Alicia Silverstone vs. Lindsay Lohan: Hairpulling Match by Oberon

Alicia and Lindsay had been eagerly anticipating this meeting since they made arrangements over the phone to settle their rivalry. Lounging in the backyards of their Hollywood homes, they agreed to meet the next morning fight things out. Their terms were to see who could outlast the other in a hairpulling contest until one of them submitted to the other. Any moves they deemed appropriate would be allowed, but hairpulling was the tactic they would pay the most attention to. The location where they would fight it out would be a secluded park where there would be no unwelcome intrusions, and they could fight it out in complete privacy. Anticipating the time she and Alicia were going to meet face to face, Lindsay's hand slid down her chest and under her bikini bottoms as she imagined wrapping her long, strong legs around Alicia's body and making her scream for mercy. Stimulating herself to orgasm, she lay there for a while, hoping to take her victory prize by having Alicia's tongue in that same place after forcing her to submit.

The next day, the blonde veteran and the redhead newcomer dressed for the occasion, sliding tight bikinis on their bodies for the fight and donning street clothes for the long journey to the park where they planned their rendezvous. Meeting at the appointed place, Alicia and Lindsay stripped off their clothes, revealing the skimpy bikinis they had worn underneath; Alicia was in blue; Lindsay in light blue. Sizing each other up to see which parts of their bodies they could attack in addition to their hair, they looked around to ensure there was no one else nearby, forming a ring between them. The morning sun warmed their half-naked bodies; a light breeze tousled their hair as they began circling, inching closer to each other each time they completed a full turn. Without speaking, they were testing each other's confidence, observing how cocky or eager the other was about the match they would be fighting in the next few moments. Being the younger of the two, Lindsay seemed to be cockier, but Alicia was more experienced, as she decided to demonstrate to the redhead.

Alicia was the aggressor, grabbing a handful of Lindsay's hair on either side of her head and using her grip to jerk her upper body back and forth. A loud cry escaped Lindsay's lips as she responded in kind, sliding her fingers into Alicia's hair and yanking harshly downward, then from side to side in wide, sweeping arcs. The inertia caused the blonde and redhead to stumble around the lawn, repositioning their legs as their feet slipped and slid in the dew-soaked grass. An involuntary cry came from Alicia as Lindsay twisted her fingers deep in her dishwater tresses, clenching her fists and thrashing her older opponent in quicker motions. Thrashing Lindsay's head in harsher movements, Alicia launched her foot into her opponent's gut, savagely wrenching the redhead's tresses as Lindsay's body folded from the impact. Enjoying the sight of Lindsay bending at the waist, Alicia pulled harder, driving her knee into Lindsay's muscled abdomen.

Darting to the side, Alicia flipped Lindsay to the wet grass, yelping as Lindsay dragged Alicia down alongside her. The two rivals rolled, kicked and thrashed around until Alicia's legs began to wrap around Lindsay's midsection. Feeling the older actress' silken thighs sliding along either side of her ribcage. Lindsay twisted right to attempt escape, only inviting Alicia to complete the scissor lock from Lindsay's left as their mutual hair grips hindered the redhead's movements. The older blonde grinned despite her pain as she bent at the waist, leaning into Lindsay's torso. Crossing her ankles, Alicia trapped Lindsay's waist between her crushing thighs, causing Lindsay's eyes to bug open. A pained gasp escaped the redhead's lips as she reflexively yanked the blonde's hair left and right, trying to squirm her way from the scissors. The blonde squeezed harder in response, wrenching a long groan from Lindsay as she continued wrenching her hair.

Alicia's legs were working overtime to crush the life from her younger rival, but the more she tightened her scissors, the more Lindsay writhed to break free from her. Soon Alicia's efforts to maintain the leglock were like trying to suppress an enraged bull as Lindsay's body seemed to thrum with energy. Their fingers remained buried in each other's hair, twisting to and fro as their groans and cries increased in pitch and volume. In an effort to subdue her, Alicia twisted Lindsay into another position, scissoring her from behind. Still wrenching Lindsay's hair as she forced her arms behind her, making it difficult for the redhead to maintain her grip on Alicia's hair, Alicia curled her legs in and kicked them violently outward. A thick grunt was pushed from Lindsay's throat as Alicia forced air out of her lungs, shaking Lindsay's head up and down and leaning backward, legs squeezing Lindsay's midsection until her fingers were loosened from Alicia's hair.

