Kristanna Loken vs. Brooke Shields (w/Mandy Moore and Charlize Theron) by simguy

Mandy Moore shifted her weight from one bare foot to the other; feeling the comfy plush of the wall-to-wall white faux-bearskin carpet beneath her toes. Her brows knitted with concern as she took in the action; ignoring her companion’s shouts and drunken jeers. It was a nice room, bright white and soft. Even the bed was covered in cloud-like, white fur sheets. Absently, Mandy looked forward to fighting here - she knew she’d be pretty on the faux fur which was perfect for her coloring. She winced as Kristanna cried out from another knee to her belly. Loken went down again - her solid, big-girl, frame shaking the room. Mandy could feel the reverberations through her feet.

‘I want to be pretty here,’ Mandy thought, scowling. ‘Get off your ass, Kristanna, dammit; make it happen!’

Loken sat up; eyes dim with pain, lips parted. She looked fantastic in a metallic pink camisole and tap-shorts slit high on the sides - but she wasn’t fighting all that fantastic! Brooke knelt in behind the stricken blonde - riding a brawny left around Krissy’s throat to tilt her head back, then slamming her right forearm down hard on Loken’s be-silked breasts. Shields was seething - eyes flashing, teeth bared. Mandy was a little frightened to see her in her glory, giving it hard to one of the best young ‘big women’ in the sport.

And Shields kept at it! Loken sat stunned, groaning and sputtering pathetically as Brooke loaded up her big right, brought it up and over; slamming those perky breasts with clobbering forearms! SPLAT! In contrast to Loken’s fighting pinks - Brooke was sporting a metallic midnight blue silk camisole and tap shorts. Mandy had to admit the ‘old boot’ looked hot - and stronger than hell - every bit as muscular as Loken! Although that wasn’t ‘supposed’ to matter!

“Brooke’s done,” Charlize had told Mandy a few weeks prior. “Stick a fork in her - she’s shot.”

Shields was supposed to be a tune up match: Loken knew it and Mandy was counting on it. The build-up would put Mandy and Kris in the bedroom together; the highlight of the year…only Brooke didn’t seem to grasp the point! She’d pulled Krissy around by her hair and now they faced each other on their haunches. Loken still wearing the same shell-shocked, open-mouthed expression of groggy awe.

Brooke got up on her knees and shuffled in close - her healthy backside jostling gently with the movement as she wriggled in close just off Kristanna’s right side. Bracing herself with the left knee down and her right foot planted strong on carpet, Brooke secured a Side Headlock on Kris - brawny brunette left arm hardening into savage relief as Shield’s lips tightened into a bitter line.

Loken moaned, her left hand coming up to probe and pull at Brooke’s bicep. Snarling, Shields shifted grip, pulling Krissy’s right cheek flush to brunette chest with the constricting left arm while the right hand balled a fist and pounded it short-n’-brutal to Loken’s eyebrow.

As Krissy whined in complaint, Brooke shouted “YEAH!” then cinched up her headlock again, pursing lips and nodding at the crowd. Brooke worked the hold like a champ - reefing on Kristanna’s head, squeezing it, then pounding in those rights to blonde hairline and left eye. Mandy frowned: THIS Brooke didn’t look shot; this Brooke looked a little like a monster. As if to confirm it - Kristanna blubbered softly into the side of Shield’s breast as ‘Big B’ hammered another blunt right hand.

Changing tactics, Loken reached for Brooke’s raised right thigh, grabbing up the tree-trunk limb and hugging it even as Brooke re-secured her headlock. Burying her face in Brooke’s chest, Loken saved herself from continued punching at least. Frustrated, Shields changed her grip altogether - sliding her arms in and around Loken to ring the blonde’s head and right arm while leaning down on top of her, securing front choke.

As Shield’s left hand gripped hard onto her right wrist - she leaned all her weight onto Kristanna’s back while thrusting her legs out behind her. That freed her leg from Krissy’s hold and pushed Loken down flat against her haunches. Shields settled, letting her weight be a weapon, feeling the other big woman shudder to draw labored breaths.

“Come on, Kris,” Mandy hissed. “Stand her up…get AFTER her!”

Suddenly, Brooke twisted to her right, sucking the blonde off her haunches and pulling her up and over. Anaconda choke: Kristanna’s face purpled as she groaned, rolled onto her back above the gripping brunette then rolled all the way over onto her face with Brooke on top. Shields chortled, loving it on Kris: now both women lay belly down, brunette atop blonde, their legs stretching out flat behind. Brooke lay her right cheek against Krissy’s writhing back: rich, coffee-dark hair lay strewn across Shields’ eyes. Her lips curled into a hard-working smile as her shoulders flexed with the effort of controlling her blonde.

