Lindsay Lohan vs. Alicia Silverstone submission match (by Oberon/pkmdratini fr CWC)

Lindsay exits her limousine and looks down with disgust into the marshy area she and her rival had agreed upon. "Why did I agree to fight here?" she wonders with a frown. Pulling off her sunglasses and tossing them on the back seat of the limo, she slowly descends into the high grass. Her flip flop clad feet squish with each step as she goes deeper into the marsh, searching for her blond rival. Lindsay is wearing a white dress that stops short of her knees but it puts her best assets, her freckled breasts, on display and her red hair hangs loose, gently curling around to frame her freckled face.

After searching for a while, she sees Alicia. A smile creases her face; Alicia hasn't seen her yet! Moving slowly, quietly, Lindsay approaches her from behind, ready for a Sneak Attack to score an early advantage...but despite her efforts to remain stealthy, as she creeps up behind Alicia, her foot squishes a little too loudly in the moist earth and the sound alerts Alicia to her approach.

Just as the redhead is almost upon her, Alicia whirls around to confront Lindsay at the last second. Thinking quickly as the redhead's hands reach for her hair, Alicia slides her forearms around and under Lindsay’s arms, pulling up to keep Lindsay from clamping on a Bearhug. Alicia pulls Lindsay close, mashing their breasts together through their dresses. Lindsay grunts as Alicia applies fierce pressure with her arms as she arches her back under the strain. Lindsay throws her head back as Alicia leans into the hold, concentrating her energy on weakening Lindsay’s arms. Her breasts pull back slightly, then SMACK Lindsay's again, bringing short, harsh, bursts of air from her parted lips.

Satisfied she’s given Lindsay a taste of what her arms and breasts can do, Alicia pulls her forearms out from under the redhead's arms, grabs her left wrist and deftly twists, forcing Lindsay to bend forward at the waist as she begins to pound Kneelifts repeatedly up into Lindsay's soft belly! "WOOF! OOF! UNNGH!" Lindsay groans each time Alicia's knee SLAMS into her stomach, driving the air from her lungs. A fourth Kneelift drops Lindsay to her knees which slowly sink into the spongy earth as she leans back and looks up at her dominate rival.

Alicia looks down at Lindsay with a smirk, still holding her arm. "What’s the matter Red? Can't take a couple of blows to that soft belly?" She draws back her foot and drives it into Lindsay's belly button…at least, that's where the kick was supposed to go! Lindsay's free hand catches Alicia’s foot at the ankle and stops it before it drives what little air she has left out of her lungs. With Alicia's foot firmly in hand, Lindsay jerks, dumping Alicia over as she falls to the muddy ground on her butt. SPLAT!

Lindsay's arm is freed when Alicia reaches back trying to break her fall. Working quickly, Lindsay leaps on the blond, straddling her waist and making sure, WHAM to drop her ass on Alicia's solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her. Reaching forward with one hand, Lindsay grabs Alicia’s dirty blond hair and pulls her head to one side. Her other hand curls into a fist which she starts hammering down into Alicia's stomach, returning Alicia's earlier attack.

Fighting to catch her breath, Alicia grunts a little louder each time Lindsay's fist connects. “ungh! UNGH! UNNNHH!!” Alicia’s prostrate body undulates provocatively as she thrashes her head and flails her legs, trying to escape the grip of the redhead's grasping fingers.

Tightening her grip on Alicia's sandy-blonde tresses, Lindsay gives her belly a final punch “WHUFFF!” then slides up to sit astride her breasts where she bounces her butt up and down, mashing Alicia's assets flat against her chest as she holds onto two clump of her hair, twisting and pulling as she rides Alicia like a bucking bronco.

Grunting louder, Alicia kicks her muddy legs up, wrapping them tight around Lindsay's chest from behind; her calves flattening Lindsay's breasts as she makes an effort to roll the redhead off her perch. Unwilling to relinquish the advantage, Lindsay increases her bouncing, her butt cheeks mashing Alicia's breasts flat a bit more each time.

Groaning as she strains to unseat the redhead, Alicia manages to finally pull Lindsay backward and slams her down in the slimy mud between her legs. Sitting up, Alicia WHAM, WHAM, slams both fists down on Lindsay's unguarded stomach twice before she slithers alongside the redhead. With her dress hiked up above her shapely thighs, Alicia clamps her thighs around Lindsay's neck, crosses her ankles and then starts squeeeeeeezing... Lindsay panics as Alicia's powerful thighs begin to shut off her precious life-giving oxygen. Alicia smiles as Lindsay's face begins to turn red as the powerful Head Scissors cuts off the blood flow to her brain.

