Jennifer Lopez vs. Tara Reid by Scott

Jennifer Lopez doesn't get to spend much time in her native New York often so when does get the chance to work in the 'Big Apple' she sometimes shares a luxury apartment with other actresses living in the city. For the past few months while working on a film she had been living with Tara Reid. Last week though she had to go to her Miami residence to take care of some personal matters. Her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, and her had spent some time with Tara and the three of them all got along real well. Now that Jennifer was gone Ben had been flirting with Tara a little but more. One night Ben called her up invited the young star out for a night of fun. Fun was Tara's middle name and she liked Ben too so they went to Toronto for what turned out to be a wild night I that included a visit to a strip club.

A couple of days had passed and the news of Tara and Ben's crazy night hit all the rag magazines and even some of the legitimate newspapers. Tara didn't seemed to concerned about how Jennifer might take this as she lay on her couch relaxing in a orange body suit reading one of the gossip magazine about her night out with Ben. Instead she was dreaming about how nice it would be to be his wife if only Jennifer wasn't in the way.

A few minutes passed by when Tara heard the front door slam.

"You bitch! Look what I found at the newsstand," Jennifer stormed in the apartment having seen one of the magazines at the airport. "What were you doing with my boyfriend?"

"This is America sweetie. I can do as I please," Tara pointed out.

Jennifer getting angrier by the minute then knelt down on the couch in front of the blonde and pinned her arms down. Seeing one of the magazines with Ben and Tara's picture on the cover Jennifer let loose and tossed the magazine across the room. Tara sat up and tried to retrieve it but Jennifer grabbed one of her shoulders pulling her back to the couch.

"Well you weren't going out with Ben that much. You are just always a little bit too busy," Tara attempted to explain her way out of her predicament.

"I give him plenty of love," Jennifer retorted blocking Tara from leaving the couch.

"He's not your boyfriend and you are never going out with him again," Jennifer ordered grabbing both of Tara's arms pushing her down as she tried to get up.

"I'll do what I want," said a defiant Tara.

"I'm sick of you and sick of the way you come in here and think you own this apartment," Tara went on complaining about Jennifer's famous DIVA behavior.

"I went out with Ben to get back at you. I am just sick of you!" (and no doubt jealous of her fame and body)

Jennifer let go of Tara's arms and both girls were sitting on the back on their knees on the couch a few feet from one another. Jennifer looked like she had a tear in her eye but Tara was shooting daggers back.

"You're sick of me? Who has paid your rent for the last 3 months since you have been out of work?

"Where would you be without me?" Jennifer asked, feeling betrayed.

"I'd be a lot further than I am now!" Tara snarled.

Jennifer was getting annoyed at Tara's lack of gratitude.

"You'd probably be living on the street and doing pornos. You career is in the toilet," Jennifer said.

"Says you!" That got Tara's blood boiling to a higher level.

"So you thought you tried to get back at me?"

"Yeah I wanted to get back at you, you bitch," Tara said as she reached for Jennifer's face, trying to claw her.

But Jennifer extended her longer arms and got a choke hold around Tara's throat. Jennifer didn't put her full effort in the choke and Tara was able to slide down the couch and Jennifer couldn't hold onto the slippery female as both were on their knees facing each other on the carpet.

"Why don't you get out of those fancy clothes of yours and fight like the cunt that you are. Tara suggested thinking for some reason that would give her an advantage.

Jennifer eased off her designer outfit leaving her in a bra that was one cup to small, skimpy high cut panties and beige stockings.

Trying to gain an advantage Tara lunged on top of Jennifer within a mini-second after she removed her top. Jennifer easily flipped her over and quickly straddled the smaller female.

"You must have been working out at your fancy gym but I'll still take your boyfriend away from you," Tara said boldly even though she was looking up at Jennifer who straddling her chest.

"Go on keep talking, make me mad," Jennifer's hurt feelings were turning into anger and Tara kept on baiting her.

"Your ass is too big and you singing is wretched."

Jennifer laughed at Tara's defiance and eased off her body sitting on her knees.

"Come on. I'll give you a chance. Bring it on!" Jennifer motioned to Tara to attack her, confident she would dominate the smaller blonde as Tara dove forward only to be quickly forced onto her back as Jennifer climbed back atop her.

"What are you gonna do now?" Jennifer asked

"I'm going to keep on seeing Ben," Tara said stubbornly.

