The Pup Tent Shannon Long & Kimberly McArthur by kit

"Gawd, I can't believe that I'm gonna have to spend the next three nights in this rinky-dink little tent with your ass," griped the redhead.

"I don't like it either, bitch," responded the brunette, "so why don't you take your ass and sleep outside...or better yet, leave altogether."

"Fuck you, bitch," spat the redhead.

"No, fuck you," fired the brunette. "I'm already sick of your shit."

"Well, I'm sick of your shit too. Gawd, I wish I wasn't even here," replied Kimberly, the sexy redhead.

"I didn't want to come either, bitch," said Shannon, the foxy brunette. "And I sure as hell wouldn't have had I known about you."

Shannon had hoped that she could miss this annual Memorial Day weekend trip with her parents and the Johnsons, but since she was pushing for a new car, she didn't press her luck with her dad.

Shannon and Kimberly were both nineteen, and had graduated high school together. They had been the bitteriest of rivals and had fought three times. As juniors they tangled on the school bus after cheering at a football game, and although the scrap was intense with hair pulls and slaps, it was very quickly stopped with neither getting the better of it. During their senior year, the two had a nice bout in the girl's bathroom that lasted about a minute as both received several good slaps and the loss of some hair. Their final fight was at the prom. This one was very short as both were rather drunk and just staggering around on each other pulling hair and trying to tear off the other's dress.

The pup tent the girls occuppied was orange with a zip front and about seven feet long and five feet wide.

Now almost 2AM and Shannon and Kimberly had just finished undressing for the night and changing into their sleep outfits. Kimberly had on a soft, purple cami and white panties, and Shannon wore a pair of short red men's boxers and a white tanktop t-shirt. Both looked extremely sexy, and they stared at each other for a moment or two as they had always been very, very jealous and envious of each others awesome and beautiful bodies.

"Gawd, I fuckin' hate you," Kimberly stated softly, from a sitting position.

"That's nothin', bitch," said Shannon, now standing a little on her knees. "You have no idea how much a hate your guts...slut," she added, her right hand slowly reaching for Kimberly's hair.

In a way, Shannon and Kimberly did and didn't have a reason to be jealous and envious of each other. Both girls were drop-dead good-looking and had bodies topped by no one.

At 5-3 and 101 pounds, Kimberly was the definition of beauty. She had soft, silky light-red hair (some might call her a strawberry-blonde), that was a little curly and fell gently to her round shoulders. Her face was doll-like. Very sweet, innocent and beautiful with seductive eyes and tender, full lips. Her bulging 37" breasts were round, firm and creamy-looking with a pair of light pink areolas and little hard nipples. Her tiny 22" waist was pale and smooth and she sported a kinky patch of triangular red hairs down below. Her 34" ass was tucked, curved and looked like a ripe peach ready for the biting.

Shannon was simply a fox. Her 5-3, 94 pound frame measured an incredible 36-21-32, and any guy lucky enough to get between her tan legs could say that she knew how to use it. Although pretty in the face, Shannon's looks were completely opposite of Kimberly's. Her dark brown hair was usually styled in a straight tangled-like fashion and went just beyond her shoulders. In the face, Shannon was a little harder looking than Kimberly, but still very pretty with green eyes and attractive lips. Her colossial breasts were round and proud and she had nice, big brown areolas with tart, little nipples. Her flat belly was tan and smooth and the 'V' between her legs was filled with brown, wooley fuzz. Her little ass was curvey, and the crack running down it made her buttocks look like two halves of warm, buttery buns.

As Kimberly felt Shannon's fingers comb thru her precious hair, she rose up on her knees reaching for the brunette's hair. "Fuckin' lil' whore."

The girls let out a quiet wince as they were now sitting on their knees with two firm holds of each other's hair. Shannon had Kimberly pulled to the right while the redhead had the brunette pulled backwards. Running their hands in deeper, the girls gave a sharp tug.

"Ouch, bitch."

"You slut, ooww."

Standing more on their knees, their voluptious breasts touched and rolled nipples as they painfully pulled back on each other's hair. Their foreheads brushed across the top of the orange tent as they shuffled forward on their knees and brought their massive chests into full contact. They both moaned as their firm, round breasts mashed and mushroomed around their swelling areolas.

"Oh, you slut," moaned Kimberly, her arms now around the small of Shannon's back

"Uuumm, redhead-bitch," Shannon echoed, moving her arms around the middle of Kimberly's back.

Holding each other a little tighter, the girls glanced down and watched as their bulging breasts rolled in a circle and dueled nipples between their tops.

"Think your fuckin' tits can take mine, bitch?" asked Kimberly, looking into Shannon's eyes.

"Definately, you whore. My tits are way better," Shannon stated, their eyes piercing together almost as hard as their nipples.

"Then turn off the light, slut, and let's find out," said Kimberly, with a thrust.

"Bitch, you're on," snapped Shannon, shoving back with her own.

Turning around, Shannon turned off the small, portable light that was being powered by an extension cord running to the r.v.

Finding each other in the dark, they pulled each other's tops off and hugged up around the waist as they stood on their knees.

"My tits are gonna crush your tits," said Shannon, nose-to-nose with the busty redhead.

"You're tits feel like big bags of brown shit," Kimberly said, almost brushing lips with the stacked brunette.

Rubbing their tits up and down the girls could feel the other's hot breath on her cheeks as they whispered nasty insults and called each other filthy names.

"You fuckin' cunt. Gawd, how I hate you," moaned Kimberly.

"You redheaded slut. I fuckin' hate you more," Shannon grunted.

"I wanna fight when we get back," said Kimberly.

"So do I," agreed Shannon.

Squeezing each other higher around the back, Shannon and Kimberly pressed their bodies totally together. From their thighs; over their hips; across their tummies; and with their breasts they pressed. Heads resting on each other's shoulder, the redhead and brunette rubbed their cheeks together and hissed even more degrading insults as their areolas were locked and dualing nipples. For several minutes it was tit-for-tit as they ran their faces across each other and took turns inverting nipples.

