Match #1 - Jennifer Lopez vs. Cindy Crawford by Freddy Roberts

This is a great match up and one that is possible to go either way. Lopez is an experienced catfighter with great skills, great body and a ass smother to beat all. Crawford has a less full figure but is more athletic with great ability and a better chest than Lopez, better legs and tummy. We will go to a vote in six categories: Judges will rule on these categories before the fight which will be a submission pin match with the loser being stripped and the winner given a 15 minute humiliation time.

Categories are face, ass, breasts, legs, midsection, shape. The girls outfits were as follows: Crawford wears a blue string bikini. Lopez wears a jet black string that barely covers her.

Face...Crawford wins this one and is ahead 1-0.

Breasts...Close but Crawford wins again in this category with her more pronounced nipples and leads 2-0!

Legs... Crawford goes up 3-0 as she struts the catwalk with legs both muscular and well defined.

Ass... J-Lo finally wins as her ass is tight and well built. Crawford and Lopez curse each other here as Lopez claims her ass will soon be on Cindy's face. Crawford just laughs and calls Lopez a cow.

The contest now stands three to one for Crawford.

Midsection... Lopez has a tight tummy but Crawford’s is very tight and she wins to go up by 4-1!

Shape... Here again, the judges give it to Crawford in another close contest; her shape is very superior to J-Lo's.

The pre-match is over and Crawford has won by an astounding 5-1 score with only the ass category going to J-Lo who is pissed off and wants to smother Crawford.

The fight ref is Janet Jackson. Both girls meet in the center of a large ring set-up and the Hollywood mansion of Pam Anderson. J-Lo’s corner girl is her lover, Teri Hatcher and Crawford has Heidi Klum in her corner.

The match rules are anything goes. Punching, kicking. etc.

The record overall is Lopez 56-3 and Crawford 62-4. They have met once before and Lopez was the clear winner over Crawford. One of only 4 losses ever for Crawford. The match will be videotaped for future use.

The crowd of special guests are excited as the match is about to begin.

The girls stay in their outfits of string bikini's and make a bet of 10,000 dollars to go to the winner.

Lopez is confident even though she lost the pre-match beauty contest and Crawford wants revenge.

The match begins and Lopez spits on Crawford hitting her in the eye with spit. Crawford and Lopez circle each other and then box each other. Lopez hits Crawford with good punch to the belly , but Cindy responds with a punch to Lopez's head, catching her in the cheek bone. Lopez is hurt a bit but punches Cindy in her face, on her nose with some blood appearing on Cindy's face. Cindy crowds Jen and punches her hard in her crotch. Lopez's eyes widen as this punch to her vaginal area has stunned her momentarily. Cindy notices this and pushes Jen to the corner as Lopez is stunned and hurting. Crawford follows with punches to Jen's face and tits and stomach in the corner. Jen is in trouble as Cindy now unloads a big right to Jen's face and follows with a punch to her gut. Jen is holding on as Cindy punches her in the face again and Jen is groggy. Jen is standing but barely as Crawford calls her a big cow and then uppercuts her to the chin.

Lopez head swirls and she is woozy. Her face is red and bloody as Cindy now unloads a low blow to Jen's crotch again and Jen cannot take the pain. She continues to stand as Cindy easily pulls off her top, revealing Jen's boobs to the crowd. Cindy then punches the exposed breasts as Jen cannot cover up quickly enough. Two more punches to the breasts and face and Jen falls to the canvas. She is spread-eagled on the floor as Cindy approaches and waves her hands in victory as Jen is almost unconscious. Cindy sits on her tummy and slaps Jen's face several time as the sound of the slaps is heard in the arena. She then pinches and squeezes Jen's tits as Jen cries to leave them alone.

Jen pleads with Cindy to stop, but Cindy mashes her tits and then bites both of them as Jen cries and sobs. Jen is barely awake from the pain and torture as Cindy bangs her head on the canvas over and over. She picks Jen up by her hair and smacks her head to the ground as Jen is out of it. Crawford calls her a fat cow and spits in her face. She then has to finish it by a pin which she does as Jen is unconscious. She holds her down and Jackson calls it out, “One, Two Three.”

The audience is quiet as Crawford has dominated Jen who is bloodied and topless by the time Cindy stands up and tells Teri Hatcher, "Now the fun begins with the humiliation phase!"

Hatcher gives Heidi Klum the check for $10,000 and Crawford now looks down on the passed-out-on-her-back J-Lo. Cindy says she will use the entire time to humiliate the fallen ex-champ. She strips Jen' bottom and throws it into the crowd where it is caught by Vida Guerra, the new Ass Queen, who spits on them. Vida curses J-Lo who is nude; her furry patch exposed.

Cindy strips herself, removing her top and bottom, then sits down and proceeds to grind her ass on Jen's face, wedging Jen's nose up Cindy's gorgeous ass crack as Cindy pulls her twat hairs, ripping out several clumps and tossing them aside until Jen starts to come to under Cindy's grinding, rotating ass.

Cindy then stands up and pushes Jen on to her stomach, as Jen's great ass is exposed to the crowd. Cindy sits on her shoulders and smacks the ass, but not hard and seems to enjoy the site of it. She says, wow, you really do have a great ass in admiration. Jen is awake and hears this and is thankful her ass does not get slapped silly. Crawford then has mercy on Jen's sweet ass, and stands up. She has time to go and then turns Jen on her back and sits on Jen's tummy. Cindy bends down and gives her a passionate kiss that Jen returns by putting her tongue in Cindy's mouth.

