The ‘Lost’ Fight: Evangeline Lilly (Kate) vs. Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) by anon

Juliet flung the cage door open in a murderous rage and stomped inside. From the moment the Others had brought Kate to their camp Juliet had felt a sense of resentment toward the brunette. She had always been the most attractive, and had gotten accustomed to the attention that brought her. Juliet didn't realize how much she enjoyed the attention until the men started giving that attention to Kate. She slammed the cage door shut, waking Kate up in the process.

Before Kate knew what was going on, Juliet yanked her up by the hair and threw her into the cage bars.

"What the hell are you doing?" Kate managed to ask as she bounced off the rusty iron bars.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm gonna beat you senseless and then we’ll see how much Ben likes you." Juliet replied as she drove her knee into Kate's stomach. Kate doubled over and groaned but she was quickly straightened back up when Juliet's knee connected with Kate's nose. Kate fell on her butt, leaning against the cage. Driven by pure rage, Juliet gave Kate no reprieve and grabbed her by the hair, swung her around and slammed her into the opposite wall.

Kate finally got her wits about her and realized that Juliet was not about to stop. She had two choices; give up and hope that Juliet would be willing to talk, or she could start fighting back. The look on Juliet's face as she ran at Kate quickly ruled out option one, so when Juliet was just about to launch an elbow to Kate's face, she ducked out of the way and Juliet's elbow smashed hard into the unforgiving iron of the cage bars.

Juliet screamed in pain and jumped back, cradling her injured elbow. Kate wasted no time and kicked the back of Juliet's knee, dropping her to her knees. With Juliet down, Kate grabbed Juliet's arms and stuck her knee in her back, and then she pulled back as hard as she could, causing Juliet to groan in discomfort.

"What, did you think you were gonna just come in here and not expect me to kick your ass?" Kate mocked as she pulled Juliet's arms to their breaking points. Juliet screamed in pain as her shoulders felt like they were being dislocated. Not satisfied with the pain she was inflicting, Kate removed her knee from Juliet's back and sat down behind her. Juliet was immediately relieved as the pain in her shoulders dissipated. Her relief was short lived as Kate placed her foot in between Juliet's shoulder blades and pulled back once again on Juliet's arms.

Juliet immediately began screaming in complete agony as Kate forced her limbs to the breaking point. With Juliet incapacitated by pain, Kate saw an opportunity to escape. She quickly let go of Juliet's arms and let her fold up into the fetal position as she ran to the cage door. Kate reached the door, grabbed the iron bars and began pulling it open. She quickly realized that Juliet had locked it behind her when she came in.

Kate turned around and looked at Juliet, intent on getting the key, unlocking the cage and making her escape. When she turned around, she saw Juliet standing up, her eyes filled with pure hatred. "Looking for this?" Juliet asked, holding the key for the cage door. "I've got a deal for you, bitch. You get this key from me and unlock that door, I'll let you go. Otherwise you're going to be spending a lot of time in here with me, and I assure you, it will not be pleasant for you."

"Deal." Kate agreed. She started a dead run, her intention to run Juliet over and take the key from her. Kate's plan was exactly what Juliet expected and she was prepared for Kate's oncoming attack. Kate bent low to tackle her, but Juliet stepped to the side as Kate ran by, grabbed her hair and pulled her head violently back and slammed her to the ground on her back. Kate immediately felt the effects of the whiplash and her hands went to cradle her head and neck which were in tremendous pain.

Kate's eyes were squeezed shut in agony and she hardly noticed when Juliet straddled her waist and sat down on her stomach. Juliet grabbed Kate's wrists and slammed them down to the ground above her head. "C'mon Kate, if you want to escape, you've got to learn to be a little less predictable." Juliet teased. Juliet held Kate's hands down with one hand as she brought the other down and wrapped it around Kate's throat. Kate immediately began struggling, twisting her body around, pushing with her legs, anything to get Juliet's hand off of her neck.

"Looks like this is the end Kate, I'm going to enjoy torturing this magnificent little body of yours."

