Author’s Note: This is a bit of a departure for me; a best of 3 falls contest fashioned after the classic apartment wrestling matches of yore. I want to thank Simguy for all his help in getting the progression/flavor of the fight right as otherwise this may have turned into another one of my ring-based showdowns. And though I'm normally not one for dedications, I'd like to submit this story in honor of Flash and Drufan who motivated me to write for Michelle in the first place (picking Allison as her foe was a bit of fanboy selfishness on my part.) Richard Fannin
Allison Mack vs. Michelle Trachtenberg by The Walkin’ Dude

Clad only in her battle attire and the knee length silk robe, Allison Mack put her hand on the tarnished brass doorknob and waited just a moment before opening the door. The door opened on well-oiled hinges and the pretty blonde made her way inside, taking only a second to ascertain that she had arrived ahead of her foe for the evening. Knowing that she probably had the place to herself for a few minutes, Allison slipped inside and let the door swing shut behind her. Taking a step forward, the blonde drank in her surroundings and let out a low whistle. Speaking to herself she said, “The others weren’t kidding when they said Ward spared no expense on the battleground.”

The Ward in question was one Charles Dexter Ward, an eccentric and reclusive friend of Richard Fannin. From time to time, Ward would ‘borrow’ talents from Fannin’s stable and have the ladies wrestle in apartment matches styled after those classic contests of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The interesting thing was the ‘apartments’ these battles took place in were really just suites in Ward’s isolated mansion. And there wasn’t just one either. Those who had participated in contests there before had counted at least a half dozen different arenas, each one done up in the style of a different location or time period. The room Allison was currently surveying looked straight out of a Pacific Northwest hunting lodge, complete with roaring stone fireplace, dark wooden walls and various animal heads on the walls. There was a pair of overstuffed green sofas in the room as well, but they had been backed away from the center of the room, allowing the combatants more room to maneuver on the thick blue carpet.

Mack’s scan of the room took only a few seconds and after letting her gaze linger on the huge picture window and its lovely view of the rolling Vermont mountains, she padded over to a full length mirror near the fireplace. Approaching the glass, she smiled confidently, unknotting the belt on her robe as she did so. Letting it fall open, she took a moment to give herself a last minute once over before her opponent arrived.

Making the tiniest adjustments to her outfit, Allison talked to herself to pass the time, “Well I normally wouldn’t wrestle in lingerie, but when Ward’s willing to pay a hundred grand to each of us not to mention an extra 5 just to buy any outfit I wanted, it’s hard to say no.” She stopped then and turned around, giving her backside an appreciative glance. Pulling the lacy lavender bottoms up a bit she continued, “And if I may sound the tiniest bit arrogant, I look DAMN good.” She turned to face the mirror again. A determined look came over her face as she continued her monologue. “Get serious Allison. Michelle’s no joke and she’s bringing her A game. And you’re gonna have to bring yours if you want to go 3 falls with her. It would be nice to say I could sweep her, but that reeks of overconfidence and you saw what happens to overconfident girls against Michelle Trachtenberg.”

She remembered very well. Michelle had finished off multitudes of opponents with any variety of Scissor Holds or even more ominously, a Face Sit. Allison cringed inwardly. She could handle the scissors (she had after all survived the best in the business when she’d almost upset Neve Campbell last year) but under no circumstances did she want to suffer the indignity of a Face Sit. Her pretty features got a little colder.

Clearing her throat she said, “I’m all for fighting fair Michelle, but if you think I won’t fight dirty you’re in for a nasty surprise. And if you even try to sit on my face… Well, you know what they say. What goes around comes around!”

As she finished saying this, she gave her butt the tiniest of slaps, preparing herself for the war she knew was coming. Hearing footsteps approaching the door, Allison kept her gaze locked with her reflection. Flexing an exaggerated double bicep pose into the glass she grinned and whispered, “Bring it on Michelle baby. Bring it on…”


As Allison was letting herself into the battle suite, her opponent for the evening was strolling down a hallway on the other side of the mansion, making her way slowly but surely to the same place. Moving down the long, low-lit corridor, Michelle Trachtenberg looked at the pictures on the wall with a gaze that would have appeared to be disinterest to the casual observer. In actuality, the slender auburn haired girl was lost deep in thought, playing out the inevitable confrontation that lay only moments away. “A hundred grand. One hundred thousand dollars! I can’t believe he’s paying us that much. I would’ve wrestled her for free, but who in their right mind says no to that kind of money? And hey, an extra five grand just to buy the outfit I’m gonna be wearing when I kick Allison’s ass, that’s just icing friends. Icing on a big, sweet, hundred thousand dollar cake.”

Making a sharp turn, the brunette caught her mind beginning to wander and she scolded herself. “Easy girl, the money’s a sure thing. Beating Allison though, that’s up in the air.”

‘You can beat her!’ her inner voice assured her.

Michelle didn’t disagree, but she did amend. ’Of course I can beat her. I can beat anyone in this business if I put my mind to it. But Allison’s not going to lay down for me and it’s going to be hell wearing her down enough to scissor her out or…’

‘Sit on her face?’ the voice suggested slyly.

Michelle stopped then, only vaguely aware that she’d come to rest in front of a full-length mirror. When it dawned on her, she was almost surprised. Looking appraisingly at her reflection, Michelle opened her robe, letting the satiny teal of her bra and panties come under the mirror's objective view. Tensing her whole frame ever so slightly, Michelle was pleased with the limber strength she saw in herself.

Knotting the robe closed once more she thought, ‘I could sit on her face. It’s not something I’d just do though. I mean I don’t dislike Allison, but I am going to win this fight. And if that means I have to give her face a little rump scrub, then that’s just what I’ll do.’ She stepped away from the mirror and was continuing on her way when that inner voice spoke up again, a little darker this time. ‘Of course, it could backfire and she could sit on your face. Or even worse, you could end up like Beverly Mitchell. You remember what Allison did to her.’

Michelle kept walking as she thought up her answers. She did know what it was like to have her face ridden, having suffered that indignity from Scarlett on a few occasions and perhaps more importantly, she remembered what Allison had done to Beverly.

“She cracked three of her ribs.” muttered Michelle as she made the turn that brought her to the correct hallway.

Making her way down the straightaway, Michelle knew that’s she’d have to avoid that Bear Hug at all costs. Her middle was strong, but it wasn’t invulnerable. And it would be one hell of a trick for her to get any pressure on the Scissors if she couldn’t draw a full breath herself. Stopping right outside the door, Michelle closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

With a coldness and a clarity that she seldom drew upon, Michelle thought, “This may be the biggest fight of your career. It doesn’t matter that there’s no audience or that we’re both getting the same amount of money, it’s big. Allison’s going to do her damndest to beat you in there tonight and that could very well include snapping one or more of your ribs. But that’s not going to happen, because you’re gonna wear her out and grind her into the carpet. And when she’s got nothing left, you’re gonna lock those legs of yours around her neck or her head and you’re gonna squeeze until she cries uncle. And if she doesn’t cry uncle? You can still enjoy feeling her breathe her last onto your butt.”

Michelle put her hand on the doorknob and prepared to twist it. Tightening her grip she whispered, “C’mon Allison sweetie, you and I are gonna tangle.” She turned the knob and went inside.

Moments later…Allison heard the swoosh of the door opening and she turned from the mirror to watch Michelle enter the room. Trachtenberg didn’t immediately look at Allison, as the slender brunette was just as captivated with the room as the blonde had been a few minutes prior. This momentary lapse in her otherwise steady concentration ran its course in a matter of seconds but then Michelle’s gaze found the blonde’s and from then on it didn’t waver. Closing the door behind her, Michelle stepped into the room and broke the silence. “Hello Allison. It’s nice to finally meet you in person.”

“Likewise!” The blonde said coolly. “I watched your match against Rachel on the fourth. Very impressive stuff.”

Michelle nodded slightly, “I’ve watched your match against Jennifer about a dozen times. It’s almost a textbook on how to wear a girl down.”

Allison smiled a bit. “That was a tough one. Jenny’s no slouch. I almost didn’t beat her.”

Michelle spoke again, “You should know this isn’t going to be easy either. I have no illusions about sweeping you, but I WILL beat you. And I will do so as emphatically as I can. Plainly put, I’m better than you Mack. I wish the whole world could know it, but I’ll be satisfied if only you, Ward and myself are aware of that fact.” The auburn haired beauty let her robe drop to the floor, giving the blonde her first full view of her almost frighteningly perfect form. Stepping in close to the blonde she continued, “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, I don’t hate you, and I won’t go out of my way to embarrass you, but if I have to sit on your face or claw your tits to win, then I will. And I won’t lie and tell you I wouldn’t enjoy it because to tell the truth, I do enjoy it.”

