Loving Candy:: Candy Loving vs. Karen Price by kit

Their nipples sank into each other's areolas.

"Mmmm...bitch," moaned the woman on top.

The woman on bottom took a deep breath, expanding her massive chest against that of her rival's. "Aaahh...(gasp)...bitch."

With their fingers twisted inside of the other's thick, chestnut hair, the brunettes looked into each other's lusty, brown eyes as their noses touched at the ends. Their huge tits rolled like cannon balls as their nipples fought for supremacy deep within, hidden by the enormous amount of solid tit flesh.

"Mmmm...bitch," moaned the busty brunette on top as she turned her fingers firmly in her rival's luscious locks.

"Ouch," winced the buxom woman on bottom, squinting her eyes. "Bitch," she swore softly, now looking into her rival's eyes while gliding her tan legs around her broad hips and squeezing with her velvet thighs.

"Uuumm...bitch," groaned the top woman, putting her face in the pillow and touching cheeks with her.

"Uuummph...fuck," the one on bottom softly moaned, feeling the full weight of her opponent's breast and body.

Their big tits squished and flattened out even more across their chests as their nipples continued to tangle deep within. Belly-to-belly, and almost snatch-to-snatch, Karen and Candy grinded away on each other. Karen threw every inch of her 38ddd into Candy's tits. But Candy's 37ddd were up for the challenge, and they dueled very evenly together.

"Oohh, gawd," groaned Candy as her tits were finally forced over the sides of her ribs. She stretched back on Karen's hair and pulled her sideways.

"Oooowww," winced Karen sharply, but yanking right back on Candy's hair and bowing her head backwards.

Candy lost her leglock as their limbs now tied together, keeping their breasts smashed and still dueling.

"Quit movin' your nipple away from mine," hissed Karen.

"I'm not, bitch," spat Candy. "You keep movin' your's."

The two let go of each other's hair so they could cup their own tits and guide their nipples together again.

"Bitch," swore Karen, holding her right tit and aiming it's nipple at Candy's.

"Fuck you," shot Candy, cupping her left tit and guiding her nipple into Karen's nipple.

"Mmmmm," they both moaned, pushing those two orbs into each other.


Just a few minutes ago, Candy and Karen were standing at the foot of Karen's kingsize bed in their bra and panties. With hands on hips and legs spread apart, the two voluptious brunettes gazed upon each other's incredible bodies. Both women were racked, stacked and packed, and had all the curves, arcs and lines in all the right places.

"Not bad, bitch," said Karen, her mouth watering at the thought of locking tits and nipples with her.

Indeed. At 5-7 and 110 pounds, Candy was every man's wet dream. Her light brown hair was feathered and fluffy and fell just past her round shoulders. Her big 37ddd were firm and solid and hung over her smooth, soft 24" tummy. She had nice 34" hips with a hot ass and great sexy legs that were long and slender.

Candy's eyes glazed with delight as she surveyed Karen's big tits and sexy body. "I don't see any flies on you, bitch."

Absolutely not. Karen was all honey and hot. At 5-5 and 123 pounds, her dark brown hair was thick and wavey and fell a little further past her broad shoulders. Her 38ddd had a deep cleavage and were packed proudly above a smooth, yet broad 26" waist. Her hips had girth. But still very womanly at 37". Around back, she had a full, hearty ass and solid, but sexy legs.

"It's been a long time comin'," said Karen softly, taking a step.

Candy nodded, taking a step. "Too long."

They glanced down. Their white, lace bras were nearly touching at the nips.

Inching forward, Candy ran her hands thru her own hair. "Think you're woman enough?"

Karen licked her lips as she too ran her hands thru her own hair. "Definately."

Dropping their hands back on their hips, Candy and Karen ever-so gently pushed together. Their tits instantly started to spill over as their nipples meet behind the white lace. Turning their shoulders, the women slowly made their bras slide back-n-forth as they carefully increased the pressure thru their chests.

"Let's see whatcha got," suggested Candy, leaning back.

"Bring it on," snarled Karen, pulling back as well.

With a deep, full breath, Karen and Candy held it as they aimed and then slammed together.

"Ooommph!" they exhailed as their bras collided together and started clashing.

Both ran her arms around the other's waist and braced her knees as their breasts rumbled behind their bras. Each watched the action as their bras slapped and mashed, causing their tits to wiggle and jiggle and nearly jump out.

"Uuuumm," moaned Karen, tightening her arms around Candy's back and pulling her in.

"Uuunngg," Candy grunted, squeezing her arms around Karen's waist.

Laying their heads on each other's shoulder, Candy and Karen bear hugged as their tits now spread out and fought.

"Uuuummpphh...shit," Karen groaned after several minutes of dueling, and her sides now aching from Candy's arms.

Candy let go and the two unlocked.

"Uuumm...fuck," whimpered Karen, rubbing her ribs.

Candy smirked but didn't gloat. Their weekend was just starting and she knew that a formidable foe such as Karen wouldn't go down easily. Still, she was proud of herself and her breasts for winning this first contest.

Karen appreciated Candy's humble attitude, but still felt it necessary to throw a verbal volley. "It's far from over, bitch."

"I know, bitch," nodded Candy, now massaging her mammories.

Regaining her composure, Karen puffed out her chest and stared down her rival. Likewise, Candy stuck out her chest, and together they glared for several seconds.

Although they had known each other for the past few years, Karen and Candy really didn't like one another. Their big breasts and beautiful bodies made it just too damn hard not to be jealous and envious, and had their husbands not been best friends, the women wouldn't even be cordial to each other.

"Let's check'em out," said Karen, stepping forward.

"Let's," agreed Candy.

Running their arms around each other, Karen and Candy pressed their tits together as they unfastened the other's bra. Sliding the straps over the shoulders and down the arms, the brunettes stepped back and marveled upon the sight of the other's bare breasts.

As if they weren't already jealous enough, the sight of each other's naked tits made them even more jealous.


Piss-green envious.

Both women had definate, striking tan lines above mounds of creamy, white tit flesh, and in the middle of all that voluptious flesh was four fine, pink areolas with juicy, tender nipples. (Although both women had rotund areolas, Karen's were slightly bigger but Candy's more perfectly round. Karen also sported meatier nipples.)

Dropping the bras, both women cupped each other's tits and groped for fullness; firmness; and roundness.

"Not bad, bitch," said Karen, impressed and jealous.

"Damn right, bitch," Candy said, equally impressed and jealous.

"Not as good as mine," said Karen, squeezing a little harder.

"Shit, bitch...better," spat Candy, applying more pressure.

Looking into each other's eyes they knew what they were going to do, and they both wanted to do it.

"Slut," hissed Karen, shoving Candy's tits together.

"Whore," Candy snarled, slapping Karen's tits together.

Grabbing every bit of tit they could, the two women clinched their teeth and squeezed.






"Fuckin' bitch!"

"Oooww! Fuckin' whore!"

"Uuunnngg! You slut!"

Firm, foxy tit skin oozed and seeped thru their twisting, turning hands and fingers as both women gave a royal-class lesson in tit milking. They squeezed. They slammed each other tits together. They pushed with their palms. They pinched with their fingers. The only thing they didn't do was scratch. Not because they didn't want too, but because there'd be plenty of time for that later in the weekend. For right now it was just about milking and squeezing and testing who's tits could take the most of it.