Incensed at the thought, Kate began driving her knees into Juliet's back, causing Juliet to let go of her neck. Kate's plan had worked, but Juliet wasn't about to give up her position. She began scooting back, until Kate's thighs were under her ass. With Kate's legs incapacitated, Juliet went back to squeezing the life out of the lithe brunette. Not content with just choking Kate unconscious, Juliet compounded Kate's agony, by frequently letting her take a breath, only to quickly tighten her grip again. Juliet was completely enjoying herself, choking the life out of her beautiful opponent.

Kate was drifting in and out of consciousness and needed to do something/anything if she wanted to escape. Kate used every ounce of energy she had and managed to get one of her hands free. Kate immediately began punching Juliet's face over and over. Juliet let go with both hands as she tried to protect her face, Kate took advantage of this and used one hand to hold Juliet's head in place by the hair and the other to drive punches into Juliet's pretty face.

Juliet rolled to the side and away from Kate's feverish fists. Kate stayed on the ground, getting precious air back into her burning lungs as Juliet was a few feet away on her hands and knees, tending to her battered face. Kate made her way to her feet and Juliet was doing the same. They reached their feet staring daggers at one another.

They were silent as they sized each other up; Juliet had considerably underestimated the smaller brunette and realized that it was going to take much more to defeat Kate than she had previously thought. They waded into each other like two boxers on the balls of their feet with their hands protecting their faces.

Kate threw the first punch which was blocked and countered by a right hook by Juliet that caught Kate in the cheek. Another punch by Juliet connected with Kate's other cheek and that was quickly followed by a knee to the stomach. Kate backpedaled and threw a haymaker that Juliet ducked under and she connected with a punch to Kate's abs. Kate was backed all the way up to the wall where Juliet went wild, connecting with punch after punch to any exposed flesh. Kate's head was rocked back and forth as Juliet completely dismantled Kate's defenses and mercilessly thrashed her.

Juliet momentarily stopped her attack and let Kate slide down the cage wall and land on her butt. "C'mon Kate, don't you want escape?" Juliet teased. Kate didn't respond, trying to think of a way to get the key from Juliet and get out of this place. Juliet didn't allow Kate any clear thoughts for long as she yanked Kate up by her hair. Juliet got right in Kate's face and was about to say something when Kate's knee connected with her crotch. The only sound that escaped Juliet's lips was a low groan as she fell to her knees. Invigorated by the look of anguish on Juliet's face, Kate walked over to her, grabbed her by the hair and drove her knee into Juliet's face. Juliet was sent sprawling on her back as Kate straddled her waist.

Kate immediately started digging in the pockets of Juliet's tight skirt looking for the key. Kate searched both front pockets and had no luck finding the key. Getting madder by the second, Kate flipped Juliet onto her stomach to search her back pockets. She again straddled Juliet's waist facing her feet. Juliet was beginning to come around, but Kate still couldn't find the key. She had searched all of Juliet's pockets and still come up empty handed. Juliet's struggling was getting more intense so Kate turned around, rolled Juliet onto her side in between the brunette's thighs. Kate used her strong legs to constrict Juliet's waist and her arm to cut-off Juliet's breathing passages.

"Where's the fucking key, you bitch?" Kate screamed into Juliet's ear. Kate tightened her legs around Juliet's middle, causing Juliet to grunt in discomfort. "WHERE'S THE GOD DAMN KEY?!!"

Kate realized that Juliet couldn't talk while she was choking her, so she loosened her grip around Juliet's neck and waited for her to answer. Juliet didn't give an answer so Kate tightened her grip, she continued tightening and loosening her grip, adding to Juliet's torture. Realizing she wasn't going to get an answer out of Juliet this way, Kate released her holds and kicked Juliet away. Juliet rolled a few times before coming to rest on her back gasping for breath.

Kate got up, thinking of a way to get Juliet to tell her where the key was. She walked over to Juliet and violently brought her up by the hair. On her way up, Juliet sent her knee violently into Kate's womanhood. Kate gasped in agony and collapsed to the ground as the blonde did the same, but Juliet was on her feet moments later. Walking behind Kate, Juliet sat down behind her and wrapped her legs around Kate's waist, using her feet to spread Kate's legs apart. She then used her right arm to put Kate in a headlock. Not quite finished, Juliet leaned back so that she was on her back with Kate on top of her. Kate was once again in extreme pain as her legs were spread at an extreme angle while Juliet choked the life from her.