Michelle concluded her speech and took another step forward, leaving the distance between them at only a few paces. Taking a deep breath, Allison undid the sash of her robe and tossed it aside. Left only in her battle attire, the blonde was a pleasingly different contrast to her opponent, compact and sturdy where Michelle was lean and limber.

Brushing an errant lock of hair from her face, Allison cut the distance between them by half and began to speak, “You don’t have to lecture me Michelle. I know this is going to be a hell of a battle and I know full well there’s a good chance I could lose. But I ALSO know that there’s a damn good chance that I can take you two out of three falls and win this thing. If I have to stack you on your shoulders, squeeze you out or….” She paused for a moment and ran her right hand over the curve of her hips before tracing it ever so gently across the swell of Michelle’s chest. “Or if I have to resort to… baser methods. I’ll do what I have to. A lot of people have been accused of underestimating your viciousness and they have. But in this case, you’re underestimating ME. Remember that and think long and hard before you do anything too nasty because I will match you move for move, slight for slight, torture for torture, indignity for indignity.”

Allison stepped forward once more, going nose to nose with her slightly taller foe. Dark eyes never once leaving Michelle’s she finished, “And that includes grinding your face into my ass if necessary.”

Michelle’s gaze never wavered or even flinched. In a low, calm voice she whispered, “Strong words sweetie. Let’s see if they sound as strong when they’re coming from under my butt.”

Allison was not intimidated. “I’d be interesting if you can keep up that façade of stoic calm when you’re the one having her face ridden into the carpet.”

Michelle smiled a small smile as she raised her fingers and curled them at the blonde. “Only one way to find out isn’t there?”

Allison curled her fingers and smiled back. “Only one,” she agreed. Then they lunged forward and their war had begun…


The blonde and brunette came together with a muted thud, and almost instantly their hands flew upward, bringing long slender fingers to bear on the curve of her opponent’s sturdy shoulders. Bracing their feet in the soft carpet, Allison and Michelle lowered their heads and strained against one another, each hoping they could impose their will early and thus dictate the pace of the contest. Grunting quietly, the beauties surged and shoved against the other, but neither could manage to force her foe to backpedal or stumble in the slightest. Finally, after nearly a minute of this silent contest, Allison and Michelle broke the clinch and stepped back a few paces. Rolling her shoulders, Michelle kept her eyes locked on Mack as she took a moment to adjust her top. Satisfied, she started to move, circling cautiously to her left with both arms extended tensely towards the compact blonde. Finding her voice, Michelle said, “Whenever you’re ready” in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

Watching Trachtenberg’s movements warily, Allison stepped back and tucked a lock of hair behind her right ear before assuming her crouch once more. Circling smoothly to her left, Allison extended her arms, bringing her fingers within brushing distance of the brunette’s. Her voice not changing in the least, she answered back, “I’ve been ready since the moment I walked in the door.”

Smiling slightly, Michelle purred, “Then this shouldn’t come as a surprise then.” Instantly she lunged forward and groped roughly at Allison’s shoulders, trying to yank the blonde off balance and throw her to the carpet. But Allison wasn’t so easily undone and she planted her feet in the carpet to steady herself against Michelle’s assault. Waiting for the right moment, Mack exploded forward and snaked both arms up and around the sides of Michelle’s head. The auburn haired beauty’s eyes widened as she tried to pull away, but Allison clamped down tight and yanked her off balance, pulling her into a tight Side Headlock. Clasping her wrists together in an inescapable loop, Allison squeezed Michelle’s head as tight as she could, grinning brightly as she crushed Trachtenberg’s head against the point of her hip.

Tongue running over her lips, Allison took a breath and said, “Does it hurt Michelle? Are you starting to understand what you’ve gotten yourself into?” She punctuated this statement by rising up on her heels and tensing her forearms, bringing more pressure to bear on Michelle’s cranium.

Gritting her teeth from the force of the Headlock, Michelle slapped at Allison’s lower back with her left hand, while digging the fingers of her right hand into the fold of Allison’s elbow. Digging in with her talon, Michelle found the waistband of the blonde’s briefs with her free hand and tugged up hard, trying to break the hold. Yanking up on the lacy material, Michelle gasped, “I understand, but I don’t think you do.”

Grimacing at the pain Michelle was inflicting, Allison tightened her grip and then dropped to one knee, forcing Michelle to drop with her or become completely unbalanced. Grinding Trachtenberg’s head in her forearm, Allison answered, “I’m totally aware of what you’re capable of. That’s why I’m not going to let you do anything if I can help it.”

Doing her best to fight down the building frustration, Michelle let go of Allison’s trunks only to bring both hands to bear on Mack’s gripping arm. Digging in deep, the brunette was able to pull Mack’s elbow against her mouth and then she clamped down, sinking her teeth into the soft flesh of the joint. Allison tossed her head back and cried out. She tried to fight the pain in her arm and maintain the hold but Michelle’s gnawing proved to be too much and she shoved her foe away, leaving her to stumble onto the soft carpet. Stepping back, Allison examined the quickly reddening crescent pattern on her elbow before turning her attention back to the quickly rising brunette. And though Michelle had escaped the hold, she was far from unscathed, as the tender massaging of her neck seemed to prove.

Catching Trachtenberg’s gaze, Allison said coldly, “So that’s how you’re going to play it?”

Cracking her neck, Michelle swept her hair behind her ears and responded, “ I’ll play it any way I have to. You know that’s how these things work.”

Allison nodded curtly, “No reminder necessary.” Simultaneous with her last word, the powerful blonde lunged forward to grapple with her slender rival. But Michelle was ready for the charge and responded appropriately, ducking low when the blonde went high. The tactic caught Mack by surprise as her arms flailed through the empty space where Michelle used to be. Using Allison’s confusion to her advantage, Michelle wrapped both her arms around Allison’s thighs and jerked up, tipping the blonde backwards. Allison’s arms pinwheeled as she went down, but it didn’t slow her descent, as she slammed hard into the carpet. Taking note of the stunned look that crossed her opponent’s face, Michelle released her grip on Allison’s legs and pounced on the down blonde, scrambling roughly up Mack’s frame to sit on her heaving belly. Acting fast, Michelle sank her left hand into Allison’s mane while she peppered the blonde’s belly and chest with quick, stinging punches.

Her face set in a cold, determined grimace; Trachtenberg kept up the punches to the blonde’s chest as she added a new dimension to her attack. Lifting her butt off Allison’s belly, Michelle simply sat down hard, driving the full weight of her backside into the plank of Allison’s abdomen. Keeping up the rhythmic bouncing and heartless punching, Michelle said flatly, “I may not be as strong as you Allison, but strength doesn’t matter one bit when you’re being pounded into the floor. Ready to concede and hope for better luck next round?”

Growling as the brunette drove another hard fist into her breasts, Allison got her arms up and sank one claw into Michelle’s shoulder while the other cruelly dug at the elbow of Michelle’s punching arm. Smiling at the pain she saw blossom on Trachtenberg’s face, Mack said coldly, “On the contrary, power can work from just about anywhere and it can hurt you from just as many places. Now…get…OFF…me!”

Riding out the growing pain in her elbow and shoulder, Michelle spat back, “Ok, fine. But I’m sure as hell not letting you go.” True to her word, Michelle peeled herself off Allison, but kept her grip on the blonde’s arm as she sat down on Mack’s right side, almost even with her victim’s shoulders. Swinging her legs around, the brunette locked both limbs around Allison’s trapped arm and locked her ankles, cinching in the Cross Arm Breaker. Looking for an early submission, Michelle leaned back with all her weight, trying to hyperextend Mack’s elbow. Wrenching nastily on Allison’s wrist while tugging the blonde’s arm, Michelle squeezed her thighs against the exposed joint, listening happily as Allison groaned and beat her feet against the carpet in an erratic, staccato tattoo. Blowing a loose stand of hair from her forehead, Michelle asked pertly, “Wanna give it up?”

Allison shook her head ‘no’ and answered, “Not a chance, you’re gonna work for it if you wanna make me tap.”

