Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs. Blake Lively by Interac

Maria Menounos was backstage in her dressing room just off the 'Access Hollywood' set. The room consisted of a plush couch against one wall ten feet from the HD TV mounted on the opposite wall. At one end was a desk with the script for tonight's show which Maria had been going over with an eye to the next days show. It was late and she was alone in her dressing room when she heard a knock.

"Mary how are you?" she said as Mary Elizabeth Winstead came in and hugged her. "I heard about the fight with Arielle; are you alright?"

"It had to happen eventually," Mary said. "She and I are friends but I won, that was the main thing. By the way, I heard about you outside with Megan, too."

"Goddam it! That bitch is such a bully!" Maria snapped. "I really thought Kaley could beat her if they fought."

A voice came from the hallway behind them. "And here I thought if I came to visit it would be just the usual girl chat and a plan to go to some resort!" Blake Lively was leaning on the doorway looking at Mary. There was something in her eyes that made Mary's muscles tense.

"Is SHE on the show tomorrow..." she asked, nodding at Mary. "Can't imagine what she's promoting though..." Her tone started catty, but then the disdain took over. "Isn't your dance movie going straight to DVD - if they ever release it in the states?"

Mary noticed her tone and asked, "What's your problem? I heard you wanted to fight Arielle and...what? You're not jealous I got to her first - and beat her?"

"First off, I never said I wanted to fight Arielle. What I told people was that someday I wouldn't mind fighting her," Blake corrected her. "I'm friends with Alexis Bledel and wouldn't mind fighting her either. No, my problem is that..."

"Girls..." Maria interrupted, taking charge of the situation. "Not here."

"Let her say her problem first."

"My problem is you, bitch!" Blake was glaring at Mary who met her stare. "You fight and get your ass kicked by Arielle, you give up; then say you didn't and suddenly people think you were the winner. We both know you are a weak bitch who'd never measure up to Arielle - yet alone me."

Blake was jabbing her finger into Mary's chest as she spoke and Mary slapped her hand away and started poking Blake in the chest. "First off; you weren't there and if you had been, you'd know I never gave up. Second, don't come in here acting like this is for Arielle when you know that's not true! You got something to say, say it... you bitch!"

"Stop poking me." Blake brushed Mary's hands away "You want me to say it then fine. I don't like you."

"I don't really like you, your show is a bad show for teenagers to watch and you're a terrible role model and an even worst actress."

"I could out act you and out fight you any day."

Blake pushed her and Mary pushed her back. "You want to do this then at the end of it I'll make you admit I'm the better actress and..."

Blake slapped her. "...and what..."

Mary slapped her back and then Maria stepped in "you two want to..." Before she could finish they slapped each other again. Mary gently pushed Maria out of the way and Blake went forward pushing Mary into the wall.

She slammed hard into the wall and Blake grabbed her hair and hit her with three hard slaps. She then stepped back and grabbed at Mary's shirt but her wrists were grabbed before she could do anything. Mary twisted and Blake lost her balance and fell down to the ground. Mary got on her stomach and let go of her wrists and slapped Blake twice.

Blake got her right hand on Mary's chin and pushed upwards she then yanked Mary's shirt and threw Mary off of her mount position. Mary recovered quickly and got on her knees but was slapped by Blake Lively. Blake then came back across with a back hand sending Mary down face first to the floor. Blake was now over Mary's legs and reached for her hair and yanked her head upwards.

"How about now Mary do you have anything you want to say to Maria?"

Mary grabbed at Blake's wrist only to be slapped in the ear. The brunette grunted and Blake forced her head back to the ground and sat up in a better position on the small of Mary's back. She rubbed Mary's face into the floor and looked up at Maria Menounos. "For the last year I've wanted to fight this bitch... I knew it would end like this."

She yanked Mary's head upwards and got a scream "Tell her which of us is better."

Mary put her palms down on the floor and pushed upwards sending Blake off the top. Blake slammed hard into the floor and Mary was on top of her and quickly turned around so she was now between Blake's legs. She got on her knees and grabbed Blake by the shirt and lifted her upwards then slapped her and came across with a back hand.

"How about now Blake do you still want to fight me."