Juliet was again in complete control and she loved every second of it. Imposing her will on the brunette was exactly what the blonde had come here to do, and feeling Kate struggle in her grasp was complete euphoria. Kate was at the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, knowing she could do nothing from the position she was in brought about thoughts of despair and humiliation. With the thought of defeat looming in her head, coupled with the thought that she had no idea what would be in store for her if she lost, Kate intensified her struggle to free herself. Kate continued thrashing about on top of the blonde, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't break free from Juliet's hold.

After several minutes, Kate's struggles finally began to weaken. Juliet wanted to enjoy this moment longer, so she released the hold and let Kate roll off of her. Juliet once again straddled Kate's waist and looked down into her flushed face. She held Kate's hands above her head and took off her sweat soaked shirt, leaving her in just her bra. A glint caught Kate's sleepy eyes as she saw the key hanging from a necklace around Juliet's neck. Kate immediately started to sob, she had been so close to it earlier, how could she have missed it?

"Ohhh, poor little Kate, it was here all along, you stupid whore. Here, let me give you a closer look." Juliet said as she slowly rubbed her full breasts back and forth over Kate's face. Kate could only manage a few slurping sounds from underneath the blonde's sweaty breasts. After about 45 seconds, Juliet lifted her chest up and allowed Kate to take a few breaths before she once again wedged Kate's face deep in her cleavage. Kate started sweeping her legs back and forth across the cage floor, doing anything in her power to stave off the inevitable. When Juliet felt Kate's struggle weaken and almost stop, she once again lifted her boobs off of the brunette's face. Kate had all but given up any hope of getting out of this, at this point she just wanted her pain and humiliation to end.

"Well Kate, should I end it for you? Or do you want to continue this?"

Kate couldn't bear to concede defeat to the blonde, so she locked eyes with her tormentor in defiance. Juliet locked eyes with her conquered enemy until Kate's face was yet again completely engulfed within Juliet's sweaty cleavage. The soft, hot breath on Juliet's chest was like music to her ears, and as the breath got softer and softer, Juliet enjoyed it that much more. Juliet finally felt the last breath that escaped the defeated brunette and it was complete ecstasy for Juliet, but at the same time she was a little disappointed that it was over.

Her disappointment turned to shock when Kate’s knee slammed into her crotch. Juliet’s mouth was agape and Kate knocked the bigger woman off her with a punch to her jaw. The brunette rolled on top of Juliet and lowered her own chest onto Juliet’s face.

“Payback’s a bitch, wouldn’t you say Jules?” Kate teased.

Her breasts, though much smaller than Juliet’s, were big enough to prevent air from reaching Juliet’s lungs. Kate lifted her chest off Juliet’s face and yanked the key from her neck. The brunette gave Juliet one final THUNDERING punch to her jaw before sprinting towards the cage door. Kate fumbled with the key for a few seconds before finally opening the door and stumbling out as the skies opened up and started dumping torrents of rain. Ecstatic to be free, Kate collapsed to her knees on the now muddy ground. She turned around just in time to see Juliet coming out of her stupor and make her way to the door. Acting quickly, Kate ran for the door and slammed it in Juliet’s face, locking her in.

“You’ll never get away with this, Kate. We- No, I will find you. And when I do, you’re going to wish I knocked you out in here.”

“Oh, yeah?” Kate retorted. “Good luck.” She said as she licked the key and slipped into her cleavage.

Knowing it wouldn’t take the others long to realize something was wrong, Kate took off into the jungle. The rain was pouring down and Kate’s shirt was soaked, molding itself to every inch of her torso. It seemed to Kate that she had been walking for an eternity when she decided to sit and rest and get her bearings. The brunette propped herself against a tree as she studied the terrain and tried to figure out where she was. Finally getting her bearings, she was once again on her way back to camp.

Kate was well on her way when the ground in front of her suddenly opened up as the leaves and brush were flung away. Completely surprised by the situation, Kate stopped dead in her tracks and examined the shaft before her. To her dismay, the first thing she saw was a blonde woman crawl out of the hole.

“I told you I’d find you Kate” The blonde chuckled.

“Well congratulations. But this time I’m going to finish this once and for all.” Kate said.

