Heather Locklear vs. Pamela Sue Martin by TNT

"What the hell happened to you?" Heather gasped, doing a double-take as she entered the plush ladies room, stopped and stared at the battered beauty in disbelief. The stunningly beautiful woman, who was usually well-dressed and flawlessly made-up, was sitting half naked - and obviously this time it wasn't by choice. Her expensive dress was torn open and her sheer bra ripped to the point one cup had spilled its beautiful treasure. The exposed breast wore several 'claw marks' from a recent combat and both her beautiful eyes sported "shiners". Then bottom of her dress was shredded as well, and her sexy pantyhose were badly laddered, her lovely silky hair was a mess and the makeup and mascara that once decorated her lovely face had run, making her quite a sight.

"It was Pam....Pamela Sue Martin," the whimpering beauty gasped as Heather dropped to her knees and began to gently stroke the lovely victims silky hair.

"You've got to be kidding! What the hell set HER off," Heather asked the sobbing Pamela Sue Bellwood.

"Funny YOU should ask," Pam said. "She was looking for you, said she was gonna kick your slutty ass!"

"Yeah, right! Like she could! That smart-ass little bitch wouldn't have a prayer," Heather snapped as she angrily brushed back her long silky blonde hair.

"That's what I said," Pam blubbered. "Right before she pounded the crap outta me!"

"Take it easy girl, I'm gonna find her and kick her ass, good - really good!" Heather said as she handed Pamela Sue a tissue, then stood and took a long, admiring look at her own gorgeous reflection in the mirror. "I might as well look my best while I'm kicking her butt," the blonde chuckled as she applied fresh lipstick to her already sensuous lips, then straightened her tight blouse, brushing her hands against her thick erect nipples. She glanced over at Pamela Sue and wondered if she'd have much trouble taking her attacker. She remembered her battles with Catherine Oxenberg and others; how exciting and strangely erotic they were.

Her eyes focused on Pamela Sue's beautiful luscious body. "Wow, she sure mauled that tit," Heather thought and winced thinking of how it must hurt. "I'm gonna give Miss Martin a taste of her own medicine. I can't wait, " Heather muttered as she rose and headed toward the door.

"Well, well...look who's here! Did you see what I did to your little friend," Pamela Sue Martin hissed. "I can't wait to give you the same, you blonde bitch!" Her angry threatening words seemed to turn the room ten degrees colder instantly.

"Why Pamela Sue, you're looking almost charming tonight," Heather said snidely as she looked at the beautiful woman who was to be a clear and present danger to her, at least on this evening.

Heather had no idea how much Pamela Sue despised and hated her for the lovely brown-haired beauty believed Heather was a two-faced, sharp tongued flirt who was spoiled to the core. She'd often wished to tangle with Heather on the Dynasty set and if she had the opportunity, she'd have loved to ad lib a few slaps, punches, maybe rip her dress just a bit farther or harder than the script called for. And that pool fight scene! Well, Pamela Sue would've loved to drown the blonde bitch.

Now she was standing only a few feet from her hated rival and she was already "warmed up" after dealing quickly and efficiently with the over-matched Pamela Sue Bellwood whose smartass remarks at the wrong place and at the wrong time had resulted in a most painful, humiliating lesson. Still, it had been quite enjoyable, stimulating even, for Miss Pamela Sue Martin.

Heather nervously brushed her silky blonde hair from her eyes, stood up a little bit straighter as she stared at her beautiful rival. Pamela Sue indeed looked fantastic with her luxurious brown hair perfectly in place. Her beautiful eyes blazed and her makeup accentuated the beauty of her face. She was wearing a tight, expensive evening gown that displayed her cleavage most erotically. Pamela Sue stepped through the door and kicked off her heels as she looked at Heather, noting her rivals eyes followed every move.

"No need for heels, they just throw off my balance when I kick ass," Pamela Sue said as she kicked her heels aside.

"I think you got it wrong, bitch," Heather snarled. "It's your ass gonna be the one bein' kicked!"