Giving Lindsay's waist a final squeeze, Alicia released the leglock and dragged Lindsay up to her feet. Growling as she whirled around to face her opponent, Lindsay grabbed at Alicia's hair and threw a punch at her unsuspecting stomach. Backing out of the way, Alicia yanked Lindsay's hair, repeatedly ramming her knee into the redhead's belly. Lindsay bent at the waist again, throwing a sudden uppercut to Alicia's stomach that stunned her for long enough that Lindsay could grab hold of Alicia's hair. Responding by throwing a punch to Lindsay's face as she kept one hand buried in the redhead's hair, Alicia pressed her advantage, only to be met with an uppercut to the chin as Lindsay's energy was building by the second. As Alicia's head snapped back from the punch, Lindsay threw a series of uppercuts at Alicia's generous chest, increasing the force of her punches as she felt Alicia's boobs giving way under her fist.

Enraged, Alicia pulled Lindsay into a vicious knee shot to her face. which Lindsay retaliated against with two shots from her knee into Alicia's gut. Alicia flipped Lindsay to the ground, attempting to apply another body scissors; Lindsay moved out of the way and Alicia found herself trapped between Lindsay's pulsing thighs. Remembering when she was trapped inside Alicia's scissors, Lindsay worked Alicia's midriff, grabbing her hair and twisting brutally as Alicia feverishly kicked and writhed to extricate herself from the redhead's legs, yanking Lindsay's tresses until she screamed in pain. Viciously slapping Lindsay across the face, Alicia managed to squirm out from between Lindsay's thighs, slamming a fist into Lindsay's groin as her other hand pulled Lindsay's hair to the side. Wincing as she yanked Alicia's face into another knee shot, Lindsay finds the favor returned as Alicia twists her hair with both hands, smashing a knee to her forehead.

Shaking the cobwebs from her head, Lindsay throws a punch to Alicia's face; Alicia rolls with the shot and retaliates with a series of forehand and backhand slaps to her face. Sliding the fingers of both hands into Alicia's tresses, Lindsay pulls her head forward and back again, landing an occasional slap to the blonde's face. Ducking a punch, Alicia kicks Lindsay in the stomach, following the kick with another knee shot as she flips Lindsay to her back by the hair. Flipping Alicia along with her, Lindsay wraps her legs around Alicia's midriff from the side, clawing her face as she twists and pulls at Alicia's hair with her first hand. Biting at Lindsay's fingers, Alicia manages to twist to the side, facing Lindsay. Grabbing her hair, Alicia uses her other hand to throttle the redhead, seizing her by the throat and digging her forefinger and thumb into her windpipe, occasionally punching and slapping Lindsay's face before choking her again. Squeezing Alicia's midriff tighter, Lindsay returns the punches and slaps with some of her own, then takes to clawing her face some more.

Ramming her fists into Lindsay's mouth and chin to daze her into releasing her face and midsection, Alicia seizes hold of Lindsay's hair with both hands as the scissors falls away. Lindsay does likewise and before long the screams of the two rivals grow almost loud enough to shatter their eardrums as they maintain the vicious hairpulling all through their attacks. By one hand or both, the constant wrenching of each other's hair makes both rivals feel as if their scalps are burning. As she feels the pain of Lindsay's hands twisting her dishwater hair, Alicia attempts to break the stalemate by slamming her knee into the redhead's ribs, wincing in agony as Lindsay's knee slams into Alicia's ribcage, then plows its way into her face before she can prevent Lindsay from following up on the rib shot. Giving Lindsay's stomach a quick succession of knee shots, Alicia reels from a punch to her chin, slamming a fist into the side of Lindsay's head to return the favor.

Thwarting another knee shot from Lindsay by slipping a leg behind her other calf, Alicia slams Lindsay into the grass and crawls around her, yanking her by the hair into a tight bodyscissors as she wraps one arm around Lindsay's throat. The blonde hellcat pushes her arm all the way into Lindsay's windpipe as she wraps her crimson tresses around her fingers. Choking off Lindsay's screams with the choke as she works the redhead's hair, Alicia lets loose a scream of her own as Lindsay's teeth suddenly embed themselves in her forearm. Squeezing the bodyscissors tighter as she releases the hold on her rival's throat and works Lindsay's hair with both hands, Alicia screams even louder as Lindsay's hands steal past her bikini top and under the fabric, grasping Alicia's bush and yanking fiercely. Alicia's legs spring open; Lindsay's hands shoot up to her hair as Lindsay rises to her knees, flipping Alicia to her back and pulling her into a standing headscissors as the redhead rises to her feet. Holding Alicia's head between her strong thighs, Lindsay works the blonde's scalp.

