How Diane Lane got Jack(ed): w/Jennifer Lopez and Fran Drescher by bocarat

Shooting for the film “Jack” (1996 release) had all but wrapped but director Francis Ford Coppola had called the female stars back to the set. The writers thought at the last minute that maybe a follow-up to the scene where Jack (Robin Williams) is trying to get one of his ‘buddies” out of trouble with his mom Dolores ‘DD’ Durante (Fran Drescher). Jack who was growing 4X faster than his classmates had the appearance of an adult, posed as an adult telling of the virtues of DD’s son. The writers wrote a scene that word got back to Jack’s mom (Diane Lane), and she would ask why DD was has a conversation with her son.

“DD” was supposed to a character that was always flirting, and more with the men in the town married or not! Jack’s mom would confront “DD” at school, and insults and accusations would lead to a schoolyard scrap between the two actresses. The boys in Jack’s class would witness the fight, and soon “DD’s” son would bet Jack that his mom could take Jack’s mom. The bet was for Jack to do “DD’s” son’s homework for a week.

The scene would show the two women rolling around on the playground, and shots of the boys in Jack’s class rooting and hollering at the two combatants. Finally, Jack’s teacher Miss Marquez (Jennifer Lopez) would intercede to break up the fight, then cast a disapproving eye at a crying Jack (Robin Williams).

During the shooting of several scenes on the set, Robin Williams would crack jokes, and imitate something or someone to break the tension on the set. Diane Lane loved the camaraderie of the cast and crew - except for Fran Dresher. Her joking around with Robin off-camera during some of scenes in which Robin and Diane were supposed to have tender drama caused, Diane a classically trained actress some anxiety and anguish. Diane would in turn mock Fran ‘s nasal speech, and some tension grew on the set between the two.

The Writers, seeing this, started to see what can be done to take advantage of the tension, and created the above-mentioned scene.

Fran, Diane and even Jennifer Lopez were all New Yorkers. Fran was in her late 30’s, Diane early 30’s and Jennifer about 26. All were close in height, and size and distinct in their own personality and temperament. The writer’s didn’t want to use stunt doubles but the actresses themselves. They assured the director, and the women that it would only be a quick, short scene, and that no one would get hurt.

But Diane and Fran secretly wanted to settle or resolve some of the differences and tension between the two. The scene was set, and soon Fran and Diane were ready to go at each other. Fran was dressed in a short mini-skirt, and revealing top and heels to accentuate her shapely figure; Diane was dressed in a casual blue T-shirt, and cutoff jean shorts and sneakers.

The director noticed that before he could call, “Ready on the set!” the two actresses were both focused and staring at each other. Soon the action started, and Diane had Fran down on the sand in the playground. Their hands were each buried in the other’s hair. Fran in a short mini-skirt had her shapely legs wrapped around Diane’s thin waist. Diane was in control as her strong, muscular legs (now revealed to the camera, cast and crew) were being used as leverage to force Fran down on her back and into the sand of the playground.

Jennifer got her cue and came in to try to break up the fight but the two were engaged in a heated battle. As she tried again, this time Jennifer then reached down, and grabbed both women by the ears and separated the two wildcats like little children. The scene was over, and after a few moments both women were shaking and brushing the sand out of their hair, clothes and even undergarments.

Diane reached out and offered to shake Fran’s hand, either she didn’t notice the offer, or ignored it. Diane looked at the director, who nodded his approval, and she then went to her trailer to shower and change her clothes.

The three females stars shared the same trailer and as Diane started her shower to remove the sand and grit from her body and hair, Fran entered the trailer, sat down at a small secretary desk, and began to make some phone calls. As she dialed, and started talking, she saw Diane’ s personal address and phone book, and started to thumb through the pages as she chatted on the line.

When Diane got out of the shower, and walked out of the bathroom she saw Fran thumbing through her personal address book.

Clad only in a white bath towel, Diane asked, “What the hell are you doing!”

Fran still in her clothes from the scene “Just chatting on the phone! What’s it to you?”

“That’s mine!” Diane says as she grabbed the address book.

“Oh relax bitch. Nobody cares about your little black book anyway. We all know you slept your way to these parts, or used your daddy’s connections,” Fran responded.