The two women began circling one another, preparing for one final battle. Their feet sloshed around in the mud as they circled, clothes clinging to their wet bodies. Juliet threw a punch that Kate parried, but Juliet connected with her second punch that caught Kate off guard. Kate’s head rocked to the side and her wet hair flailed about. Juliet threw another punch at Kate’s face, but the brunette caught her arm and twisted it, forcing Juliet to bend forward at the waist.

With Juliet bent double in front of her, Kate started slamming her knee into her stomach. “UUUNGGHH! HHUUUUUNNGG! HOOOOOFF” Juliet groaned as Kate’s knee Slammed into her belly. After a few more pounding blows to Juliet’s gut, Kate’s knee Cracked into Juliet’s open face, sending her flailing into the mud on her back. Juliet landed hard and made a large splash as she made contact with the soaked ground.

Kate immediately straddled the blonde, but before she could do anything Juliet grabbed her hair and drove a punch THWACK! to Kate’s chin. Juliet yanked her face down and again rattled a punch off Kate’s chin. Stunned, the brunette rolled off of Juliet, who immediately straddled Kate. Juliet was able to take more of an advantage in this position than Kate had and grabbed the brunette’s hair and began slamming her head down into wet mud, causing muddy water to splash over both women. Kate’s head was making a deep impression in the mud and was soon just splashing water. With her head no longer hitting the ground, Kate got her wits back about her and managed to unseat her blonde tormentor.

The two women rolled around in the mud, each taking turns slamming the other woman down, covering themselves from head to toe with dirty water and mud. If it weren’t for their size difference, one would have a hell of a time telling the two women apart. After an eternity of rolling around in the mud, Kate was finally able to secure the top position. Kate slammed the blonde’s hands down to the ground above her head and stared down into the enraged face of her foe. Juliet thrashed wildly, kicking up mud for her efforts until Kate brought her head crashing down onto Juliet’s nose. The blonde groaned as blood started trickling from her nose, contrasting sharply with the brown mud that was caked to her face.

With Juliet dazed, Kate flipped her over onto her stomach and proceeded to shove the blonde’s face into the standing water on the ground. Juliet’s gurgled cries as she struggled to breath brought a wicked smile Kate’s face. Juliet tried to push herself up, but she couldn’t get a firm grip on the wet ground and her struggling began to weaken. Feeling like she now had control of the fight, Kate forced Juliet to her feet and slammed her against a nearby tree. Juliet started to slide down but Kate caught her around the neck and held her up as she began slamming her fists into Juliet’s stomach. Juliet again groaned as Kate’s fists sunk deeper and deeper into her stomach, “UUUUNNGGGHHAA! OOOOHHFF! OOOOOHHHH!”

Kate finally let Juliet fall where her ass sank into the wet ground as she tried to recover. Her reprieve was short-lived as Kate brought her back to her feet and began rocking her head back and forth with her fists. Mud, water, and blood were sent flying off of Juliet’s face. Juliet was no longer even attempting to defend herself as Kate was completely demolishing the taller woman. A left to the cheek, followed by a punch to Juliet’s stomach, doubled over gasping for air, Juliet was rocked by a devastating uppercut, sending her sprawling on her back. Juliet’s eyes glassed over and Kate straddled her again giving her a few slaps to bring her back to reality.

“So Jules, you ready for this to end?” Kate threatened.

Juliet knew she was in no position to threaten the dominant brunette, but there was no way she was going to concede to the smaller woman. The only thing she could do was lock eyes with her tormentor and wait for the inevitable. Kate almost admired the blonde’s resilience, but quickly remembered how Juliet had treated her in the same situation earlier in their fight. Kate lifted Juliet to a sitting position and wrapped her legs around the blonde’s waist, squeezing with everything she had. Kate held onto Juliet’s wrists and leaned back, forcing Juliet to lean forward in an uncomfortable position with her face inches away from Kate’s breasts.

“Looks like this is it.” Kate calmly said.