Screaming as Lindsay adds a faceclaw to her brutal hairpulling, Alicia reaches down to the redhead's ankles, sending her sailing head over heels into the grass. Grabbing the redhead by the hair again, Alicia moves in to trap her rival in another crushing bodyscissors. Lindsay rears up on her knees before Alicia can get her legs around her midsection, flipping Alicia to her back and twisting at her hair, dragging her head between her thighs. Pulling Alicia toward her, Lindsay stretches as far as she can, cutting off the screams from her adversary as she yanks Alicia's hair in every direction. Arching her back to get away, Alicia finds herself rolled onto her stomach as Lindsay squeezes her with renewed vigor, pulling her tresses harder still. As Lindsay rolls herself and Alicia to their backs again, Alicia desperately turns her head to the side, sinking a deep bite into Lindsay's inner thigh, getting to her knees as the scissors opens enough to allow her escape.

Twisting, Alicia somehow manages to face her opponent, grabbing double handfuls of Lindsay's hair and driving her knee into the redhead's body with impacts that increase in intensity. Still yanking at Alicia's hair, Lindsay rams her knee into Alicia's face, receiving a knee shot from Alicia to her own face. Alicia is preparing to deliver more knee shots to Lindsay's stomach when Lindsay nails her with a fist to her left breast, pulling Alicia's hair with her other hand as if in counterpoint. Landing a punch to Lindsay's right boob in between knee shots, Alicia grunts as Lindsay kicks her in the stomach. Giving Lindsay a kick to the crotch, Alicia reels from another punch to her face as Lindsay continues working her hair. Alicia has to shake the cobwebs loose as she nails Lindsay with an uppercut to the nose, then seizes the redhead's hair with both hands as Lindsay slashes her face with sharp fingernails, then tears into Alicia's dishwater hair without mercy.

Alicia tries to use her grip on Lindsay's hair to pull her down to the grass; Lindsay dances out of the way of Alicia's legs, then comes back to trip and pull Alicia down. Hopping back, Alicia makes another try before Lindsay wrenches her hair with greater force, again trying to trip the blonde to the grass. Alicia finally succeeds in dragging her opponent off of her feet, half-throwing, half-bodyslamming Lindsay into the earth as Lindsay uses her grip on Alicia's hair to pull the blonde down with her. Throwing a slap to Alicia's face, she blocks a punch from Alicia and aims a knee at her groin. Alicia darts away before the intended shot can hit her, then whales Lindsay across the face with her open hand, seeming to signal the start of a war of slapping, punching and kicking as blonde and redhead roll end over end, always keeping a firm hold on the other's hair. Pinning Lindsay under her, Alicia sends countless knee shots into the redhead's groin and stomach. Blocking a few punches aimed at her breasts, Alicia follows up by nailing Lindsay with some well-aimed crotch punches.

In the flurry of action that followed, in which Alicia and Lindsay returned to rolling and throwing each other around by the hair; adding face, breast and groin clawing to the mix; Alicia's bikini top ended up coming loose and falling away from her body as Lindsay slashed at her breasts through the flimsy material. A few moments later and Lindsay's bikini top followed suit, separated from her torso as Alicia hooked her fingers into one of Lindsay's breasts and then the other. The struggle escalated to clawing and scratching, punching and slapping, kneeing and kicking, done even more fervently than before, with enough twisting and wrenching at each other's hair for four women to put to use in a traditional catfight. Before long the bikini bottoms they had been wearing followed their tops, making their pubic hair convenient targets for their probing fingers. Fired up, and determined to thrash each other, both ladies took full advantage of this. Time and again the warring vixens screamed piercingly as hands reached down to each other's crotches, pulling and tugging brutally.

