Allison Mack vs. Billie Piper (w/Scarlett Johansson) by The Walkin’ Dude

PROLOGUE: With the Intercontinental Championship belt slung over her shoulder, Allison made her way up the grand central staircase at Black Swan Hall en route to a meeting with Richard Fannin. Quickly reaching the third floor landing, she took a sharp left and headed down a long, nicely carpeted hall to the room where the promoter had set-up a temporary office. Checking her watch, Allison saw she still had five minutes so she slowed her pace and took in the sumptuous interior of their lodgings for the last few days.

Passing an honest to God suit of armor, the champ let out a low whistle and muttered, "And I thought Rich's place was fancy." And indeed it was; but even Fannin's place in the Vermont woods couldn't hold a candle to Black Swan Hall. Nobody actually came out and called the place a castle, but that's what it was; a soaring, isolated relic deep in the Severn Valley, only a few miles from the tiny town of Goatswood.

The Swan, as everyone in the promotion had come to call it, was the new residence of Fannin's old friend from Miskatonic U, a young man named Walter O'Dimm. Walt had picked up the Hall a year ago and had spent every moment since restoring the place to its former palatial state. When he'd finished a few months ago, O'Dimm had called Fannin and asked if he'd like to take his show on the road and give the fans in the English countryside a show they'd never forget. Rich, having never been on the other side of the Atlantic, agreed immediately and booked every talent who wanted to make the trip. Allison had been one, which was why in a few hours she’d be defending her IC Championship against Britain’s Billie Piper. To say the blonde was psyched would be an understatement.

Reaching the end of the corridor, she paused for a moment to look out a window and caught a glimpse of the monolithic gym where the show would be held. Patting the gold belt, Allison whispered, "I'm comin' for ya Billie." She turned to face the door, gave her watch a final glance to confirm her punctuality, knocked twice and opened the door. "Hey Rich, what's the big idea making me get up well before the crack of noon? I ...."

Her second sentence trailed into nothingness as she realized Fannin had been in the middle of another conversation. From the far side of a large antique desk, Richard Fannin looked around his first visitor and said dryly, "Why Allison, what a coincidence. Scarlett here was just asking about you..."

The strawberry blonde sitting with her back to the door turned to greet Allison with a cool stare. Scarlett Johansson arched an eyebrow and added, "Well, well, it looks like the chump…I mean champ…is here."

Unperturbed by Scarlett’s rancor, Allison stepped in, closed the door and replied, "Good to see the jet lag didn't disrupt your normally sparkling disposition Scarlett." Then to Rich, "I can come back later - if you're busy."

Fannin shook his head, "No that's all right, you're the champ; you have a right to hear this. Scarlett wants to be the number one contender for your title."

Scarlett scowled, correcting Fannin, "I don't WANT anything. I DESERVE to be the number one contender; not that loser du jour Piper." She glared angrily between Fannin and Allison, as if daring either to contradict her.

Smiling ever so slightly, Allison sauntered forward and mused, "Well Rich, they're both valid challengers with many similarities. Both are articulate, intelligent women that also happen to be spectacular wrestlers. If only there was some other way to determine who was MOST deserving..." She paused for a moment and bit her lip, as if mulling a very serious problem. After a few seconds, she broke into a wide grin and asked, "Hey, didn't Billie spank Scarlett's ass raw and then UKO her for a three count at the Christmas Party? I think she did! Boy Rich, I can see why this might have been a tough call for you; after all, Scarlett DOES make losing look very attractive."

Scarlett’s beautiful face filled with storm clouds as she stepped into Allison's personal space. Bringing her left hand up, Scarlett JABBED it out and poked Allison in the chest as she sneered, "You think beating Michelle Trachtenberg makes you special? Big fucking deal! I made that bitch kiss my feet."

Allison nodded once and answered deadpan, "And she made YOU kiss her ASS. Who came out the winner there?"

Scarlett opened her mouth to reply but before she could make a sound, Allison reached up, slammed her left hand in the other blonde's face and SHOVED her back; a blatantly disrespectful pie-facing that sent Scarlett backpedaling several awkward looking steps. As Scarlett regarded Allison with one of those 'who the fuck do you think you are?' looks on her face.

Allison tossed the belt on Fannin's desk and added, "You're a great wrestler Scarlett, but you've got a healthy streak of punk running through you too. You wanna shot at me? Earn it with a seven month unbeaten streak like Billie’s. Don't bitch and whine to anyone who'll lisUUUNNNNnnn…!" Scarlett had stepped forward and flashed her right hand up, catching Allison across the face WHAP with a scathing Bitch Slap.

Allison swiveled her head around and growled, "I don't have to prove ANYTHING to trash like you! All I have to do is get you on the mat ONE TIME, and I'll shred you like the pathetic, undeserving piece of garbage you ARRRGGGHH!" Allison groaned as Scarlett slapped her again.

Allison slapped her back, a blow that snapped Scarlett's head to the side and instantly raised a welt to her porcelain cheek. "You're a PUNK and a bitch, until you prove otherwise Scarlett; you'll NEVER take this title from me."

Scarlett and Allison were locked in a silent, glaring battle of wills and Fannin could almost hear the seconds counting down to when they'd tear into one another. Hoping to prevent that from happening, the promoter cleared his throat and said, "Ladies please, this isn't my office and I don't want to tell Walt that I broke something on my very first visit. So if you'd both just step back, we can discuss this like rational, non-slapping people." The blondes didn't sit, but they did take a step back, and that was good enough for Fannin. "Scarlett, you're not getting a shot tonight..."

She whirled to face him, but he cut her off with a raised hand and an explanation. "NOT a title shot…because Billie is the number one contender AND we're in the UK. I know you won't believe me, but she's a bigger draw in this part of the world. However, aside from that rather embarrassing loss in December, you’ve been on quite a roll lately. So, I'll tell you what…you satisfy two 'ifs' for me tonight and you'll be the next number one contender, regardless of who walks out with the IC strap tonight."

Hands on her hips, Scarlett asked, "What are the ifs?"

"There's a local talent I've booked for one night only, name of Sophia Myles. Beat her: that's the first if."

"And the second?"

Fannin rolled his eyes. "Just say ‘Thank you for the opportunity’. Is that so much to ask?"

Scarlett's jaw clenched, and for a moment, both Rich and Allison thought she was just going to storm out with no answer. But then she smiled. It was an expression that would have been beautiful if a fraction of its charm had reached her eyes. "Thank you Rich. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to embarrass and humiliate this disgusting tub of goo." She whirled to face Allison. "And THANK YOU sweetie, for keeping my belt warm. I'll make sure to return the favor by smothering you out nice and slow."

More than a little irritated with the challenger's 'tub of goo' crack, Allison fired back, "No Scarlett, THANK YOU for making it so easy to hate you. It'll be a pleasure to squeeze all the fat out of those nasty tits, and all the hot air out of your empty head."

Still sporting that chilly, arrogant smile, Scarlett leaned in close, making sure the champion felt her weight chest-to chest. "If you manage to get by the Limey tonight, I'll be waiting. And when you and I finally meet, you're going to sob AYYY GIIBBB HUUP into my breasts. It'll be the most beautiful sound you've ever made. Good luck tonight sweetie."

Scarlett whirled around 180 and vanished through the door before Fannin or Allison could say anything. Doing her best to quell the rage bubbling up inside her, Allison let out a sigh and then sauntered over to one of Fannin's chairs and flopped down into it. Smiling sympathetically, the promoter asked, "You OK?"

Allison nodded, "Yeah, I just wish I could beat one challenger back before another showed up. Now, what did you want to talk with me about?"

"Billie was in here a little while ago with an idea for a stipulation for the title fight she thought you’d go for."

The champ arched an eyebrow and smiled. "I'm listening."

Returning her smile, Fannin leaned over his desk and asked, "Ever hear of a 'Pure Rules' match?"
Later that evening, in the gymnasium of Black Swan Hall...

Stepping into the spotlight in the center of the ring, the Announcer brought the mic to his lips and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, here to introduce our Main Event... Richard Fannin!"

'You Wouldn't Believe' pulses to life as the promoter makes his way through the makeshift entryway set up at one end of the gymnasium where the show was taking place. Nodding thanks to the cheering fans, the young man quickly makes his way to the ring and climbs the steel steps. Taking the mic from the Announcer, Fannin said, "Man it sure is nice to run a show without that stupid cast. First off, I'd like to thank all of you fans who sent cards and karma while I was recovering, it's much appreciated." As the crowd continued to applaud, Rich added, "But tonight isn't about me, it's about all you great fans here in the UK and the support you've shown this promotion. You've all been a great audience tonight and you can rest assured that we'll be back sometime in the future. For now though, it's almost time to take our leave, but we're not going out without one last fight. To that end, it is my pleasure to inform you that the two young ladies involved in our last match have asked that it be fought under 'Pure' Wrestling Rules and I couldn't think of any reason to say no. For those of you who might be unaware, a 'Pure Rules' match is fought under the same guidelines as a normal match with one glaring exception. In this contest, each participant is only awarded three uses of the ropes to break a submission or a pin. Once those three uses have been exhausted, the ropes will no longer break up a submission or a pin and their opponent may use the cables to any advantage they can devise. Any questions so far?"

The deafening cheer seemed to indicate all systems were go, so Fannin said, "OK then. Introducing first, she is the challenger, she stands 5’6” and is currently on a seven month winning streak. She is the unquestioned mistress of the UKO…ladies and gentlemen - England's own…BILLIE PIPER!"

