Michelle Williams (5'3" 115#) vs. Lucy Liu (5'1" 105#) by simgrrl exclusively for K&G's Celebrity Fight Site

Before Poor Michelle is disconsolate when she hears three of the smaller girls held a round-robin tournament to see which of them would 'win' the opportunity to bring her down. The winner was no surprise as Lucy Liu easily whipped Jada Pinkett and Lil Kim to earn the next crack at Michelle. Liu bulking up to full bantam for this contest, but Williams still with 2" and 10 pound advantage in size between the two. Simgrrl has shown some ingenuity in promoting the fight; knowing she'll need a gimmick to sell out a 'little girls' fight, she makes it kick-boxing, something Liu has experience at while Williams is a novice - at best. Still, Williams punching power and her thick arms and legs can be lethal if Lucy lets her set and kick, so she'll be moving a lot and trying to take Williams's legs out of the equation early. Just to be sure fans stay around for the end, simgrrl's added a special stipulation for the loser, but she's keeping it under wraps until fight time - just to build suspense, and the gate!

Michelle says Simgrrl has gone too far this time; that 'our little Lucy' is headed for the hospital and they'd better leave the motor running on the ambulance. Experts predicting Liu can win a short fight if her kicking can overwhelm Michelle but that Williams' weight and power can wear down Lucy and allow the blonde to win a longer fight. At fight time, betting is all over the place and you can tell from the grin on her face that Simgrrl loves it!! Lucy in a black leather bikini top, tight shorts; Michelle in a white crochet bikini. Referee for the event, Sable is wearing a thong and cropped striped referee shirt tied under her full breasts that draws disapproving glares from both women who don't like the big wrestler showing them up!

Round 1 Liu bobbing side to side, twists into a tight left hook to Michelle's trunks, shunting the blonde's hips back and leaving her stooped forward in pain. Liu jumps in with short right hands to tits or chin, then snuggles close, clinching around Michelle's hips and grabbing her butt; her face wedged between the blonde's breasts to force the referee's break. Williams infuriated at the punch and grab but unable to deal with it as Liu slides in as she pleases to land beefy potshots with either hand; attacking from all angles, ranging outside with hands at her sides then lunging in to cram the right to bra, belly or chin before holding on to get a referee's break. Liu purring into Michelle's bosom in the clinches and Williams looks rattled as Liu lands hard for the first time in the fight. Rest of the round - Lucy stays close, crowding Williams, pulling her arms, sticking and stuffing punches into that belly before backing out to land roundhouse kicks to the back of the blondes knee, thigh and calf. Williams's legs cramping, slowing her noticeably from the first to the last minute.

Round 2 Williams's out fast for the second, having gotten an earful in her corner about smashing this gnat. That and the frustration and humiliation of being bested by someone smaller is almost too much. Some fans are starting to mock the bigger blonde and it's getting to her as she comes out swinging for the fences and Lucy is right there, amazingly willing to trade with her larger opponent! It's a crowd pleasing punching battle as they plant their feet and fire. Lucy's ducking in and hammering Williams firm middle while Michelle is slapping Lucy's head back and forth. Michelle lands some good rights that force the little Asian to back up, but she's on her feet still when her back hits the ropes, from there she becomes more defensive and Williams starts missing more, Liu's still landing an occasional shot to the gut to keep Williams honest, and the fight heats up after Lucy surprises Michelle with a huge kick to the thigh that has her hopping away at the bell. Lucy tries to follow but eats a leg staggering uppercut after the bell that draws boos from her fans but puts a grin on Williams's face. It's a surprisingly close match thus far and Lucy seems to be gaining points for guts as Michelle glares across the ring

Round 3 Liu leaning in with her face, tempting Michelle to punch, then bobbing under with swatting bra blows, swaying back out and then slashing in with a wide swinging kick to the left thigh that staggers Williams and has her hopping to the ropes for support while she flexes her leg. Liu on follow up, jerking her fists into Michelle's bra, then leaning away. But midway through - Williams turns the tables, missing the hook, but diving in to Liu's chin and catching the Asian leaning away. Lucy getting hit flush, nearly goes down! LIU IS HURT - Michelle taking over as Lucy cringes and covers up. Williams lashing punches down into Lucy's sides with both hands, trying to beat down that guard - Liu staggering, looks like she's going down, but suddenly snaps a front kick to Williams's crotch - doubling the blonde up and earning a reprieve. Down the stretch, Liu taking over again as Williams fades gasping to the ropes - Liu just digging the right to the stomach and spinning away; leaving Michelle howling in protest. Williams using her height and reach late, has Liu stepping in fence post holes in the last minute as she lights her up with another right to the side of the head. Liu dazed, runs the rest of the round as Williams tries to walk her down.

