The Return of Zeta (conclusion) by legman
Sunset was approaching at Doc Palmer's hospital where Charlize Theron lay on her bed. She was moaning from the pain of the broken back she’d suffered in her fateful wrestling match with tall, leggy blond Stacy Keibler. She squirmed from side to side in a fruitless attempts to find a comfortable position.

"Will you be quiet," her husband, Charles, yelled. "If you were more of a woman I wouldn't be in this predicament. All you have to do is lay there and sleep all day in that bed! I have to figure out a way to get our farm back from Stacy."

Yes, it wasn't long ago that Charles lost their farm to Stacy in a poker game and Charlize had been subjected to a horrific beating during the wrestling match in which she tried in vain to win their home back. Charles stopped when he heard the creak of the hospital room door opening, followed by a distinctive sound…(Click . . . click ... click)

His eyes - and loins - bulged as he turned toward the sound, then his eyes slowly moved upward from the high heels of . . . Catherine "Zeta" Jones. ‘Oh my…’ he mouthed silently as stared in awe at the luscious brunette approaching.

After a long absence, the ‘Masked Avenger Zeta’ had returned - as lovely and sexy as ever. If anything, she looked to be the best shape of her life; her form looking especially curvy in a tight black, body hugging leotard; her legs as shapely as ever in their trademark shiny black tights.

"Hello, Charles," Zeta said as she offered to shake hands with the lone male in the room, taking his hand in a firm, strong grip before quickly turning to look down on Charlize. "Charlize," she purred. "I’ve heard so much about your kindness and virtue. I pledge that the villainous Stacy will be in jail before dawn; and the deed to your property placed in your hands."

"Oh, thank you, Zeta," Charlize said. "But you cannot risk your life for me. Stacy and her henchwomen are dangerous, vicious women."

"Leave that to me," Zeta said. "I will deal with them." Zeta looked down at Charlize and smiled as she stroked her hand to reassure her. "And as for you, you need to rest," Zeta said. "Farewell and be safe." Zeta turned and walked out of the room.

"Zoweee, wow, wow," Charles said, his gaze riveted on the erotic sight of Zeta's swaying hips and undulating buttock as she strode away. "That's a REAL woman. Why couldn't YOU have been like Zeta. Why?" he sighed as he reached down and SLAPPED his crippled wife’s face. "Zeta knows how to handle situations like this!" he sneered. "Why couldn't I be married to HER? Then all of my problems would be solved. Instead, I'm stuck with a loser like you. I'm getting out of here."

"Whe…where are you g…going," Charlize whimpered.

He didn’t even turn around to acknowledge her voice, just said over his shoulder as he swept out the door, "I'm going to see a really exciting catfight; one with Zeta right in the middle of it. I'm heading over to Stacy's saloon to watch that brunette babe get my farm back. Don't let the bed bugs bite."

As her husband walked out of her hospital room, the immobile Charlize could only sob about the treatment she was receiving from the man who supposedly loved her.
A half-hour later:
Stacy's Saloon was as boisterous and cantankerous as ever with a large crowd of patrons clustered around the bar, merrily drinking and ogling the sights, and in front of the stage where Stacy's henchwomen, Lisa Rinna and Tia Carrere, seductively twirled and danced in their tiny dazzling two-piece outfits. The top consisted of a low-cut white bra with black trim and small jewels with a small, white triangular strip covering the tops of their shoulders - a flimsy piece of cloth that did little to obstruct the view of each woman's ample breasts. Their high-cut white panties were also encrusted with sparkling jewels and their strong, dancers' legs were covered in thigh-high black fishnet stockings with a black ribbon on the top support band of each leg. Naturally, the both wore spiked high heels.

While many of the men in attendance were lusting over Tia and Lisa, Stacy sat at the corner poker table, cackling with delight as she raked in pot after pot. While Stacy was cleaning out the wallets of the men at the card table with her skill at dealing card from the bottom of the deck, she at least treated them to a show; giving the rubes a mind-boggling view of her exquisite body encased in a red two-piece sequined outfit with red tassels hanging down from her top and her incredibly short skirt. Her taut midriff was on display along with amazingly long legs encased in sheer black stockings.

In fact, it was her legs that enabled her to win the pot that had just cleaned out the other players at the table. Having stacked the deck and dealt great hands so everyone would believe they had unbeatable hands, Stacy then reached down and unbuckled the ankle strap on one of her high heels. She raised her and rested directly in front of the player next to her.

"Oh my! My strap has come loose. Will you be a doll and strap it for me?" Stacy purred in her most coquettish tone.

As the lucky man next to her grabbed her leg and slowly buckled the strap, every other man at the table locked their eyes on Stacy's incredible leg. No one saw Stacy reach into her garter belt for a new hand - a royal flush - one that beat all of them.