The distinctive guitar riff of AFI's 'Miss Murder' rolls through the speakers and the fans crammed into Black Swan Hall whipped themselves into a frenzy as the One Woman British Invasion breezed through the curtain. For her shot at the gold, Billie was clad in her typical ring gear, a simple black bikini with a small Union Jack insignia emblazoned on the right hip. Taking the time to slap hands with the fans on the aisle, Billie sauntered up the steel steps, leapt over the top rope and landed in a confident little pose all in a single graceful motion. As her music began to fade, she climbed onto the middle rope and raised a hand high overhead, the sign she always threw up before the start of a match. Grinning back at the fans mimicking her movements, the blonde stepped down from the ropes and turned her eyes towards the entryway.

When the loudest of the furor for the challenger had died down, Rich brought the mic back up and concluded, "And introducing her opponent…she stands 5’5” and is the current - and FIRST EVER - Intercontinental champion; ladies and gentlemen I give to you... ALLISON MACK!"

‘Fly From the Inside’ begins to pulse through the cavernous space just as Allison pushes the curtain aside and hoists the belt high over her head. As per usual, the blonde is sporting a big grin as she heads down the aisle, slapping hands with her fans, getting herself psyched up for what was sure to be the steepest challenge her title reign had faced thus far. For her first encounter with the One Woman British Invasion, Allison had chosen her typical lavender bikini, an outfit that showed off both her powerful legs and phenomenally strong upper body. Her boots and pads are the same light purple, going nicely with her pale complexion and the bobbed cut of her blonde hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, she climbs in through the middle rope and poses for the audience one more time before handing the belt off to the official and settling into her corner.

When the announcer had left the ring, the ref turned to the timekeeper and called for the bell. As the chime echoed through the cavernous space of the gymnasium, the standing room only crowd roared its approval and as the two blondes came out of their corners, the whole of Black Swan Hall rang with dueling chants of 'LETS GO BILLIE!' and "GO ALLISON!'

Stunned by the thunderous ovation she and her challenger were receiving, Allison had to work very hard to keep her eyes focused on the blonde in front of her and not the thousands of fans cheering them on. Hoping Billie was dealing with the same sort of butterflies, Allison kept her face neutral as she came to a stop in the center of the ring. A few feet away, Billie came to a halt and after a moment's hesitation, arched her eyebrow in an expression that said, 'What are you waiting for?'

Smiling just a little bit, Allison rolled her shoulders and slowly raised her left arm over her head. Curling her fingers in Billie's direction, it was the champ's turn to offer a challenging look as Billie contemplated the invitation. Billie was more than happy to take the American up on her offer, but she wasn't sure if she wanted kick this thing off with a Test of Strength.

She'd been craving this match for the better part of three months and now that it was here, she was going to start with something a little more energetic. Brushing a loose strand of hair off her forehead, the One Woman British Invasion shook her head 'no' and said, "Not just yet Alli. I'll be gland to bend yer wrists and quiver yer knees a little later on, but right now I want you to answer a question that's been bothering me for a long time."

Bringing her arm down, Allison tilted her head to the side and replied, "And what might that be?"

Billie smiled and answered loud enough for the folks in the first few rows to hear, "Just 'ow well can ya take a punch?"

Another ripple of electricity ran through the guests as Allison stepped forward and said, "Why don't you find out? Just know that if you don't drop me with one, I'm gonna test your jaw too." She punctuated her statement tapping her chin and planting her feet, a defiant challenge if there ever was one.

Stifling a small laugh, Billie said softly, "It's a shame we're on opposite sides of the ring tonight Allison. I kinda like you..."

Billie stepped up and BANG, drove a windmilling Haymaker to Allison's chin. The champ grunted as she staggered back, momentarily wobbly-butt from the hard shot. Then she shook off Billie's punch and responded with one of her own. Coming back to the plate she wound up and SMACK, whacked Billie with a left that swiveled the challenger's head on her shoulders - but didn’t put her down!

The British babe cleared her head and retaliated with another right that Allison returned almost instantly. The unscientific display of brawling went on for nearly thirty seconds with each girl soaking up the best her opponent could throw at her, neither making an attempt to duck, dodge or weave. The audience couldn't have been happier and reacted to each shot as if it was a fight winner blow. The ominously muted 'THUD, THUD, THUD' of knuckle on jaw went unheard, swallowed up in the swirling cacophony from the fans.

Just when it appeared Billie and Allison had settled into a comfortable slugging rhythm, things changed. Looking for the first decisive shot of the battle, Billie pivoted on her toes and spun into her opponent, bringing her right forearm up as she did so to catch the champion under the chin with one of those patented European Uppercuts she loved so much. It caught Allison dead-on and the American rose onto her toes for a second. But instead of tumbling to the canvas, she simply staggered back and shook her head briskly.

Mildly rankled that Allison was still on her feet, Billie beckoned her foe in with a jab of the verbal variety. "Don't go soft on me now Allison, otherwise yer in for a long night."

Her nostrils flaring, Allison surged forward and CRACK sent a wicked Left Cross toward Billie's cheek; but the Brit Babe decided she'd had enough of Allison's fists and as her fist bore in, the challenger side-stepped, then moved in behind Allison before Allison could even begin to turn around. Billie tied the champ up in a simple Full Nelson, resting her cheek against the straining tension of her foe's back as she slowly forced the blonde's chin down into her tragically underrated cleavage.

Trapping a groan behind gritted teeth, Allison tugged left and right, but she couldn't pry Billie's hands apart. Looking for another way out, she saw the ropes a few feet away and instinctively pulled towards them. It was only when Billie made no attempt to stop her, that Allison remembered the stipulation of the contest. Refusing to waste one of her precious “rope breaks” on something as mundane as a Full Nelson, she put on the brakes and shook her head 'no' to indicate that she'd seen through Billie's plan.

Knowing the break wouldn't count if Allison didn't get to the ropes herself, Billie clamped down even harder and chided, "C'mon now Alli, are ya sayin' my Nelson ain't good enough to justify a rope break?"

Smiling despite the flush creeping into her face, Allison gasped, "That's exactly what I'm saying."

With her cheek resting comfortably between her foe's shoulders, Billie asked, "Then 'ow ya gonna get free?"

"Like this!" Allison answered.

The captured blonde clenched her hands into fists and planted her feet firmly against the canvas. Growling with the exertion, she forced her trapped arms down, slowly but surely forcing Billie's clenched fingers open. As soon as she felt the pressure on her neck ease, Allison spun around behind Billie and returned the favor; wrapping a thick forearm across Billie's throat, the Intercontinental Champion cupped the top of her challenger's skull with her free right hand and pressed forward, crimping Billie's neck with a beautiful Sleeper Hold.

Doing her best not to thrash, Billie tried to turn into the pressure to shift the Sleeper into a simple Side Headlock, but Allison moved with her and kept all her weight pressed in close to the Brit's back, maintaining the hold. When that attempt was blocked, Billie reached up and tried to wedge her fingers into the narrow line separating Allison's forearm from her chin, but that proved equally ineffective. Growing the tiniest bit concerned with the flecks and swirls of black appearing at the edges of her peripheral vision, Billie reached out with both hands and surged towards the ropes. But instead of Allison letting Billie use one of her rope breaks, the American blonde instead reared back and pulled Billie to the center of the ring. She apparently thought she had Billie dead to rights and was looking to end this thing early.

But Billie hadn't gone on a seven month undefeated streak just to let herself get choked out in under five minutes - and in England of all places! Shoving the first gnawing threads of panic aside, the brown-eyed blonde reached behind her and cupped both hands around the back of Allison's head. Billie pushed up onto her toes, then immediately sat out. Allison was jerked off balance, and her chin slammed down on the point of Billie's shoulder in a crude but effective Jawbreaker!

Allison’s grip on Billie's neck fell away as she was suddenly more concerned with making sure the Briton hadn't loosened any of her teeth. Sitting on the mat, Billie wanted to give herself a longer reprieve but she knew the jury-rigged Stunner wouldn't keep the champion busy for long. Scrambling to her feet, Billie chased after her stunned rival and pounced on her before Allison could muster a counter. Snuggling in close behind Allison, Billie wrapped her right arm around Allison's right arm so the fork of the challenger's elbow nestled tight against the fork of Allison’s elbow. With a little tug, Billie cinched on the Chickenwing, forcing Allison up on her toes if she wanted any chance of relieving the sudden pain in her arm.

Looking to better control the American dynamo, Billie snaked her left hand across Allison's chin and added a Sleeper to the equation, effectively applying the Crossface Chickenwing made famous by Bob Backlund way back in the halcyon days of the WWF. Wrenching hard on both holds, Billie knew she could force Allison to use one of her “breaks” if only she could get the champ down on the mat - although, so far, Allison had thwarted all attempts to bring her to the mat.

Grumbling, Billie squeezed down even harder and asked, "You wanna give?"

The arm across her throat couldn't hide the disdain in Allison's reply, "Already? Hell no!"

Rolling her eyes, Billie slammed her hips forward, mashing them against Allison's taut backside which brought a huge cheer from the mob. Working this psychological warfare perfectly, Billie kept grinding as she said, "Then fuckin' do something or stop wastin' my bloody time!"

Embarrassed at having Billie grinding her ass like the pole in a strip-club, Allison quelled her anger for the moment and thought of an escape plan. Normally she'd just power her way to the ropes, but that would cost her a break and she wasn't willing to cede that just yet. She was just about to try another tactic when an idea occurred to her. Setting her feet flat on the canvas, Allison burst forward in a blur of movement, heading straight for the ropes with Billie hanging on for dear life. As she neared the sanctuary of the ropes, however, the American came to a screeching halt as she forcefully dipped her right shoulder toward the middle rope. Caught off guard by the shift in her momentum, Billie's grip was broken and perhaps even more importantly, she was tossed through the gap between the top and middle ropes onto the thinly padded ringside mat with a slightly sweaty 'THWAP!'

