FONT SIZE=2>Allison Mack vs. Michelle Trachtenberg by The Walkin' Dude

It was getting on into the second half of July and as usual, things were quiet in the small New Jersey town of Crystal Lake. In fact, one might say that things were pretty much dead this time of year, but that would've have been a bit of an overstatement, because if things were truly dead in town, there'd be no reason for us to look in on things and as we're about to find out, there is most certainly a very interesting reason for us to be here on this particular evening.

Our story tonight begins (as any good small town story often does) at the local watering hole, a grungy hole in the wall roadhouse type place by the name of Voorhees. Now aside from a decent burger and a foosball table, the only thing Voorhees had going for it was a huge, empty room near the back that had once been a storehouse for canoes and sleds when the place had been part of a long forgotten summer camp back in the fifties. For most of the season, this room stood empty but maybe four or five times a year, the place was swept out and made livable, because it just so happened that the owner of the out of the way roadhouse was a good friend of wrestling promoter Richard Fannin, and when Fannin was in Jersey, there was no other place he'd put on a show. And what a show he had planned for tonight. The Main Event was a grudge rematch of epic proportions; slender brunette stunner Michelle was chomping at the bit to avenge an apartment match loss to the equally stunning blonde powerhouse, Allison. There's plenty more to tell you about the acrimony and bad feelings involved in this feud, but I'm afraid the Announcer's waiting to begin his introductions, so I'll shut up and be quiet before he yells at me again.

When the capacity crowd had fallen silent (or at least as silent as they were going to get) the ring announcer began, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for our Main Event! Introducing first, at a height of 5’7”, I give to you.... Michelle Trachtenberg!"

The distinctive opening to Little Sister pulses into Voorhees back room and Michelle breezes through the curtain shortly thereafter, allowing the capacity crowd their first look at her. Standing atop the ramp, Michelle was a sight to behold. Her limber, sinewy form was clad in a simple teal bikini that stood out in perfect contrast to her pale complexion. Her ring gear was rounded out with matching teal knee and elbow pads and white boots that came up to just below her knees. Giving the mob a quick pose, Michelle flipped her auburn hair over her shoulder and started towards the ring, moving with a competitive bounce in her step as she slapped hands with the folks at ringside. Reaching the apron, she slid under the bottom rope and popped to her feet, flashing that perfect grin once more before heading to her corner.

Letting the applause die down, the Announcer continued. "And her opponent; she stands 5’5”…she is... Allison MACK!"

‘Fly From the Inside’ begins to pulse through the cavernous space just as Allison pushes the curtain aside. As per usual, the blonde is sporting a big grin as she heads down the aisle, slapping hands with her fans, getting herself psyched up for the biggest rematch of her career. For her second go-round with Michelle, Allison is clad in her typical attire of a lavender sports bra and matching bikini bottoms, showing off both her powerful legs and phenomenally strong upper body. Her boots and pads are the same lavender, going nicely with her pale complexion and the bobbed cut of her blonde hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, she climbs in through the middle rope and poses for the audience one more time before settling down and heading to her corner.


The bell lent its own unique touch to the opening ceremonies and seconds later, Michelle and Allison got something each of them had been anticipating for the nearly a year - a second chance! Watching her blonde rival from across the ring, all of Michelle's typical preflight theatrics had fallen silent, indeed quips and verbal barbs seemed to be the last thing on the slender auburn haired girl's mind. Even though she and Allison had only fought once before and alone in the privacy of a luxury apartment, Michelle still burned with embarrassment when she thought about the loss. It was bad enough that Allison had beaten her, forced her to submit to a Reverse Face Sit, but Allison had left Michelle feeling oddly used up, and that was worse than any physical pain the blonde could have heaped on her. With a grim, determined look on her face, Michelle muttered, "No one beats me twice." Then she rolled her shoulders once, pushed free of the corner and made a beeline for her nemesis.

While Michelle was glaring daggers at her from the opposite corner of the squared circle, Allison was keeping a silent vigil of her own. Allison's trademark smile was nowhere to be seen, in it's place was an angry, hard look that was beautiful in some terrible way, but still very much out of place on the blonde's face. She was remembering Michelle's poise, her viciousness, and perhaps most importantly, her almost inhuman will. It had taken all of her considerable strength to force even a grudging submission from Michelle's breathless lips and Allison fumed all the more for the fact that she KNEW Michelle's resolve would have crumpled entirely if not for Ward's meddling lackey. Now here it was, almost a year later and Michelle was back and spoiling for her shot at redemption. When Michelle stalked out of her corner, Allison smiled tightly and whispered, "Gonna finish you right this time Michelle." Then she was moving, both hands at chest level as she headed forward to meet her rival head on.

In less than five seconds brunette and blonde were standing in mid ring with less than a foot of space between them. Looking her foe up and down, Michelle remembered the deceptive strength the blonde possessed and silently vowed not to fall victim to that power ever again. Letting her gaze come to rest on Allison's dark eyes, Michelle found her voice and said softly, "You've been walking around win an un-avenged win over me for too long Allison. That particular... injustice ends tonight."

Allison's eyes narrowed as she saw the sinewy, smooth curves of the brunette's muscles tensed in preparation for battle. Allison's fingers curled instinctively, she wanted nothing more than to bury them in Michelle's hair or rake them down the length of the her back, but she could wait a little bit longer. Cutting the distance between them to mere inches, the blonde chested against her taller foe and craned her head up just enough to keep her eyes locked on Michelle's.

"Last time we fought, I made you quit. And you were this close (she held her thumb and forefinger less than an inch apart for emphasis) from begging me to let you go. When I got pulled off before you were done, it left you with just enough pride to think you have a chance tonight. But you don't. What you haven't figured out yet Michelle is that I'm stronger than you'll ever be." She stopped for a second and tapped the taller girl lightly on the shoulder before she continued. "Not here, that really doesn't matter one way or another. But here... here is where I'll trump you every day of the week."

The blonde had moved her finger from Michelle's arm to her chest, lightly tapping the swell of her rival's left breast. Beyond furious that Allison would call her heart into question, Michelle raised her right hand high over her head and replied, "If this is nothing more than a battle of wills, you've already lost Allison. She curled the fingers on her right hand as she asked, "Care to see if you can impose your will on me?"

More than ready to rise to the challenge, Allison raised her right arm and placed the palm flat against Michelle's. As their fingers began to intertwine, the blonde powerhouse answered, "I already am."

Choosing to forego a verbal reply, Michelle brought up her left arm and waited for Allison to do the same. The moment the fingers of their left hands came together, both young women surged forward, pressing against the other with the full force of their strength. For the first several seconds, the contest was silent, as hard shoulders were pressed tight against soft breasts and glowing cheeks rubbed smoothly back and forth. And while Allison and Michelle's upper bodies were waging war in close, their legs were rooted firmly to the canvas, the musculature in their thighs, calves and buttocks clearly defined as the dueling sets of gams engaged in a more ranged but no less important battle.

Breathing hotly into the brunette's ear, Allison closed her eyes and for a moment, she didn't think of Michelle; the only thought going through her head involved forcing her unseen opposition to relent and just like that, she gained ground against her rival. Michelle uttered a low groan against the side of her face and Allison opened her eyes to see that she'd pushed forward several inches and in doing so had cranked the brunette's arms back at an unpleasant angle. Squeezing her fingers even tighter around Michelle's, Allison rose up on her toes and bore down hard, sending an unmistakable quiver through her rival's legs and hips. With a pleasant burn running through her arms and shoulders, Allison bent Michelle's wrists back hard and continued to push down, speeding the brunette's descent to one knee. Knowing damn well that she'd proved her point, Allison wanted to make sure Michelle knew it too.

Blowing hair out of her eyes, Allison glared at her penitent foe and demanded, "Look at me."

Michelle's head shot up fast, and even though she wasn't in the most domineering of positions at the moment, there was nothing but defiance in her dark eyes. Before she could fire off a shot, Allison cut her off. "One of these days, you'll do this without me having to force it on you."

Incensed at the blonde's presumptuous claim, Michelle snarled, "I will NEVER kneel to you."

