Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez vs. Britney Spears by Freddy Roberts

This match, staged and promoted by legendary Hawaiian ‘Beach Empress’ Kiana Thom, will take place in a ring set up on the sandy beach of Malibu, CA in front of 100 special guests. They include several notable celebrity couples such as Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron and Sharon Stone, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, George Clooney, Derek Jeter and Halle Berry along with P.Diddy and more than a dozen other celebrities with movie and recording company executives. Other special guests number among them, Britney's soon-to-be ex- Kevin Federline who is squeezed in between Reese Witherspoon and her soon-to-be ex- Ryan Phillippe.

The prize to the winner is $500,000 dollars an amazing figure although not so much considering each of the 100 guests has paid $5000 for the "honor" of being invited. A video tape of the fight goes to the winner who, if they wish, may sell it to a news organization or producer or keep it for their personal archives.

This is a much anticipated event as, earlier in their careers, they'd fought once before. The rules agreed upon specify that:
- the loser be stripped,
- the loser must submit verbally,
- and the winner gets 20 minutes for any form of humiliation she chooses.

The temperature is 95 degrees and both girls are sweating profusely after their warm-ups. Britney has chosen her favorite red bikini while J-Lo goes with a 'barely there' blue number with lotsa sequins. Jen's sister Lynda Lopez is in her corner as her second, while Britney has her lip-locking 'best buddy' Madonna in her corner.

As they come together mid-ring for the prefight instructions, J-Lo calls Britney a "whore and a tramp and she calls Jen "a pig and a cunt." They slip out of their robes and the audience can see for themselves that both women are firm, fit and in great condition as they return to their corners to await the bell.

THONK! Kiana gets the action underway by thumping a large coconut with a wooden mallet, in lieu of a bell.

Britney and Jen circle each other looking for an opening. They then charge each other grabbing hair and pulling viciously. Jen tugs on Britney's locks and Britney delivers a good punch to Jen's belly. They back away and trade slaps to the face, body and head before Jen lands a good uppercut to Britney’s jaw. She recovers and lashes a hard right to Jen's left tit, then the fight degenerates into close-quarters grappling with a lot of slapping and body punching.

Jen hits Brit with a hard right to her nose and Brit responds with a hard left to Jen's eye. Punches and wild slaps galore and no advantage to either. Jen is the first to be hurt as Brit brings a knee to her groin. Jen backs into the corner and Brit knees her again, then again to her vulnerable groin. Brit grags Jen by her hair and pulls her to the center of the ring. Jen is then kneed into her groin again. Brit then stands her up and punches her hard to the lower belly. Jen's stiff tummy tightens but another punch to her belly hurts her. Brit then punches her in the face, directtly on her nose and some blood appears.

Jen punches back, landing a good left to Brit's neck, making a bright red mark on it. An elbow smash by Brit to Jen's face finally knocks Jen off her feet and she lands on her back. Britney pounces on her belly and straddles her. Jen's arms are pinned and Britney then turns and sits on her face, holding down her arms . Jen kicks and tries to move her head, but her nose is right in the middle of Brit's ass. She has a good ass smother going on the self-styled “Queen of Smothers.”

Quickly, both to embarass Jen and to strip her, Brit, undoes Jen’s blue sequin bra and rips it off, spilling Jen's tits out for all to see. Brit throws Jen’s bra into the crowd where Ben Affleck leaps up and snatches it out of Jennifer Garner’s hands!

“Kick her ass, Brit!” yells Garner, who is rooting for Spears to kick her husband’s ex-sweetheart’s ass.

Brit atop J-Lo then grabs Jen's nipples and pulls them up and pinches the large brown nips. Jen is under her ass, trapped as Britney continues the assault.

Jen struggles from under Brit's bikini clad ass. Her tits continue to be squeezed by Brit, as an embarassment and a psychological weapon as the audience watches Jen's very nice boobs being slapped , whacked and pinched. Britney now rains punches into Jen's belly to soften her up. Punch after punch into her tummy as Britney is in control. Jen is desperate and in a sudden move, brings up her legs to Brit's head and snares her in a lock that has Brit off her face and onto her side, her head between Jen's calves. Jen adjust the lock , moving Brit's head down bewteen her thighs.

Brit slams her hand in anger and despair as she is trapped in this thigh lock. Jen applies pressure and has Brit trapped. She then moves Brit onto her back and is able yo straddle her chest with her ass facing Brit’s feet. She stands up quickly and drops a vicious knee drop into Brit’s groin! Another knee drop has Britney writhing and holding her groin in agony.

Jen then grabs Brit by the hair, hauls her up and BITCH SLAPS her! Brit falls back against the ropes in the corner, and JEN POUNDS AWAY AT HER BELLY! She lands several good, hard, blows to Brit's belly and she’s really hurting! Now Jen puts Brit's hands over and around the ropes, trapping her in the corner with her arms tied up in the ropes.

“OK Miss Big Tits, let's see them!” Jen sneers as she releases Brit's massive jugs, exposing her to the leering crowd as with her arms entangled she can’t even attempt to cover her breasts. Jen laughingly tosses Brit’s bra to K-FED who urges her to, “Beat the piss outta that ungrateful skank!”