Wincing, Allison rolled her right shoulder and took deep breaths, trying to wear off both symptoms of the painful hold Billie had stretched her with. Down on the outside, the challenger let out a groan and rolled over onto her side. Pushing to her feet, the Brit caught her breath and snapped her bottoms back into place across her hips. She was in the process of turning her attention back to the ring when Allison called out, "What are you waiting for Billie? I thought you came here to WRESTLE this title away from me!"

The British blonde glanced in the direction of the noise and saw Allison leaning on the middle rope, holding it down to invite Billie back into the squared circle. Smirking, Billie fired back, "Who knew ya'd be so eager to lose that belt? You're a strange bird Mack."

Tuning out whatever it was that Allison came back with, Billie strolled over to the steel steps and returned to the ring that way. Back on the canvas, she slipped into a wrestlers crouch just as Allison was doing the same. Circling cautiously, the rivals got closer and closer and when their fingers were almost touching, they surged forward and locked up, initiating the first real clench of the bout. Unfortunately, grappling fans would have to wait for the real fun to begin because no sooner had they come together than Billie pivoted on her heel and drove her left leg up, the Knee Lift catching Allison in the belly. As the champion's grip, fell away, Billie settled into a familiar stance and muttered, "Let's see 'ow many of these you can take now Alli."

Dropping her right arm, Billie twisted her torso away Allison for a split second and then torqued back around, slamming the full length of her forearm into Allison's chin with another European Uppercut. The American grappler's head snapped back and she was rocked back on her heels, but she maintained verticality. Both impressed and aggravated with the steel in her foe's chin, Billie reset her feet and clapped another Uppercut across Alli's chin with the same effect as the previous two. Her brow furrowed in anger, Billie stalked after the reeling wrestler and took aim with yet another Uppercut.

But the champion wasn't going to just sit there and let Billie tee off on her and she proved it as Billie launched her assault. As the Briton's arm streaked towards her face, Allison easily ducked under the incoming limb and swooped in low behind the taller blonde. In the two heartbeats Billie could regain her balance, Allison pressed in tight against her rival and wrapped both arms around the curvy beauty's hips. The moment her hands were locked, Allison clamped down and EXPLODED backward, hauling Billie off her feet in a violent Reverse Bear Hug.

Stunned by the rapidity and sheer force with which Allison could apply her signature submission, Billie kicked her legs, windmilled her arms and violently wrenched from side to side as she tried to escape. Gasping for breath, Billie saw the ropes in front of her and lunged towards them. The movement was just enough to put Billie's feet on the mat again and the trapped challenger wasted no time in wrapping her arms around the top rope. The mob cheered as both they and Billie called out 'BREAK!' at the same time.

Allison released the hug and stepped back as the Announcer said, "Piper has used her first rope break. She has two remaining."

Breathing hard as the effects of the Bear Hug slowly faded, Billie turned her gaze to Allison and muttered, "First blood to you Alli."

Brushing a strand of hair off her forehead, Allison said, "We're not done yet Billie, you've still got two chances to get away from me. Then we'll be done."

Dark eyes going hard, Billie replied, "Keep telling yourself that love."

Falling silent, Billie surged forward and locked up with the other blonde. Quickly shifting her grip from Billie's shoulders to her wrist, Allison took a big step back, planted her feet and whipped her towards the other side of the ring. Thinking fast, the challenger dug her feet in and pulled back, yanking the other blonde towards her. As Allison lumbered in, Billie went low and wrapped her arms around the American's wide hips. In the next instant she rose up on her toes, staggered back and fell down, dropping Allison throat-first across the top rope with an improvised Hot Shot.

Allison's head snapped back and her sturdy legs almost gave way but the blonde stayed on her feet just long enough to spin around and stumble back to the middle of the ring. While it was a valiant effort, it was a mistake because Billie shot both hands out and planted them in Allison's chest. In a flash, Billie came up out of her crouch and forced her arms out straight, lifting Allison several feet in the air at the same time Billie pulled off a smooth little half pirouette and sat out, driving Allison full force into the mat with the Sit-Out Powerbomb variant known as the Sky High.

The high-impact slam nearly drove Allison through the mat and although Billie didn't think she could keep Allison down for the count this early on, that didn't prevent her from trying to! Holding the stunned champ flat on her back, Billie nodded in time with the ref's count as he slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' but Allison shot her shoulder up, breaking the count.

Annoyed but not surprised, Billie shoved Allison's legs away and got to her feet. Sauntering around to the downed champion's head, Billie raised her arms over her head and asked the crowd, "Ya like that lads?"

They replied that they did and Billie took it as a signal to press her advantage. Pulling the breathless blonde to her feet, Billie took hold of the American's wrist and Whipped her to the buckles. The ring had barely stopped shaking when the challenger sprinted across the ring on a diagonal, chewing up the canvas at an alarming rate. With several feet still between them, Billie left her feet in a high floating leap that ended with her SMASHING chest-first into the champion's sternum with a body crushing Splash.

The air erupted from Allison's lungs and her body sagged visibly as Billie peeled away from her. Beckoning Allison out of the corner, Billie ducked down and grabbed the American's right ankle. Straightening up, she forced Allison to hop on one foot for a few seconds, then fell to her left; violently twisting Allison's knee with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip.

Grinning from ear-to-ear as Allison writhed in pain, Billie flipped the other blonde over onto her belly and wrapped both legs around Allison's torqued leg. Crossing her ankles, the British Bombshell clamped down tight and twisted Allison's ankle as hard as she could, slapping on a potentially career threatening Ankle Lock.

Her pretty face crimped in agony as the vengeful fire of the joint lock raced up her leg, Allison shook off the ref's inquiries of submission and planted her hands on the mat. Pushing up off the canvas, Allison spotted the ropes a few feet away and began dragging herself towards the release they offered. Several seconds later she grabbed the bottom cable and demanded, "BREAK!"

The ref signaled to the Announcer and he said, "Mack has used her first break, she has two remaining!"

With everything made official, Billie released the hold and got to one knee. Leaning forward, she patted Allison on the butt and purred, "Looks like I've evened it up Alli."

When Allison grumbled and tried to swat her hand away, Billie smiled and shifted her grip, helping herself to a big handful of the champ's waistband. Pulling Allison to her feet, the challenger spun her around stepped in close. The woozy American offered no resistance as Billie took her left arm and levered it up behind her back in a simple, but effective, Hammerlock.

Balling her unencumbered right hand in a fist, Billie cocked back and drew a bead on the other blonde's chest. Pausing to listen to the crowd's anticipatory roar, Billie said, "I don't need anything fancy to beat you Alli, but that doesn't mean it's not going to 'urt."

The British grappler pulled her arm back a little further and then speared it forward. PAK her hard knuckles smashed Allison's right breast flat as she unloaded a devastating Heart Punch. Allison's face went a sick, ashen gray and her legs buckled. As Allison dropped to her knees, Billie kept her emotions in check as she yanked up on the Hammerlock, forcing Allison back to her feet again.

Flexing the fingers of her punching hand, Billie again formed a fist and said, “And now to add a little local flavor..."

She drew back a second time, twisted away from Allison and then spun back into her, pasting the defenseless girl under the chin with yet another European Uppercut that took the champion off her feet! Billie was forced to release her Hammerlock as Allison sprawled in a heap at her feet. Remembering she wasn't paid by the hour, Billie hurled herself across the American's sturdy blonde chassis and hooked the far leg, going for the pin as the ref swooped in from his perch and joined they crowd as they counted along.

'ONE... TWO' Allison rolled her shoulder off the canvas, breaking the count.

With hands on her hips, Billie shook her head and asked absently, "Yer really gonna make me work for this aren't ya? Good. Makes me like ya more."

Settling her hands into the American's short tresses, the challenger pulled her opponent to her knees and went back to work. Standing directly in front of her, Billie stunned Allison with a short, sharp, Knee Lift to the belly before setting her up for the next trick in her arsenal. Wrapping her arms around Allison's waist, Billie bent her knees and lifted up fast, jerking the smaller blonde over her head with a Gut Wrench. But instead of falling back to complete a Suplex, Billie dropped to one knee and swung Allison back the way she had come; impaling Allison’s abs on her bent knee.

Smiling as the champ lay gurgled across her knee, Billie tightened her grip on Allison's midsection and got back to her feet. Demonstrating her remarkable strength, Billie lifted Allison in the air, spun her around in a dizzying 270-degrees and then dropped back to one knee; giving the small of Allison's back to the same treatment her ruptured gut had just gotten. The Gutwrench Gutbuster-Backbreaker combo was a new invention of the challenger's and while she didn't have an official name for it just yet, she was thinking 'The Rose's Thorn' sounded especially appealing.

Regardless, there was still the matter of Allison to deal with so Billie went back to work, rolling the American off her knee to the canvas only to instantly wrap her up in a tight Cradle. Bearing down with all her weight, Billie nodded in time as the ref sounded off, 'ONE... TWO...' Acting on instinct more than anything else, the battered champion got her free leg up and laid it ankle first over the bottom rope. The official saw this and ordered Billie to break her pin. Shortly thereafter, the Announcer exclaimed, "Mack has used her second rope break. She has one remaining."