Round 4 Blonde comes out seeming determined to beat Lucy down this round and again she challenges Liu to a slugging contest and again Lucy doesn't back down! Fans love her bravery and cheer the fighters as they let the leather fly. Lucy's constantly trying to stay inside Michelle's power and hammer that gut; Williams keeps backing away trying to get swinging room and when she gets it she's hitting Lucy hard and hurting her! Liu has to withstand some butt shaking power to get inside, but once she gets in there she's beating the breath out of Williams. Slowly again, it's Williams's weight that begins to rule as Lucy is slowly beaten back to the ropes where she again she starts dipping and slipping - almost a replay of the second as she makes Williams miss and comes back with hard counters to that stomach. Williams lands a hard jab and Lucy seems hurt, but as the blonde loads up her right, Liu twists off the ropes and nails Williams in the chest with a round-house kick that sends the blonde gasping and reeling back across the ring. Lucy's speed allows her to keep up and with a flurry of flailing fists she hammers the blonde into a corner. Michelle gets her balance on the ropes and tires to fight back, but she takes another hard kick, this time low in the gut that bends her forward and Lucy rattles her teeth with an uppercut! Williams's mouthpiece flies into the crowd and she has to grab the tiny brunette to keep from falling. Lucy thrashes to get free but isn't successful until the ref comes in at the bell to enforce the break. Lucy raises her arms in triumph as she prances away, leaving Michelle gasping at the ropes in her wake. Crowd is really getting behind little Lucy.

Round 5 Liu creeping close on flat feet, using supple upper body movement to coax jabs from Williams, quickly answering with the straight right to the chest or slinging underarm hook to the belly. Michelle stands upright, letting Liu get off, but getting the timing down and scoring with her own hooks to Lucy's dusky midriff. Midway through, Liu lunges in with the left uppercut but Michelle arches backward and tags her clean with a cuffing little hook DOWN GOES LIU...DOWN GOES LIU! Lucy sprawling on her back, caught SO sweet - she slaps the mat in disgust but waits for feeling to come back to her legs before she rises and takes a shaky eight count. ON COMES MICHELLE! Williams getting to Lucy's body, doubling up the hook to the tummy and jaw, forcing the battered Liu to the ropes. Liu, digging in grimly as Williams gets back to the fundamentals; lateral movement right, jabbing; forcing Liu to come forward instead of standing around in the Asian's power zone. Liu stalking, but taking punches - time and again she leans back thinking she's safe, only to have the longer-armed blonde still make contact! Liu being pestered by the Williams jab - she can slip it, but can't measure the distance well enough to counter effectively. Michelle touching Lucy up, drawing her in and Liu starting to miss as she loads up looking to land that one big punch. Down the stretch, Liu reaches with her left and Michelle launches a sidearm right that fits in UNDER the jab to catch Lucy perfectly... DOWN GOES LIU AGAIN! Lucy bouncing, then laying squirming on her back as the crowd roars at the bell!

Round 6 Michelle hammered Lucy in the last round but the blonde seems to be arm weary and looking to rest starting the sixth. Lucy still hurt, keeping her distance as well and the pace of the fight slows and the crowd grows restless as Williams is content to move around Liu snapping out jabs just to keep Lucy in range. Liu keeps slapping them aside and threatening to duck inside, but backs off instead. The dance continues but both women pick up the pace; Williams's landing her jab harder and trying to dip to the right. A couple find Lucy's chest and when Michelle pancakes her perky tits the Asian doesn't like it! Lucy starts moving side to side, faking with her feet to keep the blonde off balance. As time winds down, Michelle feints low with a right, then hammers a hard straight left to Lucy's head. She's staggered, stumbling back into the ropes and HERE COMES WILLIAMS! Michelle, gloves down punching but Lucy shocks her with a high kick between the mitts that glances off her cheek and now WILLIAMS STAGGERS BACK IN SHOCK! Lucy back over to offense, but Michelle rights the ship and fights back. Lucy's hand speed is proving a problem for Williams who gets hammered to the ropes, pinned at the end of the round with little Lucy refusing to back off. Michelle almost looks relieved when the ref comes and breaks them up but as Michelle moves toward her corner, Lucy turns and kicks the blonde right in her butt, almost knocking her down. The audience erupts in laughter at the blonde's expense. Williams apparently didn't think Liu was going to hang around this long and her confidence seems to be slipping as she drops heavily on her stool and leans back on the turnbuckles as her seconds spash water in her face and fan her with a towel.