The brunette leaned back a little farther, supporting her weight with her hands stretched out behind her. Juliet’s face was now buried in Kate’s cleavage and with Kate’s legs squeezing her waist, there was nothing she could do to escape. Juliet tried to get her legs under her, but she quickly found that option to be impossible with Kate sitting on top of her thighs. Kate felt Juliet’s struggles weaken and she poured on the pressure, squeezing her thighs harder, and thrusting her chest hard into Juliet’s face, making sure the blonde’s face was completely engulfed in her cleavage. Juliet gave one last shot at trying to free herself, but Kate had her too wrapped up and there was nothing she could do to keep herself from slipping into unconsciousness. Just as the blonde was about to try and take her last breath, something miraculous happened; Juliet’s face slipped out of Kate’s wet cleavage allowing her to breath, and believing that the blonde had passed out, Kate released her hands and let Juliet flop to the mud between her legs.

Getting up, Kate looked down on her vanquished foe one last time and once again started making her way back to camp; unaware that Juliet was not unconscious, but instead recovering. Kate was on her way back when she was attacked from behind and slammed face first against a tree. Kate slid down, turned around and looked up at her attacker.

“Well you just won’t quit.” Kate flustered. “Looks like the third time’s the charm.”

“We’ll see about that, bitch.” Juliet responded.

Juliet bent down and insane with rage lifted the smaller brunette completely off her feet. After a few seconds in a crushing bear hug Juliet dropped to one knee and brought Kate’s crotch down on the other one. Kate let out the most agonizing moan and fell down into the muddy water, holding her womanhood. Not giving Kate any time to recover, the blonde took a seat on Kate’s back and yanked up on her hair, provoking more moans from Kate. Turning Kate’s head and leaning to the side, Juliet looked into the brunette’s fear-filled eyes and said menacingly, “When I’m finished with you Kate, you will be unrecognizable.”

Juliet then leaned back and wrapped her legs around Kate’s neck while still sitting on her back. Gasping for breath, Kate desperately brought her hands up to Juliet’s legs and tried to pry the blonde’s strong legs from her neck. Juliet leans forward, grabbing Kate’s wrists and then leans back once more. Kate is now helpless as she is being choked by Juliet’s legs and at the same time, her back is bending painfully backwards. All she can muster is a few pained groans as she struggles to free herself.

Juliet was now sitting on the back of Kate’s thighs, bending her back at an excruciating angle while simultaneously choking the life out of her. The blonde couldn’t be happier as she drank in the quivers coming from Kate’s struggling body. The hard rain was splashing off Kate’s quickly rising and falling chest as she tried desperately to breath. Fading fast, Kate had one last option; she used every bit of her remaining strength and leaned back. Juliet was now on her back with her legs folded up near her head; she was forced to relinquish her holds and let Kate escape from her grasp.

Kate was lying on her back in the mud, doing her best to recover as Juliet was up on her feet planning her next move. Juliet walked over to the prostrate brunette, once again showing her impressive strength, Juliet lifted Kate off her feet and this time dropped Kate’s back across her knee. Kate screamed in agony as Juliet held the brunette on her knee and continued to abuse her back. One hand under Kate’s chin, the other on the brunette’s thigh, Juliet was having the time of her life listening to Kate cry out in complete anguish and hopelessness.

Realizing she was winning the physical battle and knowing Kate was a proud woman, Juliet decided it was time for her to win the emotional battle. Juliet proceeded to up the ante and lifted Kate’s shirt, exposing her surprisingly clean and mud-free stomach, she hesitated for just a moment, admiring Kate’s extraordinary physique before she bent down and began sensuously licking Kate’s glistening stomach. She started at Kate’s ribcage, licked down towards her panty line and slowly made her way across to the other side. On her way back, the blonde stopped at Kate’s belly button and quickly flicked her tongue in and out of it before thrusting it down and having her way with it. Kate was being completely humiliated, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t will herself to get loose. Going a little higher on Kate’s body, Juliet reached the underside of Kate’s right breast and started licking it from the bottom until she got to Kate’s erect nipple. Just as Juliet began to nibble on Kate’s tit, the brunette finally managed to get a hold of Juliet’s hair and stop her from any more humiliation.

