Playmates: Angela Little vs. Kelly Monaco by technetium

Kelly and Angela were at a photo shot, both nude, both showing their gorgeous bodies to the cameras. Kelly wasn't too happy about the choice of her partner, as she didn't find her good enough for her standards.

"Look, she's too old for me! You can see it.. And she's not even tough enough! Don't make me do this photo shot with her!"

Angela accepted the harsh critics with a smile, proud of her older, but not less stunning, body, "Kelly may be younger, but she still has a lot to learn. She can't move properly. She needs my help just to take a decent shot!"

When they'd finished work, they walked towards the changing room, with Kelly continuing to make harsh remarks about Angela, "Your tits aren't half as sexy as mine! And I can't believe they chose you for the next Playmate tournament...and they've put you in my team too! I'm sure we're going to lose because of you!"

Angela hadn't got any catfighting experience, but couldn't stand Kelly's insults, "So, you think you're so tough, eh? Let's fight, whenever you want! I'll teach you a good lesson!"

Kelly laughed loudly for a while, then replied, "You think you can beat me? Fair enough, I'll teach you a hard lesson then you'll have to withdraw from the tournament!"

"OK, Kelly, you'll regret it!" added Angela, not too convincingly. "What the hell WAS a catfight anyway," Angela was wondering.

"Ah, Angela," added Kelly to her puzzled colleague. "Since you're not expert at catfighting, let's make it a titfight. Maybe in that you'll at least have a small chance...."

The next day, Kelly sent a message to Angela with the time and place of their fight. A motel, in the middle of nowhere, at 6PM. Angela didn't have any commitment for that time, so she accepted gladly although she still didn't know what a titfight was. She arrived at 6PM sharp in a silk blouse, skirt, stockings and high heels, all in matching black. Her tits, naked under the thin dress were clearly visible, as she wanted to show Kelly she wasn't scared. She parked her car and headed to the room where Kelly was waiting. The air was cold as clouds were gathering in the sky above - it would rain shortly.

Angela walked faster, not wanting the coming rain to ruin her outfit. She knocked at the door and found Kelly dressed in a possibly more provocative attire, a blue silk dress, white stockings and red sandals. Her tits and fanny were visible through the sheer clothes.

Kelly smiled wickedly as Angela entered the room, "Sure you don't want to quit, Angela dear?"

Angela started unbuttoning her blouse, muttering, "You'll regret your stubbornness, Kelly!"

"Oh, Angela, I like how boldly you talk! No hard feelings, though. You'll thank me for the lesson I'm about to teach you!" said Kelly removing her dress and showing almost fully erected nipples on her big melons.

Kelly clasped hands behind her own neck and approached Angela, thrusting her hard, pointy nipples at her, "Ready for it? Come, let me beat your small tits!"

Angela put her hands in the same position as Kelly's and slowly moved into Kelly until her nipples found Kelly's turgid ones. She realized the fight had started when Kelly smiled and shook her body and tits slightly, making them rub softly on hers. Angela stepped back, unsure of herself as Kelly applied more pressure on her breasts. Kelly's arms swung around, clasping Angela's back, caressing her and helping her tit's action.

Angela tried to do the same, but before she could get a grip on Kelly's back, the brunette started slamming her chest into Angela, making the blonde scream, "Eh, what the hell!"

"Can you fight back, Angela?" Kelly sneered as Angela copied her movements, slamming her small tits on Kelly's jiggling ones and making the brunette smile. "Is that the best you can do?" added Kelly, intensifying the rhythm of her own action.

Angela struggled, trying to fight back, but Kelly was too strong and expert for her. Soon, she was forced into retreat, unsteady on her high heels, until her back hit the wall! Kelly quickly grabbed Angela's hands and pinned them above her head. Angela shook her head, frustrated, as Kelly swung her shoulders back and forth, giving her a hard battering with her dominant jugs.

"Kelly, noooo... stop it!" Angela moaned.

"What?" Kelly giggled. "You afraid your little tits will be ruined by my big ones? Oh, Angela, I though you were tougher than that!"