Teri Hatcher and Heidi are both pissed as the girls kiss and Crawford rubs Jen's tits in excitement and Jen squirms on the floor in heat. Cindy moves up and asked Jen to lick her pussy which she does. Cindy has four minutes as the girls are getting aroused. She ask Jen to stay put as she assumes the 69 position with her cunt over Jen's face. Jen licks her pussy as Cindy enjoys it as she goes down on Jen, licking and fingering Jen.

Hatcher and Klum walk out of the arena, leaving Jen still licking Cindy who is doing the same to her. Cindy exclaims that she has a great hole and Jen continues to eat Cindy. Both girls grind as they both climax together on the arena floor. They hug passionately and leave the arena together holding hands.

They agree to a rematch in the future to decide the winner best 2 of 3. Already, video of this event is making its rounds in the Hollywood underground! Lopez and Crawford are tied at one match each. Cindy does not want to fight Lopez again and Jen doesn't want the match either. At last report, they were on vacation in Tahiti where they had rented an exclusive cabin for a long weekend.
Match #2 - Jennifer Lopez vs. Vida Guerra

Jen Lopez is just about fed up according to sources. She most recently has lost lover Ben Affleck to Jen Garner and has had several mishaps with men before landing three time loser, Marc Anthony.

Now word is getting back to her about a young upstart, Vida Guerra who is getting the title of Ms. Bootylicious over Jen. Jen has had the title for years. She is at a party when someone suggest that she get in touch with Vida who has been looking for a challenge match.

Jen calls her and says, "Hey Vida, you are looking for me?"

Vida responds by clicking the phone on Jen who sends her a telegram with an offer to meet for a challenge match, no holds barred, submission only with a half hour post match for the winner. Jen counters asking for a pre-match judging contest. Vida accepts and it's on... the match that many booty fans have been waiting for. Is Jen still the queen of the ass smother or has Vida taken over.

They decide to meet in a Hollywood mansion that has a gym on the property. The panel of judges for the pre-match are Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Pam Anderson and Britney Spears. They will be the only ones allowed to judge the pre-contest and to view the fight. The referee is Carmen Electra.

The pre-match contest is in the area of seven categories: face, ass, legs, tits, tummy, overall shape and sexiness. Vida arrives and wears a gold robe with a string belt. Jen also wears a robe --sequins and white.

Contest One, legs...Vida disrobes and wears the tiniest red string thong bikini. She drops the robe and stretches her legs. J-Lo drops her robe and looks great also in a sheer, two-piece black bikini. Vida wins the leg contest and leads 1-0

Contest two, midsection... Lopez with a really tight tummy wins this...1-1.

Contest three, tits...both girls drop their bras and Lopez wins to go ahead 2-1.

Jen smiles at Vida and winks, saying, "Your ass is going to be mine."

Vida laughs, calling Lopez, "....washed up!"

Contest four, face...Lopez wins with a great smile and face...3-1

Contest five, ass...A shocker as Vida wins this one close and closes the gap to 3-2

Contest six, overall shape...Again, Vida wins to lead 3-3

Contest Seven, sexiness...The crowd awaits the vote to decide. Jen winks at former lovers Halle and Cindy , but in a close one...Vida wins and WINS THE CONTEST 4-3!!

Jen is pissed and the match has not started as the girls discuss rules. Jen grabs Vida by the hair and then pulls her towards her. She spits in Vida's face. "I've had enough of your shit, you little whore! I'm going to beat that ass silly!"

Vida is stunned and spits back at Jen. "Face it, you big cow, you're finished! You lost the contest fair and square and when I get you in the ring you'll be sorry - and sore!"

"Really?" sniffs Jen. "Let's make it interesting...How about a side bet of 100,000 dollars and one more thing...the loser has to get screwed by the other person's man... Is it a deal, little bitch?"

"You got it cow!"

And so, the two girls enter the ring; J-Lo with her black string bikini that barely coves her ass and a skimpy top. Guerra enters and disrobes revealing her outfit: a string red outfit with her ass also showing in the skimpy outfit.

Any rules, bitch screams J-Lo. None says Vida. The referee states that there is no time limit. The loser must submit and be pinned. The winner can choose to have a post match humiliation if so choosing.

Britney yells to Vida, "Kick her big ass...she's washed up!"

Britney is clearly rooting for Vida. But Cindy Crawford also encourages Vida to whip the fat ass queen. Heidi Klum is rooting for J-Lo; she thinks Guerra is a little too cocky as a model and needs to be put in her place. Halle Berry roots for Vida since J-Lo recently kicked her ass. Halle predicts a Vida win. "Easy," says Vida. Pam Anderson is friends with J-Lo and a veteran catfighter. She also screams to J-Lo to kick the upstarts big Cuban ass.

Carmen Electra is the ref and tells both girls that she is only there for the count out. They can do anything they want. J-Lo is older, has more experience and has a lifetime catfighting record of 46-6. To those in the audience, she has lost once to Berry and to Spears. She has never faced the others. Vida is 26-2 in her young career, recently losing a smother fight to Neve Campbell.

The match starts and Jen and Vida face off. They slap and punch each other . Vida lands a good punch to Jen's chin, but Jen lands a uppercut to Vida's face. Both girls want this badly. The ass queen title is at stake. Lopez suddenly lands a kick to Vida's belly that hurts her, but Vida is able to recover as Jen goes after her. Jen 's punch is blocked and Vida punches her in the nose. Jen backs up and feels her nose, it is bleeding and the blood runs onto her chest. Vida landed a big shot and Jen's face is covered in blood. Vida then is able to kick Jen in the face and Jen's lip is now bleeding from this shot. Jen is wobbly as Vida chases her as Jen tries to recover.

