Petra Verkaik vs. Janet Lupo by Southgate

The women glare at each other across the ring. Janet, nearly 50 years old, is nonetheless in terrific shape. Her new web page has drawn a phenomenal number of hits. Soon her fans begin to promote her as the true queen of natural wonders and spam PetraVerkaik's news groups to stake their claim. Responding to her own fans, Petra issues a cyber challenge, daring Janet to face her woman to woman.. Lupo picks up the dare and the match is soon set…

Janet unties her bikini top, shakes her best assets and beckons to Petra to do the same. With a jealous squint in her eyes, a rather envious Verkaik meets her challenge, knowing she's going come out second best. As the bell rings, Petra charges forward. Lupo holds her ground and backhands Petra across the mouth, spinning her around. Lupo's foot connects with Petra's butt and Verkaik is sent flying across the ring, landing on both knees. Verkaik quickly stands and turns back towards Lupo. Janet waits for her with fists raised. Petra rubs her puffy bottom lip. Snarling, Verkaik charges again, furiously, throwing head-hunting, round house punches at Lupo's head. Janet retreats, blocks or slips Petra's wild swings. She demonstrates an effective counter-punch technique. Janet lands numerous stinging and solid jabs to Verkaik's ribs, belly and boobs. Petra winces with each hit, but keeps pressing forward. Her right hand finally finds its target, hammering Janet in the side of her face. Janet is hurt, but as Petra presses forward, Lupo's left fist buries itself deep it Petra's right tit and her right up to nail Petra in the chin, snapping her head back. Verkaik is knocked to her ass.

Lupo steps back to clear her head. Petra scrambles to her feet and bends forward, hands on her knees, as she also tries to get her bearings. Both women shake off the fog. This time, Janet makes the first move, throwing a series of combinations that a have Petra backpedaling. Janet's fist thumps into Verkaik's right side. Petra unloads a huge left hand that slams into Janet's belly, stopping her forward movement. Lupo's well toned stomach absorbs the force of Petra's initial attack, but Petra follows up by dropping to one knee and exploding an uppercut into Janet's crotch. Janet, caught off guard, drops her hands to protect her privates, leaving her belly unprotect. Verkaik just buries her fist deep into Janet's gut. Lupo doubles over as she emits a long, low pitched gurgle. Verkaik smiles, knowing that she's done some real damage this time. Smelling blood, Petra grabs Janet's hair, twists her left arm, and explodes a series of knee drives into Janet's gut. Lupo yanks free and staggers backwards, with Petra in hot pursuit. Janet covers her belly. Petra hammers a fist into Janet's chest; Lupo covers her chest, Verkaik nails her belly. The relentless pounding drives Lupo back against the ropes, leaving her gasping for every breath. Verkaik closes in and hammers away on Lupo's gut. Lupo suddenly lunges off the ropes with a straight arm right that explodes into Petra's chin with a sickening crack. Janet falls back to the ropes and hangs on, trying to rally while Verkaik hangs in the air for a moment, then steadies herself on rubber legs. Lupo lobs another right at Verkaik, but she is too late, Petra is coming out of the fog. She traps Janet's extended arm in her left armpit, cracks her right palm up into Janet's chin. Verkaik throws caution to the wind, grabs Janet by the hair and butt's her head into Lupo's forehead. Janet, stunned, slumps forward, into Petra's arms. Verkaik holds her up, wrapping her arms around Janet's back. Janet's immense boobs press heavily into Petra's chest.

"Cripes," Petra mutters, "this bitch is such a freakin' cow I can barely wrap my arms around her."

Janet, on instinct, wraps her arms around Petra's back. Both women grunt as they heavily into each other. For maybe ten seconds, the women struggle. Then Janet takes control, bending Petra back as she tightens her arms.

"Son-of-bitch" curses Petra, as she boobs are squashed flat. She abandons her attempted bear hug and rakes Janet's eyes with her fingers. Lupo lets Petra go, rubbing her eyes. Verkaik uses the moment to drive her knee up into Janet's crotch. Lupo's eyes bug open, her knees buckle.

Petra grabs Janet by the hair, pulls her forward, trapping Lupo in a reverse headlock. Holding Lupo in place, Petra repeatedly drives her knee up into Janet's gut and crotch. As a reeling Janet slumps, her dead weight is too much for Petra to carry. The younger woman thunders her knee into Janet's head, sending her sprawling to the mat. Petra rushes her victim and lands a knee drop to her crotch. Lupo screams and rolls to her belly. Petra grabs her ankles rolling her onto her back. Verkaik holds' Janet's legs wide apart and stomps her crotch twice before Janet pulls her left leg free and kicks Petra in the belly.

Verkaik sputters, but absorbs the hit, leaps down on top of Janet and straddles her back. Locking her fingers together, Petra rains ax handles down on Janet's back and neck. Petra shifts higher on Janet's back. Lupo's boobs ooze out on both sides of her body. Petra reaches down with both hands and grabs all she can.

