A Sister's Revenge Katie Lohmann & Jennifer Walcott by kit

"What the hell do..." said the blonde, opening the door of her apartment.

"You slut!" exclaimed the brunette, shutting her up with a salty slap.

POP! The blonde's head turned and her long, silky locks flew around her stinging face as she stumbled back.

"How could you? You're such a fuckin' slut," said the brunette, with a shove as she entered the apartment.

The blonde answered with a slap of her own that sent the brunette's head and hair flying.

"Fuck you! How dare you come over here and challenge me," snarled the blonde.

The brunette righted herself, rubbing her cheek as the blonde stood defiantely with her hands on her hips.

"What?" asked the blonde, shaking back her hair. "You thought you'd just come over here and kick my ass? That I wouldn't fight back?"

"Why'd you do it? You broke Jimmy's heart...don't you know that?" asked Jennifer, the brunette.

"I was drunk. It just happened," said Katie, the blonde.

"Didn't you think he'd find out?"

"I really didn't care," said the blonde, shaking back her tresses.

Jennifer shook her head in shame. "You're such a fuckin' lil' slut. I always knew you were."

"Bitch, you're not one to talk. I've heard about you."

"I wouldn't cheat on my fiance."

"Shit, bitch. Who'd ask you?" said Katie.

"Fuck you, you whore."

"Why don't you just leave," said Katie, grabbing for Jennifer's arm.

Jennifer jerked back and shoved Katie in the shoulder. "Give me the ring, bitch."

"Bitch, you're not gettin' the ring. It's mine now," said Katie, knocking Jennifer's arm away.

The name-calling increased as the two girls began to paw and push on each other.

Katie was a very beautiful, young 21-year-old, with long, silky bleached-white hair. At 5-4 and 103 pounds, she had a perfect body that measured 32D-22-32. Jennifer was equally attractive. Her 24-year-old body was 5-3 and 105 pounds, and measured an impressive 32C-22-32. She too had a nice long head of curly hair that was light-brown, with a twinge of blond and auburn. Katie had been engaged to Jimmy until a week ago when she was at a party and pulled a five-man train. Katie loved sex, and she especially loved to fuck. All she was thinking about that night was one final fling before her marriage in a few weeks. She didn't especially love Jimmy, but she did love his family money and the way he satisfied her in the bedroom.

Jennifer was no angel herself, but she had always hated Katie because she knew she was nothing but a gold digger. She had heard of Katie's reputation, but Jimmy wouldn't listen. Katie was the best fuck he'd ever had, and he was truely pussy whipped.

Now, Jennifer, the big sister, was going to get that ring back and set things straight.

"You bitch!" shouted Katie as her thin, white blouse was ripped to the waist, exposing her perfect, braless breasts.

"Give me that ring, whore," said Jennifer, pulling.

"No!" shouted Katie, grabbing Jennifer's brown tank-t and tugging.

The low cut top was stretched below the brunette's tan, firm breasts, exposing them fully.

Going for each other's breasts, the two girls grabbed, squeezed and doubled over against each other.

"Ooooowwww!" wailed Katie.

"Oooohhh!" Jennifer howled.

Katie gave Jennifer's right nipple a terrific twist and pull. Jennifer sang out and turned to the side. Katie let go with her right hand and slapped the brunette's hot, tight ass a couple of times thru her skimpy, white jogging shorts. Jennifer broke loose and backed up.

"Did he send you over to kick my ass?" asked Katie, pointing with her finger.

"No, he didn't," snapped Jennifer, rubbing her nipple. "I've wanted to kick your ass all along."

This wasn't the first time Katie had stared down an angry girlfriend or jealous brunette.

"Good," said Katie, removing her torn blouse, leaving her in a pink, frilly short-skirt. "I've always wanted to catfight you anyway."

"Well, slut," said Jennifer, pulling her top over her head. "You're in for..."

Katie interrupted her with a smart slap across the face. Jennifer staggered sideways as she threw down her top and turned into another ringing slap. Jennifer fell against the wall, but came up firing. Blocking Katie's next slap, Jennifer slapped the shit out of her. Katie grabbed a handful of hair for balance and control.

"Ooouuch!" barked Jennifer, yanked sideways. "Lee' gggoo!"

"Bitch!" yelled Katie, both hands digging in Jennifer's hair.

Jennifer slapped Katie hard, very hard. Katie rocked on her heels, but made Jennifer cry out as she tore out a fist of her hair. The two staggered, but lunged back at each other with their hands balled into tight, little fists. Toe-to-toe the blonde and brunette fist fought. Katie landed a blow under Jennifer's right eye, cutting the flesh and another hard shot along the jaw. Jennifer split Katie's bottom lip in the middle and clocked her good across the cheek. A driving, right uppercut nailed Katie under the chin and knocked her up against the front door.

