Denise Richards vs. Hudson Leick by Southgate

Leick and Richards eye each other quietly before the match. Hudson, three years older than her brunette foe, stands almost 2" taller, but Denise looks more solid than the blonde. As the bell rings both women move quickly to the center of the ring lock hands in a test of strength. Their bodies press together as their knuckles turn white. Denise appears to gain the advantage, backing Hudson up several steps. But Leick rallies. The taut muscles in her arms and legs strain as she leans forward, slowly twisting Richards off balance. The brunette is forced backwards and is soon trapped against a corner post. Hudson stretches her arms up, forcing Denise onto her toes. The blonde drives her knee up into Denise's unprotected crotch. The brunette screams.

With a quick motion, Hudson pushes her arms forward, forcing the sagging Richards's arms backward. For the next few moments, the blonde uses her arm strength to try and dislocate both of Denise's shoulders. Richards tries to rally, resisting for all she is worth as she struggles to bring her arms forward. As she slowly makes progress, Hudson leans into her hard into her. Chest to chest, Hudson's smaller boobs press into the young brunette's larger chest. Jealous, Leick changes tactics. She steps back, pulls Richards arms up over her hair once more, then pumps her knee repeatedly into the brunette's crotch and belly. Denise is hurt and badly winded.

Hudson releases her hands. Denise slumps to her butt. Leick grabs a handful of hair, drags her to her feet and slams an elbow across her chest. Stepping backward quickly, Leick hair drags Denise forward. The brunette trips to her knees. A knee lift slams into Richards's head. Leick wraps her arms around Richards's waist, hoists her upside down and pile drives her into the mat. With a leap the tough blonde lands, knees first, into the brunette's belly. Hair-hauling Denise to her feet, Leick whips Richards into the ropes, catching her on the rebound with a tremendous knee lift to her chest. Richards crashes down again onto her back.

With workman like precision, Leick snakes herself in behind the battered woman, wraps her thighs around her waist, locks one arm around her neck and grabs one of her boobs with a free hand. Crushing pressure applied with great concentration for almost two minutes turns Denise blue as her struggling is reduced to feeble movements. Rolling on to her own back while maintaining the scissors, Leick switches her arms to a full nelson, pulling Richards up on top of her. Leick's thin but steel thighs lift the trapped brunette rag doll up high. With a violent shaking motion, Leick locks her thighs tighter still. Denise lets out a shriek just as Hudson slams her butt down into the hard canvas.

Hudson releases her scissors, kicks Denise away and stands. With her patented wild-eyed look, Hudson works the crowd while she moves menacingly towards Denise. Richards, still on her butt, slowly backs up into the corner and pulls herself to her feet. Her ribs feel badly bruised and her tits are sore. Leick strides forward while Denise hangs back in her corner. Hudson moves within kicking range. Her left foot lashes out, but Richards is ready and side-steps the kick, captures the extended leg and pulls Leick forward and into her own raised knee.

But the nasty blonde is cat quick. She grabs Richards by the head, pulls her in close and pounds a fist into Denise's ribs. Richards grimaces in pain, but still holding the blonde's leg, retaliates by driving her fist into Leick's crotch. Hudson yelps. Denise sinks her fingers into the same spot, applying a painful claw. Leick screams out and slams another fist into Richards's ribs, but Denise ignores the punch and concentrates on her grip. Leick tries to pull away, but shooting pain is numbing her response. Richards, maintaining the crotch claw, shoves forward on the captured leg. The tough blonde lands hard on her back.

Richards spins across her foe, pushing the trapped leg far forward, and squats down on the leg. Leick is bent in half, with her own leg pressing across her chest. Richards digs her fingers into the stretched out thigh muscles. Clawing, digging deep into the muscle tissue, Richards punishes Leick's right leg. Leick struggles mightily to break free, but the solidly built Denise maintains her advantage. Finished with the thigh, Richards goes back to work on Hudson's crotch, clawing and pounding relentlessly while the blonde howls. Leick finally manages to twist her body enough to roll Denise off.

Richards quickly rises to her feet. Leick rolls on the mat, clutching her injured leg. Richards grabs two hands full of the blonde's hair and pulls her to her feet. Leick, on her way up, fires a punch into Denise's belly. Richards keeps hold of her hair. Still on one knee, Hudson fires off two more punches that crash into Richards's stomach and drop her to her knees. Face to face, Leick seizes her foe's hair with her left hand and backhands a loud slap across Denise's face with her right. But before she can fire off another slap, Richards slams a fist into Leick's crotch. Hudson shrieks and grabs her crotch.

Richards rakes Hudson's eyes, slams two double ax handles down on her chest. Hudson crumbles to the mat. Denise leaps on top of her foe. Hudson grabs her adversary around the throat, but Denise has better position. She slams her fight arm across Hudson's throat and leans into it. Leick, gagging, slams a series of punches into the brunette's ribcage. The cool-headed Richards grapevines Hudson's legs, immobilizing the blonde. Inching forward, Denise presses her weight forward as she leans harder into arm, choking off Hudson's air supply.

Leick has a glazed look in her eyes. Richards finally removes her arm. Denise hair-hauls Hudson to her feet and throws her into the ropes. Denise crashes four elbows smashes into the blonde's chest. Richards wraps her arms around Hudson, lifts her off the ropes and moves to the center of the ring. Denise tightens her arms around Hudson's body as she bends the thin blonde backward in a crushing bear hug. The shooting pain in her back revives Hudson momentarily then she screams out her submission and passes out!