"Aww, poor widdle Windsay…baby can't get a breath? You can give up now babe, I won't humiliate you…too badly," she giggles with a snide smirk.

Lindsay begins kicking her feet, trying to nail Alicia with a kick to anywhere she can reach, but her legs aren't quite long enough, and her feet just waggle uselessly in the air, her only accomplishment is kicking up a lot of mud. Desperate as she feels herself starting to fade, Lindsay forms her hands into claws and Rakes her sharp talons over Alicia's calves and thighs, leaving long red welts on the creamy flesh.

"OWWWW! OH FUCK!!!!" screams Alicia as Lindsay shreds her thighs.

It doesn’t take much before Alicia can stand no more and is forced to uncoil her legs from around Lindsay's neck. She slams her bare foot into Lindsay's side, knocking her away and giving herself some room to nurse her injured thighs. Lindsay rolls a few feet away where she rest on all fours as she tries to catch her breath. Slowly pulling herself to her feet, Lindsay looks down at Alicia, who is still more concerned with the wounds to her thighs than with her opponent.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to go back on the attack, Lindsay charges towards Alicia. Her ears picking up the sound of Lindsay’s feet slap-slap-slapping in the mud, Alicia looks up just in time to see Lindsay’s bare foot sweeping toward her chest. Lindsay's foot SMACK connects before Alicia can react, knocking the blonde prostrate on her back and sending her sliding through the mud.

Lindsay springs and Alicia instinctively raises her knees. “WUUFF!” Lindsay grunts in pain when she crashes down onto Alicia's knees and her stomach jackknifes, folding in two over Alicia’s knees. With Lindsay doubled over, Alicia kicks out with her legs, sending Lindsay SPLAT into the moist earth.

Alicia forces herself up and pursues, her arms extended as she grabs for Lindsay's chest. But Lindsay regroups quickly and as Alicia attacks, she grabs the sandy blonde's arms. Rearing up on their knees in the mud, blond and redhead twist and squirm, writhe and wriggle as they fight for supremacy; their fingernails digging into each other's biceps. As the struggle continues, their hands move to one another's breasts as, pushing, yanking, grunting, groaning and trying to force each other to the ground, the battling actresses finally hear the tearing sounds as the fronts of both dresses are ripped open, then fall away from their bodies exposing their bare, braless, breasts.

Glaring enviously at each other, they exchange SLAPs and PUNCHes to faces and bare breasts; then they slam together in a mutual Test of Strength as their fingers interlace. Alicia and Lindsay war for an advantage, twisting their bodies in every direction, squirming on their knees as their legs and lower bodies become coated with mud. Their hands grope the other's mud-dampened tresses, then they proceed to twist and yank hair, their heads swiveling every which way.

Their bodies undulate with greater fervor until Lindsay slowly forces Alicia backward and pins her in the mud. Legs kicking, bodies grinding, legs intertwining, they roll over and over until their bodies are slathered with mud as they continue to yank each other's hair and even try to bite exposed skin or throttle each with grasping fingers. In their desire to overpower each other, their naked breasts slap and slither together, smearing the mud over both of their bodies and arousing hardening nipples with the slick sensation of skin-on-skin contact.

Lindsay ends up on top of Alicia, straddling her, then clamping her fingers around her throat. As Lindsay leans in to bite a conveniently close section of Alicia's bare skin, their bodies grind together. With their dresses up around their hips, thighs and calves are coated in mud. Alicia kicks her legs to escape from beneath the redhead but Lindsay bears down on Alicia's squirming body, determined to keep her pinned on her back and vulnerable.

Trying to bite Alicia again, Lindsay gasps as the sandy blonde's fingers suddenly tighten around her throat, thumbs digging into her windpipe; cutting off the flow of air to her straining lungs. The only sounds are sounds of gagging and choking as both redhead and blond seek to strangle the other. Suddenly, without warning, Alicia raises her knee, wedges her leg between their slippery bodies and kicks Lindsay off her!