"Looks like I win again, boys," Stacy said as she reached out to rake in the gigantic pot.

Stacy was laughing uncontrollably when a loud CRACK came from the front door of the saloon. A pile of men moved back with a few being knocked to the floor like bowling pins by one who careened toward a table and landed on it, shattering it to pieces.

Lisa and Tia stopped dancing on the stage when they heard the commotion and Stacy sprang from her seat to see what was the matter. Even as tall as Stacy was, she couldn’t see anything; hearing only a (click, click, click) as a mass of men moved out the way; parting like the Red Sea to reveal . . .

"Zeta!" Stacy gasped.

"I don't think that bum will talk fresh to a lady ever again," said the brunette beauty as she softly rubbed her fingers over the knuckles which had just broken a lout's jaw. "I heard this place was the biggest dive in the West and I must say, it's living up - or should I say, down - to my expectations!"

Gasps filled the saloon as everyone in the saloon gazed at the incomparable masked heroine Zeta who was dressed in her customary form-fitting outfit; a saber at her hip; black hat atop her head and a black cape draped over her shoulder.

"Well, the mighty Zeta has FINALLY decided to pay a visit," Stacy said arrogantly as she folded her arms across her chest. "And she's wearing black! Damn woman, I heard yellow was your color!" Stacy smirked, looking up at the yellow tights she’d hung on her trophy wall under a plaque bearing Zeta's name.

"Sorry to disappoint, honey,” Zeta hissed. “But black's my favorite color. It covers the dirt kicked up when I dispose of the human garbage in this territory."

Stacy gave her long, shimmering yellow hair a toss. "You deal with garbage, eh? Well, I'm sorry to say, but I had the perfect job lined up for you a few months ago. You probably recall I challenged you to come down here but…by the time you found the guts to come over here…I found another cheap, trampy, weak, bow-legged, overrated brunette whore to clean out our toilets. Guess you're outta luck…bitch!"

"Oh, and they say blondes are dumb,” Zeta scoffed. “Yes, I’m here to clean up, Stacy…to clean up filth like you and your trampy dancers and put them behind bars…where you belong!"

Seeing what was unfolding, Lisa and Tia both jumped down off the stage and flanked their boss in a show of support.

"Well, look at this," Zeta said. "The three little whores all together. How fearsome!"

"So, you come to fight Zeta," Stacy shouted. “Or you just gonna drop to your knees and lick us into submission?”

"No, I'm actually here for a card game," Zeta said. She took off her black hat and frisbeed it onto a hook on the wall, then peeled off her cape with a flourish, giving everyone a full view of her incredible body.

"Cards?" Stacy said with a surprised look.

"Yes. I understand you won the deed to the Theron farm recently. You brave enough to go double or nothing for it?" Zeta said.

"Why not! But what are you gonna put up for me when I win," Stacy said arrogantly. “How about your slutty old body? It’s not much, but put you in costume an I could probably clear a couple of dollars a night.”

From the crowd, a voice rang out, "How ‘bout the deed to my store?" Emerging from the crowd came Zeta's real-life husband, Antonio. He had the deed to their ranch in his hand.

"Thank you Mr. Jones for your faith and support. You can place the deed in here," Zeta said pulling the bodice of leotard away from her bosom so her beautiful breasts were bared to Antonio's eyes. "It's safe. No one will touch it - especially Stacy or her two whores."

Everyone in the saloon (even Lisa and Tia) moaned with envy as Antonio reached out and then slowly slid the deed down the valley between the twin peaks of Zeta's soft round breasts.

"Uhh Zeta," another man shouted, waving a piece of paper. "You can use the deed to MY place, too. Here, I’ll put it with the other…"

"Mine too!" several others shouted, eager to add theirs to her bounty.

"Thank you all so very much, but one will be plenty, right Stacy?" Zeta said. "Shall we play?"

"You bet, baby!" Stacy said as she took her seat at the table and motioned for Zeta to join her.

They sat at opposite ends of a table; a large stack of chips in front of each. Each of them won a small hand, then Stacy dealt the third hand. When Zeta looked down at her hand she saw a heavenly array of cards; even before drawing she had four 10's! A split-second later, Zeta's attention was diverted from her cards when Stacey, reaching to set down her drink, accidentally knocked it over and sent the liquid tumbling at Zeta. As Zeta, and everyone else in the saloon looked down, Stacy used the diversion to reach into her garter and quickly swap her cards. Zeta bent over in her chair, kicked away the glass before returning her focus to the game of chance with the evil blonde.

"Cards, Zeta?" Stacy said coyly.

"I think I'll play these…if you don't mind," Zeta answered evenly.

"You know, so will I,” Stacy said confidently. “And you know, dearie, while I would enjoy slowly draining every penny out of you, I’m a busy woman. Why don't we bet everything on this hand," Stacy said.

