Michelle Trachtenberg vs. Allison Mack by The Walkin’ Dude

Time: one week ago.
Place: The Torchwood Tavern, Statler Pennsylvania.
The penultimate match of the night had been over for a minute or so when the fans at Torchwood were privy to a very unusual occurrence; a crowd of ring crew types suddenly hit the squared circle and rolled out a large swath of red carpet that quickly covered the floor of the ring. From there, they slid a table into the ring, set it up in the center and then added the finishing touches, two folding chairs, one on either long side of the table. As the crew vacated the ring, one of the commentators got up from his place behind the desk at ringside and strode up the steel steps, a sheaf of papers in one hand and a mike in the other. Once in the ring, he tapped the mike to make sure it was working properly and once convinced, he turned his attention to the audience.

Grinning out at the mob he said, “Greetings and salutations to all of you here at the Torchwood Tavern and to all of you safely watching from the comfort of your web browses. For those of you who may be new to the program, I am J. Jack Flash, one half of the best broadcast team out there. And since I won a little off screen coin toss a few minutes ago, I get the pleasure of leaving the booth for a few moments to preside over the contract signing for the first ever Intercontinental Title match that will headline next week’s card in Haven Maine. Now aside from the championship implications, this contest will also serve as the rubber match for one of hottest feuds in recent memory, I am of course referring to the bad blood between Michelle Trachtenberg and Allison Mack. AND loyal viewers, if that wasn’t enticing enough to grab your attention, listen closely please. For only the third time in the history of this promotion, a match will be fought under ‘FINAL SURRENDER’ rules.

“For you uninitiated, a ‘final surrender match’ is basically a best three of five submissions only match, but with a twist; that being that only ‘specific submissions’ can be used. Each participant picks one of her favorite submissions as a deciding hold - for example, Michelle may choose a Figure Four Leglock and Allison might specify the Canadian Backbreaker. Both ladies will have to use both holds to geet two of their three required submissions. And no using the same hold twice, one of the hooks here is that they have to beat their opponent with a move she normally wouldn’t use. For the third submission, each lady will specify another hold unique to her which her opponent can’t use at any time! So if Michelle specified Boston Crab, she’d have to win the match making Allison tap to the Crab, the Figure Four and the Canadian Backbreaker. Conversely, if Allison chose the Camel Clutch as her second hold, she could only win the Clutch, a Figure Four and Canadian Backbreaker. Confused? Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz. All you need to know is whoever wins the IC Title will have forced her nemesis tap three times during the match.”

Then without further adieu, he intoned, “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s bring out the participants! Allow me to introduce first …Missss Michelllllle Trachtenberg!”

‘Little Sister’ begins to play in the tavern and the slender brunette wastes little time in throwing back the curtain and making her presence felt. Clad in skin-tight black vinyl pants and a simple white tank-top, Michelle flashes the crowd a knowing smile as she saunters to the ring and climbs the steel steps. Once inside, she greets Flash and takes the seat facing the entry ramp so she can observe the arrival of her opposition.

When after her music cut out, Flash rumbled, “And her opponent; I give you, Alllllllison MACK!”

‘Fly From the Inside’ rumbles through the speakers and shortly thereafter, the curvy blonde dynamo makes her appearance at the top of the ramp. For the contract signing, Allison’s clad as she usually is, in a hip-hugging pair of faded jeans and a short sleeved grey T-Shirt emblazoned with a slightly modified ‘Mack Truck’ logo. Smiling to fans and detractors alike, the blonde strides down the ramp, climbs the steps and enters the ring without once letting her eyes leave Michelle. After exchanging pleasantries with Flash, she takes the seat on the opposite side of the table and favors the brunette with a sweetly insincere smile that Michelle returns with equally sugary malice.

Taking note of the sky-rocketing tension in the ring, Flash chose his words carefully as, addressing both competitors, he asked, “Ladies, you’ve had several weeks to decide which holds you want to utilize. Are you ready to let the world know what they are?” Michelle and Allison barely glance at him, giving him little more than a terse nod as they continue staring holes in one another. “Ohhhkayyy...” muttered Flash. “Michelle, you’re up; what’s your first choice?”

Helping herself to one of the two mikes on the table, Michelle smiled as she replied, “Simple Flash; same move I’ve already made this doughy little girl tap out to…a simple, no bullshit…Headscissors.”

Casting his gaze towards the blonde, Flash asked, “Any objections Allison?”

Smirking, Allison grabbed the last mic and replied, “None at all Flash! Michelle’s legs couldn’t bend a Thigh-Master. It’ll be my pleasure to squeeze her ‘til she cries.”

Before the commentator could continue, Michelle sneered, “Not fuckin’ likely, slut!”

Smiling despite the tension, Flash tried to keep things civil. “Language ladies! There may be kiddies watching at home on their parents big screen, HDTV. Now Allison, what’s your poison of choice?”

Glaring daggers at the brunette on the opposite side of the table, Allison answered, “Michelle likes to talk about how limber and flexible she is, let’s see how it takes me to break her in the Torture Rack.”

Flash raised an eyebrow, that wasn’t what he’d been expecting. Turning to the brunette he said, “Very nice. Michelle, you got any problem with that?”

She shook her head, “That bitch can name any move she wants; it won’t save her. She’s gonna feel pretty pathetic when I make her tap to her own move.”

Leaning forward in her seat, Allison fired back, “Keep dreaming Michelle; you couldn’t break a sweat, let alone me. Your ass is mine!”

Michelle leaned forward and the two young women went nose-to-nose, “Funny you should say that slut. Because my final hold is the Reverse Face Sit. Sounds like my ass IS gonna be yours, but not the way you want…unless you really are the ho the locker room makes you out to be!”

Fearing that things would come to blows between the ladies (Fannin had been very firm that they weren’t to lay a hand on one another) Flash interrupted with, “Whoa, whoa, whoa ladies; let’s keep it civil for at least a few more minutes. Now Allison, let’s hear your last choice.”

Still sending truckloads of bad karma in Michelle’s direction, Allison replied, “No contest Flash. It’s the same move that’s reduced this cocky bitch to a sobbing, blubbering quitter any time I step into the ring with her, the Bear Hug. Hope your scrawny little middle is ready for some punishment Michelle.”

Michelle finally had enough of the blonde’s taunting and she shot up from her seat and stormed around the table just in time to meet Allison getting out of her chair. With less than an inch separating her from her rival, Michelle whispered, “Don’t worry about me Allison. I’m more than ready to take all the punishment you can dish out and I’ll give it back with interest. I’m gonna show all these people that there’s only one ‘blubbering quitter’ in this ring and I’ll be sitting on her face when the referee hands me MY Intercontinental Title.”

Her pretty face set in a cold, hard glare, Allison spat, “You’re delusional Michelle. You’ve gotten so lucky for so long you’re actually starting to believe your own hype. Listen very carefully. I am not Scarlett Johansson; I am not Natalie Dormer, Lacey Chabert, Brittany Snow or anyone else you skirted by in the past. I’m Allison Mack and I’m going to BREAK you before I take what is rightfully mine.”

Michelle stepped forward, their noses touching and snapped, “Not if I break you first!”

Not backing down for an instant, Allison fired, “Take your best shot bitch; I’ll gladly end this a week early.”

Michelle shook her head ‘no.’ and purred, “I could end you like THAT!” she snapped her fingers. “But every second you stew and fret about what I’m going to do to you only makes kicking your fat ass all the satisfying. See you in the ring Allison.”

With one last smile, the brunette spun around, scribbled her signature on contract and headed back up the ramp. Watching her exit, Allison murmured, “All you’ve done is give me more time to savor the anticipation, Michelle. Sweet as it is, it won’t be nearly as nice as the deed itself.”

She signed her name to the contract, then made her exit amidst the buzzing and chirping of the crowd. Suddenly alone, Flash picked up the contract and nodded. “Well, that went as well as could be expected. OK folks, our Main Event is up next. As for the IC Title match, follow us to our brand new ‘Whispering Woods Lodge’ outside Haven Maine next week and see what happens. Til then, this is J. Jack Flash saying, ‘Good fight and good night…’.”
Time: exactly one week later. Place: The Whispering Woods Lodge, Haven Maine…

The hour had grown late and the raucous crowd in the dining hall of the lodge was eager for the main event. Perhaps that’s why the announcer got a bigger pop than usual when he climbed the steps and slipped into the center of the squared circle. Bringing the mike to his lips he exclaimed, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event. The following contest is a ‘FINAL SURRENDER’ match for the Intercontinental Title! Introducing first, Introducing first, she stands 5’5” tall, I give to you…. Allison Mack!”

Fly From the Inside begins to pulse through the cavernous space just as Allison pushes the curtain aside. As per usual, the blonde is sporting a big grin as she heads down the aisle, slapping hands with her fans, getting herself psyched up for the not only the first title match in her career, but the biggest grudge match as well. For her third and presumably final battle with Michelle, Allison deviated from her typical lavender attire and instead chose a simple but by no means unflattering black bikini showing off both her powerful legs and phenomenally strong upper body. Her boots and pads are the same flat black, going nicely with her pale complexion and the bobbed cut of her blonde hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, she climbs in through the middle rope and poses for the audience one more time before settling down and heading to her corner.

When the cheers for Allison died down, the Announcer continued, “And her opponent, she stands at 5’7”, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Michelle Trachtenberg!” The distinctive opening to Little Sister pours through the speakers and the brunette bombshell breezes through the curtain shortly thereafter, allowing the good folks of Haven their first look at her. Standing atop the ramp, Michelle was a sight to behold. Her lean form was clad in a revealing 2-piece black bikini that stood out in wonderful contrast to her pale complexion. Her gear was rounded out with matching knee and elbow pads and short white boots. Giving the folks in the audience a quick pose, Michelle flipped her auburn hair over her shoulder and started towards the ring, moving with a competitive bounce in her step as she slapped hands with the folks at ringside. Reaching the apron, she slid under the bottom rope and popped to her feet, flashing that perfect grin once more before heading to her corner.

DING! DING! DING! Both women shot out of their corners toward the center of the ring. They weren’t exactly charging one another, but they sure as hell weren’t strolling either. In seconds, they were within striking distance and only then did the two title contenders stop.