"Uuuuuummmm," winced Kimberly, squinting her eyes as the brunette's nipples bored deeply into her pink areolas.

"Looks like my nipples are harder," Shannon whispered in her ear with glee.

"Fuck you, cunt," grumbled Kimberly, taking a fist of hair and yanking.

"Ow! Bitch," yelped Shannon, her head jerked straight back.

"Oouuch!" Kimberly barked, getting the same treatment.

"Shut up, slut. The boys will hear us," said Shannon, referring to their boyfriends and her two little brothers sharing a large tent at the other end of the r.v.

"You shut up, slut," snapped Kimberly as they both now started pulling on each other's hair.

Pulling each other over sideways, the girls toppled down and Kimberly rolled on top.

"Oh, no you don't, bitch," said Shannon, jerking hard on her hair and pulling her off.

Shannon now tried rolling on top, but Kimberly yanked her off by the hair.

"Oh yes I do, slut," said Kimberly, hooking her legs with Shannon's legs and rolling her way on top.

Tightening her legs firmly in control, Kimberly squared up her hips with Shannon's hips as Shannon now squeezed her around the back of the neck. The two girls cursed each other as Kimberly grabbed Shannon's arms and slowly pried them apart.

"Fuck," swore Shannon, her arms now pinned above her head as Kimberly was completely on top and in charge.

Shannon braced for the seige as Kimberly now started bouncing her tits up and down on the brunette's tits.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

The brunette grunted with each lick and struggled in vain to escape.

"Now...who's...tits...are...winnin'? Fuckin'...slut," said Kimberly, busting her 37s against Shannon's 36s.

While Shannon's tits took the pounding, Kimberly's tits didn't escape pain altogether. Banging breasts with the busty brunette wasn't easy, so she stopped and started grinding.

" tits," groaned Shannon, her tits mashed and smashed.

"Ready to give? You fuckin' cunt," asked Kimberly, rolling Shannon's tits at will.

"Fuck you...never," moaned Shannon, struggling and getting her legs now free.

Losing her leg lock, Kimberly was becoming zapped of strength. Keeping the foxy brunette pinned was hard and taxing and she could feel herself slipping off Shannon's hips.

"," huffed Shannon, bucking bellies with the redhead and arching her back.

Kimberly tried to get back on top, but Shannon's left leg ran up around her hip as suddenly her head was jerked sideways by the hair.

"Oooww!" yelped the redhead thru clinched teeth.

"My turn, slut," said Shannon, fighting to gain control.

But Kimberly was strong and still had plenty of power. "I don't think so, cunt," she said, scissoring her pale legs with Shannon's tan ones.

With one arm around the other's neck and a good handful of hair for control, Shannon and Kimberly laced up their legs and fought thigh-to-thigh as they lay sideways tit fighting.

"Uuummmm, shit," moaned Shannon as Kimberly's pink nubs poked deep into her brown areolas.

Over the next half-hour the girls worked up quite a sweat as they body-battled to a dead heat. With their thighs now burning from the intense squeezing and their nipples sagging from all the dueling, the redhead and brunette collasped together. Their fingers lay loose in each other's tangled hair. Their nipples drooped together as their flopping tits breathed up and down. Their bellies lapped back and forth, smacking sweat as their lungs begged for air.

"" asked Kimberly, barely able to breath.

"," answered Shannon, slithering her noodled legs from between Kimberly's limp limbs.

"" asked Kimberly, pulling her arm out from around Shannon's sweaty neck.

"'ll...give...tomorrow...night," said Shannon, rolling to her back.

"Okay...tomorrow...then," said Kimberly, on her back and her legs open.

"Definately...tomorrow," agreed Shannon, cupping her pulsating breasts.

The next morning Shannon woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee coming from inside the r.v. Dressing, she left the tent and saw her younger twin brothers already playing in the lake.

"Hi, babe," said her boyfriend, John. "How'd you sleep?"

They pecked lips.

"Okay, I guess...a little sore though."

Sore from her little match with the busty redhead, now starting to stir in the tent.

She went inside the r.v. and said 'morning' to her parents and the Johnsons. Getting her coffee, a piece of toast and some bacon, she went outside and sat down at the table.

"Where's John," she asked, Lance Johnson.

"In the tent, changin'," he said, sitting down at the table with her. "So, how'd it go in there with Kim last night?"

Shannon smirked as she chewed her food. "Alright, I guess. Why didn't you tell me that bitch was comin'?"

"Gee, Shannon, I thought you weren't comin'."

"I wasn't, and wouldn't have had I known you were bringin' that slut."

"Well, I'm sorry. I just didn't know."

"Forget it," she said, biting off some bacon. "By the way, are we gonna do it?"

Four years ago Shannon's family and the Johnsons went in together on the purchase of an r.v., and ever since then they've always shared the RV together over the Memorial Day weekend.

Lance, a year older than Shannon (and Kimberly), had popped her cherry on the first Memorial Day weekend that they spent together. And although they never dated or slept with each other during any other time, they had always made love during this annual get-together.

"I don't know. I don't see how," he said.

"Well, I really, really want to," she said, swollowing her food.

"This wouldn't have anything to do with Kim, would it?"

She shrugged. "Not really...but so what."

"Does she know about us?" he asked.

"Nope. And I'm not tellin' her."

He looked at her and wanted her. She had always been a hot fuck, and this thing between her and his girlfriend made her even more desirable. "Well...I guess we do have a tradition to keep up."

"Good," she grinned. "I'm sure you could use a good screwin' since you're datin' that little whore."

About that time Kimberly emerged from the tent.

"Fuck, speak of the devil," said Shannon, rolling her eyes. "Let's work out something," she then said, getting up and going into the tent to see John.

"Yeah, sure. We'll do it," he said, nodding good-bye.

"What did that slut want? Was she flirtin' with you?" asked Kimberly, eye balling Shannon as she went into the boy's tent.