"You old freak, you can't show me up! It's time for you to retire once and for all!" Petra screams.

Lupo tries to twist free, but she absorbs a lot of hurt. As Petra's rage subsides, she stands and hair-hauls Janet to her feet. Verkaik holds Janet's head between her hands, smiles then head-butts her once more. As Lupo teeters, Petra slams her fist into Janet's belly. The older woman lurches away, reeling from the pummeling. Verkaik charges, crashing her knee into Janet's back. She grabs the Lupo around the head and bulldogs her to the mat. Petra again hauls Janet to her feet, slams a fist into her crotch. She twists Janet's arm, spins her around the ring and throws her foe into the ropes. As Janet rebounds, Petra rushes forward with her arm extended. The close-line catches Janet in the upper chest and propels her to the canvass. Janet lands flat on her back. Petra parades around the ring. Approaching Janet's head, she steps onto Janet's hair. Petra bends forward, seizes her foes nipples and straightens up, stretching Lupo's tits to the limit. Screaming, Janet arches her back, trying to break free, but Petra takes a half step forward and slams her butt down on Janet's face. Verkaik locks her fingers together, raises her hands above her head and slams three ax handles down into Janet's aching gut.

Verkaik, on a roll and eager to show off for her fans, stands and hair-hauls Janet to her feet. Grunting, Petra hefts Lupo up and executes a body slam. Again she hauls Janet to her feet, twists her left arm behind her back and hammers away at Janet's belly. Lupo drops to her knees. Petra steps behind her, plants a foot in between Janet' shoulder blades and shoves her to the mat. Petra decides to have some fun. She unties her own bikini briefs, struts over to Janet, who still lies prone on the mat. Petra straddles Janet's back, jerks back on a hand full of hair to lift Lupo's head off the mat. Petra grabs Janet's nose and cheeks and forces her sweaty briefs into Janet's mouth. Petra rolls Janet to her back, squats down hard on her face. Petra mashes her big ass all over Janet's face.

Petra's fans are going crazy while Janet's fans are booing and hooting. When she has had her fun, Petra yanks Janet to her feet by her hair, twists her arm, spins her around the ring and throws her foe through the ropes. Janet lands at the feet of a group of her fans. She lands hard on her back. Petra climbs over the rope, stands on the ring apron raising her arms in hooting and taunting, calling the concerned fans, "Lupo's losers." And then she leaps into the air, intent on crushing Janet with a giant splash. But Petra has wasted too much time. Janet sees Petra flying at her, pulls her knees up and catches Petra hard in the gut. Verkaik falls to her side, clutching her gut. Janet rolls to her knees, gets to her feet. Petra is also now on her knees, but not yet able to get her breath. Janet rushes her, grabs her hair and slams her knee into Petra's head. Lupo grabs a stunned Verkaik by her hair, drags her to her feet. Lupo twists Petra's left arm behind her back and cranks the hammerlock tight. Lupo marches Petra around the ring, pounding a fist into Petra's lower back as she continues the parade. Standing in front of her own fans, Janet puts both hands into the hammerlock and forces Petra to her knees.

Janet's fans cheer and leer as their champ works over Verkaik.

An ever defiant Petra curses and spits at the crowd.

"Now we can't have that!" Janet corrects. She hauls Petra to her feet, blasts her fist into Petra's lower back and shoves her under the bottom ring rope, back into the ring.

Slipping quickly into the square behind Petra, Janet traps her in a headlock and bulldogs Petra face first to the mat. Dragging Verkaik to her feet, Janet twists her foe's arm, spins her around in circles and launches her into the ring ropes. As Petra rebounds, Lupo thunders a knee into her gut, knocking her flat on her back. Lupo again hauls Petra to her feet. She twists Verkaik's bruised left arm behind her back once more, cranks up the pressure on the hammerlock. Janet attempts to break her arm. Petra reaches backward and grabs Janet's head. Verkaik attempts a snap mare, but Janet leans into her, snakes a leg around Petra's left leg and holds her tight. Lupo ratchets up the pressure on the hammerlock, holding Petra's arm near the breaking point for several agonizing moments. Finally, Lupo throws Petra forward, into the corner. Petra's arm feels like it is broken. Lupo is on her immediately, grabbing her hair and slamming her head back into the turnbuckle. Janet yanks Petra's hair hard, bending her foe back over the top rope. Janet slams a series of boob-mashing elbows across Petra's chest. Pressing her body into Petra's Janet wraps her arms around Petra's back, applying a crushing bear hug as she lifts Petra up and bends her back over the top rope. Verkaik curses and screams, as Lupo holds her helpless against the ropes. Finally, Janet twist around and throws Petra face first to the mat. Rolling Verkaik onto her back, Lupo lifts her ankles, steps over Petra's body and applies a Boston crab. Verkaik pounds the mat, her back can't take much more of this punishment. Frantically, she twists and wriggles her body, managing to pull free.

