Match One: Kristanna Loken vs Maria Grazia Cucinotta by Boeing 666

Monica Bellucci is outside Sharon Stone’s office in a black halter-top and skintight leather pants. Maria Grazia Cucinotta walks up behind her wearing a black leather halter-top that says “FBI” in green white and red with “Full Breasted Italian” beneath. She wears skintight black leather hot shorts.

Maria: Don’t worry about it... we’ll do that match too... I just want Loken, one-on-one.”

Monica: Look, I am not going to face Heigl after what happened last week. I make the decisions as to who I defend my belt against... talk to Stone!”

Monica and Maria burst in on Sharon’s office. She looks up, “Oh hi Maria, Monica; my door is always open. What do I have the displeasure of speaking to you guys about this week?”

Maria: “Cut the comedy Stone... you know who I want…Loken…in the ring…tonight!”

Sharon: “I don’t think she’ll have a problem facing you.”

Monica: “Look, Maria is going to take out Loken which brings me to the Heigl matter.”

Sharon: “OK what now? What kind of scam you trying to pull now Monica? I think Loken dropped you on your head too hard last...

Monica: “Shut the hell up! Now listen!! This was supposed to be a match between Heigl and Maria. Loken got involved; sneak attacked Maria while the ref was down; that the reason Heigl got the pin. The interference by Loken voids Heigl’s title shot!!”

“Scabbia and Ridolfi got involved in the match first though,” Sharon points out, cocking her head to the side questioningly.

“Wrong again!” Monica barks. “They were simply trying to back Heigl off Maria for a second. Heigl had her tied to the ropes illegally. They were only backing Heigl off until Maria could get free from the ropes.”

Sharon nodded as if understanding, then mused, “I guess that WOULD explain how the chair got in the ring... OK, whatever…Monica, what’s your new point?”

“Since Heigl didn’t win last week, I got a proposal...”

“Why don’t you tell her now?” Sharon suggests, looking up. “Here she comes.”


Katherine Heigl: “Yeah, why don’t you tell ME your proposal is Monica?”

Monica turns around to see Kat Heigl and Kristanna Loken standing in the doorway behind her. (gulp) “Heigl, after you used Loken to help you beat Maria last week, I decided you should NOT get a title shot this week...”

Katherine: “That figures... how was I so stupid to think that you would actually finally give me a shot at my title back?”

Monica: “Uhhh...huhhhh. Stop!! You get another chance to earn a shot at my title! However, if you shall lose this week, this is your last chance.”

Katherine: “What is the catch this week Monica? I know you are going to try to screw me over as much as you can just to get me out of contention.”

Monica: “Katherine, you can have your big goon Kristanna Loken tag up with you tonight. That is if there is anything left of her after Maria gets done with her.” Kristanna stares at Maria, then at Monica.

Katherine: “Ah, so you are going to have Kristanna double-booked tonight. First she has to face Maria, then she tags with me... oh it can’t be that simple can it Monica?”

Kristanna: “I accept!” Maria smiles.

Katherine: “Let me guess, you are going to book me against someone too first?”

Monica: “I don’t have the power to book unless it is for my belt. Maria issued the challenge to Kristanna and Kristanna accepted. You don’t have to team with Kristanna tonight if you don’t want. You can pick anyone you want.”

Katherine: “I pick Kristanna. There is no one better for me to team up with than Kristanna... after Kristanna destroys Maria, we will destroy you and whomever you decide to team with.”

Monica: “It is whoever, because this will be a handicap match.”

Katherine: “I knew there was another catch.”

Monica: “I will have two partners of my choice.”

Katherine: “Well, Cucinotta will look like she did after my match with her last week...”

“No, because she is going to beat her tonight,” Monica says, pointing at Loken.

Katherine: “Who do we have left? An injured Arcuri? 45- year old Sabrina Ferilli? The pint sized Cristina Scabbia? Never seen in the ring Federica Ridolfi? Who do you have left???”

Monica: “You will see...”

Katherine: “Whoever, we accept... I don’t care if it’s 3:2 or 4:2... I’m gonna win and take back that belt.”

Sharon Stone: :I hate to interrupt, but we need to get started... oh and Monica, don’t think about having anyone interfere tonight in Maria’s match...”

Monica: :You going to suspend me before my match??? That would just put off Heigl getting a title shot even any longer.”