"No...geez. You know we're just friends."

"Have you ever slept with her?"

"C'm on, Kim. Shannon and I have known each other since little kids. She's pretty and all, but more like a know."

"Well...I'm sorry. I'm just a little jealous," she said, kissing him on the lips.

Everyone spent the day skiing; jet skiing; playing in the lake; and sunbathing. Shannon and Kimberly antagonized each other throughout the day by flirting with the other's boyfriend.

"Hey, man," said John to Lance one time when they were alone. "I know you and Shannon are friends, but I really don't like you flirting back with her."

"Dude, she's not flirting with me to make you jealous, she's doin' it to piss off Kim," Lance said in a reassuring voice.

Lance went on to explain the friction between the two girls.

"You ready for round two, bitch?" asked Kimberly as she and Shannon retired to their tent for the night.

"Damn right, bitch," said Shannon. ''And tonight you're goin' down."

Stripped to their panties, they turned off the light and locked up again in another tit fighting and hair pulling match.

A little more than an hour later, Shannon lay pinned with her arms above her head as Kimberly tit-rubbed her into submission. It had been a long ninety minutes for the brunette as the redhead controlled the match throughout. Only once did Shannon mount any kind of attack, and now that she had been pinned for the last twenty minutes or so, she was ready to give.

"Okay...okay...enough," moaned the brunette as her tits were pancaked beneath the redhead's tits.

"Give up, bitch?" asked Kimberly, rolling her tits in a circle with Shannon's tits.

"Yes. Get off," puffed Shannon, feeling the pressure ease on her beaten breasts.

"You're not much of a woman," said Kimberly, rolling off. "Whippin' your ass is gonna be easy."

"Fuck you, bitch. This ain't nothin' like a catfight," said Shannon, turning her backside to the gloating redhead.

With the men folk gone fishing for the day, things around the campsite were much quieter. The four women spent their day sunbathing, flipping thru magazines and napping, and any real conversation was usually between Shannon's mom and Mrs. Johnson as Kimberly and Shannon didn't have much to do with each other.

The fellows returned to the campsite around 5 p.m., and since it was their last night at the lake a big fish cookout and meal was scheduled.

"Shannon!" yelled her mom from the door of the r.v., "we need some things from the store."

Getting the short, but needy list of supplies, Shannon and the other three got into the Johnson's Grand Cherokee and headed up the road to the nearby lakeside store.

On the drive up there, Shannon and John got into some serious kissing in the backseat, all of which was making Kimberly jealous and extremely horney, and it wasn't doing Lance much good either.

"Shit, bitch," Kimberly said, turning around. "Get a room."

Shannon just threw back her head and laughed. "Fuck you, bitch."

"Geez, guys," complained Lance. "Knock it off, it's not fair."

"Sorry, dude," teased John. "Someone's gotta drive."

"Yeah, well, you're driving on the way back," said Lance.

"Fuck that, man. It's not my car," chuckled John before sucking faces with Shannon again.

Once inside the store, the kids quickly got what they wanted, and headed back out.

"Dude, find a place to pull over," John whispered to Lance. "I've gotta hit my bitch before my dick explodes."

"Buddy, I'm way ahead of you," said Lance, already getting a rise just thinking about fucking Kimberly.

As soon as they were inside the Jeep, John and Shannon were all over each other. Her top was over her breasts and she was moaning out as he sucked her tits and ran his hand down her shorts.

"Shit, Lance," bitched Kimberly. "Make 'em stop."

"Don't worry, baby. I'm gonna pull over and give you yours," he grinned.

Kimberly beamed. "Alright!"

Unbuttoning her blouse and unsnapping her bra, Kimberly let her gorgeous tits fall out as she then quickly removed her shorts and panties.

The smell of hot, young beaver quickly filled the air as Shannon was already on her back with John about to poke her.

Kimberly was busy as well. Her head was in Lance's lap and slurping the head of his shaft, as the young man now had trouble driving and couldn't find a place to park quick enough.

"Oh, gawd. You're so big," sang Shannon from the backseat.

"Oh, baby. You're so fuckin' tight and wet," John exclaimed.

That was it. Lance whipped down the first gravel road, sending the Jeep sideways and kicking up rocks. Shannon and John nearly fell off the seat and Kimberly nearly bit down on his cock, but Lance didn't care. Slinging the vehicle off the gravel road and thru some small shrubs and bushes, he slammed the Jeep into park and pushed Kimberly back into the passenger seat.

"Drop the back," he ordered, shoving his shorts down to his ankles.

Kimberly dropped the seat back and spread open her legs. Lance stumbled over to her side and got between her legs.

"Fuck me, baby!" cried Kimberly as she felt his head split past her cunt lips.

"Uuunnngg!" grunted Lance, driving his shaft all the way in with one thrust.

"Oh, John! Harder...harder!" wailed Shannon.

"Ooohhh, feel sooo great!"

"So do you, baby. You're sooo hard and long," said Kimberly.

"Ooohh! Yeees!" cried Shannon.

"How do I feel?" asked Kimberly, her legs on Lance's shoulders as she was folded over.

It was only evident to Shannon and Kimberly that they were trying to make each other jealous. To the guys, it was just sex talk. But to them it was something entirely different.

"Fuck my ass! Fuck my tight, little ass, baby!" begged Kimberly.

Shannon cried out an orgasm. Fake or not, only she knows.

Kimberly screamed out as her bung hole took in a man size cock.

"Fuck me, John! Fuck me harder!" yelled Shannon, bucking her ass against the seat. "I'm sooo hot!" she added.

The girls moaned and groaned, each trying to outdo the other and prove that her sex was truely the hottest.

"I'm gonna cum!" cried Kimberly, as Lance now fucked her in the pussy.

Shannon sang out another orgasm, just beating Kimberly and her orgasm battle cry.

"Oh, baby...honey," squeeled Shannon. "My pussy needs you. Cum with me...ppplease!"

A few seconds later John blew his load as Shannon made out like she had yet another orgasm.