She stepped closer to the angrily approaching Pamela Sue and her fingers clenched into tight fists.

Pamela Sue stared into the blondes beautiful eyes, snarled, "Eiyaaaaaah!" her savage yell filling the small lounge.

Heather lunged, her claws bared....but her angry lunge came to an abrupt, crushing halt as she impaled her midsection on Pamela Sue's foot as it shot up and slammed into Heather's midsection. Heather groaned as Pamela Sue lowered her foot, turned and then slammed it sideways into the blondes shin as she grabbed a double handful of long silky blonde hair and tried to pull Heather off balance.

"How's this feel, Heather honey? You smartass little blonde bitch!" Pamela Sue snarled.

But Pamela Sue was amazed at the blondes strength and stamina. She'd hoped for a quick victory like the one over Bellwood, but as Heather struggled, her anger grew hotter like a growing fire. Heather grabbed a handful of brown hair and pulled Pamela Sue forward as she fired a punch up into her belly.

"Unnnnnhhhh!" Pamela Sue groaned as she grabbed Heather's wrist.

WHAP! "Unnnnnhhhhh!" Heather slapped her hand away and drove another uppercut into Pamela Sue's solar plexus. The brunette gasped as precious air escaped her lungs and her eyes widened, then her beautiful face went blank as her groin exploded from the numbling impact of Heather's upcoming knee!

"Oh my, you don't look so good....your face is a bit pale, my dear," Heather snarled. "Here, see for yourself!"

"Aieeeeee!" THUNK! Heather grabbed Pamela Sue by the hair and dragged her to a big mirror for a quick looksee, then slammed her face into the hard, cold glass, dazing her.

"Can't get enough of yourself, huh bitch?" Heather snipped as she grabbed Pamela Sue around the neck and pulled her into a reverse headlock which she used to force her over to a large plush sofa.

"Uhhhhh...oooohhhh!" Pamela Sue moaned as her lower back was slammed into the hard back of the sofa, the muscles of her back stretched painfully as Heather bent her over backwards using an agonizing face claw. Heather's free hand found Pamela Sue's left breast and she squeezed the firm mound viciously, digging her sharp nails into the silky thin fabric of Pamela Sue's gown. Much to Pamela Sue's chagrin - and Heather's delight - the nipple stiffened against her attackers hand and Heather laughed as she quickly tore the gown open to expose the lovely breast, then her angry fingers captured the erect nub and pinched it hard!

"Aieeeeeargggh!" Pamela Sue bawled, her eyes filling with tears.

"Now, remind me, Pamela Sue, just who's gonna kick whose ass?" Heather snarled as she applied exquisite painful pressure on Pamela Sue's face as she twisted her throbbing spine even further and squeezed her luscious breast and pinched the rock hard nipple tenaciously; enjoying her beautiful captive's squirming, squarling and pleading.

"Enjoying the show, huh?" Heather shouted at Pamela Bellwood who had recovered somewhat and was sitting up gazing blankly at the erotic action. Heather looked into the beaten beauties' face. Pam's eyes were still glazed; Pamela Sue had done a real number on her! Heather smiled as she winked at the dazed young woman, trying to get some response from her/

"Aieeeeee!" The scream that escaped Heather's lips didn't seem to be her own although the pain in her leg and thigh certainly was! She'd gotten careless as she had looked at her friend and Pamela Sue in desperation had landed two blows to the distracted blonde, a kick to the shin and a knee to her inner thigh. Both painful, both hard direct hits.

"Ohhhhhhh, nooooo....uhhhhhh!"

As the pain registered on Heather's numb, surprised brain, she instantly released her grip just as Pamela Sue landed a third punch, this one to Heather's groin. Then she buried her fingers in Heather's beautiful silky hair and jerked her into a painful, mind-numbing headbutt. An incredibly hard push sent Heather flying back until her heel snagged the carpet and she went down hard on her ass with her long beautiful legs parting as they shot skyward!

"Wish I had a camera," Pamela Sue mused as she thought about a shot that certainly would have made it into Playboy.

