Elle MacPherson vs. Tori Spelling by bbb4 (1-31-00)

Elle climbs through ropes wearing a skimpy yellow polka dot bikini top, barely covering her smaller but pert little breasts. Black bicycle shorts cover her wide powerful hips and butt as she slides though the ropes, flicking her short ponytail off her shoulder. Staring daggers across the ring at her opponent, Elle's freckled face and shoulders barely blend in with her bronzed skin. Tori, already across the ring stretching her arms and legs on the ropes, also sports a pair of bike shorts, only in navy blue. Instead of a bikini top, Spelling chooses a white athletic jogbra to cover her ample bosom. Despite the best efforts of her jogbra and another bra below, her large breasts bounce invitingly as she warms up for battle.

The two young ladies step out to the center of the ring, locking up, but Tori shows some unexpected quickness in landing a light slap on Elle's breast and sliding out of the lockup. With a look of shocked disgust, Elle adjusts her bikini top, and pursues the smaller girl across the ring to lock up again. Tori again slides away from the taller girl, this time stripping the knot holding her top away. MacPherson immediately covers her freckled breasts, reaching back to retie the knot holding her string bikini on. While MacPherson's attention is fixed on correcting her bikini troubles, Tori pulls back and unloads on the unsuspecting MacPherson, slamming the heel of her fist into Elle's forehead with such force that MacPherson takes one step back and falls flat on her back.

Tori knows a good thing when she sees it and quickly pounces on her downed opponent, grabbing both her hands around the throat choking Elle, mercilessly slamming the back of her head into the mat again and again in true catfight style. She can't resist taking a handful of Elle's small breasts, pinching her quarter sized nips with an abandon. MacPherson lets out a squeaky scream with each burning nipple tweak but Tori returns to MacPherson's hair, grasping handfuls of her bangs and repeatedly slamming her head into the mat.

With Elle's head still lolling to the side near unconsciousness, Tori has an easy time stripping her bike shorts down around her ankles and flinging them to the crowd. Spelling leaves Elle wearing her yellow thong, but delivers a wicked crotch stomp before rolling her over onto her stomach and dropping an elbow into the kidneys. Spelling helps MacPherson to her feet, picks her up and delivers spine snapping back breaker. Tori picks her foe up by the hair a second time, sending her to the ropes before delivering a football style tackle, driving her shoulder into MacPherson's stomach, picking her up, and then crashing down on top of her. Tori again hefts MacPherson up off the mat, this time launching her to the ropes and power slamming the bigger girl in the center of the ring. Still lying on top of MacPherson, Tori gives a satisfied smirk feeling Elle hack and cough, trying to regain her breath.

With Elle lying flat on her back, still stunned and trying to catch her breath, Spelling decides to go for the quick kill.

Peeling up the front of her exercise top reveals a flimsy bra, translucent from the sweat streaming down her chest. Tori's silver dollar nipples form pinkish circles against the material of the bra sticking to her tits, as Tori quickly undoes the front catch. Spelling's large breasts burst from her confining brassiere, her large pink nipples already hardened as she leans forward, pressing Elle's face into her damp cleavage. MacPherson's pained moans are quickly silenced as Tori begins to expertly work the titty smother. Leaning further forward, Tori traps MacPherson's face between her pink melons, using her body weight to hold her opponent to the mat while straddling her knees across MacPherson's torso to pin Elle's arms at her sides.

Seconds drag by as Spelling gently massages her tits into MacPherson's face, cutting off all oxygen to the bigger girl, but finally Elle is able to knock Spelling off of her, bucking her abdominal muscles enough to loosen Spelling's deadly smother hold. Elle emerges from Tori's cleavage a mess. Her hair is plastered down at her ears, giving the impression that she has just climbed out of the shower. Her reddened face is streaked with mascara, as are Tori's dripping melons.

Frustrated, Tori circles behind MacPherson, pulling the back of MacPherson's head into her groin, then wrapping her thighs around Elle's skull for a crushing figure four headlock. Leaning forward, she again lets her breasts smother MacPherson, this time from above. As uncomfortable as the situation is for Tori, leaning forward while simultaneously trying to squeeze Elle's head between her thighs, MacPherson is near submission. Her arms lie limp at her sides, occasionally making a feeble attempt to break the combination smothering and squeezing hold. Tori though can't maintain the hold though. As feeble as Elle's attempts are, they are enough to force Tori to give up the submission hold and release her opponent.

Tori knows that Elle is teetering on the edge of consciousness and comes back to Elle's front, again straddling the larger girl to pin her arms down and again begins to titty smother MacPherson, hoping to put her lights out. Again, Tori slowly and deliberately begins pressing and kneading her breasts into Elle's nearly unconscious face. Tori's cavernous cleavage envelops the supermodel's face, leaving only her ears visible. Elle begins to struggle, trying to pry her arms out from under Tori's knees, but Spelling has them pinned securely at her sides.

Whether knowingly or not, Elle realizes that with Tori's knees are at her sides, and delivers a vicious knee lift between Tori's wide spread thighs. The blow to her totally unprotected groin is a devastating and stunning blow, and Tori is caught completely unprepared. Another knee to the crotch follows on with a dull thwack, and Tori is forced to roll off of Elle rubbing her sensitive twat. MacPherson is again a mess, her hair still plastered down, and her red face covered with running makeup and Tori's breast perspiration.