Glaring at her blonde foe with undisguised hate in her eyes, Michelle’s voice was curiously calm as she said, “Finally. It took more than a year to do it, but I’ve finally got you right where I want you.” She paused and took a step forward, tilting her head ever-so-slightly downward to keep her eyes level with Allison’s. “I’m going to use you up tonight Mack; years are coming off your career, and the Intercontinental Title will only be PART of my reward! Get ready to find the quitter inside Alli, cuz I’m dragging that stubborn, arrogant bitch into the light kicking and screaming.”

Michelle smiled a second, then the smile was replaced by a cold, implacable stare but, brushing off the brunette’s threat, Allison stepped forward, bringing the two beauties nose-to-nose. Finding her voice, the curvy blonde replied, “I hate to tell you this Michelle, but you’re going to find out there’s no quitter in me. Oh, you made me submit, but I didn’t quit. I’m still here and ready to take anything you can dish out. And when you’ve exhausted every possible reserve, I’ll finish you off. You may take years off my career tonight, but yours is going to be over by the time the bell rings again.”

Michelle shook her head in silent denial. “No chance in hell Allison. The only way this night is going to end is with me perched on your face, bumping and grinding away while I drape that shiny new belt over my shoulder.”

Now it was Allison’s turn to shake HER head. “That belt comes home with me Trachtenberg. But I promise to wipe enough of the blood, sweat and TEARS out of your eyes so you can watch me snap it around my waist. Of course, you can try to take it from me, in fact, I want you to try. It’ll be much more satisfying to step over you on my way to the title.”

Deciding it was almost time for the words to end, Michelle whispered, “We’ll see who gets stepped on.”

Even as she was throwing out her barb, the slender brunette was bringing her arms up and lunging forward, engaging in the first skirmish of this war with a simple Collar and Elbow Lock-Up. Hoping to negate Allison’s strength advantage with nothing more than surprise and quickness, Michelle bent her knees and surged forward, doggedly bull-rushing her shorter rival on a diagonal path that would force her back into the nearest turnbuckles. Michelle was within feet of smearing the blonde against the buckles when Allison planted her feet, bore down and stopped her progress in its tracks.

Before Michelle could do little more than let out an irritated grunt, Allison jerked her hips to the left, reversing their positions. As Michelle stumbled to regain her footing, Allison surged forward, sending Michelle backpedaling across the mat until her back met the steady, uncomfortable resistance of the opposite turnbuckles. The instant Michelle hit the buckles; the blonde released her half of the clinch, bent to grab the middle rope on either side of Michelle and, rearing back, Allison rocked up on her heel and hammered forward, driving her shoulder into Michelle’s belly button!

The lithe vixen doubled up as the air rushed out of her; she tried to draw another breath into her lungs, but Mack put a stop to that by resetting her footing and pouncing forward three more times, impaling the brunette’s tight midsection with a monotonously evil-sounding, ‘SMEK… SMEK… SMEK!’ Starting to feel lightheaded from a lack of air in her lungs, Michelle fought down the first gnawing threads of panic and steadied her thoughts. Seeking an opportunity to escape, Michelle’s prayers were answered when the blonde stepped back to line up for another serving of Michelle’s ribs.

Moving with viper-speed, the brunette brought her hands up and placed them flat against the small of Allison’s back. Curving her fingers, she raked her hands forward, leaving a series of eight parallel red welts down the length of her foes back. Smiling slightly as Allison shrieked and fell to one knee, Michelle pushed out of the corner and drove her right knee up, catching Allison flush across the chin with the broad part of her thigh. The sturdy blonde let out a stunned ‘UNGGH’ as she was straightened up by the force of her nemesis’ strike.

Watching carefully as the blonde reeled back on her heels; Michelle couldn’t help herself as she taunted, “Not going down after the first shot? I’m surprised at you Allison!”

With only a few feet between them, Michelle only needed to take a single step forward before leaving her feet in a brisk vertical leap that culminated in her tucking her knees into her chest and pistoning them out to catch Allison across the breasts with a Standing Dropkick. Michelle was too busy controlling her landing to confirm that Allison had been knocked off her feet, but she assumed the blonde had been left horizontal; there weren’t many girls in the promotion that could stand to a Trachtenberg Dropkick. Imagine then, the brunette’s chagrin when she rolled to one knee and saw a stunned and staggered but still upright Allison trying to regain her equilibrium.

Her smile vanishing, Michelle sneered, “There’s that stubborn bitch I was talking about!”

Michelle took a little running start before leaving her feet this time; the extra second supposedly to give her the momentum she needed to send Allison crashing to the canvas - which it very well may have done, but it also gave Allison time to clear her head. As Michelle’s boots sped toward her face, Allison thrust her arms up and slapped the Dropkick aside, leaving Michelle to land awkwardly on the mat without hitting much of anything.

Tucking a stray hair behind her ear as the brunette got to her feet, Allison locked eyes with Michelle and said softly, “You’ll have to do better than that!”

Dark eyes narrowing to slits, Michelle replied, “I intend to.”

Springing at Allison with claws extended, the limber grappler snaked both arms around her blonde foe’s head and yanked her down into a tight Side Headlock. Ignoring the slaps Allison was directing at her biceps and hips, Michelle clenched up on the hold for another second or two and then swiftly transitioned to a Front Facelock. Rudely massaging Allison’s skull with her right arm, the brunette used her unencumbered left hand to fire short, sharp rabbit-punches into the blonde’s kidney.

Peppering Allison’s undercarriage with a half-dozen hard punches, Michelle raked her nails down the pale expanse of her foe’s back once more and asked, “You feel this Allison? This is just the beginning. You’re going to bleed buckets before this match is over.”

Wincing as the brunette continued scored her back, Allison spat, “If that’s all it takes to beat you, then so be it.”

Refusing to let her nemesis treat her like a scratching post any more, Allison wrapped both arms around Michelle’s waist and clasped her hands across the small of the brunette’s back. With nothing more than a low groan of exertion, Allison bent her knees and lifted straight up, hoisting a surprised Michelle a good four inches off the mat. Pointing them both toward what she believed to be the nearest side of the ring. Allison clomped forward until she felt the cables brushing Michelle’s back. Returning the brunette to the mat, Allison released her grip around the taller girl’s waist and grabbed the middle rope in both hands. Even as the ref was forcing Michelle to break her Facelock, Allison dove forward, pounding her shoulder into the brunette’s abs. Ignoring the official’s admonition, Allison was far more interested in Michelle’s reaction.

Sucking wind after the unprotected shot to her belly, Michelle was far from thrilled. As her lungs started to refill, she straightened up and stalked forward, blatantly chesting into her shorter adversary. Glaring into Allison’s eyes with unabashed disdain, Michelle sneered, “A cheap shot? Why am I not surprised? Coming from a desperate skank like you, I should’ve been ready for those shady, pathetic tactics.”

Refusing to budge one iota, Allison ground forward and fired back, “I’m pathetic and desperate? The first time we fought you were literally BEGGING me to get off your face when the fight was over. If there’s anything more pathetic and desperate than you sobbing ‘gheddobbbmyfaazAwwisshhhon!’ I don’t know what it is.”

Loathing the memory of her loss to Allison almost as much as the blonde herself, Michelle sneered, “I can think of one thing more pathetic. How about a beaten blonde skag that manages to weasel her way out of the ass smother she so richly deserves by hiding behind the bosses hired muscle? How did you pull that one off by the way dear? Did you promise ol' George a good time in the broom closet? Or did you go high class and upgrade him to the back of your car? I always knew that behind that corn-fed good girl façade you were a sleazy, five dollar a bang wh…AARRGGH!”

Michelle’s inquiry was cut off as Allison absolutely pasted her across the mouth with a forehand slap that sent the brunette stumbling out to mid-ring. Advancing slowly on her dazed rival, Allison growled, “You’re one to accuse anyone else of unprofessional ethics Michelle. Tell me; are the locker room rumors about you true? Are you really under the announce table for the first half of every card? I guess that would explain why those guys are always putting you over, not to mention your terrible promo skil…UNNGHH!”

Michelle flared up and cracked the blonde across the cheek with a Backhand that snapped her head a full 90-degrees. As hate burned in her eyes, she walked down her stunned opponent and doubled her up with a callous Toe Kick to the belly.

Standing to the blonde’s left, Michelle snarled, “I earned my spot on this roster by being the best there fucking is. Rumors aside, you’ll believe every word I say after I’ve made you my bitch this evening.”

Allison didn’t respond as Michelle backed up half a dozen steps, then sprinted forward and snapped her right leg up, catching Allison across the chin with the point of her knee. Allison was rocked up on her toes by the force of the Knee Lift and her strong legs finally came unhinged, forcing her to drop to one knee. Inwardly cheering the beautiful shot, Michelle turned on her heel and strode over to where Allison was cradling her aching head. Yanking the blonde up with a handful of hair, Michelle shifted her handhold to Allison’s left wrist and sent her careening into the ropes. Setting her feet in an oft-practiced stance, Michelle waited until Allison was less than three feet away before swinging her right leg up in a looping arc aimed directly at her victim’s chin.

Sadly, Allison’s chin suddenly changed position as the formerly groggy blonde dipped under the kick just long enough to catch the coltish limb across her shoulder. Standing up straight, Allison shot out her other hand and grabbed the brunette’s hip, helping to keep the brunette upright, but at an awkward angle. Staring into Michelle’s eyes, Allison hissed, “You’re the one destined for bitch-hood tonight Michelle. And I’ll make you say it before you leave this ring. No, better yet, I’ll make you BELIEVE IT.”

Avoiding Michelle’s frantic swipes at her face, Allison hoisted the brunette off her feet, held her aloft for a second, then slammed her down to the canvas with an oddly modified Powerbomb that still managed to fold the slender grappler in half! Flashing her trademark megawatt smile as Michelle lay quivering at her feet, Allison didn’t bother to speak, just glanced at the belt laying on the timekeepers table as she swiped her hands back and forth at her waist. Even the drunkest among the mob got the message loud and clear!

Turning her attention back to Michelle, Allison Hairhauled the long-haired beauty up off the mat, marched her over to the edge of the ring and stretched Michelle’s arms out at both sides. “I’m so glad the fans asked for this to be ‘no disqualification’; if not, I may feel really guilty about what I’m about to do! Or maybe not!” Allison stepped back and then charged forward, SMACK, and slammed her extended left arm just above Michelle’s breasts. The Clothesline took the lithe beauty off her feet, dumped her backward over the top rope and sent her sprawling in a heap to the cement floor below. Not really hearing the applause of the audience, Allison stepped over the middle rope and hopped down to join her injured adversary on the floor. Ignoring the demand of the ref to ‘Git it back in the ring’ Allison sank her hands in Michelle’s chestnut mane and pulled the dazed brunette up off the floor. Smiling sweetly into her opponent’s face, Allison said, “Here’s where that ‘NO DQ’ stip comes in handy.”

