Jennifer Lopez vs. Ashley Scott by The Walkin' Dude

It was the last weekend in September when Women's Wrestling came back to the Yellow Sign Tavern in Arkham Massachusetts and if your nameless narrator may boast just a little, it was going to be one hell of a card. Aside from the usual stellar undercard action (a thirty minute time limit draw between Sarah Carter and Kristen Bell had every fan in the building on their feet and screaming for overtime) Richard Fannin had set up a blockbuster Main Event, pitting the promotion's newest acquisition against one of fed's most consistently impressive talents. The thirty minute intermission was about halfway over and most of the fans at the Yellow Sign were shuffling back to their seats when a large video screen to the right of the entryway suddenly hummed to life. Conversations died away as fans craned their heads to see what sort of promo or video package was headed their way. Several looked disappointed when the screen revealed nothing more exciting than the sight of Richard Fannin sitting at his desk.

Tonight, ‘The Latina Supreme,’ Jennifer Lopez, will square off with ‘The Huntress,’ Ashley Scott. And given the contents of Fannin's taped message from a few minutes prior, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the two grapplers were going to be fighting even harder than they normally would (if that was even possible) But enough with the recap, the Announcer's in the ring and he's ready to deliver his shtick.

Giving the camera a small smile, the promoter began, "Hi there. Hope you're enjoying the show so far. For those of you who might be new to the program, I am Richard Fannin, the architect of tonight's festivities. I wanted to address an issue that's come up among the talents and fans over the last several weeks and since I was also looking for an excuse to test out this snazzy new screen, I figured we could kill two birds with one stone."

The promoter took a breath, leaned back and propped his feet on the desk, then continued, "Anyhoo, I'm here to talk about Jennifer Lopez, a woman known world-wide by several nicknames; J-Lo; Latina Supreme; the Booty Queen or simply ‘Nasty.’ There's been a lot of grumbling in the locker room as well as on the message boards speculating about why I hired her in the first place; complaining how she's a disruptive influence backstage; a diva with a terrible attitude and - perhaps most of all - saying she's overrated. Now, most promoters wouldn't bother acknowledging stuff like that, but you guys are a pretty smart group and I'd hate to treat you as anything but, so here's the truth…

“Does Jennifer Lopez rub some of the other talents the wrong way? Of course she does. But then so do Katie Holmes, Alyson Hannigan, Kristin Kreuk, Michelle Trachtenberg and a whole lot of others. Jennifer just seems to do her irritating with a much more theatrical flare.

Is her attitude a little arrogant? Yep, it sure is. But you're entitled to a little arrogance when you've headlined at Madison Square Garden and every other major venue on this continent. So just like any other woman on the roster, the front office made concessions to keep her happy and working - and so long as they don't interfere or conflict with the overall quality of the product, we'll continue to do so. The second J-Lo (or anyone else) starts to put less than a hundred percent into her matches, they'll be out of a job. I don't tolerate bad wrestling and I sure as hell know you guys don't either.

“Which brings me to my last point. Several talking heads and blow-hard pundits claim Jen’s talent is overrated have accused management of 'feeding' her inferior wrestlers to make her look good. I can tell you right now that's NOT true, In fact, her opponent tonight is none other than Ashley Scott; a girl who flies like Sarah Michelle Gellar and hits like Jessica Biel. If there's any woman on the roster capable of beating anyone else on any given night, it's ‘The Huntress.’ It wouldn't surprise me if Ash puts Jennifer on her back for the ol’ ‘one, two, three’ but to allay the fears of nonbelievers, I'm going to add a little stipulation to this match that will make sure that the winner of what will no doubt be a brutal contest will be amply rewarded."

Fannin cracked his knuckles before going on. "You ready? OK here goes. The winner of tonight’s main event will get a title shot at ANY BELT in the promotion - good anytime and anywhere for the next year. You armchair bookers will recall that Scott has never had the opportunity to compete for a singles title in this promotion and she'd love a shot at Sarah. As for Jennifer, we all know she wants to add this title to her already long list of accolades. So there you have it folks; the winner of this match will become the unofficial number one contender for ANY TITLE they want. If that's not motivation to win, I don't know what is!" With that, the screen faded to black, leaving the fans to wait anxiously for the action to resume.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for the night's Main Event! Introducing first, she is a rising star in both movies and television who steps into our ring at a muscular 5’9” tall….they call her ‘The Huntress’…and I’m proud to present tonight’s first competitor...Mizzzz Ashley SCOTT!"

The first plinking notes of ‘I'd Start a Revolution’ invade the club as the lights go out and the Huntress makes her presence felt. When the spotlight hits the stage, the short-haired blonde slid through the curtain and strode toward the ring, a vision of unflappable confidence. Ashley's battle attire remained a mystery for her trip down the aisle, her trademark leather trench coat covering her from throat to ankles, leaving the imaginative fan's mind to run wild. The curiosity of the audience was sated when she rolled into the ring and removed the coat with practiced ease.

The Huntress was clad in a dark purple bikini that shimmered like a rippling oil slick under the spotlights (and covered her body just about as close). It was cut high and cut low - in all the right places - while her matching pads and boots were fashioned from the same slippery-looking material. Fixing the mob with an almost feline grin, Ashley Scott strode to the middle of the squared circle, then slipped into a slinky pose before getting to her feet and sauntering to her corner.

Waiting for the cheers for the Huntress to die down somewhat, the Announcer brought the mic back to his lips and declared, "And introducing her opponent…this world famous actress/singer/dancer stands at a robust 5’5”. She is currently undefeated in this promotion with a record of 7-0; ladies and gentlemen I give to you ‘The Latina Supreme’ herself, none other than the woman who possesses the most delicious derriere in the world…MISSSSS Jennifer LOPEZ… LOPEZ!"

The jarring, raucous opening to Drowning Pool's 'Step Up' screamed through the Yellow Sign and the crowd screamed its approval as the bronzed diva strutted through the curtain and made her presence felt. Standing on the top of the ramp, J-Lo fixed the mob with a smug little smile and let her hands play gently across her hips and belly. For battle against the Huntress, Jennifer was wearing a gleaming white bikini that seemed to glow under the mellow club lights while also accentuating her tanned skin. The chromatic scheme was carried through to her boots, wrist tape and fingerless gloves as well, not to mention the ankle length ring robe that hung open just wide enough to offer the fans the details which your nameless narrator has just imparted.

With a very tight smile on her face, J-Lo began to make her way to the ring and if possible, the crowd energy went up another few levels; even draped by the shapeless coat, it was impossible to completely obscure the sway of The Latina Supreme's nearly flawless hips, and it was safe to say that even the J-Lo haters in the mob were waiting to see 'the weapon of ass destruction' unleashed against her blonde adversary. They didn't have to wait long; when J-Lo reached the apron, she slithered out of the coat and draped it over the steel steps. Not even bothering to look at her opponent, Jennifer wiggled her hips at the audience and proceeded to place an entire audience in the palm of her hand by swinging her right leg up onto the apron in an impressive display of flexibility. Waiting a few beats, she grabbed the middle rope in both hands and brought her other leg up, completing the spit on the apron and sinuously sliding under the bottom rope. Rising to her feet, J-Lo regarded the mob with a 'You KNOW you liked it' grin and then sauntered over to her corner.

With the introductions out of the way, the bell rang three times, signaling the official beginning to what was undoubtedly the steepest challenge faced by Jennifer during her brief time with Richard Fannin's promotion. Lounging in her corner, The Latina Supreme paid about as much attention to the bell as she usually did; (which is to say, very little) instead, she rewarded her fans with a haughty, knowing grin and made a small show of snapping her already skintight bottoms into place across her hips. Finally turning her attention to the blonde in the opposite corner, J-Lo’s smile faded as she whispered, "All right honey, let's see how tough you are when ya have to hunt something that can hunt you back."

Ready for a fight, The Latina Supreme rolled her shoulders, stepped out of her corner and made a beeline for Ashley while on the other side of the ring, Ashley watched J-Lo's little attire adjustment with feigned disinterest. Knowing full well Jen would try to get the entire audience behind her, Ashley decided to cut that tactic off at the knees with a little display of her own. Turning to the ropes, the Huntress muttered, "You're not the only one that can play to a crowd, Glitzy."