“I have no problem working this hold as long as I have to. It’ll make your surrender that much sweeter.” She moved a bit closer to her goal by leaning back hard, applying even more pressure to Allison’s extended arm. Biting back a yelp of anguish, the blonde placed her free hand palm down on the carpet and shoved towards her opponent, managing to roll into the pressure of the Arm Breaker and relieve some of the tension on her arm. Allison’s burst of strength caught Michelle off guard but she recovered her wits quickly enough and put all her effort into slamming Allison back down onto the carpet. But Allison had got her knees under her and then lowered her shoulder, holding firm against the forceful strength of Michelle’s legs.

Looking down into Trachtenberg’s concerned face, Allison smiled knowingly and purred, “You’re gonna have to do better than that.” Then she cocked her free hand into a fist and drove it down into Michelle’s forehead. The brunette saw stars but didn’t release her hold immediately, so Mack drove several more hardhearted punches into Michelle’s exposed face. After a few more unprotected shots, Michelle’s grip finally slackened and Allison was able to wrench her arm free. Stumbling slowly back from the downed brunette, Allison tended to her tenderized elbow, flexing and massaging the joint to get some of the feeling back into it.

Her head clearing from Allison’s pugilistic counter, Michelle rolled onto her stomach and pushed to her feet. Locating her rival on the other side of the room, Michelle adjusted her briefs and touched her forehead gingerly before once again resuming her crouch. Closing the distance between herself and the blonde, Michelle said quietly, “Ok, I’ll admit it. You are strong.”

Allison’s gaze didn’t waver as she replied, “And you’re tenacious. This isn’t going to be easy for either of us.”

“Nothing that’s worth doing ever is.” Michelle whispered as she exploded forward with fingers curled towards Allison’s face. Mack had anticipated the charge and moved forward to meet it, instinctively bracing her feet against the carpet should Trachtenberg try to upend her again.

But the auburn haired warrior stayed the course and she locked hands with her powerful rival mere second later. The two young women pushed at each other for only a second before Michelle released her grip on Allison’s left hand only to grip the blonde’s right wrist in a two handed claw. Moving fast (even for her) Michelle stepped back and twisted the already weakened arm in a tight circle, putting tremendous pressure on Allison’s shoulder and abused elbow with the simple Arm Wringer. Rising up on her toes, Michelle was pleased to see Allison slap angrily at her captured arm while trying to twist into the hold and thus alleviate some of the pressure. Michelle was about to twist the limb in another joint rending circle when Allison suddenly pulled forward on her trapped arm and yanked Michelle off balance. Unable to stop herself, the slender brunette lurched forward only to have her momentum halted by the sturdy expanse of Mack’s thigh burying itself in her belly.

The Knee Lift drove most of the air from Michelle’s lungs in a single tearing gasp and the taller girl could only wheeze quietly as she sank to her knees, nearly doubled over by the explosive power Allison was able to put behind such an elementary blow. Though her opponent couldn’t see it, Allison flashed her million-watt smile; pleased at being able to introduce Michelle to the kind of fight she liked to work. Shaking out the kinks in her right arm, Allison brought her hands together and clasped them in a tight ball. Drawing her arms up over her head, the sturdy blonde said confidently, “I’ve seen what you can do in these situations Michelle, it’s only fair that you get to experience everything I can do.” Saying no more, she brought her fists down in long, brutal arc that ended directly between Michelle’s shoulder blades. The double axe handle thudded heavily off Michelle’s defenseless back and the kneeling brunette was driven face first into the carpet, hitting with a pained groan.

Looking down at the deliciously vulnerable landscape of Michelle’s back, Allison dropped to both knees so that she was kneeling at Trachtenberg’s left side. Cracking her knuckles in anticipation, Mack placed one hand across Michelle’s upper back, the stretched talon grasping roughly at the brunette’s slender bra strap. The other was gripping tightly at the waistband of Michelle’s trunks, the two handed grip making sure that the blonde’s intended target wasn’t able to move before her attack was able to commence. Breathing deeply, Allison tightened her grip and said menacingly, “My style might not be very flashy, Michelle, but it’s not flash and theatrics that wins this type of match. Brutal, uncompromising force wins these matches and you're about to find out why.” Receiving nothing more than a mumbled curse from her prey, Allison planted her right knee into the carpet while she pulled the left knee up and back. She steadied herself for less than a second before driving the knee back down, directly into Michelle’s kidney. The brunette grunted and started to thrash, but Michelle held her in place and repeated the strike, this time ramming the bony joint into Trachtenberg’s ribs.

The trapped girl cried aloud as her ribs were battered, but she was still held fast by Allison’s grip. Merely motivated by her rival’s squirming escape attempts, Allison delivered another half dozen shots with her knee, each callously thudding blow drawing a quiver from Michelle’s body and a cry from her trembling lips. Stopping to rest for a moment, Allison rested her knees against the sweat sheened expanse of Michelle’s lower back and asked quietly, “Do you want to concede?”

Bent but not broken, Michelle shook her head and replied, “Won’t give it to you…that easily.”

“I didn’t think so.” Allison said. “But don’t blame me if you’re too exhausted after one round to go another fall with me. I gave you a chance.” She added to the weight of this statement by driving another hard knee into Michelle’s exposed left side. Ignoring the brunette’s pained gasp, Allison looked to bring the first fall to an emphatic end. Shoving Michelle over onto her back, Mack scooted to Michelle’s head and grabbed a double fistful of chestnut brown hair. Hauling the wounded brunette into a woozy slouch, Allison shifted her grip from Michelle’s head to her torso, wrapping both strong arms around the brunette’s middle, knotting her hands tightly under Trachtenberg’s breasts. Leaning heavily on her opponent’s back, Allison sidled her cheek up against Michelle’s, maneuvering her lips so that they were almost brushing against the brunette’s ear. Taking a deep breath, Allison whispered softly, “It might take me a while, but I’m going to make you submit tonight Michelle. A pin may get the victory, but I won’t be satisfied until I hear you voice your surrender. If you’re smart, you won’t make me wait long.”

With her head slumped forward, Michelle was able to do little more than mumble a response. “You talk too much Allison. I only wanna hear three words from you and those are ‘I give up ‘ I’ll get them out of you whether you wanna say them or notuuuunnnnghhhhhhhh!” Michelle’s retort was cut off as Allison stopped talking and started squeezing, introducing Trachtenberg to a variant of the hold that had put the blonde on the map in the first place. Working the sitting Bear Hug perfectly, Allison rose up on her knees and leaned forward, forcing Michelle to bend with her while putting more pressure on the brunette’s tenderized ribs. Knowing she’d softened up Michelle’s left side already, Allison tried her best to apply more pressure to that half of the hug, hoping it would speed the rate of Michelle’s submission. Shaking off the sweat that ran down her face, Allison lowered her head onto Trachtenberg’s shoulder and closed her eyes, putting every bit of her considerable strength into grinding her slender foe down.

Every time Allison squeezed her, it got harder for Michelle to breathe and the brunette was well aware that if she couldn’t make her way out of the Bear Hug soon, Allison would crush all the fight out of her and possibly break a rib in the process. Knowing there was no pretty way to break this hold, Michelle stopped trying to pry the blonde’s hands apart and instead tried two different tactics. With her right hand she felt her way across the blonde’s right arm until she stumbled across the fold of Allison’s elbow. Getting her thumb into the cleft of the joint, Michelle dug her long fingers in deep, trying to exploit the wound she had initiated earlier with the Cross Arm Breaker. Allison grunted at the steady pressure Michelle was able to exert, but it wasn’t enough for the blonde to break the bear trap grip she had around Trachtenberg’s taut waist. Baring her teeth, Michelle did her best to ignore the pain and initiated her second plan, letting her left hand creep slowly up the expanse of the blonde’s left thigh. Keeping up the claw hold on Allison’s elbow, Michelle was able to worm her hand between her body and her rival’s, not ceasing her wandering journey until she felt her fingers brushing against the lacy material of Allison’s bottoms. Working her hand into the best position she could, Trachtenberg applied her second claw hold with surprising viciousness, tearing and twisting at Mack’s groin with the desperation Crotch Claw. The pain between her thighs was sudden and intense, as evidenced by Allison tossing her head back and shrieking openly.

The compact blonde fought valiantly to maintain her Bear Hug, but with Michelle torturing her on two fronts, the blonde quickly became aware that a timely disengagement was the sounder strategy. With a muttered curse, she unclasped her hands and scooted backwards, trying to get some distance between her and the slowly recovering brunette. Sitting on her haunches, Allison was torn between the pain in her elbow and the pain in her center, trying to tend to both as Michelle rolled onto her butt and clasped her arms tightly against her squeezed ribs. After a few seconds of tending to their respective ailments, both ladies looked up and locked eyes. The earlier air of respect was nowhere to be seen as the two lionesses glared daggers at one another. Glowering at the brunette, Allison said, “Desperation is an ugly thing Michelle.”