Frowning, Billie pushed to her feet and walked over to the flattened blonde's ankles. Grabbing hold of the booted limbs, she muttered, "As much as I want you to use your last one, what I'd really like is for you to not kick out at all. So let's see what we can do about that..." She dragged the wounded vixen to the middle of the ring, carefully positioning her for the next bit of fun she had planned. Satisfied with Allison's placement, Billie dropped her legs and jogged to the nearby turnbuckle where she went to the top rope and spun around to face the ring.

Pausing to glance out over the sea of roaring faces, Billie cheered, "THAT BELT COMES 'OME WITH ME TONIGHT!"

The fans packed into Black Swan Hall screamed approval as Billie soared off the top turnbuckle in a beautiful Frog Splash that brought the full weight of her curvy frame smashing down perfectly... onto Allison's upraised knees.

The One Woman British Invasion came to a sudden, violent halt as all the air was driven from her lungs in a single gasping burst. Moaning aloud, the crippled Briton rolled off her uncooperative victim and crawled away, trying desperately to draw a full breath. Allison on the other hand was doing little better. She still wasn't feeling too great after Billie's hellacious Gutwrench combo, but she knew blocking the Splash had left her challenger a world of hurt and she intended to take advantage!

Shaking off her nausea, Allison got to her feet and stalked the gasping Brit. Closing in, Allison grabbed the penitent blonde by the back of her top and hauled her to her feet. Whirling Billie around in a drunken spin, Allison waited til she saw the whites of her foes eyes before lunging forward and BURYING a Right Hook deep in Billie's soft solar plexus. Billie was gutted like a speared fish and tried to pull away, but Allison reeled her back! Wrapping up the gutshot girl at the hips, Allison rose on her toes, held Billie in position for a moment, then dropped; spiking her knee up between Billie's spread legs with an Inverted Atomic Drop.

Billie's jaw dropped open and it looked like she was screaming, but all that came out was a dusty wheeze. As Billie crumpled against her knee, Allison realized she wasn't ready to relinquish her grip just yet. Straightening up, the energized champion whispered, "You're not the only one who can string moves together Billie..."

Proving her point, the curvy blonde dynamo lifted Billie, holding her parallel to the mat across her chest. She recalle how Billie had patted her butt earlier and now she took a moment to return the favor - just to show everyone the slight hadn’t gone unnoticed. As the fans erupted, Allison pushed up on her toes and dropped forward and down, WHAM, flattening Billie between her body and the canvas. Flashing her megawatt smile as the air rushed from her winded prey, Allison hooked Billie’s legs and bore down on the cover as the zebra swooped in, dropped to his knees and counted.

'ONE... TWO…' Billie kicked her legs hard, breaking the cradle and the cover simultaneously.

Running a hand through her hair, Allison sat on her haunches a moment before raising up and sinking her claws into Billie's shoulder-length locks. Hair-hauling the incapacitated Brit to her feet, Allison shifted her control to a two-handed grip of the other blonde's left wrist. After Irish Whipping Billie into the corner on the far side of the ring with all the strength she could muster (which at this point, was still quite a lot) hearing Billie hit the thinly padded buckles with a dull 'THUMP!'

As Billie’s body sagged in the corner with both arms draped over the ropes leaving her trunk deliciously exposed, Allison bent into a runner's crouch and exploded forward, moving far faster than most of the locker room ever gave her credit for. As the distance between she and Billie wound down, the American left her feet and soared through the air in a deliriously floaty arc that ended with her nearly murdering the challenger with an Avalanche Splash that might have crushed the sternum of a lesser woman.

Draped over Billie’s upper torso, Allison panted wetly into her ear, "You should know you'll NEVER win this fight body-to-body. You'll crack long before I do."

Backing up, Allison helped her opponent out of the corner only to grab hold of her wrist and send her careening across the ring to bounce off the turnbuckles for the second time in as many minutes. Never one for theatrics under the best of circumstances, Allison settled for a simple nod to her adoring fans before she followed Billie in and dealt that classy British chassis another murderous jug-to-jug blow.

This time, when Allison peeled away from the smoldering wreckage of Billie Piper, she stepped aside and let the blonde stumble past her. But Billie wasn't safe yet, not by a long shot. The moment her back was to Allison, the American stepped behind her and slapped a Half Nelson on Billie's right arm; using her left hand to capture the Brit's right wrist and pull it roughly across Billie's throat in a Cobra Clutch.

Dipping her knees slightly, Allison purred, "I always loved trying out new material on the road."

She rose fast, snapping Billie off her feet in the process and then as her body swung out in front, Allison twisted to her right and dropped to one knee, bringing the trapped beauty down spine-first across the posted joint compliments of a vile Cobra Clutch-Backbreaker.

Billie sobbed once, then went limp which Allison took as a good sign. Releasing the Clutch, she pushed the other blonde off her knee and threw herself onto Billie's chest, hooking her far leg. Incredibly, the ref was right where he needed to be and he slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' but again, Billie rolled her shoulder - though not with nearly the conviction she had shown in her earlier escapes!

Shaking her head in silent disbelief, Allison glanced down at Billie and muttered, "I'm impressed Billie, you may actually be as tough as you claim to be. But even if you are, it won't be nearly enough to take my title." The domineering champion buried her talons in Billie's sweaty mane and scraped her off the mat. Keeping Billie close, Allison stood to her victim's left and added, "In a few seconds, you'll either be begging to use your second rope break, or you'll just tap out. Whichever one you choose is fine with me, just don't make me wait long or I'll make the decision for you."

She wedged a hand between Billie's legs; the other threaded around her captive's chin. Grunting, Allison lifted Billie, draping the curvy blonde’s body over her brawny shoulders in a sadistic Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold as hard as she could, Allison paraded around the ring with Billie writhing and twitching on her shoulders. Bouncing the hold up and down, she thought about keeping Billie right there in the middle of the ring until she passed out, but then decided it wouldn't fair to not give her the chance to use up her rope breaks. After all, it’d be so much more fun once Billie couldn't use the cables to save herself. Maintaining her slow circuit of the squared circle, Allison had just wrenched down on Billie's chin again when the trapped Briton jabbed a hand out and grabbed hold of the top rope.

Clutching the taut cable like a lifeline, Billie gasped, "BREAK!"

Licking her lips, Allison muttered, "What an appropriate choice of words."

As the Announcer called, "Piper has used her second rope break; she has one remaining."

Allison suddenly and violently pushed Billie up off her shoulders and let her drop in front of her. But just as Billie started to fall, Allison dropped to one knee and let the small of Billie's back to make contact with the joint. The Over the Knee Backbreaker brought a piercing shriek as the challenger was nearly broken in half by the innovative maneuver. (Some fans wondered if Allison wasn't making a case for taking the 'Mistress of the Backbreaker' title from Charisma Carpenter) Regardless of any other plans she might have been formulating, Allison's campaign to soften up Billie's back had done wonders, as evidenced by the boneless way the challenger’s battered body slithered off her knee to puddle at her feet.

Hoping that the combination of Backbreakers and Splashes had worn down her opponent, Allison wrapped Billie up in a Cradle and clamped down as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO...'

Again, Billie kicked out to keep her seven month undefeated streak alive with just a second to spare. Deciding that it was time to stop fooling around, Allison helped herself to a handful of Billie's black briefs and used them to pull the battered girl to her feet. With no foreplay, the American champion turned her around and clamped both arms around Billie's abused middle. In the blink of an eye, Allison's hands were locked at the small of Billie's back with the Bear Hug cinched on tight. Keeping her feet flat on the mat, Allison lifted Billie and reefed down on the hold, bending the other blonde’s body into a terrible C.

Resting her cheek against Billie's gulping paunch, Allison snuggled into her finisher and said simply, "Give up!"

Gritting her teeth as sweat poured down her face, Billie shook her head wildly 'no' and snarled, "No way Allison. On any other night, you might 'ave my submission. But not 'ere with gold on the line. You can't make me quiIIIIIIITTTTTT!"

Allison dug in her grip and pulled Billie in even closer, attempting to break the sturdy challenger with nothing more than the unwavering strength of her own trunk. Settling into the Bear Hug, Allison whipped her rival back and forth, shaking Billie like a terrier shakes a rat.

Her face as red as Billie’ss, Allison growled, "GIVE IT UP BILLI…UUUMMMPPPH!"

Billie had wrapped both arms around the champ's head and pulled Allison's face deep into her cleavage. Grinning savagely as the makeshift Breast Smother took Allison’s breath away, Billie sneered, "You leggo and I'll leggOOOOHHHHH!"

Billie screamed when Allison bit down on the blonde's bulging breastflesh, shrieking as she was forced to release her Breast Smother.

Gulping air, Allison panted, "Don't you EVER put your tits in my faAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!"

Billie grabbed Allison's hair in one hand and began HAMMERING punches on her head; pounding Allison's pate as hard as she could.

"LET ME GO!" Billie demanded and the American's iron grip faded just enough for Billie to get her feet back on the mat.

She immediately started chugging her way toward the side of the ring. She didn't want to use her last rope break, but the Bear Hug was tearing her up inside and she needed to be free of the pain. She'd made it to within inches of the ropes when Allison's grip tightened and she wrenched Billie over and swept her off her feet. Sobbing in anguish, the Brit reached forward only to see the ropes receed further and further away.

Allison dropped to one knee and SQUEEZED, crushing a little more resistance out of her fading adversary. Closing her eyes tight, Allison grunted, "GIVE…THE…FUCK…UP!"

Ignoring the droned warnings of the ref, Billie lowered her face and bit the top of Allison’s head. Allison shrieked in pain as she released the hold. Able to breathe freely for the first time in several minutes, Billie sank to one knee hugging her ribs as Allison stumbled away holding her head. Blinking back tears, the British vixen looked up as Allison shook off her stupor and turned back toward her.