Taking the top rope in both hands, the limber blonde stepped back and lifted her right leg up high and placed her ankle on the top rope, executing a useful, (a visually arresting) hamstring stretch. Grinning cattily as she heard the crowd murmur its approval, Ashley pulled her leg away from the rope and turned to face her opposition. Already preparing for the Impending war, the Ashley locked eyes with Jennifer and strode out of her corner to meet the Latina Diva's challenge.

A few short steps later and both vixens were in the middle of the squared circle with less than two feet of breathing room between them. Refusing to acknowledge her admiration of the statuesque blonde's physique; J-Lo put her hands on her considerable hips and asked, "So you're the Huntress?"

Ashley licked her lips and replied, "Guilty as charged."

Jennifer was unimpressed. "You gonna hunt me?"

Ashley smirked, "I already am! You see Jen, I know all about you and I'm impressed. But now that you're in the ring with me, you're just another beast to take down. A famous beast I'll grant you, but a beast none the less."

Jennifer stepped forward to blatantly chest into her foe. Craning her head up to look the taller girl in the face, The Latina Supreme purred, "Then I hope you're the best there is Huntress. Cuz if you're not; this beast is gonna leave her mark all over your body... and her musk all over your face."

Ashley wasn't intimidated in the slightest, but she had to admit that Jennifer delivered her threats with conviction. Returning the diva's subtle chest grind, Ashley whispered, "I am the best Jen. And just for the record; if you try to put that fat, rank ass in my face, I'll kick it up between your shoulder blades."

Listening to Ashley goad her got Jennifer's competitive juices flowing and she didn't want to put off her destruction of the limber beauty one second longer. Taking a half step back, J-Lo sank into a deep wrestler's crouch and wiggled her fingers at the taller girl. "C'mon honey, let's see if you got what it takes to hunt down the best in the world."

Rising to the challenge, Ashley adopted a crouch of her own and fired back, "The hunt's already over Jen. Only thing left now is the kill."

The threats were still hanging between them when Ashley and Jennifer surged forward to meet in a grinding Collar and Elbow Lock-Up. For several seconds there was dead silence in the ring as the two beauties planted their feet in the canvas and pushed forward with everything they had, each trying to take the first skirmish in what was sure to be a long series of battles. Attempting to capitalize on her four inch height advantage, Ashley rose up on her toes and plowed forward, forcing the smaller grappler to one knee. Feeling the muscles in her thighs start to shred up as she poured on the pressure, Ashley gave Jennifer's dark mane a sharp little tug and taunted, "That's it baby, get on your knees."

Frowning, Jennifer took a breath and sneered, "Not until you're ready to kiss my ass bitch."

As Ashley was coming up with a reply, Jennifer powered off her knee and pushed forward, shoving her foe back a few steps. While Ashley was backpedaling and trying not to stumble over her own feet, Jennifer released her grip on the blonde's shoulders and swung around behind her. Instantly, Jennifer brought both arms up and cinched in a Waistlock; digging her clasped hands into Ashley's belly just above the line of her dark purple togs.

Smiling confidently as she spooned Scott against her, J-Lo shot her hips forward, rudely pounding Ashley's butt with a soft, but undeniably meaty SPANK, SPANK SPANK! Continuing this bit of psychological domination, Jennifer lifted Ashley up on her toes and squeezed, getting an embarrassed little yelp from her victim in the process. Dropping Ashley back to the canvas, Jennifer smeared herself across Ashley's back and transitioned her hip spanks to a slow, sultry grind. Pressing her lips to the taller girl's ear, Jen cooed, "You feel that honey? That's gonna be on your face before the bell rings again. And you're going to LOVE it."

Irritated but far from panicked, Ashley spat, "I think what you mean to say is, I'll love making it BLEED. Sorry to infringe on your gimmick Jenny, but you're the one that's getting a face full of ass tonight." Having had enough of Jennifer's controlling grasp, Ashley grabbed J-Lo’s wrists in both hands and stomped forward, dragging the protesting Latina Supreme along behind her. Before J-Lo could get her bearings back, the Huntress reached the edge of the ring and grabbed hold of the top rope to force a break of the hold.

Not wanting to let go of this position just yet, Jennifer pulled her right hand away from the Waistlock and rudely cupped Ashley's butt. Squeezing down tight, Jen hissed, "This bony piece of shit won't get anywhere near my face whore, and this is why." Simultaneous with the last word, Jennifer raked up slowly, leaving bright red furrows in the pale flesh of Ashley's right cheek. When skin ended and vinyl began, J-Lo hooked her finger under the slick material and yanked up, treating her trapped adversary to a cruel little wedgie.

Fuming as Jennifer groped her backside; Ashley rode out the humiliating treatment in silence and waited for the ref to pull J-Lo off her with the five count. When the tanned brunette released her, Ashley whirled around on her heel and fixed the smirking diva with a withering glare. Gingerly peeling her distended bottoms back into a tenable position, Ashley sneered, "I am gonna stomp a hole in your ass bitch."

Smiling insolently, Jennifer taunted, "Not a chance bony. You haven't got what it takes to beat my ass. Kiss it maybe, but not beat."

Fed up with the newcomer's arrogance, Ashley sank into her crouch and let loose with a feral hiss as she launched herself at the brunette. The beauties collided with a sweaty THUD and locked up in another tight clench. After another few seconds of stalemate, Ashley swung around behind J-Lo and slapped on a Waistlock of her own. Digging her hands into Jennifer's sternum, Ashley dipped her knees and leaned her weight down across the Latina's back. Grinding her chin into Jen's shoulder, Ashley smiled and chided, "Lemme show you what it feels like to be my prey." She lifted up fast, trying to hoist J-Lo off her feet, but the shorter girl threaded her left leg inside Ashley's and kept them both planted on the mat. Acting quickly, J-Lo reached over her shoulder and sank a hand into Ashley's hair.

Digging into the blonde's scalp, Jennifer growled, "Lemme show YOU what it feels like to be an outclassed bitch!"

Tugging hard on the Huntress' locks, Jennifer stomped forward until she was able to wrap her free arm around the top rope and demand the break.

Snickering under her breath, Ashley purred, "I always knew you were the quantity over quality type. Maybe I can help you knock some of the butter off those buns." Her taunt delivered, Ashley broke the Waistlock, took two steps back and settled into a Martial Arts stance. The moment Jennifer started to turn towards her, Ashley snapped her right foot out and snapped a crisp little kick across J-Lo’s undefended rump.

Jennifer was unable to keep the wince off her face, but she was able to hold back the injured grunt that threatened to roll up her throat. Rubbing her stricken derriere, Jennifer spun around to face the Huntress and immediately settled into a tense crouch. Staring murder at the blonde, "That is the last time you'll touch my ass without permission."

Grinning malevolently, Ashley beckoned the brunette in and laughed, "Oh sweetie, you are SO mistaken. I'm gonna trample that ass under my boots tonight."

Curling her lip in a cold snarl, J-Lo hurled herself at the Huntress and locked up in another pushing, shoving clinch. Using her anger as a motivator, the Latina Goddess powered her opponent back towards the nearest set of turnbuckles. Jen was only a few steps from slamming the Huntress against the steel when the lithe blonde twisted her hips violently to the left and reversed positions with her captor. Molding the brunette's back to the buckles, Ashley leaned in close, going belly-to-belly with her squirming rival if only to reinforce the size differential between her and J-Lo.

Sinking her hands into Jen's long locks, Ashley wrenched her opponent's head left and right and demanded, "That all you got stubby?"

Snarling furiously, Jennifer waited just long enough for the referee to pry them apart before she shoved him aside and came out swinging. The brunette's wild Haymakers clipped Ashley across the jaw a few times and then she regained her senses and fired back, tagging the curvy beauty with a series of lightning fast jabs to the face. This mindless, hurtful slugging knocked both vixens all around the ring; banging them off the corners and lathering them against the ropes as they sought to open up the first little chink in her rival's iron defenses. The hardhearted punching had been going on for nearly ninety seconds when Lopez was able to block Ashley's Uppercut and rake her talons across the blonde's face. Breathing hard as Ashley stumbled away; Jennifer lashed out with both hands and buried her talons in the Huntress' mane. Reeling the taller grappler in close, Jennifer treated her to a quick Knee Lift that doubled the lanky blonde over.