Taking a moment to savor the angry look on Allison's face, Michelle shoved all other thoughts aside and channeled all her strength into regaining her vertical base. With a low cry of exertion, the brunette rose off the canvas and brought both sets of hands back up to level with the ladies shoulders. Grinding her forehead hard against Allison's, Michelle spat, "You're the one who gonna spend some time on her knees tonight. And I'm not talking about your usual locker room antics."

Growling low in the back of her throat, Allison wanted nothing more than to release her grip on Michelle and go after the bitches eyes, but she knew it was a ploy, so she resisted. All she had to do was keep the brunette tied up in the Test of Strength and eventually she'd wear out and become easy prey for the Bearhug or Deadline. Shaking her head 'no' Allison glared murder at Michelle and replied, "Talk all the shit you want Michelle, we BOTH know you don't have a chance of winning this test."

Hating to admit that Allison was right, Michelle pulled back a step and purred, "Maybe not through traditional means..." she trailed off just as her right leg came slicing up off the mat and kicked through their clasped right hands, breaking the Finger Lock. When her leg was at the apex of its kick, Michelle pulled it to the left and brought it smashing down through the other pair of hands, breaking the Test totally. The moment her foot regained contact with the canvas, Michelle took another step back, assumed a loose martial arts stance and snapped off a pair of kicks to Allison's torso. The stunned blonde didn't react in time to counter the blows, but the fact of the matter was that Michelle hadn't had enough time to put too much power behind her strikes so Allison was able to absorb them with little more than a pained grunt.

Wincing slightly as the last effects of the kicks faded from her mind, Allison brought her hands up and beckoned the brunette in, then smiling tauntingly asked, "Is that all you've got? I thought you were taking lessons from Sarah? Obviously you're not doing too well."

More than a little irked that the blonde had simply stood there and took what she considered to be a pair of solid kicks, Michelle tensed up her stance and sneered back, "Want another one do ya? Here's one just for you bitch."

Beginning to pivot to her right, Michelle brought her right leg up fast and sent her foot zooming straight for Allison's cheek. The Crescent Kick was a thing of beauty, Michelle's form could not be called into question but her timing was more than a little off because Allison easily ducked under the incoming limb and swooped in low behind the brunette. In the split second before Michelle regained her balance, Allison pressed in tight against her rival and wrapped both arms around the slender beauty's hips. The moment her hands were locked, Allison clamped down and exploded backward, jerking Michelle off her feet in a violent Reverse Bear Hug. Having developed a healthy respect (she would never use the word fear) of Allison's Bearhugs in their last encounter, Michelle kept her wits about her as Allison tried to crush the breath from her lungs.

As fate would have it, their battle had taken them much closer to the ropes than either had realized and Michelle had little trouble reaching out with both hands and snagging hold of the top rope. Not wanting to spend a second longer than necessary in Allison's clutches, Michelle roared, "I'VE GOT THE ROPES BITCH, LEGGO!"

Snarling under her breath, Allison granted Michelle's demand but only after she'd treated the willowy brunette to an extra four seconds worth of squeezing. Letting Michelle drop to one knee in front of her, Allison backed off and chided, "You're learning. I guess it's hard to forget the hold that exposed the quitter in you."

Even though she wanted to, Michelle wasn't going to give Allison the satisfaction of seeing her hold her ribs. Instead, she used the middle rope for leverage and got back to her feet. Suddenly more furious than she could recall being in quite some time, the brunette whirled around to face Allison and stalked over to her, blatantly chesting into the shorter girl. Looking down her nose at the sturdy blonde, Michelle growled, "You can call me just about anything you can think of Mack, I've heard them all. But if you EVER call me a quitter again, I'll end your career."

Combating her rival's anger with a well of her own, Allison shot back, "Prove that you aren't Trachtenberg; prove to me you aren't an arrogant, overrated bitch; prove you're worthy of my respect. Hell, just prove you're even worth hating!"

More than willing to accept Allison's challenge, Michelle whispered, "I will." and shot her hands up, engaging her shorter adversary in a simple Collar and Elbow Lock-Up, Michelle used her height advantage to back Allison up against the ropes and quickly transitioned to a two-handed grip on the blonde's wrist. Planting her feet against the mat, the brunette whipped her foe into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and took several steps forward so she could meet Allison at mid-ring when she returned. As Allison drew within range, Michelle shot out her right arm and snaked it under Allison's left armpit, attempting to take the girl off her feet with a Hip Toss. But when she rose up on her toes to initiate the throw, Allison clamped her arm tight against her torso and pulled back, effectively blowing Michelle's attack.

Taking a moment to shake her head 'no' Allison kept her feet firmly on the ground as she jerked up and pulled Michelle in the opposite direction, taking the lanky brunette of her feet with a Hip Toss of her own. But while Allison had succeeded in making Michelle's feet leave the canvas, she couldn't control her foe's landing nearly as well, a fact Michelle ably demonstrating by flipping out of her tumble and landing easily on her feet.

Not even bothering to look back at her opponent, Michelle ran the ropes herself this time and bounced off them without incident. Heading back towards Allison at a high rate of speed, Michelle dropped into a low crouch for just a moment before leaving her feet and soaring towards the blonde with a Spinning Heel Kick that would decapitate the blonde on impact. Or at least, that's what USUALLY happened when Michelle tried the kick; in this instance she had underestimated Allison's phenomenal strength and the blonde fireplug had merely opened her arms and plucked Michelle out of the air, holding the surprised, squirming blonde tightly across her chest. With one arm looped behind Michelle's neck and the other wrapped around her toned right thigh, Allison flashed her grin for the first time in the match and purred, "Now the fun REALLY starts."

Laughing at Michelle's cry of protest, Allison rose up on her toes and immediately dropped forward, quickly and effectively squashing her victim between her body and the unforgiving mat. Allison's makeshift Power Slam drove all the air out of Michelle's lungs and for a moment she was left starfished on the mat while Allison knelt beside her, resting her hands on thighs that were beginning to shine with the first hint of sweat. Taking a moment to catch her breath, Allison wound her hands into Michelle's chestnut mane and hauled her to her feet with nothing more than a groan of complaint from her rival. Holding the stunned Michelle in front of her, Allison released the brunette's hair, grabbed her wrist with one hand and yanked forward. At the same time she extended her other arm and smashed it across Michelle's chin, flooring the taller girl with a Short Arm Clothesline. Michelle's head smacked the back of the canvas when she hit and her arms instinctively flew to her head, trying to protect it from any more damage.

Rubbing the tingle out of the arm that had nearly decapitated the brunette, Allison stalked over to Michelle's head, bent down and grabbed a handful of teal bra strap, hoisting Michelle to her feet.

"Get up Misch, I know there's a lot more fight left in ya."

Positioning herself in front of the brunette, Allison reached over her shoulder, grabbed Michelle by the sides of her head, then pulled forward and simultaneously dropped to one knee, sending the taller girl spilling to the canvas with a basic Snap Mare. Standing beside her now sitting foe, Allison reared back with her right hand and slashed it forward, lighting Michelle's back up with a Knife Edge Chop that 'CRACCKED!' through the arena.

Ignoring the loud hiss of pain that escaped through her foe's clenched teeth, Allison straightened up, pivoted on her left foot and brought her right postponing out, smashing the helpless brunette across the chest with a stiff kick that flattened her out against the mat. Keeping up her attack on Michelle's torso and back, Allison adopted a grim, working woman's sneer and dropped, the Elbow Drop driving the point of her left elbow into the pit of Michelle's flat stomach.

Rolling to one knee, Allison scooted in behind the winded brunette and pulled her to a sitting position. Nuzzling her lips in close against Michelle's ear, Allison whispered, "No ropes to save you this time Michelle. That means you'll actually have to fight out of this, assuming you can that is."

Allison wrapped her strong arms around Michelle's middle, pinning her arms to her sides in the process. Driving the ball of her clasped hands into Michelle's belly, Allison draped herself across her rival's back and squeezed down tight. The Kneeling Bearhug forced a high pitched whine of pain from Michelle's lips and her eyes closed tight against the pressure as Allison worked the hold like a champ. From her position riding Michelle's back, Allison poured on the pressure, beads of sweat starting to roll down her arms and shoulders as she tortured Michelle with the Hug. Leaning forward, she placed all of her weight down on Michelle's back, forcing the slender girl to bend forward, which in turn only increased the damage being done to her ribs and sternum.

