Kathleen Turner vs. Jennifer Lopez by Khalid

It had been six weeks since Kathleen Turner held Demi Moore's head between her legs and forced her to do some serious ass kissing. Kathleen couldn't get that night out of her head, so she began working on the next chance she might get to humble and humiliate some luckless female celebrity.

Kathleen was staying at the Marriot in L.A. promoting her Broadway play when she noticed that Jennifer Lopez was staying in a room right down the hall. Jennifer would be perfect, Kathleen thought, someone who at least believed they presented a challenge, so might actually fight back, thus falling into her trap.

It was a Tuesday night and the hotel was quiet. Kathleen kept her ear to the door, trying to hear Jennifer when she returned to her room. At about 2:00AM she heard Jennifer's footsteps in the hall and the sound of her fumbling with her keys. Kathleen immediately went into the hall and walked down toward Jennifer's room, pretending not to recognize Jennifer. Just as Jennifer opened her door, Kathleen hit her from behind and knocked Jennifer through the door and onto the floor of her room.

"What the fuck are you doing you clumsy bitch!" yelled Jennifer who was unused to being touched by anyone but members of her entourage - and only then with her permission. "Watch where you're goin' old woman."

"You need to watch where you're going yourself," snapped Kathleen. "And how you talk to people."

Jennifer was still on her knees trying to figure out what was happening. She had on a neat black two piece mini-skirt outfit that showed off her tight, tan legs and fitted her legendary ass perfectly.

"She's perfect," thought Kathleen who, having been her room, was wearing just a long black T-shirt that came to mid-thigh. She had no underwear on under it, as Jennifer would discover later to her chagrin.

"You better get the fuck outta here before I call security," yelled Jennifer. "Or maybe I'll just whup your sorry white ass Bronx style myself!"

As Jennifer was trying to get up, Kathleen stepped over her and captured her head between her thighs in a standing leg scissors.

"Arrgh! What da fuck?" groaned the trapped Jennifer.

"Pretty impressive legs huh? You should get to know them there going to be wrapped around you like an anaconda all night," laughed Kathleen.

Jennifer struggled to get her head out from between Kathleen's legs. She tried pulling Kathleen's feet out from under her, but in the narrow entrance way Kathleen just put her hands on the walls and held herself up easily. Jennifer could feel the raw power of Kathleen's thighs and calves and realized she was in big trouble.

"You're going out for a bit," Kathleen said. "We'll talk more later after you wake up."

Kathleen tightened the leglock until Jennifer felt herself growing faint and then passed out. Later, she awoke to find herself sprawled on her bed. Kathleen was sitting cross-legged in a chair in front of the door blocking Jennifer's exit.

"You have two choices," Kathleen said calmly. "Lick my ass right now, or I'll have my fun punishing you and then, eventually, you'll do it anyway."

"Fuck off," screamed Jennifer as she leaped off the bed and charged. When Jennifer charged, Kathleen got up quickly and stepped aside. Instead of reaching back for Kathleen, Jennifer took used the opening to head for the door. However, Kathleen caught Jennifer from behind and clapped her in a full nelson. Jennifer kicked and struggled as Kathleen dragged her back to the bed and threw her on it. Kathleen jumped on top of her before Jennifer could sit up and wrapped her famous legs around Jennifer's body. Jennifer was trapped face down, trapped between Kathleen's rock-hard legs with her beautiful ass in the air.

"Whap!" Kathleen brought her open hand down on the expanse of soft flesh as she started spanking.

"Aaaahhhh PLEASE!" screamed the struggling Jennifer as the first flush of warmth spread from her bountiful buns.

"This is just the beginning of your night," Kathleen hissed with an evil laugh. "By morning, you're gonna know these legs as if they were attached to you."

After a couple more minutes of futile struggling, Jennifer stopped fighting and her body slumped. Kathleen decided to slip her legs up around Jennifer's neck where she locked them tight. Jennifer's face started to get red as she looked up at Kathleen's leering face.

"This's nice, ain't it?" Kathleen chuckled. "Now we can get to know each other….intimately."

Kathleen looked down and stared deep into Jennifer's terrified eyes. Jennifer said nothing and the lack of witty repartee was boring, so Kathleen began to pinch Jennifer's nose with her fingers causing Jennifer to yelp in pain and to have to breathe through her open mouth.

"Please…Please," gasped Jennifer as she slapped at Kathleen's thick thighs. "I'll do anything you ask, just let me go!"

Kathleen shook her head, "Nope, that's not gonna happen. But if you're not comfortable, I can make you a bit more comfortable before we go on."

Kathleen released her grip. Jennifer rolled over and tried to crawl off the bed but Kathleen grabbed her by the leg, swung her own legs around and wrapped them around Jennifer's head again. Jennifer ended up on top of Kathleen, but with her head trapped between Kathleen's python-like legs. Jennifer put both hands on Kathleen's thighs and grunted as she tried to pry her head free. She couldn't even budge the brunette's legs.

"No, this isn't what I was thinking about at all," Kathleen said.

She reversed their positions while keeping Jennifer's head clamped tightly between her legs. With Kathleen now on top, she used the same unbreakable hold she'd used on Demi. With her arms locking up Jennifer's legs, curling them up, she slightly eased her leg pressure while sliding Jennifer deeper between her thighs until her mouth and nose were wedged in the crack of her full, round ass.

"Yeeaahh," Kathleen sighed, "this is perfect. You OK down there. Get as comfie as possible, because for the next few hours this is gonna be your home. Oh yeah, you can start kissing my sorry white ass while you got your mouth in there. And don't stop until I tell you," Kathleen added with an evil cackle.

"Mmmmfff, plleease…." Jennifer gasped between attempts to breathe.

"Don't waste your precious breath honey pot," Kathleen laughed. "There's not much fresh air down there. Now, get that mouth of yours to work," said Kathleen, punctuating her command with a squeeze of her thighs that caused Jennifer's body to arch and tense.
It was more than two hours later before a fully satisfied Kathleen Turner opened her legs and let Jennifer slide out from between them. Jennifer's body slumped on the bed and she lay holding her head and rotating her neck trying to regain some sensation in it after putting up Kathleen's unrelenting pressure. As Jennifer lay gasping for air and wiping the tears of shame from her eyes, Kathleen strutted to the door caressing her ass with both hands and giving it an exaggerated wiggle.

"God damn," Kathleen said as she stopped and leaned against the door. "You're even better than that slut Demi. And by the way, I didn't leave any marks on your body. But, if you tell even a single sole about this, I'll track you down and lock these legs around you for a week!"

Jennifer fell back on the pillows, her exhausted body racked by sobs as Kathleen sensuously rubbed her python-esque thighs and sauntered out of the room in search of her next leggy adventure.