"Uuuuunnngggg!! Stop! Stop!" groaned Karen, her knees buckling as she doubled over freeing Candy's pride and joy.

"I win!" exclaimed Candy in relief.

Again Candy smirked but said nothing. Her breasts were aching also, and had Karen not suddenly given in, then it might have been her bowing over before the victor.

For a minute or so the two women examined their breasts for bruises as they gently massaged the feeling back into them.

"It's still not over, bitch," Karen said, finally.

"So you've stated, bitch," replied Candy, placing her hands on her hips and jutting out her impressive chest, "but you still haven't shown me much."

Karen licked her lips. It was true, she hadn't shown much yet, so she decided to switch tactics.

"Let's see 'bout this," said Karen, slowly reaching for Candy's hair.

Candy nodded, "Alright."

Besides hating each other's tits, the women also hated each other's hair, and it was only natural that they should want to pull it.

Carefully combing their hands in deep, they coiled their fingers around luscious locks and formed their hands into fists. As their beautiful brown eyes locked together, Candy and Karen slowly but firmly pulled each other's head back so that they were looking past their noses at each other.

"Ouch," winced Candy, glaring.

"Uumm," Karen softly moaned.

For several seconds they just pulled back. Then they readjusted their hands and twirled more hair around their fingers.

"Ooohh...you bitch," swore Candy, her hair painfully pulled.

Karen's head was stretched forward with her chin stuck against her breast plate. "Uunngg...fuckin' slut."

The busty brunettes continued to slowly wrench the other's head around before pulling each other over at the waist and tugging on two fistfuls of hair.

"Oooww...ssshhit," cussed Karen, bent over with her tits hanging and swinging.

"Uuummm...you give?" asked Candy grunting and doubled over with her tits knocking together.

"Let...oouuch...go," Karen said sternly, but still stretching Candy's locks.

Candy clinched her teeth. "You...le'...go...first."

Karen responded with a sharp pull. Candy answered her right back. Both women's knees knocked.

"I'll le' go if you will," grimmaced Karen, her eyes watery.

"Okay...le' go," whispered Candy, her eyes red as well.

As soon as Candy felt Karen's fingers relax, she did the same, and they stumbled back from each other.

Karen quickly rubbed the back of her skull. "Damn...shit."

Candy whimpered similair sounds as she tried to rub out the fire in her hair, and for a few moments they paced the floor on opposite sides of the bed as they dried their eyes and rubbed their scalpes.

"Okay, bitch," said Karen, anxious to succeed at something, "on the bed. I'm sick of all this pussy-footin' around. Let's get down to some real action."

"Like Monday?" asked Candy.

"Damn right, like Monday."

"Fine," snapped Candy, crawling on the bed. "Seems like I owe you some pins anyway."

Karen crawled on. "Well, bitch, you're not gonna get 'em."

"We'll see, bitch, we'll see," said Candy as they got their arms around each other.

"Like hell, bitch," said Karen as they fell over and began to lock up.


On Monday night the women had put on a wrestling exhibition for their husbands over at Candy's house during halftime of Monday Night Football.

Dressed in tight jeans and polo's, the brunettes wrestled a best-of-five on the living room floor. Candy had taken the first pin, but Karen stormed back to win the next three.

That night had been their first physical encounter, and although they wrestled with spirit, it had been friendly, void of any hair pulling or breast fighting, something each had wanted to do but didn't.

On Wednesday Karen phoned Candy.

"What would you say if we didn't go on that fishin' trip with the guys, but instead get together over here and continue with what we had started Monday?" asked Karen, playing with her nipple thru her shirt.

"Hhhmmm...I'd say that sounds great," Candy answered, her nipples crusting over. "I've been thinkin' 'bout it too."

"Great. I had the feelin' you'd want a rematch," said Karen, her nipple ultra hard now.

"Yeah, I sensed you wanted a little more of me than what you were gettin'."

"I want a lot more," said Karen, tugging her nipple.

"Well I've definately got a lot more to show you," said Candy as her pussy started to tingle.

"Great. Then come over in the afternoon...and Candy."


"Leave you inhibitions at the door."

Candy smirked. "Oh, I will. I definately will."

And with it agreed, Candy and Karen politely excused themselves from their husband's fishing/camping trip, and left the men without a clue as to the real reason why.


Their nipples sank into each other's areolas.

"Mmmm...bitch," moaned Karen on top.

Candy, on bottom, took a deep breath, expanding her massive chest against that of her rival's. "Aaahh...(gasp)...bitch."

With their fingers twisted inside of the other's thick, chestnut hair, the brunettes looked into each other's lusty, brown eyes as their noses touched at the ends. Their huge tits rolled like cannon balls as their nipples fought for supremacy deep within, hidden by the enormous amount of solid tit flesh.

"Mmmm...bitch," moaned the busty brunette on top as she turned her fingers firmly in her rival's luscious locks.

"Ouch," winced the buxom woman on bottom, squinting her eyes. "Bitch," she swore softly, now looking into her rival's eyes while gliding her tan legs around her broad hips and squeezing with her velvet thighs.

"Uuumm...bitch," groaned Karen, putting her face in the pillow and touching cheeks with Candy.

"Uuummph...fuck," Candy softly moaned, feeling the full weight of her opponent's breast and body.

Their big tits squished and flattened out even more across their chests as their nipples continued to tangle deep within. Belly-to-belly, and almost snatch-to-snatch, Karen and Candy grinded away on each other. Karen threw every inch of her 38ddd into Candy's tits. But Candy's 37ddd were up for the challenge, and they dueled very evenly together.

"Oohh, gawd," groaned Candy as her tits were finally forced over the sides of her ribs. She stretched back on Karen's hair and pulled her sideways.

"Oooowww," winced Karen, sharply, but yanking right back on Candy's hair and bowing her head backwards.

Candy lost her leglock as their limbs now tied together, keeping their breasts smashed and still dueling.

"Quit movin' your nipple away from mine," hissed Karen.

"I'm not, bitch," spat Candy. "You keep movin' your's."

The two let go of each other's hair so they could cup their own tits and guide their nipples together again.

"Bitch," swore Karen, holding her right tit and aiming it's nipple at Candy's.

"Fuck you," shot Candy, cupping her left tit and guiding her nipple into Karen's nipple.

"Mmmmm," they both moaned, pushing those two orbs into each other.

Laying on their sides with their legs scissored, their bottom tits were immobilized, but still mashed together, as their upper tits were free to fight. Karen's right tit and Candy's left tit fought at the nipples as the women hugged and built up a good sweat.

"Uuuuummmm," moaned Karen, after about 10 minutes of hard nipple fighting.

"I'm not as easy as you thought...huh, bitch?" asked Candy, her nipple digging into Karen's nipple.

Karen rolled her head and shoulders back, trying to get her tit in a better position. "Uuummm...no, bitch...you're not."

Candy now rolled semi on top. Her left thigh pushing against the crotch of Karen's red, silk panties as her tits spread out over Karen's tits. Karen grunted again, but shoved her right thigh firmly against the crotch of Candy's white cotton panties.

"Aaahh," gasped Candy, working her way completely on top now.