Wriggling futilely against her blonde tormentor, Michelle continued to pry at Allison's hands as she gasped, "Let go of me." Relishing the chance to chide the girl that had been so confidant during their first battle, Allison smiled tightly and replied, "Is that a submission?"

Growling in a combination of pain and anger, the brunette replied, "You fucking KNOW it isn't! Lemme go and I'll show you how to squeeze."

Shaking her head in exasperation, Allison fired back, "Better than I'm squeezing you now? I don't think so skinny. But if you want a better chance of escape, I'll give you the opportunity."

The words were still hanging between them when Allison got one foot under her and pushed up, turning the Kneeling Bearhug into its more traditional Standing variant. Still holding Michelle's arms against her sides, Allison snugged the girl back in against her hips and lifted back, pulling the taller girl off the canvas by a few inches. Shaking the brunette back and forth, Allison snarled, "There, you've got your height advantage back, now do something about it. I'll give you five seconds before I slam your ass back down on the mat. ONE...TWO..."

Redoubling her efforts to escape, Michelle succeeded in pulling her arms free and roared, "Now you're mine!"

Ignoring her opponent's threat, Allison finished her count, "FIVE." The moment it was out of her mouth, she rose up on her toes, executed a tight little half spin and dropped face first toward the canvas, using Michelle as a cushion to break her fall. The tall brunette had all the wind driven out of her lungs by the simple (but highly effective) amateur style takedown and she was left splayed out against the canvas with Allison still riding her back. Resting her cheek against the back of Trachtenberg's neck, Allison asked, "Wanna try that again?"

Not getting an answer, the blonde assumed that silence meant assent so she pushed to her feet and hoisted Michelle up along with her. Deciding she'd have to release the hug soon for fear of tiring out her arms too early in the match, Allison decided to end her chain of offense on an emphatic note. Loosening her grip the tiniest bit, the blonde said, "You've deserved something like this for a long time."

With a rough shift of her arms, Allison was able to spin Michelle around so that the brunette was now facing her. Tightening her grip on Michelle's hips a final time, Allison rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, slamming the posted joint deep between Michelle's thighs with an eye watering Inverted Atomic Drop. Michelle's mouth dropped open in a silent scream and she sprawled backwards onto the canvas, with both hands folded protectively over her wounded center. Knowing the pain in her groin was going to be the only thing Michelle would think of for a few moments, Allison turned her back on her and ran the ropes. Coming back toward the brunette at a high rate of speed, Allison waited until she was virtually on top of Michelle before leaping into the air and tucking her legs up under her. With her ankles pressed firmly against her butt, Allison dropped the full force of her weight onto Michelle's undefended abdomen with the Double Knee Drop. The pale brunette flopped like a dying fish and for a moment she looked like she might lose her lunch all over the mat, but then she merely rolled over onto her side and mewled quietly.

Breathing heavily, Allison took a moment to catch her breath before grabbing Michelle by her bottoms and pulling her to her feet. Stepping behind her opponent, Allison doubled Michelle over with a clubbing forearm to the back of her neck. Making sure Michelle didn't collapse to her knees, Allison said coldly, "This should be more than enough to put you down for THREE Michelle. And even if you feel like you could kick out, I'd advise against it."

Putting her plan into action, Allison reached her right arm through Michelle's legs and grabbed the brunette's dangling left wrist, pulling it back tightly between Michelle's thighs. At the same time Allison hooked Michelle's right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the brunette awkwardly. Allison held this position momentarily, looking for all the world like she was about to apply some bizarre Abdominal Stretch variation. Instead, she pulled up with both hands, bringing Michelle off her feet and up, positioning her stomach down on Allison's shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Allison shifted her grip so that one arm was looped over Michelle's back while the other held the brunette's head in place. But just as Allison was rising up on her toes to complete the Pumphandle Slam, Michelle started kicking her legs furiously at the limber brunette managed to wriggle her way off the blonde's shoulders and land easily behind her.

Before Allison could even turn around, Michelle pounced on her, assaulting the stunned blonde with a heavy series forearms to the back of Allison's neck and head. After an especially hard blow dropped Allison to one knee, Michelle let out a satisfied snarl and said, "You will NEVER beat me again Allison. And when this is over, I'm gonna sit on your face, just like our first match SHOULD have ended."

Taking another step toward her goal, Michelle grabbed Allison by the shoulders and whirled her around to face her. When she saw the whites of Allison's eyes, she fired up a kick that caught the blonde right across the navel and doubled her over. Stepping in close, Michelle trapped Allison in a tight Front Face Lock and set her feet to plant her with a DDT but in the midst of her fall backwards Michelle quickly brought up her free arm and brought it smashing down elbow first onto the back of Allison's neck. This blow combined with the Michelle's momentum didn't so much pull Allison off her feet as it did drive her straight down facefirst into the mat where she landed with Michelle's elbow pressed painfully on her neck. Michelle had just dropped Allison with the Finishing Touch, a move often used by Selma Blair but one Michelle had started to incorporate in her own offense.

Resting on her knees besides Allison's head, Michelle smoothed out her hair and adjusted the battle-rumpled edges of her outfit before returning her attention to Allison. Grabbing a big handful of blonde locks, Michelle rubbed her foe's face back and forth along the canvas for a few seconds as just a tiny bit of the payback she was going to extract for the agonizing minutes she'd spent in the Bearhug.

Finding her voice, Michelle taunted, "If you don't like canvas, maybe you'll enjoy the taste of my ass more. But that's just dessert Allison. There's a whole lot more I'm gonna do to you before we get to the really fun part. Though I don't see why you couldn't sneak a little peak right now."

Michelle scooted forward and sat heavily on the back of Allison's head, the weight of her rounded rump pressing the blonde's face rudely against the mat. With her hands on her thighs, Michelle rose up on her knees and dropped back down, once, twice, three times, each short impact driving a violent shudder through Allison's sturdy frame. Relinquishing her perch, Michelle got to her feet with a pronounced wiggle in her hips and grinned knowingly at the audience.

Rubbing her butt slowly, Michelle told the crowd, "That's just the beginning folks." Turning her attention back to the grounded blonde, Michelle pulled Allison up by the roots and immediately doubled her over with a sharp Knee Lift to the belly. Standing close to her opponent, Michelle cupped both hands tightly under Allison's chin and muttered threateningly, "You want to crack my ribs? Fine, I'll snap your neck." Ending her ominous statement, Michelle twisted hard to her left and dropped to the mat, wrenching Allison's head with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Smiling vindictively as Allison tried to cradle her injured cranium, Michelle rolled to her feet and sauntered over to her flattened opposition. Adopting a rather scholarly tone, Michelle said, "When I was training with Sarah, she always told me that you should never take your pads off during a match, unless you're checking one of your own injuries, or ready to cause an injury to your opponent. In this case, I think it's pretty obvious what's going to happen next."

Michelle bent over and pulled down first her left kneepad, and then the right, then helped herself to a double handful of Allison's hair which she used to haul her to her knees. Watching the dazed blonde's face with a calculated malevolence, Michelle remained silent when she started driving her bare knees into Allison's forehead and cheeks. Left, right, left, right, left right; Michelle hit a good baker's dozen worth of these shots before she let go of Allison's hair and backed up several paces. Glaring furiously at her battered rival, Michelle could still remember what it had felt like to have Allison smother her out, and she wasn't going to rest until that memory had been replaced with one that involved the blonde lying broken and moaning at her feet.

Quelling her anger for the time being, Michelle called out, "Hey fat ass, I'm over here!"

Allison heard Michelle's voice coming through the fog roiling inside her skull and she looked towards source of the noise but unfortunately she looked up just in time to see Michelle's heels flying towards her face. Allison's eyes widened a microsecond before the Low Dropkick connected and then her vision was nothing but stars as she was knocked off her knees and onto the mat once more. Allison was lying on the canvas and doing her best to fight off the pain in her skull when Michelle grabbed her by the straps of her top and yanked her to her feet. Nose-to-nose with Allison, Michelle taunted, "You still think I'm not as strong as you?"