Alicia responded to an attempt on Lindsay's part to grab her vaginal hair by raking her nails across Lindsay's eyes, then reaching around to the back of her head and yanking her hair all the way back, slamming her into the grass. Scrambling to her feet, Alicia executed a series of belly flops on her opponent's prostrated body, punctuating the last one by raking her nails across the redhead's face. Getting up one last time, Alicia slammed a knee into Lindsay's stomach; kneeling on her chest she seized Lindsay's hair with one hand and her pubes with the other, yanking at both areas with equal ardor. Lindsay's screams threatened to shatter crystal as Alicia pulled at her hair upstairs and down, kicking her legs in the air to escape her opponent's clutches. A knee to the side of Alicia's head knocked her from her perch on top of Lindsay. A kick; this one connecting with Alicia's face, forced the blonde to release her agonizing holds as Lindsay rolled away.

Showing fatigue from the intense battle, but still determined to stay in the game, Lindsay tried wrapping her legs around Alicia's midsection again, but the blonde nails another blow to her crotch before they can coil all the way around her. The redhead winces and sucks in breath, but she is soon trying to wrap a bodyscissors around her rival. Managing to get her legs around the blonde hellcat, she squeezes fiercely, enduring the brutal punches to her face and chest from the blonde as Alicia continues wrenching Lindsay's head every which way. Crying out from a powerful constriction from Lindsay's legs, Alicia moves her hand down to Lindsay's thighs, clawing and scratching, trying to pry them apart. Responding with a Herculean squeeze of her legs, Lindsay frees one hand from Alicia's hair to claw her face again, yelping as Alicia's teeth sink into her fingers. Returning to squeezing Alicia's body while yanking her hair, Lindsay reels from the endless succession of punches, slaps and tugs of hair from her furious rival, releasing the scissors after taking a shot to her head.

Flipping Lindsay by her crimson tresses, Alicia slams her legs tight around the redhead's midriff. Raking her nails along Alicia's crushing legs, Lindsay writhes desperately to free herself from the deadly leglock. Crying out as Alicia tugs at the clump of her hair, Lindsay tears into Alicia's hair, pulling and twisting as Alicia's thighs force increasing amounts of air from her undulating body. Reinforcing her grip on Alicia's hair, Lindsay slammed the back of her head into the ground in an effort to force Alicia to release her. Eventually the scissors loosened, opened the rest of the way as Lindsay's arm smashed across Alicia's breasts. Kicking Lindsay in the chest as her hands reached for her bare boobs, Alicia got tight holds of Lindsay's hair again, pinning the redhead under her and lowering her tits into Lindsay's face, kneeing Lindsay in the ribs as she used her grip on the redhead's hair to keep her head in place as her tits molded over her nose and mouth.

Screeching as Lindsay sank her teeth into her right breast, yanking Alicia's head back to force her to release the breast smother, Alicia pushed Lindsay's head farther into her tits with one hand while her other stole to Lindsay's womanhood. The ensuing screams from the redhead as Alicia attacked her pubes were muffled by the breasts engulfing her face. A louder scream came from Alicia as Lindsay bit her left breast, sinking her teeth into the sensitive nipple. Lindsay tears desperately into Alicia's blonde hair, trying to escape her foe's grasp, but Alicia senses victory, and is not about to abandon her chance to get a submission from Lindsay. It takes much more breast smothering and hairpulling, and an equal amount of cajoling before the redhead finally concedes the match to the blonde. It is then Alicia notices the desire and disappointment in Lindsay's eyes, as if she had hoped to win their contest on the promise of getting something extra out of it. As if conceding her the pleasure anyway, Alicia obliges her rival.

Turning around and giving Lindsay an up close and personal view of her naked ass, pinning Lindsay's shoulders under her knees so there is no escape, Alicia lowers her face onto Lindsay's womanhood, extending her tongue to the edge of the tender slit, then plunges it in; her flashing tongue seeking out Lindsay's clit and lapping at it hungrily, her own arousal fired by the moans of pleasure the stimulation elicits in her. Grinding her ass on Lindsay's face to prevent the redhead from stimulating her, Alicia's desire to dominate her defeated rival is too strong to resist and the blonde continues her erotic handiwork, lifting up a bit to grind her breasts into Lindsay's crotch; rubbing, humping and grinding away, her ass suppressing the ever louder moans of her beaten foe. Harder and faster come Alicia's efforts to bring Lindsay; for what seems an eternity she alternates between using her tongue and breasts, until Lindsay finally comes so hard she passes out. Satisfied at her double victory, Alicia gathers her clothes and departs, getting a last mental picture of the naked, unconscious Lindsay to fuel her own masturbatory fantasies after she returns home.