On her back, Karen wrapped her left leg around Candy's ass as Candy's spread open her legs a little further, but still kept her thigh shoved against Karen's snatch.

"Mmmmm," moaned Karen, expanding her chest to meet the weight of Candy's chest.

Laying her head on Karen's shoulder, Candy whispered in her ear, "I've got one pin back."

"Fuck...you," squirmed Karen, her tits fighting at the nipples and she hugged Candy around the neck.

This is how they had both longed to be. Topless and tit fighting. In bed, locked and wrapped in just skimpy panties. A good sweat. Hard nipples. And all alone.

"Bitch," hissed Candy, pushing her thigh in harder as she dueled nipples with her rival.

"I'll make you cum, slut," promised Karen, flexing her thigh against Candy's vagina.

In college both had experimented briefly with another female. It had gone no further than a little kissing; fondling; and leg humping. And even though they both had to admit the other's beauty, this wasn't about pleasing or pleasuring. This was about being a woman, and who the better one was.

"Go for it, slut," challenged Candy, working in her thigh.

Their panties were already moist, but were now quickly getting wet as both healthy vaginas lubed and oiled up with sex sweat. Cheek-to-cheek the women continued tit fighting as they thigh-fucked each other harder and harder. With their pussy lips spreading and growing plump it wouldn't be long before one, if not both, lost her sex to the other.

"Uuuuummmm," moaned Candy, a few minutes into it.

"About to cum, bitch?" asked Karen in a whisper, and moving her arms further down Candy's back to keep her locked in closer.

Karen had fantastic thighs, and she knew her firm, toned muscle was leading Candy down the path of sweet, sweet orgasm. So she flexed a little more, and pushed harder with her tits.

"Uuuuummmm!" groaned Candy as her nipples were inverted by Karen's nipples. "Oooooohhhh!! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!" cried Candy as her hips jolted and she lost all control over herself.

Karen gasped as she felt the hot bodily fluid soak against her thigh, making her almost cum as well.

"Oh...damn," moaned Candy, rolling off to the side as they now lay facing each other but with their thighs still pressed against the other's snatch.

"You ever been with another woman, bitch?" asked Karen, staring into Candy's lusty, brown eyes.

"What do you think, bitch?" asked Candy as they nestled their tits together for some more nipple fighting.

"A slut like you? Probably," said Karen, her nipples slashing with Candy's nipples.

"I know a whore like you has," stated Candy as they hugged each other around the waist and pressed in with their thighs and tits.

"You know I'm all woman, bitch," teased Karen, humping Candy's thigh.

"Then let's check out your French," whispered Candy, grinding on Karen's thigh and moving in for a kiss.

Sealing lips, the two women swapped lipstick as they opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues.

"Mmmmmm" they both moaned as their wet, soft tongues frolicked and licked together.

Drawing Karen's body in closer to her's, Candy took her on in a torid tit and tongue catfight as they groped each other's ass with one hand and held a handful of hair with the other while thigh-fucking.

"You're hot, slut, but not hot enough," kissed Karen, rolling semi on top.

They swapped spit for several moments as they humped legs and tangled titties.

"Bitch, I'm all about hot sex," Frenched Candy, giving Karen's ass a good cupping.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Karen as Candy ran her fingernail down the crack of her ass.

Candy sucked Karen's ear and twirled her tongue over it. Karen went stiff, and then moaned again as Candy's thigh flexed on her snatch. Candy rolled her breasts and inverted Karen's meaty nipples.

"Uuuuuummmm!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!"

Extremely horney and in dire need of relief, Karen let go of her sex and flooded the crotch of her red silk panties. Candy panted as Karen's hot cum wetted her thigh, and she wanted to cum again herself.

"Gawd, you're hot!" busted Candy, pushing Karen over on her side.

"Oh, bitch, so are you!" sang Karen as they both moved to get a hand down the other's panties.

Each moaned upon feeling the other's fingers comb thru their hairs and stop on their pussy lips.

"You are so wet, bitch," stated Candy, sliding two fingers in Karen's hole.

"You too, slut," said Karen, locking lips with her and giving her two fingers as well.

A hot French kiss and a pair of wiggling fingers quickly had Candy orgasming again.

"I'm gonna cuuuuum!" cried Candy.

"Shit, bitch...mmmeee too!" wailed Karen.

Candy came hard on Karen's fingers. Her cunt squeezed and shot it's load as she pulled her hand suddenly out of Karen's panties.

"You bitch!" shouted Karen, cheated out of her orgasm.

"Shit! Just fuck me!" cried Candy rolling on her back and spreading wide.

"I'll fuck you! I'll finger you out a new pussy, bitch!" barked Karen in anger as she pumped her fingers in and out very hard. "Cum, you fuckin' cunt, cum!"

Candy's hips bucked on the bed as Karen's fingers hit her clit. She tugged on her own hard, protuding nipples as her hips bolted and shot out another load of her hot, sweet girlie-juice.

"You bitch! Get those panties off. You wanna cum? I'll make you cum!" shouted Karen, still angered that Candy cheated her out of her orgasm.

Candy's hips bounced on the bed as Karen grabbed the waistband of her panties with both hands and pulled. The cotton panties stretched and started to rip as Candy was shaken back to her senses and suddenly became angry at herself for allowing herself to orgasm so freely. She also didn't appreciate the rough treatment Karen was giving her.

"Stop it, bitch!" yelled Candy, her panties pulling away from her hips.

"Fuck you!" Karen shouted, yanking Candy's panties down to her thighs.

Candy leaned up and pulled Karen down to the bed next to her by the hair. Karen yelped but kept tugging on Candy's panties. Candy grabbed the front of Karen's red, silk panties as the two rolled up on their asses.

"You cunt!" shouted Karen, falling on her back and taking Candy's panties with her.

"You bitch!" yelled Candy, bottomless but about to rip Karen's panties off.


"You slut!" shouted Karen, sitting up. "Those were my favorite panties!" she added, slapping Candy across the cheek.

Candy fell to her back with Karen diving on top of her. Both grunted as their tits slammed together and their hands grabbed hair. Candy stretched back on Karen's hair while lurched with her hips. Her bare beaver butted with Karen's bare beaver and she pulled her over. The two exchanged names as Karen bucked pussies with Candy and yanked her over by the hair. Rolling on top, Karen got her hips between Candy's legs and began to grind down with her pussy as her tits pushed Candy's tits over her sides.

"Uuuummm," groaned Candy as she felt Karen's cunt butt up against her's.

"I'm gonna fuck your damn guts out, bitch," growled Karen, grinding her dark, hairy pussy against Candy's black, wirey snatch.

Karen locked lips with her as Candy spread wide and wrapped her legs around Karen's ribs. Both moaned as their pussy lips bumped together as Karen man-fucked her.

"Ung...ung...uuummm...ung...ung...uuummm," groaned Candy as Karen's pussy fucked her pussy.

Karen broke off her kiss and started to suck Candy's neck.

"Yes!" squeeled Candy as her button was pushed.

"You're such a slut," whispered Karen, sucking and fucking.

Grinding down with her crotch, Karen gasped and had to bite her lip as Candy's cum splashed against her throbbing pussy lips.