Unfazed by the blonde’s taunt, Michelle spat back, “The pathetic threats of an outclassed little girl aren’t too pretty either Allison.”

Real anger clouded the blonde’s features for the first time. Getting to her knees she hissed, “I’m gonna relish squeezing all the confidence out of you, you impudent little bitch!” She shot forward then meaning to tackle Michelle and grind her into the carpet, but her anger had made her careless and the lunge allowed Michelle to draw back her feet and then shoot them forward into Mack’s oncoming chest. Allison gasped in anguish and was knocked back, rolled nearly head over heels by the force of the kangaroo type kick. Drawing her feet back under her, Michelle scrambled to her feet and stalked over to where Allison lay splayed on the carpet. Looming over her injured rival, Michelle wasn’t above dishing out some like-minded retribution for Allison’s last attack. Positioning herself on the blonde’s right side, Michelle leapt into the air and tucked her legs under her as she came down, driving the points of both knees into Mack’s exposed abdomen.

Allison let out a breathy scream and rolled onto her side, clutching tightly at her compressed middle as Michelle knelt beside her and taunted, “Not so fun having the breath knocked out of ya is it Allison? Let’s see how you handle being on the receiving end of my squeeze.” Not waiting for an answer, Michelle grabbed hold of Mack’s shoulder and thigh before pulling the breathless blonde around to face her. Muscling Allison off the carpet a bit, Michelle slipped her legs around the blonde’s waist and then locked her ankles. Setting her hands snugly in the deep pile of the carpet, Michelle took a deep breath, lifted her butt off the ground and proceeded to squeeze the Body Scissors with all the force she could muster, ruthlessly crushing and constricting Allison’s sturdy middle between her toned thighs. Sneering a confident little smile, Trachtenberg worked the hold like a veteran, first tightening and then relaxing her grip to keep Allison’s gut in constant agony. Locking eyes with Mack, Michelle loosened the Scissors just enough to allow her to rub her thighs back and forth across Allison’s tortured tummy, not letting the blonde forget for even a second just who it was that was cutting her in half. Clamping the Scissors tight once more, Michelle rocked up and down on her palms as she said, “Three little words Allison. That’s all you need to say for this to be over.”

Hearing the brunette’s innuendo, Allison looked up angrily and panted, “I’ve seen nastier scissors in the hands of a first grader Michelle. You’re gonna have to actually hurt me if you want to win this fight.” Before the aggravated brunette could reply, Allison curled her left hand into a tight fist and drove it into Michelle’s belly, pounding Trachtenberg over the navel repeatedly in an attempt to make her release the Body Scissors.

Soaking up Allison’s punches as best she could, the auburn maned beauty sank back to the carpet and brought her hands up. Curling the right into a loose claw, she snarled, “You want me to hurt you baby? Say no more.” Still absorbing the punches to her stomach, Michelle leaned forward as her claw lashed out and landed firmly atop Allison’s left breast. Clamping down tight, Michelle twisted and jerked viciously at the defenseless boob.

The quickly applied Breast Claw drew a yelp of indignation and pain from Mack’s throat, and forced her to change her focus to prying Michelle’s hand from her mangled asset. Clamping down on the offending hand, Allison squeezed down as maliciously as she could, hissing, “Let go of my tit, you dime store skank!”

Grimacing as Allison crushed her fingers together, Michelle refused to release the Claw, kneading and pinching with even greater fury as she snarled back, “Let go of my hand and I might consider it you overrated bitch!”

Seeing a new way out of her predicament, Allison fired back, “Suit yourself.” before releasing her grip on Trachtenberg’s clawing hand. Before the brunette could make a move, Allison shot her hand forward and grabbed a huge handful of Michelle’s dark hair. Twisting the silky locks in her fingers, Allison jerked Michelle’s head towards her as she used her other hand to fire a wicked open palmed slap into the brunette’s exposed face. The blistering bitch slap snapped Michelle’s head to the side, but the tenacious brunette didn’t release her Scissors or Claw. (Though to be fair, both holds did loosen quite a bit) More than happy to treat Michelle to a double feature, Allison added an equally nasty backhand slap that finally forced Michelle to relinquish her grip. Feeling the hated legs pull away from her crushed middle, Allison scooted away and cradled her torso protectively, trying to gauge the damage Michelle’s Scissors had inflicted on her.

Michelle was also reeling, the slender brunette doing her best to shake off the effects of Allison’s fist in her belly and the brutally stiff slaps to her face. Recovering enough to get back to her feet, Michelle rose wearily, just in time to see Allison do the same. Separated by mere feet, the blonde and the brunette were both breathing hard, each suddenly painfully aware of just how much this fight was going to take out of them. Taking a ragged breath, Allison said, “I warned you about playing dirty Michelle. That’s a path you don’t want to go down.”

Michelle exhaled and said in an equally ragged voice. “Doesn’t matter if I want to or not Allison. I’ll humiliate you if that’s what it takes to beat ya. You’re not walking out of this room a winner.”

“You’re not going to walk out at all.” Mack whispered malevolently before she shot forward to clench with the brunette. Michelle moved forward as well, but she wasn’t about to grapple with Allison. Instead, she planted a foot and fired the other leg up, catching the incoming blonde with a sadistic Knee Lift between the thighs. Allison screamed soundlessly and Michelle was deeply satisfied to see the tears form at the corner of her opponent’s eyes. Before Mack could topple backwards, Michelle maneuvered around behind her and grabbed a handful of bra strap and a handful of panties. Wheeling Allison around to face the wall, Michelle pulled her prey back as far as physics would allow before pitching her forward to ram face first into the wall. Allison exhausted grunt was covered by the dull, almost ceramic sounding THUD as the top of her skull hit the wall!

The blonde’s strong legs buckled and she toppled backward like a felled tree, landing rudely on her back staring up into the lights with a dazed look on her face.

Knowing that this was a golden opportunity, Trachtenberg dropped to her knees, kneeling right over Allison’s chest. Draping her body across the blonde’s heaving chest, Michelle wrapped her finely toned gams around Mack’s left arm while she used both arms to pin Allison’s right arm helplessly to the rug. With the Cross Body pin locked in, Michelle bore down with all her body weight and looked into Allison’s face. Catching the blonde’s distant gaze, Michelle began the slow, domineering count that was administered to determine the fall, “One…two…”

When she reached 2, Allison seemed to regain her senses and she bucked wildly trying to free herself, but she was still dizzy from her collision with the wall and Michelle had the pin locked in too tightly. Pausing her count to smile smugly at her wriggling captive, Michelle blew a condescending kiss to the blonde before continuing, “three…four…five!” And suddenly, the score is Michelle Trachtenberg-1, Allison Mack-0.”

Having won the fall, Michelle took her time in releasing her pin, first undoing her arms and then her legs, before slowly peeling her torso off Mack’s chest. Getting to her feet, Michelle strutted back a step or two and purred, “Gonna sweep you sweetie. And nest time, I’m gonna make you submit or sit on your face. Maybe I’ll do both.”

With Michelle’s taunts burning in her ears, Allison struggled to a sitting position and then pushed to her feet. Taking a moment to tug her fighting attire into the proper position, Allison fixed a hard glare on Michelle and said, “You aren’t gonna do shit. The only thing getting swept is that stupid look on your face. And I’ll sweep it off right before I sit down on your cute little nose.” She spread her arms in an open challenge. “Think you’ve got the skills to beat me in the clench fair and square or do you need to hit me in the cunt again to even the odds?”

Michelle was infuriated at the just beaten blonde’s brash comments. Dropping into her crouch, Michelle sneered back, “I don’t need anything to even the odds bitch. After all, I’m just plain better than you.”

“Prove it you mouthy slut.” Mack growled.

“With pleasure!” Trachtenberg roared.

She and the blonde exploded forward, meeting in the middle of the room in a snarling, sweating tangle of writhing limbs and toned torsos. Straining and pulling against one another, Allison and Michelle each managed to lace an arm around her rival’s neck and pull her head sharply down. With their free hands they punched away at anything they could hit. Whether it be breasts, belly, kidney or ribs, Michelle and Allison banged away with reckless abandon, each taking a sick pleasure in the muffled groans of protest from the other when an especially effective shot would drive its way home. The dueling beauties continued in this fashion for nearly two minutes and just when any typical audience would have started to settle into position for a prolonged pugilistic war, Michelle’s punching hand began to falter, the brunette’s shots to Allison’s body becoming weaker and less frequent as she tried to disengage from the dogged grip of her blonde foe. But Mack wasn’t about to let her prey get away so easily and she held Michelle in position, using her clasping hand to stand Trachtenberg up straight before driving sadistic, medicine-ball like shots into her rapidly softening belly. Feeling Michelle’s knees start to unhinge, Allison changed her tactics momentarily, so as to better her advantage.