Her voice groggy from the abuse of the past few minutes, Allison mumbled, "Body odor wise, you've got me beat hands down. Physically though, you're a fucking wimp."

CRAACK! Michelle slapped Allison hard across the face, sending her staggering back a few steps. Stalking up on her reeling rival, Michelle snarled, "I'll show you who's a fucking weakling." Pulling Allison in close, Michelle lowered her shoulder and lifted the other girl into a Fireman's Carry. Walking slowly around the ring, Michelle looked out at the crowd and shouted, "Her fat head's gotta be tenderized before it's comfortable enough for me to sit on!"

Right on cue she bent her knees and then pushed up hard on Allison's knees. The blonde's body was tossed up and over in a tight arc over Michelle's head, coming down as if for some modified Death Valley Driver, but instead of merely sitting out, the brunette dropped to one knee, letting the back of Allison's neck slam into the posted joint as she descended toward the canvas. The effects of the ingeniously applied Neckbreaker sent waves of agony through Allison's body, of which the loud screams and wracking full body spasms were only the most telling signs.

Rising back to her full height, Michelle rubbed gently at the knee that had administered the Neckbreaker. Pulling her pads back into position, Michelle stalked around the fallen blonde and administered a few sharp kicks to Allison's head and neck. It was becoming quite obvious to the crowd that both girls had come into this match with a plan. While Allison was looking to obliterate Michelle's ribs, Michelle was focusing the brunt of her attack on Allison's head and neck, most likely in preparation for the Michelle Special or some other skull-destroying maneuver. Tiring of her simple assault, Michelle pulled Allison to her feet and took the blonde's head in her hands.

Pulling Allison in to face her, Michelle glared into her rival's pain-etched face and whispered, "You are NOT better than me. You managed a fluke win in our first fight, but that's never going to happen again. You're not going to leave this ring without admitting that I am your better or possibly kissing my ass. Maybe I'll make you do both, just because I can."

Not waiting to see if Allison could come up with some smart-ass reply, Michelle doubled her over with another hard kick to the belly and then turned away, running toward the ropes directly to Allison's left. Building up a good head of steam as she bounced off the cables, Michelle headed back towards Allison at top speed and just when it appeared that she would right through the blonde, Michelle left her feet and soared through the air. At the apex of her leap she brought her right leg up high and smashed it down across the back of Allison's neck. The Scissor Kick did absolutely nothing for Allison's well being and she was driven face first into the mat, where she lay on her stomach, not moving a muscle until Michelle powered her over onto her back. Throwing herself across Allison's chest, Michelle hooked the far leg and chided, "All right, so pins aren't as fun, but there's nothing that says I can't have fun with you AFTER the match is over."

Glad that he finally got to do something in the match, the zebra dropped down beside the combatants and slapped the mat, "ONE... TWO" Allison powered a shoulder up off the mat, and a little too quickly for Michelle's liking if the look on her face was any indicator.

Shaking her head in disgust, Michelle got to her feet and muttered, "All right, keep getting up dumbass. It's not like I don't enjoy kicking your face in."

Leaving Allison alone with her aches for the moment, Michelle walked to the nearby corner and easily ascended to the top buckle. Turning around to face the ring, she dropped down into an expectant crouch and waited like this as Allison slowly got to her hands and knees. The moment the blonde started to rise, Michelle stood up straight and waited for her cue. Said cue came a few seconds later when Allison turned towards the corner she was perched on. Not needing any more encouragement, Michelle leapt off the top rope and hurled towards the blonde with both boots pointed directly at Allison's chin. The Missile Dropkick was perfectly aimed and in all fairness, it did connect, but not with the part of her opponent that Michelle was aiming for. Because at the last possible moment, Allison got her arms up and shot them out in front of her, basically swatting Michelle out of the air to send her crashing into the canvas.

Shrugging off the dull pain in her arms, Allison's normally pretty face was twisted into a look of cold hatred as she bent down to grab a huge handful of damp brunette locks. Moving with renewed energy, Allison pulled Michelle to her feet and wedged the dazed beauty's head between her thighs. Sighing loudly, Allison balled her hands into a single fist and raised them over her head. Looking down at Michelle's undefended back, she spat, "My win was a FLUKE? Does THIS feel like a fluke to you?"

Allison brought her hands crashing down onto the small of Michelle's back, driving a violent shudder through the limber vixen's body. Not satisfied with one shot, Allison repeated the maneuver several more times, until Michelle's legs were on the verge of giving way. Changing her tactics, Allison unclasped her hands and wrapped both arms around the other brunette's waist. With a low, laborious groan, Allison lifted Michelle up and onto her the point of her shoulder. Securing her grip, Allison squeezed as tight as she could while simultaneously rising up on her heels and dropping back down, bending Michelle's spine in a heinously inverted U shape that was the hallmark of an expertly applied Canadian Backbreaker.

Bending Michelle over her shoulder, Allison tried to add more bounce to the hold, knowing that to do so would all but guarantee her the win. Squeezing hard enough to feel the resistance of Michelle's ribs against her arms, Allison continued to bounce up and down, as she demanded, "Give up Michelle. And say it REAL loud."

Biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming, Michelle balled her hands into fists and tried smacking away at Allison's face, but with her poor vantage point, she only hit the blonde's shoulders and her shots did little to no damage. After another spine rending jolt forced her mouth open, Michelle drew in a ragged breath and fired back, "FUCK YOU ALLISON! Enjoy this while you can bitch, cuz I'm gonna make you pay for every second of it!"

Rolling her eyes, Allison muttered, "Not if I break you first!"

Looking to do exactly that, Allison turned slowly to her left, only coming to a stop when she lined up with the nearest set of turnbuckles. Bearing down even tighter on Michelle's sweaty midsection, Allison taunted, "You should count yourself lucky Misch. This clip is going to be on ALL the high list reels."

Not hearing Michelle's wheezing response, Allison bent her legs slightly and counted to three in her head before exploding forward in a dead run; heading for the corner at full speed with the hapless brunette bouncing and jolting across her shoulder. Never slowing down as the distance between her and the buckles dwindled to nothing, Allison smashed her opponent's inverted and totally exposed abdomen full force into the second and top turnbuckles, instantly driving all the air from Michelle's lungs in a single agonized 'WHOOSH'

Finally releasing Michelle's waist, Allison stayed in position for a few seconds, waiting to see if Michelle was going to go tumbling headfirst onto the mat. This turned out to be a groundless fear as the blonde's last attack had left Michelle hung securely in the corner, trapped in some sort of face first variation on the Tree of Woe. Leaving Michelle in place, Allison backed up to mid ring and took a moment to catch her breath and adjust her trunks. As she was going about her business, it finally occurred to her that the crowd was going nuts, wildly chanting 'HOLY SHIT!' over and over in amazement over what Allison had done to Michelle.

Smiling knowingly, Allison flexed a double bicep pose for a moment and then pointed to the strung-up brunette as she addressed the crowd, "That? That wasn't a 'holy shit' moment. THIS is a 'holy shit' moment."

Turning her attention back to the inverted brunette, Allison sank into a rough three-point stance and then charged towards the corner for the second time in as many minutes. And just like before, Allison didn't even slow down, she only lowered her shoulder and lunged forward for a final burst of momentum, drilling the point of her right shoulder into the small of Michelle's back. The previously silent brunette let loose with a tortured scream and her weight finally shifted enough for her to fall free of the corner, but she only sank a few inches before Allison wrapped her arms around the brunette's thighs and pulled her out to the center of the ring.

Holding her slender victim in this awkward pose for as short a time as possible, Allison roared with the effort and hoisted Michelle back up high directly into the stall position for a Powerbomb. Ignoring the fact that Michelle’s crotch was just inches from her nose, she turned in a half circle as she rose up onto her toes, then, SLAM, powered Michelle to the canvas; folding her up like a matchbook as the Powerbomb connected.