Rolling off, Karen pulled Candy on top of her by the hair. Candy willingly went as she tugged back on Karen's hair.

"Fuck me, bitch," demanded Karen, spreading her legs wide as Candy locked tits with her.

"Bitch, I'll fuck ya," said Candy, going down for a kiss as her pussy started to hump up and down.

Karen wrapped her legs around Candy's hips as Candy fucked her into a long, hard, needy orgasm.

"Mmmm, that was great," panted Karen as Candy rolled off after her job was completed.

For a couple of minutes the women lay on their backs catching their breathes. Their big triple-d's hung over their ribs and heaved with each breath of air. A thin screen of sweat glazed over their bodies as the aroma emmulating from their sticky pussies swirled around their hips.

Rolling over on her side, Karen was the first to speak. "Do you know how long I've waited for this?"

Candy rolled to face her. "I think I do."

"From the moment I saw you I wanted to get into it with you," said Karen, running her right hand over Candy's big left tit.

"Oh, I know," said Candy, cupping Karen's giant right tit in her left hand, "but I always thought we'd catfight and not this."

Karen pinched Candy's nipple. "I definately wanna catfight you."

Candy winced, but twisted Karen's nipple. "Great. I'd nothin' else than to scratch off your tits."

Karen flinched, and the two women scooted in closer and wrapped up their legs.

"Then let's just see who's nipple can take the most twistin', bitch," suggested Karen, torqueing Candy's areola.

"Ouch!" barked Candy, stretching out Karen's areola.

Putting their foreheads together both women yanked straight down on the other's nipple and areola. With clinched eyes and gritted teeth, Karen and Candy rolled each other's nipple between her fingers as they tried to pull of the areola from the breast.

"Ooohh gggawd!" cried Candy, after about a minute of agonizing pain.

The two let go and called each other a 'bitch' as they immediately rubbed their throbbing areola.

"Shit...I hate you," whimpered Candy, glaring at Karen as they still rubbed.

"I fuckin' hate you too," echoed Karen.

Getting to their knees on the bed, the brunettes grabbed each other by the hair and started slinging. It was good, hard hair pulling. Firm jerks and tugs as they tightly gripped each other by the tresses. Yanking directly back on Karen's hair, Candy bowed her over and fell on top of her. Karen grunted as the weight of Candy's tits slammed down on her's.

"Uuunngg! Bitch!" swore Karen, jerking back on Candy's hair as Candy mashed her tits and pussy into her's.

"Oooww, bitch! Fight me with your tits and pussy,'' said Candy rolling her tits over Karen's tits and grinding her snatch into Karen's snatch.

"Fine!" barked Karen, letting go of Candy's hair and hugging her around the shoulders.

Candy lay her head next to Karen's, and the two women started to cuss-fight as their tits and pussies got it on. Calling each other every filthy name in the book, their huge tits rolled and flattened out as their juicy pussies peeled open and their clits emerged.

"Oooohhh gggaawwdd," quivered Karen as their clits touched.

Candy's body shuddered upon impact, and she got hotter than she'd ever been in her life. "Uuummm, fuckin' bitch!"

"Oohh...miserible slut!" exclaimed Karen, as their nipples got harder than ever and stabbed on each other.

Turning their faces together, Candy and Karen nearly choked each other with deep, probing tongues as their clits tangled between their pussy lips. Within moments both women screamed as they bucked tits and pussies and orgasmed in unison.

The action didn't stop. Instantly Karen yanked Candy off by the hair and tried to mount her. But Candy jerked back on Karen's hair as the two found themselves rolling back and forth in one spot pulling hair and swearing. Through grunts and squeels, Karen and Candy slapped each other's ass and yanked on each other's hair while their tits and pussies beat and banged in a catfight of their own.

"Ooouuch! Bitch!" cried Karen, her ass slapped very hard.

The two traded several more spanks as they pulled hard on the top of each other's hair.

"Ooowww! Ssshhit!" squeeled Karen, her right nipple suddenly pinched and stretched.

Karen quickly grabbed Candy's left nipple and twisted the shit out of it. Candy winced as they tested each other's pain level.

"Ooohhh fuuuuck!" screamed Karen, knocking Candy's hand off her tit.

The two were hot. Very hot. Never before had any man, and certainally no woman, had them this aroused and turned on. The tight wrestling; hard hair pulling; stinging slaps; and painful nipple twists had them horney to fuck each other again.

"Scissor me, bitch," growled Karen, on top and pulling hair with Candy.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out," huffed Candy, bucking snatches with Karen and jerking her off by the back of the hair.

"Slut, you can't out-fuck me," said Karen as they uncoiled.

"Oh yes I can, bitch," stated Candy, turning around.

Facing each other, the two got their first real good look at the other's pussy as they opened their legs and got into a scissor. Both women had dark, hairy triangles between their thighs. Candy's black bush wasn't quite as thick as Karen's black rug, but it was spread out and covered more area.

Their eyes flashed and grew wide as they launched their pink, spread pussies together and leaned back on their hands.

"Uuummph," grunted Karen upon impact.

Candy gasped, and together they squared up and fucked.

It was everything they ever hoped it would be. Their long, hard clits met in the middle and fought as their pink cunt lips chewed on each other and exchanged hot, sticky vaginal oil.

Huffing and puffing the two women looked beyond their bouncing tits and watched their pussies tear into it. Their clits dueled from one cunt to the other as their cunts opened up further and further and tried to suck the other's in. Their black, fuzzy jungles locked hairs and pulled as their pussies roughly bucked and painfully pushed on each other. Beads of sweat ran down their cheeks and dripped off the ends of their bouncing, big titties. Hunkering down hard, the women dropped back to their elbows as their lusty clits stabbed and speared each other's hood.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" grunted Karen as their clits were in her hood catfighting.

"Cum! Cum! Cum!" Candy demanded, her tits shaking and her hips bucking.

Karen closed her eys and tried to hold on. But Candy's clit was just too much and she blew her load all over her rival's pussy.

"Oh gawd," moaned Karen, collasping on her back with her mind bent.

But Candy didn't stop. Getting up on her knees, she saddled her pussy on top of Karen's pussy and fucked her again.

"You...can't...hang...with...me," fucked Candy, driving her clit deep under Karen's hood.

"Fuck you," grunted Karen, coming to her senses and fucking back.

Unable to buck Candy off, Karen latched on to her left tit and squeezed. Candy grabbed a handful of Karen's left tit and squeezed, and together they roughly milked each other as their clits catfought in Karen's cunt.

For several minutes Karen put up a helluva fight, but in the end Candy's clit was too much and she found herself screaming out another long, lusty orgasm as Candy fucked down on her.

Their pussies made a 'plooping' sound as Candy lifted up and positioned herself in a straddle over Karen's hips. Grabbing Karen's wrists, Candy pinned Karen's hands and arms over her head as she sat her ass across Karen's upper thighs. Smiling down at Karen, Candy slowly moved her vagina in a circle with Karen's. Their soaked, sticky pubic hairs twisted and formed knots, softly scratching together. Karen grinned up and shifted her hips so that their vaginas could better rub on each other.

Candy leaned over, and with her triple-ds hanging down, she rubbed them over Karen's triple-ds.