Round 7 Liu lunging in early, but Williams with a nice pivot picks her up and clips the right uppercut to the teeth wobbling Lucy! The blonde steps left, clips the left uppercut to the chin and LUCY’S HURT! Liu stumbling forward into Williams who neatly pivots right, stuffing pinpoint uppercuts between Liu's wide, wild swings! Lucy hurt, stumbling forward face first to the ropes looking shot! Middle minute sees Williams working Lucy over in the corner - bigger blonde sturdy on wide-spread legs, touching the Asian with the jab, stuffing in the right, then rocking back onto her right foot to make Lucy miss before sweeping back in with stinging rights and snapping lefts. Liu getting all roughed up as she frantically bends, dips and rolls defensively; avoiding solid contact but taking a good scuffing up nonetheless. Down the stretch, Williams double pumping a lanky left hook to Lucy's right side and Liu gambles with a looping right hand to Michelle's left boob that freezes the blonde in shock! Lucy pushing out of the corner, sweeps a left hand hard to the trunks as she drives her shoulder into Williams to get her bent forward, then straightens up and snaps her head up under the blondes jaw. MICHELLE’S DOWN for the first time in the fight! Michelle staggers off to one side, then drops to the mat and Liu's momentum carries her right over the blonde - Lucy kneeing Williams in the head as she stomps the blonde into the canvas as she rumbles over her like a runaway toy truck. Williams bounces back up quickly, probably on instinct, but her legs collapse - almost as if hit by an aftershock and she collapses then pulls herself back up by the ropes! The ref started a 'standing eight count' but Lucy didn't seem to realize it and with Williams upright and with her gloves raised, Liu clobbered her upside the head. As she's going down for the second time, A Liu roundhouse kick flattens the dizzy blonde, putting her face down and out at the bell. Pandamonium ensues! It takes several minutes to get Williams back to her corner, but she's allowed extra time since the ref ruled that Lucy had hit Williams while she was (technically) down. A controversial ruling to be sure, as many in the crowd felt the fight was over. After several capcules of amonia bring Michelle back to reality... that reality being that little Lucy was beating the crap out of her and the blonde is too exhausted to prevent it!

Round 8 Michelle up, looking weary even after a nearly five minute delay. It's been a long hard night so far and she heaves a deep sigh as Lucy springs out to meet her. Michelle is backing away behind the jab, letting Lucy be the aggressor which she's more than willing to do after the way she beat on the blonde to end the seventh. Michelle landing her jab, but Lucy's getting past it to hammer that stomach with gusto. It seems to be her target now, and she seems to be taking the spring out of the blondes legs. Michelle grimacing as the battle continues. Crowd getting into it as they see the little brunette start to bully the blonde. Lucy's speed has completely taken away Williams's right hand and she's frustrated that her jab can't seem to keep the pesky smaller woman at bay. Once inside, Liu delivers one flurry after another to Williams's tummy, slowly beating the blonde back into her corner. Williams tries to push off and lunges with a right lead, but Lucy glides out of the way and turns with another round-house kick that lands flush on Williams's chest with a thud. Michelle is flung back into the turn-buckle, breathless and on comes Liu as the crowd is on their feet! Blonde hurt and dazed and Lucy opens up, hammering Williams's face with both hands. Michelle's arms drop to her sides at the bell, but Liu keeps up, and when the ref comes to break the action. Grabbing the top rope is the only thing that saves Williams from a knock down! Lucy struts away, gloves over her head, crowd cheering as Williams, slumps on shaky legs, mouth bleeding, with a pleading look in her eyes as her seconds come to reel her into safe harbor.