Brit is trapped in the corner and Jen wastes no time in returning the torture her tits suffered. She grabs her tits and SMACK-SMACK, slaps them forehand and backhand. Brit's tits jump and jiggle as Jen slaps them for the appreciative audience. Both girls are topless and Brit has her arms trapped. Jen walks over to grab Brit's tits again, but this time Brit snaps her leg up and WHUMP, cunt punts Jen!

J-Lo drops to her knees holding her groin, giving Britney time to untangle her arms. She rushes Jen, kicking her in the head and knocking her onto her belly. She straddles Jen, sitting across her upper back and pinning her arms as she faces J-Lo’s fabulous blue bikini clad ass.

“Time for the crowd to see your big ass, Jen,” laughs Britney. With her arms pinned and Brit straddling her upper back, Jen is vulnerable and defenseless as Brit unties her bikini bottom and then turns and tosses it to P.DIDDY at ringside “There you go Mr. Diddy. Since you were fucking this fat cunt, here’s another pair for your trophy case!’

Jen's very famous and well-known booty is left nude. She tries to wiggle free, but she’s trapped in Brit’s straddle as WHAP WHAP WHAP Brit SPANKS her! Then Brit rolls Jen over onto her back and sits on her face! Jen is in trouble as Britney pushes her ass into her face. This isn’t enough for Britney who undoes her string bikini, takes it off, then leans up and forces her naked ass onto Jen's face.

“Sweet dreams!” laughs Brit as her ass covers Jen's face.

With her nose wedged tight up Brit's ass, Jen is having difficulty breathing. In a desperate move she does the almost impossible as she’s able to clench her teeth and bite down hard on Brit's asscheek. The ass smother wasn’t tight enough on Jen's face and allowed her just a small area to bite up into Brit's ass. The sudden bite has Brit pissed off but she loses the smother hold when she stands over Jen who is still groggy.

Angrily, Brit knees J-Lo in the twat and she howls in pain. As Brit sets up for another knee drop , Jen swings her leg up and kicks Brit between her legs. Stunned, Britney falls off to the side holding herself. Both nude grapplers retreat to the corners to regroup.

After a few seconds of recouping, both nude warriors meet in the middle of the ring, but this time , Jen uncorks an amazing Uppercut that drops Brit! She gets up only to be hit by a strong knee to her head. Brit is hurt and Jen sees her opportunity - and doesn’t waste it!

Brit is on her back as Jen straddles her chest. Jen wants to end it and she punches Brit in the face over and over until blood is pouring from Britney's mouth and nose. Jen looks magnificent astride Brit's belly - and Brit’s exposed, shaved pussy is on display for all to see.

Jen stands over the beaten Spears. “This is my ass smother bitch,” she says as she squats on the bloodied Britney and grinds her ass on Britney's face. Her ass completely covers Brit’s blushing face, leaving no room for her to bite or scrtach as J-Lo’s ‘booty’ envelops Brit's red face. If that’s not enough, Jen reaches down and pulls Brit's legs up, folding her feet back to her head with her ass in the air - a classic Matchbox Pin!

Brit can’t move her legs and in response to her muffled protests from below Jen’s ass, J-Lo just laughs and tells her, “If you don’t like to tap out - bitch!” Britney doesn’t like it and she tries frantically to buck her way out but she can’t. J-Lo’s ass on her face and her folded, pinned and trapped legs are too many obstacles to overcome. She cannot escape, yet she stubbornly fights on. “Wanna quit before I, like totally, embarrass you!?” Jen asks.

When there’s still no tap out by Britney, Jen laughingly raises her hand, showing it to the crowd before she drives her hand down and drives three fingers into Brit's pussy. Wiggling her slender fingers and digging deep into her adversary, Jen starts to work her fingers, slipping and sliding them in and out. Brit’s hands begin to wildly slap the mat.

Spears is giving up!!!

A stunning win for J-Lo! Jen slowly rises off of Brit and stands straddling her waist. Brit lays still, sobbing out loud, her chest heaving; breasts shuddering; beaten, bloody and humiliated! Yet despite everything she’s suffered, Brit is still a beautiful sight in defeat, spread out on the mat with her shaved pussy visible to all. Jen, magnificent in victory, can now perform the coup de grace on Brit if she wishes and she has twenty minutes to do so.

There’s real bad blood between these two and it shows when Jen orders Brit to get on her belly. To begin her humiliation, Jen spanks Britney’s upturned and shapely ass with hard SMACKs that everyone can hear. The crying Spears can do nothing but clinch her butt cheeks and take it. Jen then goes for the ultimate humiliation. She kicks Brit over onto her back, straddles her chest and slowly slides her pussy up onto Brit’s teary face.

“Eat me and lick me!” Jen demands. Brit licks her hot, wet pussy as Jen grinds on her face until she throws back her head, her body stiffens and she unleashes a long stream of juices onto Brit's face. Jen shrieks in ecstacy as she climaxes over Brit's face.

It's over! Jen puts on her robe and exits the ring while Madonna stays behind to assist the badly beaten Britney to her feet. As Britney leaves, she struggles to bravely hold her head up, telling Madonna between sobs, "You have to get me a rematch."

The crowd hears "rematch" and goes wild! But for now, Jen has definitely cum out on top!