"Who's the better woman here?" she asked in a whisper, running her nipples across Karen's nipples.

"Mmmm," moaned Karen, her areolas crusting over. "I'm not conceeding nothin' yet, bitch."

Candy smiled devilishly. "Good. I knew you were more woman than that."

"Oh, I'm all woman, bitch," said Karen, arching her shoulders so her tits could fight back.

Candy moaned as Karen's elongated nipples poked into her tits. "I'm all woman too, bitch."

"Yes. Yes you are," agreed Karen as Candy lined up her nipples with her. "And I've always been very jealous of that."

Candy gently lowered her breasts into Karen's. Both moaned as their nipples bent back, but Candy moaned the loudest. "Bitch, I've always been extremely jealous of you."

Down below Karen could feel juice leaking out of Candy's pussy and into her own. It was probably her own juice that she shot up into Candy's cunt a few minutes ago, but it still felt good as it ran inside of her. She twitched her hips so that their pussy lips could rub a little better together, and they both blinked when their cunt hairs pulled on each other.

Candy kept Karen's hands above her head as the two looked at each other and fought with their breasts. On top, and in charge, Candy controlled the action as she alternated between just letting their nipples duel and pressing in fully and letting their whole tits fights. Either way, it was Karen that was giving the better of the exchange.

"...oooowwww," Candy whimpered softly as Karen's meaty nipples inverted her's.

Candy leaned up and looked into Karen's eyes. Karen sensed danger as Candy glanced down at her left nipple and lowered her face towards it.

"Nnnooo!" squirmed Karen, fearing the worst. "Mmmmmm," she then moaned as Candy took her areola in whole and sucked it.

Candy sucked the areola and gently nibbled on the nipple. Karen grew wet and wanted to fuck.

"Now suck mine, bitch," begged Candy, dangling her right tit over Karen's mouth.

Candy licked her lips and threw back her head as Karen sucked and nibbled on her areola and nipple.

Pulling her tit out, Candy let go of Karen's wrists so that she could take her by the tits instead.

"Oouuch," played Karen as Candy squeezed, but not real hard.

"I've always been jealous of these," said Candy, shoving Karen's tits together and squeezing.

"I hate your tits too, bitch," said Karen, cupping Candy's hanging boobs and squeezing.

Content with being on her back, Karen let Candy straddle over her as they took each other on in a long, squeezing milking duel. Squeezing and squeezing and squeezing, the buxom brunettes trashed each other's breasts while firmly flexing their vaginas together.

"I swear I'm gonna tear these fuckers off tomorrow when we catfight," said Candy, as they both gave each other a taste of their fingernails.

"I wanna catfight tonight," said Karen, twisting Candy's areolas.

Candy yelped, and twisted Karen's nipples. "Tomorrow...fresh and rested...that's when."

"Ooouuch! Okay!" barked Karen, knocking Candy's fingers off her stretched tits.

"Suck my nipple, bitch," said Candy, shoving her tits in Karen's face.

"Then you suck mine, slut."

"Fine. A suck-off," suggested Candy.

The two women turned so that they were facing head-to-toe and looking into the other's long, deep cleavage. Laying sideways, Karen and Candy cupped a big tit and wrapped their lips around a swollen areola.

"Mmmmm," moaned Candy as Karen sucked her pink bud and squeezed on the tit.

At first the women took it nice and easy with long, slow sucks and flicks of their tongues. Gently, but firmly they squeezed and milked as they sucked and softly nibbled, making each other moan and grow wet between the legs.

"Mmm, bitch," moaned Karen, shifting and getting a bit more on top.

Candy rolled a little more on her back and felt Karen's hand glide over her belly and cup her crotch. Candy opened her legs as Karen got to her knees, allowing Candy's hand to run down her body and get to her snatch. Both moaned, but kept sucking as they slipped in a couple of fingers and began stroking each other's clit.

"Aaahh...yeah, bitch," purred Candy as her clit was rubbed.

As they got hotter and hotter, their sucking and fingering got harder and harder. They went from just stroking each other to firmly pinching pussy lips and tugging on pubic hairs. They also began to chew and nibble harder on each other's nipple and areola. But what one could do, so could the other, and they refrained from any serious biting, pussy pinching or pubic pulling.

"Oooohhhh!" groaned out Candy as Karen stretched out her nipple with her teeth while hitting the 'cum' button on her clit.

Candy's thighs and cunt tightened around Karen's hand as she pumped out a good, long orgasm.

Karen was hot and wanting a lot more than what she was getting.

"You like to suck snatch, slut?" she asked.

"Of course," lied Candy. "Don't you, bitch?"

"Of course," Karen lied.

The little lesbian history they had didn't include eating pussy, but neither was about to admit it. Besides, Karen was so hot for Candy that it didn't matter one way or the other.

Still on her knees, Karen straddled her pussy above Candy's face as she positioned her face over Candy's cunt.

"You look nice and juicy," said Candy upon seeing Karen's pink pussy spread open and wet.

"I hope you taste as good as you smell," said Karen, getting a wiff of Candy's peeled and dripping snatch.

The fact that they'd never eaten ass didn't mean that they didn't know what to do. Both loved oral, and they knew what they liked.

"I'm gonna eat you alive," whispered Candy, grabbing Karen's hips and lowering her pussy to her face.

"I'll lick you dry first, bitch," said Karen, her chin already nestled in Candy's bush.

"Mmmmmmm," moaned Candy as Karen's tongue ran over her clit.

Karen also moaned as Candy kissed her on the pussy lips.

Candy and Karen took each other to 'oral' heaven. Both loved the taste and smell and couldn't eat each other hard or fast enough. Karen dropped her ass all the way down on Candy's face and fucked her as Candy tongued the shit out of her. Candy clamped her thighs around Karen's head and pulled her face in deep and tight as Karen ate her alive.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" cried Candy as Karen sucked her clit. "Yeeeeeeessssss!!!" Candy shot shit all over Karen's face, then Karen demanded that she make her cum as well. Digging her fingernails into Karen's ass, Candy sucked in her clit and made her scream.

"Yeeeeeeeessssss!!! Oooooohhhhhhh!!!" wailed Karen, washing Candy's face with her cum. Still not done, Candy ran her tongue over Karen's bung hole and stuck it in. Karen's hips freaked as she sat up on Candy's face and howled like a dog. Twirling her tongue in Karen's ass, Candy pressed her thumb against her clit and made her cum again. "Fuuuuuuuuuck!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!" creamed Karen, soaking Candy's face in a mind-bending orgasm.

Candy swallowed what she could, but she was now having trouble breathing as Karen's broad, 37" hips spread out across her face.


"Ouch!' yelped Karen, rolling off from the stinging slap to her ass. "Bitch."

"Get your fat ass off me!" barked Candy, wiping the cum from her chin.

"You fuckin' bitch," snarled Karen, slapping Candy across the top of her right thigh.

"Ow! Fuckin' slut," said Candy, sitting up as they reached for each other's hair.

Both women tossed each other around by the hair for a moment or two as they twisted on the bed.


"Ow! Bitch!"


"Ouch! Whore!"

The exchange of facial slaps knocked them apart as they sat back and glared at each other.

"You fuckin' bitch. You want that catfight now?" asked Karen, rubbing her face.