Moving with an almost liquid grace, J-Lo stepped forward and clamped Ashley's skull between her thighs with a Standing Headscissors. Slapping the other girl's hands aside, J-Lo bore down on the hold, taking special care to grind her thighs against Ashley's ears. Rubbing her crotch against the back of the Huntress's neck, Jennifer reached down and slapped at her victim's hips. Ready to begin Ashley's humiliation in earnest, Jennifer treated her hapless rival to another cringe-inducing Wedgie.

Sawing the distended material back and forth, J-Lo taunted, "You were gonna put this skinny shit in my face? bitch, I'm gonna make sure you get to experience a real ass before this match is over."

Shifting her grip from Ashley's tights to her waist, Jen dipped her knees and executed a short hop, jamming Ashley's neck with a uniquely modified Neckbreaker. Ashley let out a low grunt and dropped to one knee before pushing back to her feet. This would have been an admirable effort in most cases, but with Jennifer on her feet and ready to pounce, it proved to be a costly mistake. When Ashley straightened back up, Jen exploded forward and shot out her right arm, smashing the taller girl across the throat with a Clothesline. The Huntress was taken off her feet and flattened against the mat in an ungainly sprawl.

Pleased to have finally knocked the blonde off her feet, Jen stood over her opponent's chest and smirked down into her face. Working her hips in a slow grind, Jennifer said, "Time for your first introduction to the ass that's going to destroy you."

Moving with a quickness that most didn't know she possessed, J-Lo dipped into a deep crouch and then left her feet in gorgeous vertical leap. At the apex of her jump, she pulled her feet in close and came straight down with the full weight of her ass crashing down across Ashley's chest. The limber blonde let out a single gasp and spasmed wildly under J-Lo's smothering weight. Maintaining her perch on the Huntress' chest, Jennifer bounced gently on Ashley's tits as the ref dropped down and counted, 'ONE...TWO...' Ashley slashed one long leg up, kicking Jennifer in the back of the head and breaking the pin.

Huffing and puffing, Ashley pushed to her feet and glared at her recovering rival. "It's gonna take more than your fat ass to beat me Lopez."

Shaking off the pain in her head, Jen laughed aloud before replying, "That's where you're wrong bitch. This ass is ALL I'll need." The words were still coming out of her mouth when Jen lunged forward and grabbed Ashley by the wrist. Without missing a beat, Jen planted her feet and Irish Whipped Ashley into the corner.

As Ashley sprinted toward the turnbuckles, Jen followed her in, dead set on crushing her foe's body with her own. But in her zeal for the kill J-Lo had underestimated her opponent's wherewithal. Illuminating Jennifer's ignorance, when Ashley neared the corner, she leapt into the air; placing one foot on the middle turnbuckle and the other on the top turnbuckle. In the blink of an eye she had spun off the corner using the ropes for leverage and fired a Spin Kick at Jen's uncomprehending face. The kick caught The Latina Supreme across the chin and she was spun completely around before falling to the canvas, legs unable to support her weight. Breathing hard, Ashley drank in the approval of the crowd, many of which had never seen her hit the Climbing Spin Kick.

Getting her legs under her, Ashley strode over to where her opponent was laying nudged her over onto her stomach. Turning her back on the wounded vixen, Ashley tensed up before hitting a perfect Back Flip into a Standing Moonsault onto Jennifer's exposed middle. Hooking J-Lo’s far leg as the brunette flopped underneath her, Ashley bore down on the cover and nodded her head as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO...' Jen bucked hard, breaking the Huntress' cover.

Blowing an errant strand of hair off her forehead, Ashley grabbed a handful of Jennifer's hair and hauled The Latina Supreme to her feet.

Taking J-Lo's wrist, Ashley pointed her toward a far corner and cooed, "You were a big fish, in a big, shiny pond Jennifer. This 'pond' may be a lot smaller, but it just means there's less room for the sharks to maneuver. I'm going to eat you alive."

On those ominous words, Ashley Irish Whipped Jen toward the turnbuckles. She waited until J-Lo to hit the thinly padded steel, then took off like a shot, gobbling up the space between them in several strides. Everyone in the audience was expecting Ashley to slow down as she delivered her next attack, but the Huntress actually increased her speed before she leapt in the air and RAN RIGHT UP Jennifer's chest like a freeway onramp. Ashley executed a perfect Back Flip, landing several feet in front of the stunned Latina. The lithe blonde rose vertical, then threw herself forward and continued her smear-campaign by splattering J-Lo against the buckles with a sternum-shattering Clothesline.

The brunette let out a breathy groan as she staggered forward, but Ashley put a hand on her reddening chest and held her in place for a few seconds, just to prove she could. Wanting to get inside the diva's head, Ashley craned her neck and ran her pink tongue in long, taunting, SLURP that ran from the point of Jen's chin to just below her left eyebrow.

Smacking her lips theatrically, Ashley hissed, "Tastes like poser!"

When J-Lo only gaped, Ashley stepped back and let her victim stumble out of the corner. Smirking into Jenny's face, Ashley planted a boot in Jennifer's gut and trapped the wounded girl in a Front Facelock. Not bothering with a taunt, Ashley used her free hand to grab a rough handful of J-Lo’s tights and pull them up quickly, almost baring one half of her opponent's famous butt. Bending her knees, Ashley lifted up fast, hauling Jennifer off her feet only to invert her directly over the Huntress' head. The second J-Lo was over her, Ashley sat out fast, drilling the top of the brunette's skull ruthlessly into the canvas with a picture perfect Brainbuster. The cranium-crushing maneuver sent a violent spasm through Jen's body and then she lay still, dazed and spread-eagled in the middle of the ring. Easily rolling onto one knee, Ashley draped her long torso across Jennifer's bare middle and hooked the far leg, going for her second pin of the match. Eager to do his thing again, the ref swooped into position and slapped the mat, ‘ONE... TWO...' Jen shot a shoulder off the mat, breaking the count.

Shaking her head, Ashley dabbed the sweat off her brow and commented, "Guess you're a little tougher than I thought Jenny baby. Let's see if I can't soften you up some more." Ashley fell silent as she sank to one knee and buried her hands in Jennifer's dark hair. Yanking hard to her right, Ashley rolled J-Lo onto her belly and then jerked up her reign to pull her to her hands and knees. Releasing her hair, the Huntress couldn't resist delivering a light, insolent Slap to the penitent Latina's face.

Eye glowing with malevolent intent, Ashley settled into her martial arts stance and said, "It's going to be a lot of fun to bring you down to earth Jen, but before I literally kick your ass, I want a few shots at the rest of you."

When she didn't get a reply, the blonde fell silent and froze just long enough to center her thoughts. From a dead stop, Ashley lashed her right leg out and caught J-Lo across the left shoulder with a kick that WHAP echoed through the arena. Jennifer winced and moved her right arm to cradle the wounded left, but that meant her right side was completely exposed and Ashley made her pay for it with another pair of kicks that spanked off the bronzed beauty's ribcage. Jen's normally proud face cramped up in genuine hurt. It didn't matter how tough she was, no one could just sit on the canvas and take an unprotected barrage of kicks from Ashley Scott for long! Doing her best to protect her battered middle, Jennifer crossed both arms across her chest and leaned forward, resting her forehead gingerly against the canvas. While this did protect her underbelly very well, it left her backside totally defenseless and it was too famous a target for Ashley to pass up.

Rewarding the crowd with a seductive smile, Ashley slapped her own impressive backside as she yelled, "NOW I'm ready to KICK THAT ASS."

Pouncing on her downed rival, Ashley took a seat on J-Lo's back, facing her rump. Walking her fingers down The Latina Supreme's spine, Scott took the bottoms of Jen's white-briefs in both hands and yanked upwards, punishing her victim with a vile wedgie. Ignoring the shrill scream that came from beneath her, Ashley hopped off Jen and spun around to face her in one sinuous twist. Before anyone even knew what was going on, Ashley had reset her stance and fired off a left-right kick pair that SMACK-THWAP landed on Jennifer's wide butt within seconds of one another. The callous assault on her rump finally pulled Jennifer off the canvas and back to her knees, but that was exactly what the Huntress wanted. As J-Lo massaged her brutalized ass, Ashley sprinted forward and bounced off the ropes in front of her kneeling opposition. Picking up a monstrous head of steam as she came back towards her foe, Ashley waited until there was less than three feet separating her from the target; then she left her feet in a short hop and drove both boots directly into J-Lo's face with a Low Dropkick. The soles of her boots cracked off Jennifer's face like a rifle shot and the injured diva was knocked back head over heels in an undignified sprawl.