Lopez is a bit shaky as Vida grabs her by the hair and pulls her around the ring. J-Lo is hurt and stunned by this quick development and on her feet, but her hair is pulled and Vida holds her with one hand and punches her belly and face with her free hand. J-Lo tries to cover up, but it's no use as Vida knees her in the cunt and then hauls off with a right to her chin. Jen leans on the ropes and turns away from Vida who delivers shots to her exposed back and mid-section. J-Lo is in pain as Vida against knees her crotch and then backslaps Jen's face. The audience is in amazement as Jen is stumbling in the ring, woozy and hurt. Jen does not want to leave her feet as Vida will surely straddle her and end the fight. Jen bravely kicks out and catches Vida in her knee. Vida is stunned as her leg buckles and she goes down on one knee. Jen cannot follow up as she is hurt and barely standing. Vida gets up and is more careful of the wounded veteran. She pushes Jen into the corner and proceeds to grab Jen's hair and smacks her head into the ring turnbuckle. She slams Jen's head into this post for about five minutes. Jen is awake and trying but it does not look good for the former champion and ass queen as the young Vida pummels her face over and over. She turns Jen around and faces her. Jen's gorgeous face is a bloody mess as Vida takes no chances and pulls Jen's legs. Jen lands on her ass as Vida pulls her to the center of the ring.

Big bad Jen says Vida as Jen is spread-eagled on the canvas and bleeding. Her tummy is red from the beating and she has a bleeding nose, lip and a black eye. Vida stands over her and yells, "You're mine bitch....give up or else!"

en spits up at her, catching Vida in the eye. People cheer as Jen shows spirit but it only makes things worse as Vida sits on her tummy and pulls off Jen's top, letting her tits flop out. Her large brown nipples are pinched by Vida. Jen cries as Vida tortures her breasts over and over...Give up yet...Ms. Big ASS......Vida holds her arms down as Carmen Electra counts, "One, two, three..."

Jen has lost and must submit to the post-match humiliation. Vida gets up and strips for the crowd...Cindy Crawford is impressed. She does have a great ass...True says Halle...Feels sorry for Jen says Pam...You know that ass is going on her face pretty soon....Vida prances around the ring as Jen lays there motionless and beaten.

"Please Vida...look at me...yu won...I'm a mess...please.."

Vida laughs, "You'll remember this night for a long time!" Then she slowly lowers her ass onto Jen's face.

"Uggghhhh!" screams Jen as Vida really pushes down hard on her face...smell nice, Jen. Jen is totally embarrassed in front of her fellow catfighters. Vida rides atop J-Lo’s face and J-Lo is screaming...please, enough, I quit. Who has the better as?? Jen. Jen cries, "You do, Vida! You have the best ass."

Jen cannot be heard as Vida 's clenching ass squeezes Jen's face into oblivion. You know that Marc has to screw me and you owe 100.000 dollars.. She lifts her ass a bit but Jen is knocked out, unable to breathe under Vida's remarkable backside. She sits there a little longer as Halle Berry takes pictures of her on Jen's face.

"I'm not done with you Lopez."

Jen was able to keep her bottoms on, but not for long as Vida pulls them off....I waited a long time for this moment as she views Jen's sweet pussy and spreads Jen's legs so the crowd has a view of Jen's hairy snatch.

"Much too hairy," Vida says as she proceeds to get some cream and a razor plus a pair of scissors. Vida clips the hair down and then lathers up Jen and shaves her pussy bald. After Jen’s shaven clean, she’s still knocked out but begins to shake her head slowly. Vida calls for water and throws it in her face…the final insult!

Vida orders J-Lo onto her tummy where Jen's perfect ass is exposed to the crowd. It is rounder and wider than Vida's, but Vida's is more muscular.

"Nice ass, Jen," says Vida. "But now for a little spanking! Roll over bitch!”

Jen is laying on her face crying and holding her sore face in her hands as Vida circles her and sits on her shoulders, facing Jen's spectacular ass. Berry and Spears cheer Vida on as Vida proceed to slap Jen's ass. With each open hand crack, the crowd winces as Vida smacks Jen's ass with about 30 spanks. The crowd is stunned, and Jen can do nothing as Vida continues. She stops and then goes to kneel between Jen's legs , again facing her as. Vida says...look girls I'm hungry as she bites Jen's cheeks. Vida bites Jen's ass as Jen screams in agony. Vida enjoys the punishment as Jen's face is puffy and swelled up.

“Let's see,” says...Vida. "You said you have the best ass ehh? Hmmm...OK...up on all fours you slimy bitch!"

Vida kicks Jen and Jen kneels on all fours. Jen is so humiliated. Vida calls for a dildo and Britney eagerly hands her a sleek silver dildo about ten inches long from her purse. Vida proceeds to slide the dildo into Jen's asshole as Jen cries, "Oh, my ass, please Vida...stop...please!"

"No way, bitch. You'll pay for spitting on me, you shit bag!" She slides it in a good five inches and it goes in easily. Jen is almost passed out as Vida twists it back and forth, pumping it in and out. The crowd is amazed as Vida works it about 7 inches deep in Jen's tight asshole. Jen pleads her ass can’t take any more, but Vida slides it all the way in and yells, "Good girl, Jen...your big fat ass is really talented!"

