Madonna vs. Jennifer Lopez by celebrity fan10-24-00

Madonna comes in wearing a dominatrix outfit and states, "I find Jennifer's big bottom very appealing! I'm going to enjoy giving it a good spanking."

Jennifer says, "She'll be licking and kissing, not spanking it."

Madonna starts out very well. She gets hold of Jennifer's hair and swings her around by it pulling out huge chunks of it. Madonna slings Jennifer down on her knees on the floor, then mounts Jennifer's back and makes Jennifer give her a pony ride. Madonna laughs as she swats Jennifer's big ass with a riding crop, forcing Lopez to ride her around the room.

Madonna has stripped Lopez naked and her big ass is covered in red welts from Madonna's riding crop. A humiliated and angry Lopez bucks Madonna off and when Madonna hits the floor hard, she hits her head making her woozy.

While Madonna is seeing stars Lopez goes to work! She picks Madonna up and stands her against a wall, then she handcuffs Madonna's hands behind her back with the handcuffs Madonna had planned to use on her. Lopez pulls down the top of Madonna's dominatrix outfit exposing her bare breasts.

Lopez uses Madonna's boobs as punching bags, beating them red black and then blue. Poor Madonna can only cry and beg as Lopez punches her pride and joy breasts repeatedly. Madonna's beautiful breasts shake and quiver wildly under Jennifer's punching. In tears, Madonna begs Jennifer not to ruin her breasts but Jennifer only laughs and says she has more in store for her.

Jennifer throws Madonna to the floor and gets behind her. She tells Madonna she's is always changing her hairstyle and now she's going to give her a new one. Jennifer pulls out huge chunks of Madonna's blond hair then drags Madonna to a chair and ties her to it. Madonna cries and bawls while Jennifer shaves her head completely bald!

Lopez says, "I never liked blondes and your new look is a lot better."

Madonna begs for mercy but none is given. Lopez reminds Madonna of her threat to spank her and states that Madonna is the bad girl who needs the spanking. Lopez then strips off the rest of Madonna's dominatrix outfit. She takes Madonna over her knee and orders her to sing the lyrics from her song "Hanky-panky" while she blisters her bare bottom with a wooden paddle Madonna brought along to use on Jennifer.

Every time Madonna makes a mistake in the song, her spanking starts all over. A howling Madonna has trouble singing her song while her bottom is being set on fire. The spanking goes on for quite a while until Madonna's ass is totally blistered. Madonna submits and says she will do anything Lopez says if Lopez will stop punishing her. A smiling Lopez agrees and orders Madonna to lick and kiss her bare ass. This goes on for an hour and Lopez makes all kind of degrading and insulting comments which a crying Madonna can only endure.

Finally, Lopez orders Madonna to stand in the corner while she figures out more duties for her slave. Madonna can only cry and rub her blistered bottom while Jennifer decides her fate. Ultimately, Madonna is forced to wear a wig to cover her bald head and spend the next month serving not only as Jennifer's maid, but also as her submissive sex slave.

(Inquiring minds wonder if the proud and haughty Madonna will let matters rest or will she recover and seek retribution?)