Reaching between Michelle’s rubbery legs, Allison grabbed Michelle’s butt with one hand and threaded her other arm over her shoulder. With a grunt, she picked Michelle up and held her chest high as she slowly turned in a half-circle, lining up the small of Michelle’s back with the steel corner post.

“Would you believe I can do this as often as I want? By the time I’m done, you’ll be as spineless as I knew you were.” Allison tightened her grip on Michelle, then lunged forward. THUD! Michelle’s back smacked the unforgiving steel upright and she let out a groan. Shaking her head ‘no’ Allison muttered, “Nope, not good enough.” She backed up two steps, then ran three steps forward. THUD! Michelle’s back molded around the post and this time she choked out a soft sob. With a grim smile on her face, Allison nodded, “Nice. But I know you can do better.” Again she backed up, ran forward and THUD Michelle’s spine bent in a crude ‘U’ around the immobile post. She gasped louder this time, but still the brunette wouldn’t cry out. Her eyes glittering with a cruelty she didn’t often possess, Allison licked her lips and smiled. “Almost there.”

She pulled Michelle off the post, backed up until her back was against the guardrail, then she charged forward. This time, she didn’t stop until she’d nearly broken the brunette in two on the steel upright. Michelle’s resolve was shattered and she let loose with a high, wavering scream and her limp body almost dribbled out of the blonde’s clutches.

But Allison wasnt’ going to let Michelle off so easily! She snugged the bonelessly limp brunette to her chest and muscled her back into the ring under the bottom rope. Sliding under the lowest cable, Allison popped to her feet and stalked over to her crippled foe. Dropping to one knee, Allison peeled Michelle off the mat and held her up on spaghetti legs; the limp vixen’s face less than an inch from hers.

Allison promised, “I am going to BREAK YOUR BACK Trachtenberg. Either physically or spiritually, whichever comes first.” Allison slipped around beside Michelle looped one hand between Michelle’s legs and the other over her shoulder under her victim’s chin. Grinning, Allison lifted Michelle, draped the hapless brunette across her broad shoulders in a sadistic Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold with all her considerable strength, Allison bounced around the ring with Michelle writhing on her shoulders; screaming wildly up at the overhead lights. Bouncing up and down, Allison kept well away from the ropes as she tried her damnedest to snap Michelle into two equally agonized pieces. Digging her fingers into the brunette’s chin and thigh, Allison panted, “You can’t get out of this Michelle. I know I called you a bitch earlier, but I never called you a STUPID bitch. But that’s exactly what you’ll be if you don’t submit right now!”

Biting her tongue to keep from screaming any more, Michelle hated to acknowledge the logic in her opponent’s statement, but she had no choice. If she didn’t get out of the Torture Rack in the next minute or so, there’ be no way she’d ever be able to force three submissions out of the blonde. Nodding almost imperceptibly, Michelle gasped softly, “I... I give!”

Allison waited until the ref signaled for the bell and when it rang, she dumped Michelle off her shoulders onto the canvas where she lay curled up in a mewling pile. Pumping her fist, Allison stalked around her recovering opponent and waited for Michelle to get her feet under her. When the brunette finally pushed herself to one knee, Allison sprinted forward and snapped her boot up, catching the slender vixen across the cheek with a Big Boot that sent Michelle flopping back to the canvas like a puppet with the strings cut. When she’d regained her balance, Allison walked over to Michelle and took her place above her opponent’s slowly rising chest and belly.

Surveying her runway, Allison said, “One down Michelle; two to go!” Sinking into a slight crouch, she soared into the air with a beautiful Vertical Keap that culminated with her comng down with her full weight across Michelle’s belly. As she hit the Body Splash Allison felt Michelle’s body go limp beneath hers. Allison licked her lips and cooed, “I can feel the quit pouring out of you Michelle, but there’s still a lot left. I’m going to wring every last drop of it from you…”

Lifting up off Michelle’s sweat-tacky tummy, Allison got to her feet and hoisted Michelle to hers by her roots, Allison held Michelle swaying on her feet, then yanked her close with their noses mere inches apart. Allison said softly, “You made one he mistake in agreeing to this match Michelle; you assumed you hated me much more than I hated you. But that’s not the case. I don’t think there’s anyone throughout my career that I ever loathed as much as you. And I have a confession make… I really, REALLY enjoy hurting you.”

Allison jerked her head forward and drilled Michelle across the bridge of the nose with a Headbutt. As Michelle’s legs went limp, Allison threaded a hand up between the brunette’s legs and lifted her off the canvas, muscling the taller girl over her shoulder like an oversized sack of potatoes. Scanning the squared circle for an appropriate bullseye for her new dart, the blonde’s eyes lit up when her gaze came to the top turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring.

Licking her lips, Allison muttered, “Perfect” as she shifted her burden the tiniest bit to position Michelle better for what she was about to attempt. Tightening her grip, Allison tensed her whole frame, then sprinted for the corner, aiming to drop Michelle face-first across the buckle in a potentially neck-snapping Snake Eyes.

But Allison’s attack ran into a little problem when both ladies were still several feet from the corner. Michelle started squirming on the blonde’s shoulder and was able to wrench herself free of Allison’s grip. Michelle dropped behind Allison, landing nimbly on her feet. Allison tried to put the brakes on her charge, but Michelle planted both hands on her back and pushed as hard as she could, sending the smaller beauty careening chest-first into the thinly padded turnbuckles. Allison let out a pained groan as the impact with the turnbuckle took her breath away. She didn’t fall, but her legs developed a visible quiver as she staggered back with both hands crossed over her mashed mammaries.

More than aware of Allison’s distress Michelle secured a savage grip on Allison’s hair and bent her backward, forcing the shorter girl’s chin under the crook of her armpit. Wrenching her grip from side to side, Michelle grabbed a handful of black tights and spat, “My turn to confess Alli, I LOVE hurting you too!” She sat out, driving the back of Allison’s head and shoulders into the canvas with a scathing Reverse DDT.

Allison groaned as she rolled over onto her side, holding the back of her head with both hands. Her attempt to cover up was in vain as Michelle was in no mood for a reprieve. Running on an interesting combination of adrenaline and indignant fury, Michelle rolled to one knee and got to her feet. Setting herself in a tense, expectant crouch behind Allison, Michelle motioned for the blonde to start moving, silently begging her to rise so she could end the match properly. After several seconds, Allison flopped onto her belly and as she got her feet under her, Michelle backed up a half step and fired her right leg up and out - smashing the sole of her boot against the point of Allison’s chin with a Super Kick that CLAP echoed throughout the arena!

Allison’s head snapped back and her eyes glazed over, but before she fell to the mat, Michelle grabbed her by the head and pulled her forward doubled over. Snuggling in close, Michelle trapped Allison in a tight Front Facelock, and set her feet like she was preparing to plant Allison with a DDT. But in the midst of her fall to the canvas, Michelle raised her free arm and brought it her elbow smashing down on the back of Allison’s neck. The elbow strike combined with her momentum, didn’t so much pull Allison off her feet as yank her straight down face-first into the mat. She hit with Michelle’s elbow still painfully on her neck. Michelle had just reintroduced Allison to the Finishing Touch, a move patented by Selma Blair and appropriated into Michelle’s arsenal several months ago.

Sitting up on the mat, Michelle ran a hand through her hair and took stock of the situation. She knew from the throbbing pain in the small of her back that Allison had done some serious damage, but she also knew that the blonde grappler was little better than helpless and that made everything seem much less dire. Her dark eyes almost glowing with malicious intent, Michelle got to her feet and stalked over to the turnbuckle. The tide of battle had started to turn! Ignoring the referee’s drone, Michelle went to work on the top turnbuckle, ripping and tearing at the tough material for some as of yet unannounced, but certainly diabolical reason. Snarling at the resilient padding, the brunette whispered, “C’mon you stupid…” she gave a final jerk and the pad came free in her hands, leaving nothing but a dull metal rung to hold the ropes together. Smiling, Michelle tossed the padding aside and said, “That’s more like it!”

Michelle sauntered over to the flattened blond, buried her claws in Allison’s hair and Hairhauled her to her feet. Marching the woozy grappler into the corner, Michelle forced Allison to bend double with her forehead against the exposed metal of the turnbuckle. Slowly grinding her forehead back and forth, Michelle purred, “I said you were going to bleed buckets tonight Allison. This is just the beginning! I hope for your sake that no one close to you is watching right now, because this is going to get nasty.”

Michelle set her lips in a cold, emotionless line as she worked Allison’s head back at an awkward angle. She held that position for a second before she drove the blonde’s head down BWUNG! Allison’s forehead hit the unprotected metal and a shudder ran through her whole frame. Not yet close to satisfied, Michelle pulled her head up and back, then repeated the tactic BWUNG! This time when Michelle pulled Allison’s head away, there was a cut just below her hairline on the left side of her face. Smiling wickedly, Michelle said, “THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

She slammed her victim’s face down a third time BWUNG! This time when Michelle peeled her foe’s face away from the buckle, the cut was bleeding a little more, but still not enough to satisfy the brunette’s lust for revenge. Discarding her pervious strategy, Michelle sneered, “Screw this methodical crap. I want to see you bleed and I want to see it NOW!”

Michelle went into overdrive, banging Allison’s forehead into the exposed steel in a wild fury. Soon the arena was echoing with the hollowly evil BWUNG BWUNG BWUNG! Michelle didn’t stop until Allison wore the proverbial ‘crimson mask’ as blood streamed down the blonde’s forehead into her eyes. Tossing the gut-shot blonde aside, Michelle climbed to the second turnbuckle, posed for the crowd and asked, “You like that? That’s the work of a champion in the making!”

Coasting on a mingled tide of cheers and boos, Michelle hopped down and stalked back over to her battered nemesis. Without a word, Michelle pulled Allison to her feet and trapped her in a tight Front Facelock which she held for just a moment, then, ever so slowly, a cruel smile broke out across her face.

“When this match is over, I bet Rich will have the canvas cut up into little squares and sold off on the website. The pieces stained with your blood will draw a higher amount of course, not sure why though, maybe loser’s blood is in high demand among wrestling fans.” Her words were still hanging in the air when Michelle drove herself back and down with all the hate she could, pinning Allison’s forehead to the canvas with a skull shattering DDT.

