Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher) vs. Lana Lang (Charlize Theron) by K&G

When the studio decided to take advantage of the 'nostalgia' and 'comic books to movies' trends sweeping Hollywood, they went to the file room and dusted off an old script that'd been lying dormant for some time; a feature length movie based on the characters of Lois Lane and Clark Kent from the 1993-97 TV show, "Lois and Clark" and picking up the story before their marriage in order to create the right amount of 'sexual tension' between the stars. Getting Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher to reprise their title roles proved no problem since Cain was doing 'B' films and a syndicated TV clip show and Hatcher had disappeared into commercials. Both were eager to jump-start nascent careers and knew a box office hit 'Lois and Clark' movie may well launch a new Superman franchise and return them to their rightful place (i.e., the front of People-like magazines and nightly syndicated entertainment shows.) The villain role was easily cast, an unknown actor to play Lex Luthor, their main antagonist. But to juice up the 'sexual tension' they needed a rival for Lois. Unfortunately, no 'big name' actress was available for the entire shoot, so the director and writers solved that dilemma by using a series of actresses in different roles to vie with Lois for Superman/Clark's affections.

The first woman the audience would see was Clark's ex-girlfriend from his Smallville days, Lana Lang. But who to play the beautiful young woman Lana had grown into? Kristen Kreuk from 'Smallville' was too young and besides, she wasn't interested. Then inspiration struck (as it so rarely does in Tinseltown) when some bright lad suggested they reunite Teri with her '2 Days in the Valley' rival, Charlize Theron! They even wrote a scene n which Lois and Lana would reprise their epic fight - often cited as one of the best in cinema fight history by critics and Internet catfight experts!!

Charlize had a few weeks free and gladly accepted, citing the need to, "...put things right with Teri." It seems Theron had been stung by Hatcher's remarks after '2 Days' was released boasting the fight scene, "...wasn't that difficult. Yes, it was choreographed; no, it wasn't real; but we put our hands on one another and we felt each other's strength. Charlize was CONSTANTLY complaining I was being too rough with her, always getting the director to re-shoot bits where I pushed her around a little too easily. I said, 'Huh? What the hell? Where's your heart, woman?' The hardest part was making it look believable that she was even competitive with me!" Charlize tried to refute the stories, even going so far as to attempt to get the "out takes" showing her not only holding her own, but actually throwing Hatcher around at several points! Her failure to get the footage released was thwarted by Hatcher who was more interested in promoting her own career with an eye toward future 'action' roles than in salving a young newcomers wounded ego.

Ms. Theron's tight schedule (and severe budget constraints) made the use of a half-dozen cameras, multiple takes from every possible angle, days of shooting and re-shooting and the use of computer generated effects impossible. They'd have to do it 'live' with one take, meaning they couldn't use stunt women - which would only add to the expense and hassle. But since both actresses wanted, for their own selfish reasons, to handle the 'stunt work' themselves anyway, the studio president signed off on the risky - but cost effective - proposition. The director planned to stage the entire fight in a continuous using three cameras; two shooting from the sides and one from a high angle. Everyone hoped nothing untoward happened to either actress so they'd get all the footage they needed. The director went over the basic plot points and limited dialogue, then told them to improvise the rest. But while Teri and Charlize both agreed and seemed uncharasterically eager to do the stunt although Charlize groused about 'fixing' the fight so Lois could win. The director shrugged and told Cain, "When they're done and the winner emerges, improvise some dialogue with her. The writer can rewrite a page or two if necessary to explain things and get the plot back on the right page."

"Alright, places everyone. Let's try to do this in one take...for a change ladies," the director sighed. "Ready?"

A camera across the street from a small diner got the establishing shot for the opening scene of the 'meeting' sequence...
Lois and Clark: The Return of Superman (based on an original idea by John J)

It had been ten years since Clark Kent left Lana Lang and Smallville for Metropolis. Lana was an adult, nothing like the gawky teenager Clark remembered from his youth. He and Lois had returned to Smallville to investigate a lead for a story the Planet was doing about former Smallville resident and now Chairman of LexCorp Industries, Lex Luthor. They were having lunch at the diner when Lana spotted Clark as she was passing. She waited outside and when he and Lois exited, Lana approached and hugged Clark, then stepped back and disdainfully gave Lois the once over from head to toe.

"Clark, don't tell me you left ME...for HER?"

Clark stepped in and said, "Now, Lana behave! How are you hon? It's been years! You look great." He kissed her chastely on the cheek but his super hearing picked up a sigh from Lois that told him he'd made a big mistake!

"I'm still pining for you, Clarkie!" Lana cooed, rubbing her small, perky, firm breasts against his (surprisingly) muscular chest. "What's SHE got that I haven't?" the redhead pouted sexily, her hand brushing Clark's thigh as she slowly groped his 'package.' Lana was pushing all Clark's buttons while totally ignoring the fuming Lois whose face grew redder and redder with every passing second. But when she saw her rival groping Clark's 'goodies' she couldn't stand it any longer and elbowed her way in between them, slapping the redhead's hand away with a sharp smack that drew a startled yelp from the bashful reporter.