As John collasped on Shannon's body, she asked him if her pussy was the best he'd ever had.

"Definately," he said.

Meanwhile, Kimberly was screaming as Lance was just about to make a large deposit of his own in her hot, pink bank.

"Oooooooooohhhhhh!!!" cried out the foxy redhead, feeling his cock swell up in her pussy.

"Baby! Baby! Kim! Oh, Kim!" he cried, unloading a buckshot full of cum up her tight, wet cunt.

Kim cried and orgasmed as his hot seed flushed throughout her cunt, hoping to find a permenant home.

After their brief, but very refreshing 'power fuck', Lance and the gang headed back to the r.v., smiling like a bunch of Chesser cats.

"Well, when are we gonna do it?" Shannon asked Lance, when she finally got him alone for a minute.

"Shit, Shannon, I don't know. How?"

"C'm on, Lance. Don't you want too?"

"Of course. You know I do."

"Well, how about after everyone goes to sleep?"

Since their fathers were getting up early to get in some last minute fishing, Lance and Shannon agreed to meet in the backseat of the Long's Suburban at 3 a.m.

Around midnight a nice rain started to fall. Shannon and Kimberly decided they better go to their tent before it got too bad, but both knew what was going to happen once they got there.

"Ready for round three, bitch," asked Kimberly, deciding she'd pick the fight.

"Yep," said Shannon, pulling her shirt over her head.

Kimberly took off her blouse and unhooked her bra. "Sure you're tits are up for it?"

"Listen, bitch, when we fight for real tomorrow, it's gonna be your tits that can't handle it," Shannon said, taking off her bra.

As Kimberly reached for Shannon's left nipple, Shannon reached for her right one. Grabbing the nipple between their thumb and index finger, both winced as they gave each other a smart pinch and pull.

"Ow, bitch," said Kimberly, now cupping both of Shannon's tits.

"Ouch, slut," echoed Shannon, her hand filling with Kimberly's tits.

Getting into a sitting position on their knees facing each other, the brunette and redhead firmly began milking each other. Their firm tits oozed in their fingers as they stared hatefully at each other.

"You put on quite a performance today in the Jeep," said Kimberly, squeezing Shannon's tits.

"I'd say you were quite a slut yourself. 'Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass'," taunted Shannon, milking Kimberly's creamy titties.

Both gave each other a little harder squeeze. Kimberly shook back her hair and Shannon gently bit her bottom lip.

"Poor John. I feel sorry for him. He came so quick," said Kimberly, shoving Shannon's tits together and squeezing them.

"Uum. He lasted longer than Lance," Shannon said, twisting Kimberly's nipples and stretching them out.

"Ouch. Maybe my pussy was just hotter," the redhead stated, squeezing.

"Ow. I doubt it, bitch," said Shannon, rolling Kimberly's nipples in her fingers.

"Uumm. Bullshit. You faked your orgasms. I doubt that you even know how to have one," said Kimberly, now pinching Shannon by her brown nipples.

"Uung," winced Shannon, leaning face-to-face with Kimberly. "I bet I can fuck longer than you, bitch."

"You care to find out, bitch?" asked Kimberly, but already reaching for the brunette's shorts.

"I sure do, bitch," said Shannon, her hands unsnapping Kimberly's shorts.

"Oh, honey, you don't know what you're gettin' into," said the redhead, unsnapping the brunette's shorts.

"Honey, I know exactly what I'm gettin' into. You're the one in trouble," said Shannon, pulling down Kimberly's shorts.

Neither one had ever been with another woman before, but that didn't stop them as they both knew this wasn't about making love or even having sex. It was about being hot and finding out who was hotter.

Taking off their shorts, the girls dimmed the light, and then lay down next to each other arm-in-arm, faced together. Their tummies tightened and trembled as they felt the other's fingers run thru their rugs and cup each other around the crotch.

"Not a bad patch for pullin'," whispered Kimberly, running her fingers back up thru Shannon's hairs.

"So do you, bitch," said Shannon, her fingers already twisting around some soft, red locks.

Kimberly grabbed a fluff of Shannon's fuzz from the top of her mound. "Wanna?"

"I dare ya," challenged Shannon.

"You fuckin' cunt," accepted Kimberly.

"Redhead whore," hissed the brunette.

Suddenly their bellies rippled in waves and their titties jiggled across their chests as they threw back their heads and pulled.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow," yelped Shannon.

"Oh fuck. Shit. Shit. Fuck this hurts. Ooowww," winced Kimberly.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...le' go, le' go, le' go," huffed Shannon, gritting her teeth.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. My fuckin' pussy. Le' go, le' go, le' go," grimmaced Kimberly, her eyes clinched tight.

They fell apart, both taking a few hairs with her as they instantly cupped their crotches and tightly held them.

"Oh shit, that hurt," said Shannon, still rubbing herself.

"Mmm, fuck. My pussy...mmmm," moaned Kimberly, massaging herself.

After another minute or two, the girls turned back towards each other and agreed not to do that least until they fought.

"You ready to take a fingering, bitch?" asked Kimberly, putting her hand on Shannon's hip.

"Hike a leg, slut, and we'll see who gets a fingering," said Shannon, patting Kimberly on the thigh.

Raising a leg, Shannon and Kimberly spread open. Again their bellies flinched as they felt the other's hand run thru their pubic hairs and cup around their snatch. Gently they massaged each other's vulva and started to relax more as they slowly started to trust each other not to pull hair.

"Your pussy fells weak," stated Kimberly, sensually squeezing.

"My pussy can last longer than your's, bitch," replied Shannan, erotically rubbing.

"I bet I can make you cum first," challenged Kimberly.

"I bet you can't," Shannon accepted.

At that point both slipped in finger and started working it in and out.

"Mmmmm," they moaned, shifting their hips for a better positioning.

"I thought you had a tight pussy, bitch," said Kimberly, stroking. "You're all blown out."

"Shit, you're like the Grand Canyon, bitch," snapped Shannon, rolling her finger around.

