Tinseltown Showdown: Courtney Love vs. Rose McGowan by Blizzard

The standing room only auditorium crowd was buzzing with excitement and anticipation as the ring announcer boomed, "And now ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our Main Event!"

Thunderous cheers and applause reverberated off the walls as most of the spectators rose to their feet.

"It is the Tinseltown Showdown, and entering the ring is Courtney Love!"

The confident, wild-haired blonde walked down the aisle amidst cheers and whistles. Her flowered silk short robe danced on her hips as she made her way to the ring, smiling at her fans and pumping her fist in the air. She ducked between the ropes and snatched the microphone out of the announcer's hand as the crowd continued to roar.

"Are you ready to see an ass-kicking tonight?!" yelled the blonde.

The response was deafening as she tossed the microphone back to the announcer and paraded around the ring, absorbing the applause from her fans. She stopped in her corner and seductively pulled open her robe sash, slipping it off her shoulders and tossing it a few rows back, causing a minor brawl for the souvenir. Courtney stood proudly with her hands on her hips, barefoot and clad in a pink string bikini and black sports bra.

"And now, entering the ring, her opponent, Rose McGowan!"

The cheers for Courtney quickly turned negative as the dark haired vixen strode down the aisle, her eyes fixed on the blonde in the ring. Boo's were numerous as Rose climbed into the ring and quickly yanked off her short black kimono, throwing it across the ring at her opponent. The brunette stood still, her eyes burning into Courtney, who kicked the girl's kimono out of the ring with disdain. Rose was an equally admirable physical specimen, dressed in a black leather thong and matching leather brassiere, fighting barefoot as well.

"Where's your gender-confused boyfriend, bitch?! Doesn't he want to watch me kick your filthy ass?!" screamed Courtney.

The crowd yelled their approval, anxious for the blonde to destroy the hated brunette. You couldn't help but love the foul-mouthed blonde, even if she sometimes doesn't know when to exercise restraint. Courtney was referring to Marilyn Manson, sometimes linked with Rose. Her band had quit a concert tour with Manson, and there was an abundance of bad blood between the two stars. She couldn't wait to take out her aggravation on his girlfriend. Rose remained silent, content to just coldly stare at her opponent.

The announcer interrupted the growing tension, "This will be a no time limit match to conclusion. There is no referee, and nothing is prohibited during the match. A winner will be declared when she has pinned her opponent and completed a 10 count. There will be no forfeits or submissions; you cannot tap out of this match. It is a fight to the finish. May the best woman win!"

The crowd went wild as the announcer stepped from the ring and the two fighters faced one another in a stare-down until the bell rang.

"Bring it on, cunt!" goaded Courtney as she and Rose circled one another cautiously.

They came together in a clinch and grappled on their feet trying to gain an advantage. The blonde jammed her knee into her opponents belly, forcing a gasp from the brunette and a follow-up knee lift left Rose doubled over fighting for breath. Courtney smashed a forearm down across Rose's back, driving her to her hands and knees. The crowd had gone wild, loudly cheering their favorite on.

As the brunette remained on her hands and knees momentarily disabled, Courtney leaned over and deftly unhooked Rose's leather bra, then hauled Rose to her feet using a handful of her long, dark mane before she snatched away the bra. The spectators howled at the sight of Rose's naked breasts bouncing and jiggling.

"I thought you were tough, bitch!" hissed the confident blonde in Rose's ear as she and whipped her into the ropes.

Courtney set herself as Rose rebounded off the ropes, leaning over ready to back drop the reeling brunette. But Rose had recovered from the earlier blows and when she reached the bent over Courtney, Rose swung her leg and drove her knee up into the older woman's face. Courtney cried out in pain as her body was launched backward and she crashed to the mat on her back, with her hands covering her face. The concerned crowd was nearly silent as Rose approached the fallen blonde, grasped her own naked breasts and gave them a shake as she leered at the spectators.

"Oooww...you bitch!" moaned Courtney as she was yanked to her feet, her head swimming.

"Let me show you how that move is done, slut!" yelled the brunette as she hammered blows into Courtney's belly.

Courtney was slowly driven to her knees gasping for breath, but was immediately pulled back up and whipped toward the ropes. She ricocheted off the strands, stumbling toward the center of the ring where Rose executed a textbook back drop, sending Courtney sailing over her head and slamming to the mat with such force she bounced before she skidded to a stop.

The blonde's fans screamed encouragement to the dazed fighter while Rose flashed an evil grin and blew them mock kisses as she closed in. Standing over the moaning blonde, Rose belly stomped her several times. Courtney wailed in agony as her body jerked and jolted with every impact, then she curled up into a fetal position, trying to cover up. The raven haired young girl slowly lifted the damaged blond to her feet by her hair and held her there so they were face to face.

"You're all talk and no action, blondie." said Rose.