When Lois straightened up, blushing after slapping Clark in the groin, Lana grabbed a handful of her dark hair and pulled the squealing reporter over backward, dropping Lois on her butt on the sidewalk with a distinctly unladylike yowl! Lana started to pull Lois's hair, but Clark quickly intervened, easily prying Lana's claws from Lois's tresses and pushing her away. Lois scrambled to her feet and swung at Lana, her arm whipping around the back of Clark's head and her open palm reddening the redhead's cheek with a satisfying THWAK! Clark lifted his arms and held the two wildcats at bay as he tried to calm them down.

"He's already GOT a girlfriend, Red. And as for your question," Lois said, cupping her boobs and pushing them into Lana's much smaller, but firmer, bosom. "I think it's obvious to everyone what I HAVE got that you DON'T! Now, back off you horny bitch!" Lois hissed. "Clark and I are trying to work here."

"Horny bitch?" Lana spat. "Well, I didn't steal Clarkie from anybody else! It seems to me, YOU'RE the horny man-stealing bitch here, not ME!" Lana's eyes burned with rage as she glared down at Lois's sweater and sneered, "And you better keep those damn fat boobs outta my face or I just might shred 'em!"

"Ladies," Clark said, beads of super perspiration popping on his forehead. "You two stop this nonsense right now," he said, his voice quivering even more than usual. "Come on Lois, we've got to get to city hall and check those recor..."

"STAY OUT OF THIS CLARK!" both beauties snapped in unison.

Grabbing Lana by the arm, Lois gave a tug and started to drag the redhead down the sidewalk toward her room at the Smallville Arms where she and Clark were staying during their overnight visit.

"Clark, you don't mind checking on those records down at city hall by yourself, do you?" Lois chirped leaving no room for doubt. "I think your Lana and I need to have some girl time to ourselves. Don't wait up for me," she laughed. "This could take all night!"

"No Lois dear, whatever you say," Clark said meekly. Then muttering as he watched the two women's butts as Lois pulled the still shocked and stunned Lana through the hotel's front door, "Thank God and Krypton for my X-ray vision; I wouldn't miss their 'discussion' for anything in the world!"

Lois pulled Lana to her room, shut the door and faced the flushed and slightly out of breath redhead. Lana straightened her blouse which had pulled out of her skirt when Lois roughly grabbed and dragged her down the street. Then she put her hands on her hips and cocked one leg in front of her. They glared at one another for nearly a minute, the tension rising, before Lana finally decided Lois wasn't going to say anything, just glare at her until she broke.

"Alright miss big city girl, you got me up to your room, now what's your plan? We gonna fight or what? I know you city girls have some kinky ways of setting disputes between women." Seeing the surprise on Lois' face, Lana jabbed again, "Oh yeah. We got cable an' the Internet way out here in the boondocks. I get to stay up nights watching 'Real Sex' and 'Sex in the City' on HBO! A real educational it was too; a girl can learn a lot just watching the old cable and surfin' the 'net. So how do you want this, make up your mind because I gotta get goin'. I'm taking Clark home tonight for a good old fashioned home-cooked meal and a little lovin' for old times sake. I don't have all afternoon to waste with you, Miss High and Mighty Big Tits, so say your piece and be quick!"

Lois stared slack-jawed, stunned by the nerve of the country girl, daring to tell her to her face she was planning to take Clark back! Her first inclination was to haul off and slap the tall redhead until her ears rang, but then she realized it was probably what Lana wanted; for her to get mad, throw the first punch and then if she lost, Lana could tell Clark she was only defending herself. It would make Lois appear insecure and unstable. So instead of slapping her (there'd be plenty of time for that later) Lois mirrored Lana's pose, her hip cocked, hands firmly on her hips and a sneer on her lips.

"Well, since you've seen the Internet and cable," Lois purred dismissively. "Then I guess you DO know we 'big city girls' like to settle our disputes. How would you like to handle it, fists, knives or guns? Winner gets Clark and the loser gets trashed!"

Lois had all she could do to keep from bursting out laughing at the sight of Lana's jaw dropping, then her lower lip starting to quiver, "Uhhhhh, umm, I, er...fists?" she peeped.

Lois took two quick strides across the room, swung and smashed the redhead in the face with her clenched right fist. Lana took a step back and then in a delayed reaction, sat back hard and landed on her ass with a loud grunt, bounced once and rolled onto her back with her knees in the air.

"Fists it was then!" Lois smirked as she unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it off and tossed it on the bed next to her overnight bag. She turned back to Lana who was struggling to sit up, her eyes glazed. Lois grabbed a handful of red hair and hauled the barely resisting young woman up onto a pair of long, lean and decidedly unsteady legs. Lois turned Lana around to face her, then shoved her back until she hit the wall with a loud THUD followed by a soft grunt and a gust of air from her lungs that blew Lois' hair back. Grinning, Lois turned her hips as she drove her fist deep into Lana's soft belly, doubling her over with another weak grunt.

