Elle MacPherson vs. Julie Strain (Model Behavior) by Shanahan 07-Jul-99

The two tall woman appear topless at ringside. Both over 6' tall, their bodies are lean and hard. Strain is relaxed, strutting and flexing her big biceps for the crowd, shouting insults and threats at the cool, unflappable and always dangerous Elle.

As the match starts, the women lock hands in a test of strength. Their bodies press together as they struggle for several moments. Julie seems decidedly stronger, forcing Elle backwards, but the cunning Elle reaches for a handful of Julie's hair, yanks her off balance and drives a knee into Strain's belly. MacPherson rakes her fingers across Julie's eyes, ear claps the big brunette, then quickly traps Julie's arm behind her back in a painful hammerlock. Elle twists up on Strain's arm, digs her fingernails into Julie's bicep, determined to take away some of Strain's strength advantage. Strain, forced up on her toes, screams, reaches backward and grabs Elle's hair with her free hand.

For more than a minute, Elle works on Julie's arm while Strain tries furiously to rip out Elle's hair. Julie, loosing this exchange, tries to stomp down on Elle's foot, but MacPherson avoids her maneuver. Working with machine like efficiency, the big Aussie unloads an endless barrage of punches that slam into Julie's lower back and kidneys while she cranks up on her foe's twisted arm. Each punch lands with a loud 'thud' as Elle keeps up the attack at a relentless pace.

Julie's knees buckle under the onslaught. Elle wraps her arms around Strain's waist, lifts her high and slams Julie's tailbone down, into her knee. Strain howls and curses as she rolls on the mat. Hair-hauling Strain to her feet, Elle repeats the tail-bone busting maneuver, leaving an wide-eyed Strain frozen on the mat. MacPherson again hauls Julie up, kneeing her hard in the gut. As Julie doubles over, Elle drills her knee into her chin. Julie is suddenly bolt upright. Elle grabs her shoulders, knees her in the gut again, doubling her over once more. Elle leans over the dazed Strain, wraps her arms around her waist and hoists her upside down. Balancing her victim for a moment, Elle drops to her knees, a perfect pile driver drills Julie's head into the mat.

Elle stops and looks at the left side of the ring, where a group of Julie's fans are hooting and booing.

"So do you Yanks really like these big plastic boobs? I'll give you a good look at them," Elle rants.

Elle hauls drags Julie to her feet, slips a full nelson on her and drives her forward, into the ropes, pressing Julie's oversized boobs over the top rope. With a malicious smile on her face, Elle presses down on Julie's back as she slowly walks Strain down the length of the ring, letting the course ring rope burn a welt across Julie's tits.

"Take a good look. They look pretty usless to me," Elle taunts.

Stopping at the far corner, Elle bangs Julie's head into the turnbuckle and throws her backward to the mat. The model leaps into the air, landing with her knee into Julie's gut. She repeats the leap twice more, then squats hard on Strain's chest. From her reverse straddle, Elle stretches out her big hand and sinks a claw into Julie's belly. Strain is screaming and cursing, the hold is excruciatingly painful. Each time Strain threatens to break free, Elle reaches back and punches her in the throat.

The big model finally stops, lugs Strain to her feet and throws her into the corner. Elle rushes in and boots Julie in the crotch. As Strain's hands drop to her crotch, Elle nails her in the chin with an uppercut. Julie staggers forward.

Elle catches her, grabs her head and shoves it between her thighs as Julie falls to her knees. Elle holds the ropes for leverage as her thighs scissor tight around Julie's neck. Screaming like a banshee, Julie rakes her fingernails up and down on MacPherson's ass and thighs, drawing blood. MacPherson curses and tries to step away, but Strain shoves her shoulders forward into Elle's legs. Elle's feet go out from under her. Her head lurches forward as she trips forward, her body slamming into the top turnbuckle. Strain is on her feet and in a rage as she charges in on Elle, just as the model turns around. Strain blasts her in the jaw with a huge uppercut, literally lifting Elle a foot off the mat.