Kipping up with an ease that bordered on frightening, Ashley wiggled her butt towards a very appreciative side of the arena and joked, "Looks like I've made a real ass of the Booty Queen!"

Riding a wave of applause, the Huntress went to the ropes and then moved through them, standing on the ring apron in front of where her foe was sprawled. She had to wait nearly ten seconds before Jennifer began to stir and get to her feet. But when she finally did, it didn't take Ashley long to act. Grasping the top rope in both hands she pulled herself back as far as she could then she leapt forward and landed with both feet on the top rope. As soon as her perch on the cable was secure, she jumped again, this time towards the recovering diva. Flying toward her victim, Ashley Scissored her legs open, then snapped them around Jen's head with muffled THWAP.

At that point, Ashley was less than a second away from completing her Springboard Hurricanrana, but as wrestling fans know; a lot of things can happen in a second. When Jennifer felt Ashley's thighs lock around her skull, she instinctively shot both arms up and wrapped them around her tormentor's legs. Without even thinking about it, J-Lo rose up on her toes and slammed the Huntress down as hard as she could, damn near folding the taller girl in half with an explosive Powerbomb delivered straight out of left field.

The blonde's legs fell away from her head and Jennifer immediately doubled over as she sought to regain her bearings. After a few seconds, The Latina Supreme straightened up and took stock of the situation.

Noting the sprawled wreckage of the beautiful woman that had been Ashley Scott at her feet, Jennifer strutted, again straddling her flattened opponent's chest. Gently rubbing the cheeks that Ashley had so recently attacked, Jennifer grinned down into her victim's shocked face and said, "Honey, you are going to be SO SORRY for trying to mess with my ass."

The threat hadn't even passed her lips when she left her feet in a High Leap and came down with all her weight across Ashley's tits in another Leaping Butt Drop. Arrogantly grinding her butt, flattening Scott's breasts beneath her cheeks, J-Lo thought of going for 'THE SMOTHER' right then and there, but decided against it. Bouncing her butt on Ashley's heaving chest, J-Lo told her, "I want you to suffer a whole lot more before you get the mercy that is my ass."

Through talking, Jen spun off Ashley's chest, grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her to her feet. Switching both hands over to the Huntress' right wrist, J-Lo pointed the blonde into the ropes, dipped into a tense crouch and Irish Whipped her into the cables. As Ashley left her grasp, Jennifer turned and ran the other way, heading for the opposite side of the ring. Hitting the ropes at roughly the same time, both rivals roared back towards one another, though it was fair to say that of the two, Jen was far more aware of her actions at this point. With the distance between them rapidly closing, J-Lo exploded forward in a short leap and simultaneously pulled a quick 180-degree turn in midair, smashing Ashley square across the chest with the full force of her ass in the near-mythic Booty Bomb!

To Ashley, the THUD felt like a wrecking ball crushing her breasts flat and her body reacted accordingly. The lithe beauty was bowled off her feet and tumbled backward head over heels, coming to rest on her back with her legs splayed lewdly and folded back over her head like an impromptu Matchbook. Catching her breath, Jennifer strutted over to Ashley and kicked the blonde's legs flat, leaving her Ashley spread-eagled on her back.

Stepping next to Ashley’s midsection, Jennifer nudged her side with the toe of her boot and purred, "This isn't going to be another Booty Bomb - I don't want you to get TOO much of my beautiful bottom just yet. After all, familiarity breeds contempt and I want you to be in AWE of my ass when I drop it on your face!"

Not getting anything like a cogent response, Jennifer hopped over Ashley's prone form and made another trip into the ropes. Picking up speed as she made her way back, The Latina Supreme was nearly on top of her when she jumped into the air and came crashing down belly-first across the blonde tawny middle. Laughing viciously as Ashley writhed beneath her, Jennifer didn't even bother to hook a leg as the ref dropped down to count, 'ONE... TWO...' Scott bucked both legs and flopped over onto her side, breaking the count.

Unperturbed by the continued resistance, Jennifer leaned down and placed her lips against Ashley's ear. "You've been a naughty little girl Ashley Scott. Looks like I'll have to spank your wannabe ass before I let you leave this ring. But that can come later. First, I want you to experience a REAL ass."

Kissing the Huntress' cheek in an unbridled show of contempt, J-Lo rose to her feet and buried her hands in Ashley's hair. Hauling the woozy girl to her knees, Jennifer proceeded to march her victim into the center of the ring so that everyone (Ashley included) could get a better look at what she had planned. Removing her hand from Ashley's damp tousle, Jen turned to her right, making sure that the point of her hip was aimed toward the gut-shot blonde.

Rubbing her ass with her free hand, Jen cooed, "You're pretty good throwin' your hands and feet Ashley, but can you survive a few round of Butt Boxing little girl?" WHAM! With a sharp flick of her hips. Jennifer drove her butt into Ashley's face with the force of an undefended punch. Ashley grunted and her head snapped back, but only as far as Jennifer's grasp allowed. Pulling back, J-Lo purred, "And that's just a taste little Huntress. Here's another." BAM! J-Lo flicked her hips again, crossing Ashley's eyes with another Butt Punch.

Yanking Ashley's head back into place, Jennifer ground her hips in a slow circle, delivering an exaggerated wind-up before BAM! she treated Ashley to a third shot of her butt. Holding the blonde's face against her cheek, J-Lo rubbed Ashley's cheeks against her own and sneered, "How's that feel you skinny bitch? You ready to worship my ass yet?"

Getting her hands up around the diva's waist, Ashley tried to pull her face away as she gasped, "Go to hell fat ass."

Smirking, Jennifer pulled Ashley to her feet and taunted, "Ohh, do you not want any more ass in your face? All right, I'll delay the inevitable for a few more minutes."

Taking the Huntress' wrist, Jen pointed the taller girl towards the ropes and Irish Whipped her into the cables. When the Huntress drew within reach, Jennifer put her hands against the blonde's chest and shoved up hard, launching Ashley upwards into the lights. As her discombobulated nemesis began to descend, Jennifer stepped forward and let Ashley land on her shoulders in an awkward Fireman's Carry. In the same breath, Jennifer flung herself back and down, crushing Ashley's back against the canvas with an ingeniously applied Samoan Drop. Lying comfortably across Ashley's midsection, Jennifer felt no particular inclination to get off her victim when the ref began to count, 'ONE... TWO...' Ashley shot an arm off the mat, ending the count.

Shaking her head in disdain, J-Lo looked over her shoulder and hissed, "You just don't know when you're totally out of your league do you? Don't worry... you will."

Pulling Ashley to a sitting position, Jennifer snuggled in behind her lanky opponent, slowly wrapped her legs around Ashley's waist and locked her ankles. Settling into her hold, J-Lo gave the stunned woman a massive squeeze and spoke to the wriggling blonde. "You're supposed to be one of the best wrestlers in this place, but all I'm seeing is the same tired shit that the other losers tried against me. When are you going to start making this worth my time?" Deciding she didn't care if she received an answer or not, J-Lo subjected her captive to another hard squeeze. Jen continued her assault by snaking her arms under the blonde's and cinching them behind her neck, locking in a Full Nelson. Pulling back, she hauled Ashley off the mat, exposing her trapped backside. Holding the pose for several seconds, The Latina Supreme pushed forward again, dropping Ashley hard on her tailbone with the Keister Bounce. Jennifer couldn't see the pained expression on Ashley's face, but she felt the tremble pass through the Huntress' body and that was all the motivation she needed. Bearing down on both holds, she repeated the move two more times, each impact sending a nearly electric jolt through her Ashley's limber frame.

Gasping in pain after her ass was paddled against the canvas a third time; Ashley finally had enough of the abuse and wrenched her arms free of the Nelson. Before Jen could regain her control over Ashley's limbs, the blonde slammed her elbows back, catching J-Lo in the jaw. She let out a wounded groan and relinquished her grip on the Body Scissors.

Taking a deep breath, Ashley tried to block out the throb in her ribs as she crawled away from her dazed opponent. She'd almost made it to her feet when Jennifer stamped a boot down in the middle of her back. Holding the Huntress pinned to the canvas, Jen flicked hair out of her face and panted, "Not yet honey. You don't get away from me that easy."