Maintaining her grip on Michelle's upper thighs after the move connected, Allison leaned all her weight forward, trying to keep the brunette's shoulders on the canvas. Stunned with the level of violence he'd witnessed in the last several minutes, it took the ref a few seconds to register the cover and this is probably what saved Michelle from losing the match right then and there. When he did move in to make the count, he got past 'TWO' before Michelle rolled one shoulder off the mat. Smiling sadistically as Michelle broke the pin, Allison grunted, "I was hoping you'd do that."

In the next instant she straightened up and turned over, flipping Michelle onto her stomach even while the brunette's legs were still in Allison's possession. Knowing that Michelle couldn't go anywhere, Allison sat down quickly, bringing her butt to rest on the back of Michelle's shoulders in a Boston Crab variant that had to be seen to be believed. With her grip so high on Michelle's thighs, Allison was able to lift nearly three-quarters of the brunette's body off the canvas, putting excruciating pressure on the full length of Michelle's back. Leaning back as far as gravity would allow, Allison bounced up and down on Michelle's shoulders and screamed, "GIVE IT UP MICHELLE!"

Fighting through what was quite possibly the worst pain she'd ever experienced (and that was saying something given the things Scarlett had tried to do to her) Michelle raged against the tears streaming down her cheeks and bellowed, "NEVER YOU BITCH!"

Putting aside any thoughts of what was happening to her back, Michelle got her hands on the canvas and pushed up giving herself a little more leverage to work with. Flipping sweat-soaked hair out of her eyes, Michelle saw the ropes a mere three feet away and began scrabbling toward them; searching out the cables the way a drowning swimmer seeks a lifeline. About ten seconds later, she grabbed the bottom rope with her right hand and screamed, "LEMME GO!"

Frustrated beyond the point of words, Allison held the Crab until the ref reached 'FOUR' on his count and then tossed Michelle's legs down. As she rose up from her seat on the brunette's shoulders, Allison's face twisted in a cruel smile and she sat out, viciously driving the full weight of her backside down across Michelle's head. Ignoring the ref's admonition, Allison took possession of the brunette's wrists and hauled her to her feet.

Jerking Michelle around like a rag-doll, Allison chested in close to and panted, "You're about to reach your deadline Michelle."

Foregoing any other signal for her finisher, Allison whipped Michelle towards the closest set of ropes in the instant before she could release Michelle's wrist, the brunette's fingers clamped down and she planted her feet on the mat, stopping dead in her tracks. Allison had a moment to register the hateful fire glowing in Michelle's eyes and then the pale beauty was jerking her forward in a drunken lurch. Well beyond the point of anything like consideration for her rival's well being, Michelle blasted her left leg up and caught Allison with a wicked Cunt Punt.

Smiling vindictively as the blondes legs bowed and she wailed in anguish, Michelle snarled, "That was for the Backbreaker." Stepping close, she scooped Allison up as if going for a basic Body Slam. Holding her foe inverted, Michelle put Allison's head between her legs and said, "This is for the Powerbomb!" She sat out, dropping Allison skull first into the mat with the Michelle Special, her modification of the Michinoku Driver. The crowd was on their feet as Michelle had caught Allison in the middle of the ring with the devastating maneuver Sitting with her opponent's face between her thighs, Michelle looked down and finished, "And THIS is just because I hate your fucking guts."

Then she scooted forward and sat down, smothering Allison's upturned face in her perfect rump. Knowing in her heart that Allison was done for, Michelle nonetheless took precautions and reached down, hooking the blonde's limp right leg behind the knee and pulling it back towards her torso. Smiling sweetly as the official dropped into position, Michelle busted out a saucy grind of her hips as the zebra counted, "ONE... TWO... THR…NO!" Some way, somehow, Allison summoned the strength to buck Michelle off of her, breaking the count at the very last possible moment.

Howling in impotent fury, Michelle scrambled to her feet and stalked around the flattened blonde. Deep down she knew that there was something much more technical and much more appropriate she could use to hurt Allison, but at the moment she couldn't think up the right maneuver so she simply brought her heel up and then smashing down, stomping heartlessly on the back of Allison's neck. Sending the official away with a glance, Michelle regained her senses and peeled the blonde off the canvas. Sinking her fingers into Allison's hair, Michelle put her lips next to Allison's ear and cooed, "You know what I'm doing right now Allison? I'm RUINING you."

Attempting to follow through on her statement, Michelle slammed a knee into Allison's gut and trapped her in tight Front Face-Lock. Steadying her nerves, Michelle bent her knees in a deep crouch and then pushed straight up, lifting her whole body high off the mat. Using all her concentration to maintain her balance, the brunette held herself several feet in the air, body fully extended and nearly parallel to the mat. She held this position just long enough to let Allison think about what was coming and then she pistoned her knees in and fell backwards, taking the blonde off her feet and driving her face into the canvas with a brutal DDT that hit from several feet higher than it normally would. Allison was jerked off her feet and her forehead was driven into the mat like a tent spike, the power of the move actually standing her on her head for a second before she sprawled forward and landed on her back, looking up at the lights.

Sitting on her haunches, Michelle was about to go for the cover when Allison slowly rolled onto her side and started getting to her knees. Brushing hair out of her face, Michelle whispered, "Un-fucking-believable."

She rose with her woozy opponent. Applying another Front Face Lock on the semi-coherent blonde, Michelle panted, "I can keep this up all night honey." Then she crouched down and administered a second serving of the Leaping Implant DDT. This time when Allison's skull collided with the mat, she didn't try to get up, but that could have been because Michelle immediately scrabbled over to Allison and looped her arms around the blonde's head and right arm, tying her up in a Kneeling Front Face Lock.

Spreading her knees at a wide angle, Michelle scooted her legs back and leaned forward, putting the vast majority of her weight on Allison's head and upper body. Pulling up hard on the Face Lock, the brunette felt Allison begin to struggle so she compounded the blonde's misery by jerking her clasped hands back and forth across her opponent's chest. Leaning down and pulling up at the same time, Michelle kept up the painful maneuver for nearly fifteen seconds before she said forcefully, "Submit."

Replying in a torn, choking voice, Allison groaned, "Neh…never."

Preparing for her next move, Michelle replied, "Never's a longtime to deal with this Allison!"

She quickly flipped her whole body forward and landing on her toes, putting diabolical pressure on the blonde's neck and upper body. Pulling back on Allison's neck with everything she had, Michelle arched up in the bridge as far as she could, but for all the agony she was raining down on her nemesis, Allison would not concede the match. In fact, it was Michelle herself that gave Allison the opportunity she needed to escape the Face-Lock.

With Michelle's balance already sketchy thanks to the height of the bridge, all Allison needed to do was rock back and forth a few times and she was able to wrench free of the brunette's grip. Of course, the string of undefended fists she smashed into her opponent's temple probably didn't hurt her chances either. Finally free of the torturous predicament Michelle had put her in, Allison quickly rolled several feet away from her adversary and clutched at the back of her head, trying desperately to dull the vicious twinge that was creeping in at the base of her neck.

Getting back to her feet, Michelle could see that her strategy was finally starting to pay off. She might not be able to hurt Allison's body enough to finish her off, but as the old boxing adage went, 'kill the head and the body will die.' Michelle thought that Allison's head was still alive, but probably for not much longer. Stalking over to where the blonde was recovering, Michelle jerked her to her feet and backed her into the ropes.

Grabbing Allison by the wrist, Michelle glared into her face and said flatly, "I'm taking your head as a trophy."

Seeing the response starting to form on Allison's lips, Michelle cut her off by whipping her into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Moving to the middle of the squared circle, Michelle waited until Allison was within striking range and then slashed her right boot up, catching Allison across the chin with a Big Boot that made a crisp little 'THWAPP' sound in the confines of the arena. Well Allison's head stayed on her shoulders but it really didn't do her much good, cuz the moment she hit the mat, Michelle was right there to hoist her up with a handful of tights and hair.

Pulling the gutshot blonde in close, Michelle threaded right arm through Allison's legs while the left curled across her shoulders in preparation for another Trachtenberg Special. Catching her breath before the final lift, Michelle purred, "This time, you STAY dow…NNGGHHHH!"

