of his wife.

“Consider this your reward for being a loyal husband and trainer,” Zeta grinned.

“Somehow,” Antonio said as he continued to fondle the tights and shapely legs. “I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t enjoy this.”

“Oh, my dear husband,” Zeta replied. “You may be certain in the knowledge that if these legs were wrapped around a villainous slut like Stacy Keibler, she wouldn’t enjoy a second of it.” She leaned forward, kissed Antonio on the head and unwrapped her legs from his head. “Come, my lover, now that Zeta is fit and ready to return to life as the arch-enemy of evil-doers, let’s celebrate in a fitting manner…in our bedroom.”

“I never argue with my Queen of the West,” Antonio said, rising to his feet. “Though I must say I look forward to the day when you run Stacy out of town. She’s done some truly miserable things recently and is becoming more powerful with each passing day.”

“Yes, the day for Stacy to meet Zeta is drawing near,” Catherine said. “Sooner or later she’ll give me cause to tackle her and those hussies she employs. But right now I only want to cross swords with that saber you have in your pants – and I will eagerly allow that weapon – and that weapon only - to penetrate me.”

Husband and wife embraced and headed upstairs for a marathon night of pleasure that kept both happily in bed until early the next afternoon. Then, hearing strange noises outside, Catherine awoke, leaving her extremely content and well-satisfied husband dozing. Pulling on a robe, she looked out a window and saw a group of cowboys taking down the signs of the Theron farm, replacing them with a huge billboard advertising Stacy’s Saloon.

Heading outside, she asked, “What are you doing to the Theron's home?”

“Well, good afternoon, gorgeous,” the cowboy replied with a tug on the brim of his Stetson, ogling Catherine who pulled the gap at the top of her robe tighter around her full bosom. “This here ain’t Theron’s no more. Good ol’ sexy Stacy won it from old man in a card game.” Noting Catherine’s shock, he added with a grin, “Then she kicked the ass of that pretty little wife when she tried to win it back. Last I heard, ol’ Charlie’s calling the bank office ‘home’ now, though Miss Stacy entertains him regular like. Never hurts to keep the town banker in your debt, I guess.”

“Wha…what about his wife, Charlize?” Catherine asked with trepidation.

“Oh, she won’t be going nowhere for a while,” the cowboy chuckled. “Stacy busted her in half in that rasslin’ match. She’ll be spending the next several months at Doc Palmer’s hospital that’s for sure. Too bad too, she’s quite a looker. But I hear once she’s up and about, Stacy’s gonna give her a job emptyin’ spittoons at the saloon to work off the rest of her debts. Seems Tia and Lisa paid the Doc up front for her medical expenses. Those gals took quite a shine to her - judgin’ by what they said. She must have a lotta latent talent…if ya know what I mean. Hee-hee-hee.”

The shock on Catherine’s face at the news about her friend was visible; her mouth was gaping wide open and her eyes darted back and forth between the new sign and the men carrying items out of what had been the Theron’s home.

“Thank you for the information,” Catherine snapped brusquely as she spun around and her normally cheerful expression turned angry as she stormed into her house and slammed the door. It appeared Zeta would face Stacy sooner than either expected!

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