The entire dildo is in her asshole and Jen passes out as she slumps over and falls on her face. Finally, Vida slowly pulls out the dildo with a big grin and warns, "Whoa Jen...oh Jen, please don't pass out..." She kicks Jen onto her back and puts the dildo up to Jen's mouth, demanding she, “Lick it, bitch!" Jen is forced to lick and suck the dildo that was in her ass. “I guess you’ve had enough. Next time....if there is one...I won't be so nice."

Jen, her face a mess and her body ravaged calls to Vida, "You know what you lucky bitch...I want a rematch! I'll kill you next time."

"Sure Jen," laughs Vida. "You're on...only let me enjoy the $100,000. And by the way, Marc is due at my house in an hour. I hope he's a good lover...Ha!"

Jen leaves as she is quickly covered up in a robe and walks slowly out of the ring. Is this the end of a great legend?
Match #3 - Jennifer Lopez vs. Vida Guerra (rematch)

This is a long-awaited rematch between Vida Guerra and Jen Lopez for the Queen Of Asses title. The girls have agreed to this match and they arrive at a seculded beach-front resort that has a special ring setup on the beach. There are special invited guests and Lopez is still sporting a bruised eye nearly six weeks after their first match that saw her totally embarrassed and humiliated. Jen arrives with her assistant and back-up, none other than Angelina Jolie! The two had fought earlier, but now they've become secret lovers.

Vida Guerra arrives with her second, Halle Berry. This is the most anticpated rematch in a long time and the only people on the scene are the four girls. This match is being videotaped for viewing later by "selected" friends of the winner. J-Lo arrives looking tanned and sleek in a white bikini with black stripes. J-Lo looks great!

Vida is wearing her red mini-bikini. Vida curses Jen and tells her, "You'll be retired after this fight!"

In a surprise move, both girls agree that after the match, pictures will be sent to the "STAR" for publication!.

As the match is about to start, they enter the ring and Lopez backs up, then walks out saying, "Vida, if you want ME, you'll have to fight Angelina, my lover, first!"

Both Halle and Vida protest, but finally Vida shrugs and says, "OK! You're a pussy, Jen. I'll knock her ass out and then yours!"

Guerra and Jolie have never fought before but for this first encounter, Jolie chooses a black one-piece with a plunging front that reveals a great set of titties - and of course, she has her great ass!

The fight is on as Lopez calls to Jolie who says, "No way!”

“I need my revenge…I want that bitch!"

“Are you sure, Ang?” she asks.

“Yes,” Jen says.

While this is going on, Vida just watches and laughs. “You must be kidding,” she says as she turns to Halle, grabs her and gives her a long, hot kiss!. “I guess you two didn’t know about me and Halle!” Jen and Angie are surprised by this unexpected turn of events!

Jen and Vida enter the ring and exchange insults. Jen says, “Vida is a nobody! You never made a movie or even a recording - or anything. I have a clothing line, perfume and I’m an international star!”

“I’m the best looking,” says Vida. “That’s all I know. Oh, and that I kicked your ass! Now, I’ll kick it again!”

“Oh, really?” huffs J-Lo. “We’ll see about that!”

As the match begins, both women go for hair pulling. Jen, with a surprise move, quickly grabs Vida’s top and pulls her toward her. As she pulls, she rips the fabric and Vida’s tits spring out of the top. Her bra is left in Jen’s hands! Vida is pissed at having her ample boobs exposed so early and that gives Jen the advantage...or so she thinks!

This is turning out to be a great bout! Vida is enraged that her tits were exposed and Jen attacks them, grabbing Vida’s left tit and pulling as Vida cries, “OWWWWWWW!”

Jen pulls hard, then uppercuts Vida’s jaw. Vida is hurt as Jen grabs her by the hair and kicks her in the ass! Vida goes wild and charges Jen only to meet a SLAP to the face that stuns her. Jen has come to fight! In a quick move, Vida grabs jen and pulls her into a clinch. With her arms wrapped around Jen, Vida unhooks Jen’s bra and sets her puppies free! Vida tosses Jen’s bra away and tries to get at Jen’s tits, but Jen knees her in the groin! WHUMP!

Vida is stunned but she’s able to land a solid kick to Jen’s stomach which hurts Jen and backs her up! Vida follows with another kick to Jen’s hard abs and although Jen’s stomach is flat and hard, this kick hurts her!

“Go Vida!” yells Halle while Angelina urges J-Lo to, “Destroy the bitch!”

Both fighters are in good shape and fighting hard. Now, both are topless and when Vida grabs J-Lo’s hair she gives her a hard, open-hand SLAP to the breasts, than backhands her across the chest again! THWAP-WHAP! Jen reels back on her heels but she’s feisty and knees Vida in the groin-hard!

When Vida doubles over, J-Lo karate chops her in the back of the neck, dropping Vida to her knees! But Vida uppercuts J-Jo in the groin, then comes up with another uppercut to Jen’s jaw followed by two more punches to Jen’s face! J-Lo is hurt as her eye, still not fully healed from the last fight, quickly swells until it’s almost closed. Vida sees this and punches Jen in the face again. It looks bad for Jen, but she recovers and slams Vida in the mouth!

Blood spills from Vida’s lip and Jen thinks she’s hurt! Jen hammers a punch to Vida’s tits and Vida screams in pain as J-Lo punishes her tits again and again! Jen’s strategy is to go after Vida’s heavy tits because although Vida has a dynamite ass - the most photographed in the world - her tits are reported to be very sensitive (perhaps even more sensitive than the famous Charlize Theron, a woman Jennifer Lopez had beaten several times by battering her tits until she couldn’t take any more!)