Getting slowly to her feet, Michelle thought about applying the Headscissors right then, but she decided there was probably still some gas in Allison’s tank and she wanted to be sure the blonde was running on empty before she sent her to the scrap heap. Yanking Allison to her feet, Michelle stood in front of her, holding the dazed blonde by her top with one hand while the other under her chin kept Allison’s head from slumping into the depths of her own cleavage. Jostling Allison’s head left and right, Michelle waited until there was a spark of recognition in her opponent’s eyes.

“That belt is mine Allison Allison. The fact that I get to batter you into so much wreckage to lay claim to it will make my win all that much more satisfying. As much as I want to CHOKE you out, I’m hoping you’re still awake when the bell rings because I want you to see and understand what I already know. I want you to know that I’m better than you and always have been. Most of all I want you to know that you will NEVER get another opportunity to face me for MY title.”

Not giving Allison get a chance to reply, Michelle released her hand-hold on the blonde’s head and TAGGED her with several brutally stiff, achingly disrespectful Bitch-slaps that rocked Allison’s head violently back and forth. After a good baker’s dozen Bitch-slaps, Michelle drove her knee deep into Allison’s groin…just because it made her forget the pain in her back momentarily!. Catching her boneless victim in another Front Facelock, Michelle didn’t even hold the position for a second before dropping back for a second DDT. When Allison’s skull hit the canvas BONK, both the crowd and the referee began to implore Michelle to go for the submission. But she still wasn’t satisfied. Rising to her knees, the brunette ran a finger along Allison’s forehead, coating the tip of her finger in bright red. Ignoring all medical logic, Michelle licked Allison’s blood off her finger, smiled and said, “You taste even better than Scarlett.”

Allison only groaned and rolled over on her side, Michelle grabbed a handful of her victim’s trunks and scraped her off the canvas. Whirling the blonde around to face her, Michelle booted Allison in the gut and trapped her in a Front Facelock. In the same breath, Michelle fell back, using all her weight and momentum to spike the top of Allison’s skull into the mat with a third DDT. Allison let out a loud groan and flopped onto her back, unable to do anything other than breath and sob into the hot lights of the arena. Getting her knees under her, Michelle scrambled over to where her foe was puddled and sat by her head.

Pulling the semi-conscious blonde onto her back, Michelle lifted Allison’s head off the mat and then extended her legs on either side of her nemesis’ sweat soaked head. Clamping her thighs shut, Michelle crossed her ankles and began to squeeze. Reaching behind her, she placed her palms on the mat and pushed up, rocking up and down on her butt to add pressure. Allison’s already red face began to take on a deeper crimson hue as Michelle cinched in one of her all time favorite submissions. Allison tried to Claw Michelle’s thighs, but the limber brunette just rocked harder, her heels digging into Allison’s groin. Tired of being down a fall, Michelle poured everything into the Headscissors.

In seconds, all the lean muscles of her legs standing out visibly as she applied sadistic pressure to Allison’s head and neck with little more than her own thighs. And just to get under her rival’s skin, the brunette paired them with another hardhearted tactic. Bringing her right hand off the mat, Michelle leaned forward and clamped her talons on the swell of Allison’s right breast. Almost delirious with anticipation, Michelle cooed, “Time to beg for mercy you slut.”

She sank her nails in, tearing, raking and in all ways mauling the helpless beauty’s bounty. Listening to the blonde sputter in pain and impotent fury, Michelle squeezed both holds as tight as possible, despite the fact that maintaining the intense pressure was playing hell on her back. Refusing to believe that Allison could long resist her signature hold, Michelle demanded, “Give up Allison. Give up right now or I’ll sit on your face and then choke you out with the scissors. You’ve only got two choices. Either surrender and tie this thing up, or continue to hold out and go down by a fall. So what’s it going to be bitch?”

She cupped the blonde’s right breast and twisted viciously, waiting for the expected sobbing submission. But when Allison didn’t tap out, the brunette put everything into one more squeeze, a long, anaconda-like constriction that tensed her whole body as she flung her head backward; filling her vision with nothing but pale swirls of color. Bouncing her hips gently, Michelle was finally rewarded when Allison opened her mouth to gasp and mumble, “I give…”

The bell rang and Michelle grinned from ear to ear. Not only had she managed to tie the match, there was no doubt she had taken complete and utter control. All she had to do was lock in the Reverse Face Sit and the Torture Rack - which shouldn’t be so much a challenge as a delightful pleasure. Allowing herself the joy of grinding her heels on Allison’s groin a final time, Michelle released the Scissors and struggled slowly to her feet. Surprised at how much the hold had drained her legs, she staggered as she strutted around her decimated adversary. Michelle paused to adjust her briefs and give her butt cheeks a light smack.

Grinning mischievously at the crowd, Michelle posited, “Alli’s already enjoyed my scissors; how about I give her a taste of my ass?”

Well of course no sane audience was going to deny her that, so Michelle went back to work, sinking her hands into Allison’s hair and pulling the blonde up on legs that looked about to go at any second. After blowing a taunting kiss in her face, Michelle left her feet yet again, wrapping both legs around Allison’s head. Holding herself on the blonde’s shoulders for just a second (she wanted Allison to realize there was a crotch in her face) Michelle twisted back, taking Allison over with the Hurricanrana and holding her position when she completed it, pinning Allison to the mat with a makeshift Schoolgirl Pin.

Even though her crotch was an inch from Allison’s face, Michelle knew that under the rules of this match, a Schoolgirl wasn’t going to get her the second required submission, so she shifted her grip and spun around, getting ready to plant the full weight of her butt on Allison’s nose in a Reverse Face Sit.

But before her keister made contact, Allison managed to shoot her hands up, stopping Michelle’s progress in mid-sit. Michelle grunted in irritation and pressed down only to be met with Allison’s teeth biting her left cheek. The limber brunette let out a loud, startled yelp as she jerked away, leaving Allison splayed on the canvas in the same position she’d spent the last few minutes. As the pain in her rump faded, Michelle inspected the damage and scowled angrily when she found the bright red crescent marring her otherwise flawless cheek. Turning the full force of her ire on Allison, Michelle whirled back to face her opponent and noted with some pleasure that the blonde had been able to get up on her hands and knees.

Stalking over to Allison’s right, Michelle backed up several steps and sneered, “Time to soften up that supposedly indestructible middle of yours Allison baby.” Her expression dark and cruel, the brunette exploded forward and lashed her right foot up, catching Allison in the ribs with a Side Kick that sounded like a baseball bat striking wet clay. THONK! The crippled blonde let out an agonized shriek as she was bowled over on her side, sprawling to the edge of the ring where she came to rest just short of the apron. Shaking the tingle out of her foot, Michelle smiled, “You don’t get away that easy.”

Looming over her rival, Michelle hooked Allison’s tights with both hands and pulled the shorter girl to her feet. Yanking her foe’s blonde mane from side to side, Michelle jerked Allison’s head down forcefully only to greet her with an equally forceful Knee Lift to her lacerated forehead. Allison’s strong legs nearly failed her, but Michelle held her up, taking the opportunity to drive a ferocious series of Kneelifts into the blonde’s bruised skull. After an especially hard shot reduced Allison to little more than dead weight, Michelle shoved Allison’s battered head between her thighs and wrapped her arms around the blonde’s sweat-drenched waist.

Getting her grip tight, Michelle glared down at Allison’s back and said, “Just give up right now Allison. Throw in the towel and you JUST MIGHT live to fight another day.”

Allison didn’t offer a reply as she put Allison in position for a Pile Driver, holding her there long enough to smirk knowingly into the audience. Finished with the theatrics, Michelle sat down, hammering Allison’s head into the mat with the classic maneuver. Leaving Allison starfished on the canvas; Michelle went to the nearest corner and climbed to the turnbuckles. Standing up, she favored the mob with a cocky smile before turning to wait for the recovering Allison to turn and face her.

Michelle implored, “Get up Allison. You’re supposed to be a machine in this ring, so get your fat mechanical ass off the mat.”

Alli probably couldn’t hear her, but it sure seemed like she did because she stumbled around to face Michelle’s way almost simultaneous with the brunette’s plea. By that time, Michelle was already in mid-air, both boots aimed directly for Allison’s chest. The Missile Dropkick hit dead on and Allison let out a pathetic groan as both breasts were pounded flat as she was swept off her feet and sent skidding on her back all the way to the other side of the ring, coming to rest only when she tangled in the lower strand of ropes. Regaining her footing, Michelle made a beeline for her downed prey; she knew that Allison was almost done; she just needed to soften her up a little more before applying the Reverse Face Sit.

Reaching her, Michelle knelt and grabbed Allison by the ankles, then dragged her limp body away from the ropes into the no-mans land of center ring. Releasing Allison’s feet, Michelle stepped around behind her head and knelt down, pulling Allison into a rough kneeling position with Allison’s head in both hands.

Michelle croaked, “I bet you remember this one Allison, I know I do. Only difference between now and last time is the amount of blood loss.”

More than ready to put the final nail in Allison’s coffin, she yanked the blonde’s head back at a hideous angle and stepped forward, trapping Allison’s head between her thighs as she clamped them tight in the Standing Inverted Headscissors that had forced Allison to surrender at the end of their second encounter. Placing her hands on her thighs for balance, Michelle went back to work on Allison’s head, putting intense pressure on the blonde’s skull while bending her neck to the limit; denying her brain oxygen and rudely wedging Allison’s nose deep in the crack of her ass!

Rocking on her heels, Michelle tore at Allison’s defenseless chest as she chided, “You better not bleed on my trunks bitch; these things were expensive.”

Loathing the fact that Michelle was basically sitting on her face once more, Allison clenched her eyes tightly shut and focused on all the terrible things she was going to do to the brunette once she freed herself. As lovely as these visions were, Allison knew there was no way she’d get to live them out if she didn’t escape the hold that had already proven it could make her quit. Trying her best to ignore the pervasive heady aroma of the brunette’s center, Allison decided on a plan and enacted it on the spot. Curling her right hand into a wicked claw, the blonde swung her arm up and sank her talons deep into Michelle’s groin! With Michelle’s thighs shutting off her hearing, Allison couldn’t be sure, but she was PRETTY sure she heard the brunette screaming in pain and anger.