Sharon: “Oh you wise Italian one... sure I know, you would just love to run out there and interfere... or even send one of your goons in so that way you can get yourself suspended so you can postpone this match? Monica, do I look I was born last night?”

Monica: “Ummm no. You’re about 80 years old.”

Sharon: ”Flattery will get you only so far! Listen, since the match has already been booked, you will show up! I can’t suspend you since your name has been signed. HOWEVER, we don’t have your teammates names signed in Stone... hahahaha No pun intended. No names will be signed until after this match. If there is ANY interference from YOU or anyone else connected with you that tries to cause Kristanna to lose, whoever you pick for partners tonight will be sent home early. Right now on my sheet I just have Monica and two unnamed vs. Kristanna and Katherine. The match is booked - but if your partners go home you have no one to team with... ummm oh well; it just might be a handicap match in favor of Kris and Kat!”

Katherine smiles as Monica looks at Sharon angrily. Monica snarls, “I will get you for this Stone!”

Stone: “OK. Maria and Kristanna, you two get to the ring. Monica, go to the dressing room - and keep your goons in check because you don’t want to face these two alone.”

* * *

Minutes later, Maria is down in the ring waiting in her black leather halter-top with FBI on it and black leather hot shorts. She is looking to the ring entrance when the lights turn out. Suddenly they turn back on Maria quickly turns around expecting Kristanna behind her. Maria doesn’t see her and smiles pointing at her head telling the fans she is so smart. The fans cheer as Kristanna is now behind her. Maria turns around and tries not to act shocked and charges Kristanna kicking and punching her. Maria is about the same size as Kristanna but cannot knock the big blonde off of her feet. Maria bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Kristanna, but the big blonde is still standing staring at Maria. Maria looks shocked that she cannot knock the blonde Amazon down. Maria bounces off the ropes again clotheslining Kristanna, this time Kristanna is on wobbly legs. Maria whips Kristanna off of the ropes and goes for a shoulder block, but it is Maria that falls to the mat. Maria gets up, kicks the ropes frustrated that she cannot knock Kristanna down.

Maria has another plan up her sleeve; she bounces off of the ropes running at Kristanna. Loken goes for a clothesline, but Maria ducks and bounces off the ropes and attempts a high cross body. First of all, it’s very unusual to see a woman as big as Maria go for a crossbody block and get as much air as she did. It’s even more unusual to see a woman as big as Maria get caught in mid-air and she’s just as shocked - if not moreso. Maria has a panicked look in her dark Sicilian features as Loken carries her around the ring, showing her off as she’s held horizontal. Maria tries to kick as if it might free her but after a couple of circuits carrying her, Kristanna tosses Maria in the air and turns 90 degrees so Maria comes down sitting on Kristanna’s shoulders in Powerbomb position.

Kristanna hits a big Sitout Powerbomb on the raven haired Italian Amazon which is probably enough to put Maria away as she’s spread-eagled motionless on the mat, but Kristanna decides to have some fun with her so maybe she won’t be in any shape to get involved in her match later that night.

Kristanna grabs Maria by her hair, places a hand in Maria’s armpit and another between Maria’s thighs and hoists her high overhead in a Gorilla Press. Maria’s eyes are now open in fear and shock that someone can lift the easily over 150 lb Maria like that. Kristanna walks to the side of the ring and drops Maria on the ropes which nearly split Maria’s crotch!

Maria grimaces in pain with the top rope riding painfully up into her crotch as she’s bouncing. Kristanna begins shaking the rope up and down giving Maria a painful ride and she moans loudly. Kristanna gives the rope one final jerk, launching Maria off nearly to the center of the ring where Maria writhes around holding her sore pussy, but Kristanna isn’t ready to let up!

Kristanna sends Maria into a hard Irish Whip. Maria lands on top turnbuckle stomach first, then slides back down…only to be given an even harder Irish Whip to the opposite corner. With all of Kristanna’s weight behind it, the Whip sends Maria into a Shawn Michael’s like flip into the corner where she ends up sitting on the top turnbuckle facing out; her eyes rolling back in her head before she topples backward onto the mat landing on her feet.

She turns around in a daze only to be met with a huge Clothesline that sends her 360 in mid-air, landing her back down onto her stomach. Kristanna picks Maria up by her hair and it’s evident that some major spillage occurred as the “Full Breasted Italian” is showing her full breasts.