"I think you'll come to regret that," Zeta said. "But if you insist, I'm all in. Do you have the guts to put your money where that horrid mouth is."

"Do I ever!" Stacy said. "I'll call. Let's see you beat THIS!"

Bedlam filled the room when Stacy turned over her hand and showed she had four Jacks. A stunned look came over Zeta face as Stacy threw back her head laughing as she reached for Zeta's chips.

"Looks like you're a loser…again…Zeta old gal!" Stacy chuckled.

"Loser?" Zeta said, her hand grabbing Stacy's wrist and pushing her hand away from her chips. "Even a beginner knows THIS hand beats yours!" Zeta flipped over four Queens as Antonio led his friends gasped, then let out a loud exultation.

"What! How…why you . . .," Stacy said, her emotions turning 180 degrees in a split-second.

Now it was Zeta gloating and Stacy sitting in stunned disbelief. "I believe you owe me a deed!" Zeta said.

"I owe you nothing!" Stacy shouted as she rose from the table. "You cheated."

"Cheated?" Zeta shouted back. "Watch what you say, tramp. Those are fighting words!"

"And a fight you'll get, right girls?" Stacy said. Zeta looked around and saw Lisa and Tia were behind her, each with a sword in her hand. "My girls are expert swordswomen," Stacy said. "They’ll cut you to ribbons for being such a cheater."

"Will they?" Zeta said, drawing her sword. "This one here," she said pointing to Lisa's large ruby-colored lips. “Looks like someone has already given her fat lip.” Lisa snarled and Zeta shouted, "Bring it ladies!"

Zeta raised her sword as the two women charged in unison. Moving her wrist with incredible speed, Zeta's blade thwarted each thrust by the others, parrying first Lisa's sword, then a millisecond later, Tia's razor-sharp blade. She backpedaled as the women came toward her until she was just a few feet from the wall. But before Lisa and Tia could trap her, Zeta lunged at her foes and deftly spun around, turning the tables on her opponents.

Now it was Lisa and Tia who found themselves pinned with their backs against the wall. Enraged, the two henchwomen changed their tactics. This time as Lisa raised her sword and directed a blow toward the brunette's head, Zeta blocked it, but as soon as she did, Tia lunged forward in hopse of running her blade through Zeta's ribs.

Most fencers would have been badly, if not mortally, wounded by such a two-pronged attack, but Zeta shocked the onlookers by swiftly knocking aside Tia's blade before it could reach her. Then sensing Lisa was coming at her, Zeta raised her leg and delivered a side kick that caught Lisa in the mouth, staggering her.

"My look at those lips now," Zeta chuckled. Tia again rushed Zeta, but the crime fighter grabbed her arm, swung her around and threw onto a table, smashing it. Zeta was now standing tall, while both bad women still struggled to stand. "You're going to have to do better than that, ladies," Zeta taunted.

Lisa was the first to rise and she furiously charged Zeta, forcing the woman in black to retreat even as she blocked a steady stream of overhead blows from Lisa's slashing blade. Zeta continued to backpedal until she fell into a chair. Towering over the seated Zeta, Lisa continued to rain potent swipes of her sword down on Zeta, but each one was blocked! Lisa grew angrier by the second at her inability to slice so much as a button off Zeta’s costume and the champion of good began to taunt the villainess by faking a yawn and looking bored.

When a furious Lisa reared back and put all of her strength behind another blow, Zeta seized the moment! Jumping out of her chair a split second before Lisa's blade slammed into it and embedded itself deep in the wood. Lisa was still trying to pull her blade out when Zeta delivered a thunderous right cross to Lisa's face, knocking her to the floor. As Lisa groaned in pain, Zeta pulled Lisa’s sword out of the chair and tossed it to Antonio.

"One down, one to go," said Zeta who spun around and lifted her blade just in time to block a blow from Tia aimed at her head.

Startled by the swiftness of Zeta's response, Tia froze which gave Zeta a perfect opportunity to go onto the offense. As Tia tried to comprehend how Zeta's reflexes were so sharp, the brunette began to attack her with the speed of lighting! Tia raised her sword to defend herself, but the fury of Zeta's attack forced her back until she was standing next to the unarmed Lisa. With a quick flick of her wrist, Zeta positioned her blade under Tia's and flicked it up and out of her hand. It sailed across the room until it was caught in mid-air by Antonio.

Both women were in shock over the way Zeta had disarmed them but their plight grew even worse when the brunette turned her blade and carved her trademark "Z" into their fishnet stockings. Having humbled them in one form of fighting, Zeta elected to test them again as she tossed her sword to Antonio and unbuckled the scabbard from her waist.