Using her punching hand, she grabbed a rude handful of Michelle’s teal bottoms and marched the punch drunk brunette back until she was pressed roughly against the wall of the apartment. Shifting her grip quickly, Allison pressed her left forearm across Trachtenberg’s windpipe and leaned in close. Shoving the brunette’s head up, the blonde forced smoldering eye contact with her victim as she made her next statement. “You made a really stupid mistake trying to go punch for punch with me Michelle. You might be my equal on the rug, but in a straight up fistfight, I’ll own you any day of the week.”

Gurgling a reply over Allison’s forearm, Michelle said, “ You haven’t beaten me yet.”

Mack’s face got cold as she leaned in and whispered, “I’m about to begin beating you in earnest. Try to hold out on screaming for mercy as long as you can.” Ignoring Michelle’s semi-coherent reply, Allison reared back with her right arm and suddenly drove it forward, ramming it full force into Michelle’s exposed chest. The blow sent a shiver through the pinned brunette and she felt her legs start to waver yet again, but Allison held her up. Though she hated to admit it, Michelle knew that Allison wasn’t going to be content with one shot, so she braced herself for the incoming fusillade of strikes. Turns out Michelle was only partly right. Allison wasn’t content with a single shot as the withering barrage of forearm shivers soon proved, but neither was she content to stick with the forearm assault. Instead, she added to Michelle’s misery by placing both hands against the brunette’s shoulders and pulling back, only to surge forward and impale Trachtenberg’s gut with a scintillating Knee Lift. Mack traded off between Forearm Shivers and Knee Lifts, gradually increasing her pace as she found her rhythm and felt Michelle begin to crumple under the constant barrage. Finally, Allison knew that Michelle was on the brink of passing out, and the blonde didn’t want to take the round without delivering a receipt from the end of the first fall.

Releasing Michelle’s slumped shoulders, Allison reached down and grabbed hold of her opponent’s wrists. In one quick motion, she pulled Trachtenberg’s arms high over her head and pinned them against the wall. Standing nose to nose with her captive, Allison glared coolly into Michelle’s face and whispered, “I believe this will make us even.” Then she brought her knee ramming up into the brunette’s center, the force of the knee lift actually lifting Michelle up on her toes before she pitched forward into Allison’s clutches, which (tragically for the brunette) was exactly what Allison wanted. Wrapping her arms around Michelle’s limp waist, Allison clasped her hands against Michelle’s back and pulled her back into the center of the room. Getting her grip set, Allison hauled Michelle off the carpet and squeezed hard, bending the brunette in a horrible C shape with the Bear Hug that had brought her to the dance. Shaking Michelle from side to side, Allison demanded, “Give up Michelle. You must know what kind of damage I can do with this move. I don’t want to break a rib to beat you but if you make me, you know I will.”

Writhing weakly in the agony of the hold, Michelle felt like her ribs were on the verge of disintegrating, but she was damned if she would say that to Allison and she sure as hell wasn’t going to submit. But she had to do something fast or the only option would be unconsciousness and if that happened she might as well hand the fight to Allison on a silver platter.

Doing the only thing she could think of, Michelle pulled her head back and then snapped it forward, directly into Allison’s forehead. The surprise Head Butt caught Mack flat footed and she released her grip on Michelle, letting the breathless brunette free while she tried to ascertain the damage to her bashed head. Even though there was a furnace where her lungs should have been, Michelle gamely stalked after the stumbling blonde. Grabbing hold of Allison’s damp hair in one hand, she raked her claw down her rival’s face with the other, smiling weakly as Allison cried out and stepped back even further. Cutting the distance between them, Michelle bent low and grabbed hold of Allison’s right ankle. Securing her grip she hissed vindictively, “We’re gonna take this fight back to the carpet bitch. And once we’re there, the sweeping can commence.”

Wasting no more oxygen on words, Trachtenberg yanked Mack off balance and set her tumbling to the carpet, flat on her back. Taking advantage of the blonde’s disorientation, Michelle did her best to fight off the burning pain in her ribs as she dropped into a crouch and then pounced on the sprawled body of her opponent. Landing rudely on Allison’s chest, Michelle quickly scrambled up her opponent’s frame until her knees were framing either side of the blonde’s head. With a white-hot fury burning in her eyes, Trachtenberg spat, “Get out the broom dipstick.” Then she lifted up and inched forward, obviously preparing to administer a Front Face Sit and probably end the match. But in her haste to put Mack away, Michelle had failed to pin the blonde’s arms down and before she could find a suitable perch on her rival’s features, Allison was able to get her hands on the brunette’s wiggling hips and shove backwards, sending Michelle rolling off of her.

Quickly getting to her hands and knees, Allison crawled over to where Michelle was sprawled and hauled the brunette’s torso off the carpet. Sidling up behind her prey, Allison kept her promise to match Michelle move for move by wrapping her own sturdy legs around Trachtenberg’s midsection and crossing her ankles. With palms on the carpet, Allison clamped down on the Scissors and smiled at the thrashing and squirming that resulted. Breathing deep, Mack eased up ever so slightly only to immediately clench down again, ripping another pained groan from her slumped brunette rival. Playing a bit rougher than she usually did, Allison reached forward and grabbed a huge handful of hair before yanking Michelle backwards, pulling her into a sit that was much better for her overall posture. With a cold look on her pretty face, Allison leaned into Michelle’s ear and cooed, “You’re not the only one who likes to play with Scissors. How’s your scrawny little waist gonna hold up after I nearly broke you in two with the Bear Hug? It’s gotta be pretty humbling to get squeezed out by your own favorite hold.”

Michelle’s face contorted in anger when she heard Allison refer to her waist as ‘scrawny.’ Getting her hands onto the blonde’s thighs, Trachtenberg hissed back, “Your Scissors are shit Allison. Just like you.” Simultaneous with her last word, she dug her fingers into the underside of Mack’s knees, clawing and tearing wickedly. Allison cried out and momentarily tightened the hold but Michelle’s nasty pinching proved to be too much and she was forced to break the hold and pull away, adding a slight kick to Michelle’s back to guarantee a little distance between the ladies.

Clutching her middle as she got to her feet, Michelle glared at Allison and said, “You’ve got nothing left Allison. I’m gonna put you back on the carpet and twist you like a pretzel. Better save your voice till when I’m asking for your submission, cuz I’m gonna make you say it over and over again.”

Exhaling through her nose, Allison assumed her fighting stance and fired back, “Your mouth is moving but all that comes out is shit. You might wanna have that looked at.” Michelle growled and charged forward, their respites coming to a quick and acrimonious end. Meeting in a snarling collision of sweat slicked flesh, Allison and Michelle struggled against one another for several seconds before Michelle went low once more and hooked the blonde around the knees. Before Mack could do anything to escape, Michelle yanked hard and upended her rival, sending Allison down with a heavy THUD. Taking note of the way that Allison’s head bounced off the carpet, Michelle acted quickly, tucking her opponent’s feet under her armpits before turning over and then sitting down, locking in the Boston Crab. Leaning back as much as she could, Michelle put heinous pressure on Allison’s legs and lower back, bending her into a C shape with the potentially match ending hold.

Flipping some hair out of her eyes, Michelle ground her rear into Allison’s and added a slight bounce just to make the Crab that much more unbearable. Knowing Mack wouldn’t be able to take much more of this treatment, Michelle leaned forward only to pull back, wrenching her prey’s back even more. Looking casually over her shoulder, Michelle asked, “Ready to give it up loser?”

Sweat and tears pouring off her in equal amounts, Allison turned her head to the side and gasped, “No…fucking…way!”

Michelle only shook her head and sneered, “How’s all that strength helping you when you can’t even get off the carpet? Give up before I break your legs and your back.”

In constant agony from the torture of the hold, Allison somehow managed to get her hands onto the carpet and shove upwards, lifting her torso off the ground. Focusing all her energy, the blonde looked back over her shoulder and whispered, “I don’t have to get off the carpet. That’s the beauty of it all.” While Michelle was readying a retort, Allison suddenly jerked her legs as hard as she could, catching the brunette off guard in the process. The force of Allison’s counter was sent Michelle pitching forward and the brunette was barely able to get her hands up before she crashed face first into the nearest wall with a loud thud.