"I'm gonna tear these fuckers off!" shouted Jennifer, raking her nails down both of Katie's young, jiggling breasts. "You bitch! I'll kill you!" she added, grabbing and twisting the d-cups.

"Oooowww! Mmmyyy t-i-t-s!" cried Katie, doubled over and trying to pry Jennifer's flexing fingers from her perfect breasts.

Pulling off Jennifer's hands, Katie shoved the brunette in the shoulders and gave her a good slap across the cheek. Jennifer's head spun, but she came right back with a left and right slap that sent Katie's head one way and then the other. A hard backhand by Katie struck Jennifer and sent her backwards. Katie rushed in and grabbed her by the hair. Yanking Jennifer over, Katie slung her over the arm of a recliner and proceeded to spank her.

"Ouch! Ow! Ow! Ouch! Ow!" bawled Jennifer as the blonde spanked her tight, foxy ass and cussed at her.

Jennifer rolled off the arm of the recliner, but Katie was right with her with both her hands deep in her hair. Now on the floor, Katie had her legs hooked around Jennifer's legs as the brunette's backside was pressed against the blonde's frontside. Reaching around Jennifer's body, Katie sank 10 nails into her c-cups.

"Oooowww! Sssshhhhit!" Jennifer cried, reaching behind her head and grabbing the top of Katie's hair as the blonde turned her fingernails in her tits.

Jennifer's hot ass squirmed against Katie's precious pussy as both girls screamed out in pain. Jennifer pulled hair. Katie clawed tits.

"Fuuuuuck!" Katie cried as a big wad of hair left the top of her head.

Katie let loose and tried to roll clear, but Jennifer turned over and dove on her back. The two rolled over a few times with Jennifer always behind Katie and tearing at her hair. Katie cried and cried as she lost two more fists of her soft, silky bleached tresses. Rolling up against the couch, Jennifer's head and shoulders became pinned as Katie turned around and straddled her across the tops of her thighs. With tears smearing their mascara, Katie and Jennifer grabbed each other by the tits and squeezed.

"Ooooowww! Gaaaawd!" screamed Jennifer, her eyes tightly closed as Katie screwed her fingernails back and forth in her tits.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck! Fuuuuuuuck!" cried Katie, throwing back her head as her d-cups were deeply penetrated by 10 clear polished fingernails.

Squeezing and scratching, both girls were drawing blood as they fought to win this cruel duel of pain. Their screams echoed thru the apartment for several long, intense moments as their nails overflowed with rival breast flesh.

"Sssssshhhhhhhit!" Katie cried, falling off backwards as Jennifer suddenly jerked on a fist of her hair.

Jennifer rolled on top, and sliced open the underside of Katie's left tit with her nails. Katie screamed, but drove her knee into Jennifer's tight gut. The brunette grunted and then cried out as her cheek was scratched open from her temple to her chin. Katie then screamed as the top of her neck muscle was biten above the right shoulder. Katie rolled over on her chest, but Jennifer was right with her, tearing at her hair and straddling her from behind. With her ass saddled squarely in the small of Katie's back, Jennifer went to work. Twisting her hands up to the wrists in Katie's beautiful white hair, Jennifer scooted the blonde's face back and forth against the carpet. Katie was bucking and kicking and clawing at Jennifer's wrists as her face took a deep rug burn all across it.

"You fuckin' cunt," swore a teary-eyed Jennifer as she pulled Katie's face off the floor and then slammed it back down. Blood flowed from Katie's nose.

"Fuuuuuuck! My nose!" screamed Katie, tasting the blood.

"Good! It'll be an improvement, bitch!"

The catfight went on! Sliding up Katie's back, Jennifer reached around and grabbed her panties under her little pink skirt.

"Oooooooowww!!" howled the blonde, her ass humping the floor as her pussy lips were split open.

Losing her balance, Jennifer fell off to the side and bumped the back of her head against an end table next to the couch.

"Oooh...you bitch," mumbled Katie, quickly rolling clear and about to get up.

"Fuck you, bitch," spat Jennifer, almost to her feet.

Although the girls may have wanted to take a break or stop completely, they didn't. Jennifer felt as if she was close to winning and Katie wanted to get some revenge for her bleeding nose. Both had been in several catfights, so nasty fighting was nothing new, but neither had ever been in a catfight so violent or savage. On their feet again the two waded into each other throwing and landing slaps as they grabbed hair and took each other to the floor. The fighting was hot and heavy as they locked legs and rolled back and forth, frantically pulling hair and pinching nipples.

"Give it up, bitch!" shouted Katie, twisting Jennifer's left areola.

"You give, slut!" Jennifer answered, pulling Katie's right areola.

The two girls exchanged a punch to the tit.

"Uuummmpppphhh!" grunted the blonde.

"Oooommmpphhhh!" the brunette groaned.