Struggling up, Alicia sits back on her haunches, her bare breasts heaving, then she and Lindsay both rise in a half-crouch and begin to circle. Both women’s bodies are covered in mud; dresses more off than on; eyes locked on the other as they circle; feet moving with quick, catlike movements; each seeking an opening.

Finally they clasp hands low near their hips as their bodies merge within grinding distance. They take turns bending each other backward, each grunting and squealing with the strain of the struggle, their arms constantly shifting as they fight for an advantageous position. Slowly forcing Lindsay's arms against her sides, Alicia leans into the Test of Strength, bending the redhead's body backward. Lindsay groans under the steady pressure Alicia exerts, grunting as she forces herself back upright. Lindsay mashes her breasts into Alicia’s, bending the sandy blonde backward as their clasped hands move up and down.

Rising and standing straight up, they take turns SPLAT, slamming their mud encrusted breasts together until Alicia suddenly releases Lindsay's hands to grab her hair with one hand while her other hand comes up toward the redhead's face. Her eyes wide, Lindsay quickly grabs Alicia's wrist as Alicia's pulls her head to the side. Lindsay grunts as she strains to keep Alicia's probing fingers away from her eyes. Bending forward at the waist, Lindsay presses on, using her shoulders for leverage and is slowly able to force Alicia down onto her back

Landing in the mud with a loud SPLAT, Alicia gasps as Lindsay, kneeling between Alicia's thrashing legs, leans forward and grabs her by the throat, bearing down with all her weight. Lindsay grunts from the exertion of trying to strangle her foe but suddenly, her grunts give way to a pained yelp when Alicia's kicking legs snap together around her middle. Crossing her ankles and compressing Lindsay’s waist fiercely, Alicia arches her back, her ass lifting out of the mud as she tightens her Waist Scissors.

"Not bad for a has-been, eh, Lindsay?" Alicia taunts the redhead as she tightens the brutal scissors.

Lindsay's hands leave Alicia's neck as Alicia places her hands on either side of her, arches her back and stretches the bodyscissors, causing the redhead to lose her balance. Pushing at Alicia's inner thighs to loosen the crushing hold, Lindsay is forced to put her hands back on the ground behind her as Alicia inches forward, squeezing tighter. Alicia's inner thighs force themselves into Lindsay's sides under her ribs; the back of her legs draped over the front of Lindsay's thighs as she squeezes and squeezes, trying to force the air from her rival.

Her body arched at an uncomfortable angle, Lindsay gasps as Alicia tightens her Scissors again; the redhead's breath comes in short, panting, gasps of pain as the sandy blonde increases the pressure once more; accompanied by a guttural grunt in her efforts to crush the fight from Lindsay.

Finding herself almost forced to her back in the slimy mud, Lindsay uses her right hand to push on Alicia's left thigh, desperate to loosen the pressure on her nubile young body. Her face betrays her extreme discomfort as Alicia continues Scissoring her midsection between sexy, powerful thighs. Lindsay lets out a long moan as Alicia's thighs continue to constrict her tiny waist, preventing her from getting a deep breath into her deprived lungs.

Growing desperate, Lindsay attempts to escape using her arms to try and pry Alicia's legs apart and this new test of strength continues for a brief time with Lindsay occasionally forcing Alicia's thighs apart just enough to give her a short respite from the agony before they snap back together with a wet THWAP. Lindsay’s head snaps back and she lets out a low groan as she has to give up on trying go pry Alicia’s legs open.

“AAARRRRRGH!” Lindsay lets out a scream of agony and frustration. She can't breathe, and the pressure on her midsection is so painful that she’s close to submitting. Lindsay scans Alicia's body for anything she can exploit.

Alicia's face is determined…and out of reach of any attack. And while Alicia's mud-caked breasts are inviting, Lindsay fears a Breast Attack wouldn't be enough - and might entice Alicia to retaliate against her own vulnerably bulbous beauties. Her eyes travel further downward and a small smirking grin forms on her lips as her eyes take in the sweet mound of Alicia's wet panty covered crotch. Never above an attack to give herself an advantage, Lindsay forms her hand into a claw, raises it overhead and then SMACK, slams it down on Alicia's pussy. As Lindsay tightens her grip on the Crotch Claw, her fingers digging into the tender flesh, Alicia lets out a scream.

"AAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Alicia screams as Lindsay's fingers dig into her most vulnerable area. Determined not to be forced out of her match-ending submission scissors, Alicia tightens her legs in an attempt to force Lindsay to give up before her pussy is in too much pain.