Trachtenberg groaned and held her skull, unable to do anything but attempt to recover at this juncture of the battle. Several seconds later, she got both hands on the wall and pushed slowly to her feet. Turning around on wobbly legs, her eyes were still clearing when she came face to face with a furious Allison Mack. Michelle tried to swing on the blonde, but Mack easily avoided the blow and stepped in close. With no wasted movement, Allison wrapped an arm around Michelle’s neck and pulled her down, cinching on another tight Side Headlock. But instead of going for the submission, Allison kept pulling Michelle forward, tossing the stunned brunette over her hip and down to the carpet with a simple Headlock Takedown. Michelle grunted when she hit the carpet and her situation wasn’t helped by the fact that Allison followed her descent, the blonde landing with the full force of her upper body across Michelle’s chest. Gasping and gurgling, Michelle pulled free of her tormentors grip, but was unable to even roll onto her side to better protect herself. Knowing that this was her chance to even things up, Allison got to her feet and stood by Michelle’s head. Picking her spot carefully, Mack suddenly dropped to one knee, driving the point of her left knee into Michelle’s forehead. Trachtenberg flopped again, but then lay still, almost totally out of it at this point.

Rising up again, Allison moved so that she was standing closer to her opponent’s gently rising tummy. Surveying her landing area, Allison said, “It’s comeback time Michelle sweetie. These last two falls are mine.” Then she leapt into the air with a beautiful vertical leap that culminated with her landing full force across Trachtenberg’s belly with a Body Splash. Feeling Michelle go limp underneath her, Allison wrapped her left arm under the brunette’s neck while her right threaded under her rival’s right leg and pulled it up. Bending her prey in a U shape, Allison clasped her hands, trapping the slender beauty in an inescapable cradle. Looking sweetly into Michelle’s uncomprehending face, Allison began to count, “One…two…three…four…five!”

Michelle heard the count and tried her best to pull free of the pin, but her body wouldn’t obey her brain’s command. Cursing internally, the brunette was forced to admit the blonde had tied the series and resigned herself to recovering as best she could when Allison broke the cradle and scooted back, giving Michelle the requisite three minutes to rest between falls. Finally able to roll onto her side, Michelle stayed in that position for the better part of a minute before rolling onto her belly and pushing wearily to her feet. Brushing some hair out of her eyes, she found Allison and glared evilly at the resting blonde. In a move she hoped would surprise her rival, Michelle stalked forward until she was nose to nose with her foe.

Breathing hard, she waited a moment and then whispered, “Well you managed to tie it up. Feeling proud of yourself?”

Allison’s gaze was just as malevolent and her response just as cold. “I’d say it’s more a feeling of satisfaction. The pride will come when I hear you screaming ‘ I quit ‘ at the end of next round.”

Michelle’s lip turned up in a leering snarl. “Keep dreaming slut. You’re the one that’s gonna be screaming, I just hope you’re coherent enough to mumble ‘ I give up ‘ before you break down in so much pathetic sobbing.”

Unable to comprehend the gall of this girl she had just smashed into the carpet, Allison stepped back and growled, “Get your shots in now Michelle. When I finish with you, ya won’t be capable of doing much of anything.”

Smiling viciously, the brunette shot back, “Thanks, I will.”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth she lunged forward and fetched the blonde a brutally stiff slap across the mouth. Allison yelped and staggered back, taken off guard by the suddenness of the attack. Michelle knew she’d caught Allison flat footed with the slap and she pressed her offensive, grabbing a handful of blonde hair in her left hand while the right continued to crack a wicked volley of slaps across Allison’s face.

Suddenly furious with her opponent, Michelle kept up the slaps and added a bit of verbal baiting to the proceedings. “Not so tough now are ya? You’re pretty good when it comes to straight up wrestling, but you’ve got nothing in a good old-fashioned catfight. I’m gonna slap you around before I tear ya to pieces and make ya beg. You’re not better than me Allison Mack, do you understand that? Do you? Answer me you miserable bitch!”

But Allison was too dizzy from the pounding her face was taking and she could merely shove ineffectually at Michelle’s shoulders as the brunette walked her down. Infuriated with the lack of response, Michelle ceased the slapping only to whirl Allison around and place both hands at the base of her neck. In one sadistically smooth motion, Trachtenberg raked her nails down Allison’s back, leaving a track of bright red welts in her wake.

Still not through demoralizing her rival, Michelle grabbed hold of Allison’s bottoms and jerked the blonde back around to face her. Grabbing a double handful of hair, Michelle jerked Allison down and forced the blonde’s head between her thighs. In a second, Michelle bore down with all her strength, throwing everything she had left into the Standing Head Scissors. Holding onto Mack’s shoulders to steady herself, Michelle applied more and more pressure on the blonde’s skull, trying to force her to concede the fall and the match. Grinding her thighs against Allison’s ears, Michelle slapped teasingly at the blonde’s bent back and said, “Give it up Allison. Give it up before I pop your head like a rotten grape.”

Gagging and retching as her breath was denied her, Allison swayed and bucked trying to force Michelle off balance and thus break the hold. Unfortunately all her efforts thus far had proved to be in vain and she was forced to merely mumble a reply to her captor. Working hard to form words, she managed to reply; “You’d be lucky to pop a zit with this hold, let alone my head. Go fuck yourself Michelle.”

Slightly impressed that the blonde could still summon such spunk in the grip of the agonizing hold, Michelle added a new dimension to her torture. Running her hands down Allison’s back, she got a tight grip on the blonde’s lavender bottoms and tugged them gently, letting her opponent know what was coming.

Still grinding her thighs gently, Michelle cooed, “Your will to fight on in the face of inevitable defeat is noble but ultimately useless. Let’s see you sound all big and tough with your panties buried inside ya.”

Trachtenberg delivered on her threat and she jerked up hard, torturing her captive with a butt splitting wedgie. Allison shrieked and tried to free herself, but Michelle merely tightened the Scissors and sawed the briefs back and forth, piling indignity on top of the agony she was already inflicting. Still, despite all the pain she was doling out to the blonde, Mack would still not surrender. Knowing she stood the best chance of winning this fight on the ground, Michelle released her grip on the blonde’s bottoms and wrapped both arms around her waist. Making sure her grip was tight, Michelle pulled hard to the side spilling both ladies to the rug. Michelle’s Standing Head Scissors had become a traditional Head Scissors but the effect on Allison’s head was still the same, as the blonde’s spasmodic wriggling would seem to indicate.

Tired of drawing this fight out, Michelle kicked her attack into overdrive, all the lean muscles of her legs standing out visibly as she applied some serious pressure with her Scissors. And in case the Scissors weren’t enough, the brunette paired them with another hardhearted tactic. Feeling around with her right hand, Michelle came across the swell of Allison’s breasts and sank her claw in, tearing, raking and otherwise mauling the helpless bounty. Listening to the blonde sputter in pain and impotent fury, Michelle squeezed both holds as tightly as possible, despite the slowly growing leaden feeling seeping into her legs.

Knowing she’d have to break her grip on the Scissors if she couldn’t force a submission in short order, Michelle dug in to Allison’s boobs once more and demanded, “Give up Allison. You can’t get out of this and you know it. Submit now while you still have a bit of dignity left.” She cupped the blonde’s right breast and twisted viciously, waiting for the expected reply.

Fighting a losing battle with the spots in front of her eyes, Allison croaked, “Can’t make me. You’re not strong enough and I think you know it…skinny.”

Michelle let out an exasperated roar and gave her dual holds one final squeeze before releasing her grip. Peeling herself off the red-faced blonde, Michelle sat at Allison’s head, pinning her opponent’s arms to the carpet with her shins. Placing hands on her hips, Michelle looked down at her foe and hissed, “Not strong enough? Let’s hear you say that when I’m rubbing my ass all over your screaming face.”

Riding out Allison’s meager attempts at escape, Michelle scooted forward and sat down, bringing the perfectly rounded weight of her derriere to bear on the blonde’s nose and mouth. Finding a perch she liked, Michelle began to grind in a slow circle, savoring the feel of her hips on the proud blonde’s features and the muffled reverberations of Allison’s cries off her cheeks. Increasing the pace of her face grind, Michelle slapped at Allison’s breasts and sneered, “Got anything to say now shit heap? If you can manage a cogent sentence with my butt smothering your mouth, I might be impressed enough to put you out of your misery right now. Well? Let’s hear that submission.”