"You're makin' this too easy Red," Lois chuckled as she grabbed Lana's shoulders, straightened her up and then SLAMMED her knee up between the redhead's legs. The crushing impact of Lois' knee on her pubic mound lifted Lana's hips, but when Lois put her foot back on the floor, the redhead toppled forward and crumpled at her feet; writhing and squirming in pain; gasping and wheezing trying to get a air into her tortured lungs. Lois stepped over Lana's prostrate body and went into the bathroom, filled a glass with water and then walked back to where the redhead lay and slowly poured it over her flushed face.

"Upsie-daisy, Maisey," Lois laughed, reaching for Lana's arm to 'help' her to her feet again to resume the one-sided beating. She pulled the gasping redhead to her feet, grabbed the front of her blouse and swung her around, sending her flying across the room toward the opposite wall. But as she threw Lana, Lois kept a tight grip on the front of her blouse and was rewarded by a loud RIIPPPPP as the entire front of Lana's blouse came off in her hand. Lana, off balance and reeling, stumbling and staggering, struggled to keep her balance as she careened across the room and slammed facefirst into the wall. She stood there stunned, then her body peeled away from the wall like wet wallpaper and she toppled straight over and crashed to the carpet on her back - dazed and barely conscious. Lois stood grinning at the devastation she'd wrought on the redhead, shaking her head in amazement.

"Guess you missed THAT episode of 'Sex in the City' sweetie!" Lois muttered, arching her back to throw her full bosom out prominently as she ran her hands languorously through her dark hair.

Hearing a moan from the dazed redhead, Lois grinned as she strutted slowly and sexily back to where Lana was trying to sit up. She gathered up a handful of red hair, twisting her wrist and forcing Lana to roll from her butt over onto her knees. Then, smiling prettily for the camera, she tugged sharply, forcing Lana to crawl humiliatingly on her hands and knees across the rug. When Lois had forced the dazed and disoriented redhead to crawl clear over to the bed, she hauled her to her feet, bent her over and kicked her in the ass; sending her sprawling face down across the bed. Lois posed over the body of her rival, leaning down to give the redhead's firm, upturned butt a few sharp spanks, giggling as the mounds rocked and rolled under the impact of her firm hand job.

Outside, Clark watched in slack-jawed awe; enjoying seeing a side of Lois he’d never suspected and finding the sight of she and Lana engaged in a clothes-ripping, hair-pulling, catfight surprisingly arousing. “I wonder if the women on Krypton did it like that?” he mused as his superhearing picked up a particularly loud SMAAACK of palm on butt!

But while Clark enjoyed the sight of Lois spanking her butt, Lana had time to catch a breath or two and regain her wits. Irate at the unexpected abuse, she vowed to make the brunette pay for going 'adlibbing' to the extent she had. When Lois turned back around to finish the scene, Lana was ready and waiting. She pushed up, lashing out with both feet into Lois's overflowing bra. The brunette gasped in shock as her big hooters were driven flat against her chest, then she reeled back several feet; coming to an abrupt halt whe her back hit the dresser so hard her head whiplashed backward. Everything went dark briefly and when Lois opened her eyes and focused them, she saw Lana struggling to her feet; one hand on the foot of the bed to stead her, but definitely not yet ready to concede defeat!

Lois rotated her head to loosen the kinks in her neck, cupped her breasts and lifted, letting them drop to 'seat' them in her bra, then grinning as she stepped away from the dresser to put an end to Lana and her delusions about she and Clark being an 'item.' Lana looked up and blinked at the sight of Lois 'adjusting' her bra...feeling a twinge of jealousy perhaps that it wasn't necessary in her case. She sighed heavily, resigned to facing the tough little brunette again. She could have turned and walked out, leaving Lois her 'victory' but it had become a matter of honor and she wasn't about to turn tail and run, no matter what!

Lana felt an excited tremor as she took in the exotic dark features of the feisty brunette approaching, wondering why she'd let herself be pulled into a contest she wanted no part of! But now Lois had her in her room and was trying to humiliate her in front of Clark so there was no way she was going to permit that! Lana was younger, bigger and stronger - she'd never let Lois beat her as long as she drew breath. But as Lana stepped away from the bed, her knees almost buckled and she grabbed the bed to keep from falling. Lois lunged, grabbed two handfuls of Lana's breasts and shoved her over backward onto the bed. But as she fell, Lana's right knee came up between Lois' legs with a solid WHACK followed by "UNNNNHH!"

“Ohhhh. Be careful Lois!” Clark winced.

Lois body landed on Lana, belly-to-belly, but instead of mauling her breasts, Lois just lay moaning and groaning in Lana's ear. Then Lana felt Lois' hands moving between their bodies and she tensed, relaxing only at the realization they're going to ease the pain in her throbbing, kneed, pussy. Lana pushed Lois off of her and sat up, smiling as she looked down at the curled up, whimpering, heavily breathing brunette who moments earlier was savoring the ease of her apparent 'victory'. Now, however, Lana had taken control of the fight! She rolled over, grabbed Lois' wrists and powered the teary brunettes hands away from her pussy; slamming them down on the bed as she swung her leg across Lois and dropped her round butt down in the pit of the brunette's stomach. Lana pinned Lois' left arm under her right knee, but she can't control Lois' right arm until she used both hands to trap it and pin it to the bed. She sat there, leaning out over Lois's face while she caught her breath after the surprisingly difficult struggle of subduing Lois. Lana sat up, back arched, firm little breasts heaving as she slowly ran her fingers through her short red hair, smiling as she inhaled deeply, enjoying the feel of Lois' trim, hot, sweaty body moving between her thighs.