Before Ashley got her bearings, Jen hauled her to her feet and scooped her up in slam position, but instead of delivering the Body Slam, Jennifer turned towards the most convenient corner and planted Scott in the buckles; tying the blonde warrior to the Tree of Woe. Leaving her hanging inverted in the corner, Jennifer strutted to the middle of the ring and turned to regard her loyal subjects with glowing smile as her hands traced a slow, sensual, pattern on her butt. Then she asked, "You all think Ashley's ready for the full force of the J-Lo Experience?"

The mob roared its approval. Even if Ashley had been in no condition to withstand Jennifer's attack, they would have cheered for another gratuitous application of gluteal destruction. Pleased with the wildly enthusiastic response, Jennifer turned her attention to the ropes behind her and raced towards them, picking up remarkable momentum as she reached the edge of the ring. Bouncing off the cables, The Latina Supreme increased her pace and zoomed across the ring on a diagonal, heading toward the corner where Ashley was strung up and waiting for her.

When she was close enough, Jennifer left her feet and once again performed that blindingly-fast about face that left her facing away from her victim. Timing her descent perfectly, J-Lo pulled her legs up and out in front of her, making sure there was nothing to get in the way of the Pneumatic Hammer aimed at Ashley's inverted countenance. The Huntress was microseconds away from having her face obliterated when the rangy blonde tensed her frame and jerked up as fast as she could. Ashley managed to pull her upper body out of Jen's path and the oblivious diva smashed ass-first into the thinly padded bottom turnbuckle with a remarkably loud WHUMP!

The impact was followed immediately by a high keeling wail as J-Lo bounced out of the corner and staggered towards the middle of the ring. Untangling her feet from the buckles, Ashley maneuvered around so that she was facing the squared circle. Dropping into an expectant crouch, the Huntress sneered, "Wonder how much trash you can talk with a broken jaw."

With an evil gleam in her eye, the long blonde leapt off into the void and aimed herself towards the retreating diva. Not caring if Jennifer saw her coming, Ashley pistoned out her right foot, catching J-Lo across the back of the neck with a Thrust Kick delivered from nearly ten feet in the air. Jen let out a surprised little yelp and crashed face first into the canvas while Scott landed in an almost feline crouch a few feet away. Still feeling the effects of her close-call with her opponent's lethal backside, Ashley combed her hands through her damp hair as she took several deep breaths. When she started to feel a little more like her usual self, the Huntress sauntered over to where Jen lay pooled on the mat and rudely put her right foot on the broad expanse of J-Lo's upturned butt.

Hands on her hips, Ashley wiggled her toes into the smooth, tanned, butt cheek as she declared with grandiose pomposity, "I claim this nasty ass in the name of good wrestling!" As the mob egged her on, Ashley yanked the brunette to her feet by her right arm and applied an Arm Wringer. Standing a few paces back from her foe, Ashley tightened her grip and sneered, "Your fat ass can't stop me from kicking your face in Jen, but it might provide a cushion when your stumpy little legs buckle and you land on it on the mat. Enjoy the show, Wide-load."

When the woozy diva’s only response was a wheezing gasp, Ashley went to work! Holding J-Lo’s trapped arm fully extended, she launched a series of hard, snapping High Kicks up into J-Lo's armpit. The Latina Supreme screamed in pain as she rose up on her toes trying to ease the pressure; but Ashley just tugged her arm down and gave her another kick. After ten kicks, J-Lo’s legs finally gave way and the white clad brunette dropped to the mat where she lay in a graceless sprawl.

Regaining her balance with an oft-practiced ease, Ashley gave a smooth little martial arts pose to the crowd, then asked them, "So, ya wanna see me fly again?" The audience loud response seemed to indicate that, yes, watching the Huntress defy physics was something they'd very much enjoy seeing once more. Her smile wide, Ashley nudged J-Lo’s ribs with her foot and asked, "Think Jenny here wants to see me fly again?"

"WHO GIVES A SHIT?" screamed an exceptionally vocal fan - and the mob cheered his sentiment.

Suppressing a giggle, Ashley muttered, "Good point."

Ashley turned her attention to the nearest set of turnbuckles. Jogging across the ring, she sprang to the top rope in one easy motion, turned and faced the ring. Not bothering to preen this time, she crouched, then launched herself into the void, soaring through the air like a hawk. As her body began its sharp descent, dive-bombing toward her nemesis, Ashley extended her right leg fully and, a second later her Guillotine Leg Drop slammed down across Jen's face! The helpless diva flopped around like a shock victim for several seconds before finally laying still. Rubbing her aching tailbone, Ashley draped herself over Jen's heaving chest and hooked her far leg.

Snarling down into Jennifer's face as the ref did his thing, Ashley spat, "THAT’S what it feels like when a real thigh hits your face, bitch."

Ignoring the Huntress' conversation with her prey, the official counted, 'ONE... TWO...' but Jen jerked her far shoulder up, then twisted over onto her side, breaking the count.

Trying to ignore the numbing pain in her skull, The Latina Supreme managed to find enough energy to growl, "Keep your bony ass OFFA me, you skank."

Shaking her head at the Latina Goddesses arrogance, Ashley planted a knee in her victim's back and leaned in to whisper through the sweaty tangle of Jen’s dark hair, "You don't get it yet do you Jenny? I can put this ‘bony ass’ on your flat face any fucking time I want! And I WILL give you an up close and personal inspection tour before the match is over, don't worry about that. But before I give you a taste of perfection, I'm going to break you down and there's no better place to start than your scrawny little South Beach spa spaghetti arms."

Then Ashley pulled away, because she really didn't care to hear what J-Lo might have for a response. With her hard bodied foe still smeared on the mat, Ashley left her feet in another perfect Vertical Leap and, when gravity regained control of her body, she came down hard with both knees WHAM, slamming into Jennifer's shoulder and bicep. J-Lo tried to choke off her scream, but unsuccessfully, as she flopped over onto her side to escape more punishment. But the Huntress knew when prey was in trouble and Ashley smelled blood in the water. Rolling the crippled brunette over on her belly, Ashley grabbed Jen's right arm, stretching it across her victim's back with the languid pace of a tigress basking in the afternoon sun.

Locking her elbows, Ashley blew the hair back from her eyes and purred, "Hope this isn't your tappin' hand Jen. Otherwise you could be in some serious trouble."

She planted her feet on the mat and leaned back across the brunette's body, locking on a Fujiwara Arm Bar. For the first time in her short career with Fannin’s promotion, Jennifer Lopez experienced real pain! She howled in agony as the Huntress attempted to snap her arm at the shoulder and elbow. Screaming and writhing against the firestorm building in her shoulder, it took J-Lo several seconds before she thought to look up and check her position in the ring. Staring through a veil of cascading hair and eyes misty with tears, she saw the ropes weren't entirely out of reach. Her formerly glassy eyes cleared up and helplessness was driven away by the beginnings of a plan!

Biting her bottom lip to stifle her moans, Jennifer extended her free arm as far as she could, falling tantalizing inches short of gaining her freedom. A look of fury replaced the anguish in her face as the curvaceous brunette let out a loud growl and somehow succeeded in dragging her entire body - including Ashley as well - the last few inches before grabbing the bottom rope and shaking it with all her strength. Still busy working on Jen's shoulder, Ashley wasn‘t even aware until the ref was at the 'THREE' on his five count. Glancing over her shoulder, the Huntress' look of surprise turned to one of disgust as she realized what The Latina Supreme had been able to pull off.

Dropping J-Lo’s arm with a scowl, Ashley rolled to her knees and muttered, "Don't think that you're safe Jenny. There's nowhere in this ring you can hide from me."

Ashley got to her feet and immediately stalked over to where Jen lay recovering in the ropes. Firing with pinpoint accuracy, she nailed two short kicks to Jennifer's right bicep that sent more shockwaves of anguish shooting through the smaller beauty’s body. When J-Lo released the cables, Ashley bent down and grabbed her right ankle and wrist.

Holding one limb in each hand, Ashley stood and taunted, "Time to see just how much abuse a diva can actually take." She dragged Jennifer to the middle of the ring, well away from the sanctuary of the ropes, then planted her left heel in Jen's side right above her kidney. Loosening her grip for a second, the Huntress tugged up as she stomped down, torturing her captive with a simple but effective version of the Surfboard. Doing her best to stomp a hole in Jen's torso, Ashley reared back on the hold and demanded, "SUBMIT!"