Lindsay groans and her hand releases the claw, but only to start pounding her fist back down, hammering Alicia's pussy over and over as she screams a demand for freedom. "LET GO OR I'LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER HAVE KIDS!" Lindsay yells as she slams her fifth Punch onto Alicia's pubic mound.

Alicia can only take so much and after six or seven punches, she has to release her Scissors, kicking Lindsay's body away with her feet and making enough distance between them to give her time to recover. Lindsay slithers through the mud a few feet before she slides to a stop, then lays on her back as she sucks air into her lungs while watching Alicia laying curled up in the fetal position rubbing her ravaged pussy.

Finally, Lindsay rouses herself and begins to crawl to Alicia, shoving her over onto her back and straddling her, making sure she has Alicia's arms pinned under her legs. Looking down at Alicia's pain-stricken face, Lindsay smiles. "Well, you introduced me to your best assets, those legs. Now it's my turn to show you mine!"

Leaning forward, laying on top of Alicia, holding her with a handful of mud-caked hair, Lindsay lowers her bountiful, muddy boobs on Alicia's face. The mud helps create an air tight seal that will soon send Alicia into unconsciousness. Alicia gasped as Lindsay molded her breasts over her nose and mouth, struggling for breath under the fleshy mounds blocking her oxygen. A muffled cry vibrating between Lindsay's mud covered breasts sent an excited shiver though the redhead’s body as the sandy blonde began involuntarily squirming and bucking, trying to escape.

Excited by the sensation of Alicia’s body writhing, her naked flesh grinding against her, the redhead held onto Alicia's hair as she forced her face deeper into her cleavage. Determined to Tit Smother her, Lindsay pressed her body tight against Alicia’s face, keeping her shoulders pinned to the muddy ground; knowing she’d turned the match around. But for all her advantage, Lindsay hadn't realized she made a serious mistake until Alicia's knees glided upward over her thighs, hips and ribs, then once again clamped down on her unsuspecting waist - this time in a far tighter vice grip than the one she’d trapped Lindsay in a few minutes earlier.

Lindsay's eyes shot wide in shock, then she nearly panicked when Alicia's ankles locked and her powerful thighs began to apply terrible pressure on Lindsay's tightly Wedgied midsection between them. The sound emanating from between Lindsay's breasts almost sounded like laughter as Alicia squeeeeeeeeeeezed the Leglock around Lindsay’s pain-wracked body.

Alicia was letting the muscles of her sexy thighs do her talking, a silent demand to be released. Lindsay cried out, again pressing her breasts tighter onto Alicia's face as the crushing pressure around her waist grew too painful to ignore. She ground her breasts to the left and then to the right, hoping to deprive Alicia of air to the point of knocking her unconscious before the pain in her own body became too much.

Alicia, a seasoned veteran, can’t be denied and was determined as Lindsay to win. Again, her shapely legs around Lindsay's undulating body pulsed, squeezing mercilessly; prompting a louder cry of pain from the redhead. Using her Scissors as leverage, Alicia tried to buck Lindsay off but despite her agony, the redhead writhed on top of the sandy blonde with greater fervor, spreading her feet and broadening her base to keep Alicia pinned on her back in the mud.

Their bodies, by now almost completely naked as their dresses were utterly torn and disheveled, ground in their mutual exertions. Alicia arched her back and straightened her legs trying to lift Lindsay off while Lindsay bore down and squirmed side-to-side trying to keep Alicia in place. Slowly but surely, Alicia’s brutal Scissors was wearing Lindsay down as her legs compressed Lindsay’s body harder, harder and harder!

Holding Alicia’s face in her cleavage by the hair, Lindsay groaned as Alicia's arms wrapped around her torso, pulling the redhead into a Bearhug as all four breasts were flattened by the other’s. The friction of their erect nipples elicited a burst of air from Lindsay's lips and, encouraged, Alicia tightened her Bearhug around Lindsay's torso with as much power as her legs were applying with their Scissors.

Alicia began to match Lindsay’s writhing movements with writhing of her own although she was gasping for air under her Smothering breasts, which encouraged Lindsay to wrap both arms around Alicia's head and press her boobs harder on her face. Lindsay was still bent on victory!