Bracing herself for the pain she knew would tear through her midsection, Billie pushed up onto her feet and snapped her right leg out at Allison's face, catching the incoming blonde squarely across the chin with a Super Kick. Allison's sturdy legs flew out from under her as the champ went crashing down flat on her back like a felled tree in the middle of the ring!

Doubled over in pain, Billie staggered over to the starfished blonde and spat, "I don't care what it takes Allison; I'm gonna squeeze ya out with a Bear 'ug tonight."

Allison just groaned and rolled over onto her side. Billie limped forward, knelt down and dug her hands into the American's hair; peeling the sweat-sticky champ off the mat. She hoisted Allison to her knees, then bent her over to apply a Standing Headscissors. From somewhere in the depths of the mob a voice cheered, "OH BILLIE!" and the whole of the arena roared their approval.

Smiling thru her pain, the British bombshell sensuously rotated her hips on the back of Allison’s neck and replied, "This one's for you mate!"

Returning to the task at hand, Billie lifted Allison upside down, putting her in position for a Piledriver. Working hard to keep the Waistlock despite the fire in her ribs, Billie unclasped her hands, leaving her right arm to hold the Intercontinental champ inverted while she insinuated her left arm between Allison's thighs, reaching downward and rejoining her right hand to reapply the Waist-Lock. With her grip secured, Billie leapt up and sat out, spiking the top of Allison's skull into the mat with a vile THUD!

Judging from the boneless way the fireplug blonde dripped over onto her side, the head-splitting Cradle Piledriver was just as effective on this side of the Atlantic. Temporarily forgetting her promise to squeeze Alli out, Billie threw herself across Allison's midsection and hooked her far leg with her right arm. Dropping into position as Billie made the cover, the ref began to count, ‘ONE... TWO... THR' but Allison rolled a shoulder, retaining her title with very little time to spare.

Re-energized by the sound of the other girl's skull thumping the mat, Billie knew a concentrated attack on Allison's head was the way to go and - who'da guessed it - this challenger had all sorts of nasty ways to drop opponents on their face! Settling on the first one that came to mind, Billie hauled Allison up by the straps of her top, then doubled her over with a hard Front Kick to the belly. Stepping into her folded over victim, Billie trapped Allison in a tight Front Facelock with one hand as she reached over her back and grabbed a handful of the American's lilac colored togs. Pulling up on Allison's togs just enough to get the crowd going, Billie tensed her knees and then lifted Allison off her feet, sweeping her straight up! At the apex of her momentum, the challenger sat out and let gravity help drive Allison facefirst into the canvas!

There was another of those dully-ominous THUDs as the impact bounced Allison a few inches into the air, just enough for her to flop over onto her back - just where Billie wanted her! Moving much faster than someone in her condition ought to, Billie straddled Allison's waist and wrapped both arms behind the champion's head. In the same motion she tugged Allison's upper body off the canvas, rolled over onto her back and scissored her thick waist, adding a Body Scissors to the fun.

Burying Allison's dazed face in the valley of her cleavage, Billie squeezed like a woman possessed, looking for all the world like she simply intended to absorb the other blonde’s body into her own. Grinning wildly as her captive struggled, Billie jerked Allison's head back and forth, scrubbing the American's features with her rack while simultaneously trying to cut her in two with her thighs. Billie's triumphant smile faltered momentarily when Allison started pounding short fists into her ribs, but the Briton rode out the pain in hopes that oxygen deprivation would sound render her prey helpless.

Flipping the hair back out of her eyes, Billie snuggled Allison's features in even deeper and demanded, "C'mon Alli, this is checkmate! 'ow are ya goin' to use yer last rope break when ya can't even see the ring? Give up right now and I'll let'cha go!"

Allison heard her, yet she didn't hear. With all five senses being overwhelmed by Billie's breasts, Allison knew surrender was the easiest way to go, but she had some very specific ideas about how this match was supposed to end and NONE of them involved her being jug smothered by this Brit Bitch. Drawing upon what little air she had left, Allison abandoned her punches and slithered her arms up until she felt Billie's head shy away from her touch. Finding the back of Billie’s head, Allison laced her fingers together and leaned forward; not to attempt a pin, but simply to get her knees under her.

After a few effortful grunts and some more clinchy grappling, she was successful and from there, things got easier. Calling on the reserves of strength that had made her a star the last two years, Allison bent her knees and then lifted straight up, getting to her feet with Billie still hanging onto her face and hips. Handing off what happened next to fate, Allison picked a direction and bulled forward, hoping she'd eventually hit one of the corners and not the ropes. A few seconds later and providence smiled on her as she felt Billie's back smack the turnbuckles! The hateful hold across the back of her neck slackened enough for her to tear away.

Breathing her first fresh air in more than a minute, Allison fell to her knees, the relief was so great. Unfortunately, her relief left her wide open for more punishment as Billie demonstrated when she stormed out of the corner and buried her hands in the kneeling girl's hair. Yanking Allison to her feet, slapped a grinding Side Headlock and trudged the champ to the center of the ring.

Grinding the smaller blonde’s temple into her hip, Billie muttered, not without admiration, "God girl, yer strong as a fucking ox!"

But that didn't stop her from breaking into a brisk run and then leaving her feet in a graceful leap that culminated with her landing butt-first on the mat while simultaneously driving Allison's face into the mat compliments of the Bulldog. In a normal scenario, Billie used the Bulldog to set up some stronger move, but here she hoped the hit parade she'd banged out on the American's head - combined with the asphyxia brought on by the Breast Smother - was enough to keep the blonde down for three seconds.

Hooking Allison's far leg, Billie rolled into the cover and nodded into the lights as the ref and fans counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!'

Allison rolled over onto her side, halting the count. Slapping the mat in frustration, Billie got to her feet and dragged Allison to hers. Spinning around behind the crippled blonde, Billie glared out into the audience and asked, "'OW ABOUT A LITTLE ANARCHY?"

As the mob egged her on, Billie leaned forward wrapped her left arm around Allison's waist while she used the other hand to grab the shorter girl behind the knee of her right leg. Forcing her head between Allison's torso and right arm, Billie bent her knees in a deep crouch and then lifted up and backwards, taking Allison off her feet and hauling her into the perfect position for a Belly to Back Suplex. But instead of falling backward to complete the throw, Billie stayed on her feet for a few seconds and then sat out, driving Allison forward as she did so. The champ didn't even have time to cry out as she was driven face and chest-first into the mat with the Back Drop Facebuster Billie had dubbed 'Anarchy in the UK.'

With the ring still shuddering from Allison's landing, Billie took hold of Allison's legs and rolled her onto her back, turning the ungainly landing into something like a Matchbook Pin. Leaning back as she folded Allison in half, Billie could almost feel the gold and leather around her waist as the official slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!'

Raking a hand through her drenched locks, Billie's pretty face went cold and stony as she growled, "All right babe, that's 'ow you want it? I'm gonna stretch all over this canvas."

Making good on her promise, Billie sidled around behind her victim and pulled her to a sitting position. In place to lock her hold in, Billie scooted forward, planting her right foot in front of Allison's splayed legs. With her right arm she grabbed Allison's head and pulled it back, securing the woozy blonde's chin in the crook of her elbow. In the same motion she looped her left arm around the American' left arm, pulling back hard. Pulling back with both arms, the results were immediate and obvious. Allison thrashed as Billie's Stretch Plum put insidious pressure on her neck and ribs.

Billie leeeaaned back into the hold and asked, "You wanna give up sweety?"

Shaking her head 'no' as best she could, Allison howled, "Lemme go!"

Flashing her teeth in a shark-like smile, Billie continued to work her mojo as she sneered, "Not 'til you say the magic words love!"

Galumping and hobbling her way towards the ropes, Allison gasped, "Fuck you!"

Billie was about to fire back when she saw that the champ had drawn far too close to the ropes. Wanting nothing more than to submit Allison before she had the chance to use up her last break, Billie suddenly released the stretch and shoved Allison onto her back. Straddling the smaller blonde, Billie glared down into her opponent's face and panted, "This isn't as personal as you might think Alli."

She formed her right hand into a claw and SLAMMED it down into Allison's crotch. Curling her fingers in a sadistic corkscrew motion, Billie rode out the champ's desperate thrashing in the hope that the brutal simplicity of the Crotch Claw would finally be enough to put her away. Sobbing in agony as the British beauty savaged her already tenderized pubic mound, Allison reached over her head, stretching and straining to grab the ropes. Unable to see through her tears, Allison continued to wriggle blindly until she felt the ropes.

After a final lunge, Allison locked eyes with Billie and said, "BREAK!"

Billie just sighed and released the hold. Both blondes were busy getting to their feet as the Announcer said, "Mack has used her final rope break; Piper can now use the ropes as she sees fit."

Cracking her knuckles, Billie muttered, "I'll keep that in mind."

Looking to put the last nail in Allison's coffin, Billie stormed forward, swatted the other blonde's defenses aside and wrapped her up in a Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. Marching the IC champ out to the middle of the ring, Billie bent her foe over and trapped her in a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Allison's waist, Billie bent her knees and prepared to Powerbomb the American into oblivion.

But before Billie could invert her, Allison gripped the Briton behind the knees and pushed up, lifting Billie off her feet. Draped gut first over Allison's shoulder like a sack of potatoes, Billie's face was hovering directly in front of her rival's purple clad ass. But she wasn't there for long because just then, Allison snapped forward and slammed the full length of Billie's back and head into the canvas, a diabolical variation on the Spinebuster. Billie's head whiplashed off the mat and she saw nothing but swirls and stars.