Round 9 Liu ranging in a wide circle around the ring, using her feet to good advantage, kicking to Williams thighs and knees to keep the bigger, heavier blonde at bay. Liu with her hands down, defying Michelle's reach by getting low, bending deep at the knee and weaving her torso back and forth, in and out to slip punches, then straightening suddenly and hoisting rising punches up into Williams's ribs and bra. Liu in a deep crouch, pivoting, making Michelle punch down, often wrong-footing the blonde then making her pay with lightning counters and kicks from weird angles. Lucy closing distance, staying low, weaving her upper body and finally committing to explosive uppercuts and sweeping left hooks when Williams wants to slug. Liu weaving her head around Michelle's hips, has the blonde shortening up and trying to make contact with little chopping strokes - midway through the round, Liu counters with snap kick to the groin that puts a big dip in Williams's knees, then follows with a wide left hook to the jaw that swivel's Michelle's head and PUTS HER ON HER BUTT in a hurry! Williams glassy eyed, beats the count and continues to press the action but, Liu fading back, touching the blonde with the left and always threatening to kick! Lucy stepping right, whips the right leg out and again targets Williams's left knee and MICHELLE DROPPED TO HER HANDS AND KNEES! All Lucy Liu now as she torments her hurting opponent, standing in front with hands down, daring Michelle to strike, then countering mercilessly with showy straight arm lefts and rights up into the breasts have Williams staggering breathless at the bell as Lucy lifts her mitts and nods.

Round 10 Liu playing to the crowd and showing off instead of keeping her mind on the fight finds herself in trouble early as Williams walks her down, but Liu suddenly brings that leg sweep to the knee again and WILLIAMS TAKES A KNEE! Lucy drills a jolting straight right hand to the temple while Williams on one knee and she sprawls onto her back! Williams, her face pinched in agony as the shot electrifies her body - Lucy all business in the neutral corner, glaring as Michelle gets achy to her feet. All Lucy Liu now as Michelle just covers up - Liu sweeping in to deposit the hook up under the elbow, spinning back out on her left foot and driving in with hammering force the right foot straight between Williams's hips. Michelle doesn't dare try to bend to reach down and clinch because of Lucy's hand speed to her exposed middle so she lolls helpless on the ropes, turning her shoulders trying to slip and block punches as Liu darts in and out. After the bell, Lucy bodies up again, forcing eye contact as she glares up into the blonde's misty eyes as she presses herself against her heaving breasts. Williams groaning, badly winded and busted up; both women feeling the strain of a long, grueling contest as the fight moves into the 11th round!

Round 11 Liu from a very low crouch, butt almost on the canvas with her knees at her chest, comes up with a gouging left uppercut deep into the pit of Michelle's belly, lifting the blonde up on her toes in breathless shock. Liu stepping back, letting Michelle stumble forward into vicious lefts and rights between the hips - cruel little Lucy twisting her shoulders, pumping hard, compact blows in flurries, crippling the wheezing blonde, then picking Michelle up with devastating haymakers clean to the chin. Liu turns and starts to walk away, then nonchalantly palm slaps Michelle's crotch without glancing back! Big breezy smile Liu; agony on Michelle's face for a split second as Lucy struts away with an insolent toss of her mane. When Liu turns back, she drives her heel into Michelle's groin evoking a loud cry from the blonde as she drops to both knees clutching her pounded pussy. Liu chops the edge of her hand into Michelle's neck, stunning her; then grabs a handful of sweaty blonde hair and jerks Williams's head back....leaps in the air and comes down with a crashing elbow strike to the side of Williams's jaw. Michelle crashes face down on the may, legs splayed, arms tucked under her....and she's NOT getting up! Liu steps on Williams's beautifully upwardly curved ass as she struts across the ring to her corner where they start cutting her gloves off while the referee's still counting out the prostrate blonde!

Afterward Lucy's supporters surrounded the ring, chanting and jeering as Michelle was dragged to her butt and propped against the corner turnbuckle by her corner crew who struggle to bring her around. Lucy hopped down from the ring apron, runs back to her dressing room and when she returns she's carrying a leather harness and chains. By the time Williams is more or less conscious, the petite dominatrix is ready to go to work! She pulls Michelle off her stool, then kicks her in the back of the legs, dropping her to her knees. Lucy walked around behind the still-dazed blonde, untied her top and whipped it off; sending it sailing over the top rope into the crowd where two men and a young blond got into a scuffle over it.

