Lucy Liu vs. Victoria Principal by TNT

(whoossh) "Unnnhhhhhh." (whoosssh) "Ummmmmm." The sounds of angry swinging fists - which missed their intended target by a mile - and the straining grunts and groans of the beautiful older woman as she pursued her petite rival filled the hotel suite, putting a mischievous grin on Lucy Liu's lovely Asian features as the diminutive actress darted about, ducking and eluding all of Victoria Principal's angry punches and wild slaps.

"Come on, you old broad," Lucy taunted as she darted in, made an impish schoolgirl face, stuck out her tongue and touched her thrust out chin, begging for Victoria to take another good swing. "Here I am; hit me!"

(whoosssh) "Uhhhhhhh..." But this time, Victoria's grunt was one of pain as Lucy's small, hard, tight fist sank deep into the older woman's soft belly, doubling her over in breathless agony.

Lucy chuckled as she collected a handful of silky reddish-brown hair, jerked Victoria's head backward and grabbed the front of her low-cut satiny blouse and ripped it wide open. Lucy had waited patiently for the perfect moment to strike. Now, her real fun was about to start!.

"Nooooo. Stop that. Let go… hair!" RIIPPPPPPPPPP! "My blouse! You ripped….my blouse you….crazy…bitch …STOPPPPP!" Victoria's demands were hindered by her frequent gasps for air as Lucy had cunningly left her older opponent not only breathless but had ripened her into a catfight rage that made Victoria lose all control over her emotions. Lucy smiled as she saw Victoria's firm, erect nipples straining against the confining prison of her now nearly completely exposed sheer black lace bra. The busty beautiful older babe was just about 'ripe for plucking!

"Aieeeee!" Victoria screamed as Lucy twisted her hair around her fingers, pulled her off balance and slammed her backwards into a large wooden closet. Whump! "Unnnnnnnhhhhhh…." Victoria groaned as her lovely body bounced off the hardwood door and her tummy was penetrated by another breathtaking punch! She felt Lucy's lightning fast fingers tear her blouse to shreds and pull it off, then before she could utter a protest, an incredibly strong arm clamped around her head and pulled her into a nasty headlock.

"Feeling a bit tired? Dizzy? Worn out?" Lucy teased. "You'd better lay down you lovely old bitch!" Lucy dragged Victoria over to the bed where, with a good hard shove and a swift kick to the screaming, groaning woman's derriere, sent her sprawling on the king size bed.

"Yieeeeahhh!" Lucy's combination domination and challenge karate cry sent chills down her dazed rival's spine as Victoria rolled onto her back and kicked out frantically at the charging Asian beauty. Lucy chuckled as an expensive high heel flew past her head as she drove between two lovely pantyhose clad legs to pounce on her prey like a jungle cat.

"Uhmmpppfh! Victoria grunted as Lucy landed with less than feline grace; straddling Victoria's waist and attacking her with lustful precision.

"STOP! Get offa me. OUCH! NOOOoooo…please…noooooo…" Victoria's cadence of impotent demands were accompanied by desperately flailing arms and a deeply flushed face as Lucy slapped, pulled hair, punched and squeezed Victoria's big, full, bra clad breasts. Her final "noooooooooooo" signaled Lucy's firmly determined yank on her bra straps.

"Let's see those big boobs, Vickie honey!" Lucy snarled as she grabbed each shoulder strap and yanked down.



"You're not goin' down easy, huh lady?" Lucy sniped as she released the shoulder straps and slapped Victoria's beautiful flushed face several times. As the older woman kicked, snarled and pleaded Lucy reached out, grabbed her beautiful throat and slowly began to squeeze. Her free hand slipped down, her fingers curled around the inside of the left lace bra cup and pulled slowly down until the large luscious breast was fully exposed. A quick capture of the firm orb and a perfect index finger/thumb nipple pinch and twist completed the move.

"Urggggh…unggggghhh…umppppgggh…leggttthmpfh meumpffh goooumppph!" Not the clearest words ever spoken, but Lucy relished her lovely victim's gasps.

Jumping the unsuspecting older soap star in her own suite late at night was a delightful treat courtesy the staff at the Catfight Resort. Ahhhhhhh, the delicious amenities. The expensive rather modest skirt had just been taken off and was hanging a few feet away in a beautiful closet. Moonlight from the evening sky filtered into the suite adding a bit of sensuality to the battlers. Lucy had quickly turned off the lights; a bit dark-jungle cats, you know.

"Leggo-Aieeeeeeumppphhhh." Lucy suddenly released the throat after demanding no screaming. A swift amazingly hard backhand was Victoria's reward for non-compliance.

"Whuuuuuu?" Thunk. The mule like buck sent Lucy flying into the incredibly hard unforgiving headboard. Her brain went numb as her head spun.

"Now it's my turn you rude little hottie," Victoria rasped, her voice still hoarse from the choke. She moved fast inspite of her wounds, grabbed a handful of that lovely dark hair and jerked Lucy clean up and off her feet. Lucy squealed; as she suddenly dropped down a hard knee met her crotch. Her top was gone in a flash and the dainty bra seemingly followed the same path to the carpet.