That Kaleidoscope of pain faded the tiniest bit when Allison dug her talons into the front of Billie's top and tore her off the mat. Releasing her hold on the Brit's black battle kit, Allison spun around behind the semi-coherent blonde and went back to work. Moving fast, Allison hooked both of Billie's arms in an inescapable loop and lifted her off the mat with an arm-breaking Double Chicken-Wing. The moment her arms were fully extended, Allison sat out fast, driving Billie's face, chest and belly into the mat with an ingeniously delivered Inverted Sit-Out Powerbomb.

Snarling in satisfaction as the 'Allison Attack' roared back into high gear, Allison kicked Billie over onto her back and went for the cover. Stunned with just how fast the American had reversed her fortunes, the ref dropped to his knees and counted off, "ONE... TWO... THR…NO!" Hurt or not, Billie wasn't done just yet and she broke the count by rolling over onto her side.

Laughing softly, Allison mopped the sweat off her brow as she mused, "I'm glad you're not done yet Billie, you've got a receipt coming for that Claw."

Allison scraped Billie off the mat and impaled her with a heartless Knee Lift. As the Briton doubled over it was an easy thing for Allison to trap the breathless vixen in a Standing Headscissors. Holding Billie prone, Allison couldn't resist delivering a sharp, derisive slap to her derriere which brought another mad round of cheering from the mob. Theatrics aside, Allison wrapped her arms around Billie's waist and hauled her into the air, holding the One Woman British Invasion up for a Powerbomb. She held Billie for only a moment before slamming her down with such tremendous force the ring shook with the impact.

Allison maintained her grip on Billie's thighs, taking a deep breath, then lifted up with all her might and brought Billie back into the Powerbomb position. Turning 90 degrees so another side of the great hall could witness this astounding display, Allison rose up on her toes and slammed Billie down again, taking sick satisfaction in the fact that the second Powerbomb took even more out of the curvy blonde.

Allison paused and listened as the crowd chanted, "BUST 'ER UP ALLI! BUST 'ER UP!"

Gathering her reserves, Allison pulled Billie up once more and delivered a third spine-demolishing Powerbomb. Cringing in mutually shared hurt, the ref slipped into place and counted off, "ONE... TWO..." Billie rolled a shoulder off the mat. It wasn't much, but it was just enough to break the count.

Grinning malevolently as Billie continued to defy her, Allison whispered, "Here's where your bill comes due."

She straightened up and turned over, spinning Billie onto her stomach even while the Briton's legs were still in Allison's possession. Knowing Billie was helpless, Allison sat down hard, bringing her butt to rest on the back of Billie's shoulders in a Boston Crab variant that was, in a word, torturous. With her grip so high on Billie's thighs, Allison was able to lift nearly three-quarters of the blonde's supple frame off the canvas, putting excruciating pressure on the full length of her back.

Leaning back as far as gravity would allow, Allison rocked up and down on Billie's shoulders and growled, "GIVE UP BEFORE I BREAK YOU, BILLIE!"

Fighting through a pain she didn't know she was capable of enduring, Billie raged against the tears streaming down her cheeks and bellowed, "PISS OFF YA STUPID SLAG!"

Forcing herself to not think about what sort of long term damage the Crab might be doing to her back, Billie got her hands on the canvas and pushed up, giving herself a little more leverage to work with. Flipping sweat-soaked hair out of her eyes, she saw the ropes just three feet away and began inching toward them. Almost thirty hellacious seconds later, she grabbed the bottom rope with her right hand and shrieked, "BREAK!"

Leaning back into the Crab just a tiny bit more, Allison tossed Billie's legs aside and rewarded the crowd with a double bicep flex while the Announcer proclaimed, "Piper has used her final rope break; Mack can now use the ropes as she sees fit."

Regarding Billie with a cold stare, Allison whispered, "You're going to wish you'd given up before now."

Allison bent down, buried her claw in the challenger's hair and pulled her to her feet. No longer caring about her proximity to the ropes, Allison Headbutted Billie across the bridge of the nose, then wedged the dazed beauty's head between her thighs. Working hard to fight down the exhaustion racing through her system, Allison clasped her hands into a single fist and raised them over her head.

Looking down at Billie's shiny lower back, she spat, "I know that this is the wrong nationality, but they were part of the British Empire once, so I think it's OK."

Allison brought her hands crashing down onto the small of the blonde's back, driving a violent shudder through the curvaceous grappler's body. Not satisfied with one shot, Allison repeated the maneuver several more times, until Billie's legs were on the verge of giving way. Changing her tactics, Allison unclasped her hands and wrapped both arms around the other blonde's waist. Panting a low, laborious groan, Allison lifted Billie up and onto the point of her shoulder. Securing her grip, Allison squeezed as tight as she could while simultaneously rising up on her heels and dropping back down, bending Billie's spine in the vicious upside down U shape that made the Canadian Backbreaker so painful.

Rocking up and down on her heels, Allison glanced up at Billie and asked, "Ready to quit Billie?"

Ignoring Allison and the ref, Billie reached out and grabbed hold of the ropes. She knew it wouldn't bring a break, but she hoped she could at least use them to wrench her way out of the American's clutches. Unfortunately, she had only managed a pair of halfhearted tugs when Allison pulled her away. Quashing a sob, Billie caught her breath and panted, "I won't quit."

Pouring everything she could into her tenacious grip, Allison answered, "Maybe not just yet. But you will..."

Hoping to speed Billie along the road to concession, the American suddenly shifted her weight and tossed Billie down, sending the challenger face and chest-first into the unyielding canvas. It wasn't pretty, but it was effective and that's all Allison was looking for at the moment. Dropping to her knees, she rolled Billie onto her back and rolled her up in a tight Cradle.

A heartbeat later, the ref and the crowd were chanting, "ONE... TWO..." But Billie kicked her kegs, breaking the cradle and the count in one fell swoop.

Rolling her shoulders a bit, Allison pulled Billie to her feet and muttered, "Let's put those ropes to good use."

Marching Billie towards the edge of the ring, Allison positioned herself so that her back was to the cables while Billie was planted in front of her. Refusing to waste any more time, Allison pressed in tight against Billie's back and reached around her opponent’s body with her right leg so it looped around Billie's side and between her legs, hooking Billie's right leg with the entangling limb. Using her right hand, Allison pushed Billie’s head and neck down, stretching the trapped Brit's torso painfully across her broad thigh. The Abdominal Stretch was locked in perfectly and it really didn't need anything extra, but that didn't mean Allison wasn't going to pile on.

Now perfectly within her rights, the champ reached back with her left hand, grabbed the top rope and pulled as hard as she could, adding even more tension to the rib-bursting stretch. Biting her bottom lip in a hard little smile, Alli craaanked back on the Abdominal Stretch as she challenged, "Who's gettin' stretched now love?"

Seething at the contempt she heard in the smaller blonde's voice, Billie spat, "Run yer mouth while ya still can, Alli. I can take this longer than you caNNNNGHHH!"

Allison reefed back on the stretch once more and Billie's answer degenerated into a pained groan. Blowing hair out of her eyes, the domineering champion said, "I'm sorry Billie, go ahead. I believe you were saying something funny."

Billie growled defiantly but at this point it was really just for show. With all her rope breaks used up and her midsection in such bad shape, escaping the Abdominal Stretch would be almost impossible; she knew it and Allison knew it and Billie knew Allison knew it. Still, the trapped blonde had fought her way out of some unpleasant situations before and she would be damned if she'd give Allison the joy of being the one to force her to lay down and die. Tuning out everything but the sound of her own breathing, Billie succeeded in numbing the pain for a few seconds. In that brief span, she had an epiphany - at least the closest thing one can have to an epiphany in a wrestling ring!

With the answer right in front of her, Billie opened her eyes and focused her attention on their intertwined feet. Bracing herself for the pain she knew was coming, Billie leaned down as far as she could, exacerbating the pressure on her ribs. But it all paid off when she was able to wrap a death-grip around Allison's ankle. Before Allison could push down and paralyze her with another jolt, Billie pulled up and while the end result wasn't very pretty- the champ's balance was upset and Allison went tumbling to the canvas with Billie on top of her!

As her butt smashed down on the stunned American's chest, Billie felt the ropes against her back and knew she had a golden opportunity. Keeping all her weight on Allison's chest, Billie reared back and hooked the ropes, hoping the surprise and extra leverage would be enough to steal the three count. Down on the mat, Allison didn't understand the trouble she was in until the zebra came charging and started to count, 'ONE... TWO...'

Panic welling, Allison bucked hard to her left…JUST in time to get a shoulder up before the count was finalized. Scrambling to her knees, Allison's green eyes were flashing as she realized Billie had almost won the match and her title with a sneaky Roll-up.

Wading into Billie, the incredulous champion asked, "What the hell was THAT BIEEERRGGGH!"

Billie caught Allison with a shot to the jaw that sent the American reeling into the ropes. A moment later, Allison felt Billie's weight press against her and then things started to go bad for Allison. With the other blonde to stunned to resist, Billie stretched Allison's arms out across the top rope in a rough T. Staying close, Billie grabbed the middle rope and pulled it up over the top rope, trapping Allison's arms between the taut cables. Allowing herself her first real smile in several minutes, Billie buried a hand in Allison's hair and pulled her head up. Leaning in close, the challenger waited for the champ to open her eyes before she spoke.

"This match is OVAH, Alli! I've got ya trapped; there's no way out. Because ya gave me one 'ell of a fight, I'm going to give ya a very generous offer. Give up right now before things get really bad fur ya!"