"Let's see if your hand-to-hand fighting is any better your fencing," Zeta said, daring the women to come at her. "It’s hard to imagine it could be any worse."

The two smiled and quickly obliged, attacking in unison. Moving with blinding speed, Zeta blocked each punch and kick - turning after blocking a punch from Tia with her forearm - to deliver a kick to Lisa's belly. As Lisa doubled over, Zeta hit Tia with a thrust to the chin followed by hard left to the stomach. She next grabbed Tia’s hair and tossed her into Lisa, the collision knocking both of them to the floor.

"Your heels, girls! Use your heels, dammit!" Stacy shouted, her hands tearing her hair.

Wild looks came over both women's bruised faces as they rose and slowly walked toward Zeta, forcing her to back toward the wall. Once Zeta's back was just a few steps from the wall, they slammed their feet on the ground and out from the tips of their high heels sprang two large, spring-loaded knife blades. Althought she realized either blade could slice her half, Zeta crouched and held her ground as the women advanced.

"Turn her into Swiss cheese!" Stacy screamed, slamming her fist on the table in frustration.

With devious smiles, the two women looked at each other, then let out blood-curling screams as they fired simultaneous kicks at the seemingly trapped Zeta. Stacy laughed as the two blades shot toward Zeta's stomach, but then she fell silent when Zeta sprang into the air as the two lethal legs approached, tucking her legs under her as she somersaulted over the heads of both women as their legs slammed into the wall where she’d been standing.

Without a flesh and blood target to slice into, the blades of both shoes sank deep into the wall, leaving both Lisa and Tia off balance, trapped as the straps of their heels prevented them from pulling the blades out of the wall. Landing on her toes, then stepping between the two helpless killers, Zeta’s arms snapped out, punching Lisa and Tia in the jaw. As they screamed in pain, Zeta grabbed each by the back of her hair.

"Have a good night's sleep…and enjoy the next 50 years in jail!" Zeta said as she slammed their heads together. A loud CLONK echoed throughout the saloon and both were instantly rendered unconscious by the collision of their skulls. "Sleep tight, ladies," Zeta said as she stepped over the bodies of her beaten foes and approached Stacy.

"Sheriff, have your deputies put those two in a jail cell where they belong, and tell them to get another cell ready for Miss Toothpick Legs here," Zeta added.

"Ah, excuse me, slut," Stacy said. "But what law has been broken? You, Lisa and Tia had a friendly little dispute - happens all the time in these parts."

"What doesn't happen around here often is murder - until your wretched soul nested in our fair town!" Zeta said. "Thankfully, your private ledger was left in a very accessible place upstairs and the sheriff and I just ‘happened’ to stumble on it while we were doing a surprise inspection for…for…” she hesitated, then looked at the sheriff.

“…health code violations,” the sheriff finished.

“Right, sheriff, thank you. The note you wrote to your underlings about murdering the bank president will earn you a noose around that scrawny neck blondie."

"You're lying!” Stacy gasped, looking around for support. “Y…you couldn't have…"

"Does THIS look familiar?" Zeta said, pointing to the sheriff who held up a black book for everyone to see.

"No…NO!" Stacy screamed.

"Yes! Yes, yes my love," Zeta chuckled. “We have it and I even have the page I mentioned…the one with all that nasty incriminating evidence…right here." Zeta reached down the front of her leotard, digging between her breasts, then retrieved a sheet of paper which she shoved in Stacy's face.

The blonde's complexion turned pale as she read it and realized it was indeed from her infamous ledger; all the evidence the sheriff needed to hang her and her gang was right there…clutched in Zeta's hot little hand.

"Give that to me!" Stacy said in a shrill, angry tone, grabbing in vain at the paper.

"Why certainly, Stacy,” Zeta purred smugly, holding it just out of reach. “Although, instead of GIVING it you, how we play a game for it?"

"More cards Zeta?" Stacy said, her eyes twinkling.

"Oh no, I wouldn't want to embarrass you AGAIN. No, I want to hurt you. I'm challenging you a submission wrestling match! I’ll put up the ledger and all its pages. If you win, they’re yours."

"And what would you like me to put up,” Stacy harrumphed. “Diamonds? Gold bars maybe?"

"No, you’re going to put up the deed to every piece of property in this county that you've stolen or pried away from the good and decent people hereabouts. If I win, you go to jail and all the property you've stolen is returned to its rightful owner. Deal?"

"OK, and if I win,” Stacy snarled. “I not only get all that, but you go to work in my saloon for say…the next two years!”

“You've got yourself a deal, bitch!" Zeta said.

Stacy turned around and ran upstairs to get all her deeds. Several minutes later, her long legs slowly began walking down the stairs. In her hands was a large box with the paperwork to all her ill-gotten property. As a horde of eyes focused on Stacy's long, lithe legs, she placed the lock box on the card table.