Swatting at the intruding official, Jen fought off the pain long enough to roar, "FUCK YOU BITCH! YOU'RE GONNA KISS MY ARRGGGAAWWD!" Ashley stomped again, doing a murderous number on J-Lo’s ribs.

Grinding the heel of her boot in as hard as she could, Ashley grunted, "Bitch! If you…don't give up…right now…that fat ass is…ALL you're gonna have left…GIVE UP!!"

Ashley punctuated her demand with another heartless tug and stomp of J-Lo’s abused frame. Blinking back the tears welling in the corners of her eyes, Jen gathered her reserves and waited for an opportunity to escape from the insidious submission hold. Opportunity knocked when Ashley again lifted her foot for yet another Stomp. The moment the pressure on her ribs eased, J-Lo rolled toward Ashley and fired her free hand upward, catching Ashley's foot in mid-air. With a wounded snarl, Jen pushed up, tipping Ashley over backward and sending her sprawling on her butt. As she fell, Ashley lost her grip on J-Lo’s limbs.

Freed from the torment of the Surfboard, J-Lo let out a moan as she rolled over and rose to all fours. She was still trying to catch her breath when Ashley buried both hands in her hair and yanked her to her feet. Whiplashing Jen with a disrespectful Bitch Slap, the blonde took Jen by her right wrist and planted her feet, sneering, "Time to put you in the corner fat ass!"

Ashley Irish Whipped Jen toward the turnbuckles, but the Latina Goddess had other ideas! Gripping the Huntresses wrist, Jen reversed the momentum and instead it was Ashley who went careening into the corner turnbuckles! As she let go of the blond, Jen's first instinct was to follow her in for a Splash, but be she stopped dead in her tracks when she recalled how Ashley had nearly decapitated her with a Spin Kick the last time. Stopping in her tracks, Jennifer waited patiently as the oblivious Huntress leaped up onto the top rope, then hurled herself backwards doing a complete midair spin into a Flying Body Press.

Ashley’s acrobatics turned out to be for naught when J-Lo exploded forward and drove her good shoulder into the pit of the Huntresses belly as she descended, folding Ashley in half with a breathtaking Mid-air Spear. Ashley dropped like a dead bird - and Jennifer couldn't have been happier at the sight of her writhing in agony at her feet! With her hands on both sides of Ashley's head, Jennifer leaned down over her face and whispered, "You are sooo fucked hon! When this thing started, I was just going to beat you. But then you had to go and piss me off, so now I'm going to BREAK you. And here’s where it starts!"

Hauling the semi-delirious blonde to her feet, Jennifer wasted no time. After grabbing the Huntresses wrist, J-Lo Irish Whipping her into the nearest turnbuckles. As soon as Ashley’s back WHACK hit the thinly padded steel, J-Lo went into a low crouch, then sprinted forward, leaving her feet in a graceful leap that culminated with her completely and utterly OVERWHELMING Ashley's limber body with a huge Avalanche Splash. Breathing onto Ashley's pain-twisted face, Jen allowed her body to subjugate and dominate that of her wounded opponent.

Pressing her full lips to the blonde's ear, Jen purred, "I’ll say one thing for you. You're the FIRST bitch in this promotion whose EARNED everything I've put her through. I really should thank you for letting me work up a good sweat; it'll make my riding your face all the more pleasurable. But then, I AM The Booty Queen and you should thank me for allowing you the pleasure of worshipping my prefect posterior with your unworthy face!"

When Ashley’s verbal adulation was not immediately forthcoming, J-Lo stepped back and let Ashley topple forward, staggering out of the corner into The Latina Supreme's waiting arms. Wrapping up Ashley's middle, Jen pulled her into her embrace as she gave the wounded Huntress another preview of what was coming. Grinding her full breasts against Ashley's smaller pair, J-Lo suddenly snapped a knee up between Ashley's thighs…WHUMP…neatly splitting the barely covered crease of her pussy. The blonde let out an anguished sob as Jen, grinding her knee on Ashley's pubic mound, reset her feet, bent both knees and lifted Ashley completely off the mat and a quick thrust of her hips. Jennifer pivoted 180 degrees before she dropped down, crushing Ashley’s body into the canvas with a mighty Belly-to-Belly Suplex that left the limp blond trapped between the canvas and J-Lo’s lush body.

Smirking as Ashley’s body spasmed under her, Jennifer momentarily forgot her promise to subject the Huntress to her torturous Butt Smother as she nonchalantly hooked Ashley’s far leg for the pin. The referee dropped and counted, 'ONE... TWO...' but Ashley managed to roll her shoulder just enough to prolong the match a bit longer. Fixing the blonde with a haughty little smirk, Jennifer hauled her back to her feet.

Spinning Ashley around with her back to her, the Latina vixen stepped up and sinuously slipped her arms under the limp limbs of the blond, grabbed two handfuls of hair at the back of Ashley’s head and tightened her Full Nelson. Grinding her groin into the Huntresses quivering butt, Jennifer purred, "Too bad your ass is so fuckin' pathetic, it would sure help with the landing."

Jennifer swung Ashley off her feet, sweeping the lanky lovely high into the air with her legs thrown helplessly out in front of her. Then Jen sat out and slammed the blonde's butt down on the mat with wicked WHUMP! Still holding the Full Nelson, J-Lo rubbed her boobs against Ashley's back before kicking her away. Getting to her feet, Jen adjusted her bikini, taking her time and turning it into a show for the vocal majority of fans calling themselves ‘The Jennifer Faithful.’ Snapping her white briefs into place at her hips, J-Lo chuckled, "It's just about time for ol’ Ash to pucker up and kiss my booty. But first, I’m gonna punish her bony ass just a little more."


She strutted over to Ashley and helped the blonde to her feet with a generous handful of tights. Standing face to face with her glassy-eyed foe, Jennifer just shook her head dismissively and spun Ashley around so that she was pointing away from J-Lo. Looking to really embarrass her rival, Jen reached in and grabbed a double handful of Ashley's shiny purple briefs and hiked them up high, giving the audience a nearly unobstructed view of Ashley's own impressive backside.

Wrapping an arm around Ashley's waist while she used the other to grip Ashley behind the knees, J-Lo caught her breath and chided, "I can't believe you thought this skinny, skanky piece of shit was EVER going to compare with my own gorgeous ass."

Then Jen hoisted Ashley off her feet and into the air, holding the tall blonde almost directly overhead. Noting the weak way in which Ashley's legs were kicking, not to mention the blush inducing view of her cheeks, Jennifer spun in a slow circle before suddenly dropping to one knee, driving the point of Ashley's tailbone directly into her thinly padded knee. The Spinning Atomic Drop sent a lighting bolt of anguish down Ashley's spine and her hands flew to her battered backside as she limped a few steps away from her foe before falling onto her hands and knees in a wincing heap.

Trying to decide what to do next, Jennifer smiled cruelly and strutted up beside her prone victim. Moving into place, she quickly straddled Ashley's lower back and grabbed hold of the weakened girl's shoulders. Lifting up, she pulled Ashley's upper body off the mat and threaded the blonde's arms across the smooth, tanned expanse of the diva's thighs. Her hold almost complete, Jennifer shifted her grip, allowing one hand to snag a handful of Ashley's hair while the other slid slowly along the blonde's cheek. Smiling smugly as the crowd roared their approval; Jennifer slipped her fingers into Ashley's mouth and pulled back, subjecting her opponent to a sadistic Fishhook.

Yanking and tearing at the delicate flesh of Ashley's face, Jennifer brushed her lips against Ashley's ear and taunted, "How's that feel honey? C'mon slut, you were so talkative before, I want to hear what you're going to say next."

When Ashley just moaned and continued to thrash, J-Lo laughed and pulled back even further, enjoying the angry, distorted scream that passed from Ashley's lips. Trying and failing to fight back the tears threatening to run down her cheeks, Ashley bucked wildly against the Camel Clutch and was able to yank one arm free of Jen's painfully imposed contortion. Quelling the urge to strike blindly at her tormentor, she reached for the ropes, which were only a few feet away. Dragging the weight of her adversary was a daunting task, but even under the worst of conditions, Ashley was frighteningly willful and several seconds later she was able to grip the bottom cable and loudly demand that Jennifer release her sadistic hold. Milking the hold until the ref reached 'FOUR' Jen finally pulled her fingers from Ashley's mouth and stepped away, but not before she rubbed her sticky fingers all over the back of Ashley's head.