Humiliated and enraged over having to suffer through the Face Sit, Allison only had one shot at escape. Giving up the last breath she had, the blonde opened her mouth partway and waited for Michelle to grind down again. When the brunette obliged her, Allison opened her jaws wide and then chomped down, getting a good-sized mouthful of brunette buttock in the process. The pain in her rear came from nowhere and Michelle was so shocked that she pulled away immediately, both hands going instinctively to the crescent shaped welt that was rapidly forming on her once unmarred backside. Quickly realizing what the desperate blonde had done, Michelle’s expression turned nearly black with rage. Getting to her feet, the limber brunette stumbled over to where Allison was kneeling and pulled her slowly to her feet.

Getting right in Mack’s face, Trachtenberg said, “That was the worst mistake you’ll ever make.” in a voice that was more hiss than actual words. Receiving nothing but a breathless inhalation from the blonde, Michelle brought both hands up and once again tore into Allison’s chest. She had just wrenched the Claw hold for the first time when Allison shot her head forward and cracked the brunette across the bridge of the nose. The Head Butt made Michelle’s eyes water and her vision get blurry, so she stumbled back in strategic retreat, trying to clear her senses. But Allison had recovered just enough to know that she had Michelle at a disadvantage and she stalked after her foe, catching up with her easier than the casual observer might have expected. Grabbing a handful of hair and a handful of teal briefs, Allison wheeled Michelle towards the wall and reared back as far as she could.

Looking coldly at her stunned rival, Allison’s voice dripped venom as she said, “You’re the one who’s made the mistake Michelle. You might have beaten me if you stuck to wrestling, but when you decided to throw out all semblance of decorum and order, you sealed your fate. You’re gonna find out that no one beats me in a fight with no rules, and you’re gonna find out the hard way.” Not allowing her prey the time to respond, Allison broke into a lurching sprint as she hurled Michelle towards the wall of their arena. Reaching the point of no return, Allison released her grip and watched the brunette go sailing face and chest first into the wall. There was shuddering thud, followed by a low groan from Michelle as the slender beauty peeled herself away from the point of impact only to stagger back towards the middle of the apartment. This proved to be a mistake because Allison was lying in wait with tensed legs and lowered shoulder, perfectly content to wait for Michelle to expose herself before charging forward and nearly cutting her in half with the Spear.

Trachtenberg was folded in half by the force of the tackle and she jerked only once before laying still as both rivals took the war to the carpet once more. Allison knew that she could take the round right then and there, but she decided against it. For a reason she couldn’t adequately describe, it was very important that she make Michelle submit. A mere pin wouldn’t settle anything between the blonde and her newest nemesis. Thusly, Mack pulled herself off the brunette and scooted back several paces, allowing herself the luxury of several deep breaths while Michelle pulled together and tried to get some oxygen back into her lungs. After nearly a minute’s worth of reprieve, Michelle and Allison diverted their attention from the numerous aches and pains and focused on each other once more. Staring holes in one another from a few feet away, blonde and brunette rose to their knees and shuffled forward with both hands curled into loose claws.

As the distance between them shrank, Michelle found her voice and said, “You hit hard. But I squeeze harder than you hit.”

Allison shrugged her shoulders and responded, “You may be right, but it doesn’t matter anyway. I still squeeze harder than you.”

Defiance shining in her eyes, Michelle whispered, “Prove it.”

Right then they came together and as the two exhausted young women collided in sweating, punching, hair pulling clench, Allison could be heard to answer, “Gladly.”

Then they were upon each other, driving tired looking punches into tummy and ribs, wrapping sweat slicked fingers into tangled manes of hair or sinking tenacious talons into shoulder and neck. The two Amazons were almost beyond thought by this point. The money didn’t matter, looking pretty for the hidden cameras didn’t matter, and hell winning with style didn’t even matter. All that mattered to Allison and Michelle was making the other relent. Even if it cost them everything else, one of them would make her nemesis falter and that was what they were fighting for at that very moment.

Grimacing as her punch shined lower back soaked up another hammering left from Allison, Michelle curled her right hand into a wicked talon and slashed out at the blonde’s exposed face. Mack was too slow to blow the attack entirely, but she was able to turn her face to the side so that Michelle’s claws only grazed her face. Turning back to face her brunette opposition, Allison drew back her right hand and then rammed it forward, driving a blistering Haymaker directly into Trachtenberg’s cheek. Michelle cried out in quiet agony and slumped backwards, knocked flat on her back by the awkwardly executed but perfectly administered blow. Nodding with satisfaction as she crawled over the splayed brunette, Allison grabbed a handful of auburn hair and pulled Michelle to a sitting position once more.

Getting around behind her victim, Mack wrapped both arms around Trachtenberg’s middle and locked her hands tight, completing the Reverse Bear Hug. Giving the hold its first titanic squeeze, Allison felt Michelle quiver in her grasp and she panted, “Won’t be long now cupcake.”

Gripping the hard knot of Allison’s hands as tightly as she could, Michelle gasped back, “For once, we agree on something.” Then she snapped her head backwards, catching the unassuming blonde right across the bridge of the nose. Allison moaned and released the Hug, temporarily more concerned with her face than with her rival.

Michelle wanted to go on the attack, but her ribs were on fire and her legs felt like lead bars. The fight with the blonde had taken more out of her than any encounter she’d ever been involved in. Mustering the last bit of her reserves, she was in the process of crawling around to face her opponent, when Allison draped herself across her back and locked her arms around Michelle’s throat, trying to secure the sleeper. Sinking her fingers deep into the soft meat of Mack’s arm, Michelle ever so slowly pulled the constricting joint away from her chin and closer to her mouth. Returning a favor from a while back, Trachtenberg opened her mouth and bit down hard, sinking her teeth into Allison’s elbow and refusing to let go. The blonde shrieked in agony and used her free arm to drive heavy, damaging blows across Trachtenberg’s shoulders, but Michelle didn’t cease her gnawing until she felt Mack start to pull away. Knowing that she had to put the blonde away now, if she wanted to put her away at all, Michelle whirled to face the retreating Allison and grabbed hold of her by the bra straps.

Reeling the wriggling girl in, Michelle snapped open her legs and guided the blonde’s struggling head right between her thighs. Crossing her ankles, Michelle reared back, pouring everything into the Head Scissors.

Flipping hair from her face, the brunette looked back down at Allison’s quickly reddening face and breathed one word, “Checkmate.”

Allison felt like her skull was on the verge of collapse, but she couldn’t bring herself to voice a submission. Instead, she got her hands up and slapped futilely at Michelle’s constricting thighs, all the while nodding her head ‘no’ in a last ditch effort to stave off defeat. Incredulous that the blonde could still be holding on, Michelle grabbed hold of Allison’s head once more and pulled her rival’s features into her center, mashing and grinding Mack’s defenseless face while she was still being tortured by the Head Scissors. In a voice that was one-tenth pleasure and nine-tenths exhaustion, Michelle said, “Submit Allison. Otherwise I’ll break your neck and the last thing you’ll remember before passing out is having your mouth and nose jammed against my crotch.”

With her escape attempts growing weaker by the second, Allison knew this was her last chance to free herself. Refusing to end the match with her face buried in Michelle’s groin, the blonde curled her right hand up and felt along Michelle’s thigh until she found what she was looking for. Not thinking, just acting, Mack pulled her hand up and pistoned it down, driving her knuckles into Michelle’s womanhood. The exhausted brunette wailed in pain, but she doggedly maintained the Scissors, only to have Allison punch her over and over again until finally those strong legs popped open and granted the suffocating blonde a stay of execution. Gasping in harsh lung filling gasps of air, Allison could only crawl away on her hands and knees, hoping that her last desperate attack could buy her enough time to recover and ultimately finish off her auburn haired nemesis.

Cradling her wounded center, Michelle watched Allison crawl away with a look that combined incredulity and unadulterated hate. Moaning as she staggered to her feet, Michelle stumbled over to Allison and loomed over her. Looking down with a flat, cruel look of finality on her face, she gasped raggedly, “If this were a ring match, the move I’m about to do wouldn’t be that noteworthy. But given our surroundings and the symbolic nature of the act, it should be more than enough to put your stubborn ass down for good.”