Jennifer moved to her side bringing Tara with her scissoring her waist. Although the singer wasn't squeezing that hard Tara was in pain and reached for Jennifer's face. But Jennifer grabbed her arms, controlling them easily as she continued the painful squeezing.

"You going to see Ben?

"Damn Right!" Jennifer let up on the scissors for a second and Tara tried to sit up but Jen just pushed her back down. "You can't stop me!"

"Oh I can stop you. I can stop you real good," Jennifer said as she again straddled Tara, then eased back, allowing Tara to roll onto her side. Jennifer got an arm around her neck and pulled her back towards her then wrapped her legs around Tara's waist. Tara was already breathing hard and not giving Jennifer much resistance much to the Latina's disappointment. She was hoping for more of a challenge.

"Come on fight," Jennifer taunted as she eased off the choke and flexed her legs, squeezing Tara's small waist and causing the girl to groan. Jennifer released the scissors but ordered Tara to turn around and put her head down (in Jennifer's groin)

Tara resisted and got a hard slap in the face then did as she was ordered.

"Oh gawd!" Tara said, disgusted as she lay on her stomach with her face in Jennifer's crotch as the Latina sat relaxed, her legs resting on Tara's back.

"How many more times are you going out with Ben now?"

"As many times as I want," A still defiant Tara exclaimed

Jennifer pushed Tara away and allowed her to get to her knees and the two wrestled around.

Now mad as hell Tara was able to push Jennifer on her back.

"Oh you getting tough now?" In reality Jennifer wasn't giving her best effort.

Tara wasn't able to straddle Jen though as the bigger woman got her legs around the blonde's waist keeping her on her knees trapped between her legs.

"You think you're so hot? Hell, if I had a cock, I'd fuck you, then spit in your face!" Tara raged.

Those words angered Jennifer and she quickly kicked Tara away and down to the carpet.

"Come on baby give us a kiss," Jennifer taunted as both ladies scrambled to their knees.

Tara tried slapping Jennifer but Jen caught her hand and the two grappled and Tara found herself in a familiar position on her back straddled by Jennifer.

This time Jennifer scooted up until her crotch was resting on Tara's neck.

"Get your crotch out of my face," ordered Tara who was in no position to make demands.

"Don't like it, huh? Well, smell it, bitch!" Jennifer snarled as she inched up placing her hot snatch on Tara's face and rubbed vigorously as Tara cried out it disgust.

After a few seconds Jennifer eased back, "So, are you going to go out with my boyfriend again?"

Jennifer moved back on Tara's body allowing the smaller woman to lift up her upper body and lean on her elbows but Tara did not answer she just looked at Jennifer with piercing eyes. To Jennifer's surprise, Tara suddenly wrapped her legs around Jennifer's waist but Jennifer just giggled.

"Good try! Let's see you get away from this Jen," Tara said as she squeezed as hard as she could with her thin legs.

Jennifer tried pulling the blonde's legs apart but was having unexpected difficulty. Still Jennifer kept smiling as Tara's legs were doing no damage to her tight mid-section. After a few seconds of pushing down Jennifer freed herself and Tara tried scampering away, but Jennifer grabbed her and forced her on her back. As she straddled Tara once more, Jennifer removed her bra showing a jealous Tara what a real pair of tits should look like.

Tara was able to push an unbalanced Jennifer off her but the singer quickly recovered and trapped Tara in a waist scissors as she lay on her stomach, in agony, her tiny waist being crushed between Jennifer's anaconda-like legs. Jennifer would ease up once in a while allowing Tara to get to her elbows and knees and then reapply the pressure forcing Tara back to her stomach.

"You better let me up Jennifer," Tara gasped.

"Come on, get up," Jennifer grinned as she let up just enough for Tara to squirm free.

Moving quickly, Tara leaped towards Jennifer and tried to mount her. Jennifer simply wrapped her arms around Tara's legs and waist and lifted her up and tossed her on the couch. She then pushed Tara's legs up and over Tara's head leaving Tara in an embarrassing and helpless position.

"Come on Jennifer I don't want to fight you. Can't we call it quits?"

Even the dumb blonde realized she wasn't going to overpower Jennifer. The actress let loose of Tara's legs.

"Oh you want to call it quits. I don't think so." She forced Tara to her stomach and got behind her and applied a camel clutch. "I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson now. Whose boyfriend are you going to steal next?"

"Let go!!" a rasping voice Tara demanded.

"You're so tough, get out of it on your own!"