"You gave me quite a scare for a few seconds, um...Lois," the redhead purred, reaching down to tap her index finger playfully on the brunette's up-turned nose.

She turned her head sharply away, hiding her tears from sight as she struggled with her emotions, fought the pain radiating out from her groin and tried to figure a way to escape from under the heavier woman perched prettily and posing provocatively astride waist Lois bucked and tried thrashing her legs, frantically trying to unseat the younger woman but all her efforts were futile and, in fact, she only added to her problems as Lana's bouncing butt kept knocking the air out of her as fast as she inhaled it. Lana clasped her hand over Lois' nose and mouth, smothering her - which made Lois frantic struggle even more desperate. She brought a knee up and slammed it into Lana's back, forcing the tall redhead to arch painfully as her head whipped backward. Lana inched forward, up onto Lois' heaving chest to escape her flashing knees. It allowed Lois to get some badly needed air in her lungs and she still was able to knee Lana again! Muttering angrily, Lana scooted up further until the crotch panel of her panties was pressed on Lois' chin.

Leering down, Lana wiggled her hips suggestively and hissed, "Knee me again, cunt, and you'll get a taste of heaven!"

“NO!” Clark muttered. “Don’t give up Lois, you can still beat her.”

Lois mumbled, "OK!" and stopped struggling but as soon as she felt Lana relax, she brought both knees up at once and slammed them into the redhead's back. She pitched forward, quickly panting both hands on the floor over Lois' head to brace herself as she dug her toes into the bedspread. When she felt Lana's weight lift off her, Lois pushed up on Lana's butt with both hands, hooked her legs against the edge of the mattress and slipped from under Lana's ass before she sat back. Lois dropped on the floor on her butt, rolled over and scrambled to one knee, red-faced and breathing hard - but free. Lana rolled onto her side, glared at Lois, then slammed her fist on the bed angrily before she scooted across the bed on her butt, swung her legs around and hopped off onto her feet; angry at having her fun spoiled by Lois' 'treachery'.

"I should know better than to trust you, you lying bitch!" Lana cursed.

"Sticks and stones; sticks and stones," Lois taunted as she stood up and slowly circled away from the advancing redhead.

Lana lunged forward just as Lois spun and whipped out her leg, her foot aimed squarely at Lana's crotch! But Lana turned her hips at the last second and as Lois' foot smacked into her hip, the big redhead reached down and caught Lois' ankle! Holding her leg at waist level, she threatened to topple the wide-eyed brunette who was bouncing on one foot with her arms waving wildly as she fought to keep her balance.

"Oops!" Lana chuckled, lifting Lois' leg higher. "Somebody's got themselves in a real predicament now haven't they!"

Lois clenched her teeth against the urge to make a smart reply, then as Lana lifted her leg a little more, Lois rolled onto her side, brought her other foot up and snapped it at Lana! The foot hit the redhead square in the right breast and brought a pained squeal. Lana let go of Lois' foot and backed up holding her bruised breast as Lois crashed to the carpet on her back, briefly knocking the air out of her. By the time Lana had set herself, however, Lois was back on her feet; fists clenched and teeth set in a grimace that showed she wasn't close to giving up. Lana crouched as Lois moved in with her fists raised, then dropped to the floor and swept a long, muscular leg in a wide arc, taking Lois off her feet with a startled cry. She dropped hard on her butt with a grunt and before she could react, Lana flung herself on top of her.

They rolled briefly on the floor before Lana secured the hold she wanted, a crushing leg scissors with her long, strong legs around Lois' waist. Again, Lois was finding it hard to breathe as Lana's legs compressed her slim body between her powerful legs! Lana leaned back on her elbows, eyes squinting and lips pursed with the effort she was putting into the scissors. Lois gasped and beat her fists on Lana's thighs, her face turning bright red but when that didn't gain her release, Lois knew she had no choice but to go *there* and she did! Lois reached up and raked her fingernails down the valley of Lana's cleavage, across her stomach and then dug in hard and deep to the 'sweet meat' between the heavy thighs crushing the life out of her!

“LOIS!” Clark gasped. “Where in the Valley of Krypton did you learn THAT?”

Lana sat bolt upright, let out an agonized cry and slapped Lois so hard her hair flew up, forming a soft brown halo around her head. Yet Lois maintained her grip, crushing Lana's sweetness with the 'crotch claw' and even twisting her wrist to add to the redhead's discomfort. Unable to take the pain, Lana punched Lois, rocking her backward, then quickly opened her legs and kicked the brunette away; sending Lois rolling across the floor. When Lois paused to rest on her knees rubbing her aching ribs, Lana sprang to her feet with a growl and bolted across the room. She grabbed Lois' hair, then dragged the gasping brunette to her feet and backhanded her across the mouth. Lois stumbled back to the wall, reaching back to brace herself with both hands. Lana took one look at the wide-open expanse of Lois' torso and drove her fist into the brunette's belly so hard that Lois doubled over gasping, right into the redhead's waiting arms!