Pamela Sue rubbed her own tender spots gingerly as she tried to shake the cobwebs from her head. Heather was down, but she certainly wouldn't stay down. Pamela Sue looked down at her torn gown and her exposed breast, thinking, "Better take care of this...whoops, no time, there she goes! Grrrrrrr!! Think you're gonna get away? No way you stupid blonde bitch," she snarled as she lunged for the beautiful Heather as she made it to her hands and knees and started to get up.

The brunette beauty leaped on the blondes back but amazingly, Heather's legs and arms didn't buckle and Pamela Sue wrapped her legs around her sexy 'horsey' and grabbed her golden mane, riding her like a wild bronco as Heather arched her back and bucked frantically.

"Get....off...me! Uhhhhh! Ohhhhh..." Heather screamed, shouted, moaned, groaned sexily as she tried to unseat her unwanted rider. RIPPPP! "Nooooo..." RIPPPPP!! "Stop that!" Heather wailed as Pamela Sue angrily tore the back of Heather's blouse open as she clawed and grapped anything she could trying to ride the bucking blonde until...THUD! WHUMP! Pamela Sue's luscious body smashed into the wall and Heather fell to one side as Pamela Sue slid down the wall to the floor.

"Damn you bitch, you tore my blouse!" Heather snarled as she jumped to her feet. Her beautiful blouse was hanging by a thread, as she shook her fist and fired insults at her downed rival. Then she moved in, raised her foot and cocked her leg, firing a hard kick at Pamela Sue's face.

WHUMP! "Nooooo....AIEEEEE!" Pamela Sue's adrenaline and reflexes kicked in as she caught Heather's foot, then twisted it viciously as she lifted, then pushed, sending Heather tumbling over backward. She landed hard on her ass and rolled over as Pamela Sue slowly got up, then moved in fast as Heather tried to get back to her feet.

"Now I'm gonna wring your pretty little neck, blondie... Arggggh!" Pamela Sue's nasty threat disintegrated in a hundred painful bursts of fire as Heather spun around and fired a hammerfist to her pubic mound. As Pamela Sue dropped to her knees with a gasping groan, her hands cupping her mound of venus while Heather let out an angry shout and threat.

"Now for some fun," Heather snapped as she grabbed two handfuls of brown hair, jerked Pamela Sue to her feet and slammed her back into the wall. A hard punch to the chin, followed by another to that deliciously beautiful bare breast, then a third to the stomach left Pamela Sue wide open for Heather's next move, a quick, hard, "lets get reacquainted" knee to the groin. Pamela Sue's legs turned to rubber and her knees knocked as Heather grabbed her hair, swung her around, slammed her facefirst back into the wall.

"I'm gonna really enjoy this, Martin!" Heather snarled as she pressed her hands on Pamela Sue's shoulder blades, pancaking her full, firm, tender breasts against the hard, cold wall.

"Uhhhhhh," Pamela Sue groaned...as ZIPPPPP she felt Heather unzip her gown and RIPPPP....RIPPPP! "Noooooo!" the brunette beauty screamed as her beautiful gown fell loose as it was torn from her luscious body.

"Now turn around, sweetie," Heather sneered as she grabbed a handful of silky hair and pulled, spinning Pamela Sue around.

"Oh my! No bra tonight?" Heather cackled cheerfully. "Well, you are kinda small and perky, but lacking up front, aren't we?" Heather reached up and cupped Pamela Sue's two beautiful firm mounds and squeezed hard. Pamela Sue's erect nipples thrust themselves forward to greet the blondes hands and Heather acknowledged their presence with hard twisting pinches, then painful twists as she squeezed them between her fingernails. Pamela Sue bawled, screamed and squirmed as Heather tormented her boobs.

"And I thought you could fight! Surely I figured you were better than Emma or Catherine," Heather taunted as she slowly switched from painful nipple torturing to full-handed, firm breast squeezing. Her level of humiliation and pain reaching her limits, Pamela Sue angrily summoned all her remaining strength and fought back. "Think, think, think," she told herself trying to ignore the pain.