Tara was in a vulnerable position. With a sharp twist of the neck Jen could easily snap the girl's neck. Instead she just continued to pull backwards causing a sharp pain to run up the blonde's back. Jennifer finally tired of the hold and pushed Tara off the couch to the carpet taking her seat on the blonde's chest. Her tits were inches from Tara's face that made her cry. Then she pressed her tits in Tara's face and rubbed vigorously. Within seconds, Tara began gasping for air so Jennifer sat back, releasing Tara and allowing her to regain her breath.

"When I saw that photo of you and Ben I cried!" Jennifer said, her voice catching in her throat.

"He should never have been dating you, you're no good for him!" Tara said between gasps of air.

Jennifer reacted by getting turning Tara around and getting her in a full nelson. "Oh yeah, what should Ben have done?" she asked, applying pressure.

"He should have been with me the whole time!" Tara reasoned, reaching back to get her hands in Jennifer's hair, but Jennifer increased the pressure as she wrapped her legs around Tara's midsection and squeezed.

Even though Tara was breathing hard, she gasped, "You're going to let me up."

Getting angrier by the minute Jennifer applied more pressure around Tara's neck and waist. Tara's arms soon slipped out of Jennifer's hair.

"How many more times you going to go out with my boyfriend?"

"As many times as I want!" Tara still hadn't wised up so Jennifer released the full nelson, put Tara on her back and put her in the waist scissors.

"OW! OWW!!" As Jennifer flexed her legs, Tara gasped in agony.

"What are you going to do?" Jennifer asked as the blonde pushed feebly against her legs. "You're not going anywhere until you promise not to see Ben again and give me your apartment."

"I'm in love with him and I don't care," said the misguided girl.

"Oh is that your true love this week? Who was it last week? Carson (Daly)?" Jennifer snapped as she rolled Tara onto her stomach and put her in another camel clutch.

"Let...the....fuck....go...." Tara could barely whisper.

"NEVER!" shouted Jennifer who pulled way back on Tara's torso, causing the blonde to scream in pain. Tara's arms were waving frantically trying to find a way to escape. Jennifer began grinding her crotch in Tara's back further disgusting the blonde.

"No wonder Ben doesn't want to go out with you, you're sick!"

Jennifer released the hold and let Tara up. The blonde rubbed her neck but Jen gave her little rest. She grabbed her arms and dragged the blonde towards her forcing the young star to her side and pushed her face into her pungent crotch again and wrapping her legs around her head to keep her from escaping. To make matters worse one of Jennifer's legs also tied up Tara's right arm leaving her with nothing but one undersized arm and hand to use in her defense.

"You like it there don't you?" Jennifer cooed, wiggling her hips.

"No I don't!" Tara cried as her face was pressed against Jennifer's moist panty covered crotch when Jennifer grabbed the back of Tara's head and pushed it forward to meet her thrusting hips.

"Let go of me!" Tara said as Jennifer grabbed her free arm preventing her from scratching her leg.

Jennifer spread her legs allowing Tara to sit up but it was only so singer could establish another hold. She immediately got Tara in a reverse choke hold although it was only to keep her close and not to make Tara submit.

"I'm really tired of this," Tara said softly, hoping Jennifer would stop.

"You going out with Ben again? Answer me!" Jennifer demanded removing her arm from Tara's neck but wrapping her legs around her waist keeping her from moving as she waited for an appropriate answer.

Tara wasn't saying anything so Jennifer took one of the blonde's legs and pushed it up and towards Tara's head as she sat on the other leg. Her knee was pressing down hard on Tara's widely spread crotch area. It looked like Jen was making a wish with a chicken bone and if Tara didn't answer soon her leg might be separated from her hip. Tara was helpless to defend herself so Jennifer let loose but moved onto the blonde's chest in a straddle.

She lay on top of Tara slithering up until her breasts were over Tara's face. She began breast smothering the lady. After a few moments she let Tara breathe but held her hands down to the carpet. Then she lifted up her hips and thrust them down onto Tara's lower body four times knocking the wind out of her and bruising her mound as her thigh pounded down landing between the blonde's legs. Seeing that Jennifer was livid with anger and unable to defend herself Tara burst into tears.

"You know what you have to say don't you?" Jennifer said, still looking for an apology

Being stubborn or stupid Tara didn't offer one, just said lamely, "I don't think Ben's worth fighting over. I just used him to get back at you anyway."

Jennifer then forced Tara on her stomach and when Tara tried to raise up Jennifer who was in a squatting position over her would drop her fleshy bottom down onto the small of Tara's back. This went on for 5 or 6 times until Tara didn't have the strength to raise herself up.