"There's MY wager,” Stacy said. “Now, how about yours, Zeta?"

Zeta walked to the table, her high heels (click, click, click) on the wooden floor, pulling the lusty men’s gaze to her own shapely limbs. She reached into her bosom and pulled out the damning evidence. The sheriff put the ledger inside the lock box and closed it.

"The stakes are set," the sheriff said. "It's up to you ladies to decide the winner in the ring."

"Sounds perfect to me!" Stacy said as she walked over toward the ring. "Care to meet me there, you has-been?"

"Actually I'd rather beat you there!" Zeta retorted.

In an instant, both women were on the ring apron. Stacy then displayed her trademark entrance, slowly extending her left leg through the middle rope; dangling it in mid-air; letting everyone see how perfectly shaped it was; then bending forward thru the ropes; letting her dress fell forward to exposed her butt and the back of those long, sexy legs. Shifting forward a step, Stacy rose and lifted both hands in the air to acknowledge the wild cheers of the many evil supporters in the crowd.

"Match that!" she shouted smugly over to Zeta.

"I'll top it!" Zeta replied. She did a graceful backflip into the ring, landing with her hands holding the top ropes in one corner. With amazing strength, she held herself upright in the air, her legs stretching toward the ceiling. With all eyes on her jet black tights, the upside-down Zeta slowly spread her legs, stretching the small piece of material covering her crotch to its limit, then lifted her legs perpendicular again. Holding her position for several seconds - even some of Stacy's supporters marveled at the sheen of her legs - then Zeta took her left hand off the top rope and flexed her biceps. Swinging her arm over to softly kiss her rounded mass of biceps, Zeta finally pushed herself off the ropes and executed a perfect backflip that elicited an even louder response than Stacy from the towns people who jammed the saloon.

Glaring at her from the other end of the ring, the shown-up Stacy slowly began to walk toward her. "Time to show you who's the better woman," Stacy said through clinched teeth.

"I already know that," Zeta replied, walking to center ring to face her nemesis.

"You miserable bitch. You actually think you're going to spoil my plan?" Stacy said as they drew close to each other.

"Of course. And not just stop you, but prove I’m a superior fighting women," Zeta said. “It's really very simple."

"One thing I'll show YOU,” Stacy hissed. “Is to respect the true queen of these parts!" The tall blonde swung her right hand at Zeta and, WHAP, slapped her.

Zeta grabbed her jaw and stumbled back, her face red. Proud at landing the first blow, Stacy put her hands on her hips, arched her back and glared at her black-haired rival. Infuriated by what Stacy had done, Zeta charged back at her and returned the favor, CRACK, slapping Stacy in the face.

This time, Stacy recoiled backward into the ropes, catching herself with her arms over the top ropes. Zeta rushed her, grabbing Stacy’s arm and flipping her over her shoulder. But Stacy displayed her amazing agility as, while her body was tumbling through the air, executing a cartwheel to land on her feet instead of her back. Stacy stood tall - with her back to Zeta - laughing as she looked out at the crowd, jerking her thumb over her shoulder at Zeta. Stacy's backers howled in support of the way she blonde had blunted Zeta's attack - but their mood quickly turned sour when Stacy turned around and got hit with a Clothesline by the onrushing Zeta!

Knocked flat on her back to the canvas, Stacy rolled over and started to scramble up in hopes of catching Zeta with her back turned, but Zeta was already on her, stomping her in the legs and lower back to knock her back to the mat.

"I hope my legs aren't too strong for you, dear!" Zeta sniffed dismissively.

Pulling Stacey up by the hair, Zeta again used Stacy’s arm as she tried to Irish Whip her to the ropes, but Stacey held onto Zeta's wrist and used her own forward momentum to reverse it, whipping Zeta to the ropes. The brunette bounced off and was propelled back toward Stacy, who met her with a high raised leg and a High Kick to the jaw! Zeta’s legs flew up as her body went parallel to the ring, then slammed down on the canvas flat on her back!

"Where would you ever get an idea like that, Zeta?" Stacy said. "Your legs; stronger than mine? Perish the thought!"

Although dazed and winded by the kick and fall, Zeta bounced right back up and had just regained her senses in time to see Stacy charging with her arm out for a Clothesline. Zeta ducked under Stacy's arm and when the blond stopped and turned around to take another run at her, Zeta thwarted those plans by diving and tackling her; landing on top of Stacy. Zeta scrambled up Stacy’s body, straddled her and then began raining punches down.

Then she grabbed Stacy's blonde locks and began slamming her head back on the canvas while Zeta's fans counted each time Stacy's head bounced off the canvas.

"Maybe THIS will knock some sense into you, you dumb blonde," Zeta said as cries of "six! seven! eight!" swirled around her.