"Oh, are you going to regret going down there," Lana hissed.

Lana took Lois by the wrist and began to swing her around and around. Faster and faster she whirled then let go and sent Lois flying across the room where she crashed boobs first into the opposite wall, knocking the breath out of her again. She leaned on the wall wheezing and gasping for air as Lana came up behind her, grabbed a handful of long brown hair and smashed her face on the wall. As her knees unhinged, Lana turned and flung Lois back across the room toward the bed. Lois went headlong onto the bed on her belly with her arms dangling over the far side and her legs off the near. As she lay sucking in air, her hands felt her suitcase on the floor and she pushed her hand in and felt around for a large silver metal object. Smiling, she pulled it out just as Lana ran and leaped to dive on her!

“Lana, look out!” Clark said, catching himself just in time to keep from screaming a ‘super’ scream that could have collapsed the hotel building with its power.

Lois rolled over and raised the object, driving it up hard into Lana's stomach as she came down on her The impact knocked the breath out of Lana who collapsed in a heap on Lois. Lois rolled the redhead off, turned and kicked Lana's body off the bed onto the floor. She landed on her back; gasping for air; clutching her stomach and writhing in pain. Lois slid off the opposite side of the bed and walked around to where Lana lay gasping. Lois was holding a huge, thick dildo about a foot long with *VERY* realistic raised veins on the polished metal shaft. She turned a knob on the base, it began to throb with a low buzzzzzzzzzzz. Lana could hear the low, throbbing pulsating as Lois approached carrying the heavy metal vibrating dildo raised like a weapon.

"Wha...what... the... hell....?" Lana gasped between labored breaths.

"Oh, this little thing?" Lois chirped, waving it threateningly. "It's the latest thing from LexCorp Industries Home Entertainment Division," she boasted as she preened and strutted around the winded Lana who couldn't even manage to sit up. "It's supposed to be a preproduction model and Lex assured me one of his assistants made the mold 'directly' from Superman's 'thingie' herself....that bitch! Anyway, it's veeeeeery satisfying and it gets a girl right where she lives, if you get my drift! But here, instead of yammering on and on like a ninny, let me give you a demonstration!!?"

“Damn!” Clark gasped. “That bitch promised that’d be ‘our secret’!”

"Kee...keep...ahh...way... from ...m...me....with...that....mons...trosity...," Lana wheezed, raising her foot for a defensive kick.

"Why you ungrateful little bitch!" Lois growled in mock disappointment. "And here I was ready to share my favorite toy!! Well, if we can't do it one way...." WHACK! Lois brought the heavy metal dildo downward, striking Lana behind the left ear. The redhead pitched over on her right side, unconscious before her head even hit the carpet. "...then we'll do it another," she finished. Lois tossed the dildo on a chair, stepped over Lana's limp body, reached up under her arms and lifted her upper body in the air. She stepped backward, dragging Lana toward the bed with her legs trailing on the floor. "Damn woman," Lois muttered. "Your fat ass weighs a ton. You oughta get in the gym and shed a few pounds. How's a girl supposed to drag your carcass around when she can barely lift your fat butt off the floor."

“I always did love Lana's ass,” Clark smiled. “So round, so firm; reminds me of my home world Kryton!”

Lois dragged Lana to the bed, heaved her upper body on the mattress, then picked up her long legs and pushed until she had Lana's inert body caddycorner across the queen size mattress. Breathing hard, Lois reached behind her to unzip her dress, letting it fall at her feet revealing her curvy body in thigh hi stockings and matching black lace bikini panty and bra. She put one knee on the bed between Lana's thighs as she leaned over and unzipped Lana's skirt, working it over her full hips and down her long, long legs. Discarding Lana's skirt, Lana again leaned over Lana, grabbed her bra between her small, firm breasts and pulled her torso up, leaning her forward against her as she reached around with both hands to unfasten Lana's bra. They were briefly cheek-to-cheek and Clark, watching from the street below with his x-ray vision, had his hand in his pocket to adjust his Kryptonian package at the erotic sight of the two women in his life almost hugging as if they were Amazon lovers! Lois pulled Lana's strapless bra off and tied her hands behind her back with it. She'd just tied one wrist when Lana started to awake and she hurriedly wrapped the bra around her other wrist and tied it tight, then stepped back as Lana's eyes fluttered open.

"Welcome back sleeping beauty," Lois chuckled as Lana tried to sit up and gasped as she realized her hands had been bound. She wriggled and squirmed trying to free herself while Lois turned her back and retrieved her vibrating dildo. "I was hoping you'd wake up in time for this," Lois purred as she turned back holding the silver shaft like a police nightstick...only thicker and heavier. "It'd be a shame to go to all this work and you wake up thinking it was all a wonderful dream. Now you'll find out why every woman in Metropolis wants to meet the 'Man of Steel' and why he's called that! There's only a few lucky ones who know and after tonight, you're gonna be one of the chosen few!"