Kristanna likes the sight of these new targets and grabs the topless Sicilian’s huge jugs and lifts her into the air with her arms extended before slamming Maria back down hard on her back with a Chokeslam. Kristanna continues her dominance, hoisting her up again and slamming Maria down hard. Maria lays flat her back with her large melons jiggling.

Kristanna continues to make an example out of Maria by pulling her back to her feet, grabbing Maria by the back of her neck and lifting her high in the air like a reverse chokeslam before slamming Maria face first down to the mat. Kristanna lifts Maria up off of the mat by her hair, gets behind her like she is going to give her an atomic drop, then lifts Maria up over her head with one hand on the back of her left thigh and the other in the middle of her back and carries her to the corner and launches Maria into the turnbuckle so that Maria lands crotched on the top turnbuckle facing out to the crowd. Kristanna didn’t have to do anything else because Maria is so much in pain from her crotch meeting the metal rod she loses balance and falls backwards with her knees catching over the top rope pretty much putting herself in the Tree of Woe.

With Maria upside down in the corner and not having the strength to try to free herself, it’s very convenient for Kristanna to kick and stomp Maria several times on her topless body. Kristanna charges at Maria, leaps in the air and hits a perfect Dropkick to Maria’s exposed tits, smashing them flat!

Maria tumbles out of the corner onto the mat chest first in a sweaty heap. Kristanna grabs her up by her hair, stretches her over her back in a Torture Rack, but places her hand on Maria’s mouth so that she can’ submit! When Kristanna tires of that, she flips Maria over so she’s chest down over Kristanna’s back, then Gorilla Presses Maria overhead, holds her, then drops her…turning 90 degrees so her head bounces facefirst off the mat with the Tombstone Piledriver Loken calls “Blood Rain”.

Maria’s body goes into spasms on the mat, her tits jiggling, but Kristanna is not done. Kristanna grabs Maria by her long black hair, shoves her head between her thighs, grabs a hold of Maria’s black leather shorts pulling them partially down exposing Maria’s black lace thong as Maria is bent over towards the crowd. Kristanna grabs the sides of the thong and lifts, giving Maria a major Wedgie befroe flipping her body up so Maria sits on Kristanna’s shoulders facing her for a Powerbomb. Kristanna reaches over to Maria’s thong again and repeating what happened in Maria’s match with Heigl, lifts Maria off of her shoulders by her thong into an Elevated Powerbomb set up.

Once again there is a tearing sound as the thong begins to rip. Right as the thong breaks and Maria starts to fall from that high up position, Kristanna spikes her hard to the mat. Maria hits so hard she flips completely over onto her stomach, the impact sending her black leather shorts - which were already down - even further; below her knees! The only part of the thong attached to Maria’s body is the back which is still wedged in Maria’s butt crack!

With one easy pull, Kristanna yanks the thong free, then jerks Maria’s shorts off and throws them to the crowd - starting a fistfight for possession of the souvenir. Kristanna returns to Maria who is on her stomach, her ass completely bare. Kristanna kicks Maria over onto her back exposing her front to the crowd. Those who were hoping to see her thick bush were disappointed as it turns out to be neatly trimmed - though with full coverage. Kristanna planted a foot on Maria’s chest as the ref counted...




Kristanna raises her hands in victory leaving Maria out cold and naked on the mat under the hot lights. Kristanna grabs Maria’s torn and sweaty lace thong and throws it to a lucky fan, who leaves the arena before he is mugged. Kristanna walks back up the ramp as ringside personnel attend to Maria who has not moved and won’t be leaving the ring under her own power.

* * *

Backstage, Monica has been watching the match on TV.

“Shit!!! Now what am I going to do? I was depending on Maria to be my partner tonight, but she insisted on facing Loken one-on-one instead of waiting for the tag match.”

Cristina Scabbia: “I’ll join you.”

Monica: “No...No... I got something else for you to do.”

Cristina: “You don’t think I am tough enough Boss?”

“It’s just that I have another job for you. I gotta find someone else. Manuela is hurt, Sabrina’s too old... Federica is too new. I need TWO people. I got something for you and Giorgia Palmas to handle later. I have to contract this out. Rossella isn’t even here. Shit! Damn!”