Stacy began kicking her long legs, trying to dislodge Zeta. She was able to turn onto her side, rolling Zeta over with her. The two women rolled and tumbled across the mat, neither one letting go and alternating one on top, then the other until Stacy got her knee up between them, then kicked Zeta off.

Stacy rose and shook her head to clear her cobwebs but Zeta gave her no rest. She charged and gave the blonde another stinging SLAP. Grabbing Stacy’s arm again, Zeta whipped Stacy back into the corner, slamming her into the turnbuckles. Zeta charged and raised her elbow to drive it into Stacy’s face, but Stacy moved out of the way at the last second and as Zeta crashed into the corner her elbow smashed into the thinly padded turnbuckle.

Zeta’s arm went numb as Stacy went onto the offensive. She grabbed the top rope and then raised her right leg, stomping her foot deep into Zeta's throat. Pulling on the ropes to add more pressure, Stacy's confidence soared as Zeta gagged and gasped for air.

"Hey, slut, why don't you just quit now," Stacy said. “You’ll love working here; my girls have a great medical plan, unlimited cum!”

Her situation growing more dire by the moment, Zeta finally lashed out with her right hand and kicked Stacy in the thigh. As it cramped up, the blonde had to lower her leg, letting Zeta sag into the ropes as she gulped in air to refill her lungs. Stacy was determined to further weaken Zeta and she lashed out with two strong, quick kicks to the face that whipped Zeta's long black hair from side-to-side. Then Stacy hauled Zeta up by the hair and smashed her face with a rapid succession of piston-like punches.

"My is this fun," Stacy announced to her supporters as her knuckles smashed Zeta's masked face.

Knowing Zeta was reeling, Stacy climbed to the top rope above her, turned and reached down with her legs to put a leg scissors around Zeta's throat. Stacy's incredible limbs lifted Zeta off the mat as she resumed choking the champion of good. Laughing at Zeta's plight, Stacy held onto the ropes and felt euphoric as Zeta struggled in vain to break free.

"My, my, Zeta,; I thought you may be able to give me some competition," Stacy said. "What was I thinking?"

Feeling a burning in her chest as she sought to get even the smallest amount of air into her lungs, Zeta frantically grabbed Stacy's legs and used all of her strength to try to pry them apart. They wouldn’t budge! Zeta tapped every reserve of her strength and slowly, she forced them apart just far enough to twist and turn, then pull her head free. She dropped to the canvas and rolled away toward the center of the ring where she furiously sucked precious air into her body.

"Where do you think you're goin’, girlfriend!" Stacy said as she strutted over to her foe. She lashed out with a series of solid kicks to the ribs that kept Zeta from rising. As Zeta lay face-down on the canvas, violently recoiling from each powerful kick, Stacy celebrated by raising her hands over head and waving triumphantly to the crowd.

The nefarious gamblers and crooks in the crowd started chanting, "Stacy!, Stacy!" as the law-abiding citizens, including her beloved Antonio, stood silent; worrying as they gazed at their Zeta grimacing in pain. Perhaps Zeta had finally met her match!

Antonio's hopes sank even lower when Stacy delivered a series of kicks and stomps to Zeta's ribs and back, her feet opening small rips in Zeta's clingy leotard.

"I believe you're going to need a seamstress," Stacy said. “That’s if there's anything left of you or that silly outfit when I'm done with you!" Stacy then reached down and grabbed Zeta’s ankles, twisting and turning, rolling her onto her back. The beautiful blonde quickly started kicking the back of Zeta's legs and it wasn't long before the saloon was filled with the sharp sound of Stacy’s heel digging into the back of Zeta's legs and the brunette moaning in pain. "It won't be long before these ugly tights start looking like the rest of your hideous outfit!”

But even after several strong kicks, Zeta's strong and shapely legs showed no visible signs of the attack and the only damage appeared to be to her leotard.

"You'll never rip my tights, blondie," Zeta spat out at Stacy.

Miffed, Stacy changed tactics, twirling around Zeta's leg and unmercifully twisting it in a step-over leg lock. As painful as the hold was, Zeta refused to give Stacy the satisfaction of knowing she was hurting her. Biting down with her teeth to keep any sounds of anguish from slipping out of mouth, Zeta just shook her head from side to side when Stacy demanded that she submit.

"Give up Zeta!" Stacy said. "You can't win. You can't beat me. You’re only going to make it worse on yourself!" Hearing no response, Stacy continued to twist Zeta's leg until she dropped down on to the mat, rolled in front of the brunette and twisted her legs into an excruciating Figure Four Leglock. "It's over, Zeta!" Stacy grunted. "No woman has legs strong enough to escape this hold."