Whaaacccck! WhaaaacK! WhaaacKKK! Three hard, head-bending slaps and a couple of punches sent the topless petite Asian beauty flying. Strong hands were now at her throat; a seemingly flying hardwood table was coming in fast. BONK! A whopper of a headache times two after the airborne Lucy landed clumsily on the bed.

The angry Victoria bore in right behind her. "Get your cute little ass UP here. You wanna fight? How's this!" Victoria hissed. She grabbed Lucy's ankle and dragged her clear across the bed then dumped her onto the floor on her cute little derriere! THUMP! The short skirt was half torn off and Lucy's pantyhose was full of runs, rips and holes. "I can play nasty too sweetiepie!"

Victoria reached down and latched onto Lucy's firm breasts; digging her strong fingers in deep as she lifted the screeching brunette up onto the bed.

"Argggggh. Eeeeyaaaaahhh!! Leggo of my boobs you old cow!" Lucy howled as she tried unsuccessfully to pry the older woman's angry twisting, clawing, talons from her chest.

WHAM! The fist seemed to come out of nowhere and slammed into Victoria's left temple. Her eyes widened as intense pain engulfed the side of her head. Lucy reached up and treated her to a painful face claw digging her nails into soft vulnerable skin. With all her might she cut loose with a hard buck and Victoria fell over. In a flash the younger woman was on her and wrapped her legs around her neck.

"This is it honey, get ready to beg," Lucy snapped as she tightened her leg muscles and watched the bigger woman squirm, struggle and finally try and unsuccessful bridge. As Victoria gasped for air, her magnificent chest heaving, Lucy ripped her torn black bra completely off. Soon Victoria's beautiful eyes widened, rolled and her tongue lolled out. One more hard squeeze of those beautiful legs and Lucy released the hold, gave a few hard tugs on the silky hair, then mounted her defeated topless rival, sitting on her stomach.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slaps to the face then some short fast stinging slaps to those big beautiful breasts. Lucy smiled as she watched the big boobs jiggle, turn pink and the nipples stiffen, thicken and lengthen.

"Nice. That's sooooo nice," Lucy chirped as she slid backward, then with a few swipes she ripped the remains of Victoria's shredded pantyhose away.

"Big girls like you are just SO much fun," Lucy cackled as she swatted Victoria's groin hard; a shriek and two long legs involuntarily shot upwards. Lucy was more than ready as she leaned back, hooked the upward rising legs, slid forward and pulled her gasping rival almost in two. Victoria kicked and flexed her legs frantically; Lucy grunted as she held her opponents strong legs; in the mirror she could see Victoria's bare feet and toes wiggling, seemingly trying to reach the ceiling. It was quite an erotic exciting sight; petite vs big; petite winning.

"Should I let you go Vickie?" Lucy asked mockingly.

Victoria snarled out a most unladylike response. Suddenly, Lucy released the captive legs and leaped to her feet. Victoria gave a sigh of relief and keeping her blurry eyes on Lucy slowly got up. Lucy went over to a small table, grabbed a bottle of expensive wine, opened it and took a few big swigs.

"TIME! Now's the time to get the hell outta here!" Victoria thought as she eyed the expensive plush robe hanging on a door; wondering if she could grab it on her way to a quick exit. She'd have to move fast, but Lucy DID seem a bit distracted… "One-two-three GO!"

Target spotted; moving fast.

"Yaieeeeeee!" The karate and jungle catlike screech hit Victoria's ears a split second before Lucy's small, well-aimed feet, slammed into her back and took her breath away. Victoria’s legs turned to rubber and her knees buckled. Two small feet landed on the carpet, one raised up hard and fast. Perfect move once again. Victoria grunted as the kick brought her instantly to her knees. Angry fingers buried deep into Victoria's silky hair. A hard jerk of that lovely head and a well placed punch.

"Nice try you gorgeous old broad," Lucy sneered as she jerked the dazed hurting older woman to her feet. A blistering whirlwind of hard slaps to face and both breasts. A wicked hair pull and a run towards an end table.

Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Lucy smacked Victoria's forehead into the hard wood several times; she jerked Victoria upright, gave her a hard push. As Victoria staggered closer towards the huge bed, Lucy took a few fast steps, leaped like a tigress, hooked her legs around her rival's neck and took her down onto the bed. A most erotic blaze of action followed and once again the petite Asian beauty was in total control

"Amazing. You've been a real handful tonight," Lucy said through labored breaths. She cupped Victoria's full but sore breasts and slowly squeezed them as if to add a rather erotic illustration to her statement of fact. "I think I deserve a little reward."

"Huhhh. Whaaa? Noooooo…" Victoria’s pained, blurred, mind, slowly figured out what was to come next. "Lucy; you oh so beautiful mean witch; you wouldn't dare…"

The returned mischievious look in those beautiful eyes, said it all, "Oh but I would, and I will and so will you!"