Cristina: “I got an idea.” (she whispers in Monica’s ear)

“Hmmm. They DO owe me big time. That is an idea.” She gets up and walks to the door as two ringside workers pretty much carry Maria into the room. She’s fully naked.

“Hey, show some respect. She’s not conscious and here you are touching her naked body. As far as I am concerned that is rape!”

Ringside attendant 1: “WE didn’t strip her; Kristanna did.”

Ringside attendant 2: “You didn’t bring out any clothes for her and we hadda get her outta the ring before the next match.”

Monica: “Shit, she’s in no shape to wrestle now.”

Cristina: “Wrestle? I don’t think she’s even able to WATCH your match.”

Monica: :Just get Maria some clothes.”

Cristina: “How about a shower first? She’s”

Monica: “If you can carry her to the shower and give her one, go ahead.”

Cristina: “Oh... I don’t think I want to do that.”

Monica: “Then just get her some damn clothes and dress her!!!”

Monica heads down the hallway to a dressing room. She knocks on a door and the door opens. We do not see who she is talking to. “Look, I need you guys right now! After all, we’ve been paying you. You wouldn’t be able to go to all these parties and stuff without having to work. Don’t forget how I got you on Dancing With the Stars. Bring both of your sisters... especially that big one of yours. I need her at the ring? Or is she in jail for a DUI again? Get your wrestling gear on; there will be a big payoff tonight if we’re victorious.”

* * *

Match Two: Kristanna Loken+Kat Heigl vs. Monica Bellucci+Kim + Kourtney Kardashian

Katherine Heigl and Kristanna Loken are in the ring waiting on their opponents. Katherine is wearing a black bikini while Kristanna is wearing a deep reddish/maroon bikini. Monica Bellucci comes out wearing a black leather top and black leather pants. She has a cocky smile on her face as she calls out to her tag partners. From behind the curtain come Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, both wearing red tops and black booty shorts. Monica looks back as if expecting more.

Monica: “Hey, where’s Khloe?”

Kim: “Um, she couldn’t make it...”

Now Monica has a slightly worried look on her face as the smaller two Kardashian sisters follow behind her to the ring. Monica and the Kardashians get to the ring ready for their handicap match against Loken and Heigl. Monica stays on the apron and sends Kim in to go first.

Kim Kardashian locks up with the much taller Katherine Heigl, but Heigl easily shoves the smaller brunette to the mat. Kim gets up again only to be shoved down. Kim runs over to the ref and says that Katherine grabbed her hair. The ref asks Katherine if she pulled Kim’s hair, but Katherine just shakes her head in disgust. While the ref and Katherine aren’t paying attention, Kim low blows Katherine then rolls her up for a pin...



Katherine easily kicks out. Kim runs over and tags in her smaller but older sister Kourtney. Kourtney, the least experienced of the Kardashians in the ring charges the veteran Heigl, which Heigl sees coming and back body drops Kourtney to the mat. Kourtney gets up and plowed upside down and inside out with a clothesline that flips her and lands her on her chest. Katherine grabs Kourtney and tosses her into Kat’s corner as she tags in Kristanna. Kristanna enters and silently glares at Kourtney as fear fills her eyes. Kristanna lifts Kourtney high in the air in a double choke lift and tosses Kourtney across the ring towards her own corner. Kourtney tries to tag in to Monica, but Monica backs up and tells Kim to tag in.

Kourtney tags Kim as she enters. Kim bravely but foolishly charges Kristanna attempting a shoulder block, but Kim falls hard to the mat on her butt with Kristanna not moving at all. Kristanna grabs Kim by her long black hair as Kim begins begging for mercy. Kristanna hoists Kim high into the air and bodyslams her to the mat. Kim rolls around holding her back and butt. Kim slowly gets up and walks right into Kristanna who grabs her by the neck, and her other hand between her thighs and hoists Kim high over head in a gorilla press position. Kristanna carries Kim to the side of the ring and drops her crotch onto the top rope. Kim bounces off holding her sore pussy but managing to land on her feet, but not staying on her feet for long as Kristanna runs through Kim with a brutal clothesline that spins her 360 like Kourtney was spun just a few minutes prior by Katherine. The crowd goes wild, as Kim appears to have had a wardrobe malfunction as both of her large titties are hanging out of her top now. Kristanna is not impressed as she shoves the dazed Kim’s head between her thighs, grabs Kim by the back of her shorts and lifts her onto her shoulders before hoisting her by her shorts again getting ready to hit the “Broken by Loken” Last Ride elevated powerbomb. Suddenly Monica charges in and clips Kristanna behind the knee forcing her to drop Kim.