The last word degenerated into a sort of anguished grunt, all thanks to the knee Allison had pulled back and then slammed up into the brunette's crotch. Michelle sagged noticeably and tried to pull away, but Allison shot a hand out and reeled her in by the neck.

Holding the moaning brunette's face scant inches from her own, Allison growled, "You tried to break my neck. I think breaking your back is an appropriate reprisal."

Allison maneuvered around beside Michelle and Before Michelle could wriggle free, Allison looped one hand between Michelle's legs while the other threaded its way around her captive's chin. Breathing hard, Allison lifted Michelle off the mat, draping the limber brunette across her shoulders, trapped in a sadistic Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold as hard as she could, Allison limped around the ring with Michelle writhing on her shoulders and screaming blindly into the lights. Bouncing the hold up and down, Allison contemplated keeping Michelle right there in the middle of the ring until she passed out, but Allison believed that tonight was about making statements; both to the audience and Michelle.

Nothing quite made a statement like what she had in mind for her wriggling opposition. Quieting her thoughts, Allison suddenly and violently pushed Michelle up off her shoulders and let her fall toward the mat in front of her. Just as Michelle began her descent, Allison dropped to one knee and simply waited for the small of Michelle's back to make contact with the joint. The Over the Knee Backbreaker brought another piercing shriek as the brunette was nearly bent in half.

Allison shoved her clear and let her go rolling limply across the canvas, watching Michelle pool bonelessly on the mat. She wanted to believe the brunette was down for the count, but she'd seen too many tapes of Michelle supposedly done for only to come back with a burst of energy and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. No, when Michelle did lose, it was because her opponent never let up! To a casual observer, it may have seemed Allison was piling on the hurt for no reason, but she knew as long as Michelle had ANYTHING left, she wasn't going to concede.

Letting that thought run through her head like a mantra, Allison limped over to Michelle and pulled the spaghetti-legged vixen to her feet. Standing beside her, Allison looked like she was going to say something and then decided against it at the last minute. Repeating the beginnings of her last maneuver, the blonde bent at the waist and looped one hand between the brunette's legs while the other found its way around her captives chin. Panting with the effort, Allison lifted Michelle off the mat, once again holding the brunette across her shoulders, in the insidious Torture Rack. Listening to the audience applaud and Michelle gurgle, Allison walked around the ring, displaying the bent vixen for all to see.

Bouncing up and down to add pressure to the hold, Allison roared, "SHE'S MINE!"

Bending her knees she surged upward releasing her grip on Michelle's chin while shifting her hold on the brunette's legs As Michelle fell, Allison wrapped both arms around Michelle's thighs and sat down, landing hard on the canvas. Allison had just connected with an ingenious Torture Rack to Sit-Out Powerbomb she often used to finish off her foes. The crowd nodded its approval for the innovative maneuver and they counted along with the blonde as the ref counted Michelle down. "ONE... TWO... THRE NO!" Michelle defied all logic and conventional wisdom by shooting a shoulder off the mat an eye blink before the 'THREE.'

Shoving Michelle’s hips away with a disgusted grimace, Allison clawed her way to her feet and saw that the brunette was centered perfectly in the middle of the ring. Stopping to consider the consequences of her actions, Allison damn well knew that hitting Michelle with anything from the top rope could cause serious internal injuries at this point, but she quelled those thoughts after only a second. After all, Michelle had shown no qualms about trying to wrench Allison's head off her shoulders so why the hell should she care if Michelle ended up with a ribcage squashed into so much worthless jelly?

With no discernible expression on her face, Allison wandered toward the nearest corner and slowly climbed to the top rope. Turning around to face the ring, she straightened up to her full height, raised her arms high over her head and then leapt out into the void. Seconds later, the Splash connected squarely across Michelle's battered midsection and the brunette flopped like a fish on the end of a spear. Allison rode this quivering out and held her prey in place, while the ref rushed in to make the count. Several folks in the audience counted along under their breath, fully expecting the match to end after Allison's latest attack so they were genuinely surprised when the tenacious Michelle was able to get a shoulder of the mat a half second before the 'THREE' was counted.

Shaking her head in exhausted frustration, Allison blinked tears out of her eyes and pushed slowly to her feet. Deciding there were only a few more things in her arsenal that could finish off Michelle for good, she elected to use the biggest gun she had left. Peeling the nearly unconscious brunette off the canvas, Allison backed her into the ropes and grabbed her by the wrist; chesting in close to her nemesis.

"No getting away this time Michelle,” Allison panted. “Everybody's gotta meet their deadline sooner or later, even you."

Then she whipped Michelle toward the ropes and waited for her to come stumbling back. When the brunette was close enough, Allison lunged forward, wrapping an arm across Michelle's chest and positioning another on her back. In the same instant she spun her hips, jumped and then fell to her knees, driving Michelle full length into the canvas with the Twisting Sidewalk Slam she called 'The Deadline.' The brunette hit the mat with sickening force, spasmed once and then lay still, her shallow breathing the only sign that she was even still alive.

Too tired to try anything fancy, Allison wearily draped herself over Michelle's chest, hooked the far leg and leaned back into the cover. Thinking of what a mercy it would be for this match to finally be over; the ref sank into position and counted off, "ONE... TWO... THR NO!" Mercy on both sides was going to be withheld for at least a few more minutes because Michelle rolled a shoulder off the mat.

Allison looked at the ref, frank incredulity in her eyes. She wanted to question the call, but when she saw the sick look on the zebra's face, she knew that it hadn't been a slow count. Shaking her head numbly, Allison sank her hands deep into Michelle's hair and pulled her to her feet. Standing face-to-face with the girl she now knew she hated more than any other, Allison pressed in tight against Michelle's chest and wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist. Locking her hands, Allison leaned back and pulled up, hauling Michelle up onto her hips and squeezing for all she was worth with the Bearhug.

It was probably good that the folks in the audience couldn't see the tears that were flowing openly down the faces of both girls, otherwise they'd have been screaming for the ref to stop the match. But the official was the only one privy to this scene and he chose to let it continue. Leaning her head on Michelle's shoulder, Allison pulled her victim in a little closer, a little tighter.

Trembling with disbelief, Allison locked eyes with Michelle and whispered, "You've got nothing left. Why don't you give?"

Fighting hard to draw a full breath, Michelle opened her eyes halfway and replied, "Because you would win."

Not satisfied with that answer, Allison squeezed even tighter, "I could really hurt you with this; you know that don't you?"

Breathing from her mouth, Michelle opened her eyes again and said, "I could do the same."

Before Allison could say anything else, Michelle snapped her head forward and bit down across the bridge of the blonde's nose. Allison's head was suddenly filled with blinding light, not to mention pain. She tried desperately to maintain the hold, but she feared Michelle would bite her nose off before she could gain a submission. With a scream of fury and despair, she pushed Michelle away, breaking the Bearhug and the insidious grip on her nose in one fell swoop.

Landing in a heap near the turnbuckles, Michelle thought that this could quite possibly be the worst beating she'd ever taken in a match; but somehow, the fight was still not over and that meant she could still win. Focusing on that thought like a beacon in the night, Michelle cleared her head and looked up. Her gaze immediately settled on the crippled blonde holding her nose and staggering around the ring. Michelle hoped that her last counter would keep Allison busy long enough for her to get some of her energy back, but that hope was dashed when Allison suddenly straightened up and glared directly towards the corner where Michelle was sprawled.

Michelle got to her feet and beckoned the blonde in with a ‘You want me bitch? Come and get me’ gesture.

Her face twisted in a primal expression of hatred, Allison dropped into a crouch and surged forward, intent on simply smashing Michelle into an unrecognizable paste smeared against the buckles. This carelessness ended up being her downfall because as she dove at Michelle, the brunette ducked out of the way and lashed a foot out at Allison's ankles. The fast moving blonde never had a chance to get her hands up before Michelle swept her feet out from under her and sent her tumbling face first into the middle turnbuckle. With Allison stretched out prone in the corner, Michelle found the energy to get back to her feet, then limp slowly to the opposite corner.