They spread open a little more, each getting wetter and wetter by the second. They moaned.

"Have you told anyone about our fight?" asked Kimberly, now sliding in a second finger.

" you?" moaned Shannon, giving Kimberly's cunt another finger also.

Kimberly moaned. "No. But I'd like for Lance to see me whip your ass."

Shannon inched a little closer. "I'm gonna whip your ass, bitch."

The two groaned as they found each other's stiff, pointy clit.

"I'm gonna rip you bald, bitch," said Kimberly.

"I'm gonna scratch out your eyes, slut," Shannon said.

Their noses touched and they stared extremely hatefully at each other.

"I'm gonna bite your fuckin' nipples off, you cunt," snarled the redhead, fingering the brunette's pulsating clit.

"That's nothin', slut. I'm gonna claw out your sorry pussy," Shannon sneered, stroking Kimberly's throbbing clit.

"I hate your guts, bitch," said Kimberly, fingering the clit.

"I hate you too, slut," Shannan said, fingering her right back.

With their pussies well lubed, Shannon and Kimberly continued to trash each other as both felt the tide started to rise deep in their loins. Closing their eyes, both tried to control their urges and not be the first to orgasm.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Kimberly, her pussy twitching as she was on the verge of losing herself.

Shannon moaned also. Her pussy quivering as she held her breath trying to hold on.

"Ooooooooooooooo!" bellowed the redhead, her sex dam breaking. Shannon felt Kimberly's girl-juices run over her fingers, and then she let her sex go. Both girls rolled over on their backs for air as they each had a nice, healthy orgasm.

"Looks like I won," breathed Shannon, turning and smiling.

"Just barely, bitch," Kimberly said, looking back at her. "But it's far from over."

"Bitch, I know," said Shannon as they both rolled back and started fingering each other again. During the course of the next twenty minutes or so, Shannon forced Kimberly into a pair of hard orgasms. The last one drove Kimberly wild as Shannon worked her middle finger up her ass while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

"Ready to give, slut?" asked Shannon, pulling her fingers out of Kimberly's asshole and pussy.

"Fuck you. Let's really fuck and see who the best woman is," said Kimberly.

"You wanna scissor me?" smiled Shannon.

"Oh, yeah. Woman-to-woman, and I'm gonna fuck your brains out," said Kimberly as they got into position.

"No way, bitch. I'm gonna pound you raw," Shannon said as they draped their legs around each other. Leaning back on their hands, Shannon moved her brunette pussy towards Kimberly's red pussy. Kimberly lined up with her as their budded pussies stopped about an inch apart and tingled for each other.

"Ready, slut?" asked Kimberly.

"Let's rock, bitch," said Shannon.

SMACK! Slamming cunts, their pussy lips peeled open with each other as they instantly began fucking the shit out of each other. The action was hot and intense, and both girls were quickly grunting and groaning as they grinded hard together.

"Mmmm, shit," groaned Kimberly as her clit touched Shannon's clit.

"Uuunngg," Shannon grunted, her clit getting it on with Kimberly's clit. Rolling their hips in a circle, their clits jousted back and forth as their wet cunt hairs curled together in knots. Their nipples were hard as pebbles and their tits bounced up and down as they tossed back their heads and got it on. From pussy to pussy their stiff clits catfought. Twisting, turning and bending each other around as they raced to make each other cum.

"Oh, gawd! Oh, gawd!!" squeeled the redhead as her clit was taking a whipping.

"Cum, you fuckin' cunt!" ordered Shannon, her clit deep under the redhead's hood.

Kimberly shook her head up and down and her hips bucked wildly into Shannon's hips as her orgasm flooded their pussies.

Still very much fucking each other, Kimberly called Shannon a 'bitch' and reached for her hair. Shannon winced, but grabbed Kimberly's hair in return as they now violently jerked each other's head up and down as their clits really tore it up.

With the rain coming down harder, the brunette and redhead couldn't be heard as they fiercely swore, pulled hair and fucked each other. Kimberly grabbed a handful of Shannon's left tit and squeezed. Shannon barked out, but dug her nails into Kimberly's right tit. From high heaven, the girls cussed and fucked and stretched each other's tit out by the nipple.

"Fuuuuuuuuck! I'm...cuuuuuuming!" cried the brunette.

Shannon blew her shit all over Kimberly's pussy, causing the foxy redhead to lose control of her sex and erupt with a huge wave of her own shit.

Now really pissed, Kimberly slapped Shannon hard across the cheek. Shannon's head turned, but she slapped the crap right back out of Kimberly's cheek. They called each other names as they exchanged three more wicked slaps before grabbing each other by the tits and squeezing. Still fucking, Shannon and Kimberly pinched each other's nipples as their clits kept slashing and stabbing together.

"Oooooohhhhh...fuuuuuck!" cried Kimberly as Shannon's clit speared hard into her hood.

"Cum, bitch!" ordered Shannon as Kimberly fell to her back, orgasming; her ass bouncing up and down as she came long and hard with Shannon doing a 'ride-the-pony' on her. "You fuckin' bitch! Ready to give?" asked Shannon.

Kimberly bucked her cunt against Shannon's cunt and scratched her across the tits. Shannon swore and grabbed Kimberly's arms. Dropping down, Shannon pinned Kimberly's arms above her head and locked up legs with her.

"Nooo.," grunted Kimberly, struggling as Shannon applied a body press. Tit-to-tit and cunt-to-cunt, Shannon grinded away on the pinned redhead. Shannon's hard nipples inverted Kimberly's nipples as her clit invaded the redhead's hood. "," moaned Kimberly as another orgasm brewed while she tried to fight the brunette's clit out of her hood.

"That's right, slut," said Shannon, fucking. "My clit is tougher."

"Mmmmmm," moaned the redhead again. "Fuck you."