Julie follows it with a left hand that spins Elle's head around. Strain buries her fist into MacPherson's belly, and follows with punches to the model's body, peppering her arms, ribs, belly and chest. A dazed Elle hangs precariously on the ropes. Julie stops for a moment, steps back and kicks out with her left leg. Her foot slams into Elle's unprotected crotch. As MacPherson slumps to the mat, Julie grabs two hands full of Elle's hair and drags her away from the corner. Twisting her body from side to side, Strain jerks Elle's body violently around the ring. MacPherson screams, desperately clutching at Julie's wrists, trying to save her hair.

Julie drags Elle back to the ropes. With one hand she hair-hauls Elle's head way back, leaving the model arched over the top rope. Strain wraps a big hand around Elle's left boob and squeezes hard. She slides her thumb and index finger down to Elle's nipple, pinching and twisting .

Turning to her fans, Julie hams it up. "This is hardly worth the effort," Julie jeers, "nothing super about these little things."

Strain lets the boob go and cocks back her arm. Wham! Her elbow slams down on Elle's chest. Her knee juts up into Elle's crotch. Julie, with maching like efficiency, pumps her fist into Elle's belly, crotch and boobs.

Hissing "payback, bitch," Julie rakes her fingernails repeatedly across Elle's tits, determined to avenge the rope burn Elle inflicted on her.

Elle struggles to protect her boobs and pull Strain's hand from her scalp, but arched back over the ropes, she can launch little offense. Strain, demonstrating her remarkable strength, easily scoops MacPherson up, lifts her to shoulder height, turns and walks to the center of the ring. She body slams Elle to the mat. Pulling the winded brunette to her feet, Julie wraps her long arms around Elle and lifts her off the mat in a bear hug. Julie's huge tit's mash hard again Elle's smaller chest.

Strain, completely overpowering her foe, simply shakes Elle like a rag doll, then bends her backward while tightening her grip around the woman's ribs. Julie's bear hug is deadly. Elle grimaces, sweat pours from her face as she fights the urge to give up. With a huge effort, the Aussie manages to work her arms free. She buries her hands in Julie's hair, trying to pull her head back, as Julie bears down trying to break Elle's ribs.

Elle screams in agony as Julie taunts her, "You're toast, bitch, toast."

Julie straightens, hoists Elle up high and slams her down on her knee. The atomic drop leaves Elle rolling on the mat holding her crotch. Julie twists her foes hand into an arm bar. Standing over her foe, holding her in place with the arm lock, she stomps down repeatedly into Elle's ribs. Strain drags her foe up to her feet, lifts her horizontal and then crashes her ribs down on her own outstretched knee. Julie lifts Elle up again, and reapplies, the bear hug.

Only Elle's superb conditioning makes it possible for her to hold out as long as she does. As she grows weary, Elle's head rests up against Strain's. Julie doggedly maintains her crushing grip, draining the will to fight from her foe.

Strain puts her mouth close to Elle's ear, "When I'm done breaking your back, I'm gonna beat your ugly tits."

Suddenly Julie screams out as Elle sinks her teeth into the side of Julie's face. Forced to release the bear hug, Julie throws Elle to the mat. Strain rubs her face, her cheek is bleeding. Elle, on one knee rubs her ribs. Julie marches over to Elle, grabs her hair. Elle jams the fingers of her right hand up and scores a direct hit on Julie's crotch. The big brunette yelps and drops to her knees in front of Elle. The model immediately head-butts her foe and Julie crashes to the mat.

Elle shoves Julie to her belly, leaps and drops a knee across the back of Julie's neck. Strain emits an erie, gurgling moan as she clutches at her neck. Elle stands and drives her knees repeatedly into Strain's lower back. Elle straddles Julie, applies a camel clutch trying to force a submission by further stressing Julie's back and neck. Strain, cursing and growling, grabs on to one of Elle's hands and pulls it away from her chin. Twisting her body around, Julie manages to break out of the clutch. The two women roll away from each other and slowly stand up to face each other.

Elle, back on the attack, connects with a spinning kick that slams into Strain's side, but Julie counter attacks, landing a blistering right hand into Elle's bruised belly and boobs, following up with a series of rapid fire karate chops to the model's neck. Julie unleashes a wicked kick that catches Elle squarely in the chin and drives her into the corner post. MacPherson is dazed and Strain capitalizes, driving three knee lifts into her gut. Wrapping her left hand into Elle's hair, Strain snaps her head back and lands measured punches to Elle's belly.