Loken wriggled - her powerful frame rendered sluggish by the hold and her opponent’s weight - but Brooke couldn’t really get the choke in deep with Krissy’s arm in there. Shields released, pushed up off Kristanna’s back, stood and stomped around the room, shouting “That’s what I’M talking about!” nodding her head aggressively, slapping at her biceps. Loken rose panting to all fours, shaking her head. Her full limbs quivered slightly, and her face showed strain: she was in tough tonight. Way tougher than she should have been. Brooke bore down from Kristanna’s left flank, clasped hands into an axe handle, dropped down to smite Krissy in her lower back. The robust blonde flattened to her chest with a “WOOF!”, face suddenly pinched with shock.

“YEAH!” Brooke hollered, shaking out her dark mane.

Mandy swallowed hard - wondering if Brooke was on something. From her haunches, Brooke lifted the axe-handle and smote it down into Kristanna’s back twice more - the brunette’s hair tossing, teeth bared as she slammed away in tantrum. Loken gurgled, eyes shut tight, just trying to rally.

Shields hunkered down, reached in under Kris, bulled the blonde onto her back. Sliding across silk-on-silk smooth, Brooke secured cross-body, her hands gripping up Kristanna’s right wrist. Shields’ still-powerful legs scissored up Loken’s left arm, rendering it helpless, and soon, Krissy’s panting breaths filled the apartment with grunts and whimpers of strain. Brooke’s backside quivered underneath her silks, promising power: Mandy couldn’t help but compare Shield’s legs to her own, and wonder who’s would be the stronger.

It was expensive, but on her third bridge attempt, Loken was able to topple Shields and free the scissored left arm. Rather than fight for a bad position, Brooke rose up to her knees, crawling round to Kristanna’s left side as the blonde rolled to her stomach. Brooke went to her haunches, reaching over to ensnare Krissy’s head in a side headlock as Loken gave with a low moan.

Licking her lower lip into her mouth and biting on it, Brooke cinched up - left hand gripping right wrist - brunette right arm grinding the hold across Kristanna’s temples and eyes. Loken lay on her belly, propped up on her elbows; grimacing. Brooke grinned, pouring her strength into the other woman - the brunette’s right bicep and shoulder popping into view as Loken suffered.

“C’mon Kris!” Mandy wailed suddenly, showing her concern. Moore held her hands clasped at her chest, willing her future opponent not to submit.

“Worried?” It was Charlize who’d slithered in between Moore and her drunken boyfriend; purring in the brunette’s ear without ever taking eyes off the hard-pressed blonde.

“Worried? Why would I be worried?” Mandy hissed, the sarcasm uncomfortable on her tongue, and unconvincing. “Charlize - she’s getting her ass kicked!”


“How can I relax - you said this would be easy!”

“Can I get you to whisper? Maybe?” Theron shot an icy glance at the ingénue, making Mandy blink. “Krissy’s got this. Use your friggiin’ head: how easy do you really want this fight to be?”

Mandy considered a moment, watching as Loken struggled to her knees, forcing Brooke up onto her right knee, the left foot planted as brunette leaned into her headlock and cranked. Charlize was right. Loken HAD to win this fight - but it would be better if she struggled first. Scratch that: it would be better if she were ALMOST ALL USED UP in this fight. Then Mandy could clean up on Kris…then Mandy and Charlize would fight for real - an, A-list, money fight.

Theron saw the lights coming on and smiled. “Get it?”

“You sold Brooke to Kristanna,” Mandy murmured, watching as Loken slowly, painfully pulled her head from Brooke’s hard right arm. The fighters were on all fours now - Kris facing into Brooke, just off Shields’ right shoulder. “She was going to fight Cliché - but you convinced her Brooke was a bigger name…and an easier fight!”

“Superfights don’t make themselves,” Charlize shrugged. Her long white silk cocktail dress clung to every curve, shadowing under her round belly and the swell of her firm, tight, breasts, pulling at her hips. Mandy felt power radiating off her standing so close - felt it, and wanted to test it right then. “If I left everything to you kids, we’d never get anywhere,” Charlize sighed. “Oh here…watch this!”

With both big women taking a breather, Kris reached forward, tapping her right hand inside Brooke’s right thigh, then suddenly RAMMING the arm in between Brooke’s legs, up to the shoulder. Loken’s fist emerged out back, curling up behind Brooke’s healthy backside - the blonde’s head and shoulder driving into the hip, blowing the brunette over onto her left side. Brooke shouted on impact; whimpered in aftermath. She rolled to her back, moaning, her hands at her crotch as Kristanna pulled back, turned to sit with legs outstretched, her hands in her lap, her back to Brooke. Breathing deep, Kris ran her hands through damp blonde locks, taking a moment to refresh.