The veins in Zeta's neck popped as she tried to fight the growing pain in her legs. She balled her fists and tightened her muscles against the misery she was absorbing; pouring her last remaining reserves of strength into her legs. Slowly, Zeta's legs began to force Stacy's apart. Stacy was stunned as she felt Zeta pulling away and she gritted her teeth, straining to put even more pressure on Zeta's famed legs, believing she could conquer them. Yet even with Stacy pumping all of her energy into the hold, Zeta eventually managed to unwrap her legs and roll free of the villainous blonde!

Burning up with anger, Stacy ran to Zeta who was still on all fours and struggling to get up. She pulled her up by her hair, swung her around and whipped Zeta to the ropes, then prepared to deliver another brutal kick as the brunette rebounded back to her.

"This will finish you, Zeta!" Stacy said as the weary and seemingly beat brunette, her eyes half-closed, stumbled toward her just as Stacy snapped her leg forward to deliver the crushing, finishing kick. A split-second before Stacy’s foot shattered Zeta's jaw, the brunette's eyes opened and she dropped, sliding on the canvas just under Stacy's kick!

Her mouth dropping open in dismay as Zeta miraculously avoided her kick, Stacy whirled around - and was met by a black missile heading at her. Before Stacy could react, Zeta smashed the blonde with an uppercut that sent her windmiling out of control backward into the ropes. Zeta charged at her with her fists raised and hammered Stacy’s stomach.

"I've punched balloons firmer than this stomach," Zeta gloated to her ringside fans.

As the blond doubled over, Zeta grabbed Stacy’s hair and dragged her to the corner, then smashed her head onto the top turnbuckle. Stacy spun around and dropped on her butt in the corner. Zeta came running, jumped and caught the top rope as she came down; her knee hitting Stacy in the belly. Zeta bounced up, still holding the ropes, and came down again with another knee to Stacy’s mid-section.

Finally, she grabbed Stacy by the hair and monkey flipped her out into the center of the ring. Stacy rolled over and rose, only to see Zeta's black tights flying toward her like twin missiles. The Dropkick was a direct hit, Zeta’s feet exploding against Stacy's chest and winding her. This time Stacy made no attempt to get up. Stunned by the strength of Zeta's blow, the blonde remained on her back, seeking respite from Zeta's attack. Zeta, though, would have no part of that. Seeing Stacy vulnerable on the canvas, Zeta raced over toward her, jumped into the air and dropped her elbow on Stacy's bruised chest.

The evil blonde screamed in pain for a few seconds while Zeta regained her feet and prepared to charge at her again. This time Zeta pulverized her with a Leg Drop, slamming her sexy leg across Stacy's bosom with such force the blonde's legs shot straight up into the air.

"OOF!" Stacy grunted as air rushed out of her lungs.

"Let's try that again, shall we!" Zeta said as she rose. She ran to the ropes, leaped into the top rope and then after springing back, did a 180-degree twist in mid-air before she crashed down on Stacy's chest with an even more devastating Leg Drop.

"My chest, my chest," Stacy cried, feeling so much pain it was as if her chest had been crushed by the force of Zeta's gorgeous leg.

"That's not all that's going hurt, sister," Zeta said, pulling Stacy up by the hair and then kneeing her in the face.

Stacy's eyes were glazed and rolling as Zeta then hit her with six unanswered punches to the face that violently snapped her head sideways. With each one, a look of anger intensified on Zeta's face as she put an increasing amount of muscle into each blow. Stacy, in the unfamiliar position of being overwhelmed, was unable to even lift her hands to defend herself. The dazed look on her suddenly bruised face was growing with each blow.

Zeta then grabbed Stacy's short skirt with both hands and held on tightly as she swung Stacy toward the ropes. Stacy spun like a top as she twirled away from Zeta - leaving her tattered skirt in the brunette's hands. Now the only shred of clothing covering Stacy's womanhood was her sheer black pantyhose.

Not that Stacy had any idea of what was happening. She was hurt, dizzy and total unaware of what awaited her after she hit the ropes and rebounded back toward the center of the ring.

"Hope you don't mind if my legs join the fun," Zeta said.

The champion of justice and fair play turned and smacked the on-rushing Stacy in the face with a vicious Roundhouse kick. Stacy dropped in a heap as the kick drained the last of the energy from her body. She toppled face-first to the mat as Zeta flashed an electric smile that lit up the room and sent her backers into a frenzy.

"I'm spending tonight back in my house," Mr. Theron said to Antonio. "Zeta has kicked Stacy's ass!"

While true, Stacy still hadn’t surrendered but Zeta was determined to change that. She sat down next to Stacy's prone body and reached back with her left hand to pull up Stacy's legs, digging her nails into her pantyhose and ripping holes in them.

"Such cheap hose. They rip so easily," Zeta said. "Then again what else but cheap pantyhose would you expect from a cheap whore."