Ridding her hand of the last few traces of Ashley Scott, J-Lo tucked a few stray hairs behind her ears and purred, "I'm amazed you're still fighting me little girl. I admit that's impressive, but I'm tired of toying with you, so I'm going to end this match with the deadliest weapon in wrestling today." Slapping her butt, J-Lo smiled cattily and whispered, "Yeah, that's the one I'm talking about."

Finally prepared to introduce Ashley to her not so secret weapon, Jennifer strutted over to the penitent blonde and jerked her up with a handful of hair. Taking hold of Ashley's left wrist, she backed the Huntress into the nearest corner and pressed in tight against her.

Molding her body against Ashley's, the domineering diva cooed, "I can't wait to feel those proud lips of yours giving my ass the adulation it deserves. It won't be long now; all you have to do is assume the proper position. Here, let me help you..."

Her voice trailing off, Jennifer backed up a step and Irish Whipped Ashley clear across the diagonal of the ring, sending her WHAM into the buckles on the opposite corner with a head-snapping impact! Ashley’s battered body had just started to slump when J-Lo took off, crossing the ring with a crispness that seemed in defiance of the damage she'd taken. When the distance between them was less than three feet, Jennifer lowered her shoulder and drove forward with a burst of speed that added impetus to the Spear that nearly punctured Ashley's midsection and almost broke the big blonde in half!

A single spasm quaked through Ashley's form as she slithered off Jennifer's shoulder and landed on her butt with a breathless THUMP! Taking a moment to confirm that Ashley's head was resting on the middle turnbuckle, Jennifer licked her index finger, tapped it on her butt cheek taunted, "Time to ride the A-Train…you loser." She was still maligning Ashley as she sprinted toward the ropes, rebounded off and came sailing back to the seated blonde.

Right before impact, Jennifer spun on her heel and rammed her hips back, driving her ass into Ashley's face with all the finesse of an anvil dropped on a doll house. The ‘A-Train’ smashed the Huntress' head against the buckles so hard that the only signs of life from the crippled blond was a low moan and another weak shudder. Peeling her buns off of Ashley's devastated visage, J-Lo stood in the corner, taking care to hold her famous butt a few inches from Ashley's nose. Going into a sultry, South Beach rhythm, Jennifer teased the audience for several seconds before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her trunks and slowly tugging the material up in a self-induced Wedgie.

Still rolling her hips, J-Lo grinned back over her shoulder and peered down the curve of her back over her butt to sneer in Ashley's face, "And because you've earned it, here's a little preview before the feature presentation. Enjoy the show, honey."

Lopez stepped back and mashed her ass into Ashley's flushed face, scrubbing and rubbing, grinding her behemoth booty on the landscape of her face - a move commonly called ‘The Stink Face,’ but which she had personalized under the name 'Aroma Therapy.' Following requests by countless Rap artists and wrestling fans, Jennifer 'backed that ass up' for nearly a minute, subjecting her hapless nemesis to one of the most degrading maneuvers in an arsenal filled with degrading maneuvers. Finally, when she felt Ashley had gotten enough ‘coming attractions’, J-Lo pulled her rump off the blonde's face and let her slide down the last two buckles, landing flat on her back with her head and shoulders jutting out under the bottom rope.

Nodding her approval, Jennifer said, "You're so close now Ashley. Just a bit more softening up and you'll make the perfect throne. That is, if your sternum doesn't shatter first."

Jennifer stepped over her breathless victim and grabbed the top rope in both hands. Stepping around Ashley, J-Lo clombed to the middle rope, stood facing the audience with her butt suspended above Ashley's face like a (and no less deadly) Sword of Damocles. Anticipating savoring the feel of her Rump Shaker crushing Ashley's tits, Jennifer began to rock up and down, picking up momentum for the short descent onto her opponent's chest. The brunette vixen was maybe two bounces away from the end when Ashley suddenly stood up which wedged her head between J-Lo and the turnbuckles.

Slipping her head between Jen's thighs, Ashley wrapped both hands over the brunette's thighs she snarled, "You better PRAY that nasty ass of yours is strong enough to save you from going clear through the ring."

Before Jennifer could even try to rectify her mistake, Ashley lifted her in the air and took off at a dead run across the ring on a diagonal, then stopped and slammed Jennifer down, spine first, to the mat - nearly breaking the undefeated diva in two with a Running Sit Out Powerbomb. Roaring in incomprehensible triumph while J-Lo lay shuddering in her arms, Ashley bore down on her legs and held her shoulders to the mat as the referee rushed over to make his count.

He had just passed 'TWO' and was going for three when Jennifer got a shoulder up. Throwing J-Lo’s legs aside, Ashley panted, "SHIT!" as she got to her feet.

Taking stock of her numerous aches and pains, the Huntress determined she could live with all of them just long enough to finish her opponent off. What she could NOT live with, was J-Lo's ass stink on her face! She intended to make her pay for the humiliating indignity before she took another breath. Moving on wobbly legs, the Huntress bent down, grabbed the decimated diva by her ankles, and flipped her over onto her belly.

Grasping Jennifer's feet in her hands, Ashley gasped, "I'm gonna break your back Lopez! And before the medics take you away, I'm going to make you kiss my ass!"

Turning around so that she was facing towards J-Lo’s feet, Ashley bent Jen's right leg at the knee and then crossed it across the extended leg, creating a figure ‘4’. Grabbing the straightened left leg in both hands, she placed one foot on Jennifer's legs where they crossed and fell back, pulling the brunette's legs and lower body up off the mat at a hideous angle. Ashley landed on her shoulders beside Jennifer, pulling and pushing the twisted legs simultaneously, while also putting tremendous pressure on Jennifer's lower back.

Despite her efforts to the contrary, J-Lo screamed long and loud as she suffered in one of the Huntress' two finishers, a modified take on the Texas Cloverleaf and Figure Four Leglock that she'd dubbed ‘The Black Vise.’ As anyone who'd ever experienced the Vise can tell you, the that Black Vise was a deadly weapon in the Huntress' hands as was evidenced by Jen’s sobbing and writhing as she tried to fight out of the hold. Knowing there was really only one way out of the spine-destroying hold, Jennifer desperately put her palms flat on the canvas and pushed up as high as she could. The increased pressure on her spine almost forced The Latina Supreme to submit right then and there, but before the pain got too unbearable, she placed the top of her head flat against the canvas and lifted up a tiny bit more.

As soon as she felt her skull leave the mat, Jennifer tucked her chin into her chest and pulled forward as hard as she could. With the added height she was just able to roll out of the terrible curve Ashley had trapped her in and bring her spine back into a position to which it was more accustomed. But despite being free of the Black Vise, Jennifer was still bogged down in Ashley's clutches, a truth that Ashley easily verified by rolling to her feet and bringing Jennifer along for the ride.

Staring deep into J-Lo’s pain-dimmed eyes, Ashley snarled, "Bravo, you escaped the Vise. But no one gets free of this one, not even 'superstars' like you."

When no response came, Ashley doubled J-Lo up with a callous Knee Lift to the gut. Gritting her teeth, Ashley stepped forward and trapped Jen in a Front Face Lock with her left arm while simultaneously hooking J-Lo’s left leg with her right arm. Then the Huntress hoisted her victim directly over her head and held her there for just a second before sitting out and smashing the top of J-Lo's head into the mat with her Fisherman's Brainbuster/Pile Driver variant; the deadly and inescapable Fallen Angel.

Feeling Jennifer go limp when she hit the mat, Ashley kept the captive leg hooked and waited exhaustedly as the ref made his count. 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!' The ref stopped the count with his hand barely an inch above the mat. Her eyes widening in disbelief, Ashley followed the ref's pointing finger and saw that while Jennifer had not managed to kick out of the Fallen Angel, she had got her foot across the bottom rope and thusly spared herself from defeat. For a long time, Ashley didn't say anything. She simply could not believe her opponent's luck. Shaking her head in stunned denial, Ashley got to her feet and whispered, "One more then."