Allison dug her fingers in a little deeper and yanked up, treating her shocked foe to a sadistic Front Wedgie. Allison got the proof she was looking for when Michelle’s legs flew open and the suddenly limp-kneed brunette toppled forward onto the canvas in front of her. Fighting off the burning sensation in her neck, Allison ran her forearm across her face to wipe away the blood. She was partly successful, but she still wasn’t the most appealing of sights! Getting her feet under her for the first time in several minutes, Allison limped over to her gasping rival and kicked her over onto her back.

Standing over Michelle, she looked down and asked, “What’s wrong Michelle, those expensive tights giving you a problem?” Michelle opened her mouth to reply but Allison cut her off with a brutally stiff Stomp to her groin that folded the downed beauty in two. Grinding her heel into Michelle’s center, Allison mused, “Hmh, this is sure making ME feel better. Who knew?”

Knowing it was time to spoon Michelle off the mat; Allison bent down and pulled the brunette to her feet with a double handful of long, sweat-soaked chestnut locks. Releasing Michelle’s mane, Allison wrapped her arms around her nemesis’ middle in a loose Bear Hug. Ignoring the pop from the crowd, Allison put her lips to Michelle’s ear and purred, “Don’t worry Michelle, I’m not going to make you endure the Bear Hug yet, I just want to give you a little preview of your future.”

With a slight shift of her arms, Allison dropped her grip around Michelle’s hips, rose onto her toes as she lifted her high, then dropped to one knee and slammed the posted joint deep between Michelle’s thighs; an eye watering Inverted Atomic Drop! Michelle’s jaw dropped open and she let loose with a weak scream that was cut off when Allison lifted her off her knee and held her aloft a second time, before driving her down full force and ramming the stunned brunette’s back and head into the mat with a ring shaking Spinebuster. Michelle hit the mat with a murderous THUD and immediately arched up, instinctively flexing her muscles to alleviate some of the pain from Allison’s vicious attack.

Drinking deeply from the well that was her foe’s agony, Allison sagged against the ropes and sat there sucking wind while Michelle lay splattered on the canvas before her like some sort of Jackson Pollock painting gone horribly awry. After dabbing most of the blood off her forehead, Allison glanced down at her woozy opponent and panted, “First blood goes to you Michelle, congratulations.” She paused for a moment to trudge over to the downed brunette, kneel down and pull her to her feet with a weary groan. Shoving the taller beauty around so that her back was to the blonde, Allison stepped in close behind her victim and continued, “Though if you think for ONE SECOND that this little knick is going to stop me from breaking you in half, you’re one sadly mistaken bitch. Tasting your own blood does something to you Michelle, and to tell you the truth, I kinda liked the taste… but I bet yours tastes a whole lot better.”

Too busy shaking off the effects of Allison’s last counter, all Michelle could summon in way of response was a mumbled, “Bite me bitch!”

Smiling slightly, Allison leaned her head in, licked the back of the brunette’s ear and whispered, “Yeah, I MIGHT!”

As Michelle started to squirm, Allison doubled her foe over with a hard Forearm Shot between the shoulders. With the brunette in position, Allison threaded her right arm through Michelle’s legs, grabbed the brunette’s dangling left wrist, yanking it back tight between Michelle’s thighs while she cinched Michelle’s right arm with her left and pulled back hard, twisting the brunette awkwardly. Allison held the position just long enough to catch her breath before she pulled up with both hands, bringing Michelle off her feet and up, draping her stomach down over Allison’s shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Allison shifted her grip so that one arm was draped over Michelle’s back while the other held the brunette’s head in place. When her grip was secure, Allison rose on her toes and slammed herself forward and down, drilling her rival into the mat with a BRUTAL Pump Handle Slam that left Michelle spread-eagled and helpless at mid-ring.

The crowd’s frantic roars little more than a slight buzz in her ears; Allison sank to her knees and scooted in behind Michelle’s head. Helping herself to a handful of brunette hair, Allison lifted Michelle’s skull as she sat back and extended her legs to either side of Michelle’s neck. Ready to reclaim the lead, Allison cinched her thighs around Michelle’s head and locked her ankles, applying a Headscissors. The moment Michelle started to squirm, Allison really poured on the pressure, placing her hands on the mat and pushing up to crank even more force onto her foe’s head and neck.

Rocking up and down on her hands, Allison kept her eyes locked on Michelle’s rapidly reddening face as she asked, “How’s that feel Michelle? Sucks being beaten by your own hold doesn’t it?”

She punctuated her statement by clenching her thighs together with vile force, a move that caused Michelle’s features to turn the color of a vine-ripened tomato! Trapped in the insufferable prison of the blonde’s Scissors, Michelle could hear the blood pounding in her ears and see frightening black swirls before her eyes. She knew that to pass out would be to go down by a fall and, with no breaks between rounds, Allison would be able to demolish her at leisure and win the match. Even knowing that, she couldn’t bring herself to submit. Her lifetime record against the blonde was currently three to three and she’d be DAMNED if that blonde bitch would get another win at her expense!

Drawing upon reserves of fortitude and resolve very few possess, Michelle cleared her head just long enough to slash her hands up and bury her nails in the muscles of Allison’s thighs. Raking and Clawing with fanatical devotion, Michelle flashed an inward smile as scissors crushing her head loosened considerably. Finally able to draw a full breath, the brunette pulled her head forward and then snapped it back, administering a jury-rigged Headbutt to her rival’s groin. BAM! Michelle felt Allison’s groan more than she heard it, but regardless of what sense she used, the slender vixen knew when an opponent was in trouble and Allison was in trouble. Hoping to exacerbate the blonde’s problem, Michelle snapped her head forward a second time BAM and brought it back, hitting a third Headbutt to the trunks. BAM!

After the second Headbutt below the belt, the Headscissors retreated completely and Michelle rolled to the edge of the ring, clutching the bottom ropes and praying that she’d hurt Allison enough to allow her some recovery time. Several feet away, Allison had rolled over on her side and was gingerly inspecting the vicious welts the brunette had gouged in her legs. Pleased to find no new wounds, Allison’s relief soon turned to fury as she was reminded of the fact that Michelle had been able to extricate herself from the Headscissors. Getting her knees under her, Allison let out a low growl and whirled around, hoping to find her rival still pooled helplessly on the canvas but what she saw was even better!

At the very instant Allison spun around, Michelle was using the ropes to pull herself up and the slender grappler’s left side was deliciously exposed. Lips curling in a decidedly predatory grin, Allison whispered, “Snap, crackle and pop you desperate cunt.” Dropping into an extremely low crouch, the blonde exploded forward, hurling herself at Michelle like a 5’5”, 120 pound missile. Michelle turned and saw the blonde bearing down on her, but seeing the train and stepping out of its way are two VERY DIFFERENT things. Sadly, Michelle wasn’t up to the latter in her current state. The best she could do was throw her hands up in an attempt to shove the blonde off course - but it was far too little, far too late.

Allison wrapped her arms around Michelle’s lean middle a split second before she slammed shoulder-first into vulnerable brunette belly and sent both of them tumbling between the top and middle ropes to the floor below. Being on the receiving end of the Spear and the bottom of the landing, Michelle definitely got the short end of the stick in the latest exchange. When she hit the mats, all the wind was knocked out of her and she saw stars when the back of her skull bounced off the thinly padded concrete. Reduced to little more than putty in Allison’s grasp, Michelle gaped like a dying fish and tried her damnedest to push Allison off of her, but all that amounted to was a bit of ineffectual shoving at the beefy shoulders of her nemesis.

On the upper half of the landing, Allison was feeling quite a bit better than her long-legged foe, namely because Michelle was still showing signs of consciousness and the blonde took that continued cognizance as a sign of personal failure. Smudged in close to the grappled pinned beneath her, Allison let out a weary groan and pushed to her feet. Finding it took a concentrated effort to keep from trembling; Allison glared at Michelle with half-closed eyes and sighed.

“Time for you to bleed Michelle Michelle. Time for you to bleed in the most SPECTACULAR of fashions.” Looking behind her, Allison saw that she was only a few feet away from the steel ring steps and right then and there she decided on the instrument of Michelle’s destruction. Limping towards her target, Allison grabbed hold of the boxy metal steps in both hands, tore the top half of the construct free; then hoisted them over her head and turned her attention back to the very slowly rising Michelle. Being careful to make sure she didn’t stumble on the uneven mats, Allison took several steps forward as she waited to nail the shot that would end this fight as surely as another two submissions. Waiting patiently as Michelle pushed up off her knees, Allison tightened her grip on the steps and whispered, “Just about time for you to STEP UP bitch.”

Precisely at that moment, Michelle got to her feet and Allison charged forward, aiming the metal directly at the back of her skull. In what turned out to be a sad bit of irony, Allison’s aim never faltered and that proved her undoing as she was bearing down on her unwary rival, Michelle stumbled around and saw what was heading her way.

Michelle took a step back and then sent her foot roaring up in a Big Boot that slammed hard into the incoming steps. The hit jarred Michelle, knocking her on her ass, but it was worse for Allison because the steel steps were driven back into her face! THUD! The strong grappler fell back in a boneless heap with the traitorous steps landing beside her. Watching Allison crash and burn gave Michelle a surge of adrenaline and the lithe vixen got slowly to her feet and limped over to where her nemesis lay plastered to the floor. Stumbling over the steps that had almost done her in, Michelle found a nice stable perch, lifting her foot and bringing it slowly down on Allison’s throat.

Pressing down, Michelle waited for the blonde’s eyes to focus before she whispered, “There’s no tactic you can use, no hold you can invent, and no weapon you can wield that can ever change the undeniable fact that I AM BETTER THAN YOU!”

Lifting her boot off Allison’s neck, Michelle kept up the hard-hearted onslaught by fetching Allison a short, sharp Kick to the Temple that crossed the blonde’s eyes. Nearly quivering with anticipation as she pulled Allison off the mat, Michelle didn’t waste a second throwing the shorter girl in under the bottom rope. Sliding in after her, Michelle scooted over to Allison’s head, grabbed a handful of hair and hauled the crippled vixen to her feet. With just inches separating them, Michelle twisted her hips away from Allison, then came roaring back, bringing her right knee up with a hideous Low Blow.

Smiling vindictively as the blonde nearly sank to her knees, Michelle threw Allison’s earlier taunt right back in her face, “Looks like your tights are giving YOU a problem slut. Probably a lack of proper washing.”