Michelle bent down and hauled her to her feet. Pulling Mack in close, Michelle took a deep breath and then went to work, threading one arm over Allison’s shoulder while the other threaded it’s way between her foe’s legs to grope roughly at her butt. Almost ready, Michelle took a final breath and then lifted up, totally intent on picking Allison off the carpet and then Body Slamming her back onto it. But the toll on Trachtenberg’s body was too much for her bear and she was unable to lift her foe more than an inch or so off the carpet before having set her back down. Cursing in rage and frustration, Michelle bent her legs in a deep crouch and was about to try again when her back exploded in agony. To be more precise, her butt was the source of the problem; specifically the brief ripping wedgie that Allison had managed to apply while the brunette had been distracted. Tugging nastily at her rival’s teal togs, Mack used her free hand to drove short, sharp punches into Michelle’s kidneys, trying madly to make Michelle break the Slam. Eventually, the dual assaults forced Michelle to let go, but she did so grudgingly, backing away very slowly and glaring murder at Allison the whole time.

“I’m gonna hurt you for that Allison.” she growled quietly.

Watching the wounded brunette stumble back, Allison lurched after her and responded, “You’ve got nothing left Michelle and we both know it. Now you’re mine.”

Lunging forward to grab hold of Trachtenberg, Allison hauled the brunette in and slipped a hand over Michelle’s shoulder and a hand between her thighs. Without any preamble Allison hoisted Michelle into the air in an arc that would have looked effortless to the casual observer, but in reality the move had used up most of Mack’s remaining strength.

Holding the slender brunette in trembling arms, Allison said vindictively, “Happy landings Michelle.”

She tossed Michelle down hard, driving her rival into the carpet to complete the Body Slam. Though the pile was deep, it wasn’t deep enough to totally absorb the impact and Michelle arched up on her back, twisted and mangled by a deep, numbing hurt. Her mind was drifting towards a far away place when she was pulled to her feet and forced to stand. She was barely able to open her eyes until she felt two strong arms wrap around her arms and torso, trapping her in an inescapable coil. Realizing what was coming, Michelle opened her eyes and stared directly into Allison’s unwavering gaze.

Her head lolled to one side, but she still managed to say, “You can't...make me....submit..."

Allison sighed and replied, “We’ll see." Michelle tried to respond but then Allison squeezed down and leaned back, pulling the brunette off her feet to trap her in the Bear Hug. Flopping like a rag doll in Mack’s grip, Michelle threw her head back and screamed piercingly, but she would not surrender. Even as Allison shook her back and forth, putting extreme pressure on her chest and lower back, the brunette’s nearly inhuman will refused to be quashed. After what seemed like an eternity, the shaking stopped and she found herself slumping forward, her sweat drenched cheek coming to rest on Allison’s equally damp shoulder. Forcing her eyes to open a bit, Michelle tried to stare Allison in the face as she whispered, “Told ya.”

At her wits end, Allison knew the fight was hers if only she maintained the Bear Hug. But she didn’t want Michelle to be able to drift quietly into unconsciousness. She was going to get a submission no matter what. Giving the hug one more colossal constriction, Mack tossed Michelle to the carpet and straddled her. Standing over the brunette’s upturned face, Allison sank to her knees and scooted up, until the fork of her groin rested snugly against Trachtenberg’s chin.

Placing both hands on her thighs, Allison took several deep breaths and then scooted forward a bit more. Sitting down, she rested the full weight of her crotch on Michelle’s mouth and nose. Sighing again, Allison looked down and brushed a bit of hair from Michelle’s forehead. Bearing down with all her weight, she looked into Michelle’s half open eyes and asked, “Submit?”

Trachtenberg’s eyes regained a bit of their previous luster for a moment and Allison could both hear and feel her response. “GEDD… OBBB… ME.”

Tucking some hair behind her ears, Allison whispered, “I don’t think so.” She began to grind, pressing and rubbing her center back and forth against the helpless terrain of Michelle’s face. Increasing the pace of her Face Sit, Allison kept glaring at Michelle as she purred, “This can end whenever you want…just remember that.” Then she bounced a little more, forcing as much grinding contact her thinly veiled womanhood and Michelle’s face as she could.

Looking up at her blonde nemesis, all of Michelle’s worst fears had come true. It wasn’t bad enough that she was losing, but to be smothered into defeat, to have her senses overwhelmed with Allison’s sweat and musk, that was something she was never going to forgive. Still, she could deny the blonde what she truly desired. All she had to do was hold out a little longer and the blackness of unconsciousness would come to claim her. She found the tiniest bit of solace in that thought, but that was soon ripped away when Allison lifted up and then spun around. Michelle had just a moment to realize what was happening and then Mack sat back down, wedging the brunette’s upturned nose between her cheeks with a Reverse Face Sit. Trachtenberg groaned in abject humiliation as Allison bounced up and down on her face, the lacy, clingy material of the blonde’s bottoms rubbing rudely against her mouth and nose while her forehead was subjected to the indignity of a slow but constant buffing from Allison’s round backside. Unable to accept the final insult that would surely follow if she didn’t do something, Michelle reached up and slapped weakly at Allison’s hip, signaling her surrender.

Mack was almost lost in the ecstasy of the Face Sit when she felt the slap on her hip. Looking down, she saw Michelle’s hand frantically tapping out before falling to the carpet and lying still. Stopping her grind, Allison looked over her shoulder and down into Michelle’s semi-coherent eyes. Wiggling her hips from side to side, Allison said sternly, “Say it.”

Michelle looked angry, but she replied, “NEPPHHERR.”

Shaking her head silently, Allison said, “Say it or I’ll break your nose.” She added to the veracity of this claim by suddenly lifting up and then dropping down onto Michelle’s face over and over again. After the sixth time, she snuggled her buns down over Michelle’s nose and clenched her thighs, doing her best to make good on her word.

Still, Michelle was defiant, voicing a muffled but totally understandable, “GEDDOBBAMEEYUUPHUKKENBIDGGGEE!”

Lips pulling back in cold snarl, Allison hissed, “I’m gonna grind your face right off your head.” Then she resumed her pace, even harder and more violent than before. She had been doing this for nearly 30 seconds when the door of the apartment creaked open and a nondescript young man in suit and tie slipped inside. Looking at the newcomer, Allison asked, “Who the hell are you?”

The man looked nonplussed as he answered. “I’m a representative of Mr. Ward. He’s asked me to tell you that the match is over Miz. Allison. Michelle conceded the fall and thusly you are to leave her be.”

Allison wasn’t so quick to give up her hard fought throne, demanding, “I want a verbal submission.”

The attendant shook his head. “The rules of the match clearly stated that either physical or verbal submission were acceptable. Miz. Michelle has signaled her surrender so you must leave her to recover. That is the way of things here.”

Allison’s face set in cold, angry look. It was obvious she was not pleased with this development. But instead of fighting it any longer, she got up off Michelle and headed for the door, grabbing her robe in the process. As she slipped the garment on, the young man said quietly, “Mr. Ward has asked to have a word with you if you wouldn’t mind.”

Allison nodded. “Just lead the way.” She said. The attendant nodded and headed out the door. The blonde was about to follow him out when she hear a quiet shuffling behind her. Turning on her heel, Allison’s eyes got hard as she watched Michelle Trachtenberg get to her feet. Everything about the slender brunette looked used up and exhausted with the exception of her eyes. Those burned with a smoldering, undiminished rage.

Taking a step towards the blonde, she said quietly, “This isn’t over. Don’t even begin to coax yourself into believing that. We have unfinished business.”

Allison stepped forward. “If it wasn’t for Ward and his lackey, I would’ve finished it tonight. As it turns out, I’ll have to wring that submission from your lips another day. And trust me when I tell you I will. You’re going to scream your surrender for me before this is all over.”

Michelle stood her ground as she replied, “Savor this win Allison. It’s the last time you’ll ever beat me. When we finish this, it’s going to be you that has her face ground into my ass. Count on that.”

Allison seemed to be on the verge of launching herself at the brunette, but she restrained herself, settling to fire a parting shot instead. “Go home and take a shower Michelle. Try to scrub the scent of loser off your face. Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be there to put you down for good. You’re mine Michelle Trachtenberg. Don’t you dare forget that…”

Before Michelle could say anything else, the blonde spun around and exited the room, leaving Michelle alone with her thoughts.

Listening to her conqueror pad down the hall, Michelle trembled with rage as she slowly collected her robe and draped it over her shoulders. Limping toward the door, she was already thinking about the revenge she was going to extract on the powerful blonde. Stepping into the hall, she muttered to herself, “I won’t forget Allison. Until I avenge this loss, I won’t ever forget tonight.” Then she headed down the hall and was soon lost from sight.