Liu put Michelle over on hands and knees, grabbed her bikini at the hips and whisked it quickly over her bottom down to her knees. Michelle on all fours, head bowed, sweaty, stringy hair partially hiding her crimson blushing face as Lucy struts back to her corner where an accomplice hands her the leather harness and a riding crop. Lucy swaggers back, tosses the harness over Michelle's sweaty back, kneels beside her and started to cinch the saddle onto the compliant, beaten blonde. Lucy's harness loops around the base of Williams breasts, leaving the pale mounds exposed. Leather straps run down the front and back then meet to be fastened under her crotch to belts with velcro fasteners around either thigh and cinching the waist. Lucy completes Michelle's "pony girl" get-up with a bridle and a bit between her teeth. Then she swings a leg over and drops her tight butt down on Williams's back and CRACKS her on the ass with the riding crop.

"Giddy-up blondie!" Lucy growls and Michelle is forced to crawl around the ring carrying Lucy Liu on her back. Lucy pulls back hard on the bridle, forcing the blonde's head up so everyone can see the deep red flush on her cheeks and the tears in her eyes as Lucy jerks the bridle left and right, steering the blonde first one way, then the other. Lucy uses her feet too, bringing them up under Michelle's chest to kick one breast or the other as she pulls on the reins; adding a sharp, snapping CRACK of the riding crop to get a start from the soon red-bottomed blonde.

Lucy keeps Michelle trapped between her strong thighs for nearly twenty minutes, calling Lil Kim and Jada Pinkett to the ring and ordering them to stand as she steers Michelle in and out, weaving her way around them like some kind of obstacle course. When Lucy's finally had enough, she leads the beaten blonde from the ring by the bridle, forcing Michelle to trail behind her down the aisle to her dressing room. Naturally, the aisle seat patrons take advantage to reach out, touch and grope the blonde whose unable to resist their pawing as she scurries on her hands and knees, struggling just to keep up with "Ms Lucy, the Domme".

Postscript: Michelle later blames her defeat on Lucy being trained in martial arts and having experience kick-boxing, but Michelle didn't attempt hardly any kicks in the early part of the fight when they may have done her some good! But in the final analysis, Liu deserved her victory; she just wouldn't give up despite being knocked down repeatedly. In her postfight press conference, Lucy admits being surprised, saying, "I was frankly amazed Williams didn't hurt me with her punches. When I realized she didn't have the power to knock me out, I decided I was willing to take some punches to get inside where I could work the sweet meat of that luscious tummy. So round, so firm, so yummy! It's something every girl should experience at least once in her life, the sensation of her fist sinking deep into that paunch and hearing the squeal of a hurting blonde when you go to their tits. I tell you, there's no sound in the world gets me wetter than a blonde in pain. It's priceless!"

Still, Michelle had the better of the early going with her longer arms and legs.... but LL wore her down with her kicks...slowed her movement, forced her way inside and then took it to the bigger woman's body. Experts surmise Michelle wasn't in shape to go the distance since most of her fights have ended early one way or the other. She's often criticized for her training - or more specifically, for not training hard enough. She's getting a reputation for being lazy and people will point to this fight as a roadmap for any "journeyman" fighter of how to beat the blonde; 'just drag her into the late rounds and when she wears down, put the hammer to her.'

Many professional observers claimed they realized Williams was going to lose when having failed, dispite and all-out effort to stop Lucy in the fifth, she was too exhausted to be aggressive in the sixth. Lucy seemed to get her second wind when the blonde was out of gas. All-in-all, a brutal and humiliating defeat for the bigger, heavier blonde.Williams got several extra minutes to get ready after being knocked out in the seventh; or so it appeared to those at ringside, yet she still couldn't get her act back together! Conspiracy theories, naturally, abound, but most feel simgrrl wanted Williams to have time to recover just so Liu could punish her some more. Say what you will about these extreme (to a KO finish) fights. The fights are brutal; but none of the women in the ring are as mean and vindictive as simgrrl!

Liu won our vote: 162-148. Thanks to everyone who voted!