Through talking, she slipped a hand through the blonde’s thighs and then scooped Allison up, as if going for a basic Body Slam. Holding her inverted, Michelle positioned her head between her thighs, “I know this move isn’t one of the chosen submissions, BUTT….” She sat out, dropping Allison skull-first to the mat with her Trachtenberg Special, aka Michinoku Driver. Purring contentedly as Allison suffered through the aftereffects of her finisher, Michelle looked down and smiled, “It’ll guarantee you’re helpless when I introduce you to the greatest ass you’ll ever have the pleasure of nuzzling. Pucker up bitch!”

Not wanting to deny Allison the chance to carry out her demand, Michelle scooted forward and sat down; bringing the full weight of her flawless, heart-shaped rump to bear on the blonde’s upturned face. As soon as the Facesit cut her air off, Allison started to thrash, but this was something Michelle was prepared for, tucking her booted feet on either side of Allison’s head to keep her from wrenching free of the demeaning smother hold. Happy to prolong Allison’s torment, Michelle leaned forward just a bit and slapped her open hands on the blonde’s exposed belly; kneading the soft flesh as she began a slow Bump and Grind on Allison’s face; working in tight, tawdry little revolutions that guaranteed the blonde got more of Michelle than she’d ever wanted.

Wiggling her butt from side to side as Allison continued to wriggle and writhe frantically, Michelle flashed the crowd a catty smile as she proclaimed proudly, “She likes this even more than I do!” Ignoring the hair into her face, Michelle glared down at the defenseless expanse of her adversary’s anatomy and sneered, “As much as we BOTH like this, I’ve still got another fall to win, so if you wouldn’t mind tapping out, we can end this little spectacle and pick up again right after I break you in the Torture Rack.”

Blinded, smothered and most of all HUMILIATED by her current position, Allison lashed a hand up and blindly tried to find something vulnerable to grab. Unfortunately, Michelle caught her hands out of the air and held them out to her sides, ending the threat before it began.

Using all her training to block out the smell of Michelle in her nostrils, Allison mumbled, “AYGIBBUPPH.”

With nothing impeding her senses, Michelle heard the submission just fine, but she wasn’t ready to relinquish her perch just yet. Biting her bottom lip in a coy smile, the brunette ground her hips down a little harder and said, “Excuse me? I don’t think I heard you.”

Silently promising to visit worse of torments on Michelle before the night was over, Allison repeated her statement, this time much louder, “AYYYGIIIBBBUPPPH!”

Tossing Allison’s hands aside as the bell rang, Michelle crowed, “You know what that is bitch? TWO IN A ROW! That belt is almost mine and YOU’RE going to be the one who straps it around my waist!”

After her proclamation, Michelle flicked her left hand down and treated the helpless blonde to a cruel crotch slap that had Allison twitching and sobbing in indignant frustration. Then she peeled her butt off of Allison’s face and instantly hauled her to her feet. Since there were no breaks between the falls, Michelle wanted to strike while the iron was hot and put her oxygen deprived rival away for good. Smearing Allison against the ropes, Michelle shot in close and tagged the blonde with a stiff Chop to the throat. The blow sent her sprawling to the nearest corner and Allison was slow getting up as the brunette walked her down.

A determination born of anger, pain, humiliation and satisfaction painted on her face, Michelle said coldly, “I told you I could wing this fight Allison. You didn’t believe me, but here it is, the end of the fight and I’m about to put you out 3-1. Who’s got the fluke win now bitch? Who’s the poser? Who doesn’t deserve to share this ring with me?”

Michelle was almost screaming now, the full force of her rage at Allison finally roaring to the surface. Setting her feet on the mat, Michelle launched a withering barrage of Kicks, each one finding their target, the blows slamming into everything Allison couldn’t guard; face, shoulders, chest, gut, knees…nothing was safe as the lithe brunette hacked away at her supposedly indestructible nemesis. Seeing Allison’s defenses dropping, Michelle tensed up and fired one more Kick, a brutal Roundhouse that smashed into Allison’s ear. The blonde groaned as she sank to her knees, offering up her head as a sacrifice for her brunette tormentor. Never one to turn down a gift (no matter who it was from) Michelle stalked forward and trapped the penitent girl in a tight Front Facelock.

Hoisting Allison to her feet, Michelle clamped down on the skull grinding hold and spat, “I hope your thick head can take this Alli, I want you awake and, more importantly, AWARE when I put you on my shoulders.”

Steadying her nerves, Michelle dipped her knees in a deep crouch and then pushed straight up, lifting her whole body high off the mat. Using all her concentration to maintain her balance, the brunette held herself several feet in the air, body fully extended and nearly parallel to the mat while she tenaciously maintained the Facelock on Allison’s head. After a few seconds, Michelle had proved her point and shifted her weight, dropping back down to tear Allison off her feet and pound her forehead into the mat with the modified Implant DDT.

Everything was going nicely for the first second of her descent but things took an ominous turn for the brunette when Allison shot her hands up and sank her fingers into Michelle’s biceps. Before Michelle even realized what had happened, Allison pushed forward with all her considerable strength, shattering the brunette’s grip on the Facelock at the same time she sent the shocked vixen soaring through the air. There was a loud BWAM as Michelle’s belly and chest met with the canvas and then the slender beauty was in terrible agony, gasping and curling into the fetal position as she tried to get her breath back.

A few feet away, on a slightly more vertical end of the spectrum, Allison pushed off her knees and stalked over to the wounded grappler. Furious that Michelle’s musk still lingered in her nostrils, Allison buried her hands in Michelle’s hair and tore her off the canvas. Switching her handholds to the brunette’s right wrist, Allison pointed Michelle towards the corner with the exposed top buckle and prepared to do very evil things. But before she DID anything, Allison was determined to TELL her just what she had planned.

Pressing her cheek into the brunette’s, Allison whispered, “I want you to remember this moment Michelle, because this is the VERY LAST moment in your career and your life that you will experience without constant pain.” Not caring if Michelle could offer up a reply, Allison went into a low crouch and whipped Michelle towards the corner. Still stunned by her collision with the mat, Michelle was able to execute a drunken half turn that prevented her breasts from hitting the steel - but that meant her back took more damage and she let out an anguished sob as the buckle ravaged her spine. Smiling sadistically as the brunette staggered out of the corner, Allison muttered, “I don’t know where you think you’re going Michelle, that corner is your new home until I say otherwise.”

Allison roared forward and when she was less than a foot from the brunette, she lifted her right knee and spun into her victim. There was a delightfully meaty THUMP as Michelle was impaled by Allison’s Kneelift; her body flipping over the intruding limb and landing flat on her back. Moving with a swiftness and surety in stark contrast to the abuses she’d absorbed, Allison knelt behind Michelle’s head and yanked her to a seated position. Straightening behind her woozy victim, Allison reared back with her right hand and snapped it forward, lighting Michelle’s back up with a Knife Edge Chop that CRACK echoed through the arena.

Ignoring the whimpering hiss of pain that escaped through clenched teeth, Allison righted herself, pivoted on her left foot and brought her right foot streaking out, smashing the helpless brunette’s chest with a heartless Front Kick that put her flat on her back again. Roaring in mindless, triumphant fury, Allison saluted the crowd as she Hairhauled Michelle up and dragged the brunette to the middle of the ring.

Allison reclaimed her grip on Michelle’s wrist and pointed her towards the exposed steel of the corner once more, then sent Michelle hurtling toward the turnbuckles. This time Michelle’s turn was even slower and she barely missed her shoulder slamming full force into the steel. Instead, her upper back took the brunt of the impact, but that wasn’t the worst! That was when Allison charged in after her at high speed, aiming directly for Michelle’s decimated frame. When only a few feet remaining between them, Allison left her feet and hurtled forward with a short, brutal leap culminating in a body pulverizing Avalanche that took the wind out of Michelle and smashed her injured back into exposed steel.

Belly-to-belly with her stunned victim, Allison took a moment to whisper, “This is when I start to break you Michelle Michelle.”

Holding Michelle’s head up with her left hand, Allison balled her right in a fist and drove it into the flat, trim expanse of the brunette’s belly. THUP! Michelle groaned and sagged, but couldn’t leave her feet. THUP! Blonde knuckles knead brunette paunch. ‘THUP!’ Her eyes bulge and her chin sags as the assault continues. THUP! Allison’s fist nearly disappears in the pale fold of Michelle’s navel. THUP! Michelle’s legs finally buckle but Allison holds her pinned in the corner to continue her diabolical assault. THUD! Allison went low, driving her fist into the front of Michelle’s trunks.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh…..” The brunette let out a wailing sob and almost sloshed out of the corner.

Again, Allison muscled her back into place, apparently she still had more business to conduct. Pressing close, she ground her body against Michelle’s smoldering chassis, making sure she was aware of the damage Allison had done to her torso. Curling her lips against the brunette’s ear, Allison purred, “I know I could just as easily split your face open with a few shots over the eye, but it’s not nearly as visceral as what I have planned. Or as fun…”

A fire burning behind her green eyes, Allison cradled Michelle’s head in both hands as she puckered her lips on Michelle’s forehead and, after planting a light kiss above the brunette’s right eyebrow, opened her mouth and CHOMP, bit down, using her canines and incisors to rend the flesh of her foe’s face. Michelle screamed piercingly and tried to struggle away from Allison’s maw, but the blonde was relentless and smothered all of Michelle’s attempts to end the torture. After several more seconds of the sadistic gnawing, Allison tasted copper on her tongue and pulled her head back. There, above Michelle’s right eye was a shallow, ragged looking gash. Grinning from ear-to-ear, Allison purred, “I guess it’s true what they say. Food does taste better when you’ve killed it yourself.”

Licking Michelle’s blood from her lips, Allison WHUMP drove her left knee up into the brunette’s groin, then stepped back and let the brunette to dribble out of the corner down onto the canvas. Despite the handicap of being down a fall, Allison was on top of the world. With little more than her hands and an exposed turnbuckle, she’d taken a young woman who many of the best minds in the industry (including herself) had regarded as almost indestructible and reduced her to sputtering rubble. Having delivered a thoroughly convincing message to Michelle, Allison wanted to send a crystal clear communiqué to the fans and the other women in the locker room. Using a move that was almost dainty, the exhausted beauty put her left foot on the small of Michelle’s back and raised both hands as, glaring up into the lights, Allison found her voice.