An instant later Lindsay shrieked as Alicia, now almost out of oxygen, bit down on the redhead's left breast. Her jaws clamping onto Lindsay's engorged nipple; the sandy blonde simultaneously pulsed both her arms and legs around her caught opponent. Redhead and sandy blonde continued squirming; Alicia's back and derriere caked in mud as were Lindsay's forearms, knees and calves - but neither was willing to concede the other the advantage.

But at least Alicia's retaliation had - even if only briefly - freed her face from Lindsay’s smothering breasts. Sucking in breath, she screamed at her opponent, "GET OFF ME, OR I'LL BREAK YOU IN TWO!"

“AAAIIIIEEEEEEE!” Lindsay threw back her head and shrieked in pain as Alicia crushed her lithe body with the combination Scissors/Bearhug. Lindsay was upset with herself for not taking in all the possibilities of Alicia's potential escape from her bountiful bosom, and is angry that the beautiful pair that had sucked the will to fight out of so many of her past opponents had simply angered Alicia more.

Determined to have one last salvo to throw at Alicia, Lindsay balls up her fists, and fueled by anger and pain, begins screaming as BAM, she began to Punch down onto Alicia's face.

"YOU" (left cross) "WILL" (right cross) "NOT" (Lindsay slams her fist into Alicia's nose) "BREAK" (another right cross) "ME!" (uppercut to Alicia's chin) Alicia's face rocked from side to side as Lindsay's fists crashed down on her muddy face. The final uppercut so stunned Alicia whose arms released her Bearhug. One arm fell back limp into the mud at her side, the other flopped across her face. But her powerful legs still encircled Lindsay's waist. Although the punching had weakened her, Alicia continued trying to squeeze Lindsay with her still-considerable power. But Lindsay is a woman who wouldn't be denied.

"So you really want to attack someone's tits!" she said between panting attempts to catch her breath. "Well, lemme show you how it's done!"

She reached for Alicia's mud-caked orbs, Clawing and digging in with abandon. Alicia screamed as Lindsay's nails sank into her soft flesh. This new pain, combined with the extended period of lack of air, had weakened her scissors to the point that Lindsay again tried for another Breast Smother. Looking at Alicia's mud-streaked, dazed with pain, face, Lindsay snarled, "THIS time, you'll stay there until you’re KO’ed!"

She again pinned Alicia's arms, then lowered her breasts over Alicia's face, certain that, this time, she wouldn't be getting out! Alicia's breathing was immediately cut off, but she’s not only still in the game, she’s determined to get payback for the trashing her face had gotten. The instant Lindsay's body was nestled comfortably atop her, Alicia SLAMMED her legs up around her sore midriff, crossed her ankles and applied as much pressure at a slow but steady rate as she could.

“UNNNGHHH!” Lindsay cried out in pain and an instant later, Alicia twisted her head to the side and sank her teeth into Lindsay's right breast, chewing like a madwoman while Lindsay screamed in agony. “OHHHHMIGAWD NOOooooo….” Hearing Lindsay’s wails of pain, Alicia jerked her arms free, reached up and raked her fingernails down the redhead's back in loooong, slooooow strokes.

“EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee……” Lindsay mewled, close to sobbing from the vicious Back Rake. Squeezing Lindsay's waist between her thighs with all the strength she had left, Alicia kept Biting the redhead's breasts, alternating from left to right and back again as she kept Raking her back. Eventually, Alicia got her hands into Lindsay's hair, grabbing two handfuls and pulling back, forcing Lindsay’s breasts off her face.

Grabbing a mouthful of air, Alicia wrenched Lindsay’s head to the side and rolled her off, then used the same handfuls of hair to drag herself up over and on top of the redhead. Releasing her, Alicia grabbed Lindsay's legs and folded them back onto her chest, then sat on the back of her thighs so she was unable to kick her legs.

"This is how it's done," Alicia intoned as she reached for Lindsay's tits and began, pinching, tweaking and twisting her nipples. Lindsay's cries grew steadily louder as Alicia dug her fingernails into the nipples, clawed them and finally leaned over and bit them! "Anything you can do, I can do better... I can do anything better than you... yes I can, yes I can... yes I can, yes I can... yes I can, yes I can, yes I can....." Alicia taunted Lindsay in a sing-song voice, mocking her between painful nipple bites. "And now, something else," Alicia purrs in a seductive tone as she grows tired of the Breast Assault.

