Trampolina de la Muerte! Jennifer Lopez vs Shakira by blackcape 11/4/00

It was the night of the Latino Music Awards; Jennifer Lopez was right in the middle of performing her multi-platinum song, "If You Had My Love" to a cheering throng of admirers. She was clad in a skin-tight purple spandex jumpsuit and as she shook her million dollar ass and tossed her hair like a temptress, she knew that she had her audience in thrall. As she finished, the audience let out a loud cheer.

Stepping off stage, she was approached by Christina Aguilera, who bowed low and said, "You truly are the Queen of Latino Music!"

This made Jennifer feel even more special. "I am the best," she thought to herself, smiling and shaking her hips with joy.

Suddenly another large roar from the audience let Jennifer know that another performer had begun to sing. As she peeked out from behind the stage curtain, she saw a young, pretty woman in tight white pants and matching top shaking and grooving to a song of her own. The audience seemed to enjoy this woman's performance even more than they had hers. In point of fact, they even gave this newcomer a standing ovation, much to Jennifer's horror.

"Malidacion!" Lopez grumbled as she turned away.

Her manager, who was standing nearby, asked her what was wrong.

"That bruja! Who is she?"

"Jennifer dear, that's Shakira! You know Shakira! You probably don't recognize her because she dyed her hair blonde for the show!"

"Fucking bitch!" Lopez spat. "She's stealing my thunder!"

"Actually, a bit more than that, I'm afraid," her manager replied. "You know how you have insured your precious ass for six million dollars? Well, Shakira has insured hers as well - for $50 million. It seems her ass is worth a lot more than yours."

"That little slut!" Jennifer cried.

"Yes, but there's more," her manager said with a glint in his eye. "In a Rolling Stone interview, she called you a washed-up has-been. She doesn't like you, my sweet."

"That's it!" Jennifer growled. "You tell her manager I challenge her to la Trampolina de la Muerte! Make the arrangements. I want to kick her expensive ass in, do you hear me? Tomorrow afternoon! I want it done!"

"Si, mi mariposita," her manager said with a bow.

As he watched her strut off, Jennifer's harried manager whispered under his breath, "Dios mio! Trampolina de la Muerte!" and his worry was justifiable.

The Trampoline of Death is a long-standing Hispanic tradition dating back to the 1980's. It began with two women fighting on a trampoline surrounded by upturned knives and a gasoline fire. The one who fell from the trampoline was killed. Several copycat fights ended in tragedy as well, giving this particular fighting exercise such a terrible name. That evening, plans were made between parties and soon the fateful day arrived.

Shakira drove her Ford Explorer down a long stretch of unpaved road leading several miles into the Nevada desert. It was noon and the sun was high in the sky, burning a hole through the emptiness around her. She was clad only in a white thong and her bare breasts bounced up and down with each dip and sway of the wheels. Soon, she came upon a large trampoline; it stood alone, but was surrounded on all sides by broken glass. Jennifer had already arrived with Puffy in tow She too wore only a light pink thong and, like Shakira, had resolved to fight bare-breasted.

"Well, here's the bitch now!" Jennifer snarled as Shakira exited her truck.

"That's right! I'm not afraid of you, pinche pussy!"

"Prove it, bitch!" Jennifer retorted.

"I will, fucking whore!" Shakira replied, and placed her hands on her ample hips for emphasis.

"Hey, enough with the small talk, let's get it on," Puffy said rubbing himself through his break dancing pants.

"Hey," Shakira shouted as she swung one leg over and onto the black tarp of the trampoline. "I see you brought your convict boyfriend! What's he gonna do, shoot me?"

"Shut the fuck up," Jennifer replied, as she too swung her legs up and onto the trampoline. The surface of la Trampolina de la Muerte was searing hot from being exposed to the burning desert sun and the girls danced quickly about on their toes to fend off immediate blistering. After a bit of adjusting, they approached each other in the center of the trampoline, breast to breast, hands slowly rubbing their asses in expectation of a brawl.

Shakira is the one who made the first move. Jutting her chest out, she smacked her breasts into Jennifer's, causing Lopez to almost lose her balance.

"Bitch!" Jennifer snarled.

Drawing back her fist, Jennifer punched Shakira straight in the face. Her head snapped back and Jennifer took hold of each breast in her hands and began to bounce up and down, yanking Shakira's orbs up and away.

"Aughh! Fuck you!" Shakira said.

She too grabbed Jennifer's breasts and began to bounce up and down in an attempt to remain level with the songstress. The women bounced higher and higher into the air, yanking and pulling the other's breasts like taffy until Shakira finally ended the exercise by jutting out her knee on the downswing. As Jennifer followed her down, she rammed pussy first onto Shakira's kneecap.

"Aaaghh!" Jennifer cried.

Letting go of Shakira's tits, Jennifer fell on her back in the center of the trampoline. Shakira began to bounce beside her, gaining speed and height.