Juliet, unable to continue her humiliation, let Kate flop into the mud at her feet. Completely exhausted, Kate got to her hands and knees and tried to get away, but Juliet would have none of it and kicked the brunette hard in the ribs, knocking her onto her back. Kate had no fight left, and began sobbing and pleading with Juliet to let her go. “..P... Pl-Please…. Jul…Juliet, Ju-u-st, let…m-m-ee g-go.” The sobs coming from the once so proud and determined brunette were music to Juliet’s ears.

“Oh, I don’t think so Kate.” Juliet said as she straddled Kate’s trim waist. Juliet looked down into Kate’s tear filled eyes and used her two hands to cup her large breasts. “These babies are going to be the last thing you remember Kate.” With that, the blonde grabbed Kate’s wrists and plunged her tits down over Kate’s squirming face. Juliet lifted her chest up and once again looked into Kate’s eyes. “My, my, isn’t this situation familiar?” Juliet chided. “Weren’t you and I in the same position a few hours ago?”

Finished with her taunt, Juliet again began scrubbing her soaking breasts over Kate’s face. The blonde really bore down, forcing the back of Kate’s head deep into the wet mud. Juliet absolutely loved the quivers coming from Kate’s struggling body, and the soft, warm breath she felt on her boobs was icing the cake. Wanting to get as much enjoyment out of this as possible, Juliet lifted her breasts off of Kate’s face just long enough for the brunette to take one deep breath before she once again engulfed Kate’s pretty face with her wet, muddy cleavage. The quivers coming from Kate’s body were starting to fade once again, and the brunette’s torture finally ended as she slipped away into unconsciousness, knocked completely out by Juliet’s breast smother.

Juliet lifted her tits off of Kate's sleeping face one final time and brushed the matted hair from Kate's eyes. Juliet decided that she just had to relive the experience one more time and gave Kate's face a few slaps. Her eyes fluttered open, but all she saw was Juliet's large, sweaty breasts and then darkness as they engulfed her face once again. This time Juliet rolled over onto her back, wrapped her legs around Kate's waist and squeezed as hard as she could, she also wrapped her arms around Kate's head, nuzzling Kate's face in her cleavage. Juliet was having the best experience of her life as she squeezed her thighs around Kate's waist and smothered her to the point of unconsciousness. Kate was no longer putting up any sort of resistance and Juliet felt the last of Kate’s breath escape her lungs once again.
Juliet finally pulls Kate’s face out of her cleavage and rolls her off to the side, her lifeless body landing in a heap in the mud. Making her way to her feet, Juliet looks down at Kate’s defeated form and can’t resist one more act of humiliation. Juliet places one foot on either side of Kate’s head and kneels down, covering Kate’s face with her moist center. Juliet began slowly grinding as Kate lay unmoving beneath her. Juliet picked up her pace, working every inch of the brunette beauty’s face. With one hand secured in the brown hair of her dominated foe, and the other in her golden locks, Juliet threw her head back and let out a long, low moan as she released herself all over Kate’s face.
Her conquest complete, Juliet got shakily to her feet and collapsed against a tree a few feet away. Looking over the defeated form of her enemy, Juliet winced at the throbbing pain that had established itself in her head. To her shock, Juliet opened her eyes to an overwhelming darkness, the pounding in her head getting worse with each passing second. Juliet brought her hands up to rub her eyes but realized she was too weak to lift her arms. The throbbing in Juliet’s head had transformed into a moving pressure, pressing hard against her face. The pressure seemed to move quicker and quicker until suddenly, it stopped. No sooner had the pressure subsided, when Juliet’s face was covered in a warm liquid. It was then she heard a womanly moan of pleasure and she finally ascertained what was happening to her. In disbelief, Juliet realized that Kate had knocked her out sometime during the fight and was now using her face a sex toy.

During this complete humiliation, Juliet wondered just how much of the fight was real and at what point had she lost consciousness. She caught a glimpse of light between Kate’s sweaty thighs and saw the iron bars of the cage, meaning that she had dreamed most of the fight.

Kate had finished her pelvic grind and complete domination of Juliet, stood up and began walking out of the cage. She turned around one last time and saw Juliet starting to stir with a look of confusion and shock on her face. “Oh, look who’s awake.” Kate sneered. “This was quite the introduction Juliet, and believe me, the pleasure was all mine.” Juliet only sobbed in response as she watched Kate walk out the door with hardly a scratch on her.