"Damn you, Ter....er, Lois," Lana/Charlize hissed. "Untie me! This isn't in the script!"

"Just relax LANA," Lois purred as she slowly ran the rapidly vibrating dildo up Lana's right thigh, over her 'mound of Venus' and down the left thigh; grinning as she watched the big redhead's body tremble at the stimulating sensation.

She wedged Lana's knees apart with her leg and stepped between them, using her knees on the insides of the redhead's thighs to keep them wedged wide apart and making the wide-eyed Lana feel very, very vulnerable as Lois slowly rubbed the buzzzzzzzing dildo back and forth over her pussy. Then Lois grabbed the waist of Lana's panties and jerked down! They stretched to the max, then ripped at the hip, the fragile lace tearing apart and coming off in Lois' hand. Grinning, she casually flipped the tattered panties back over her shoulder, then ran her open hand slowly over Lana's pubic mound, combing the fine honey-colored pubes with her fingers. "Relax hon, just close your eyes and dream of 'Soopie' while I make you feel real, real good," Lois chuckled, pressing the insistently buzzing and vibrating glistening metal shaft to Lana's swollen labia; moving the tip up and down the glistening slit, forcing the soft folds open a little further with each pass. Lana, her eyes closed, her breathing quickening, twisted her shoulders and grunted as she tried to wriggle her butt on the bedspread, pushing with her legs against Lois' knees as she attempted to distance her pleasure zone from Lois's tantalizing torture machine that within seconds had begun arousing her against her will!

“Hang tough Lana, don’t let her make you do it!” Clark said, his fists clenched as if he could will Lana to resist.

Lois leered down at Lana's quivering form as she slowly worked the pulsating dildo up and down, wiggling it every so often to touch new parts of the redhead's dripping pussy as she gradually worked it deeper and deeper; the sight of Lana's wide-eyed terror at the realization of what was happening - and who was doing it to her - was worth every bump and bruise it had cost her to Lois. Lana grunted, whether in resistance or surrender Lois didn't care; whichever it was would satisfy her equally for she intended to drain Lana of every drop of resistance before she left her spent on the floor of the hotel room while she went out to celebrate her victory with Clark!

But Lana's grunts were more than frustration or excitement, although both played a large part on her vocalization to be sure! As Lois paid closer and closer attention to getting Lana off, she was paying less and less to keeping her legs under control. When Lana felt Lois' pressure on the insides of her thighs ease enough, she bucked and slammed her powerful legs closed around Lois' waist. The brunette gasped as she felt the power in the redhead's long legs again, but she still held the dildo and the new scissors only heightened the urgency to weaken Lana with more frequent and powerful orgasms until she was unable to hold Lois in the scissors at all! Lana arched her back and gritted her teeth, putting every ounce of her remaining energy into the scissors, knowing that as she did it only left her more exposed and vulnerable to Lois's dildo and then Lois reached up and began to tweak and pluck at her hard nipples; adding even more to Lana's rapidly building arousal.

Lana knew if she didn't want to grow too weak to resist at all, she had to do something and do it fast! Locking her ankles at the small of Lois' back, she started to pulse her legs, squeezing, repositioning and then squeezing even harder. At first, Lois ignored the pain - concentrating all her focus on working the dildo in Lana's now drooling pussy; as evidenced by the growing pool of fluid on the bedcovers beneath her butt! Lana gasped and Lois felt a tremor run through the redhead's body...she was getting close to popping her cork! Lana shook her head, fought against the sensation building in her loins...the insistent buzzzzzzzzz of Lois' dildo and the tingling in her clitoris. Then, with a sudden turn of her hips and a push with her legs, Lana pushed Lois back a few feet! Before Lois could recover, Lana brought her legs back over her body; knees to tits; and lashed out with all her strength! Lana's feet hit Lois square in the chest just as she started forward and the power of two long, muscular legs lifted her off her feet and send her sailing backward across the room in mid-air. When Lois crashed to the floor, her head struck the edge of the dresser and she crumpled in a heap on the floor out cold!

Lana scooted off the bed and stood on weak legs, bouncing up and down until the huge dildo slipped from it's warm, comfortable nest and clattered to the floor at her feet. She leaned on the bed, fighting to control her urge for release while keeping a wary eye on Lois slumbering form as she wrestled with the bra binding her wrists. Knowing she'd be helpless if Lois regained consciousness when she was bound. Fortunately, Lois in hurriedly tying the bra, hadn't taken time to double knot it and Lana was able to slowly work the knot until she felt it loosen enough for her to work her wrist free. She quickly removed the bra from her other wrist and walked over to where Lois lay on the floor. She heaved the brunette up onto her shoulder and carried her to the bed. She dumped Lois on her back, tore several strips from Lois dressm then sat straddling Lois' chest as she tied first one wrist and then the other to the antique brass headboard so securely she was sure even Superman himself would have difficulty untying her! Then stripping Lois of her own bra and panties, Lana hurriedly used them to complete securing Lois' wrists and ankles to the bed.