Keeping a close eye on her nemesis, Michelle whispered, "Time to even the score."

She took off towards the blonde in a shambling, drunken run, a quiet voice at the back of her mind asked, 'Are you sure you want to do this? You might win the match, but you could also hurt her. Hell, let's not lie. You could cripple her.' For the first and last time in her long career, Michelle said, "I really don't care." She meant every word!

Seconds later, Michelle left her feet in a high leap and pulled her knees in tight against her chest. As she started to come down, she shot her feet out and slammed them against the back of Allison's neck, smashing the blonde's defenseless face against the thinly padded turnbuckle. Contrary to what most might have thought, Allison did not scream or even go into a frenzy of spasmodic twitching. She just jerked once then lay still. Oblivious to everything else around her; Michelle rolled to her feet and grabbed Allison by both ankles. Working silently, she pulled the boneless blonde away from the corner, into the center of the ring and flipped her over onto her back.

Releasing her grip on Allison's feet, Michelle limped around behind her foe's head and knelt down, to pull her into a rough kneeling position. Still holding Allison's head in both hands, Michelle croaked, "Time to make you a quitter Allison."

She pulled the blonde's head back at an awkward angle and stepped forward, wedging Allison's head between her thighs and clamping them shut, applying an agonizing Standing Inverted Headscissors. Placing her hands on her thighs for balance, Michelle poured everything she had left into the hold, not only putting intense pressure on the blonde's head, but bending her neck to the limit AND as a final humiliating touch, neatly forcing Allison's nose deep into the crack of Michelle's ass.

Bouncing up and down on her heels, Michelle slapped at Allison's defenseless chest and screamed, "GIVE UP! GIVE UP RIGHT NOW OR I'LL SNAP YOUR FUCKING NECK!"

Trapped in the inescapable personal hell of the Headscissors, Allison clenched her eyes tightly shut and tried not to think about Michelle's cheeks buffing her face. Instead, she focused on the terrible pain in her neck. She didn't know what a broken neck might feel like, but she had an idea that this is what the BEGINNINGS of one could feel like. She held on for longer than anyone thought she could. She slapped, pushed, jerked and twisted against Michelle's thighs and rump; she even tried to bite down one the intruding cheeks, but found that she couldn't open her mouth because the pressure was too great. Finally, Allison realized that the situation was hopeless and that Michelle very well could end her career with the move. Hating herself for what she knew must be done, the breathless blonde reached up to Michelle's hip and slapped it three times, signaling her submission. Seeing Allison’s surrender, the ref called for the bell and pulled Michelle away from her.

As the Announcer declared her the winner, Michelle limped over to the turnbuckles, climbed to the middle rope and raised both hands high, saluting the redlining masses. After several seconds, the brunette lowered her arms and smiled cattily. Rubbing her bruised but victorious butt with both hands, Michelle told the crowd, "I've got a face to sit on."

As the mob egged her on, Michelle hopped down from the corner and turned around, only to find the ref helping a woozy looking Allison to her feet. The smile fading from her face, Michelle whispered, "Oh no you don't. We're not even close to done yet." She stalked forward and was about to grab the zebra by his shirt collar when a huge hand landed on her shoulder and pulled her back. Surprised and infuriated, Michelle whirled around with claws drawn only to find herself looking up into the face of one George Stark. Confused as to why Fannin's bodyguard was in the ring, Michelle panted, "What the fuck are you doing here George? I still got a score to settle in case you hadn't noticed."

Stark shook his head and replied, "It'll have to wait Michelle. Rich wants to see the two of you RIGHT NOW; and it's my job to make sure you both get to his office in one piece."

Vehemently denying the giant's words, Michelle snarled, "She HUMILIATED me after our last match and nearly killed me in this one! I DESERVE some time to pay her back!"

Keeping the same calm tone that always worked well for him, Stark said, "Last time I checked, her nose was pretty deep in your butt when the bell rang. I think that's humiliating enough. Now, are you going to come along peaceably or do I have to do the whole over the shoulder thing?"

Clenching her hands into tight, trembling fists, Michelle answered curtly. "Whatever."

Taking that as a yes, Stark walked passed the fuming brunette and shooed the referee away from Allison. Waiting until she was looking at him, George resumed his shtick. "Rich wants to see you both in his office right away Allison. Are you OK to walk back there yourself or do you need some help?"

Still getting her breath back, Allison shook her head 'no' and said, "I can do it George. Let's go quick though, I don't know how much more standing I can do tonight." She was about to say something else when she saw Michelle glaring at her. Eyes narrowing to hateful slits, Allison stepped to the side and said plainly, "This is NOT over."

Still quivering with rage, Michelle replied, "You're fuckin' right it's not!"

She looked like she was about to take another step forward so Stark got between them and said, "Easy ladies, there's been enough of that for the evening. Now let's go see what Fannin wants. He was not in a pleasant mood when I left and I don't want to make it any worse by keeping him waiting."

With that, he walked to the edge of the ring, held the ropes open and let first Michelle and then Allison slip through to the floor below. Quickly joining them on the floor, Richard Fannin's intermediary stayed between the two weary vixens as they headed up the ramp. The fans in attendance were left wondering just what was going to happen when they reached the back, and as luck would have it, they didn't have to wait very long.


In Voorhees Storeroom/Fannin's Office, 20 minutes later...

As it turned out, Fannin didn't want to see them right away; after all, the girls had been wrestling hard for nearly thirty minutes and contrary to the misguided belief of a lot of wrestling fans, two girls just stepping away from the heat of battle did not carry the most pleasing of aromas. Couple that with the size of the promoter's office and it was enough to convince Rich that his discussion with Allison and Michelle could wait until they'd both had a shower. So after making them swear not to lay a finger on one another, Stark shooed them into the locker room and waited outside the door, just in case either of them decided to go against their word. They didn't though, (George thought they might have been too tired to do any more fighting, at least for the next few hours) and after about fifteen minutes, both ladies emerged from steaming room, no less angry, but much less pungent.

His job almost done, Stark led them down the hall towards Fannin's nearly non-existent office and knocked quietly on the door. There was a moment of silence and then Fannin's voice called, "Come in."

Stark opened the door and leaned his massive frame into the tiny space. "I've got Allison and Michelle with me Rich."

Fannin put down the drink he'd been sipping from and replied, "Much obliged George, you can take the rest of the night off."

Stark stepped back and let Allison and Michelle file in past him. As they sat down in two chairs on the other side of the promoter's desk, the intermediary asked, "Are you sure you want me to leave? Neither of them is in the most pleasant of moods at the moment."

Fannin smiled grimly, "That makes three of us. Don't worry George, I think Michelle and Allison have enough decorum left in them to stay civil, or at least non-violent for a few more minutes." He trailed off for a moment and shifted his gaze to the blonde and the brunette. "Ladies, the last time you two were in my office, you nearly trashed the place. Can we not have a repeat performance tonight?"

Allison and Michelle glared resentfully at one another and then looked back at Rich. "I can wait." muttered Michelle.

"So can I." confirmed Allison.

"I'll trust you on that." said Fannin. Sighing heavily, he glanced up at George and said, "Thanks for bringing 'em here George. You can go, I'll make sure things don't get out of hand."

Stark nodded and answered, "Night boss." as he closed the door.

Now alone in the room with the two warring young women, Fannin sighed again, took a large sip from his drink and set it back down on the table. Looking at his visitors with an odd combination of anger and disappointment, Fannin started, "Congratulations, you've got a series tied at one apiece. Both of you put on a hell of a show tonight and for that you are to be commended. You probably don't know this yet, but the fans are literally screaming for round three, as are the folks on the message boards and the rest of the roster; nearly all of them were gathered around the monitors in the back tonight watching you guys beat the shit out of each other. I won't lie, I'm damn near on the edge of my seat to sign you guys for a third round..."

Michelle shifted in her seat and said quietly, "But there's a 'but' coming..."

Fannin nodded. "A colossal one in fact."

Taking a moment to find the right words, Rich took a deep breath and went on. "Everyone wants to see you two tear it up for a third time, but at this point I have absolutely no intention of doing so, based on your actions in the ring tonight."