“Fuck you cunt!” Diane said.

Diane slapped Fran who jumped up and slapped Diane! Just then, Jennifer walked into the trailer and found her two co-stars tearing and pulling at each other’s hair, clothes and a modest bath towel. Jennifer just stood as if frozen, but like the cameras on the set; she captured every scene, motion and movement mentally.

SMACK! The sound of the slap snapped J-Lo out of her trance as Diane wailed on Fran and soon had the older actress on the floor and between her muscular thighs. Diane had Fran face down on the floor and trapped between her thighs as she began to pull up on the raven-haired beauty.

“AAUUGGGHH!” Fran screamed in pain, then dug her long, manicured nails into the thigh of her attacker.

“OOWWWWWW!” Now it was Diane’s turn to cry out, but she flipped Fran onto her back and pinned her to the floor with her knees on Fran’s shoulders.

Soon, Diane’s strong hands were around Fran’s neck, but not squeezing just applying pressure on her breathing passage. Diane hopped up and down on Fran’s chest, and each time moved closed to Fran’s face. Diane was completely naked, and Fran’s top had been torn open revealing her fully endowed lacy black bra, and silky white breasts and nipples. Fran’s legs were bent at the knee, trying to twist from the weight and pressure of her attacker.
Jennifer just stood in the corner concentrating and yet hoping to become part of the brawl. She was watching the fight in front of her, but behind the two actresses. Her body temperature had risen, and she could hear her breathing become deeper and faster.

Diane had Fran’s wrist in her hands and would pick them up and then slam them down in a show of dominance, and hopelessness for Fran. Diane did this several times, and each time would bounce on Fran’s chest and torso. Diane straightened up and smiled down at her victim.

Diane told Fran she was, “…a stupid slut to fuck with me!”

Fran replied, “Fuck you bitch!”

Diane then lowered herself a top the pinned Fran, and mashed her full chest into Fran’s. Diane long light brown hair covered their faces as Diane eyes gazed into Fran’s. Diane said, “You’re just jealous of these,” she said, grabbing her boobs and shaking them at Fran. “…and my ability as an actress.”

Fran spewed back, “HA! Me, jealous of those bags! Hell no bitch!”

Diane laid and pressure Fran’s mammaries with her own, and grind and rub them the breasts together. Jennifer could see Diane’s legs begin to move and snake around Fran’s. Each time Diane moved, Jennifer standing in the director’s spot could see the tingling in each woman’s love mound, or was it her own. Jennifer quiet all this time, could feel the juices begin to flow in her body, and the desire to join this fracas on the floor in front of her.
Diane asked Fran if she gave up, telling her to admit Diane was the ‘better actress and the better woman’. Diane continued to pressure her chest and thighs into those of Fran’s matching set and pair.

Diane rose up over Fran, and moved her thighs up Fran’s prone body. Fran was soon underneath Diane’s love mound. Jennifer could barely hear Fran’s muffled cries, as Diane gyrated on Fran’s face. Diane had Fran’s shoulders pinned with her knees, and her long legs pulled to the side by Diane’s strong arms. Fran struggled and briefly broke her legs and arms free. She attacked Diane’s full breasts, and began to claw and tear into the tender flesh.

Diane screamed in pain, but gained her composure and applied her nails into the exposed flesh of Fran’s love mound. As Diane reached back and clawed, Fran again cried out, begging Diane to stop.

Diane asked Fran, “Do you give bitch? Do you give up?”

She relaxed and released her death claw at Fran’s tender love mound, but Fran took the opportunity to tear into Diane’s breasts, and tried to pull the full breasts towards her mouth for a final attempt to turn the fight her way.

Diane screamed, “Nooooo!” and tried to jerk away from Fran’s attempt.

Diane jumped off Fran, but quickly switched her positioned and sat on Fran’s face with her round, shapely ass to accentuate the point of her victory and her dominance over Fran. As Diane looked towards Jennifer in surprise, and towards Fran’s thighs and legs, she focused her attention on Fran’s thighs and love mounds, and embarrassingly smiled at Jennifer. She scratched and clawed at the delicate flesh of Fran.