“Great Scott…as Perry used to say,” Clark grinned. “This’s a shocking turn of events! Lana’s one surprise after another”

When Lois awoke several minutes late to the unpleasent sensation of ice cold water being poured over her face from a pitcher, she tried to sit up and realized not only couldn't she sit up, but that she was bound hand and foot in a most humbling and unusual way! Her hands were tied wide apart to the brass headboard, then her legs had been folded back over her body, pushed between the rods of the headboard just inside her wrists and her ankles tied to her wrists. The posture left her ass raised high in the air with her legs spread wide apart...leaving her dark-fringed pussy very exposed and very, very vulnerable to whatever retribution Lana wanted to inflict on her. And from the look on Lana's face, she had something very unpleasent planned for poor Lois! Lana picked up the still-buzzing dildo and held it under Lois' nose, letting the liquid clinging to the tip drip, drip, drip onto her pouting lips.

Then Lana slowly ran the vibrating dildo down between the deep valley of Lois' cleavage, paused briefly to tease her belly button, then resumed it's downward (well, upward really given the "C" Lois' body was curled into!) journey until the grinning redhead was rubbing it slowly back and forth in the gaping opening of Lois' slit. As Lana continues to tease her, Lois can't help responding to the insistent, buzzzzzzzzing, erotic stimulation of her own glistening silver vibrating dildo! Soon, Lois is wriggling and squirming as Lana gently teases her clit by dipping the BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING tip of the dildo in, then giving it a twirl before pulling *almost* out, then repeating the entire sequence over again. It's not long before Lois is moaning and sighing, pleading with Lana to let her orgasm.

Angrily, Lana grabbed her own shredded panties from the floor and stuffed them in Lois' mouth; then peeled down her stocking and wrapped it around Lois' head to hold the panties in her mouth. An effective, if redolent, gag to be sure! Then Lana looked up and noticed the time. Cursing, she hurried over to the TV set, picked up the remote and entered a number. As she walked slowly back to the bed, the unmistakable sound of the 'Xena: Warrior Princess' theme song is playing. Lana picks up the vibrating dildo and sits down next to Lois, leaning against her hip as she stares intently at the TV set while idly running the dildo back and forth, up and down over Lois' pussy.

"Sorry I'm not giving you my full attention," Lana purred as she sat down and propped up her feet. "But I never miss an episode of Xena. She's so hot, don't you think?"

"Muck moo, mitch!" Lois mumbles through her gag. "Gek me loof, du mitch upmf I'g gill goo!"

As she intently watched her second favorite Amazon, Lana continued to grope, grab, spank and fondle Lois' butt while she languidly worked the constantly buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing dildo up and down, in and out. Lois "enjoyed" several orgasms and by the time Xena ended her entire front, from her pussy down to her breasts, was glistening wet - mute testimony to her own sensuousness as well as Lana's abiltity to bring a woman to unknown and unexpected heights (depths?) of sexual release.

An hour after she entered, Lana left the hotel wearing a smug, self-satisfied grin. On the street, she bumped into Clark who was making a big show of unconcern, leaning on the lamp post feigning disinterest in the outcome of the fight. He congratulated Lana on her victory and offered to take her out to dinner to celebrate.

Lana just looked him up and down for a momen, then sneered, "You've got to be kidding! Why should I go out with a meek little dweeb like you? Besides, I'm not interested. A few months ago I met Diana Prince. Over the last few weeks she's shown me a whole new world of opportunity! I just stopped to say ‘hi’ earlier, but that possessive bitch girlfriend of yours got in my face so I figured 'why not spend the afternoon having some fun' before I went home to get dolled up for my date with Diana. Now, run upstairs like a good little boy, Clarkie; tend to that oversexed and undersatisfied girlfriend…oh, and tell her to be careful who she picks fights with in the future!"
"Annnnnnnd CUT!" the director sighs, mopping his brow. "Great stuff everybody. That's a wrap. Good work today ladies, you earned your pay!"

"Mmmmmpffffff.....met me mofffa mere," Teri mumbles, struggling against the bonds holding her; writhing frantically, her eyes wild and her face flushed both from the multiple orgasms Charlize subjected her to as well as the humiliation of having been force orgasmed God knows how many times in front of the director and crew. "When I get my hands on her...," Teri muttered as the crew removed her gag and untied her. "The bitch is gonna regret this!!"

Teri quickly pulled on a short robe to cover her nudity, then as the crew began to pack up the equipment she stormed off to the dressing room looking for Charlize. She found Charlize sitting in at her dressing table, feet up, puffing a cigarette. When she looked up and saw Teri standing in the doorway, her face flushed, clutching the thin robe to her naked body, Charlize couldn't help grinning, then winked at Teri.

"So tough gal, you gonna keep your mouth shut about me from now on...." Charlize purred. "...or am I gonna have to shove that stupid prop dildo in your mouth too?"