Angela sobbed, totally unable to prevent Kelly's assault as she continued crying and begging Kelly to stop. The jubilant brunette, however, had different plans. She had realized Angela was unable to stay up on her heels, so she released her hands and let Angela collapse on all fours; her body trembling in shock. Kelly quickly unzipped Angela's skirt and let it slide down to her knees, then removed it entirely from the weeping blonde, baring her naked and smooth, hairless pussy.

"Oh, Angela, why ever did you shave it? You thought you could have won the fight? You're such a little fool..."

Kelly removed her left sandal and pushed her left foot up against Angela's pussy where she rubbed the nylon gently over it, provoking moans of pleasure in the older woman as she hung her head in shame, her hair covering her blushing face.

"You like it, don't you? Eh? You degenerate blonde bitch!" giggled Kelly as her big toe easily spread Angela's swelling labia, allowing it to enter the damp slit. "Tell me..." Kelly prompted. "No, BEG me, then - maybe - I'll stop!"

Angela remained mute, her eyes glazed, as she shifted her weight slightly and opened her legs, surrendering her pussy to Kelly's toe. Very quickly, Kelly's well-practiced routine achieved her reward as Angela's juices started to flow freely from her the gaping opening over Kelly's nylon-clad foot and dribbled down the inside of her quivering thighs.

Kelly grinned as she withdrew her foot and raised it to Angela's panting mouth. "You slut," she chastised the blushing blonde. "Now just look what you've done to my stocking! You'd better lick it clean, right now! Like a good little submissive blonde," she snapped curtly, pushing her nylon-clad big toe into Angela's open mouth.

Too stunned by events to resist, Angela allowed Kelly's moist toe into her mouth, rolling her tongue over it and tasting her own pussy on the salty toe. In no tome, Kelly's foot was totally wet from Angela's licking and the brunette threw back her head and laughed with unrestrained delight. Outside, a loud thunderclap broke the silence of the autumnal evening as a steady rain began to pelt down with fury.

Kelly sat down on the floor, removing her other sandal, rubbing her right foot on Angela's dangling, beaten tits while her left foot was still being laved by Angela's pink tongue. Soon, Kelly took her left foot from Angela's mouth and brought it to her other tit, rubbing them both with an increasingly rapid tempo as Angela gulped and sobbed while her tender tits were caressed by Kelly's sheer nylons.

Angela moaned loudly, as Kelly reached around and started fingering her from behind until, suddenly, Angela's arms buckled under her, leaving her chest flattened on Kelly's feet with her ass raised as she screamed out with her second orgasm of the night!

However, Kelly didn't allow Angela to enjoy the full pleasure of her climax. With Angela still breathing hard, Kelly grabbed her by the hair and lifted her painfully to her feet. She slammed the crying blonde against the door, pulled back and slammed her body repeatedly onto it. Angela whimpered in protest as her firm tits were flattened on the wood, but she couldn't displace her dominant rival. After a few minutes, Kelly let Angela go and the blonde dropped to all fours, clearly beaten. Eyeing Angela's raised, nicely shaped bum, Kelly quickly started spanking her, enjoying each scream of pain that was ripped from Angela's lips.

"Stop it, stop it!" cried Angela. "You won, stop it, please!" but Kelly was deaf to her lamentations.

"I like spanking your fat ass, Angela! Think about it! Tomorrow you won't be able to go to any photo shoot with your tits and ass bruised. Whatever would you do?" she taunted, giving several more hard slaps to Angela's already red, jiggling bottom.

Soon, Angela was crying out loud at her inability to stop Kelly's abuse. Then, suddenly, her frantically fumbling hands felt the handle of the door and Angela saw it as her only option. Collecting her strength, she kicked her right leg back, her heel burying itself in Kelly's crotch. As the brunette fell back hurt and surprised at Angela's unexpected reaction, Angela pulled open the door, rose unsteadily to her feet and staggered out into the darkness.

"You bitch, where do you think you're running off to?" cursed Kelly. "I'll make you regret that, you whore!"

As soon as she got up, Kelly chased Angela out into the hard driving rain. Barefooted, her footing was far steadier than Angela who was still wearing heels and was considerably weakened by the brunette's attack. After a few strides, Kelly caught Angela and dragged her down in the mud.