"You're the fuckin' bitch, and what I want right now is to scissor up with you and settle this thing once and for all," Candy stated, touching her cheek.

"Shit, bitch, you're on," said Karen, getting into position.

"Then let's fuck it out," said Candy, placing her left leg over Karen's right leg.

"My pleasure. Let's fuck," Karen said, draping her left leg across Candy's right leg.

Leaning back on their hands they guided their pussies into each other and start to grind.

"I'm gonna fuck your guts out, bitch," Karen said, her black jungle curling hairs with Candy's dark forest.

"You can't out-fuck me, you whore," stated Candy as their hairy cunts churned together.

"Wanna bet, bitch?" asked Karen as their pussy lips budded open.

"The winner gets to face-sit the loser while the loser has to eat her till she cums," suggested Candy as their pussy lips lapped on each other.

"Then you better be hungry, bitch," said Karen, shoving harder.

"Bitch," said Candy, leaning up and taking a handful of head hair.

"Bitch," echoed Karen, grabbing a fistful as well.

They sealed the bet with a few hard pulls, and then fell back on their hands and fucked. For several minutes the brunettes grinded their organs together as their pussies worked up a foamy froth of sex and sweat.

"Uumm...uumm...uuummm...I'm dying to catfight you," said Candy, sitting up and filling her hands with Karen's hair.

Karen moaned, but sat up and pulled Candy's hair also. "Oh, I know...your place?"

"Ouch...yeah, noon," said Candy, her clit emerging.

"Ow...that's fine," agreed Karen, her clit showing itself.

Both let out a long groan and rolled their eyes back as their clits touched and started to catfight. Letting go of each other's hair, Karen and Candy fell to their hands again and fucked. Their hips rose and fell on the bed while their pussies banged into each other and their clits jousted in battle.

"Uuuuuuuummmmm, uuuuummmm, ooooooohhhhhh!!" wailed Candy as Karen's clit stabbed high and deep and made her cum. "Damn you," she said, latching on to Karen's left tit and squeezing.

"Oooww! Slut," winced Karen, squeezing Candy's left tit in turn.

Holding themselves up with one hand, Candy and Karen milked and pinched as they continued fuck fighting. Letting go after a few moments, they leaned forward and pulled hair with both hands as they rocked back and forth and kept fucking.

"Oouuch! Bitch!" grunted Karen, pulling hair and fucking.

"Oooww! I hate you!" Candy cried, letting go and falling back on her hands.

Karen dropped back to her hands, and they concentrated on the clit fight going on between their pussies. Pressing and grinding, their clits tangled from jungle to jungle until Karen's clit turned over Candy's clit and pinned it under it's hood.

"Ooohhh nnnnooo...not again!" screamed Candy, her pussy dam breaking and flooding the sheet beneath them.

"Had enough, slut?" asked Karen as they sat up, going for each other's big titties again.

"Ooouuch!" cried Candy as her nipples were twisted.

"Uuunnggg!" Karen grunted as her tits were squeezed.

They stretched out each other's areolas and then squeezed tits very hard. Both had tears pooling as they let go and started to sling each other back and forth by the hair.



They yanked and jerked very hard and fast for several seconds before holding each other around the back of the neck and slamming their pussies together.

"Uuugghh!" moaned Candy.

"Oommph!" Karen grunted.

They fucked, and fucked hard. Karen knew she had Candy on the verge of a major orgasm as her clit was beating the shit out of Candy's clit. Both clits were in Candy's pussy and really catfighting. Candy couldn't believe the sudden power of Karen's clit, and she was desperately fighting to hold back the dire urge to cum for the third time.

"Uuuuunnnggg! Gaaaaawwwwdddd!! Oooooohhhhhhh!!!" Candy groaned from the pit of her stomach as her pussy blew yet another huge load.

"I thought you were a real woman, bitch," said Karen, pulling on two fists of Candy's hair, "but you're nothin' but a little girl."

Candy ran her hands in Karen's hair and pulled. "It's not over yet, slut."

Jerking back on each other's hair, Candy and Karen didn't skip a beat as they continued to fuck while their tits got into a fight with each other.

"Uuunngg...you slut," grunted Karen as Candy's tits rolled over her tits and mashed them flat.

"Bitch. Oouuch," Candy winced, her head turned sharply sideways.

It was all-out sex and catfighting on all fronts. They pulled hard on each other's hair. Their triple-ds boxed and fought at the nipples. Rocking back and forth on their asses, their legs were wrapped tightly around their hips, causing their bellies to slap together while their hairy pussies fucked and clit fought.

Candy knew she had to turn the tide. Karen had already forced her into three long, hard orgasms, making it a total of 10 on the day, and she knew she didn't have enough cum left to get through an 11th orgasm.

Meanwhile, Karen was confident of herself. Although she'd never been in a sexfight before, she knew she was winning, and one or two more orgasms would probably end the fight.

But Candy was a formidable foe. She'd been fucking since she was 14, and she wasn't about to conceed anything yet.

"Oooohhh! Mmmmm!" moaned Karen as their clits had been catfighting under her hood for several moments now.

"How's it feel, bitch? Ready to cum, slut?" asked Candy with a scowl, twisting Karen's hair and mashing out her tits while her clit was winning.

"Nnnooo...I'm...not," grunted Karen, fighting to hold herself while her clit wrestled with Candy's clit.

Candy pressed in with her tits. Her hard nipples inverted Karen's nipples as her clit rolled on top and speared the back of Karen's hood. Karen's body went rigid, and then shook out of control as she lost a load of shit and soaked Candy's clit.

"Fuck," Karen swore, falling back on her elbows, but still very much fucking.

Candy dropped back to her elbows also, but her clit remained in Karen's cunt and catfighting.

"You bitch. You just got lucky," said Karen, rocking her hips.

"I told you it wasn't over, slut," said Candy, rolling her hips.

Candy and Karen looked past their heaving, bouncing breasts and watched the action going on between their tan thighs. Cunt-to-cunt their pussy lips were stretched apart and massaging each other. Their wirey, black pubic hairs were sopping wet and matted in a web of tangled hairs. Steam could almost been seen rising, and the smell of a good fuck flared open their nostrils. Inside, their thick clits fucked back and forth between pink, burning walls as sex and sweat drained down their cracks and into their assholes.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!! Oooooooohhhhhhh!!" cried Karen as her clit was defeated again.

The tide was definately turning and Candy controlled the tempo. As Karen creamed, Candy leaned up and took her by the left tit. She dug five nails in and brought Karen back to reality.

"Sssshhhit!" screamed Karen, holding herself up with one arm as she grabbed Candy's right tit and stabbed with her nails.

Throwing back their heads, Candy and Karen squeezed the living shit out of each other's tit. Their sharp talons scratched back and forth, breaking the flesh and drawing dabs of blood while their pussies bucked together and slapped clits. The two brunettes swore out their mutual hate and jealousy as they sat up and grabbed a fist of hair while twisting the fuck out of a nipple. Both women screamed as their hair was pulled and their nipple stretched.

"Cum, motherfucker, cum!!" cried Candy as their clits battled deep under Karen's hood.

"Uuunngggg! You...cum...bitch!!" Karen screamed, her clit on the verge of being defeated again.

