Kate Winslet vs. Jennifer Lopez by bbb4 from the Delphi Catfight Bulletin Board 02-28-99)

Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet climb through the ropes simultaneously, from opposite sides of the ring. Kate's 5'8" frame is completely covered with a long robe, reaching almost to her ankles. The crowd's favorite amid the raucous applause is impossible to determine. The first sign of partisanship in the crowd appears as Lopez slowly drops her gold lame hot shorts, revealing a tiny thong bikini bottom. Bending down with her ass pointed at the crowd, her wide powerful hips and well toned derriere hang free, as the cloth strip of the thong disappears between her cheeks.

Turning toward Kate, she points to Kate and then slaps her buns. Kate merely smiles, dropping her robe to reveal her topless frame. Bending over to pick up the robe, Kate's lily white buns are also left exposed by her immodest thong. Her breasts hang freely, swaying slightly as she stands up again. Kate playfully point across the ring at Lopez, whose jaw dropped when she saw Kate's wide, but fairly well toned butt peeking out from the thong. Kate cups her free tits, pointing to Lopez' larger, but well covered breasts. Lopez adjusts her red spandex top, giving Winslet the finger as the bell sounds.

The tow ladies circle only once before Kate holds up her hands motioning for a test of strength. As she moves forward to accept the challenge, Kate's height advantage is clear. Locking their fingers together and then their hands, Winslet gets the early advantage, flexing her back and shoulders in order to drive Lopez down to her knees. Kate works the hold, twisting and wrenching Jennifer's hands, forcing the Latina down to both knees, kneeling in front of the Kate. A quick knee lift from Kate jars Lopez' tits, but she is unable to climb up from her knees.

Folding the hotheaded Latina's wrists backward brings forth a stream of cussing and Spanish invectives that would make a lumberjack blush. Smiling for the crowd as she works the double wrist lock, Kate is caught totally unaware as Jennifer rears her head back and rams it into Kate's pubic mound. The thinly covered hillock of red pubic hair is punished again by another head butt as Kate steps back releasing her grip on Lopez' wrists, covering her bruised bush. Jennifer quickly climbs to her feet and grabs the front of Winslet's thong and yanks upward.

Even Kate's height can't help her as she tries to climb to her tippy toes to relieve the sudden jerking pressure on her womanhood. A squeaky scream comes out of her mouth as Lopez tries to split the tall red head in two, hauling upward on the thong. Jennifer finally loses her grip and walks away, holding and rotating her sore wrists as Kate collapses to the canvas, slowly peeling the thong out from her self.

Lopez will have none of that and presses her advantage, this time giving Lopez a thong yank from behind, and finally pulling her opponent to her feet. As Kate's hands go to the back of her thong, the extent of the damage is quickly clear as the front of her tong has entirely disappeared between her creamy thighs. Lopez yanks upward again and delivers a stunning belly to back suplex using the thong to carry Winslet's body up and over her shoulder. Kate lands flat on her back and shoulders, her legs splaying wildly as the impact crushes the back of her head into the mat. Lopez climbs quickly to her feet, ready to exploit her devastating move. She finds Kate rolled half on her side, cradling the back of her head and moaning softly.

Lopez looks to the crowd and begins slapping her large butt cheeks, signaling for the fanny smother. As Kate rolls to her back, still cradling her head, the world suddenly goes dark. A warm, smelly mass of damp flesh covers face and head. Her nose wedged completely between Lopez' butt cheeks, is smashed back into her face and her mouth is completely covered.

Totally blind and panicking, Winslet's hands find Lopez' sweat slick butt cheeks have completely covered her face. Jennifer looks backward over her shoulder, smiling and watching Kate struggle under her asphyxiating weight, choking and smothering. Lopez wriggles her butt a little, ensuring that the trapped Winslet has no chance to get any air or light. Winslet's claws scratch at Lopez' ass, but the Latina takes the punishment soundlessly.

Kate finally begins pushing against Lopez' weight, in a hopeless battle to push Jennifer's ass off her face. Until

her hands slip and her thumb unintentionally hooks on the waist band of Lopez' thong, giving it a less than gentle upward tug. Lopez squeals as the thong exerts some pressure on her womanhood and she lifts her butt slightly to adjust the thin strip of cloth away from her groin. This slight break in the devastating fanny smother is all Kate needs. Hooking her other thumb and several fingers through the waist band, Kate pushes upward, wedging the thong into Lopez' ass and crotch. Her strength augmented by a healthy dose of terror, Kate benchpresses upward, wedging the thong higher and higher until Lopez collapses to the side, abandoning her fanny smother.