Jennifer rolled on top. Katie grabbed the back of her shorts and pulled. Jennifer winced as her ass filled up by the wedgie. Sliding off, Jennifer latched on to Katie's pussy and squeezed it thru her thong.

"Sssshhhit! My puuussssy!"

Jennifer dropped her face in the blonde's chest and took a bite out of her left tit, just missing the bruised areola.


Katie tore Jennifer off by the hair and rolled on top of her. Jennifer jerked her off by the back of the hair as they rolled across the room screaming and pulling. Katie pulled Jennifer's head over and gave her a knee in the right eye. It wasn't a jarring shot, but at this time in the catfight, everything hurt. Twisting, Katie shoved Jennifer's head between her thighs and clamped down. Katie swore as she pulled on the top of Jennifer's hair with one hand and clawed her across the face with the other. Five times she ran her nails thru Jennifer's once beautiful face as the brunette frantically ripped her nails over Katie's thighs until the blonde had to let go of her leg lock.

"Get back here, slut," huffed Katie, grabbing the back of Jennifer's hair as she tried to roll away.

"Oooww," moaned Jennifer, now pulled over on her back with Katie laying on top of her.

With their bodies covered with blood, bruises and scratches, the look in their eyes told the tale. This wasn't just about winning. It was about survival. And as they grabbed each other by the hair their animal instincts took over as they made one final push to victory.

"You're such a slut," glared Jennifer as she felt Katie's d's press across her c's.

"Fuck you, bitch," swore Katie, working her legs around Jennifer's legs.

With firm grips of hair, both girls pulled as their sore, swollen tits dueled at the nipples. Both moaned and winced as their purple, deformed nipples tore into each other under their mushrooming breasts. Rolling her breasts in a circle, Katie pumped downward with her hips as she looked to grind the fight out of her rival. But Jennifer's body was more than up for the challenge. Her firm, solid c-cups withstood the circular motion of Katie's d-cups as their nipples catfought evenly within, and down below her hips humped upward and neutralized Katie's hips. Firmly twisting their hands around in each other's hair, the blonde and brunette battled bodies for several minutes. Hard nipple to hard nipple and pelvic bone to pelvic bone they fought. Slowly but surely, Jennifer's superior legs worked out from Katie's sexy, but wilting legs, and made their way up around her waist.

"Uuummmppphhh!" groaned Katie hoarsely as Jennifer's tan, muscular thighs constricted around her smooth, soft waist.

"That's right, slut," huffed Jennifer, drawing Katie's crotch firmly against her own; her pelvic bone crushing Katie's while her brown thighs turned into bands of steel and squeezed the guts out of the blonde.

"Uuuunnngggg!" Katie moaned as her nipples were inverted and her ribs poked into her lungs.

Jennifer could feel Katie melting on her. Katie's breasts seemed to go soft and her abs were turning to mush. Jennifer flexed her thighs even harder as she stretched Katie's head back by the hair.

"Uuuummgggghhhh!" bellowed the blonde, as they rolled sideways and lay facing each other.

"Give it up, slut," ordered Jennifer, pulling hair and squeezing legs.

"Uuunngg...never," Katie moaned, stretching Jennifer's head back by the hair.

Jennifer pumped harder with her legs as her tits pushed the blonde's tits back into her chest.

"Oohh ggaawwdd...le' me...go," moaned Katie, deeply panting.

"Never," strained Jennifer. "Give me back the ring."

"Oooommm. Never," answered Katie, her right hand dropping around Jennifer's left breast.

"Ooowwww!" cried Jennifer as Katie's nails stabbed in.

Jennifer's left hand clamped down on Katie's right tit. The blonde screamed.

Still pulling on a handful of hair, Katie and Jennifer mauled each other's tit for well over a minute. Jennifer still had Katie scissored as both girls clinged to the hopes of victory that was vanishing before their eyes.

"Give, bitch, give!!!" screamed Jennifer, her nails red with Katie's tit blood.

Blind with pain and tears, Katie busted Jennifer's tit with her fist.


Jennifer nearly threw up with pain. Her legs instantly went limp around Katie's waist while her eyes almost jumped out of her sockets.


They both felt the pop. Blood went in all directions, spraying and spewing across their faces and chests.

Katie rolled over on her back. Her hands covering her face as blood gushed and poured thru her hands and fingers.

Her nose was broke. And they both knew it.

Bloody, exhausted, and beaten herself, Jennifer straddled over Katie and pulled her hands from her face.

"Enough?" she asked, sitting in a schoolboy pin over the bloody blonde.

Katie's face was a mask of blood. Her white hair was now bleached red with her own blood. She nodded, 'yes'. Right now their bodies were numb with pain. In a few minutes it would hit them both like a ton of bricks. But for now they were numb and could only see into each other's blood shot, teary, wide-eyes. They’d fought like never before; and never again would they…ever!