“SHE’S MINE!” As every camera in the arena went off, Allison removed her boot from the brunette’s spine and knelt down to pick her off the canvas. Huffing and puffing with the effort of lifting Michelle’s deadweight, Allison limped back to the corner and hopped up onto the top turnbuckle; taking a seat on the uncomfortable and unpadded metal rung. Pulling Michelle close, Allison forced the taller girl’s head between her thighs and then wrapped her arms around her victim’s waist. Taking a deep breath, Allison muttered, “I hope you didn’t use up all your film on that last pose folks, cuz this is going to be good.”

Reserving the rest of her breath for the task ahead, Allison lifted up, hoisting Michelle into the stall position for a traditional Piledriver, save for one obvious difference - she was seated on the top rope and Michelle’s head was more than five feet above the canvas. Tightening her grip, Allison balanced her feet on the middle buckle and stood up. Just as the crowd was starting to buzz, the blonde hopped out of the corner and sat out. The fall was brief, but merciless! WHAM! Michelle’s head and neck took the full force of the viciously augmented Piledriver’s impact and the lithe brunette was instantly reduced to a boneless quivering pile of jelly that just happened to be shaped like a young, twenty-something female. Barely able to hear her own thoughts over the ‘HOLY SHIT’ chants, Allison shoved Michelle away and onto her back. Not bothering to get up, Allison scooted over behind her head and lifted it with a fistful of hair.

Wincing slightly from the rough landing of the Piledriver, Allison panted, “Time to tie this thing up Michelle. Looks like we’re going all full five falls!”

As Michelle continued to groan mindlessly, Allison slipped her right leg under the brunette’s neck, raised her left leg and then dropped it across Michelle’s windpipe. Releasing her hair, Allison locked her ankles and leaned back, her hands flat on the mat. Smiling down at Michelle’s blank face, the blonde counted down, “3, 2, 1…squeeze” putting all the strength of her thick frame into separating Michelle’s head from the rest of her body.

On a more coherent opponent, the application of such a crushing Scissors would have elicited wild thrashing and clawing, but in her battered condition, all Michelle could manage was weakly writhe with the occasional twitch. After several seconds and just as many constrictions of the blonde’s thighs, Michelle reached up and slapped Allison’s left thigh.

“Give…” she muttered.

The ref called for the bell, officially signaling the obvious fact that Allison had indeed managed to tie the score at two falls apiece. Reluctantly releasing her vise-grip on Michelle’s throat, Allison brushed some hair out of her face and said, “No more mind-games Michelle. This thing between us is about to be over and I promise that I’ll be the one to end it.”

Allison pulled Michelle to her feet and then Irish Whipped her, sending her to the ropes in a drunken stagger. Michelle bounced off the ropes and tottered back into Allison’s waiting arms. The blonde caught her around the waist and lifted, setting up the Twisting Sidewalk Slam she called the Deadline! As Allison began falling to drive Michelle straight through the mat, the devastated brunette somehow managed to snake an arm over the back of Allison’s neck and cinch it tight. Pulling back as hard as she could, Michelle jerked the surprised blonde off balance and drove her face-first into the canvas, turning the Deadline into a Makeshift Tornado DDT!

Allison hit the mat and went limp, all the fight seemingly erased by Michelle’s last attack. After almost ten seconds of inactivity, Michelle rolled over onto her back, sat up and let out a low, warbling moan. Though her memory of the last few minutes was vague, the brunette thought the match was still going on, if only because the ref was still hovering over her and the speakers weren’t blaring anyone’s music yet.

The thought, ‘It’s not over yet.’ began to repeat in her head like a mantra and the brunette let it play on constant loop as she struggled to her feet and hobbled over to where Allison was cradling her ring-rattled skull. Moving like a toy with stripped gears, Michelle knelt down and grabbed Allison by the scruff of her neck, then with a hard yank, scooped the blonde off the canvas onto her feet. Too exhausted and angry to form words, Michelle looked around the ring until her eyes settled on a very familiar location - the corner with the exposed turnbuckle.

Suddenly aware of the blood still tricking down her face, Michelle uttered a low, feral growl as she marched Allison to the corner and smeared her against the steel turnbuckle, making sure her back was snugged tight against the metal. Taking the top ropes on either side in her hands, Michelle finally found her voice. Leaning in very close to deliver her message, the brunette whispered, “You put me through hell tonight Allison, but as you and all these people are finding out; anything you can do, I can do better. I’m gonna bust you up on the inside, hurt you down deep, bring out the quitter in you, whatever ya wanna call it. But I’ll make sure to leave just enough of you intact so you can scream ‘I QUIT’ when I snap you in the Rack.”

Allison’s eyes started to clear, but Michelle didn’t care, she exploded forward and brought her knee up, impaling Allison’s middle with the broadest, thickest part of her thigh. There was an ominously muffled WHUMP as Michelle’s Knee Lift drove the air out of the blonde and mashed her against the steel all at once. Once wasn’t nearly enough for Michelle who pulled back and surged forward over and over, systematically demolishing Allison’s vaunted midsection with a torturous succession of Knee Lifts, each hitting with the same hateful WHUMP, WHUMP, WHUMP sound. After more than a dozen, Michelle’s thigh started to hurt, but she was determined not to stop her attack.

Grabbing Allison’s hair again, Michelle pulled her captive out of the corner and dragged her into the middle of the ring. Propping her up so she couldn’t fall over, Michelle snarled, “You want to make statements Alli? Here’s the biggest one you’ll ever make. It says I was ‘ALMOST’ the first Intercontinental Champion.”

Michelle gripped Allison over the shoulder and behind the neck with one hand, then threaded the other between Allison’s legs and grabbed her butt. Screaming in agony as the fire in her back became an inferno, Michelle swept Allison off her feet and held her across her chest while making a circuit of the squared circle. Michelle gave every side of the ring a glimpse of her decimated adversary before she rose onto her toes…then dropped to one knee, nearly shattering the blonde’s spine with an Over the Knee Backbreaker!

Allison let out a wavering, whimpering scream as Michelle pressed down on the hold for a few more seconds before rolling her off her knee to flop on the canvas at the brunette’s feet. Hugging her ribs against the worst of the pain, Michelle stutter-stepped over to Allison, turned and hair-hauled her to her feet. Standing in front of the shorter, thicker blonde, Michelle hissed, “I know there won’t be any official submission from this hold, but I don’t really give a shit because it’ll make you scream and even better than that, it’ll make you WISH the match was already over.”

With a sadistic gleam in her eye, the brunette pulled Allison toward her and drove a Kneelift right into the scorched earth of the blonde’s midsection. The impact doubled Allison over as she sobbed in anguish while Michelle prepared to humble Allison in the middle of the ring! Stepping forward, Michelle trapped Allison in a tight Front Face-Lock as she fell to the mat, landing on her back with Allison on top of her. Before Allison could react, Michelle Scissored her long legs up around Allison’s trim waist, locking her ankles. With her Scissors secure, Michelle gave the trapped blonde a titanic double squeeze, crushing her middle with the Scissors and her head with a Facelock. The Guillotine Choke was a devastating hold and Michelle applied it perfectly.

Feeling Allison writhe against her only motivated Michelle to squeeze the hold tighter and when her foe let loose with an especially shuddery gasp, Michelle smiled coldly and spoke to the trapped girl, “Go ahead and give up Allison. You can bawl and tap all you want, but this won’t be the end for you. I’ve still got to snap you in the Torture Rack and when that’s done… well, let’s just say you haven’t gotten your last up close and personal view of my ass just yet. ”

Suffering untold agonies in the grip of Michelle’s Choke, Allison listened to her condescending tone with increasing anger. Abandoning all hope of finding a technician’s way out of the Guillotine, Allison chose brute force over finesse! She began pounding punches as hard as she could into Michelle’s unguarded kidney’s and ribs. The attack caught the brunette by surprise and she yelped in undisguised hurt as Allison beat a ferocious tattoo on her already weakened ribs. Gritting her teeth, Michelle put everything she had left into maintaining the hold, but Allison’s fists were relentless and after several seconds of punishment, Michelle relinquished her hold and shoved the blonde away, rolling in the opposite direction to rest and take stock of the damage done to her midsection.

Nearly dry-heaving in pain and anger, Michelle struggled to her feet at the same time as Allison. Able to summon the fortitude to block out the pain in her ribs one last time, Michelle let out a bellowing warcry as she sprinted at Allison who had just started to regain her bearings when Michelle left her feet and lashed her left foot out, catching the blonde across the side of the face with a Running Enziguiri she’d picked up training with Sarah Michelle Gellar. There was loud THWAP as the bridge of Michelle’s foot slapped Allison’s face and the curvy blonde dynamo went flying for a loop; her sturdy legs unhinged as she was knocked flat on her back once again.

Struggling to her feet, Michelle brushed the blood, sweat and tears from her face before limping over to Allison planting a boot on the back of the blonde’s neck. Grinding her toes back and forth, Michelle said, “How fitting that I get to beat you with your own hold. After this, NO ONE will ever question which of is the better wrestler, and that includes you Alli.” Lifting her foot from Allison’s neck, Michelle bent down and pulled the blonde up very, very slowly. Steeling herself for the pain she KNEW this was going to put her through, Michelle growled, “It’s all worth it!”

Blowing a loud exhalation into her foe’s face, Michelle looped one hand between Allison’s legs while the other threaded its way around her captive’s chin. Breathing hard, Michelle lifted Allison off the mat, draping the blonde across her shoulders, trapped in the Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold as hard as she could, Michelle took one step, then another and was about to hit the trifecta when her ribs were engulfed in a firestorm of pain. Sobbing in mindless hurt, Michelle released Allison and both blonde and brunette crumpled to the canvas; Allison landing on her chest and belly; Michelle on her knees, then toppling forward until her forehead was on the mat.

Both stayed like that for several seconds as anxious fans feared the ref was going to call for the bell. Then Michelle got her feet under her! Turning to face her semi-coherent opposition, Michelle peeled Allison off the mat, but instead of going for the Torture Rack a second time, she scooped the blonde up for another application of the Trachtenberg Special. Why she did this was anyone’s guess, but later most posited that by that she’d forgotten HOW she was supposed to win the match and was only concerned with making sure Allison was done for!

No matter her intentions, going for the Trachtenberg Special a second time proved her undoing because Allison was able to wiggle free and drop behind the stupefied brunette. As Michelle was turning around, Allison lunged forward, wrapped her arms around the slender girl’s waist and clamped down on the Bear Hug! Michelle screamed aloud and after all the punishment her ribs had taken, there was no way she could survive the blonde’s favorite submission hold. But even in her decimated physical condition, Michelle’s will remained strong! Writhing like an alligator battling a python, she snapped her head forward and Headbutted Allison across the bridge of the nose. Allison cried out and released the hold, but she didn’t let Michelle get away!