Jennifer seizes the chance as she sees Vida is hurting and she goes after her while Vida covers up, letting Jen punch her in the ribs and belly. Sensing her revenge moment has arrived, Jen lands a shot to Vida’s jaw that spins her head. Jen grabs Vida’s hair, pulls her upright and spits in her face! Vida is woozy and can’t defend herself as Jen slaps her silly. Vida is slumped in the corner, holding onto the ropes.

“SLUT!” yells Jen as Vida turns her back to her and cuddles her battered boobs against the turnbuckle.

Jen uses Vida’s hair to yank her backward and throw her to the canvas. The tide is turning, Jen can sense victory. This is a great moment for Jen when Vida hits the canvas on her ass! Jen keeps hold of Vida’s hair and drags her around the ring by the hair as Vida screams, “Get off me cow!”

Jen drags Vida up by the hair like Vida did her in their first fight, forces her into the corner and slams her head into the turnbuckle. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Amazingly, Vida spins out of the corner and knees Jen between the legs from behind!

“Ungh! Yu…you bitch, you fouled me….” Jen grunts as she hunches forward, grabbing her crotch. Now both women are wounded but it’s Vida who recovers first and she lands a sharp jab to Jen’s injured eye!

Jen can’t see out the eye and when she tries to escape into the corner, Vida trips her and sends Jen sprawling on the mat! With Jen on her belly, Vida pulls back her foot and DRILLS her right between the legs! Jen sees stars as Vida kicks her again! When Jen curls up holding herself, letting out a strangled sob when Vida kicks her a third time, scooting her curled-up body across the canvas.

Vida winds up for another kick, but this time Jen catches her foot and lifts it in the air. Vida topples over backward, crashing to the canvas. With both on the canvas, they lock legs for a leg contest. Jen grunts as she tries to overpower Vida, then lets out a cry of pain as Vida’s legs prove more powerful! Jen winces as Vida’s leglock has her crying. Vida forces Jen onto her back, then releases the hold and jumps on Jen’s chest and begins to pound Jen’s head on the mat!

Jen’s face turns bright red as Vida SLAPs and cuffs her again and again. Jen can’t squirm out from under Vida who reaches back and pounds her fist down into J-Lo’s pussy. It proves a mistake as it allows Jen to pull her arm free and she claws Vida’s face, then grabs her hair, wrenching her to one side. Pulling her other arm free, Jen grabs Vida’s left tit and pinches her sensitive nipple.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Vida screams as Jen clamps down on both tits, pushing Vida off to the side in agony, allowing Jen to roll on top of her, straddle her chest, then inch up onto her face. Vida is having a hard time catching her breath with Jen’s ass covering her face.

At ringside, Angelina Jolie is ecstatic, clapping her hands as Jen squats on Vida’s face and Vida struggles in vain to escape. Vida bites Jen’s ass, then bites it again and Jen cannot maintain the facesit. She gets up, but as she turns toward Vida, she gets kicked in the pussy for the third or fourth time!

Jen is stunned and drops to her knees while Vida gets up to her feet. Jen staggers to meet her face to face and once more Jen goes after Vida’s sensitive tits, but Vida is ready and she mutters, “Not this time, cow!”

Vida knees Jen in the groin once more and J-Lo slowly drops to her knees, then leans forward on all fours, her chest heaving, her mouth gaping open as she struggles to get her breath. Vida walks around behind her and yanks down Jen’s panties, then pulls them down around her knees as J-Lo collapses on her stomach. Vida pulls Jen’s panties the rest of the way off, exposing Jen’s famously fabulous fanny!

Halle yells to Vida, “End the fight!”

She wants Vida to force Jen to submit. Jen looks glorious spread out on the canvas, her full breasts pancaked under her heaving chest, her firm round butt in the air, her tawny skin a dramatic contrast to the pale white mat. Jen had come into this fight in great shape, but Vida is young and talented and her ass is every bit the equal of J-Lo’s.

Now, as she looks down at Lopez, Vida tells the whimpering J-Lo, “Want to give up? You submit and I’ll let you go!”

“No way, bitch!” Jen groans as she tries to get up, only to be kicked in the face by Vida.

Jen’s face is a mess and it only gets worse when Vida kicks her over and over until Jen’s glamorous face is a bloody mess. Stepping back, Vida wipes Jen’s blood off her foot by rubbing it on Jen’s naked butt. Jen is barely conscious as Vida stands over her. Vida kicks Jen over onto her back, grinning as she sees Jen’s swollen lips and cut, bleeding eye. Slowly, Vida bends over as she slides her g-string down her long, strong legs.

“Sorry Jen, but MY ass is the best and it’s coming down on YOUR face!” She drops her ass on Jen's face as Jen tries to turn her head. Vida clenches Jen's face between her massive cheeks as Jen's nose is up her butt.

"AHHHHHH!" screams Jen as her face is buried between Vida's cheeks.

Vida yells, "Give up!" No answer as Jen's arms go numb and drop at her sides. She is out!!! Facesat by Vida and knocked out cold! Jen is unconscious as Vida straddles her face and, as a final insult, she wakes Jen up. Jen is goofy and her face has been sat on for fifteen minutes.

“Want more, Jen?” Vida tells Jen she will spank her in public and on tape again as well as punish her asshole unless she gives her sexual pleasure in front of Angelina.

“Nooooo,” pleads Jen. “I’d never eat your dirty snatch!”

Vida goes wild as Jen insults her in Spanish. She kicks Jen in the face again, then kicks her over onto her tummy. “Here it comes former Ass Queen,” Vida laughs.