Courtney whimpered, still in a fog, as Rose wrapped her arms around her back and lunged forward. Courtney was smashed to the mat with Rose atop her; the belly to belly suplex devastating the already gasping blonde. Rose straddled Courtney on her knees, looking down at her ghost white face as the aging songstress desperately struggled for air.

"What's wrong, sweetie?!" teased Rose. "Trouble breathing?!"

She took Courtney's chin in her hand and turned her head so she faced toward the crowd. Standing beside the ring was Marilyn Manson and Courtney gazed at him in her anguished state as a shocked look crossed her face.

"Hi doll," sneered Manson. "Having a bit of trouble?!"

Rose turned Courtney's face back around so she was facing up looking at her.

"There he is, bitch. When are you going to start kicking my ass?" she asked.

The brunette rocked Courtney's face back and forth with several powerful slaps, the blonde squealing helplessly with each cracking impact. Then Rose leaned over and squashed her firm young breasts on the whimpering woman's flushed face. Rose pinned Courtney's wrists to the mat as she smothered her while the pathetic blonde's legs weakly kicked the mat. The response from the crowd was mixture of desperate encouragement for Courtney and thunderous boo's directed at Rose.

Rose just smiled sweetly at the crowd as she continued to breast smother the faltering blonde beneath her. Courtney's legs slowly swept the mat back and forth as she fought for breath for a few minutes until her struggles slowed and then she stopped squirming and lay still. Only then did Rose lift her breasts, sitting back on the barely conscious blonde's hips and putting her hands on her hips. Courtney's eyes were shut, but a soft moan escaped her lips. Rose grasped the woman's bra and snatched it down, letting Courtney's big, soft breasts spill out of the cups.

Rose got to her feet and grunted as she hauled the groggy Courtney up by the hair and walked the stumbling woman to the corner where she slammed her face down on the turnbuckle. While holding Courtney by the hair, Rose allowed the stunned blonde to slowly slump down until she was seated on the mat with her legs sticking out under the bottom ropes. She leaned the defenseless woman over so her head rested against the corner post where Manson was standing and laughing wickedly at the beaten blonde.

"How're ya feelin', sugar plumb?!" he chortled.

Rose joined him outside the ring and a few members of the crowd tossed garbage their way. The brutal brunette grabbed Courtney's ankles and pulled her hips toward the corner post. The blonde's crotch smashed into the bottom of the post and she emitted a guttural groan before she collapsed onto her back clutching her crotch with both hands. Boo's showered down from the appalled spectator's as Rose calmly made her way back through the ropes into the ring where. Courtney was pitifully trying to crawl away on her hands and knees.

The dark-haired tormentress came up behind Courtney, grabbed her panties and pulled. As they slid down her legs, Rose lifted Courtney's legs with them and slipping them clean down and off the whimpering blonde.

Rose waved the pink string bikini over her head for the crowd and said, "Look at these cute little girlie panties! You really have let Hollywood go to your head Court ol' gal!"

There was no more encouragement being yelled for Courtney. The near naked blonde was being destroyed by her rival, and everyone in attendance knew it. Rose slipped Courtney's panties over the blondes head and twisted them around her neck. Using Courtney's panties as a leash, as she forced the now weeping blonde to crawl across the mat on her hands and knees at her side.

"Heel, bitch!" Rose laughed as she gave Courtney's head a tug.

"Please," sniveled the blonde. "You win....let me go."

Rose snickered wickedly and she yanked on the panty leash again, "You can't quit, hon, we're going all the way tonight."

Rose reached down and adjusted the damp panties, pulling them up between Courtney's lips as a gag. The embarrassed blonde mumbled a muffled protest but Rose pulled the leash taught and then buried her foot between Courtney's open legs. The crotch kick brought a garbled yelp from Courtney and when the crowd screamed their displeasure, Rose laughed and crotch-kicked Courtney again.

The blonde collapsed face down on the mat as the brunette gave her leash some slack. The sobbing Courtney's hands were thrust under her body, cupping her wounded womanhood, as her head was tipped backward by Rose so everyone could see Courtney's red eyes and the tears streaming down her flushed cheeks.

"I'm just softening you up for your upcoming fuck," Rose giggled. "How do you like my foreplay, so far bitch?!"

Beaten and in agony, her crotch throbbing, Courtney was still conscious enough to realize the her opponent's last statement didn't bode well for her prospects. She had no idea what Rose meant, but it scared her. She just wanted this nightmare to end. Rose was totally destroying her in front of a huge crowd. Courtney feared she'd never live the humiliation down.

"Pweese!" Courtney mumbled, her mouth still gagged by her own bikini. "Pin me, I gwiff up!"

The crowd screamed for an end to the destruction, but Rose ignored their pleas. Courtney had signed for the match, now she'd have to continue until the ten count. Rose yanked the crying woman to her feet and displayed her to the crowd while holding her up with a handful of blonde hair. Her panties were cast aside and Courtney's bra was removed. Marilyn Manson cheered loudest as the completely naked blonde was turned, posed and put on lewd display by the malevolent Rose McGowan.