“Okay girl,” Kristanna murmured. She rolled over her right hip to her knees, facing Brooke again, and hunkered down, reaching under Shields to bull the stunned brunette over onto her tummy. Brooke lay belly-down, hands still at her crotch. Her left foot came up and flapped back down on carpet as she tried to coax away the pain.

Loken stood, stepped across to straddle Brooke’s legs, stooped down to reach in around Brooke’s hips to gut wrench ‘em up. Shields moaned - her cheek down on carpet as her buttocks rose up, planted on her knees.

Loken went to her knees in behind, her left hand on Brooke’s raised rump for balance. With her right hand, she tapped the inside of Brooke’s left thigh, getting Shields to shimmy the leg over just a smidge. Then, Kris PLOWED in through the backdoor - her cheek and shoulder slamming into Brooke’s up-thrust butt while her right arm carried through against crotch and tummy!

Brooke scooched forward on carpet blurting in fresh pain as she was driven flat. Kris lay for a moment, her right arm trapped up underneath Brooke, her right cheek happy against Brooke’s backside, her left hand at Brooke’s hamstring. A sleepy smile crept across Kristanna’s face as she felt her foe’s strong frame quake.

Theron clapped, smiling broadly. “That’s the way, Kris,” Charlize shouted. “Bring her home baby; bring her home!”

Mandy brightened, flicking hair behind her ears: everything was back on track. Brooke looked really hurt, just lying there as Kris withdrew her right arm from behind, going to her haunches and pushing damp locks off her face again. Mandy clapped and hooted, “That’s gonna leave a mark!” Charlize guffawed in surprise at the kid’s spirit, giving Moore a playful nudge with an elbow.

Kristanna moved in on her moaning foe once more. Pushing Brooke’s left leg up and out to the side, Loken rose up on her toes while she kept her hands braced wide at the knee and hip flexor of her victim. Knee drop: Krissy’s right knee deep to Brooke’s outstretched left quad. Shields’ screamed like a girl half her height and weight - her left hand flutteriing down to the throbbing meat as she lay on her tummy.

Mandy clapped and hooted as a smiling Kris rose, then drove another knee into Brooke’s thigh. Charlize nodded and grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing tray as Loken buried a third knee in the muscle. Brooke whimpered - burying her face in the bearskin to hide her tears. Kris licked her lips, squatted to her haunches to sit heavily on Brooke’s stretched out right leg, then scooched forward and went crotch to crotch with Brooke. Loken pulled Brooke’s heavy left leg up, bracing the calf against her right shoulder.

“Mmmm,” Charlize purred. “I love it when she does this…”

Kristanna hugged at the thick limb, her hands curled in loose fists as she wrapped arms around the knee. Leaning forward, Krissy stretched Shields’ terribly, coaxing fresh blurts of agony from the brunette. Twitching her shoulders left, Krissy twisted the leg, baring her teeth with the effort as Brooke’s shriek rose in pitch.

“Give it up to me!” Loken bellowed, leaning in and twisting-left again, eyes narrowed with the effort of working her girl. “Give it up Brooke…GIVE IT UP!”

Shields cried openly - hands pulling at her hair, then at the carpet - her chiseled twisted and stretched like putty in Kristanna’s arms. Brooke looked about frantically, reaching forward on the carpet with her left hand as though to pull herself free, but there was no escape from the torture. Loken pulsed the hold - relaxing, then twisting, relaxing, then twisting.

It was that rhythm which gave Brooke her chance! When Loken relaxed, Shields managed to shift her leg from Krissy’s right shoulder to her then, then push down - shoving Loken to her right side. Amazed - Loken rolled out from under the leg, and away from Brooke as audible gasps and shocked applause greeted the maneuver.

“WOW!” Charlize said, frankly admiring as her eyebrows raised. “Strong!”

The women rose to their feet - hair disheveled, faces taut with exhaustion, and Mandy tensed. She thought it had been over - she thought it was all about her now. But it was still very much about Kristanna and Brooke. A stumbling, agonizing tableau of hurt-and-be-hurt unfolded, with mindless combatants simply groping for victory any way they could. Brooke would slam Kristanna against the wall, stunning her, then cramping her up with a right hand to the gut.

Mandy winced at the dull THUD of the punch, feeling it’s force clear across the room. Kristanna worked a cruel, standing armbar on Brooke’s left arm - reefing and tugging at the shoulder until Shields was able to slug her way ponderously into the clear.

They walked each other down when one was in stupor, wandering around at random - big-girl buttocks shimmying in silk with the plodding gait.

They pounded stupidly with forearms atop each other’s backs: hit each other ax-handles to skull-tops and backs.