Jen's delectable ass which looks even better than Vida's tonight, is a target as Vida spanks her over and over as she sits on her shoulders pinning her arms. This time Vida also calls Halle in and she spanks Jen's powerful butt as they work in tandem. When they’re satisfied, both get up, leaving the ring with Jen naked and beaten on the canvas, her asscheeks still rippling from the beating she’s been given. Angelina cries and runs into the ring where she kisses Jen and tries to console her. Jen is finished; two tries against Vida and two losses!

"Vida is just too strong! Let's get back to training," says Jen. "I think I can train harder and beat her next time."

Angie agrees to help J-Lo as the defeated ex-champ hobbles out of the ring leaning on her girlfriend!!
Match #4: Jennifer Lopez vs. Vida Guerra (another rematch) by Freddy Roberts

After an extensive Internet survey followed by an elimination tournament held in Atlantic City, the return of Jen Lopez for another fight with Vida Lopez is set. Jen has spent over six months in the gym training with an expert that she worked with in 'ENOUGH' - Angelina Jolie! Jen's bruises and sores have completely healed now and she is the one chosen from many women who wanted to fight young Vida.

Vida for her part has traveled the world and defended her "booty title". She has two dominating victories over Cindy Crawford, first in Singapore, then again in Calcutta. In a special cage match, Vida whipped and smashed Beyonce in Paris. This was a big win for Vida since Beyonce had beaten most of the top contenders (including both Cat Bell and Charlize Theron). Plus, Beyonce is known as "Ms Bootylicious." Beyonce's bootylicious behind wasn't up to the task, however, as Vida stripped and face sat her into oblivion!

Lopez has looked forward to this for months, ever since her previous defeat at the hands (ass, really) of Vida Guerra. This match will take place in the Miami, Florida, Convention Center and in addition to the 'walk-up' sales, 5000 tickets were sold over the Internet on both women's fan club sites in a lottery system to ensure the audience is (more or less) bi-partisan.

Jen has chosen her training partner Angelina has her assistant while Vida will be escorted by her longtime assistant (and rumored lover) Halle Berry. Berry hates J-Lo because she has face sat Halle on at least four different occasions! Only once has Halle ever defeated Jen - and then she needed help from Sean 'Puffy' Combs, Jen's ex-lover!

The rules are as follows:
-Pre-match beauty contest with judges;
-Submission by loser;
-Loser pays $100,000 to winner;
-Twenty minute post-match humiliation of loser;
-Loser's ass spanked;
-Match is videotaped with the winner holding distribution rights in perpetuity;
-And finally, the loser must agree to rematch on a date of the winner's choice.

The judges for pre-match 'beauty contest' are Liz Hurley, Maria Sharapova, Janet Jackson, Liv Tyler and Britney Spears. They will judge the women on seven specific areas: breasts, legs, mid-section, face, their overall shape, "sexiness" and finally, ass!

Contest one…Breasts: Jen comes to the judging area , tanned and in great shape, She wears a thin g-string black bikini. She goes before the judges and takes off her skimpy top. Vida wears a micro-thong outfit,, white. She takes off her top and displays he tities to the judges. Lopez wins by 3-2 and goes ahead 1-0.

Contest two…Legs: Both women's legs are muscular and tight but Lopez wins easily by 4-1 to lead 2-0!

Contest three…Midsection: Vida has a very tight tummy and wins this area 3-2 which leaves Lopez ahead 2-1.

Contest four...Face: Both have beautiful faces but again, Jen wins but it's the margin that's shocking (5-0) and she goes ahead by a 3-1 margin.

Contest five…Overall Shape: Jen is in in the best shape of her life, but Vida is younger and she's always in top shape. Vida wins this contest, slicking Jen's advantage to 3-2.

Contest six...Sexiness: Both women are extremely sexy and both are gorgeous. This one takes the judges some time to sort out, but after recounting the votes they announce a 3-2 win for Vida which ties the contest 3-3!!

Contest Seven…Ass: This is the deciding contest and one for pride. Jen drops her panties and parades in front of the judges, pausing and turning slowly to show off her "asset." Jen's ass jiggles as she bends over and presents her ass to the judges for their examination and evaluation.

Vida removes her thong and shows her ass is tanned and tight. Both of their asses are unmarked, unbruised, tanned and tight. Jens is a bit wider but Vida's a tiny bit more muscular. In such a close contest, any little thing can be decisive, so both girls also expose their snatches to the judges. Jen's the more hairy; Vida 's more closely trimmed. Both look perfect to the audience and it's noted that both Hurley and Spears lean forward in their seats to run their hands over both women's asses, squeezing to test the underlying muscle tone. Sharapova surprises everyone when she gets out of her seat, kneels in front of Jen and slowly runs her open fingers up and down, her fingers combing Jen's lush muff; her eyes closed and lips pursed as if remembering some pleasurable event from her past.

The vote is as follows for the deciding area: (remember, whoever wins this one also wins the beauty contest. Jen lost the "ass" area to Vida in their last confrontation and she looks on nervously as the crowd screams for a public display of the votes.) After a whispered consultation, the judges announce their vote:

Liz Hurley votes for Vida.
Britney Spears votes for Vida.
Maria Sharapova votes for Jen Lopez (no surprise!)
Liv Tyler votes for Lopez, so it's 2-2 and still an overall tie.

The deciding vote will be Janet Jackson's. The crowd awaits. They have no idea how she'll vote, but everyone knows Janet once lost a match to Jen and many think that may sway her vote. Finally, her vote is displayed as she holds up a large white card saying, LOPEZ!