"Oh, no, Angela!" hissed Kelly. "You don't go anywhere! I haven't finished with you yet!"

Rolling Angela onto her back, Kelly sat on her waist and started slapping her bare tits. Angela whined and begged Kelly to let her go, but the brunette wasn't about to lose her prey so she clutched Angela's tits in both hands and squeezed - hard! Angela screamed again, but this time in her panic she managed to work her arms from under Kelly's pinning legs, setting them free. She grabbed Kelly's attacking hands and pried them from her aching tits. Surprised by this spate of resistance, Kelly stared at Angela with an evil grin on her face.

"So, you think you can stop me, Angela? Oh, poor girl!" taunted the dominant brunette.

Kelly yanked her hands free and slammed them back down on Angela's breasts but with no success. In unbalancing herself, Kelly had failed to pin Angela's body properly and the plucky blonde bridged just at the right time, sending Kelly sprawling on the damp ground. Angela wasn't ready to fight, but she managed to kick Kelly's left tit with her right shoe as she blindly swung her legs. Kelly screamed in pain and then renewed her attack on Angela, receiving another kick for her effort, this time in the face. Wisely, Kelly crawled away from the blonde to regain her feet with calm while, in front of her, Angela was still sitting and sobbing.

"Can you do anything else, Angela, or will you simply cry until tomorrow morning?" taunted Kelly, giving Angela a hard kick in the ribs.

Angela tried to crawl away, but Kelly easily caught her by her short blonde hair and, pulling violently, forced her to her feet. Kelly hit the blonde with a punch in the left side, then grabbed her tits once more and stated to squeeze.

"Nnnnooo, let me go!" cried Angela, hopping from one foot to the other trying to remove Kelly's hands by digging her fingernails into the brunette's wrists.

As Kelly felt the pain in her wrists, she kicked Angela in the crotch with her right knee, then pushed her away. Angela collapsed on her knees, crying, holding her left arm in front of her, her hand open and pleading.

"Please, Kelly, stop.. you won!"

"So, get back in the room and be my slave tonight!" calmly said Kelly, shaking rainwater from her wet hair although the rain that was still falling and in few moments her curly hair was once more plastered to her head.

Angela whined: "No, I can't."

Kelly sighed and grabbed her arm, twisting it up behind her back. With Angela bent forward on her knees in front of her, Kelly asked for the last time, "So, your answer is...?"

When Angela shook her head again, Kelly reached over her shoulder and grabbed one of her nipples. She pulled hard while bending the blonde's arm, bringing more screams of pain from the blonde. Kelly forced Angela to stand, then released her arm, turning her so they were facing each other. In tears, Angela tried to put her hands over her breasts but Kelly was quicker and grabbed both of her nipples with her thumb and forefinger. Then, she started kicking at Angela's legs until the blonde again fell on her knees. This time, however, Kelly had a firm hold of Angela's nipples and used them to forced her to rise again. Laughing, Kelly again kicked Angela's knees sending the blonde to her knees again.

But this time, knowing what was going to happen, Angela had a counter attack. As she dropped to her knees, Angela unleashed a powerful uppercut that found it’s target square in Kelly's crotch. The brunette gasped in pain, looked down in shock at Angela and then staggered back doubled over slightly. Angela quickly snapped her head forward and her forehead hit Kelly’s pubic mound with a loud THOCK! Kelly's body slumped as both her hands dropped to her throbbing crotch. Angela grabbed the brunette's ankles and jerked her feet out from under her, dropping Kelly in the wet grass and mud on her butt.

"Oh-oh-oh-oh," mumbled Kelly in a daze as her ass slammed into the ground.

Angela flung herself on top of the brunette, pinning her on her back but her lack of experience prevented her from getting a firm hold and in less than ten seconds, Kelly had displaced her and promptly wrapped her legs around the blonde's waist, squeezing. Angela moaned in anguish, but her right hand went to Kelly's pussy which was vulnerable with her legs wrapped around Angela. The blonde started ripping pubic hair with a fury and in seconds both were crying out loud, shouting at the other to let go. Kelly's hands went to Angela's attacking hand to remove it from the tender, sensitive area but to no avail. Soon, her legs snapped open and she desperately slapped at Angela's hand until Angela gave a final tug and rose, flicking a handful of Kelly's lost pubic hair to the wind.