Fucking their pussies up and down, Shannon locked lips with Kimberly as they went into a full, open-mouth, sloppy French kiss. Shannon's tongue stabbed into Kimberly's mouth, and just like their clits below, their hot, pink tongues wrestled with each other. Around and around they went as Kimberly closed her eyes and made ready to orgasm. Shannon felt Kimberly's fine, sexy body stiffen, and her pussy quiver as she knew she was about to cream.

"Fuck...I'm...gonna...cum," announced the busty redhead. "You...bitch." Kimberly's legs broke loose and shot out stiff and rigid as her body quaked in a mind-bending orgasm. Shannon was amazed at the amount of cum she felt splashing against her pussy as she continued to fuck the shit out of the redhead. "Damn you, you miserible bitch," huffed Kimberly, drawing her legs up and wrapping her thighs around the brunette's slender hips.

"Just admit it, bitch. My pussy is better," said Shannon as they continued to fuck each other.

"Fuck you," said Kimberly, breaking her arms free and slinging them around Shannon's shoulders. "Let's fuck!"

Sealing lips the redhead and brunette Frenched hard as their busty breasts and sexy snatches grinded it out with each other. Shannon tits had Kimberly's tit smashed flat and rolling down her ribs. Clearly her tits were winning on this day. But Kimberly applied pressure to the brunette's grinding ass with her thighs, thus keeping her tightly pulled down as their clits tangled back and forth between pussies. As the rain continued to fall, the sweat started to pour. Their hair was matted around their necks and shoulders as a thick coat covered their bodies all the way to their knees. Spit seaped out their mouths as girl-sex drained out of their catfighting cunts and pooled under Kimberly's hot, gyrating ass. Driving her tongue and clit high and hard inside of Kimberly, Shannon felt the redhead jolt.

"Uuuunnngggg," grunted Kimberly, on the brink once again as Shannon worked her over hard!! She jammed her tongue as far as it would go as her pussy lips now spread out and engulfed Kimberly's cunt. "Ooohh...ppplease," moaned Kimberly, almost begging. "No...not again." Leaning up on her hands, Shannon man-fucked Kimberly as the redhead's thighs constricted around her waist. Thrust! Thrust! Thrust! Thrust! Thrust! "Uuuuuuuuummmmmm!! Ooooooooooooooo!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!" cried Kimberly, her eyelids fluttering like shutters as she trembled to shoot forth what remaining girl-cum she had left. "Oh, more," she whispered, her head rolling side to side as she lay limp and spread eagle beneath Shannon's victorious body. "I...can't."

Still on her hands above Kimberly, Shannon slowly rubbed her tits against Kimberly's while gently pumping her pussy with her. "Then you give?"

Kimberly paused for several seconds. "Yes. I give."

"Look at me," said Shannon, still teasing Kimberly with her body as the redhead looked up at her. "I hope you can catfight better than you can fuck."

"Fuck you, Shannon," said Kimberly. "You're in for the fight of your life."

''Good. I wanna long, nasty fight with you," said Shannon, leaning her face nose-to-nose with the redhead.

"Then long and nasty it will be...very nasty, bitch," whispered Kimberly.

They sealed the deal with a sensual, warm French kiss while glaring hatefully into each other's eyes.

Exhausted, Shannon rolled over and went to sleep. Lance never woke up. Three o'clock in the morning came and went.

"I'm sorry," said Lance in the morning. "I overslept."

"Me too," said Shannon.

"I guess we're not gonna fuck now," he said.

"I know, but...oh well," replied Shannon.

But luck was on their side. About an hour later as Kimberly was in the r.v. taking a shower and John busy helping Shannon's father down at the boat, Lance's mother suggested that he and Shannon drive their vehicles to the store and gas them up.

"Now's our chance," said Shannon, her eyes jumping.

After getting gas, Lance and Shannon drove to the same spot where they had all made love the day before. Going to the backseat of the Jeep, Shannon pulled down her shorts and leaned over the seat, exposing her backside.

"Up my ass first," she said, as he stood behind her with his shorts around his feet.

Lance butt-fucked Shannon for a couple of minutes before pulling out and slipping it up her pussy. Already the brunette was dripping and ready to orgasm.

"Ooooohhhh! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeessssss!!!" she cried, soaking his cock with her cum.

Quickly, Shannon flipped over on her back. She raised her right leg and draped it over the back of the seat and opened her left one as far as it would go.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard," she ordered as the end of his cock entered her fold.

Standing on his toes, Lance shoved in and started fucking her as he pushed her t-shirt up and started to suck her left nipple.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Shannon. "Does my pussy feel better? Do I fuck better?"

He mumbled 'yes' as he sucked her tit and fucked her cunt.

Wiggling her ass in circles, Shannon pulled him into a French kiss as she felt herself brewing up another orgasm.

"Oh, baby," he said, now standing back up and squeezing her tits. "You are a hot fuck. I'm about to cum."

"Me too, baby...cum with me," she begged, fucking his dick as he rubbed on her big titties.

"Scratches? You've got scratches,'' he said, just suddenly noticing them.

"Mmmm, does she," Shannon moaned with a smile as they rocked on each other. "We had a little fight last night."

"Oh, gawd...I'm cummin'," he said, his head immediately swelling at the thought.

Shannon gave a couple of damn good twitches with her pussy and forced him to orgasm with her. They both moaned and groaned as their toes curled together.

"Oh, shit, that was great. You're so fuckin' hot," he said, pulling slowly out. "You two had a fight?"

"Uh-huh," she moaned, not liking the feeling of him leaving her. "We're gonna finish it when we get home, and we want you to watch us."

Lance was in total shock. He just couldn't believe what he was hearing as Shannon explained a little more about what happened while they now dressed.

"Don't let her know I told you," she said, leaving out the sex part of the story.

When they got back to camp, Kimberly was livid.

"Bitch, did you fuck him?" she asked, pulling Shannon off to the side.

Shannon grinned and just looked at her. "I'd rather have you worry and wonder about it, than brag and say I did."

"Gggggrrrrr!" Kimberly gritted her teeth and clinched her fists. "I'm gonna beat the livin' shit out of you."