Elle is trying to cover up but Strain is picking her apart and inflicting considerable damage, pounding on the model, whose belly now matches the red welts on her boobs. Three driving knee lifts slam into Elle's crotch and belly. Julie hoists her up into an airplane spin and then slams her foe to the mat. Julie again lifts MacPherson into a bear hug, grunting and growling as she tries to snuff Elle out of the fight. When she is sure that Elle is finished, Strain throws her to the mat. Elle lies on her back. Strain straddles her waist, pinning her foe's arms under her thighs. She pounds on Elle's boobs. Elle is sobbing in pain, but refusing to give up.

Julie taunts her foe, "You not so super, Miss supermodel. You don't stand a chance against a real woman."

Julie leads forward and presses her big boobs into Elle's face, trying to smother and humiliate her. As Elle tries to bite her tits, Julie changing tactics, shifts herself off of Elle, pulls her into a waist scissors and, sitting behind her opponent, grabs onto Elle's bruised tits again. Strain applies all the pressure she can to Elle's belly and tits.

MacPherson seems to go berserk, twisting her body violently, jabbing her elbows back into Strain, she succeeds in twisting around 180 degrees. MacPherson claws at Julie's face, raking her nails into her tooth marked cheek. Julie shoves MacPherson away. Both women are slow to get up.

Two determined women move slowly towards each other. Strain lashes out with a kick that MacPherson blocks, MacPherson returns a kick that slams into Strain's crotch. Strain backs up, hurt. Elle launches a kick aimed at Julie's belly, but Strain manages to trap Elle's leg and slams an elbow down into MacPherson's extended knee. She quickly kicks the brunette's other leg out from under her. Elle goes down hard while Julie twists the captured leg into a set over toe hold. Strain attacks the leg aggressively, bending the leg forward, twisting the ankle while kneading her fingers into Elle's thigh muscles. She rakes her finger nails into the scratches and welts she inflicted earlier. Strain pushes with her full weight on Elle's leg for several minutes.

Twisting hard, Julie flips Elle onto her back , stomps down into the middle of her foe's back. Straddling the supermodel's perfect ass, Julie claws at her left thigh, digging her fingers deep into Elle's muscles. MacPherson reaches back and grabs her opponent's hair, managing to yank her from her perch. Julie launches herself into MacPherson; they fall to the mat with Julie on top, but before she can secure Elle's arms, MacPherson wraps her left arm around Julie's neck and pulls her in tight while her left fist slams repeatedly into Strain's bruised ribs and tits. Elle rolls Julie off. Kneeling for a moment beside her foe, Elle drives her knee into Julie's back. Elle grabs Julie's hair intent on dragging the her to her feet, but as she tries to stand, her own leg buckles and she falls forward, landing on hands and knees next to Strain. The tough Strain reacts quickly, scrambles to her knees and grabs Elle around the throat, driving the brunette to her belly. Elle twists around, and grabs Julie by the throat as well. But Strain has a better grip and Elle is loosing ground fast.

In a desperate move, she lets go of Strain's throat and crashes a fist into Strain's ribs. Julie winces, but hold on. Elle lunges, slamming head forward, butting Julie's forehead once more. Julie falls back on her haunches, dazed. Elle grabs her hair, jerks Julie's head forward and again head butts her. Strain falls back to her haunches, sitting like a melted Sphinx. An exhausted Elle sits just a moment too long. Julie shakes her head from side to side, sits up and slams her right elbow across Elle's her chest, rocking her foe. Elle, hurt but determined to win this fight, reaches forward with both hands and digs her fingernails into the rope burns on Julie's tits. In shear agony, Strain slowly crumbles to the mat as Elle, straddling her victim's waist, tortures her tits. Strain wails, unable to endure the pain. Elle finally lets go of Julie's tits. She spins around on top of Julie's prone body and drops her butt heavily on Julie's face. Elle grinds her ass down on Strain's face as she unloads a barrage of ax handles into the big brunette's belly.

Ready to end the fight, Elle stands, pulls the completely spent Strain to her feet and lifts her across her shoulders in a back breaker. Elle parades slowly around the ring. While Elle's fans cheer wildly, Julie's fans jeer at the victor. Elle walks calmly to their side of the ring. She hoists Julie high and throws her into the crowd. Elle drops to one knee, exhausted but elated. she raises her arms in victory.