The two women dragged out a fistful of chestnut hair and pinched each other blue across the tit as Karen's clit was bowled over and pinned high against her hood.

"Uuuuuuummmmmm!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Fuuuuuuuck!!" orgasmed Karen, perhaps her biggest of the day.

Sitting in a sticky puddle of cum, Candy and Karen both knew the end was near as they dropped back to an elbow and held on to each other's thigh and kept fucking. These two drop-dead, foxy, busty babes didn't stop for one second as they now fucked pussies as if their very lives depended on the outcome.

Candy was exhausted, but confident. She'd now made Karen cum three times in a row, tieing her with 10 orgasms on the day.

Karen was exhausted, but determined. There was no way she'd be brought to that fourth-in-a-row and final orgasm.

With sweat pouring down their cheeks, Karen and Candy were on one elbow and glaring very, very, very hatefully at each other as they forced their pussies to open wider and their clits to catfight harder.

This was it. It was all or nothing now. Both women had just enough juice for one more orgasm, but no more. The one who gave it up now would be the loser and would have to eat out the winner.

"Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung!" grunted Karen, fucking like the end of time.

"Oom! Umph! Ah! Ugh! Oh!" Candy moaned and groaned, giving it her all.

Their clits battled from hood-to-hood as neither could dominate the other long enough to force a cum.

Candy and Karen closed their eyes and started to slam their crotches together. Their cunts smacked lips and busted pelvic bones as their clits slashed headon and stabbed.

Four, five, ten, 12 times they busted cunts, drawing long groans and deep grunts. Sixteen, 17, 18, 19 snatch slams. Sweat and sex splattered from between their thighs as they ram-fucked the shit out of each other.


Their hard clits stabbed together. One clit rolled on top and the other below. The two horns tangled vigorously for a second or two before one clit turned back the other. The pinned clit tried to rally, but the other clit was just too much woman and kept it pinned deep against it's own pussy wall. The pinned clit wilted as the loser began to scream out a very long and painful orgasm. There was just enough sex left to put out the fire in their burning loins, but not a drop more as she fell to her back spread eagle on defeated.

"I hope you're ready to suck some snatch, slut," panted Karen, straddling Candy's face and lowering her victorious womanhood against her mouth.


That night Candy and Karen went to bed early. They were both exhausted and worn out from their marathon sexfight, and with their catfight scheduled for noon, they needed their rest.

Sunday morning they awoke rested and refreshed, and looking forward to kicking the other's ass in a good old fashioned catfight. Growing up, both had seen her share of action, but it had been since college that either had tangled.

As Candy filed and painted her fingernails, she longed to avenge her sexfight loss. It wasn't so much that she was mad about losing, she was just mad about losing to Karen.

On her drive over, Karen wondered if she could take Candy in a catfight. If Candy fought as tough as she fucked, Karen knew she'd be in for a long day and possibly a losing one, and losing to Candy was out of the question.

It was a little past noon and Candy paced her front porch waiting on Karen. She knew Karen would show, she was probably just being late to piss her off, and Candy was getting pissed.

"Calm down," Candy said to herself. "She's just doin' it to make you mad."

About that time Karen pulled on to the gravel drive that lead to Candy's house in the country. Candy's place was perfect for them. It offered peace and space and no neighbors to hear them scream or shout.

"About time, bitch," said Candy as Karen got out of her car. "I thought you weren't gonna show."

"Fuck you, bitch!" shouted Karen. "You in a hurry to get your ass kicked?"

"No," said Candy, pulling her polo over her head, "but I'm ready to kick some."

Karen unbuttoned her shirt and threw it in the car. Still on the porch, Candy shed off her shorts as Karen slid down her skirt.

Although it hadn't been discussed, they just assumed they'd fight in the nude since they'd end up that way anyhow.

Still in her panties, Candy left the porch and walked under the shade of a big tree. Karen followed her over, and the two squared off about 15" apart.

"No rules, slut," said Candy, taking off her panties.

"I wasn't gonna follow any anyway, bitch," smiled Karen, stripping down her panties.

"Ready, cunt?" asked Candy, stepping out of her sandles.

"I'm ready, slut," nodded Karen, kicking off her pumps.

With a scream and shout, the women lunged together, and Candy slapped Karen to the ground.


Candy's right palm blistered Karen's cheek and knocked her to all-fours. It was the best slap Candy had ever delivered in a catfight, and she'd delivered a bunch of them.

"How'd that feel, cunt?" asked Candy, pleased with herself as she dove on Karen's back and drove her into the ground.

Karen's big tits hit the ground hard and smashed out across her chest as Candy sat down in the small of her back and grabbed her by the sides of her hair.

"Ooooowwww! Mmmyyy hair!" cried Karen, kicking and bucking as her head was violently ripped back.

Candy nearly tore out two wads from the side of Karen's head. Letting go with her left hand, she ran it around Karen's front and latched on to her left tit. Karen screamed again as Candy's nails sank in and turned.

"I'm gonna rip out your hair and your tits, you fuckin' bitch," promised Candy, hurting both of them.

Bucking and scratching, Karen bucked Candy sideways and they scrambled to their feet.

"You bitch!" shouted Karen, grabbing Candy by the top of the hair and pulling out a chunk as she put a claw into her belly.

Candy screamed in pain as her hair was removed and her tummy mauled. Karen yanked back on another handful of hair and nearly broke Candy's neck as she tore out that handful also.

"Fuuuuuuck!!" cried Candy, uppercutting her left fist against Karen's chin.

Karen's front teeth slammed together and her knees buckled as her head flew back. It was one of the best punches Candy had ever thrown in a catfight.

As Karen stumbled back, her big flopping tits came under attack as Candy plunged her face between them and took out a bite from the left one.

"Aaaarrrgggg!!" screamed Karen as the inside of her left tit was painfully bitten.

Yanking Candy off by the hair, the two women swore at each other as they tripped to the grass and began wrestling. With duel fist of hair, Candy and Karen snaked up their legs and locked up their tits as they rolled back and forth shouting and fighting. It was good, hard catfighting at it's best. Big, busty breasts bouncing and banging in battle. Smooth, toned bellies smacking and slapping. Lean, tanned legs straining and flexing. Bodies rolling and wrestling. Hair pulled and tugged. Good, good catfighting.

"Uuunnggg! Shit, bitch, my hair," grunted Karen, forced on her back with Candy on top.

Candy head butted Karen, knocking her senseless just long enough to sit upon her body and capture her arms under her knees.

"You fuckin' bitch," snarled Candy, adding a wicked slap across Karen's left cheek.

The slap brought Karen back to life just in time to feel her luscious mammories come under the ire of Candy's pink fingernails.

"Ooohh ggaawwddd!!" screamed Karen in fear as her big tits were slammed together and squeezed.

"I'm gonna tear these fuckers off!" Candy shouted, sinking in her nails and ripping.

"Aaaaarrrrrrgggggg!!!" Karen screamed to the heavens, bucking and kicking and fighting to get her arms out from beneath Candy's knees.

Taking Karen by her enormous areolas, Candy stretched out her tits. Karen went nuts with pain, but she did manage to break her arms loose and sink her mitts into Candy's huge, dangling titties.