Acting purely on instinct, Allison pushed out with both arms and sent Michelle stumbling and staggering into the ropes. Clearing her head, Allison stepped forward to meet her returning foe and, once Michelle was close enough, she wrapped an arm across Michelle’s chest and nuzzled the other across her back. In the same instant, she spun her hips, jumped and then fell to her knees, FINALLY connecting with the ‘Deadline’ There was a loud BWAM and the ring shook as Michelle hit the mat with sickening force, bouncing several inches into the air before settling down on her side.

Resting on her knees beside Michelle’s insensate form, Allison realized she was crying and took several deep breaths to steady her nerves. Regaining her composure, she glanced at Michelle and tried to form a sentence. Try as she might, nothing sensible came, so she settled for sticking out her hand and rolling the brunette onto her belly. As her mind played over the last several minutes of the battle, it occurred to Allison that Michelle wasn’t going to give up unless there was absolutely no chance of escape. With the beginnings of a plan knocking around inside her skull, the blonde scrambled over to her foe’s back and sat down on Michelle’s butt, facing her head.

Finding her voice, Allison panted raggedly, “I know when you go back and watch the tape, you’ll think I did this to embarrass you, but the brutal truth is that this is more about utility than humiliation. I don’t really care what you think though; you did try to cripple me.”

Then Allison reached out, grabbed the back of Michelle’s black top and yanked it free with a savage tug. Ignoring the happy cheers of the crowd, she gathered up Michelle’s hands and pinned them behind her back, crossed at the wrists. Keeping the captured extremities under control with one hand, Allison wrapped the discarded top around Michelle’s wrists several times, securing them with a crude but effective knot. Satisfied her handiwork wasn’t coming undone, Allison rose up off the brunette, grabbed a double handful of black bikini briefs and hauled her to her feet.

Whirling the taller girl around to face her, Allison whispered, “Your winner, and NEW Intercontinental Champion…”

Hoping it would be true in a few seconds; Allison snuggled up tight against Michelle’s chest and wrapped her arms around her waist. Locking her hands at the small of Michelle’s spine, Allison leaned back and pulled up, hauling Michelle up onto her hips and squeezing with all she had left. With the Bear Hug finally locked on, Allison kept the submission close and clinchy; as hard as she was squeezing Michelle, she never let the brunette pull away from her, even for a second. When the brunette tried to so much as wriggle a shoulder, Allison was there to stifle the rebellion and keep the pressure on.

Having learned from Michelle’s previous escapes, Allison kept her cheek pressed tightly against her foe’s cheek, making sure Michelle couldn’t Headbutt her or Bite her nose. Ignoring Michelle’s hot breath in her ear, Allison shifted her grip several degrees higher, putting more pressure on the brunette’s breasts and upper torso. Completely oblivious to the mesmerizing display of their chests molded together, Allison and Michelle fought doggedly on; well past the limits of physical endurance - but apparently no one had told THEM that.

As the seconds ticked by and the belly-to-belly, jug-to-jug, cheek-to-cheek, duel continued, Allison found the energy to mumble, “Give it up Michelle, you’re beaten.”

Unable to even shake her head, Michelle had to settle for, “…won’t quit…can’t… make me…”

Offering up a contradicting view, Allison relaxed her grip for a split second and then CRUSHED down on the Bear Hug bending Michelle’s body backward in a horrible ‘C’ that left her screaming pitifully up at the overhead lights.

Shaking off the burning sting of sweat and blood dripping into her eyes, Allison clamped down even harder and said, “If you don’t give up now, there won’t be anything left of you to ask for a rematch. Is that really what you want?”

As tears rolled down her cheeks, Michelle shook her head ‘no’ and then slumped forward with her head on Allison’s shoulder; her lips brushing the blonde’s ear as she choked back a sob and gasped, “I quit… I quit… I quit…”

Allison darted her eyes toward the ref and panted, “She quit!”

The ref nodded and leaned in to make sure he could hear Michelle’s repeated concession. Satisfied he whirled around and signaled the final submission of the match. The bell rang one more time and the crowd exploded as the Announcer declared, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE WINNER BY SUBMISSION AND OUR FIRST INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION EVER…ALLISON MACK!”

Hearing that, Allison released her grip on the Bear Hug and both beauties sank to their knees in an exhausted heap. Not even knowing if Michelle heard her or not, Allison muttered, “Anytime you want, Michelle…anytime you want a shot… you’re on.”

The victorious blonde surged to her feet and saluted the wildly cheering her crowd. Wiping more blood and tears from her face, Allison accepted the belt (HER belt, she corrected) and hoisted it high over head. Just as the new champion was lowering the strap, the speakers at the top of the ramp spat a burst of static and kicked into life. But instead of the opening to ‘Fly from the Inside’, the sound system offered up the low, growling guitar riff that began ‘Miss Murder,’ the theme for the one woman British Invasion, Billie Piper!

Her face a perfect portrait of ‘What the fuck?’ incredulity, Allison could do little more than watch as the curvy blonde stepped out from behind the curtain and strutted down the ramp towards the ring. Still clad in her wrestling attire, Piper got more than a few cheers as she climbed the steps and got into the ring. Rewarding her fans with a bright smile and a nod of her head, Billie turned her attention to the new champ and strode forward until there was less than two feet separating the blondes.

Smiling, Billie said, “Why hello Allison. I believe congratulations are an order, so I wanted to be the first on the roster to… hold on, if I don’t do something about this it’s really going to start bothering me.” Striding passed Allison; Piper walked over to where the ref was helping Michelle to her feet and shoved the official aside. Helping the brunette to her feet, Billie suddenly drove a knee into Michelle’s belly, doubling her over in exhausted agony. As Allison looked on impassively, Piper grabbed Michelle’s hair and hurled her out onto the floor. Without so much as a glance over her shoulder, Billie strutted back to Allison and continued, “There, that’s better. Now, as I was saying…”

Allison held her hand up, cutting the Brit off. Gesturing to the outside of the ring, she asked, “What the hell did you do that for?”

For a moment, Billie looked genuinely confused. “What, you mean her?” She jerked a thumb in Michelle’s direction. “You disapprove?”

Allison frowned, “You didn’t earn the right to do that to her.”

Billie smirked, “I see; I’ve spoiled your fun. Well I can bring her back in - if you like?”

Allison just shook her head and sighed. “What do you WANT Billie?”

The British beauty arched an eyebrow and continued to smile. “Bit direct aren’t we? I told you, I’m here to congratulate you… and to tell you that I’m the number one contender for your new toy there. Just wanted to give you proper warning, it didn’t seem right to let you get too comfortable with it.”

Throwing the strap over her shoulder, Allison stepped in close; there were less than six inches between them now. “So I’m the next girl charged with holding back the One Woman British Invasion?”

“There’s no holding it back Allison. I’m coming for the title and you won’t stop me.”

Now it was Allison’s turn to smile, “That’s where you’re wrong Billie Spice. I won’t just stop you; I’ll send your ass packing back across the pond.”

Piper suppressed a chuckle, “Better than you tried and failed Allison. If I DO go back to Merrye Olde England, I’m taking that title with me.”

Allison just shook her head ‘no’, “You aren’t good enough, Billie.”

The Brit stepped forward, going nose to nose with her American rival, “That’s where you’re wrong love. I’m the best you’ve ever seen and I’ll prove it very shortly. You may be the FIRST Intercontinental Champ, but I’m the one that everyone’s going to remember…”

As Allison opened her mouth to reply, Billie stepped back, spun around on her heel and slipped through the ropes. Apparently she considered the conversation over. Watching closely as the first challenger to her title made her exit, Allison whispered, “You’re only half right Billie. Everyone’s going to remember you all right, but it’s going to be as my first successful title defense. See you soon love.” Allison raised the belt over her head one last time before leaving the ring and trudging up the ramp to the locker room.
A few hours later….
Feeling much better after a long shower and a massage from Stark, Allison Allison walked down the corridor, ticking off numbers until she found the door marked 1408. Rapping lightly on the door, the blonde stepped back and waited while the girl on the other side of the door called out, “Just a minute!” After a few seconds and some brief shuffling noises, the door opened and Michelle leaned out into the hall. Seeing Allison, the weary brunette scowled and asked, “Come to gloat?”

Allison shook her head and said, “No urge to. I’m here because Rich wants to take us both out to dinner. I’m supposed to retrieve you.”

Michelle checked her watch. “It’s almost two. Everything in Haven’s been closed for hours.”

Allison rolled her eyes, “C’mon Michelle, this is Fannin we’re talking about. Doors are always open when you’re an eccentric billionaire type. Now are you coming or not?”

Michelle shook her head and gestured to the baggy sweats and hoodie she was wearing. “No offense, but I don’t really feel like partying tonight.”

The blonde bit her lip and nodded. “Understood. Are you OK?”

The brunette sighed and said, “Straker says I’ve got bruised ribs. Those will heal fast enough, my pride on the other hand, that might take a little longer…”

Her lips curling into a small smile, Allison told her rival, “This probably doesn’t mean much right now, but you beat the shit out of me tonight. That was the toughest match I’ve ever been in, and I’ve been in some tough ones.”

Michelle leaned against the door frame and smiled back, “You’re right, it doesn’t mean much, but it means a little. Oh and I did hear your offer after the bell, I hope you weren’t kidding because I have every intention of taking you up on it.”
Allison’s smile faded, but didn’t disappear. “I meant every word. But you’re going to have to wait a little longer, Billie Piper has been named number one contender and she’s gunning for me.”

Michelle’s pretty face got cold and angry. “And I’m gunning for her too. That bitch had better watch her back; NOBODY treats me like a sack of trash and gets away with it.”

Allison spoke soothingly; she didn’t want to get Michelle’s notoriously short fuse going again. “All right, so we both want a piece of the Pied Piper of dye-jobs I get it. Whoever gets her first better leave some leftovers.”

Michelle actually laughed a little. “Maybe I will. Now get out of here Allison, you’ve got dinner waiting.”

The brunette stepped back into her room and made to close the door, but Allison called out, “Michelle, wait!”

Michelle stopped and asked, “What?”

The exhausted blonde stepped forward and extended her right hand. Keeping her eyes level with Michelle’s, she said softly, “Here’s to more.”

Michelle was still for several seconds, then she reached out and shook Allison’s hand. “To more.” she answered.