Jen wins the ass contest and the pre-match beauty contest! When she realizes she's lost, Vida goes berserk! She charges Lopez before the fight is supposed to begin. The referee, Shannon Doherty, struggles trying to break it up as Vida strains to get at Jen. She reaches for Jen's hair, but Jen blocks it as they break it up.

Vida curses, "Bitch! Nobody beats my ass! You will be sitting under it tonight!"

"Oh really!" sniffs Jen. "Last time you got lucky, bitch! Not again. Tonight you'll taste the Latina 'butt of butts.' Your fat ass is mine!"

Shannon finally gets both girls back in their corners where their seconds try to keep them under control until the match begins. When the girls come out of their corners, Shannon gives them directions, "Anything goes, I'm here just to hear your submission and count a pin." The girls agree.

In a unusual move. Jen calls for the microphone and yells to the crowd, "Anyone want a nude match? I do!!! Let's fight nude!!!"

The crowd screams, "YES!"

Vida is stunned. This was supposed to be a strip match, but Jen is in great shape and has to do some things different to win. In the circumstance, however, Vida has no choice but to agree. The girls return to their corners where Jen removes her top and thong. She is in her naked glory! Vida takes her time, putting on a show for the crowd as she wiggles her big ass and slowly slips her top down her arms. Vida calls for a fan and gives him her white micro-thong as a souvenir. Jen just hands her outfit to Angelina who leaves the ring and gives it to Janet Jackson - along with a long, deep French kiss to thank her for her vote. Janet is pleased, panting as she returns to her seat.

As the bell sounds and both fighters move to the center of the ring, Angelina leaves J-Lo's corner and sneaks around the ring, She has a length of rope in her hands as she goes skulking toward Halle in Vida's corner. Halle is dressed in a bikini and with her eyes riveted on Vida, she doesn't see the bikini clad Angie who karate chops her in the neck. Halle drops off the ring apron onto the cement floor, stunned. Angie pounces and slams her head on the floor. Halle is out! Angie ties Halle hand and foot, hog-tying her like a cow on the arena floor. Angie has made sure Halle can't sneak into the ring and interfere.

"This will be a fair fight!" screams Angelina.

The girls face off. It is a very anticipated fight as Jen has lost two in a row to Vida who is undefeated in her last seven bouts. Still, Vida is in a nude face sit match with the former popular champ and she knows she's got her hands full! The match starts slowly as they exchange insults; Vida again calling Jen 'a cow' while Jen calls Vida 'a slut' and 'a pig.' Spanish curses fly as they pull hair and bodypunch away trying to weaken the other.

Vida lands a punch to Jen's nose and Jen lands a hard belly punch. She also hammers a solid left to Vida's vulnerable tits. In reply, Vida grabs Jen's tit in both hands, but Jen quickly pulls free. The girls viciously pull hair and tug on titties, turning this 'ass contest' into a 'tittie pulling match.'

Neither will let go and Jen screams as Vida pinches her large brown nipples and Vida yelps as Jen pulls on her tits and squeezes them with her powerful grip. Vida lets go of Jen's tits but Jen continues her 'boob assault.' Vida is almost in tears, but she kicks Jen in the tummy, forcing Jen to release her tits. Unfortunately for her, Vida has no time to recover as Jen kicks her in the tummy and follows with a SLAP that backs Vida into the corner where Jen hits her with a flurry of punches to her head, breasts and belly.

Vida punches her way out of the corner by fouling Jen with an uppercut to her cunt! Jen is stunned for a moment but she continues to SMACK Vida's face. Vida is forced back into the corner against the ropes when Jen knees her in the crotch with a powerful knee shot - then J-Lo knees her again with the other leg!

Vida knows she's in trouble after she's hit by two strong knees! Her face turns pale when Jen knees her a third time to her vulnerable pussy. Jen returns to punch Vida's tits again, then lifts a fourth knee to her pussy followed by… SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! …four hard slaps to Vida's wildly bouncing bare breasts. Vida's tits are turning bright red as Jen grabs and pulls them, stretching and twisting the supple flesh.

Vida screams, "… titties…" For the first time in their three fights, the crowd senses Lopez might be on the verge of a victory when Vida doubles over gasping and sobbing in the corner as Jen brutally and savagely yanks, pulls and twists her nipples. "Please, my tits…my tits...please..."

Jen straightens her up and knees Vida in the groin for the fifth time in the fight! Vida lets out a ragged cry as she's lifted in the air, her pussy throbbing in great pain as her tits are being pulled, stretched and crushed. Unbelievably, J-Lo knees Vida yet again, the sixth shot Vida's battered 'coochie' has taken. With a look of despair, Vida slumps to the canvas and rolls onto her back; her knees drawn up to her chest and her tear-filled eyes squeezed shut against the awful pain as Jen circles like a vulture just out of reach!

Halle, struggling hopelessly against her bonds, screams "Leave her alone!" She's heartsick with the realization her lover may be in for a real beating at the hands of the former champ. Vida is in tremendous pain and Halle can't help her! Angelina stands over Halle and kicks her in the face. Halle just takes it as she bucks and bounces, the rough cement scuffing and abrading her smooth flesh as she tries in vain to escape. Angelina, standing over Halle outside the ring, pulls down her bikini bottom and plants her ass on Halle's beautiful black face, smothering her out.

Halle gasps, "Gig uff muh fates..." then quietly goes out as Angie applies pressure until Halle goes to sleep.

Jen sneers to Vida, "Call me a cow....washed up and finished...Hell, I'm only 36 and I'll crush you, you stuck up bitch!"