"What should I do to you now?" Heather teased Pamela Sue. "Maybe I should go for your....YIEEEKKKEEESS!!"

Heather's question ended in her own scream as Pamela Sue's fist whipped upward into her chin. The blow wasn't too hard; but it did stun her and she stutter-stepped back as Pamela Sue's sharp nails dug into her wrists. WHAM! Another headbutt left Heather's vision blurred and she had to relinquish her breast attack as her wrists erupted in pain from Pamela Sue's incredibly sharp nails!

"My turn!" Pamela Sue shouted and RIPPPPP with one easy grab and a hard snap of her wrists, Heather's tattered blouse was history!

"Nice tits blondie! See, unlike you, I complement people - even my lousy, stupid dumbass enemies," Pamela Sue chirped as she fired two punches, one with either fist, both flattening each of Heather's beautiful full firm breasts in turn. Heather groaned as each punch was driven home, raising her hands to her chest to cradle her aching orbs. WHUMP! Pamela Sue's next hard punch plowed into the blondes belly button and lifted her up on her tip-toes as it took her breath away!

"Oucccch...my hairrrrr," Heather wailed as Pamela Sue grabbed her hair, wrenched her neck, then hip-tossed her her to the floor where Heather hit hard on her backside and bounced once before Pamela Sue slammed her foot down hard, grinding her heel into her groin. Heather screamed as both legs and her upper body jackknifed upward in unison.

"Ohhhhhh...Uhhhhhh....Help me ....please...UHHHHHH!" Heather moaned as she rubbed her crotch and her beautiful breasts.

"And just who do you think's gonna help you, little bitch Heather?" Pamela Sue snarled as she watched Heather writhing in pain. "Poor Pammie Bellwood is still out of it and she doesn't want any more of me! It's just you and me, blondie," Pamela Sue laughed. "I've been waiting along time for this!"

She looked at her reflection in the large mirror and saw that her face was as beautiful as ever although her makeup was smeared and her luxurious silky brown hair was wildly out of place - yet strangely, it seemed to make her look even more beautifu!. Her eyes blazed with anger. Her firm breasts sported angry pink "battle scars." Her most expensive silky, sheer pantyhose amazingly had only a few tears and runs. She admired her long, sexy perfect legs. She couldn't wait to wrap them around the arrogant blonde, and slowly crush her.

"Well Heather, ready for some more fun?"

Before Heather could grunt out a reply Pamela Sue dropped on her stomach, her luscious derriere making hard contact which Heather acknowledged with a gasping grunt, "Oomph!"

"Now dear, you really should wear a bra," Pamela Sue teased. "I mean you are soooooo very big, but are you naturally big, or do I detect a hint of phoniness? I mean these....she teased as she firmly squeezed her rivals full breasts, "....really you?" Pamela Sue gave Heather's 'pride and joy' a close examination, going over every inch of her breasts, plucking and teasing the thick nipples until they achieved their ultimate hardness and erection.

"Stop it....OW! How.....dare you!" Heather wailed. "I'll kill you...leggo of boobs....stop it NOW!" Heather screamed, moaned, ordered and pleaded as her beautiful Dynasty costar enjoyed tormenting her twin treasures.

SLAP! "Uhhhhh!" SLAP! "Uhhhhhh!" Pamela Sue gave Heather's 'honey's' four hard stinging slaps, forehand and then backhand once to each breast, then she launched a triple stinging slap assault to Heather's flushed face and both firm pleasure mounds.

"Ugggggh...Umpppppfhh....Whoa!" Her frantic desperation growing, Heather summoned all her remaining strength and energy; she bucked suddenly and hard; very hard. Her mighty pelvic thrust sent Pamela Sue flying and by the time Heather made it to her feet Pamela Sue had as well, then both women paused to catch their breath.

"Any last words, Pammie?" Heather asked with a snicker.

"Yeah, what do you want on your headstone, cunt?" Pamela Sue snarled.