They bulled into each other, reaching under the opponents arms to hug her up and chest her backwards, taking turns coming forward. They both went for scissors, taking body, breasts or head, writhing to secure positions on each other. Mandy gasped at the sight of these legs in action: even Charlize seemed respectful when the crush was applied. The fighters wrung each other dry, then clamped on afresh - each determined to grind away all resistance.

Standing up, Brooke’s left hand took hold of Krissy’s left wrist, lifting the limb up, then plowing home a devastating right-hand heart punch, drawing a shout from the audience. Kristanna sobbed in dismay, and seemed diminished by the blast as she slowly sank to her knees; her mouth gaping wide open.

Yet moments later she had Brooke stooped over, hands on the bed as Shields stood on the floor - Krissy’s hands on the brunette’s hips as blonde robotically lifted her right knee over and over into the buttocks. Shields seemed mute - paralyzed - helpless to stop the ramming. They were dumb - astonished - with pain as they toppled into each other, groggily pulling and squeezing with eyes half shut in sleep.

At one point, Loken lay starfished on her back, panting for breath, her eyes frowned shut; Brooke sat on her right hip a few feet away, head bowed, hair dangling down. All you could see was her parted lips, as she wheezed with punishment. They were slowly rolling each other across carpet - blue/pink/blue/pink/blue when Brooke failed to continue the tumble. She was blubbering, eyelashes fluttering, and Kristanna took the opportunity to pound a pair of right hands into her opponent’s breadbasket while lying atop her. Shields groaned, but did nothing. Kristanna stood, pushed hair out her eyes, staggering around in shock as Shields gasped on her back, her hands dropping to her sides.

Kris wandered over, approaching off Shields’ right side. A slight knee bend, then the exhausted blonde managed to get a little vertical, tilting forward and smashing down belly to belly on Brooke. A low moan escaped the brunette’s lips as her head slopped to the left. Here eyes were shut, but her lips were moving - the only sign that was she was still there.

Loken lay atop her foe, slowly realizing that Shields was finished. Pushing up off brunette rubble, Kris got shakily to her knees, then gingerly to her feet. She pushed hair off her face, fighting back tears as once again she lined up, and plowed down onto her stricken, defenseless brunette.

Shields groaned - her chin tilted up as she absorbed the crushing impact. Her left knee came up slightly, then the leg dropped down again. Krissy took her time: this was working. At long last, something was destroying Brooke!

Loken kept at it, thundering down atop her foe’s conquered torso, the room shaking with big-girl thump. Eventually, even Brooke’s cries stopped. All that was happening is a breathy grunt was being pushed past her lips as Kristanna compressed her lungs.

Charlize turned to Mandy with a mocking expression and raised her voice in fake alarm, “OH MY GOD - stop the fight. Somebody stop the fight!” Men rushed past, galvanized into action by the perceived panic, and the fight was stopped. Theron smiled, never taking her eyes off Moore, “There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”


Freshly showered, Kristanna sat on the edge of the bed in the guestroom, away from the party. She wore the same pink t-shirt and black jeans she’d arrived in - a rock-and-roll statement for the up-scale crowd. She heard the door open - knew it by the sudden increased buzz of the crowd-noise - then heard it ‘click’ shut.

“Nobody’s supposed to be in here!” Kristanna said sharply without looking up. “This is my alone time.”

“I’m not just nobody,” Charlize said calmly. She was barefoot; her supple body sheathed in a clingy cocktail dress. She padded across carpet, practiced eyes taking in the young woman’s broad shoulders and slumped posture. “Great fight, Kris. Outstanding!”

“You said she was shot,” Loken sneered as she turned an accusing glare on Theron’s smirking face.

“Baby, if she wasn’t before,” Charlize smirked, “she sure as hell is now! She’s not coming back from THAT.”

Loken fished into her purse, groping for her lipstick and wincing with the effort. “I’m not so sure I will either,” Kris mumbled, scowling when she couldn’t find what she wanted.

“You’ll be fine,” Charlize said as she sat on the bed, hip-to-hip with her ‘All The Marbles’ tag team partner and put her hand on Krissy‘s thigh. “I know how hard that was to lay down early and let her get up on you like that, but Mandy bought the whole thing. Think about it; if you’d blown Shields out - you’d have spooked Moore and queered everything. They’re making HER the favorite based on how YOU struggled. It’s perfect. We’re gonna clean UP on that kid...”

“SCREW Moore!” Kristanna growled, thrusting the groping hand from her hot flesh and turning on Charlize. “I beat her so I can get YOU next. No more games; no more delays; no more goddamn ‘tune up fights’! You and me, Charlie! So help me, if you back out of our fight...”

Theron smiled, and her eyes seemed to dance in the low lamplight as she returned her hand to Loken‘s thigh, rubbing gently as she struggled to hold her volatile temper in check. “Krissy, baby,” she purred soothingly. “Trust me...”