Moving like an invalid, the Huntress sank her hands into Jennifer's sweat-soaked hair and hoisted the brunette to her feet. Loathing the fact that it required a conscious effort to recall the set-up for her own finisher, Ashley applied the Front Facelock and was bending down to hook J-Lo's leg when The Latina Supreme jammed her knee into the blonde's groin with a muffled, but no less painful sounding THUD! Ashley's eyes filled with tears as her legs finally betrayed her and she collapsed to her knees. She stayed in this particular position for several seconds and could have stayed there for several more had Jen not yanked her to her feet.

Jen had to lean against the Huntress to stay standing as she mumbled, "You lose bitch. That means YOU'RE the one kissing ass tonight!"

With Ashley still leaning against her, Jennifer took a deep, shuddery breath and attempted to finish the Huntress off once and for all. Holding her victim at arms length, Jennifer hoisted Ashley up into a Fireman's Carry with far more effort than she usually needed. Holding Ashley prone, she looped the arm near Ashley's head across the back of the Ashley's' neck and cinched down tight. Wanting to show off and knowing she can't, J-Lo took two loping steps forward, then used her free arm to shove the blonde's legs up and off her shoulders, sending Ashley's torso and legs flailing out behind her. Still holding Ashley's head in the crook of her arm, The Latina Supreme sat out hard, driving the back of her victim's skull and neck into the canvas, with the Air Raid Crash that everyone in the fed was beginning to know as ‘Once Around the Block.’

Exhausted beyond the point of rational thought, Jennifer flung herself across Ashley's waist and hooked both legs. Bearing down on the cover, she glared into the blonde's face and snarled, "There's nothing that says I can't smother you AFTER the match is over."

Wanting to hurry up and get this war over with, the ref dropped down and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!" Some way, somehow, Ashley pulled a shoulder off the canvas to break the count.

Regarding the zebra with wide, stunned eyes, Jennifer opened her mouth to belittle Ashley and suddenly realized she could think of nothing to say. Snapping her jaw shut, J-Lo grabbed Ashley by the straps of her top and pulled the boneless blonde to her feet. Standing face-to-face with her adversary, Jen released her hold on Ashley's attire only to immediately thread a hand between the Huntress' thighs while the snaked over the blonde's shoulder.

Groaning, J-Lo hoisted Ashley off the mat and inverted her, forcing the blonde's head into her crotch while Jennifer was forced to endure Ashley's groin inches from her face. Adjusting her grip so that both arms were locked around Ashley's waist, Jennifer turned in a slow circle, making sure everyone in the audience got one last look at the Huntress. Finally through with the foreplay, J-Lo rose up on her toes and then dropped to her knees, spiking the crown of Ashley's skull into the mat with 'Ridin the Six' her version of the infamous Tombstone Piledriver.

Unclasping her hands, Jennifer let Ashley dribble onto the mat. Knowing perfectly well that Ashley was in position for her only REAL finisher, Jen hesitated nonetheless. Refusing to acknowledge the chilling 'what if' thoughts running through her head, J-Lo quickly undid the tape around her left wrist and muttered, "Just in case..."

Done with words, Jennifer rolled Ashley onto her stomach and scrambled down to her feet. From there, she took possession of both of Ashley's ankles and folded her legs up, crossed them at the ankles, and placed them tightly against the Ashley's own butt. Wanting to make sure that there was no way Ashley could wriggle her legs free, J-Lo wrapped the tape from her wrist around Ashley's ankles a half-dozen times before she was satisfied the Huntress wasn't going anywhere.

After catching her breath, Jennifer shoved Ashley over onto her back again only now Ashley had her legs pinned and taped unceremoniously underneath her butt. With the blondes lower extremities thoroughly immobilized, Jen got up, limped back to Ashley's head, and slowly stepped over her, letting one leg frame either side of Ashley's waist. Looking over her shoulder and the wide swell of her butt, Jennifer panted. "I've been waiting ALL NIGHT for this."

She sank to her knees and applied a Reverse Straddle with one significant change: instead of simply pinning Ashley's arms with her shins, J-Lo nudged her calves UNDER Ashley’s arms, holding her shoulders a few inches above the mat. Making sure her boots were tucked tightly against either side of the Huntress' J-Lo reached back with both hands and slowly, evilly pulled down her distended bottoms, baring her legendary ass for one unbelievably grateful section of the arena. Stopping to savor the anticipation, she grabbed the beaten girl's wrists and crisscrossed them over her thighs; left holding right, right holding left.

Grinning like her usual arrogant self, Jennifer FINALLY sat down to apply a Reverse Face Sit. Already redlining, the crowd went absolutely ape-shit any application of the Face Sit, but Jennifer's emphatically named 'The Smother' brought on a whole new level of approval from the mob.

As for the Huntress, she was beginning to learn just why Jennifer's Face Sit was spoken of in such awed tones. Ashley's hands were tightly bound and her long legs were pinned by her own body weight, so there was no possible way for her to tap out. And even if she'd been cogent enough to form words (which she wasn't), J-Lo's mammoth ass was serving as a very effective damper, blocking out any screams of surrender or pleas for mercy that Ashley might have been offering up. And as a final insult, J-Lo's shins were keeping her opponent's shoulders off the canvas, meaning she couldn't rely on the three count to end her suffering. And she did suffer, make no mistake.

The oxygen deprivation brought Ashley back around, but she would have given anything to wake up anywhere else. Her entire face was being forced deep into the crack of Jennifer's butt and the more she tried to fight it, the deeper her features were pulled into the ultimate air deprivation weapon. Finding her legs useless, Ashley bucked and twisted as hard as she could, but the weight of J-Lo’s body was planted solidly on her upper body and she didn't get very far. Too far gone to feel anything like shame, Ashley tried to tap out or scream her concession, but all her gasps and cries were filtered through J-Lo's butt and they came out as nothing more then "UUUMMMPPPHHHH!"

That wasn't enough for the ref to ring the bell. From her perch atop Ashley's nose, Jennifer increased the pace of her Face Grinder, letting her ass envelop as much of Ashley's face as humanly possible. Flexing her glistening glutes, Jen treated Ashley's nose to a callous pinch that could have sent the frantic beauty in search of a good plastic surgeon. J-Lo didn't really intend to break Ashley's nose, she just wanted to make sure that Ashley knew she COULD if she wanted to.

Looking for one final insult, Jennifer smiled coldly as she reached down Ashley's defenseless torso and sank her right hand into the blonde's trunks. The misery of the Smother compounded with the Crotch Claw finally pushed Ashley past her limits. The Huntress let out a final muffled scream and then went limp under the butt if her tormentor.

Feeling consciousness leave the blonde, Jennifer she added a few final grinds of her hips just to make sure and then cooed, "A noble effort little Huntress, but not nearly enough to defeat me."

Finally releasing the torturous hold, J-Lo slid her shins out from under Ashley's arms and let her victim's shoulders come into contact with the canvas. Bouncing her victorious undercarriage on Ashley's heaving chest, J-Lo raised one hand in the air and signaled along with the zebra as he counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THREE!'

The bell rang three times and as Jennifer's music poured into the Yellow Sign a legion of her critics fell silent. Sure, the Latina Goddess might have a reputation as a primadonna in the back, but anyone who could survive a brutal war with Ashley AND THEN subjugate the limber blonde in such domineering fashion was obviously a force to be reckoned with. For her part, Jennifer really didn't give a shit what the critics thought one way or another. She'd always KNOWN she'd been great, now she was getting to prove it against the best wrestlers in the world. Getting to her feet, Jennifer strutted around Ashley's body a few times before taking her place over the blonde's face. Looking down into Ashley's uncomprehending features, Jen panted, "Anytime you want a rematch, just say the word honey. You kiss ass real good." She was about to say something else when the exhaustion suddenly rolled over her and she had to fight to stay on her feet.

Stepping away from Ashley, Jennifer stumbled to the edge of the ring and slipped through the ropes to the floor below. Trudging up the ramp, Jen smiled and thought, 'It doesn't matter what they say about me after tonight. Thanks to Fannin, I've got one hell of an ace up my sleeve. And when I decide to play it, this place is going to belong to me.' Reaching the curtain at the top of the ramp, Jennifer treated the crowd to a final wiggle of her hips and then disappeared from sight.

Note: Next up, UK sensation Billie Piper debuts in Fannin's promotion against none other than the rogue slayer Eliza Dushku; live from 'The Torchwood Tavern' in scenic Statler, PA.