Jennifer looked on in curiosity as Diane scratched and clawed, and then punched the soft belly of the pinned and prone Fran. Diane looked up several times to keep tabs on Jennifer who was startled to have been finally spotted, and now yearned for some action. Diane looked up at Jennifer who was moving towards the two female fighters, as Fran conceded defeat to her light haired rival.

Diane relaxed and was ready to get off Fran, when Fran said, “You fucking bitch! Look what you did to me, you whore!”

Diane lowered herself and began to punch Fran in the gut, face and chest. This time, Jennifer interceded and pulled up Diane again and pinned her up against the wall of the trailer, holding her away from Fran who was cowering and sobbing in the corner. Jennifer held Diane pinned up against the wall but Diane was still fighting. She had a firm hold of Jennifer’s hair and Jennifer responded by pulling at Diane’s hair.

The two gorgeous women bodies writhed in pain and rhythm. Diane naked with a slick sheen of sweat from her earlier fight, and Jennifer dressed in a delicate sundress worn during the playground fight scene fought on. Then Jennifer upped the ante as she grabbed Diane’s right breast in her left hand, and jerked down on Diane’s light brown mane of hair. Diane responded by squeezing Jennifer’s left breast with her right hand, and jerked down on Jennifer’s brown hair. Their bodies bumped and rubbed as the two women were cast in a stalemate.

Jennifer eventually wore down the ”battle fatigued” fair haired and skinned actress. Grunts, groans and cusses were expelled from each actress’ mouths, without a script of hate, the actresses used competition to continue their fight. Jennifer already aroused from Diane’s earlier fight lusted for more bodily contact between the two beautiful women. Jennifer finally overpowered Diane onto the small bed in the trailer and forced Diane on her back. Diane instinctively reached up and grabbed and squeezed Jennifer’s ripe melons.

Jennifer returned the favor, as each woman squealed in pain. Jennifer was doing to Diane what earlier Diane had done to Fran. She wiggled her gorgeous ass up Diane’s prone body, and bounced on her stomach towards her chest. Jennifer then laid out Diane and grinded her chest and thighs into Diane’s. Jennifer could feel the warmth of her juices staining and dampening her panties. Diane could also feel her own juices boiling as Jennifer shifted her weight and position to match Diane’s full breasts with her own, and Jennifer’s love mound with Diane’s exposed mound. Jennifer rolled Diane back and forth as if she were making bread with Diane’s flesh.

Jennifer reached back and dug her nails into Diane’s firm thighs, as Diane pulled and yanked on Jennifer’s hair and her breasts which were trying to escape the confines of Jennifer’s dress and bra. Jennifer spread her legs to take the leverage away from Diane, and also to provide greater surface area for the intimate contact between the two.

Jennifer became increasingly frustrated over her lack of satisfaction from their fleshy, lusty battle. Jennifer decided or allowed her instincts to take over, and matched Diane’s earlier move and rose up and then lowered herself on Diane’s face. Jennifer rubbed her love mound over Diane’s once beautiful face. She used her hips and thighs to avoid suffocating out the actress, and then spread Diane’s lovely legs and began to rub and massage Diane’s thighs, legs and eventually the light brown pubic hairs of her love mound.

Diane was lost in an abyss of anger, and sensual stimulation. Jennifer too was losing her composure, and began to cum on Diane’s face, as Diane cupped Jennifer ‘s full ass and pushed in her depleted energy state to try to stave off suffocation from Jennifer’s reverse face sit. Jennifer continued to rock back and force on Diane’s face, as Diane struggled less and less, and then began to understand that she would have to lick and probe the juicy, wet fabric of Jennifer’s love creases through her panties. Jennifer continued to probe Diane’s love mound and each woman would soon reach orgasm with moans and cries of satisfaction.

Jennifer slowly rolled off of Diane, and looked at Fran who had recovered from the beating Diane had given her, and then back at Diane who reached for her wayward bath towel, and wiped her face, chest and torso of sweat, love juices and some small drops of blood. Diane was pissed at Jennifer, wishing she had the strength to continue the fight - but enough was enough.

Jennifer then rose up over the two more mature actresses and said, “You know, you should’ve learned in school not to mess with other people’s belongings.” Then she cast her gaze to Fran back toward Diane and added, “I always thought I’d learn from you and I have. Thank you, and now I know how they end a fight in Hollywood."