Kelly lay on the ground, her hands on her wounded pussy, whimpering. The renewed blonde didn't lose any time as she stomped her high heel shoe on Kelly's right tit three times, leaving dark red dimples on the pale flesh. Kelly yelped - until Angela kicked her in the face to silence her! Dazed, Kelly writhed on the ground until she felt Angela's hand on her hair.

Angela pulled hard, forcing Kelly to rise, and then threw her into a nearby tree. Kelly's back hit the big, hard trunk and she slid down in a sitting position with one hand on her aching back and the other on her pussy. Angela grabbed Kelly's hair and lifted her again, shoving her back against the tree. Then she started belly punching her in a blind rage. Kelly's hands waved helplessly in front of her, trying vainly to interrupt Angela's assault but she was too weakened. Sensing Kelly's strength fading, Angela shifted her attack to Kelly's big, hanging tits. After a few punches, the brunette was screaming like mad as her tits were hooked and uppercut, bouncing and flopping in every direction.

"Stoooooppp, Angela stop!!! Aaah! arrrrrgggghhhh!" Kelly groaned.

Angela smiled and asked, "So, who's gonna be the slave, tonight?"

Kelly sobbed and tried to sucker punch Angela but the blonde ducked the weak blow and screamed, "So, you want more? OK, bitch!"

She spun Kelly to face the tree and threw herself into her from behind, mashing her aching tits into the rough bark. Kelly cried, screaming in pain as her soft flesh was scrubbed painfully on the bark until her tits were bruised and red.

"Nooooo.... Noooo!" Kelly kept on blubbering, but the blonde was getting real pleasure from annihilating her younger foe.

She gave her a final bump, then she turned her around and punched her crotch once again. Kelly immediately dropped down on her knees, bent painfully forward with her hands between her tightly clenched thighs. As soon as Kelly hit the ground, she saw a last change to turn the fight back her way. She immediately grabbed Angela's left wrist that was just in front of her face between her teeth! The blonde howled and tried to punch Kelly, who hung onto her bite with the ferocity of a bulldog until Angela also fell, at last freeing her wrist from Kelly's jaws. Now, they were both on the ground and almost immediately they bearhugged each other and started rolling on the grass, ripping the other's hair with fury. When they stopped rolling, Kelly felt something soft and strange beneath her.

"What the hell....," she started saying but by that time Angela had already rose to her knees.

"You stupid girl, you don't know anything about the countryside!" laughed Angela with a bit of triumphant emphasis on her words.

Then, she shoved Kelly's head down into the soft ooze. Kelly struggled to lift her head, but before she could, Angela had already rolled her onto her back and was seated astride her tummy facing her legs. Angela scooped up a handful of mud and slapped it down on Kelly's crotch, then proceeded to rub it into her throbbing pussy. Kelly screamed, hysterically, as she was being filled with the thick brown mud. No matter how loud she cried, Angela continued until Kelly had no breath or strength left to resist.

"Do you want me to stop, Kelly?" cooed Angela, ripping another handful of hair from Kelly's overfilled pussy.

Kelly whimpered, " Stop OH! Oh, oh, ohhhhh... Please…..I give up! I give up! Please stop!!!!!!"

"OK, Kelly girl,” Angela chuckled, scraping her nails over Kelly’s pubic mound hard enough that she heard the brunette gasp as she lifted her butt up out of the muck. “But first, you have to show me you've learned your lesson," said Angela.

She brought her right, nylon-covered muddy foot to Kelly's lips and wiggled her toes on the young woman’s lips. "You wanted me to lick your toes, now it’s your turn to do the same for me!"

Kelly hesitated momentarily, gave a little strangled half-whimper and then started licking, now completely cowed by Angela. Never in her life had Kelly’s pussy been packed with mud and the terrified model wanted to escape this humiliating situation as quickly as possible.

"Good girl..." whispered Angela as she inserting her toes one after the other into Kelly's gaping mouth.