Elle takes more than a few a moments to regain her senses, but quickly realizes that Tori is lying face down on the mat before her, massaging her aching groin. Sitting upright for the first time in a while, she slowly rakes her fingernails across Spelling's bare sweaty back and shoulders, trailing red burning welts. Spelling wails in pain, banging her fists on the mat as Elle gleefully blisters her back with another painful rake. Elle uses Tori's exercise top to choke her from behind, then rips the top away, flinging it away, leaving Spelling wearing only her bra, which is still open in the front. Finishing the tortuous troweling of Spelling back with a flourish, Elle rips her nails across Tori's back a third time, taking her brassiere with it. Tori flops about on the mat, trying to soothe the fiery pain in her back before Elle rolls her onto her back.

Now lying flat on her back, Tori falls prey to a double gut claw. MacPherson slaps both of her hands on Tori's pale stomach, grabbing dual handfuls of the brunette's abdominal muscles, twisting, and turning them in her hands as though she were kneading pizza dough. Elle's short, sharp fingernails, in combination with her strong hands make Tori see stars. Spelling lets out a pitiful moan as Elle's claws dig deeper into her abdominal muscles, setting her whole belly on fire, as well as making it difficult to breath. After time, the debilitating hold makes Spelling lethargic, barely able to move her legs or lower body. Grabbing MacPherson's upper arms, Tori digs her nails into the soft tissue under Elle's arms, causing her to release the gut claws with a yelp of pain.

Deciding to cause a little pain herself, MacPherson helps herself to Tori's generous bust, squeezing the smaller girl's large breasts, also taking two measures of revenge for the extended time she spent with her face wedged between Tori's pendulous breasts. MacPherson is able to concentrate on Spelling's slippery silver dollar nipples, digging her thumbnails into the tender teats. Tori this time lets out a bloody curdling lung full of air, screaming in agony as Elle tears into her sweaty tits. MacPherson expertly makes her way around each tit, using her sharp fingernails, mauling both the supersensitive nipples and clawing the soft underside of each breast. Even as Elle scratches deeper and deeper into the soft flesh of her breasts, Tori pushes away from the larger girl, squirming along the canvas in a effort to free her aching hooters from MacPherson's practiced grip. Tori is finally able to sneak a handful of Elle's small breasts, momentarily breaking the hold, and allowing her to roll away, still clutching her belly and tortured breasts.

MacPherson knows that her strength is her main advantage over the smaller Tori Spelling, and even as Tori scoots away, MacPherson knows that a leg scissors, applied around Tori's bare midriff or large breasts just might be the ticket to a submission win. Both girls, now coated in sweat from the exertion, crawl across the ring like the hunter seeking tired and injured prey. Tori is finally cornered, and before she can escape the ring, finds two large muscular thighs around her lower abdomen, just above her belly button. MacPherson's knees close, squeezing the air out of Spelling in a single spurting huff.

Tori finds herself face down on the mat, trapped between her opponent's thighs. Squeezing away, Elle positions one knee across Tori's belly and another across the kidneys, but then grabs little Tori and hikes her up further between her legs, so that her thick thighs and wide butt can muscle the air out of Tori. Slapping her thighs with each squeezing effort, Elle looks on with a dead pan face as Spelling groans and slams her fists into the mat in frustrated agony. After sufficiently tenderizing her opponent for a few agonizingly slow minutes, Elle releases Tori, rolls her over and moves the scissors a little higher on Tori's torso, circling her thighs so that her top knee is cruelly crushing Tori's already sore bust.

The combination of crushing asphyxia and the grinding pressure on her breasts and ribs almost makes Tori give it up. Spelling's vision begins to tunnel and hands begin to tingle as her extremities are deprived of oxygen. Looking over at MacPherson's powerful thighs and ham like butt, the only thing that registers on Tori's pain clouded mind is the small strip of yellow cloth between Elle's buns. Grabbing the thong and yanking upward as hard as she can, Tori is rewarded with her first lung full of air in over a minute. MacPherson, meanwhile, lets out a pained scream and allows Spelling to slide out from between her powerful legs, spreading her thighs to allow herself to extricate her thong from her genitals. Gently pulling the thong out from between her labia, Elle discards the thong with a disgusted fling, feeling it had deprived her of a sure submission.

Tori is in no shape to continue the fight, and can only lie on the mat trying to collect herself. Elle grabs a handful of Tori's brunette hair and stands her up. Wrapping her arms around Tori's midsection and low back, Elle hefts the 90210 beauty off the mat in a crushing bearhug. Pouring the power into Tori's ribs and back, Elle knows that it is only a matter of time before Spelling gives up or passes out. Spelling leans back, moaning in agony as Elle squeezes her sweaty body between her arms. Jiggling the shorter girl to increase the stress on her back, Elle soon tires of carrying Tori's ample body around the ring and falls forward, slamming down on top of Tori. Both girls are sore and exhausted, but Elle manages to climb to her knees first.

Another dulled scream comes out of Spelling's mouth as MacPherson is suddenly hovering over her with a depraved look in her sparkling blue eyes. Tori knows what is coming even as MacPherson raises her hands high above her head and slams them into Spelling's gut, resetting the stomach claw, much lower and deeper this time. Tori nearly passes out as her gut again explodes in agony. Spelling can only stomp her feet on the mat as Elle again works her abdominal muscles, taking away her breath and making her see stars.

Elle though, has a different idea in mind this time. Rotating her body, so that her hips are at Tori's head, she slowly spreads her thighs and sits on Tori's face as she continues with the gut claw. Spelling's flails wildly, scratching and kicking and generally flopping around, but Elle's wide hips and magnificent butt do their work, and soon Tori's arms fall limp to her sides. Pumping the face sit a few more times, MacPherson releases her gut claw, and sits back, applying her full weight to Spelling's face. It turns out to be unnecessary, as Spelling is out colder than a clam. Standing and shaking off the cobwebs herself, MacPherson puts her boot between Tori's large breasts, raises her hands over her head, and claims victory.