Monica orders Kourtney to enter while she and Kim stomp and kick Kristanna as she holds her leg. Kristanna gets up, but Kim and Kourtney beat her down her again with a Double Clothesline, then Kim and Kourtney stomp and kick her some more.

Kim and Kourtney back Kristanna into the corner. Monica seeing that Kristanna is a bit worn down now asks the Kardashians to be tagged in. Kim tags in Monica as she comes in and begins punching and kicking Kristanna until she falls to the mat sitting in the corner. Monica stomps Kristanna before she distracts the ref as Kim and Kourtney choke and attack her from outside the ring.

Kristanna gets up and shoves Monica. Monica quickly runs to the corner and tags in Kourtney. Kourtney tries to whip Kristanna into the ropes, but Kristanna reverses bouncing Kourtney off the ropes. Kourtney goes for a crossbody, but Kristanna catches her with ease. Kristanna carries the panicking and kicking Kourtney around before dropping her over her knee in a backbreaker causing her to cease the kicking and squirming. Kristanna presses Kourtney over her head and prepares to hit the ‘Blood Rayne Press’ into a Tombstone - until Monica runs in again and low blow’s Kristanna, making her drop Kourtney.

Monica stomps and kicks Kristanna. Monica then grabs Kristanna by her hair and snap suplexes her. Monica gets really cocky looking out to the fans and starts showing off. She doesn’t notice Kristanna heading to her corner to tag in Kat and when Monica turns around, it’s just in time to see Kat heading toward her. Monica figures now would be a great time to tag out and she tags in Kim.

Katherine is pissed off that she doesn’t have Monica in the ring with her, as she would really love to get her hands on the arrogant older Italian. Kim will have to do for now as she kicks Kim hard in the crotch causing Kim to bend over. Kat lifts Kim up onto her shoulder chest up, body bent backwards in an inverted U. Kat drops to her knees, her shoulder slamming into Kim’s back painfully, further bending Kim in a way she was not meant to be bent by getting the “Heigl Hangover.”

Kat drops Kim to the mat, her body flopping over 180 degrees so she is lying stomach and chest down on the mat, her large butt facing up. Katherine grabs Kim’s shorts and pulls them down revealing a tiny white cotton G-string. Katherine tosses Kim’s sweaty shorts to the crowd as the fans battle for them.

Suddenly, Kourtney charges the ring, but Katherine sees her coming and drop toe holds Kourtney so she lands nose first between her sister’s butt cheeks. Kourtney moans and rolls to the side. Katherine grabs Kourtney by her hair and tosses her out of the ring, then grabs Kim by her G-string and hair and tosses her into Monica’s corner. Monica is looking out on the outside at Kourtney who just got tossed. Monica is yelling down to Kourtney to hurry and get back up on the apron so her sister can tag her in. What Monica does not realize is that she is holding the tag rope as she is yelling down to Kourtney. Kim sees Monica holding the rope and slaps her hand. Monica looks as Kim climbs through the ropes onto the apron. Monica begins asking her what she is doing and Kim points at Kat.

Monica grabs the rope with both hands and screams angrily, “I’m not going in there!! That’s why I pay the two of YOU!!”

Suddenly, Katherine grabs the ropes and jerks hard, flipping Monica over the top rope to the mat where she lands with a loud THUMP. Monica holds both hands up begging. Katherine slaps Monica across the face, and then lays in several punches on Monica’s head leaving the big Italian dizzy. Katherine sends Monica to the ropes, on the rebound floors Monica with a big clothesline. Katherine grabs Monica by her long black hair and gives her a huge hair toss across the ring sending Monica skidding across the mat in her black leather pants. Monica once again holds her hands up in the air begging. Katherine corners her, and then whips her hard into the opposite neutral corner, where Monica flips into the corner upside down and out of the ring onto the outside mats. Katherine goes after her, but suddenly Kim and Kourtney jump her. Monica also gets up and joins in the kicking. The ref goes out to try to break up the triple teaming.