"Grrrrrrr...Yieaaaahhh...Arggggggh!" The two topless beauties screamed savagely as they lunged at each other. WHUMP! THUMP! Four beautiful breasts slapped together and mushroomed out between their bodies quite erotically. They extended their arms, interlocked fingers and then their breasts crushed together again as they struggled and strained, each trying to dominate the other! They moaned, groaned, and grunted; their gasps most erotic as they fought for control.

WHOMP! Heather groaned as her lower body was slammed painfully back into a hard sharp-edged shelf and she lost her grip on Pamela Sue who grabbed her by the hair, jerked her off balance and sent her flying head over heels to the floor. Heather landed with a grunt and had just made it to her hands and knees when Pamela Sue ran over and kicked her in the ribs, sending her sprawling. Waiting like a cat for her prey to recover and stand, Pamela Sue zipped in, unfastened the blondes skirt and delivered a punch to the tender ribs before she whipped the skirt off, flipping Heather back down on the floor once more. Now both were equal in dress, or undress, wearing only pantyhose.

"Awwwww, come on, get to your feet Heather, hon," Pamela Sue chirped as she watched the groaning blonde gingerly rub her tender ribs.

Pamela Sue lunged, swinging her fists but Heather brushed the incoming punches aside and fired a hard punch of her own to Pamela Sue's chin, snapping her head back. Pamela Sue grunted and tried desperately - but futilely - to duck Heather’s next punch which also slammed into her jaw. As Pamela Sue staggered backward, two more punches found their targets, her beautiful breasts and then Heather's third knuckle smashed an erect nipple inverted back into the firm breast flesh.

"I think you'd better give up, before I knock you into next year," Heather warned as she grabbed a fistful of silky brown hair and jerked Pamela Sue’s head back, rose up on her toes and drove her fist down into the brunette’s vulnerable belly.

Seeing Pamela Sue's beautiful eyes slowly glazing over, Heather whispered, "You're going down Pamela Sue dear, so sorry...NOT!"

Pamela Sue gasped as her legs flew out from under her and her ass hit the floor with a hard painful THUD! Angry lightning-fast sharp nails shredded Pamela Sue's pantyhose before she could recover from the pain in her tailbone, then Heather’s two long strong sexy ‘pythons’ wrapped around her waist.

"Nooooo...Umppppffff...Let goooooOOH!." Pamela Sue couldn't believe her ears as she heard her own voice groan plaintive pleas to the blonde bitch she hated so much. Pamela Sue frantically, angrily, ripped Heather's pantyhose to shreds, then clawed and pinched the beautiful flesh beneath.

“Ouch! Stop that, dammit! You want me to squeeze harder, Pamela Sue dear?" Heather's almost stoic acknowledgment of Pamela Sue's painful attacks of her legs sent chills down her spine and soon, Pamela Sue was gasping for air, her beautiful breasts bouncing and jiggling as she felt herself slowly weakening.

"What the hell? Nooooo....Uhhhhhh!" Heather suddenly leaned back, tightening her scissors and lifting Pamela Sue up off the floor then slammed her down again! Pamela Sue saw stars as her tailbone exploded in flaming, excruciating pain.

"Gonna be a long night, Pamela Sue - I'm just getting warmed up! You shouldn't have messed with me because I'm THE wonderful, hot, babe! That’s MISS Locklear to you, you got it?" Heather sneered as she jacked Pamela Sue up again and slammed her back down. Heather leaned forward and crushed her breasts into Pamela Sue’s back, stabbing her with her erect nipples!

"Ya see girl, I just love this kind of thing; I adore catfights and I love defeating my enemies; can't ya tell?" Heather taunted as she reached around, cupped Pamela Sue's full breasts and squeezed hard.

"Time for another ride, Pammie, hang on!” Then Heather looked up and saw Pamela Bellwood on her feet, leaning against the wall with fire in her eyes. “Oh my! Look who wants to rejoin the party. Pam, you wanna say ‘Hello’ to Pamela Sue?"