Jennifer lay on top of Tara and lifted her head up talking trash in her ear, "You learning let?"

"You can't teach me anything."

Jen decided that Tara needed some more time in her crotch and moved her to her side scissoring her head between her legs and rubbed her face in her crotch for several seconds. Then she got her legs around her scrawny neck until Tara began gagging. Jen released the hold and gave Tara yet another chance to wise up and again asked her if she would go out with Ben again. Foolishly Tara gave her the wrong answer and as expected, she once more found herself on her back with Jen on top.

"OUCH!" Tara yelled as Jennifer's knee made contact between Tara's legs when Jennifer climbed aboard.

"Oh did I hurt you? I didn't mean to hurt you," Jennifer said sarcastically.

"You can't hurt me," but that was wishful thinking as Jennifer slithered her way up Tara's body until she was sitting high on her chest flattening her pre-fake breasts. The blonde started bawling.

Jennifer wasn't going to wait any longer on an apology. She slid backward and got Tara into a waist scissors and was squeezing hard. Tara was screaming out in agony as her stomach, ribs and lungs were being compressed. Tara continued to cry out and express that she didn't want to fight but still offered no apology.

"You bitch," Tara managed to whisper when Jennifer eased up for a second.

"Yeah I can be," Jennifer said as she continued pulsating her legs.

"Jennifer?" Tara spoke softly.

"Yes?" Jennifer stopped for a second, expecting to hear, 'I'm sorry' but instead Tara just repeated she was tired of fighting.

"Are you tired enough to admit you were wrong?"

"Jennifer...I...I love you."

Jennifer wasn't buying it and forced Tara on her back as she straddled the blonde, "You show it by going out with my boyfriend?"

"You're never with him. He was lonely," whimpered Tara

"He's my boyfriend!" Jennifer said with a tear in her eye. Tara immediately started crying. Whether it was because she was sorry about what she did to Jennifer or because she knew she could not prevent Jennifer from doing what she wanted with her was uncertain. "You had no right. Do you understand that?" Jennifer roared as she lifted her ass in the air and pounded it down on Tara's belly a few times, then scooted up and ground her crotch on Tara's neck.

"Please…forgive me?" Tara sobbed

"Never!" Jennifer hissed as she covered Tara's nose and mouth in a front facesit, leaving Tara gurgling and sobbing as she thrashed about and slapped Jennifer's legs. But no escape was forthcoming as Jennifer ground her pussy on the blonde's face.

"I com breve!" (I can't breathe) Tara mumbled into her tormentor's pussy.

"That's tough. What is it you want to breathe?" Jennifer asked easing off a bit to let Tara answer.

"I don't want to breathe this....Jennifer….please stop?"

"Breathe it, come on. Get your nose up in there deep," Jennifer growled as she resumed her suffocating grinding. She did allow Tara some breaths when she lifted up an inch or two but slammed her pussy into Tara' mouth and nose when she did.

Jennifer stopped to ask Tara a question. "Whose boyfriend are you going to steal next week?"

"I promise Jennifer I won't do it again." But Jennifer wasn't interested in anything Tara had to say now. She held down her arms and changed positions to establish a reversed facesit. "Oh gawd, NO!" Tara cried, lacking the energy and strength to escape and seeing Jennifer's big bottom descend on her face. "I'm sorry; I won't do it again," Tara hysterically yelled, suddenly apologetic as Jennifer spread her bottom finding a comfortable position on the small face.

"No you won't. No you won't!" Jen was determine to teach Tara a lesson as she squashed her face with her ass.

Only Tara's hair was visible under Jennifer's big bottom. She thrashed her arms and legs as if electrocuted desperate for air but Jennifer was not moved physically or emotionally. Jennifer pulled down the top of Tara's top revealing her small boobs. She started roughly slapping them enjoying seeing them jiggle. As the minutes pass Jennifer forgot to give Tara some air and noticed Tara wasn't moving much and when she lifted up for a second Tara took a long gasp of air wheezing horribly. She though kept rubbing her butt on Tara's features, but made sure to lift up just enough to keep Tara awake.

"Please....forgive me?" Tara would say, mustering all her energy hoping to appease her torturer.

"Just lay down. You'll never going out with Ben again," Jennifer scolded Tara, continuing to smother her, then began to violently bounce her ass on Tara's face. Then she reaches back and presses Tara's face into her bottom, letting up only when Tara looked like she would pass out.