Gasping and hacking, the red face Winslet is in no condition to follow up her success. She rolls to her side, with long, deep hacking coughs clears her throat. As she shakes her head to clear the cobwebs and tunnel vision, sweat , both hers and Lopez', flies from her soaked mane of red hair. Lopez too rolls to one side and gently extracts her thong, discarding the bikini bottoms in favor of lower body nudity. As she painfully climbs to her knees and then her feet Winslet meets her with a full body press, taking her down her shorter opponent like an undersized tackling dummy. Slamming the smaller girl against the mat, Winslet forces her tits over Lopez' face in a quick breast smother.

"Here's a titty, tart. Let's see how you like it," she screams, maintaining the smothering seal around her opponent's mouth and nose.

Jennifer is finally able to break the hold, raking her fingernails down Winslet's sides and back leaving long angry red welts on Winslet's pasty skin. The damage is done though, as Lopez falls lifelessly from the hold, her head landing on the canvas like a melon.

Winslet rises slowly, but manages to slap a wicked face claw on Lopez before she can climb up from her knees. Winslet's face turns to a wicked sneer as she grinds her finger tips into Lopez' temples and smashes her palms against Lopez' nose. Winslet screams all kinds of obscenities at Lopez as she forces her backward, bending her in two as the face claw begins to overpower the smaller girl. Winslet has Jennifer all the way onto her back, keeping her pinned down with both hands working the face claw. She begins inching forward, spreading her legs to straddle and sit on Lopez' face, but the quicker Lopez is able to stop the hold, jamming a thumb between Winslet's gaping thighs and into her muff. Winslet gasps in pain and rolls off Lopez, abandoning the face claw in order to protect her crotch. Lopez lies motionless on the canvas, her arms at her sides, unable to even rise to meet Winslet.

Kate eventually manages to climb to her feet yet again, wincing in pain as walks over to the still prone Lopez. Winslet bends, taking a handful of long brown hair and drags Lopez over to the ropes. Lopez lands a weak slap, again targeting Winslet's injured groin, Kate continues hauling Jennifer to the ropes, ignoring the pain. Placing Lopez over the middle rope, Winslet chokes the life out of Jennifer, putting all of her weight onto the back of Lopez' neck. Winslet straddles the back of Lopez' neck, adding her significant weight to the choke hold. Tiring of the choke out, and knowing it won't win the match, Winslet climbs off the sweat soaked Lopez and grabs the shoulder straps of her spandex bra. Kate flings Lopez off the middle rope, and then strips her top off, revealing her large breasts and dark nipples as she lies on her back. Kate drops herself back on the ropes, takes a few strides forward and delivers an immense butt drop to Lopez' chest, tits and ribs. Lopez rolls up, protecting herself as Winslet again climbs off her. Kate stands, motioning first with a slashing movement across her throat, then slapping her large bare buns.

She stands over Lopez, facing the length of her body and simply collapses her knees. Winslet's ass slams into Lopez' face with all of Kate's weight behind it. Winslet smiles broadly, laughing out loud as she reaches forward and pins Lopez' hands down to the mat. Jennifer makes a few weak twisting motions, trying to slip out from under Kate's fanny smother, but the expert application of the butt smother has left her no way out from under Kate's crushing ass. Lopez' face is entirely enveloped between Kate's large buns as Lopez slowly quits moving and lies still.

As the bell begins clanging, Kate stands up leaving the flush faced Latin flat on her back, naked an unconscious. Kate turns and wipes the sweat from her ass and flings it at her opponent before gathering her robe and leaving the ring area to the applause of the crowd.

Interviewer: Kate, that was a huge win! What was the key? <br>

Kate Winslet: I kept my fanny on her face longer. She never had a chance. <br>

INT: But she had you in the smother herself... <br>

KW: She's an amateur smotherer. She went for it too quickly and I was able to power out. I softened her up good before I finally laid these (cupping her tits) and then these (slapping her behind) on her. Now she's out like a light! I'd have finished in a minute if she had quit smacking me in the privates. <br>

INT: Tiffani Amber Thiessen was in the crowd tonight... <br>

KW: Another Amateur! Who's she put out? <br>

INT: Renee Tennison. <br>

KW: Never heard of her. One of those Playboy Whores I understand. Well, little Tiff, if you think those baby little hips of yours will fit over my face, you just bring it on! You'll find yourself facing (again slapping her bare behind) the Poop Chute Express. <br>

Kate Winslet Leaves.

INT: Jennifer, can we get a word? <br>

Jennifer Lopez: Uhhh, I'm a little tired (stumbling toward a railing for support). <br>

INT: That was an intense match! How do you feel? <br>

JL: Like I was sat on by a British Cow. <br>

INT: What's next? <br>

JL: A few aspirin and a rub down. <br>

Jennifer Lopez leaves.