"You just try it, slut," said Shannon.

"Bitch, it is so on when we get back," growled the firey redhead.

Before they broke camp, Shannon and Kimberly planned to meet at Kimberly's house around six. She said that her parents would be gone and that they would be all alone and free to fight in peace with only their boyfriends present to watch.

On the way home Kimberly talked with Lance about the fight she and Shannon were going to have when they got back; however, Shannon did not mention anything to John about it. She had decided that after she whipped Kimberly, she would take Lance for her own and date him instead, but if she lost, then she'd still have John, who would be none the wiser.

Once back in town, Shannon took John to his house where they made love, and Lance took Kimberly to her house, as they also made love.

"Did you fuck her today?" Kimberly asked as if she could almost smell his cock covered in the brunette's sex.

"No, of course not," he said. "I've told you before, we're just friends."

She wanted to believe him. "But you have before, right?"

He sighed. "Yes. We've had sex before, but just a couple of times...a long time ago."

That she could believe. "Is she better?"

Lance smiled it off, "Of course not. Baby, you are the very best I've ever had."

"What if I lose? Will you still want me?" she asked.

"Of course, but you're not gonna lose. I've seen you both fight, and you can whip her."

They then made love, but Lance was thinking about Shannon and the love they had made earlier. There had been a definate spark. A spark that had never been there before when they fucked. He decided that if Shannon won and if she'd have him, then he'd dump Kimberly for her.

At six o'clock Shannon knocked on Kimberly's front door and when Lance opened the door he said,. "Hi, Shannon. She's around back."

"Lance," said Shannon as they walked thru the house, "if I win, will you have me?"

He stopped and looked at her. "Win or lose, I'll have you."

She looked up at him. "I think I'm falling in love with you."

"I think I've always been in love with you, Shannon," he said, then they embraced in a wild, torid French kiss.

"Kick her ass, sweetheart," he said as they broke off the kiss. Shannon barged thru the screen door and saw Kimberly standing poised on the patio, ready to fight.

"You fuckin' bitch."

"Let's go, you fuckin' slut," said Kimberly, rushing forward. Shannon bolted from the door, and the two instantly went for the things that they hated most about each other; their tits.

"Rip your tits off, bitch!" shouted Shannon, tearing down Kimberly's purple halter top to the waist and exposing her big, round melons.

"You cheap, fuckin' slut!" yelled Kimberly at the same time as she ripped Shannon's white tank top down the middle and saw her round, brown boobs.

Screaming, shouting and swearing, Shannon and Kimberly put their nails into each other and clawed. The action was wild, frantic and furious as they scrambled in a circle about the patio scratching, clawing and squeezing each other's most prized and valued possesions.

Squeezing on a big handful of tit, the girls slammed together and threw an arm around the other's neck and squeezed. Their head banged together as they twisted and pinched a nipple before balling up their fists and socking each other in the cheek.

"You whore!" shouted Shannon, squaring up in front of Kimberly and planting her right fist underneath her left tit.

"Uuuggghhh!" grunted Kimberly, her creamy left tit bouncing in pain.

"I hate your guts!" Shannon yelled, adding an immediate left hook across the point of Kimberly's chin.

Kimberly's head snapped sharp to the side, but she countered with a wicked backhand across the brunette's face, splitting open the corner of her mouth with her knuckles.

"Slut! Fuckin' slut!" the redhead swore, jerking on a huge fist of Shannon's hair.

"Ooooww!" cried the brunette, twisting forward as they both grabbed each other's hair and pulled.

Lance popped a major boner as he watched his two girlfriends get into a nasty, wild catfight as they slung each other around the patio, trading a couple of good slaps across the cheek.

Spilling out on to the lawn, Shannon reached down with her right hand and grabbed Kimberly's crotch thru her little, white, cotton shorts.

"Ooohh, gggawd!" cried Kimberly as she felt Shannon's nails poking thru and trying to get up her cunt.

"I'm gonna rip out..." was all Shannon got out before she was punched hard along the ribs.

"Bitch!" Kimberly shouted, adding a nice left uppercut against Shannon's cheek that rocked her head back.

But a driving kneelift between the legs stopped the redhead as her cunt was busted fully and completely by Shannon's kneecap.

Dropping like a rock to her knees, Kimberly moaned out as she cupped her cunt and Shannon moved in behind her.

"On your face, slut," said Shannon, jumping on Kimberly's back and driving her forward into the lawn.

"Uuummpphh!" grunted the redhead as her tits flattened out across the grass.

Saddling her ass against the small of Kimberly's back, Shannon took two big fists of soft, luscious red hair in her hands and ripped back. Kimberly screamed, and thought her hair was surely going to come out by the roots. Swearing, Shannon shook Kimberly hard, very hard by the hair. Stretching back her upper body, Shannon reached around and put her nails into Kimberly's left tit. Kimberly cried as Shannon plowed her fingernails thru her tit, and then stretched out her tit by the nipple.

"Aaaarrrgggg! Fuuuuuck! Mmmmmyyy tit!" howled Kimberly, her ass bucking and humping the lawn.

Scooting up across Kimberly's shoulders, Shannon kept one hand in her hair and started spanking her ass with the other.

"How's this feel on your little ass, slut?" asked Shannon, spanking the shit out of it.

Lance winced as he watched Kimberly's hot, tight buns shaking and turning red from the nearly dozen or so slaps it received before Kimberly was able to buck Shannon completely off.

For a few moments Shannon sat on her knees catching her breath while Kimberly lay on her back cupping her left breast with one hand and massaging her crotch with the other.

"Ready to quit, slut?" asked Shannon, her tits heaving on her chest.

"Go to hell, bitch. This ain't over yet," spat Kimberly, sitting up on her spanked ass.

Shannon pulled her torn t-shirt over her head, leaving her in a pair of short, tight khakhis. "Then c'm on, bitch and let's finish it."

Kimberly removed her ripped halter top and got to her feet with Shannon.