"Jennifer, please I don't want him," a sobbing Tara cried from under the superior woman

Jennifer was unmoved and continued with her punishing facesitting. Tara lifted up her legs in hopes of hooking Jennifer's head. She didn't come near reaching her target and Jen grabbed her legs holding them up and began spanking Tara's bottom. She then drove a punch into the blonde's pussy "OOOOF!" and dropped the blonde's legs allowing them to flop to the carpet.

Jennifer's constant sitting was taking a heavy toll on Tara. Breathing in Jen's musky aroma and having only a second or so of fresh air every minute left Tara weak. Tara was still instinctively thrashing her limbs but her intensity was dwindling down.

Jennifer then moved her own torso down so she was lying on top of Tara facing her feet. While still on top of Tara she got her in a reversed headscissors. Tara could breathe a little better but her head was being squeezed in a vise like grip and she was forced to breathe the fumes emitting from the back of Jennifer's ass.

Jennifer spread Tara's legs and began fingering her pussy, ignoring Tara's muffled cries. Slowly and sensually Jennifer finger Tara's pussy. She then stabbed at Tara's pussy with her tongue and continued fingering her. Tara was getting wet but when she began moaning with pleasure Jennifer stopped pleasuring her and landed two hard punches between the blonde's legs nearly knocking the girl out. Jennifer got off Tara to change positions holding her arms down to prevent escape. She really did not need to as Tara was all but finished and going nowhere.

"What are you going to do? Jennifer asked Tara couldn't answer she was weak, coughing and crying desperate for air. Jennifer then pressed her steamy pussy down on her face. She straddled Tara' head placing the blonde's arms so that they were lying vertical behind her head. Jennifer had a look of a woman in heat. Her eyes were glassy and had a blank stare to them. After a few moments she lifted up and looked down on the pitiful girl who was softly sobbing, "You going to leave Ben alone?"

Tara could only cough and gasp for air, then finely barely whispered, "Yes!"

"Damn right you are!" Jennifer said as she pressed her sex back into Tara's face reaching back fingering Tara's sex as she suffocated her. Then she concentrated on smothering the girl into oblivion. "Damn right!!"

Jennifer ground down hard as if trying to erase Tara's features from her face. She continued to grind away until Tara went into a semi-conscious state. When Tara's movements slowed Jennifer eased up for a second looking down at the semi-conscious girl. The blonde's eyes fluttered and stayed half opened. Her face was puffy red and already sticky from Jen's constant grinding of her pussy in her face. Jennifer slowly settled her pussy back down making sure to get the blonde's pointy nose in her sweet spot and a smile crossed Jennifer's face as the good vibrations ran through her body while she rubbed her pussy back and forth on the actress's delicate features.

Jennifer closed her eyes and began moaning softly. She began massaging her breasts moving in a slow circular rotation. Grinding away slowly Jennifer was enjoying every moment of her domination of the bratty blonde. As the minutes passed Jennifer began to pick up the pace as she humped Tara's face. Tara's quiet muffled whimpers enhanced Jennifer's excitement.

Unable to control herself Lopez began moaning louder. She pressed Tara's head hard against her crotch. Jennifer still had panties on but the thin material in her panties was soaking wet making them look more like a second skin. Being starved for oxygen and consumed by Jennifer's sexual aroma caused Tara's legs to spasm for several moments until slowing down to the occasional shuffle of the feet.

"OOOOHHH!" Jennifer groaned as her wrinkled flesh quivered uncontrollably as her honey flowed onto Tara's face.

The singer continued to rub and finger her pussy while lifting her victim's face up slightly coating it with her juices grinding her hips sensually down on Tara's face as the helpless woman's body convulsed beneath her. Then Jennifer laid Tara's head back down and began stroking Tara's hair as she continued to slowly ride her face. Tara's movements were nearly non-existent.

Tara managed to lift up her arms a few inches once or twice, but Jennifer easily pushed them back down; Tara was fading fast. Fluids were dripping out of Jennifer's panties and after a few more minutes Tara was about finished. This time when she lifted her arm, it just fell back down without Jennifer even touching it. Her hands and feet twitched a few times then she softly exhaled a long, ragged breath into Jennifer's steamy crotch and slipped into unconsciousness.

Jennifer slowly rocked back and forth on her for a few more moments, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm as Tara just lay still, peacefully oblivious to what was going on. When Jennifer was finally satisfied, she stood up, packed her clothes and left for her Miami home. Shortly afterward, she and Ben broke up for good but Tara was now so afraid of Jennifer she never saw Ben again either!