She then put the palm of her hand on Blake's face and slammed her down to the floor. Mary kept her hand on Blake's face and Blake pushed Mary's arm away. Winstead fell on top of Lively, the two women stared at each other and Mary could see the hatred in Blake's eyes and she was feeling it as well towards this blond.

Blake got her right leg over the back of Mary's legs and grabbed at her hair and turned Mary over. Now she was on top staring down at Mary Elizabeth Winstead. "Yeah Mary I still want to fight you" Mary's face started to grimace as Blake pulled at her hair.

Mary got one hand in Blake's blonde hair and wrapped it around then got the palm of her hand on the side of the blonde's chin and pushed her away. The two women got up to their knees again and Blake was going for a slap but got hit first and went down to her hands and knees moaning. Mary got up and went to Blake's head and looked at Maria quickly "I'm going to end her like I ended it with... OOFF"

Blake grabbed at Mary's ankles and tripped her up, Mary ended on her ass and Blake jumped at her for a slap but Winstead dropped down to her back and her opponent went over the top. Her pelvis was on Mary's face and the brunette easily pushed herself from underneath.

Blake knew what Mary would try next and got her hand up so when Mary tried to roll on top she was face first into Blake's palm. She pushed Mary away and then rolled in the opposite direction, Mary was quick to roll away upset she couldn't do anything to Blake

They both got up to their feet and Blake fixed her hair and stared at Mary and a devilish smile came across her beautiful face. "How about that for over a year I've been telling anyone who will listen that I want to fight you..."

"I've never said to anyone that I want to fight. I don't pick fights, I don't go looking for them but I won't back down if I need to fight."

"Well aren't you just Mrs. High and mighty. Don't pick fights and don't look for them, tell me Mary when you went into that room with Arielle was that you not looking for a fight... You went into that room to what knit socks and braid each others hair."

"That was different..."

"No Mary it's not and don't say you haven't thought of fighting me, I know that's a lie. Here's the thing all those fantasies you had about fighting me are going to be a nightmare, whatever strength you have I have more."

"You are an arrogant blonde b###h who believes her own hype." Mary's eyes narrowed "I don't care how much pain I will have to endure there is no way in hell I'm letting some blonde slut like you beat me. You will not be the first woman to beat me."

They started to get closer "I am sooooo going to prove you wrong about that."

Blake went for a slap that Mary stepped back and avoided. Blake's momentum caused her to lose her balance and Mary acted quickly pushing her face first into the couch. Blake's face and chest was on the couch while her knees were still on the floor. Mary kicked her hard in the ass and then reached and grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head up and slapped her three times in the cheek and ear.

Blake was screaming but that was it, and Mary looked over at a very worried Maria Menounos and smiled. "You been a bad girl Blake"

She went to spank the blonde but Blake arched her back and flipped Mary over her shoulder onto the couch. Winstead was now on her back on the couch her legs over the couch pressing against the wall. Blake shook her head and then punched Mary in the stomach causing the brunette to gasp. Blake then sat on top of Mary angling her finely shaped ass towards Mary's cute face.

"This is about to get real embarrassing for you."

Blake heard Mary gurgled something "What are you shit..." Mary got her feet on Blake's shoulders and pushed sending the blonde off the couch and onto her back. She kept with her own momentum and fell onto Blake's stomach her body still facing the couch and her ass just below Blake's breasts. "I said the day you humiliate me is the day that I...Aieeeeeeeee"

Blake reached up grabbing Mary by the back of the hair and yanked as hard as she could. She yanked her side to side but Mary did everything she could to stay on top but Blake finally put her hips into it and threw Mary off the top. The Brunette fell on her chest next to the couch and Blake went onto her back and wanted to slam Mary's face into the floor but got hit with a back elbow and fell off of Mary's back.

She was on the couch again and Mary rolled away and got up and rushed at Blake who was getting up. Blake turned her shoulders and hip tossed Mary onto the couch "Yeah!"