Vida doesn't know what to expect as Jen pounces on her and - once again - drops a knee to her cunt. Vida sees stars as Jen knees her in the groin again and then yet again!! Even J-Lo's fans are losing count and as for Vida's fans, they long since closed their eyes and don't bother to count the grunts and groans coming from the ring.

Vida cries, " cunt, please."

But Jen, who was been beaten, face sat AND humiliated by Vida several times before, is just getting warmed up!

"Vida must submit!" Jen yells. "Give up yet?"

Vida moans, "No, cow cunt!"

Enraged, Jen explodes as she straddles Vida and drops her booty on her tummy, taking away most of Vida's air. Again, J-Lo grabs and squeezes Vida's battered, sore tits. She bends down and bites her left nipple as she squeezes the right. Vida cries out loud as Jen switches and bites her right tit, holding it in her teeth as she rears up, lifting Vida's shoulders off the mat for a few seconds and leaving red teeth marks on the formerly flawless flesh.

Still, Vida refuses to give up, so Jen punches her in her twat, reaching behind and pulling up on her labia as she squeezes her tits with her other hand. The double torture as her twat is punched and her breasts bitten and squeezed is almost too much to bear. Jen asks Vida if she gives as her hand pries into Vida's cunt. Vida is pinned and straddled and as Jen pinches her nipple some more, a creamy white liquid squirts out onto her hand.

"Hey! Milk from the little cow," laughs Jen, holding up her hand to show the crowd.

Even so, Vida doesn't give up right away so Jen stands over her and tells her she will now taste the ass that has smothered better fighters and better asses than her. J-Lo squats over Vida and lowers her proud ass onto her face. Vida squirms under her as Jen raises up briefly to reposition Vida's face directly under the crack of her gorgeous ass, then J-Lo sits back on Vida's nose, ramming it up her crack. Jen twists and shakes her ass, squeezing her cheeks on Vida's face. Vida can't breathe and she begins to frantically slap Jen's back.

Jen asks, "Give up?"

Vida yells, "YSSSS….my giff…"

But Jen is having too much fun to stop and she continues to sit on Vida's face and pinch her flattened titties. Vida is almost unconscious as Jen rides her face. She can't turn her head and after a few minutes she's knocked out and her arms fall limp as Jen looks down at her beaten opponent's red belly. Finally, Jen gets up. Vida is totally whipped, her face, a bloody mess.

Jen says, "Hmmmmmmm. I get twenty minutes after the submission.....time to have some fun!" She kicks Vida in the side and slowly, Vida awakens; groggy and unaware of what has happened...IT'S J-LO TIME!

"I'm going to have some fun with you, now." Jen looks down on Vida who has reawakened, shaking her head and still in great pain. "So, Ms.Big Shit, Big Shot...I'm the Queen again! My booty is superior and now I'll show you WHY!"

Vida is stunned and woozy as Jen has time to humiliate her further. She orders Vida to roll over on her belly and Vida does so...showing her unbelievable naked ass to the entire crowd. It hasn't been in this position for a long time and the crowd watches eagerly as Jen sits on Vida's shoulders and pins her arms...then draws back and SPANKs Vida's ass. Vida yelps with each SPANK as Jen enjoys this ass beating more than any since Theron's.

Vida is soon crying from pain and embarrassment as Jen attacks her naked ass with a cool, methodical precision, never hitting the same spot twice in succession…covering the entire jiggling mountain of succulent ass-flesh with SPANK after SPANK until Vida's entire bottom is glowing bright red.

Jen's open hand CRACKs well over thirty times before she lays down on Vida with her legs squeezing Vida's head as she bites Vida's ass...long, slow, deep bites that leave teeth marks on each hemisphere.

"OOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!" screams Vida as her ass is bitten.

J-Lo chuckles, "How's it feel bitch? You did it to me, now you get it!" But Jen isn't done yet! She squats over Vida and front facesits her. "Kiss my ass bitch!" Vida obediently arches her neck to kiss Jen's ass. "Now I'm going to stick a nice big dildo all the way up your asshole like you did to me!" Angelina reaches through the ropes and hands her a long black dildo.

"Get on all fours!" screams Jen, using her foot to nudge Vida onto her hands and knees. Jen squats behind her and slowwwwly pushes the enormous dildo into her ass. At first, Vida screams, then she grunts as Jen pushes it in deeper. Vida starts to cry as the crowd watches her take the whole ten inches! Then Jen orders her to get on her belly and Jen sits at her feet and pumps the dildo in and out as Vida cries uncontrollably.

"Nice ass," Jen says. "You've got a nice, tight ass, but mine is better...say it, bitch!"

Vida moans, " have a better ass..."

Jen orders her to admit she's a young, fat cow and a whore and Vida says it. Jen next slides the ten inch dildo all the way into her ass and Vida screams in agony as Jen pounds it in and out. The last time, she pulls it out, then turns her back to Vida.

"Now, lick my asshole to show everyone you know my ass is best." Jen gets on all fours and Vida kneels behind her. "Now, lick my bung hole....bitch!" Vida licks Jens asshole. Jen says, "Stick your tongue in too." Again, Vida submissively complies and tongues Jen's asshole. "That's a good girl, get the hell outta here!'

Vida collapses on the canvas...the pain has been too much. While she lays on her back, Jen rushes over to Angelina and leaps into her arms. Jen is crowned the new "Booty Champ while Vida is helped out of the ring. Jen has taken her revenge; Vida is totally beaten.

What next for Vida and Jen in this long battle for the best ass? More to come. Jen is doing a new movie and after Vida heals and does another magazine shoot there will be another fight...after all, still another rematch is guaranteed!