Both girls leaned forward in their seats, surprise written all over their face. Trying to hide the anger in her voice, Allison asked, "What the hell are you talking about Rich? We fought a clean match all the way through."

"Bullshit you did. You may not have been slinging chairs and using the cheese graters but both of you were doing some totally dangerous and irresponsible things out there. By now you both should know that a feud like this, regardless of the personal feelings involved, is all about advancing your careers. You guys arrived tonight, tore the house down from bell to bell, but what I saw out there wasn't two girls trying to advance their careers, they were trying to end their opponent's, and that is something I won't tolerate. The two of you are among the best we've got on a very deep roster, I won't put you at risk by sticking you in the same ring if all you're going to do is try to cripple one another."

He stopped to breathe and then pointed at Michelle. "If I EVER see you deliberately stomp on a girl's neck again, I'll suspend you for thirty days without pay." His hand moved over to Allison. "And if you EVER spear a girl in the back, I'll suspend you too. There's no call for that sort of thing, there's plenty of ways for you to slam, stretch, strike and bend one another without causing any real injury. I pride myself on the fact that this promotion has never once had anything like a career threatening injury in its five-year history, and I'm not going to have that change now. So here are my terms; if you two want to settle this thing, you've gotta keep your emotions in check, at least enough to keep from killing one another. If you can promise me that, I'll sign a contract for the rubber match before you leave this office. If you can't, you'll never fight again, at least not where it can be on my conscience. And don't even think about talking to Chuck, cuz I already have and he agrees with me. So what do you say?"

They were both silent for a good fifteen seconds, apparently the bad feelings between them ran even deeper than Fannin had thought. Finally, Allison broke the silence by saying, "I agree. I beat her without putting her in a body cast once, I can do it again."

Michelle glanced over at the blonde and whispered, "Like hell you can." But then she looked to the promoter and said more clearly, "Fine. But don't try to keep us from settling this Rich. You can do a lot of things, but keeping us apart isn't one of them. Allison's got some time under my ass coming and I mean to see that she gets it."

Turning to glare at the brunette, Allison shot back, "You aren't gonna get that flabby ass anywhere near my face Michelle. Next time we go, it ends with me riding your nose into the sunset."

The blonde and the brunette were still in their chairs, but they were nose-to-nose and getting closer by the second. Just when it looked like they'd destroy Fannin's office a second time, the promoter cleared his throat and said, "Ladies, I've already finished up the yelling portion of my program and I don't want to revisit it. So calm down and look at me please."

They did so, albeit reluctantly, but when they turned to face the promoter, their attention was instead drawn to two objects' he'd just placed on the desk. One was a small velvet box, low and flat, the kind of box a ring or some other expensive piece of jewelry might come in. The other was a large drawstring bag, also made of velvet. There was something large and flat in the bag, but neither of them was sure of much beyond that.

Finding her voice first, Michelle looked curiously at Fannin and asked, "What's in the box Rich?"

Fannin smiled, and this time he looked to be in better spirits. Eyeing them both he said, "I meant what I said before about the two of you being some of our most valuable and hardworking talents. In the last year, you've had a combined record of more than seventy wins and only nine losses. And two of those losses were to one another. You both have been very good for the promotion and in turn I think the promotion should be good to you. That said, based on your performance tonight and your promise to not cripple and maim one another, I'm going to give you both something I think you'll like very much." He reached for the small box and opened it up. Inside on a dark red lining were two small strips of gold. One said MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG, the other ALLISON MACK.

Looking at the gold with open interest, Allison asked, "What are these for?"

Smiling again, Fannin reached into the bag and answered, "They're a smaller part of something much bigger. Unfortunately, there's only room for one name on it." He removed the object from the bag and laid it out on the table. Michelle and Allison both gasped aloud. It was a large gold belt, with a black leather strap. On the central gold panel, amidst a series of elaborate engravings were the words INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION. Below that was a small rectangular blank space, just the right size for one of those nameplates.

Getting the picture, Allison looked up and said, "You're introducing a new belt?"

Michelle had a follow up question, "And we're gonna be the first two competing for it?"

Fannin nodded, "Two for two. I'll be making the announcement in the next couple of weeks. Whichever of you wins the third match is going to be the first IC Champ in the company's history."

Allison was silent for a moment, glancing between Fannin, Michelle and the belt. Eventually she said, "I've still got a favor you owe me Rich and I think it's time to cash it in. Our third match needs a stipulation and I've got the perfect one in mind."

Before Rich could answer. Michelle snarled, "Stack the deck all you want Allison, I'll still kick your ass. That belt is coming home with ME."

Trying to keep the peace, Fannin interjected, "Let's hear her out before we start slinging the vitriol. What do you have in mind Allison?"

Staring a hole in the brunette (who was glaring right back by the way) Allison answered, "I want this arrogant little bitch in a Final Surrender Match."

Fannin arched his eyebrows. "Are you sure? There have only been three on this continent in the last five years. And none of them were very pleasant."

Michelle didn't know what the gimmick entailed, but she liked the sound of the word 'surrender' quite a lot. "How does it work?" she asked.

Going into wrestling geek mode, Rich explained, "It's a twist on the basic I Quit stipulation; the first woman to get three VERBAL submissions from her opponent is the winner. The twist lies in that only certain holds can garner a win. Those holds are chosen by the participants themselves and named before well before the match even begins. For example, in the Campbell / Doherty match, which was the last one as far as I know, Shannen named the Crotch Claw and Neve named the Figure Four Leg-Lock. So two of the three necessary falls had to be decided with those particular moves. The idea is to make your opponent submit, not only to your favorite hold, but her own as well."

Michelle took this in and then asked, "But that's only two, what about the third move?"

Continuing his lecture, Fannin answered, "The third move is still decided by each lady, but they pick one that's specific to them. Going back to the Campbell / Doherty match again, Shannen named the Breast Claw while Neve named the Reverse Face Sit. In the end of that one, Neve finished the match by making Shannen tap to the leg-lock, the crotch claw and the face sit, but not before Shannen made her submit to the both permutations of her claw." He looked to the brunette. "The challenge is out there Michelle. Do you accept?"

Instead of answering the promoter, Michelle turned her attention to Allison. Staring hard at the blonde, Michelle spat, "You think I can't beat you in a match like this? Fuck you, I accept! Name any move you want, I'll make you beg in all three of them!"

Not backing down an inch, Allison fired back, "Begging is more becoming of you Michelle. I'll make sure you do it loud enough for the whole world to hear. And after I've won the match, I'm gonna put that belt around my waist while I'm sitting on your face."

Nearly growling now, Michelle replied, "Dream on fat-ass."

The blonde looked like she was about to respond but then Fannin spoke up again. "Ladies, please calm down, you were doing so well. You've both agreed to the match so I'll draw up the contract later on tonight. In a few weeks, we'll do an interview and you can both name the holds you want to use in the match. Til then, keep your distance from one another; it'll make the build that much better. Do we understand each other?"

They looked to him and nodded tensely. "OK then, I think we're pretty much done for the evening. But just to make sure you don't tear into each other outside, I want Michelle to head out now and Allison can follow in five minutes. Everyone agreeable?"

Michelle nodded and stood up. Opening the door, she fired off a parting shot. "That belt and your ass have one thing in common Allison. They both belong to me." Then she slipped out into the hall and slammed the door behind her.

Allison watched the door for a few seconds and then turned back to Richard. "I may not break her bones Rich, but I'll sure as hell break her spirit. I'm gonna leave her spread out and used up. Trachtenberg is just the first name on a long list of my title defenses."

Smiling wanly, Fannin said, "I'm sure it'll be a great match." Reaching into one of his desk drawers, he pulled out a battered pack of card and added, "Now onto lighter fare. While we're waiting for that five minutes to run out, what say I take you to school with a few hands of Poker."

Allison shook her head and smiled. "You never learn do you boss man? Deal me in, you've got a lesson coming." So Rich did just that, and the five minutes quickly became ten, and the minutes became a few hours, but it didn't really bother either of them. After all, it had been a long day and everybody had the right to unwind. Sometimes a little Poker was all you needed.