As Charlize took a long draw on her cigarette, however, Teri sprang across the small room, grabbed a handful of red hair and jerked the startled actress backward, tipping her chair over and dropping the shocked Charlize on her back on the floor. As her long legs flew up, her own robe fell open and Teri took a quick look at the space between her legs and aimed a deadly foot stomp at that 'golden triangle'. Happily for Charlize, Teri's aim was a little off because the redhead was still writhing on the floor and instead of her pussy, Teri's heel came down on Charlize's stomach. Still, it hit with enough force to take her breath away! Teri paused long enough to cast off her robe, then grabbed Charlize's and tore hers off as well before she pulled the panting redhead to her feet with a handful of hair.

Slamming Charlize back up against the wall, Teri growled, "Now I'm gonna beat you within an inch of your worthless li...OHH!"

Teri's eyes shot wide open and her mouth gaped silently in mid-word; both effects courtesy of Charlize's knee which was buried deep in her crotch. Teri grabbed Charlize by the hips as she struggled to remain on her feet, but the bigger, stronger redhead simply reached around Teri's chest, clasped her hands behind her and pounded her muscular thigh back up again, lifting the light brunette off her feet. Teri's body slumped into Charlize's, her full, soft bare breasts moulding themselves around the smaller, firmer, perkier mounds of the bigger woman's as Charlize tightened her bearhug and lifted Teri's unresisting body into the air.

Charlize turned around and pinned Teri to the wall with her knee still wedged firmly between Teri's slack legs, bouncing the brunette on her bent leg like juggling a baby. As she did, Teri made a series of little, "Unnnnhh....unnnnhhhhh....unnnnnhhhhh," sounds that brought a tight-lipped smirk to Charlize's face. She released her bearhug and caresses Teri's cheek, purring sympathetically as she continued to bounce Teri's punished pussy on her knee to an accompanying symphony of agonized, "Unnnnhh....unnnnhhhhh....unnnnnhhhhh" noises from the anguished brunette.

"You really don't know when to leave well enough alone, do you dearie?" Charlize whispered in Teri's ear as she gave her a final gentle slap, then stepped back and let Teri's slack body slide down the wall. She hit the floor on her tight butt, her bare boobs bouncing on her heaving chest as her hands slowly reached between her legs in an attempt to ease the pain. "I thought you'd be happy to lay there with your legs spread for the boys and let your little buzzing friend keep you satisfied. I guess you need more than that to give you what you need. Well, lucky for you, I have just the ticket."

Charlize kicks Teri in the stomach, further winding her, then turns and picks up the belts from their discarded robes. She easily ties Teri's wrists behind her back, then as Teri catches her breath and starts to resist, Charlize kneels, drags Teri across her knee and gives her ass a good spanking. She keeps spanking until Teri is weeping and pleading for her to stop, then picks up the other belt and uses it to bind Teri's ankles. Teri only resists mildly as Charlize completes the job, joining the two belts together to completely hogtie the brunette. A pair of panties in Teri's mouth secured with a stocking put an end to any thought on Teri's part of escape. Then Charlize sits back down, puts her feet on Teri's ass and finishes her cigarette.

As the sounds of the crew packing up the equipment slowly subside, Teri looks around wildly, desperately hoping someone, anyone, will walk in, find out what's happened and free her. But the only chance goes by the board when she hears someone call out her name and Charlize answer, "Teri's gone. Said she'd see you all tomorrow bright and early. Good night!" The subsequent slam of the door to the set meant Charlize and Teri werealone in the deserted soundstage. "Well hon," Charlize said, wiggling her toes in the soft mounds of Teri's still-rosy red ass flesh. "Looks like we've got all night to get things straight between us."

Then Charlize pulled a strap-on dildo out of her bag and began to buckle it on. "I'm only sorry this is my ONLY week here, because when Cat Bell shows up tomorrow as 'Wonder Woman' it should be quite a scene. I can only imagine how 'Lois' reacts when she sees her precious 'Soopie' and that big boobed superheroine snuggling. You think I was hard on you, wait till you spend a couple of nights with Cat - and you will if I know her!"

Charlize picked up a sheet of paper and glanced over the listing of characters and the actresses who'd be making their appearance later in the film. She chuckled as she read some of them, punctuating her mirth with barefooted slaps on Teri's butt.

"Pam Anderson as 'Supergirl!' That's rich! If I'd known this was a comedy, I'd have played broader. Still, she’ll give you a great battle using her bionic tits, won't she 'Lois'? Ummmm, Halle Berry as 'Catwoman'; now there's someone just right for you Teri. Not too young, not too old and her tits are just the same as yours. Now that’ll be one great fight. Think I'm going to come back to watch in person when they film that scene. Let's see, who else is going to appear in this epic…."

Needless to say, Charlize spent the night 'drilling into Teri' the necessity of treating costars with respect when you talk about them after a film. Whether or not you like someone, it’s a good idea to say all the right things…and certainly NEVER say you beat someone for real in a scripted fight because they just might take offense and look for payback!

Our Vote Total was: Lana/Charlize-477; Lois/Teri-379. Thanks!