Balling her fists, Alicia began to blast Lindsay’s face while her legs were still folded up and firmly trapped under Alicia. Left cross to the right eye; right cross to the left eye; left cross to the nose; right cross to the mouth; left cross to the right eye; right cross to the nose; left cross to the chin...Alicia's fists battered the trapped redhead, snapping her head side to side until Lindsay went limp.

Rising from Lindsay's thighs, Alicia sat down and dragged Lindsay to her. Pulling Lindsay's head to the left, Alicia reached her right arm over her neck and snaked it under her left armpit. Then she wrapped her left arm behind Lindsay's back, grabbing her right wrist to immobilize her. Alicia wrapped her legs in a tight Scissors around her waist, making sure she had Lindsay's left wrist under her inner thigh. Then Alicia squeezed and squeezed as Lindsay's helpessly squirming body struggled in vain to free herself.

"Arrogant whores such as yourself need to learn a lesson from losing..." Alicia purred as she stretched her legs around Lindsay's midsection, bearing down on Lindsay's right leg which was bent at the knee against Alicia's ass. Keeping her right arm under Lindsay's armpit, Alicia's left hand held her forearm as she squeezed tighter. Lindsay's left leg aimlessly moved up and down, sweeping side-to-side, fruitlessly seeking some leverage in the mud. "Wiggle all you want, nymph; you're not going anywhere..." Alicia's words degenerated into a groan as her legs tightened at Lindsay's waist yet again.

Alicia’s legs crushed her wailing rival until Lindsay - somehow - managed to get on her knees, desperately trying to turn things around. Wrenching Lindsay's arm, Alicia curled her legs and extended them, crushing even tighter. Still, Lindsay somehow managed to get enough leverage to plant her feet the mud but as she tried to rise, Alicia snapped her right arm behind Lindsay's left calf, dragging her back down to the ground.

They were close to a nearby pond and Alicia still had her legs clamped around Lindsay's body; her left arm still gripping her forearm. Releasing the Scissors and her arm hold, Alicia flipped Lindsay over, then dragged her through the mud and into the pond. Twisting her upper body to the left by wrenching Lindsay’s arm and holding her waist in place with her legs while Lindsay's knees dug twin furrows in the mud, Alicia wrenched Lindsay until she was satisfied, then switched tactics.

Alicia straddled Lindsay, placing her knees on the redhead's upper arms and bearing down with all her weight. Grabbing Lindsay’s hair, Alicia pulled her head between her thighs as she rolled onto her side, trapping Lindsay in an agonizing Headscissors. Keeping Lindsay's mouth away from her crotch to prevent biting, Alicia squeezed Lindsay's head as hard as she could, steeling herself against Lindsay's nails digging into her thighs. The sandy blonde gave Lindsay an occasional punch to the head for good measure as she squeezed her Leglock.

"Time... to... finish... this..." Alicia grunted.

Lindsay was pretty much out of it at this point; her face covered in a mixture of blood, bruises, and mud and mottled from a lack of oxygen. All attempts to fight were gone as Lindsay gazed up at Alicia, surrendered all her pride and barely gasped out, “OK. I’ve learned my lesson…I quit…please…just let me go!”

Alicia laughs, “PUHLEASE! Do you really think I’m just going to be merciful after all you did? No, you’re going to face the same fate you tried to subject me to.” Much to Lindsay’s relief, Alicia’s released her Scissors, but the respite didn’t last long as Alicia quickly straddled Lindsay and pinned her arms at her sides. Looking down at her beaten, sobbing victim, Alicia smiled, “THIS is how you smother someone out!”

She leaned forward, shoving Lindsay’s face into her smaller, but still ample bosom. Lindsay began kicking weakly, trying with everything she had to escape the ultimate embarrassment, but there was little she had left to resist with. She’d been beaten into submission and there is little she can do about it. Lindsay’s struggles faded slowly until she was unconscious. Alicia realized it after a few seconds, sat up on Lindsay’s chest looking down at her sleeping form.

There was an expression of satisfaction on Alicia’s muddy, dirty face. Exhausted, but elated in her victory, Alicia wiped the mud from her face and flicked it on the face of her unconscious rival. Patting Lindsay's red, raw, belly with her hand before getting to her feet, Alicia chuckled, "I'll tell your limo driver where to find your muddy body and your torn clothes."