As Petra tries to stand, Lupo tackles her, pressing Petra flat on the mat. Janet straddles Verkaik's waist and pins her arms to the mat. Petra struggles for all she's worth to break free, trying to buck her hips, twist her body, pull her arms free, but Janet is in the drivers seat and easily counters every escape attempt. Verkaik exhausts herself, finally lies motionless, pinned by the stronger woman. Only her mouth still flaps, as she curses Janet out and calls her a fat cow.

Janet glares at Petra. She shifts her body forward, stretches her legs out and presses herself down on top of Petra. Holding Petra's arms down, Janet grinds her chest down on top of Petra's.

"Get off of me!" Petra screams, but Lupo has her pinned flat. Janet slithers forward and presses her boobs into Petra's face. Verkaik snarls and starts snapping her teeth. Lupo pulls away, hair hauls Petra to her feet and throws her into the ring ropes. Petra rebounds forward and Lupo catches her in a bear hug. Petra's arms are free, she tries to counter the move by wrapping her own arms around Janet. For a full minute, the contest is on as each woman tries to crush her foe. Lupo has a weight advantage and uses it to slowly force Petra backwards. Reluctantly, Verkaik gives up her offense and tries to some defense, grabbing two hands full of Janet's hair, she tries to pull free of Lupo's grip. But Janet is too strong for her. Petra wails and curses as Janet lifts her off the mat, bending her backward. Janet takes complete control, carrying Petra around the ring, as she crushes all of the fight from her. With a huge effort, Janet lifts Petra high, and then drives her crotch down onto her extended knee. The atomic drop is devastating. Petra rolls on the mat holding her crotch. Janet drags Petra to her feet, lifts her up and hoists Petra across her shoulders, holding Petra in a backbreaker. Janet's fans are going wild, standing on their chairs.

Finally, Janet shifts Petra's body, tipping her head down but holding her around the waist. Janet moves to the center of the ring and pile drives Petra's head into the mat. Lupo is immediately on her again. Rolling the brunette onto her back, Lupo drops, knees first into Verkaik's belly. Spreading Verkaik's legs apart, Janet kneels beside the beaten brunette. Lupo grabs Verkaik's throat with her left hand while her right fist crashes rapidly and deeply into Petra's lower belly and crotch.

Janet stops suddenly, stands quickly and pulls Verkaik to her feet with two hands full of hair. Holding Petra bent over, the spokeswoman slams her knee into Verkaik's head, and then pulls her head forward, trapping Verkaik's neck between her thighs. Lupo slams three ax handles down into Verkaik's back and then reaches down and grabs Petra's hanging tits.

"Let's see if these things are for real" laughs Lupo, as her hands pull, pinch, scratch and twist on Verkaik's already bruised boobs. Verkaik, trapped between Lupo's thick thighs, can barley able to draw a breath.

"Well I guess they are real all right. Doesn't matter, you're still only second best," jeers Janet.

Lupo reaches across Petra's back and sinks her finger nails into Petra's ass and thighs, raising angry red welts. Finally, Lupo wraps her arms around Petra's belly, lifts her upside down, and slams her onto the mat. Lupo twists Verkaik's legs, turns her onto her stomach and applies a Boston crab. Petra, always a determined fighter, resists mightily, her legs quiver in resistance. Janet uses all of her own leg strength to win this contest. Again, in the end, Lupo has her way. Verkaik is trapped and Janet tortures her foe with the crab for half a minute, Lupo lets go of one leg, maintaining a half crab, and uses her free hand to again pound on Verkaik's crotch.

"You're a hairy thing, aren't you," observes Janet.

Lupo grabs a handful of Petra's bush and yanks, laughing as Petra howls and curses. Janet finally lets go of Petra and struts over to the ropes, to taunt Petra's fan.

"What am I bid for a handful of your lady's smelly bush? heckles Janet. Petra's fans boo and hiss.

"Guess you just can't please everybody," Janet laughs.

Verkaik is lying in a fetal position on the mat as Lupo circles around her. Janet straddles Petra's waist, easily pins her to the mat. Sitting back, Lupo pinches her foe's nipples. Shifting her weight forward, Janet sits on Petra's chest as she slaps Verkaiks face with both hands.

"Have you had enough, Petra? Do you admit that you're just second best?" Janet hisses.

Verkaik only growls and starts to buck. Janet shifts her body to the side, rolling Petra over. Lupo wraps her big thighs around Petra's waist. Pulling Petra's head forward into her boobs. Janet slowly and deliberately crushes and smoothers her defiant but thoroughly beaten foe. When there is no resistance, Janet lets her go. Janet stands up, strutting once more in front of her own fans, she does a slow strip as she takes off her bikini bottoms and tosses them to her fans. Walking back to Petra, Janet drops her wide butt down on Verkaik's face. "Light's out, Petra," taunts Janet. As she clamps her hard butt down on Verkaik's nose and face. She slams her ass up and down repeatedly and then grinds her butt down, slow and hard on Petra's face.

Petra, maybe it's time for you to thing about retiring. But it's already too late for you to go out 'on top,'" Janet chortles.