Tugging and straining against the ropes, Allison tried and almost succeeded in hiding the desperation in her voice. "If you want that belt, you're going to have to take it from me. I worked too hard to give it away."

Nodding once, Billie answered, "Fair enough."

Billie reached out, grabbed a handful of Allison's purple top and giving a sharp upward yank, pulled the garment out of position. For the first time in her tenure with the promotion, the champ's nubile breasts were put on display.

Her face flushing a humiliated crimson, Allison screamed, "What the hell are you doing?"

Speaking in a coldly analytical voice, Billie replied, "Breaking your spirit."

Billie started punching, scrubbing wicked little lefts and rights across the American's underrated rack. For the next thirty seconds, the mob roared its approval (Allison just roared) Allison had been on the receiving end of a hateful Jug-mugging before from Lacey Chabert but the hell Billie put her through went far beyond anything she'd ever experienced.

Mercifully, Billie paused to take a breath and when she did, she made a simple demand, "Give up."

Raising her head, Allison locked eyes with Billie and whispered, "No."

Sighing, Billie set her feet, turned away from her prey for a moment, then THWAP pivoted in to drive an undefendable European Uppercut up under Allison's chin. Allison's head snapped back and she sagged visibly, but Billie wasn't satisfied. As soon as the first shot connected, she settled in for another Uppercut, this one even stiffer than the first. Again Allison's head snapped up and so it went. Set, turn, THWAP! Set, turn, THWAP! Set, turn, THWAP! Set, turn, THWAP!

By the time she stopped to catch her breath, Billie must've driven more than fifteen diabolical blows into the American's once steely chin. Gulping for air herself, Billie leaned on her forearm across Allison's chest and forced smoldering eye contact with her rival as she again demanded, "Give up!"

The hazy glass over Allison's eyes faded just a tiny bit when she mumbled, "Screw you."

Starting to lose her cool, Billie said, "I didn't want to 'urt you Alli, but don't think that I won't. That title of yers means everything to me, and I'll do whatever I need to take it from ya."

Silencing Allison's reply with a stiff Forearm Smash to the cheek, Billie tugged the ropes away from the American's arms, allowing her to crumple to her knees. But Billie wasn't letting Allison off that easy; she was just exchanging one torture for another. Taking hold of the penitent blonde' hair, Billie wheeled her around so that the champ was facing towards the fans at ringside. With her hands still in Allison's hair, Billie shoved her forward and roughly threaded her head under the middle rope. Settling into a weary straddle with her butt resting on the small of the Allison's back, Billie pulled Allison's limp arms back across her thighs.

Billie glanced up at the crowd and asked, "Think she can take this too?"

As they offered up various opinions, Billie completed the hold by reaching over the middle rope and putting both hands under Allison's chin. Lacing the digits tight, Billie leaned back with all her strength applying a basic Camel Clutch with the added bonus of forcing the back of the champ's neck against the middle cable. Allison's reaction was sudden and violent to say the very least. She tried to wrench and twist her way free, but with her arms trapped over Billie's thighs, there wasn't much she could do.

Bouncing on Allison's back while wrenching back on the trapped blonde's chin, Billie twisted Allison's head for nearly ten seconds before screaming, "SUBMIT!"

Eyes clenched tight against the burning pain in her neck, Allison grunted, "GUH…GO TO HELL!"

Unable to believe the American's will to fight hadn't been completely drained, Billie gave the Clutch one final yank before dropping Allison's head down in disgust. Sinking her hands into Allison's golden locks, Billie got to her feet and pulled the champ away from the ropes, then wedged Allison's head between her thighs. Releasing her hair, Billie reached down and trapped her arms in a nearly inescapable loop.

Clasping her hands together, Billie spat, "If you won't give up, I guess I'll just 'ave to beat you til you can't GET UP."

Billie bent her knees and lifted up fast, hauling Allison off her feet. The trapped wrestler was held aloft in Billie's grip for a few seconds before she slammed down spine first courtesy of the blonde's Double Underhook Suplex. The moment Billie's back hit the canvas; she tightened her hands, somersaulted backwards over the American's chest before she popped to her feet; forcing Allison to rise with her. Changing things up a bit, Billie unclasped her hands and whirled around behind her victim to trade in the Underhook for a simple Waist Lock. Digging her hands into Allison's gulping belly, Billie planted her feet and popped her hips, taking the sturdy champion up and over with a German Suplex.

Allison hit HARD on her head and shoulders, her legs thrown back over her head, toes touching the canvas. Maintaining the bridge to keep Allison's shoulders down, Billie Billie waited breathlessly as the ref dropped down and ticked off, 'ONE... TWO...THR-NO!' Allison rolled to her right, breaking the bridge and stopping the count with one motion.

Sitting on the mat, Billie put her head in her hands and was silent for a few moments. Just what in the bloody 'ell did she 'ave to drop on this girl to keep 'er down? After some more quiet contemplation, the answer hit her like a lightning bolt. Pushing wearily to her feet, Billie stalked over to the ruin of her opponent and peeled her off the mat. Taking the time to finish stripping off Allison's top, Billie threaded her arms around the champion's waist and locked her hands.

Nuzzling her lips in Allison's ear, Billie murmured, "Time to taste yer own medicine Allison."

Billie squeezed down as hard as she could, putting insidious pressure on her rival's chest with the Bear Hug. Every fan present leapt to their feet at this point; Billie winning the title in front of her countrymen was awesome enough. To have her do it by crushing Allison out with her own finisher, well, that was the stuff legends were made of. Tears and sweat were poured down both women’s faces as Billie leaned back and lifted Allison off her feet; adding more tension to the hold.

Her breath coming in ragged, exhausted gasps, Billie put all she had left into the Bear Hug, hissing, "Yer beaten love."

It took all of Allison's willpower and training not to agree with her right then and there, but somehow she resisted and answered by settling her hands into Billie's hair. Pulling the Brit's head back at an awkward angle, Allison panted, "Maybe; but you haven't made it official yet."

Before Billie could answer, Allison released one of her hair holds only to bring her forearm smashing down across the bridge of the challenger's nose. The blow was strong enough to get Allison's feet back on the mat, but not strong enough to make Billie relinquish her grip on the American's waist. Gutshot and near the brink of collapse, Allison's pain addled mind fixed on one solution to her problem and she went after it with every bit of energy she could muster. Wrapping her arms around the back of Billie's neck, Allison dug her feet into the mat and started to plow her way forward, resolutely driving them both back into the ropes.

Billie didn't know what Allison was doing and she honestly didn't care. The American must have been delirious if she thought the ropes could save her now. Billie's belief in Allison's mental state didn't change any when she backed into the cables, the champ's plan only became clear when she reached to either side of Billie's head and grabbed the top rope. Demonstrating a ring awareness very few women possessed, Allison pulled the top rope up and then forward while still pushing all her weight against the challenger. The clearance wasn't much, but it was just enough to get the cable over Billie's head and that's all Allison needed. In a flash, she released the cable, letting it TWANG down in place.

In the same breath, Allison locked both hands behind Billie's skull and pulled forward and down, forcing the Briton's windpipe across the unyielding cable. Billie started to gurgle and her face flushed crimson almost instantly, but amazingly, she didn't release the Bear Hug. It was only when her features changed from red to purple that she released her hold on Allison's waist and shoved her away. Allison's hold on Billie's neck crumbled and both decimated blondes collapsed to their hands and knees, gasping and retching as the unbelieving crowd chanted, "THIS IS AWESOME!"

Nearly fifteen seconds later, Billie made the first move to get to her feet and she made it be known that it was time for this thing to end. Drawing her thumb across her throat, Billie pointed to Allison and roared, "TIME TA KNOCK 'ER OUT!"

Riding a deafening wave of applause, the challenger stalked over to the champ, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Not giving Allison an inch of breathing room, Billie reached out and snagged her foe's left wrist with her right hand. Acting quickly, Billie pinned Allison's behind her back in a Hammerlock. Holding the limb in place, she reached around Allison's back with her left arm and took Allison's wrist in her left hand. Billie used her recently freed right arm to reach down and grab the blonde's left leg, just behind the knee. Then after taking a deep breath, Billie fought through all her aches and pains, then bent her knees and picked Allison up off the mat, lifting the champ until her crotch rested against Billie's navel with her legs loose around Billie’s hips.

Smiling wearily at the crowd cheered her on, Billie let go of Allison's knee and snaked her right arm across the back of Allison's neck, pulling her head down into a tight Front Facelock. With the hard work behind her, Billie rose onto her toes, executed a smooth half turn and sat out hard, landing on her butt with Allison still in her lap. The return-trip to the mat was not nearly so pleasant for Allison as her Hammerlocked arm was nearly wrenched out of its socket and her head was bent down and forward at a hideous angle with the point of her chin disappearing into the top of her cleavage.

The moment they landed, Billie released her holds on Allison and the American sprawled backward, stretched out on the mat between Billie's legs. Allison had just been tagged with Billie's unquestionably spectacular finisher, 'The U.K.O.' Knowing in her heart that her signature maneuver had ended Allison's title reign, Billie wrapped her arms Allison's thighs, got to her knees and leaned forward, trapping the oblivious blonde in a loose Matchbook Pin. Bringing all her weight to bear on Allison's upturned haunches, Billie flashed the redlining crowd a winner's smile as the ref dropped down and counted.

'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!' The roof of the gymnasium at Black Swan Hall damn near blew off as Allison kicked Billie off of her, making the IC champ the first woman in the promotion to withstand the U.K.O.