"Fuuuuuuuck!!" swore Candy as Karen's red fingernails buried in her triple-d twins.

Sliding her ass over Karen's hips, Candy's pussy hairs tangled up with Karen's pussy hairs as they turned their fingernails back and forth in each other's tits.

"Fuuuuuuck!" screamed Candy, now stretching out Karen's areolas.

"Aaaaarrrgggg!" Karen cried, raking her nails down Candy's tits.

Gritting her teeth, Candy drilled her thumbnails into Karen's areolas and drew blood.

"Sssssshhhhhit! You're killin' mmmmmeee!!" screamed Karen at the top of her lungs as she bucked and pulled Candy off by her nipples.

There was a pause in the catfight as the women lay on their backs a few feet apart. Candy held her head and checked her fingers for blood in the two places that she'd lost hair. There was none, but her boobs did have some red lines and her areolas were sore and tender. Meanwhile, Karen was shedding a few tears as she cupped her tits and carefully rubbed them. Both of her areolas were pulsating and hell-red from Candy's thumbnails. Her tits contained deep, burning scratch marks and her left tit had a red circle of teeth marks on the inside. Her left cheek was numb from slaps and her chin ached from getting punched.

After a couple of minutes, Karen sat up and glared over at her rival. "You're gonna pay for this," she said, holding up her breasts for Candy to see.

"Bitch, you better give while you can," said Candy, pushing back her hair.

"Not until I tear off your tits," Karen threatened, wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes.

The two women took a couple of breathes before standing. Already they had fought longer than they ever had, and it wasn't even over.

"I'm gonna make you sorry you ever messed with me, bitch," stated Karen, crouched and circling with Candy.

"Slut, I'm not gonna be half as sorry as you," Candy said as they both stepped forward with a slap while grabbing a handful of hair.


They smacked each other good across the cheek as they got into a two-fisted hair pull. Jerking and yanking, the busty brunettes slung each other in a circle as their big tits battled in a 'slap' fight of their own. Between the grunts and groans, Candy and Karen could hear and feel their triple-ds trading slaps as they spun around trying to tear out each other's thick, chestnut tresses.

"Ooww! Bitch!" shouted Karen, slapping Candy's left cheek.


Candy jerked back on Karen's hair, but Karen blocked her slap and gave her another one across the face.


"Ooowww!" wailed Candy as Karen slapped her face and her tits did likewise.

Candy's tits then slapped back at Karen's tits as she pulled Karen's head sideways and landed a crisp slap with her hand.


"Oouuch! Whore!" screamed Karen, rearing back and pulling Candy's face into a blistering open palm.


It was Karen's best slap of the fight. Candy's left cheek instantly flushed red and her eyes watered. But a hard, left hook out of nowhere slammed across Karen's jawbone and rattled her back teeth. Karen's hands fell from Candy's hair as she staggered backwards holding her face.

"Bitch!" yelled Candy, reaching for Karen's exposed breasts.

Candy ripped five nails down Karen's right tit as another five sank into her left tit, with her thumbnail penetrating the areola again and making it bleed.

"Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggg!!!" screamed Karen, slinging Candy by the hair so hard that they both tripped to the ground and fought from there.

With one hand buried in hair and the other full of tit, Candy and Karen rolled back and forth across the grass trying to get their legs around each other.

"Fuuuuuuck!" screamed Candy, yanked over by the hair as her left tit was clawed.

Laying on their sides, Candy tortured Karen's right tit as Karen mauled Candy's left tit. The women pulled back on each other's hair as they dug their nails into each other tit and scratched. And scratched, and scratched. Their nails packed with raw, red tit flesh.

"Oooooowwww!!" Candy cried as her tender areola was pulled like taffey.

Both had tears pouring down their cheeks as their tits were now so numb that they couldn't even feel each other's scratching and pinching.

"G-I-V-E!" yelled Karen, slapping the left side of Candy's cheek, causing snot to fly from her nose.

Candy rolled to her backside and Karen rolled on top. Spreading her legs around Candy's hips, Karen sat up, her pussy on top of Candy's pussy.

"Bitch," she swore, slapping Candy across the left cheek.

Candy humped her pussy against Karen's pussy as Karen 'bitch' slapped her again and started beating the back of her head against the ground. Candy ran her fingernails across Karen's tight abs. Karen flinched and threw back her head in pain as she stopped beating Candy's head against the ground and slapped her across the cheek again. Candy responded with a right hook to Karen's guts, causing her to grunt hoarsely and fall sideways next to her.

"You bitch," muttered Candy, sliding her right hand between Karen's thighs.

"Oooowww!" barked Karen, but quickly moving her left hand between Candy's thighs.

So far their pussies had gone unscathed, but all that was changing as they sank their fingernails into each other and squeezed.

Numb throughout the chest and head, Karen and Candy had beaten each other silly. Their hair was messed. Their cheeks red and burning. Their tits raw and crimson, and openly bleeding in several places. Their areolas purple; deformed; and swollen. Karen's left nipple was dripping out blood. Only their pussies remained unhurt or damaged. It was the last field of battle that they could catfight on. And catfight on it they did.

"Aaaaarrrgggg!!" cried Karen as Candy plucked out several strands of black pubic hair.

The two stretched out more hair and screamed as they ripped it from their mounds. Karen ran her nails down Candy's cunt as Candy raked her nails up Karen's cunt.



They locked legs and kept each other close as they stretched out more pubic hair and screamed. Both girls were bawling like cats as they worked their fingers inside of each other. Each pressed her thumbnail against the mound as they shoved in a pair of fingers each.

"Fuuuuuuck!" screamed Karen as Candy worked in her index and middle finger.

"Noooooooo!" Candy cried as Karen's two middle fingers invaded.

Throwing their faces together...they ripped.

The soft, pink lining of their pussies sliced open under the cutting of their sharp fingernails. Their thumbnails broke the flesh of their mounds as their fingers recoiled and cut again.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg!!!!!" they screamed in each other's face as their fingernails opened the wounds further.

Hot liquid ran over their fingers. They knew it too be blood. The other's blood. Their own blood.

The two women bit into the other's shoulder as their hips jolted from the ground. They had just mauled each other again, and Candy was now semi on top. Using her leg, Candy pushed Karen's leg out, thus opening her pussy further (even though it did the same to her's). Candy slipped her thumbnail under Karen's hood as she felt Karen's finger slide across her clit.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg!!!!!" screamed Karen as Candy's thumbnail cut into the meat of her clit as the other two fingernails speared upward into her pussy wall.

Suddenly Candy was off. Her clit saved from any damage as Karen was in a ball with her knees up to her face as she screamed and screamed with blood oozing out around her hands as she tightly gripped her pussy.

Now softly crying, Candy lay down on her back with her legs jacked up and her hands holding her pussy. She could feel the hot wetness, and she knew her pussy was bleeding also. But at least her clit was saved, and would live again to give her sexual pleasure and sensual orgasms. The same couldn't be said for Karen's clit.

It was a good hour before Candy could get up and walk carefully bow-legged into her house. Karen lay under the tree for another hour or so before she could drag her ass home.

Never again did Candy and Karen see each other. But for a long, long time the scars on their once beautiful and proud DDD tits reminded them of the nasty sexfight and violent catfight they had had with each other.