"Time for your audition, Miss Hollywood." snarled Rose as she leaned forward and pulled her limp foe's body across her shoulders. Courtney's pale body lay limp, draped over Rose's tanned shoulder with her red face toward the ceiling.

The powerful brunette stood up, holding Courtney draped across her shoulders in a backbreaker, then she slowly paraded her around the ring , Courtney moaning as her legs quivered in the air and her arms hung limp. Rose stopped in the center of the ring and bounced several times, putting excruciating pressure on the defenseless blonde's back.

"Unnnngghhh!" groaned Courtney as she began to black out from the pain.

Her eyelids fluttered and then her eyes widened as she felt something touch her labia. Courtney cried out but was helpless to defend herself as Rose slowly pushed two fingers into the moaning woman's pussy. Courtney's fans were horrified as they watched their fighter being finger raped while being held in the backbreaker. A confusing mixture of agony and arousal swept over Courtney when Rose quickened her fingering pace.

"Nnnoooo...." moaned the blonde, shaking her head but unable to quell her body's response to Rose's digital stimulation.

Courtney's hips jerked and bucked with the brunette's rhythm as a numbing pleasure momentarily masked the pain in her back. With a loud gasp, Courtney's body quivered violently and then she climaxed with a loud scream, her legs lifting and twitching for a moment in the air before they fell limp.

Rose held her spent foe on her shoulders for a moment, smiling devilishly at the stunned crowd before she withdrew her fingers and carried Courtney to the corner and set the rag doll blonde on her feet, leaned her back against the ring post and draped her lifeless arms over the ropes. Courtney just hung there, her eyes closed, her chin resting on her heaving chest unable even to close her lewdly parted legs. Courtney Love was absolutely destroyed and totally spent. Rose put her wet fingers under the blondes chin and slowly lifted Courtney's head until it tipped backward. Winking at the crowd, Rose pressed her body against Courtney's and kissed the blonde full on the lips, letting her pink tongue circle Courtney's lips before stepping back.

"I think you passed the audition, babe," Rose said. "But there's one problem. I want to get off too!"

The crowd was pleading for the end; their fighter was helpless but Rose hauled Courtney back to the center of the ring and stepped away, measuring the wobbly blonde as Courtney swayed back and forth on unsteady legs. Rose blew Courtney a kiss and then nailed her flush on the jaw with a powerful straight punch. There was a screech from the audience as Courtney's legs buckled and she toppled over backward and crashed to the mat. She lay spread-eagled, out cold!

Rose paraded around the destroyed, naked blonde with her hands raised as she barked, "Look at your trash mouthed bitch now!"

Rose peeled off her leather thong and then she reverse straddled Courtney, tugging brutally on the blonde's bush but getting no response to her attempts to revive the snoozing songbird.

"Ever since you started acting, you think you're shit don't stink," hissed the dark haired girl as she sat back, squashing her pussy on Courtney's face.

"Well, smell this, candy ass!"

Despicable boo's reverberated throughout the building as Rose began to slowly scrub her pussy back and forth across her unconscious opponent's face.

"One...Two...Three..." The brunette quickened her pace as her nipples grew erect and she closed her eyes.

"Four...Five...Six..." Marilyn Manson was laughing wickedly as he watched his friend ride his defenseless rival's face.

The nude Courtney's soft body made a sorry sight, stretched out flat on her back in the ring center with Rose using her face for sexual satisfaction.

"Seven!" moaned the brunette as she held Courtney's head in position and wiggled on her up-turned nose.

"Eight!" she gasped as her body trembled.

"Niiinnne!" she screamed, her hips bucking wildly and she reached her climax, moaning and panting as she lurched forward on her hands and knees with her ass still planted on Courtney's face.

Rose remained there momentarily, catching her breath and basking in the tidal wave that had just swept through her body. Then, she sat back up straight, grinding hard on Courtney's face as she raised her arms in victory.

"Ten!" she shouted to the crowd, her complexion a deep pink and a coy grin on her face.

Satisfied at last, the victorious brunette got slowly to her feet and pulled up her thong as the ring announcer entered the ring. She stood with her hands on her hips and slapped one bare foot down on Courtney's glistening chin as he proclaimed the obvious, "The winner of the match...........Rose McGowan!"

The audience booed and yelled obscenities as she leaned over and cruelly pinched Courtney's pink nipples but still the blonde was unresponsive. She continued to lay there out cold, the quintessential poster girl for destroyed blondes everywhere.

"Down and out, bitch!" spat Rose as she climbed out of the ring. Then she and Marilyn Manson proceeded up the aisle, laughing at the sneering crowd who showered them with wadded up cups and programs. The ring physician rushed to Courtney's side and was administering smelling salts to the naked blonde as the victorious brunette and her friend reached the dressing room where they would continue their celebration in private.