Regarding the official with wide, incredulous eyes, Billie held up three fingers and mouthed, "What the hell?"

The ref just shook his head and held up two fingers in response. Growling low in the back of her throat, Billie got to her feet and helped Allison to hers. Sticking the blonde with a hard shot to the gut, Billie applied the Hammerlock again, obviously setting up for a second UKO. Everything was going smoothly until she reached down to hook the American's leg. That's when Allison drove her right knee up, directly into the challenger's forehead!

Stunned, Billie released the Hammerlock and staggered back, only to have Allison plant her hands against her chest and push hard, sending the Brit backpedaling into the ropes. Coming off the cables in a drunken swoon, Billie wandered back towards her opponent and when she was close enough Allison wrapped an arm across Billie's chest and nuzzled the other across her back. She spun her hips, jumped and then fell to her belly, miraculously connecting with the Twisting Sidewalk Slam that was the Deadline. The THUD of Billie's landing shook the ring but it didn't seem to bother Allison who immediately pounced across the flattened Briton and hooked both legs.

Caught up in the raw emotion of the moment, fans of both ladies couldn't help but count along with the ref, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!' This time it was Billie's turn to spit in the eye of her opponent's finisher and keep the match going for a few more minutes.

No longer really aware of her surroundings, Allison was dimly aware the match wasn't over which meant she couldn't stop. Repeating that one thought like a silent mantra, she got to her feet and pulled Billie up by a handful of tights. Looking for a little payback, Allison lead her to the ropes and pressed her back against the cables. Stringing Billie's arms out to the sides, she trapped Billie in the cables just as she’d done to her minutes before. Fighting a terrible wave of dizziness, Allison buried her hands in her opponent's hair and lifted her head.

As their eyes locked, Allison said, "This isn't personal; I'm just tying the score."

Billie started to mumble something as Allison reached behind her neck and unknotted the Briton's top. Pulling the garment down and yanking it away with no pretense, Allison tossed it back over her shoulder, leaving Billie naked to the waist to the delight of the crowd!

Putting her right hand on the crotch of Billie's black briefs, Allison curled her fingers into a wicked spade and then dug in deep, torturing her with the same Crotch Claw she'd suffered earlier. Billie gasped, then sobbed and squirmed as she tried in vain to escape the savage mauling. But trapped in the ropes with her arms feeling like lead bars, there wasn't much she could do. After about twenty seconds of rough treatment, Allison stopped and waited until Billie lifted her head up.

"I think that makes us even. Now, do you give?"

Billie shook her head 'no.' "I won't give in to you Alli."

Brushing the freshest tears off her face, Allison answered, "Then I'll have to take it."

The American balled her hands into fists, set her feet and went about earning her paycheck.

The next minute was hard to watch, especially for Billie's fans or pretty much anyone with a soul. Allison didn't resort to low tactics, she didn't have to. With the Brit's arms strung up, her ribs, belly and chest were exposed; laid out like a delicious feast. Apparently Allison was very hungry. Wading into the challenger, Allison started off with a series of machine gun rights and lefts that 'TUP, TUP, TUPPED!' off Billie's ribs. As Billie's undercarriage started to purple with bruises, Alli shifted her focus; moving from ribs to paunch with a murderous barrage of hooks that left the formerly svelte fighter's tummy in tatters.

Still, Allison wasn't satisfied. She moved north a final time; repaying Billie's earlier jug-mugging with hateful interest; just BANGING AWAY with a sizzling deluge of criss-cross lefts and rights that rocked Billie's rack every which way but loose. Finally, mercifully, Allison tired herself out and stepped back, allowing the scorched ruin that had been beautiful Billie Piper to slump back and hang limp and dangling in the ropes.

The ref moved in to check on the challenger, but Allison shoved him aside and stepped in one last time. But it wasn't fisticuffs she was interested in, it was constriction! Wrapping her arms around Billie's battered waist, Allison shifted her grip up until the circle of her arms was just below the Briton's bulging, black-n-blue breasts.

Resting her forehead against Billie's, Allison muttered, "Last chance Billie. Please don't make me do this."

Barely able to speak, Billie whispered, "Yer gonna 'ave toAAAAHHHUUNNNNGGHH!"

Allison cinched the Bear Hug in good and Billie found the power to scream again. Locked in a torrid mouth-on-shoulder embrace, champion and challenger squirmed against each other as the last seconds of the contest played out. Still not feeling the utter slackness that would indicate surrender, Allison bore down even tighter and nuzzled into her victim, adding the misery of a breast-to-breast scrub down to the agony of the hug. Billie suffered all the torments of hell, but she wouldn't, COULDN'T bring herself to concede. She knew she’d been bested; that her prized seven month streak was at an end; but she refused to let her name be added to the list of girls Allison had forced to submit.

Holding onto this thought for dear life, Billie whispered softly, "Got me this time Alli. Bu there's always tomorrow..."

She let out a rattling sigh and succumbed to the darkness as consciousness finally fled. When Billie went limp in her arms, Allison turned her head to the ref and said, "Check her, I think she's out."

The official stepped in to check Billie's hands, then remembered she was tied up. Moving in closer, he placed a hand under her chin and titled her head back. When he removed his hand, Billie's head dropped on Allison's shoulder; all the indication he needed. Sighing with relief, the referee spun in the direction of the Time Keeper and called for the bell.

The gym exploded in a cascade of cheers and boos as the Announcer proclaimed, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR WINNER BY KNOCKOUT AND STIIIIIIIILL INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, ALLISON MACK!"

The victorious blonde's theme started playing, but at the moment, she wasn't concerned with that or any other theatrics. Breaking her grip on Billie's waist, Allison released her arms from the ropes and braced herself as Billie slumped into her arms. Staggering a few steps, Allison handed her to the ref and then began looking around for their discarded tops. Locating the shorn battle attire, she slipped hers into place before picking up Billie's. Limping over to the other blonde, she dropped to one knee, grabbed Billie’s shoulder and shook her.

After another hard shake, the Briton's eyes fluttered open and after she glanced around, she locked eyes with Allison and said, "Ya squeeze 'ard Allison."

Managing a smile, Allison replied, "You too Billie. Here, this belongs to you..."

She handed Billie’s top to the other blonde and, with Alli’s help, Billie sat up. She was able to slip it back into place without too much trouble to good-natured boos from the fans of course. Offering her hand, Allison helped Billie to her feet and wrapped her up in a loose, one armed hug. Still panting, Billie returned the embrace.

Billie whispered, "Don't think we're done Alli. You owe me the chance to return this gesture."

Allison pulled away and was about to say something when an amplified voice from the top of the ramp asked, "Well isn't this just a nauseatingly lovely scene?"

Allison and Billie turned in unison toward the source of the interruption and then sneered as they saw Scarlett Johansson smirking fromthe entryway. Now that she had their attention, the arrogant blonde continued, "Sorry to break up the slumber party sweeties, I just wanted to let Allison know that after months of her snacking on creampuffs and various flavors of the week..." she glared pointedly at Billie - and got soundly booed "Fannin has finally come to his senses. You're looking at the first worthy number one contender for the Intercontinental Title."

Not taking her eyes off Scarlett, Allison snapped her fingers inpatiently, calling for a microphone. Once she was wired for sound, she fired back, "Oh really? Is Kristen Bell hiding standing behind you? Cuz right now, all I see is a mouthy little piece of shit."

Scarlett flushed as red as her namesake and sneered, "It's ME you stupid bitch! I'M going to take that title from you, but I'll do it back on the side of the Atlantic where people have the brains to cheer for a real woman." More thunderous boos. Scarlett certainly wasn't making friends with the fans tonight!

Furious, Allison spat, "You see Scarlett, THIS is why no one respects you! You're a smarmy, arrogant little troll with more mouth than guts! I just walked through hell to keep this belt, and even though I'm exhausted, I'll walk a little more if it means I get the pleasure of smacking that stupid, petulant smirk off your fat face."

Scarlett looked ready to chew nails, but before she could respond, Billie grabbed the mic from Allison. "And Scarlett dear, in case Allison 'asn't made 'erself perfectly clear; if ya wanna toddle your smug little arse down 'ere, she and I will gladly send you - and those overrated tits - back ta Arkham in a box. Whaddaya say love? Think ya can take us BOTH?"

Scarlett contained her rage as best she could, but there was no disguising the malevolence in her voice, "Rest assured Billie; I'll deal with you somewhere down the line, preferably by smothering your disgusting British face beneath my flawless American breasts."

"Sod off ya bloody wanker!" someone in the crowd screamed. Scarlett ignored them and, turning her attention to Allison, continued, "And you, my dear little Allison. Someday soon, you and I are going to meet, and when it's all said and done, you will leave the ring without your precious title... or a scrap of your dignity."

Smiling evilly, Allison countered, "Bring it on bitch! Michelle tells me your face makes a wonderful seat and I've been dying to find out if she's right."

Scarlett scowled at the champ, then turned abruptly and vanished through the curtain. When she’d taken her leave, Billie slapped Allison on the shoulder and said, "I believe I've 'ad enough fightin' for one evening. What say you and I get cleaned up and toast the effort. Oh, and winner buys of course."

Rolling her eyes, Allison joked, "We'll arm-wrestle for it. Or maybe I'll just drink you under the table and stick you with the tab."

As they limped towards the edge of the ring, Billie threw back her head and laughed. "No way ya beat me twice in one night Alli, but I'm glad ta see yer willin ta try."

With that, they hopped down off the apron and started up the ramp to thankful thunder of the fans who cheered them for a job well done and a fight well fought.