Jennifer could only watch in terror as Shakira's ample body flew higher and higher until finally she landed feet first on Lopez' upturned face, jolting the brunette's body into the air. The bounce was so forceful that Shakira flew right back into open space and came down again, this time on Jennifer's neck. As Jennifer gagged and gasped for air, Shakira bounced once more, this time landing heels-first on Jennifer's perfectly round breasts. She repeated this time and again, pounding Lopez into the trampoline tarp, until the came to rest atop Jennifer's bulging pussy.

"I'll make sure your boyfriend doesn't want you," Shakira snarled.

Standing on Jennifer's stomach, Shakira began stomping between her enemy's legs as Jennifer moaned and thrashed beneath her. Stepping off of her foe, Shakira stood, legs spread across Jennifer's luscious body and began to bounce again, this time flying several feet into the air before landing with her $50 million ass on Jennifer's tits. The force of this blow sent both Jennifer and Shakira into the air, but Shakira remained level with Jennifer's tits so that she crushed them upon the return landing.

"Now you know why my ass is so expensive," Shakira snarled.

She began to grind her superbly juicy ass on Jennifer's pancaked breasts. Jennifer writhed and twisted beneath her, but to no avail. When she grew tired of this sport, Shakira stood once more, took Jennifer's legs and twisted, flipping her enemy onto her stomach. Then, Shakira sprang up once again, gaining several feet of height and came down feet first onto Jennifer's tight ass. Jennifer arched her back from the pain as Shakira sprang up once more and repeated the process, this time digging her foot deep into the crevice between Jennifer's ass cheeks. Shakira bounced once more, and came down butt first on Jennifer's ass, two perfectly-round derrieres smooshing into each other on impact.

Crawling atop her adversary, Shakira flipped Jennifer onto her back once more before draping her heaving, sweating breasts over Jennifer's flushed face. Jennifer kicked and yanked the back of Shakira's thong, but the young singing sensation simply wrapped her long arms around Lopez' head and buried her foe's face even deeper into her cleavage.

"Unngh! Unngh!" Shakira grunted, as she put the pressure on Jennifer's head.

Lopez simply could not breathe, Shakira's womanly aroma was overwhelming her. Desperate, Jennifer applied a face claw to Shakira and pushed back with all of her strength, bending her opponent's head to an extreme angle. Finally, Shakira could take no more and released her hold, while Jennifer's face fell out from between her breasts with a sucking sound.

With her face claw still applied, Jennifer knocked Shakira onto her side before straddling the blonde wannabe's ample breasts and returning the grind that had been so viciously applied to her sore tits earlier in the match. Shakira kicked and squirmed, a look of fear flashing from between Jennifer's fingers. Then Lopez removed her hand and replaced it with a fist to the face.

Standing shakily, Jennifer held Shakira's hair and pulled her to her feet. A quick blow to her midsection doubled Shakira over and enabled Jennifer to stuff the young star's head between her legs. Then she began to bounce up and down, going higher and higher with Shakira's body jerking up and down as her head stayed firmly wedged against Jennifer's pussy. After four bounces, Jennifer landed butt first, crushing Shakira's head between her ass and the trampoline's surface!

The force of the blow sent Jennifer back into the air with Shakira's head in tow and again the process was repeated with Shakira's pretty complexion smearing on black tarp. The larger bounces finally lessened into a series of short bounces, the final one of which sent Shakira into a daze. But Jennifer wasn't through yet!

After getting Shakira to her feet once more, Jennifer took Shakira's head in her hands and, bending the shocked singing star over backward, held her face hard against her pussy in a standing reverse facesit. Jennifer locked her legs, crushed Shakira's head between her pulsing thighs and began to bounce yet again, going higher and higher into the air before spreading her legs and landing ass first on Shakira's pretty face.

The force of the bounce sent both ass and face into the air again and again, only to collide once more on descent. The bounces gradually receded into a series of small reverberations, at which time Jennifer stopped bouncing all together and got down to the process of smothering her foe out. Jennifer thrust and ground her ass so hard and deep that Shakira's face disappeared completely beneath Lopez' famously insured butt, which was contracting and bulging with excitement. Shakira's muffled cries gradually faded away, only to return moments later as Jennifer took Shakira's breasts in her hands and squeezed them at the base, turning them into black and blue balloons.

At last, Jennifer arched her back, gave a few more hearty thrusts and came all over her enemy's face. Jennifer sat on Shakira's face for another two minutes as her foe's legs and arms convulsed and kicked ever more slowly until she was sure Shakira was out. Then, removing her ass from Shakira's blue complexion with a slurping sound, Jennifer stuffed Shakira's head between her legs once more, wrapped her arms around Shakira's legs. She bounced higher and higher into the air, then leaped down outside of the trampoline, driving Shakira's face and breasts into the broken glass below. She stayed on Shakira's head for a moment more, grinding her beaten foe's face into the glass with her ass. Then she walked across the songbird's pummeled body and placing a foot between Shakira's ass cheeks.

"Hey Puffy," Jennifer yelled. "Get a picture of this!"

Puffy complied as Jennifer stomped vigorously on Shakira's upturned ass, pounding it into putty before shaking her hips in victory and leaving her defeated and unconscious foe alone in the desert.