Kristanna has seen enough and runs around the outside of the ring towards the three brunettes attacking her tag partner. Kristanna charges them, but Monica grabs the ref throwing her in the way of a charging Kristanna knocking the ref out cold. The Kardashians high tail it into the ring, while Monica backs away. Kristanna enters the ring as the Kardashian sisters look down to Monica outside the ring. Monica tries to warn them about Kristanna coming up behind them in the ring but it is too late as Kristanna slams the Kardashian Sisters’ heads together. Kourtney falls to the mat possibly outcold as Kim stumbles around woozily holding her head. Kristanna presses Kim over her head in just her G-string panties and slams her hard to the mat with a Tombstone from the press known as ‘the Blood Rayne.’

Kim goes into wild spasms on the mat, as she otherwise is unconscious. Kristanna then grabs Kourtney by her hair, places her head between her thighs, pulls down Kourtney’s booty shorts revealing she is wearing a pink g-string thong and hoists her up by it into a stall position on her shoulders, then grabs her again by the thong and lifts her off the shoulders into an elevated powerbomb position and drops her hard right onto her sister for the “Broken by Loken.”

The two smashed Kardashian sisters lie piled up on the mat. With the ref still down and none of the three in the ring the legal women, it will take a while to end this match. Suddenly Kristanna hears the sound of a chair over a head and sees Monica holding a chair over the downed Katherine. Kristanna leaves the ring and goes after Monica when suddenly one of the Italians - Giorgia Palmas - leaps out of the crowd in a white t-shirt and blue jeans and gets in Loken’s face. Giorgia would be no challenge for Kristanna, however Kristanna hears someone call her from behind. When Kristanna turns around she briefly sees Cristina Scabbia holding a chair before the chair slams over her head knocking Kristanna to the ground.

The black t-shirt and jean clad Scabbia hits Kristanna over the head a couple more times for good measure with the chair. Cristina and Giorgia run over to the other side of the ring when Monica taps the ref trying to wake her outside. Monica sends Katherine back into the ring. Monica keeps an eye on the ref watching the dazed ref crawl back into the ring. Suddenly Katherine grabs Monica by the hair. Monica totally shocked reaches down the front of her pants and pulls out a black object and pushes it into the stomach of Katherine. Katherine falls motionless to the mat unable to move. Monica then looks to the ref still struggling to crawl into the ring and quickly tosses the black object - which appears to be a stun gun - from the ring.

Monica shouts to the ref, “Come on!” as the ref slaps her hand slowly to the mat...


“Hurry!!!!” Monica urges.


“Come on, hurry up!!!!” she screams.


Monica jumps to her feet celebrating. Cristina Scabbia and Giorgia Palmas run into the ring to celebrate with her. Suddenly, a big blonde woman comes down the aisle towards the ring wearing a white wife beater top and jeans and enters the ring; glaring at Monica. She is so tall she makes the 5’10” Monica look small. She is Natalia Mesa Bush - Sharon Stone’s enforcer.

Cristina and Giorgia charge Natalia, but Natalia grabs the two small Italians by their necks, lifts each one of them high simultaneously and choke slams them to the mat. Monica looks on in fear. Natalia stares icily at her as Monica backs into the corner...

All of a sudden the crowd erupts in cheers as a brunette in black leather runs out from the crowd...Jessica Biel! Jess has been out since Monica injured her a half-year earlier but now she’s back and looking better than ever; back to the muscular look she had for ‘Blade Trinity.’ She enters, spins Monica around and Gorilla Presses the very shocked Monica overhead; then drops her with an F-5, bouncing Monica off the mat.

Biel lifts the dazed Monica into a Fireman’s Carry and sits her ass on the top turnbuckle. The fans go nuts knowing what’s coming when Biel tucks Monica’s head into her shoulder blade and, with Monica folded over her shoulder, falls backward - dropping Monica’s head into the mat with a “Muscle Buster.”

Monica is left motionless on the mat. Jessica Biel gets up and points over at Monica’s title and makes the motion around her waist, then climbs the turnbuckle to cheers of the fans as the bodies of Monica, Cristina, Giorgia, Kim, Kourtney and Kat Heigl litter the ring.

Kristanna is just coming to outside the ring and Natalia Mesa Bush is heading back up the aisle. Jessica runs back and forth, leaping onto each turnbuckle in turn, taking in the cheers of her fans.