Zeta then reached out with her right hand and curled it under Stacy's neck. A split second later, Zeta began to pull back on both ends of Stacy's body, bending her in half while choking the air out of her. Stacy's sweaty face began to turn red as she struggled to breathe. Her sweaty, mangled blonde locks covered her contorted face.

"Care to tap out and admit you have been defeated by the superior woman?" Zeta said.

Instead of tapping the mat, Stacy tried to pull Zeta's arm away from her neck. She tugged on Zeta's muscular forearm, but couldn't budge it. Her face looking more pained with each second as she grew weaker and dizzier, Stacy knew she was beaten and finally, she had no choice but to weakly slap the mat with her open hand.

"I . . . give up . . . You win," Stacey muttered.

The fight was over - as was Stacy's reign as Evil Queen of the Territory. But Zeta maintained her grip on Stacy for another few seconds until the sound of a loud CRAAACK from Stacy's lower back coincided with the battered blonde's eyes rolling up as she passed out. Like Charlize, Stacy now had a broken back; thanks to Zeta!

A wild celebration broke out in the saloon as Zeta stood, then bowed to acknowledge the lusty cheers from her many admirers. She placed her leg on Stacy's broken body as she flexed her biceps, treating the overheated men to an erotic victory pose.

As Antonio helped some of his neighbors reclaim their deeds from Stacy’s lock box, Zeta remained in the ring, alone with her beaten foe. She sat and cradled Stacy’s head in her lap, holding her and repeatedly slappping her face to wake her.

When Stacy's finally opened her eyes, she let out a loud scream, "Oooow, my back. I can't move!"

"You'll have plenty of time to recover - in a cell," Zeta said. "But before you head off to jail, I want you know I'LL be running this saloon from now on. I'm not a fan of your so-called trophies on the wall, so I wanted to give you a - let's say - heads-up, that I'll be redecorating."

"Please, you can do whatever you want," Stacy said. "Just get me a doctor!"

"I don't know about a doctor, but you WILL be leaving, my dear," Zeta said.

She slashed her fingernail across Stacy’s forehead, carving a crimson ‘Z’ in the pale flesh. Then Zeta grabbed Stacy and effortlessly lifted her overhead. She began to spin around like a tornado, giving Stacy a first-class ticket on the Airplane Spin. After several circles to build momentum, Zeta flung the dizzy Stacy toward the wall where her collection of ripped tights hung.


Two men in the street walking past the side of the saloon were coverd with debris from an explosion just above their heads. They ducked several large chunks of wood and plaster and when the dust settled, they gasped when they looked up and saw Stacy's head, covered with the white plaster dust, sticking out of the wall.

Seeing the carved ‘Z’ under the dust, one said, "Man, Zeta's back in town! Let's get in there. I don’t want to miss any more of the show!"

They rushed in to find Zeta standing by the wall with the blond human missile in it. All of Stacy's nylon trophies had fallen to the floor, leaving just one pair of stockings still on the wall. Those, of course, were Stacy's; ripped to pieces and still filled with the blonde's firm butt and black-and-blue legs; the lower half of her body which was firmly stuck in the wall.

"Allow me to be the first to dedicate your new trophy case, Zeta," Antonio said as he hung a crudely hand-lettered sign reading, ‘Stacy Keibler’ above the long legs in the demolished tights. "I hope it won’t be the last."

A swarm of men engulfed Zeta, lifted her up on their shoulders and paraded her through the city streets, past the bank and down to Doc Palmer’s hospital. Zeta hopped down and, taking the Theron’s deed from Antonio she asked the crowd to wait outside while she went in and visited Charlize.

Sitting on the edge of Charlize’s bed, Zeta took the blondes hand and held it in her lap as she leaned over and slipped the deed into Charlize’s cleavage. Smoothing her nightgown over the paper, she felt the blondes nipples harden with excitement. Unable to resist, Zeta’s hand continued down over Charlize’s belly until she cupped the mound between her legs. Charlize moaned, but made no move to stop the masked woman.

“I’ve put an end to Stacy and her gang,” Zeta whispered, gently stroking the heavy breathing blondes pubic mound. “And you and your worthless husband have your farm back. If I were you, I’d get rid of that useless lout, sell the farm and come to work for me in the saloon. I’m going to be very busy fighting lawlessness and I could use someone there to watch over things every day while I’m elsewhere. Think it over, I don’t need your answer today. But if you take me up on the offer, I’ll give you lessons; make you my sidekick and our house champion. Together, you and I would be an unbeatable combination.”

Then Zeta leaned over and kissed Charlize, gave her a final stroke, stood up and strode out the door to rejoin the celebration of her latest victory.

All was well again! Zeta was back and better than ever… … but Zeta faces an even greater challenge in the NEXT CHAPTER!