After a while, Angela had achieved the satisfaction she wanted and rose smiling. The rain was ending as Angela triumphantly stood with her legs straddling the sobbing brunette and posed with her hands on her hips like some kind of queen surveying her subjects.

"You know what?” Angela sighed. “I may let you go in the room, and treat you as my slave tonight, but that would be too good for you. No, I think instead I'll leave you here, outside, in the cold! And I don't think you can call anyone because they'll ask a lot of questions about your situation…..and who kicked your ass so badly and...."

With that, Angela turned, gave her wet, matted hair a toss and started back toward the room.

"Please, Angela, wait for me," begged Kelly who started to crawl after her.

But before Kelly was halfway to the room, Angela closed the door behind her. Kelly pounded on the door, begging Angela to let her in, but to no avail. She looked at their cars in the lot, but they were locked and the keys were inside the room! Meanwhile, while Angela calmly took a shower and went to bed, Kelly sat down under the tree and pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them as she rested, tired and humbled. She clutched her body, trying to find some warmth in the fresh night air as she tried to get some sleep. Finally, she fell asleep, exhausted. The next morning, Angela awoke early. Still in her nightgown, she walked to the door and opened it, seeing the sleeping Kelly curled up on her side, visibly devastated.

Angela went over and kicked her softly, murmuring, "Time for shower, little Kelly"

Kelly couldn't believe her ears and rushed into the room, crawling, finally relieved to be indoors.

"You look pretty devastated, Kelly,” Angela boasted. “I thought you had more experience in fighting and outdoor survival, honey.... You really look in bad shape!"

Angela removed her nightgown, leaving herself completely nude and went to the shower, asking over her shoulder, "Want to join me, or do you prefer to stay dirty for the whole day, Kelly?"

Unsteady on her feet, Kelly followed Angela into the bathroom, forgetting in her haste to remove her white stockings. The blonde grabbed the soap bar and started to soap on her body, calling out, "Kelly, darling, I can't reach my back... can you soap it for me like a good little girl?" Then, as Kelly humbly complied, Angela teased, "And now, on my ass and.. oh yes, Kelly!"

Finally, Angela turned around, and put her hand on Kelly’s head, "Now, Kelly on you knees... and lick my pussy properly!"

The brunette dropped on her knees and her tongue started exploring Angela's love box, tenderly. The blonde moaned in pleasure, as Kelly's skilled tongue explored her love nest for minutes until she exploded in a long, joyful orgasm.

"I like sex in the morning!" whispered Angela, as she stepped out of the shower box. "Ah…you’ve got five minutes to finish your shower, because I'll be going soon and, obviously, you're coming with me!"

It took Kelly more than five minutes to remove the dried, caked mud from her body, but Angela waited.

"Ah, Kelly, since I didn't have a change of clothes, I’m wearing the ones you brought here in your bag. I'm afraid YOU have to wear the clothes you had on yesterday... except your shredded stockings, of course!"

Kelly protested, "But my silk dress is completely transparent. I have no panties or bra..."

"Well, Kelly,” Angela hissed sternly. “You were so damn proud of those tits and hairy pussy yesterday, I guess you can show them off today! What’s the matter, dear? Aren't you happy?" smiled Angela, running her hands over Kelly's clean white stockings as she pulled them up her legs. "Besides, you still have to lick my feet, before we leave!" added Angela, extending her pointed foot.

Kelly who meekly dropped to her knees and started with Angela's toes, but soon she licked her soles as well; still dazed from the night she’d spent outside. Angela pressed her nylons hard on Kelly's face.

"You're having a nice breakfast, Kelly, aren't you?" teased Angela, enjoying the feel of Kelly's soft pink tongue as she delicately licked. "Good girl..." added Angela, moaning in pleasure as Kelly continued for several minutes. Finally, Angela stood and went out of the door with Kelly following.

"We'll take my car, now. I expect you to make some statement with excuses today, Kelly!" she added, opening the car door and giving Kelly’s bottom a firm spank as she meekly crawled into the passenger seat with her head on the floor and her ass raised so that it would be easily available for Angela to fondle as she drove. Surely it was going to be a long day for Kelly - and a memorable one for Angela!