She grabbed Mary by the shirt and lifted her off the couch "Want to know the difference between fighting me and Arielle?” She slammed her knee between the brunette's knees and felt her fall forward onto her body. Blake wasn't expecting that and started to fall so she pushed Mary to a side and got up quick and looked down at Mary Elizabeth Winstead. "I never did that just because I needed to have a win." She kicked her in the side. "I did it because I wanted to hurt you." She kicked her again. "I bet it hurts." She reached down and grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up so much then threw her down face first. She smiled towards Maria and picked Mary up again this time bringing her to her feet. She took off Mary's shirt and then pushed her towards the wall. "Oh I am so enjoying this right now."

"Enjoy this!" Mary said as she made a weak punch that Blake easily blocked. Mary then slammed her knee between Blake's legs, on pure adrenaline she turned Blake quickly around and slammed her onto the wall and hit her with one more knee before stumbling backward onto Maria's desk.

Blake gurgled and gasped and fell onto the couch. Mary slicked her sweat soaked hair back and started to make her way towards Blake who rolled off the couch. Blake tried to get up but was still in a lot of pain.

Mary got to her and yanked her up her up from the floor by the hair and reached and grabbed at the front of Blake's blouse and yanked at it as hard as she could. After three hard yanks she finally ripped every button of the blouse. Blake though had time to recuperate and threw her elbow backwards catching Mary in the breasts.

Blake felt Mary's grip on her hair loosen and she turned around and slapped Mary hard. That only caused Mary to yank down putting Blake's neck in an uncomfortable position. Blake dropped down to her knees hoping to relieve some of the pressure on her neck. Mary's grip did loosen and Blake pushed forward tackling the brunette

Mary grabbed her by the hair, but Blake got her elbow on Mary's bicep and pushed it away from her hair and down to the ground. Mary yanked as hard as she could and Blake was groaning and started to grind her forearm into the bicep and Mary's eyes tightened and she let go of Blake's hair and the blonde immediately sat up on Mary's stomach and got her right hand around Mary's throat and balled up her left fist.

She punched Mary once then looked at Maria as she could feel Mary not fighting this as much. She put her left hand around Mary's throat and balled up her right fist and hit another hard punch. She sat up straight and nodded at Mary and removed the rest of her shirt and threw it away. She then slowly started to lower her torso towards Mary's face when Winstead's hands came upwards and slammed on Blake's ears

Her equilibrium gone Blake fell forward she looked up and could not focus. Everything around her was blurry and she felt Mary slip out from under her and turned and looked and could see three fists coming down towards her. It was one and it connected perfectly to her cheek.

Blake was flat down on the floor now and Mary was on her hands and knees right next to her. Mary took three deep breaths then sat up straight and looked over at Maria Menounos. Mary smiled then got her hands under Blake and flipped her onto her back. She sat over Blake and looked back Maria. "End it with a scissors."

She reached back and grabbed Blake's hair and lifted her head up and adjusted her position to get Blake's head between her thighs. Her own body started to lean forward to make sure she locked this in just right and she never noticed Blake lifting and separating her legs. As she locked in her scissors Blake locked in her own scissors.

Lively brought her legs downward and both women started tightening there leg muscles. They were in the position of Mary on top and Blake on the bottom for ten seconds and then it was the opposite

The two women with strong long legs had those legs wrapped around the others head and were trading positions for almost a minute and there bodies started going red. They ended up on there sides knowing that the next person to get put back on her back was most likely going to lose the fight and at this point that was something neither could bear to happen.

Maria Menounos noticed Blake was having a harder time keeping her legs locked and both women were turning different shades but Blake was the one losing her grip. She knew what she was witnessing and what had to happen.

That was when Maria Menounos kicked Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the back. Mary fell onto her back and her legs opened and now Blake Lively was on top of her legs locked around her head.

Blake put her hands flat down on the ground and lifted her body upwards exerting even more pressure onto Mary's head. It was not long that Mary's legs stopped kicking, and just a moment after she stopped slapping Blake's ass. Blake looked up and screamed "YES!!!"

She looked over at a clapping Maria "Get the camera"

Weeks later there were a number of pictures going around Hollywood of Blake Lively dominating Mary. In one, Blake sat astride Mary’s face looking down at her and pointing. People assumed it was Blake telling her she got what was coming to her. Mary could only worry what other pictures were out there - and what positions she was put in. She desperately wanted to give Blake what she had coming to her!