Totally topless, the two girls charged and swore at each other. Kimberly blocked a pair of slaps to her face and grabbed Shannon by the back of the hair.

"Ooooww!" wailed Shannon as Kimberly spun behind her and yanked her straight back.

"Fuckin' cunt! I'm gonna tear it out!" shouted the angry redhead.

Losing her balance, Shannon fell to her knees with Kimberly going down with her. Flipping over, the redhead and brunette went to the lawn with Kimberly getting a handful of Shannon's right tit and sinking in with her nails.

"Ssshhhit!" Shannon screamed as Kimberly screwed her talons around her boob.

Kimberly jerked hard on a fist of hair and then twisted the shit out of Shannon's round, brown areola. Shannon screamed again, but gave Kimberly's hair a painful pull. Kimberly winced, but turned her head and bit down on the brunette's arm muscle.

"Aaaarrrrggggg!" cried Shannon, quickly running a sharp set of fingernails up the entire length of Kimberly's back.

Kimberly screamed, and then they both grabbed each other by the hair and pulled. Shouting and swearing, the redhead and brunette rolled along the lawn violently jerking and yanking each other by the back of the hair.

"Ooowww! Ssshhhit! Mmmy hair!"

"Le' go! Le' go! Ooouuuch! Le' go!"

Fighting their way to their knees, Shannon and Kimberly let go of each other's hair and wrapped up in a bearhug. Cheek-to-cheek they tightly squeezed as their massive boobs rolled in circles and their nipples catfought.



"Uuunngg! Squeeze...the...shit...outta...ya," grunted one busty beauty.

"Oooommpphh! You're...tits...are...shit," groaned the other chesty babe.

Rolling their faces back and forth across each other, Shannon and Kimberly hugged and squeezed with all their might. Their colossial breasts crushing and oozing out from underneath their armpits as their nipples dug in and battled.

"Oooh, gggawd...mmmyy tits," Shannon groaned, throwing back her head and looking straight up at the sky.

Suddenly Kimberly lowered her hands around Shannon's waist and stabbed in with all ten fingernails.

"Yeeeooowwww!" bawled the brunette, her body arching backwards.

As Shannon bowed back, Kimberly ran her right hand across Shannon's belly and clamped down with a belly claw.

"Aaaarrrrggggg!!" screamed the brunette, her eyes popping.

"Fuuuuuccckk!" cried the redhead, her tits suddenly squeezed and scratched.

Letting go of Shannon's belly, Kimberly unsnapped Shannon's shorts and fumbled with the zipper.

"Nnnnoooo!" squeeled Shannon, knocking away Kimberly's hands.

"I'm gonna get that pussy!" shouted the redhead, attacking again.

"Then I'll get your's, bitch!" Shannon yelled, going for Kimberly's cunt.

Since Kimberly's white shorts had nothing to unsnap or unzip, Shannon easily slid her hand inside and found the redhead's snatch.

"Oooohhh fuuuuuuck!" Kimberly cried, just getting her hand down Shannon's shorts.

"Yeeeoooowwww!" screamed Shannon as together they pulled on each other's pubic hairs.

Just like the other night in the tent, Shannon and Kimberly were making good on their promise to maul each other's pussies. After pulling out a few locks of kinky cunt hair, the girls cupped each other and squeezed. They dug their nails in and dragged upward, over the vulva and thru the hairy mound. Doubling over into each other, both did it again as they screamed in each other's ear and started to heavily cry.

"Oooooowwwwww!!" bawled Kimberly, cocking her fist and putting a punch under Shannon's jawbone.

Shannon's head rocked, but she put a left hook downward against Kimberly's right cheek, cutting open the skin over the cheekbone with her knuckles.

"You bitch!" yelled Shannon, jerking Kimberly hard with a handful of hair.

Kimberly grabbed Shannon's hair, and together they got into another hair pulling fight. Toppling over, the girls rolled a few times, shaking and yanking until Shannon emerged on top, straddled over Kimberly's waist.

"Get off!" shouted Kimberly, latching on to Shannon's tits.

Shannon screamed, but sank her meathooks into Kimberly's tits.

Lance came in his shorts as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

With tears pouring and the snot running, Shannon and Kimberly flat-out clawed and pinched the living shit out of each other. Both pairs of tits were turning blue and bleeding in various places as neither would give in to the other.

"Give, bitch, give!" screamed Shannon, stretching out Kimberly's tits by her nipples.

"Aaaaaarrrgggg! You give!" Kimberly cried, pulling down on Shannon's nipples.

"Aaaaarrrgggg! Never!" wailed the brunette, twisting as hard as she could.

"Aaaaarrrgggg! Ssssshhhhit! Pppplease!!" cried the redhead as they both took each other by the tits and scratched.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!" Kimberly cried in desperate pain as she threw a punch that landed across Shannon's chin.

Shannon's head snapped sideways, but she roared back with a right hook that smashed open Kimberly's upper lip. The fiesty redhead answered with a hook of her own that caught the brunette along the jaw. Shannon fired back with a driving, left jab that landed flush on the tip of Kimberly's nose.

POP! Kimberly's eyes rolled over as her hands immediately cupped her nose. Lance saw the blood gush out between her fingers and around her hands as Shannon cocked back and punched her in the side of the face again. Realizing it was over, Lance rushed in as Kimberly's face and hair was now being bathed in her own rich, red blood. Shannon pumped one more blow into the bloody redhead's face before Lance could pull her off by the arms.

"She's had enough! It's over! You broke her nose!"

Exhausted and teary-eyed, Shannon stumbled back and fell on her ass, bawling and crying like a baby as it hurt too much to even touch her tits.

"I wanna go hooooome!" she wailed up at him.

In the end, Kimberly's nose wasn't broken, but it did swell up and remain purple for several days, as well as a lot of other parts of her precious body. Shannon's body took days to heal as well. But with Lance now at her side, she could proudly claim that she was the better woman after having burned Kimberly down in their sexfight and kicking her ass their catfight.